i bought this on a card today

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“You carry around a pack of Pokemon cards wherever you go but you didn’t bring your freaking Epi-pen with you?” 2p Italy

Today is a causal date day for the pair, Luciano and s/o. 

They just did a little shopping at Walmart, much to Luciano’s dismay. S/o likes to wonder the shopping center and look at a bit of everything. As they did that Luciano snuck to the front and bought s/o a some nice new Pokemon cards as they were a fan and already had a match set for tomorrow with Kuro.

Right now they are at a little cafe where they snacked on little cakes and siped coffee.

“Bella/o, I have a little suprise for you.”

“Eh, really?”

S/o put their fork down and exciterdly look at Luciano windering what their sweet boyfriend got them. 

“Here, for tomorrow.”

“Pokemon cards! Awwwwww Lucilu thank you so much!” S/o lead across to table to give Luci a little kiss on the lips. 

“Hehehe, anytime, bella/o.”

S/o rumished throght their backpack and pulled out a pinder and multiple boxes of Pokemon cards.

“You been carrying those with you the whole time?”


“Ok then.”

“S/o was excitedly sorting all the new cards where they should belong. They took the first bite of the cake. Yum! It was so tasty and peanut!…..PEANUTS!

“Luci! Peanuts!”

“WHAT! I’ll call the ambulance, you get out your epi-pen!”

“I don’t have it!”


“Well, when you put it like that it sounds silly….but yes.”

“Oh for f*cks sake!”

Luciano called the ambulance and they arrived in no time at all.

After s/o’s treatment the two were sitting in their own private hospital room.

“Still can’t believe it. No more Pokemon cards for you.”

“Ehhhh, Luci! Noooooo!”

dude wtf…. at target today these parents came in with a little boy and they bought him a bunch of captain underpants books. the boy was so excited that he started reading them as soon as i rung them up. the dad was trying to find his debit card and he was like “hey bud, are george and harold up to something cool?” and the kid nodded while he kept reading


Ivanka Trump Misgendered Me

So I work at a movie theater in NJ that the Trump family, having a house and several businesses in the area, have patronized in the past. Several of my co-workers have met the current POTUS himself before he became the president. The Trump family has been coming for years to our theater.

Today, Ivanka Trump came in to see Wonder Woman with her husband and a body guard. I was working at the box office when she came in and bought her tickets. At first I didn’t recognize her until I saw Jared Kushner’s name on the credit card and then it clicked. Trying to act natural so as to preserve my present employment, despite shot of adrenaline the realization gave me, I hand her the tickets and said what I always say: “Enjoy the show.” To which she replied:

“Thank you sir.”

It wouldn’t have bothered me as deeply if I wasn’t wearing RAINBOW FUCKING EYESHADOW FOR PRIDE MONTH!



Ahhhh, guys, I’m super excited right now! I finally bought myself a graphic tablet! That was my dream for about 3 years now, so you can guess how happy I am^^
And, for my very first “art” done with this thing I choose to do this game card thing-y. @therealjacksepticeye is a huge inspiration for me and I’m in love with Antisepticeye character, so the choice was really easy.
I spend on this fanart nearly 18 hours, and I’ve been drawing for 12 hours without rest (but with food breaks) today, and… I just finished it. But despite this facts it was SUPER FUN!
Hope you like it:)

The Friendly Wager (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking, cheese - I needed something this fluffy ok? haha

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

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So I bought one of those finger-hand things at a local novelty store today. Later a group of friends and I played Cards Against Humanity and one of my friends insisted she wear the little hand while drawing her first card (for good luck?). She started laughing like a mad man because this was the card she picked out

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I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE TO ASK: I bought an iPhone at Target today & got along with the 'Tech Target' employee. When the transaction was wrapping up, she pulled out a support card and wrote her number on it. We're both women in our late twenties and I don't think I came off as tech clueless. When I asked if she did this for everyone (how would she have the time??) she sort of hedged and said she and the other tech guy did it on occasion. Did I just get a girl's number or am I totally misreading?

I’m not sure why you picked me but I’m thrilled. You 100% just got their number and if you don’t give them a ring I will be personally so disappointed in you. If you go on a date I will mail you a roll of stickers, no questions asked.

My Witchy “Planner”

One of the most important tools that I use in my Craft is my witchy “planner.” It isn’t actually a planner, but it incorporates elements of both journals, bullet journals, and planners. Today I wanted to share my “planner” with you and show you how I use it for everyday witchiness!

I use a mini-three ring binder I bought from Target. I have it divided into a couple sections. On the front of my binder I glued a Project Life card to create a small pocket where I can slip in notes or the list of current journaling prompts I may be doing for easy access.

Inside my binder I have a one-page almanac for the year that tells me the dates of the dark moon, the full moon and the sabbats.

In the beginning I have a lot of basic pages. Not all of these pages are meant for everyday use. This is more a general collection of my goals and reminders. Some of the things I have in there right now are:

- Daily Witch Practices
- Some Favorite Inspirational Quotes
- What is G.R.O.W? (For when I am reading spiritual books or studying witchcraft)
- A Book Blessing
- Witchy Projects (This changes monthly; I write down small milestones for each project to complete each month)
- Witchy Blog posts I want to write

⛤ Section One: My “Gratitude Journal.” This is where I write a short blurb about what happened that day and one thing I was grateful for. I also take note of my energy level, the moon phase and how much I slept. This helps me keep track of my moods.

⛤ Section Two: Calendar. Here I make a note of all the astrological happenings of the month, such as dark moon, full moon, sabbats, retrogrades, the moon changing signs, eclipses and meteor showers. I also keep a “notes” section where I jot down a variety of notes to myself about tools and ingredients I need to buy and mundane things like doctor’s appointments.

⛤ Section Three: Sabbat and Esbat section. Here is where I record my thoughts and feelings during a holiday, or recipes that I will use. At the beginning of the month I make a short goal for celebrating Sabbats and Esbats (because I’m terrible at planning full rituals).

⛤ Section Four: Spell/Ritual reflections. I don’t find much time to cast spells or make charms, or even rituals, so there isn’t much in this section. How ever I do include WIP spells I’m writing.

This next one isn’t actually a section, but is actually just a plastic pocket insert and a handful of pages. This section is what I call a “self-care” section. I have lists of things that make me happy, inspirational pictures, recipes for special baths or lotions, and a variety of things that are meant to help me when my anxiety/depression kicks in.

⛤ Section Five: Personal reflections. Every week I sit down with my “Gratitude Journal” entries for the week and I evaluate how my week went, how I felt, etc. It’s kind of like doing my own therapy. This section also includes any epiphanies, rants or reverence moments I have.

Section Six: Meditation and Exercises. Self explanatory. I write about my experiences and any thoughts I have.

Section Seven: Witchy StudyI have a list of topics to research and my notes in this section. Most of what is in this section is meant to be moved over to my grimoire at a later date.

**UPDATE** I’ve added this video showing you the inside of my Planner! I’m currently in the middle of reorganizing for December so it’s a bit messy, but here you go!



and their respective first cards to show off the art style

The Wild Unknown Tarot - Gifted by a friend, my favorite deck. I connect so well with this deck and the art work is amazing. the guide book reads like poetry its just lovely to work with

The Deviant Moon Tarot - One of the only two decks that i bought myself. I love this decks art style but it doesnt work very well with me, i find it very passive aggressive in readings for myself but it loves giving advice to others. 

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot - i literally just recieved this deck today as a trade with @keepersreprise so i havent had the chance to work with it yet, i need to cleanse it hardcore. But the art work is breathtaking and i cant wait to use it

The Osho Zen Tarot - I received this deck as a gift from a coworker and it literally vibrated in my hands when i first held it. The art is absolutely gorgeous and doesnt follow the standard suits so i use it more as an oracle deck which i think is very common for this deck.

The Native American Tarot  - this was the first deck that i bought for myself. It stood out to me at my local metaphysical shop because it reminded me so much of my grandmother and the art is beautiful. It is very motherly in readings, giving hard truths in a gentle way. 

Unknown Deck - I won this deck from a free community yard sale page. I have never used it, i was planning on using it as a learning deck but then i lost the book and i have no idea the name of the deck or the artist. It uses elements in place of the standard suits. So if anyone knows the name of this deck please let me know so i can update this

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle - I’ve only used this deck a few times but its spot on with its readings and telling you just what you need to hear and the photos of the stones are amazing and honestly have helped me identify some of the crystals in my collections lol

Spirit De La Lune Oracle - This deck was gifted to me by the amazing @ursalala. it has been on my wishlist since i first started getting into tarot and it is absolutely gorgeous. i havent had the chance to work with it much yet but i love just flipping through and looking at them omg are they pretty. 

So, I work at fred Meyers and today I was working at customer service. An old lady came up to the desk and told me her whole damn life story before she actually told me that she wanted to do a return but she had lost her receipt. Usually in that case, I’ll ask if they bought whatever they’re trying to return with a credit, debit or a rewards card. She said no, she had bought it with cash. I actually asked her twice if she had a rewards card and she said no both times. Usually in that case, I would have to do a non-receipt return, which means the person won’t get back what they originally paid for and they’ll get whatever the item has been at it’s lowest price in the past 90 days onto a store gift card. I explained that to her and she was like, “ but I paid more than that!” And I had to explain the policy again and she was not having it. She launches into a full on rant and lo and behold, she asks for a manager, which at this point, I was glad to call. So my pic comes up and asks the lady what the issue is and she explains it to her and my pic asks, “ do you have a rewards card?” AND THE LADY SAYS YES AND PULLS OUT HER REWARDS CARD. And I gave my pic the most wide-eyed, “ what the absolute fuck” stare. And she was like, “did you ask for her rewards card?” And I was like, DUH. And so I finished the transaction and she went on her way. But my question is, why can’t people save their damn receipts and then lie, making me look like a fucking idiot in front of the person who’s in charge of me? It’s literally the worst.

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It's official, you have corrupted my pure soul. I was shopping for Father's Day cards today and there was a whole bunch with "Daddy" on the front and Otabek just kept popping into my head whenever I saw them. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME........(but srsly I love this blog so much <3) -J

After one of the classic “oh-shit-yuri-accidentally-called-otabek-daddy-in-front-of-the-others” moments, you bet your ass that JJ bought Otabek a card for father’s day just to embarrass him

Luckily Otabek was able to maintain his composure and smoothly responded with a “Would you like to call me daddy too?”

JJ never really did live that one down

Day Seventy

-I asked a man how he was doing. He replied, “I’m tired, and I don’t want to hear about you.” I appreciate someone who allows for no ambiguity in a conversation.

-A pair of elderly twins passed by me, dressed head to toe in identical outfits, making the same expressions at the same time. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were on their way to the set of a horror film. That being said, I am prepared to run if I see them again.

-A child stared at me. I stuck my tongue out at her. She remained deadpan. I was relentless. Eventually, as she was rolled away, she stuck her tongue out in return. This is my biggest accomplishment of 2016.

-As a woman was leaving, I said, “Have a good day.” She shouted at me that she was trying to. I am so sorry to have gotten in the way of her goal in this way.

-I was caught in the midst of an argument between an elderly lady and her granddaughter. The grandmother, telling the granddaughter that by owning a laptop, television, and cell phone, she was addicted to electronics and would surely go to hell. The daughter, unsure how on earth to respond to this. The cashier, furiously scribbling notes on every word exchanged. I am sure that this woman’s grandparents told her the same thing in regards to her stick and hoop and her sundial.

-An elderly man pulled his shirt up to his sternum. His reasons are unclear. His results, showing off his lacy black thong and unsettlingly hairless stomach.

-I was asked by a woman if we had been busy. I told her that we had been. She told me we would get busier. This is precisely the sort of motivation I was looking for today.

-A mother breastfed her child in my lane. No sins were committed. No children were corrupted. No boys became sexual deviants. A baby was fed. It is almost as if this were a natural occurrence and not a terrible act of debauchery. What a strange thing.

-A man bought a high-end breast pump alongside a Christmas card written to a grandfather. He specified that he would like them bagged together as they were going to the same person. I would very much like to meet them.

-Today I was told that Satan was going to crack open the Earth and swallow me up and that Hell would then split open after I suggested that while Christmas was important to Christians, other holidays and religions existed. I feel honored. I am sure this is not something Satan does for just anyone.

The Black Bunny

TITLE: The Black Bunny


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings. 


NOTES: I could not resist writing this short, yet sweet, story, as I thought the idea of Bunny Loki was downright adorable. Full of fluff, and very silly (compared to the more serious fics I write). Also, it’s just in time for Easter! haha ♥︎ It is loosely based off of the imagine above and there will be two parts, hope you enjoy!

Part One

It was a Monday, and I was running late… again. I hurried to the subway, but I had then discovered that I left my metro card at home and by the time I bought another card, the train that I usually took to get me to work on time was long gone.
Today was already not my day.

I lived in a tiny apartment all the way downtown, near Battery Park, and it took me awhile to get to my office in Midtown: my office being the one directly besides the infamous Stark Tower - and yes, my words are dripping with sarcasm. 

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Japan Trip 2017 log

I’m back from my Tokyo (and Yokohama) trip AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is the first time I managed to go with friends and plan my own trip! Since all the times I’ve been to Japan I’ve only visited the countryside and not Tokyo, I was really excited. It’s like a dream come true!! I wanted to log in my incredible experience somewhere, and leave this as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those curious, beware my spastic commentary and plush toys photobombing every now and then

I travelled with @selinawen and @b-sim was very very kind to let us bunk in with her during her stay. We’re very thankful uwu

 Spoilers More under cut (Warning: It’s long)

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