i bought this in london

A very long overdue post!! My last black pens post was more than a year old! Anyway, all pens were bought here in Brazil (unless stated otherwise) at local stationery shops (I don’t buy online).

1. Gel ink pens: 

  • Pros: they write very smoothly, the ink is really opaque
  • Cons: they might smudge (although it almost never happens to me) because they dry a little bit slower than a ballpoint pen

Pilot G-2 0.38 - This is currently my favorite pen. It has not disappointed me so far: it takes a good while for the ink to end, it’s very smooth to write and it has a comfortable grip. I bought this one at Target (USA). 

Pentel Tradio 05 - My second favorite. Again, it is smooth, the ink lasts for a long time and it is really opaque. I don’t use it all that often because I find it a bit too thick, since my handwriting is small. However, it is my go to when writing bigger or on thicker paper.

Cis Gelyx 05 - Wouldn’t recommend this one 100%, but it works fine. What I don’t like about this pen is that the ink ends really quickly. Also, the cap is missing in the picture!

Muji Gel Ink - I was a bit disappointed with it, because the tip got loose and the ink leaked out. Although I was able to fix it by screwing the end tighter, I wouldn’t really recommend it to most people, since there are better alternatives available. I bought this one at the Muji store in London. 

2. Nankin ink pens: 

  • Pros: the ink is really opaque (nankin pens are usually used by artists) and there are a lot of tip sizes available
  • Cons: they might not be as comfortable to write in, the ink doesn’t look so dark on the paper (usually more of a dark grey)

Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.1 - I used to use it in my old bullet journal, and I really liked it. The ink doesn’t end very quickly and it has a constant flow.

There are, however, 3 main brands that I’ve seen selling this kind of pen: Staedtler, Unipin and Sakura. As of quality, my opinion is: Staedtler = Unipin > Sakura. As of price, they usually are: Staedtler > Unipin > Sakura.

3. Hydrographic pens:

  • Pros: they are the easiest ones to find and the ink is opaque and has a constant flow
  • Cons: the ink doesnt’t look so dark on the paper, they might be too thick for some people

Papermate Flair UF - this one works fine for me, although it is a bit too thick, so I only used it when writing in thicker paper. I haven’t used it recently because lately I have been preferring gel ink pens.

Stabilo Point 88 - it’s not in the picture, but I have owned it previously. It bleeds through the paper more and the tip might break, but it works fine enough (again, I didn’t like it so much because it was too thick for me).

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Ok, my mum bought these pretty towels for my new bathroom..

..the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them?

Totally this! :)

Dan and Phil, my dear children, I hope that you’ve both bought the next flat/house you’re living in because London rents are way too expensive and by renting you’re just throwing money away. You’re both getting older and getting on the property market is really the best thing for you. So, dear children, I’m assuming that you have ended the idiocy of renting and have bought a wonderful place together. I also hope, my little darlings, that you’ve already got or have opened a joint bank account, because that will financially help you and give you more stability in your partnership. I also recommend marriage as a next step because when co-owning property within this fucked up society, having a marriage licence will provide a better legal basis for jointly owning a property.

….. just sayin’

Today, I fucked up... by causing an explosion 40,000ft above the Atlantic Ocean on an international flight

I was running a bit late for a long-haul flight from Delhi to London, so I quickly bought some snacks and shoved them in my travel bag as I ran to the boarding gate.

About 4 hours in (whilst half the people were asleep and the other half were getting annoyed that the TVs had stopped working), there was a massive bang and the whole plane launched into hysteria.

I can’t even explain how loud it was, especially given the plane was in near silence. Immediately, every baby started screaming as loudly as they could and every mother started crying madly. It didn’t help that it was pitch black either, so all the flight crew running around amongst the panicking masses couldn’t see where they were going at all, so just ran straight into all the passengers as they jumped out of their seats. The people who had been sleeping woke up to a scene normally saved for badly produced films and needless to say also began manically hyperventilating.

After a few minutes of sheer terror, the lights came back on and everyone gradually calmed down. My travel bag was revealed as the source of the blast - obviously to my surprise - and was carefully opened. Tons of what looked like sawdust/powder fell out onto the chairs below and once again everyone freaked out for a few seconds.

As it turns out, in India they hyperinflate their crisp/chip packets so the contents don’t get crushed. They’re also dirt cheap, so I bought about 8 packets (those were the snacks I’d grabbed in a rush earlier). The pressure built up as we ascended, and when the plane jolted from the turbulence, they all blew up simultaneously.

And that is how I accidentally triggered a bomb scare on an international flight.


TL;DR: I made the mistake of squashing lots of hyper-inflated chip packets into my bag on a flight and they all exploded. Everyone lost their minds.

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Just One Word Book Photo Challenge // by just0nemorepage // January 2017

Day 17: Prized.

My fave vintage book that I own. Bought it in London 10 years ago. This edition was published in 1914 and contains personal scribblings of the original owner, dated May 1914, all the way to the 1930s. It’s full of newspaper clippings that the owner cut out and inserted here, little articles and news about Dickens. It’s a majestic copy ♥


I felt so pretty and fierce today and wanted to have pictures taken of my new hairstyle that I’m so in love with and some of the clothes I bought from Primark when I was in London last month.

OOTD Details:

Bag - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Skirt - Forever 21
Shirt - Primark
Necklace - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Primark

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What’s in your bag?: Sirius Black

Well, first of all, my most important treasure: Prongs’s glasses.
He always leaves them unattended, so I always enjoy to convince him he lost them. Guaranteed success.

My patriotic earphones, bought in a muggle shop in London.
I fucking love these gizmos and rock is everything. 

A new eyeliner, because I inexplicably lost mine.

A lighter! To confuse me among muggles during concerts/really amazing saturday night.

My fucking cool muggle sunglasses - did I already say I love muggles? They created only good things, including vibrators.
They deserve all my respect.

And finally the best gift Prongs has ever done to me: a funny condom.
Guys. A funny condom. I love him so much I could die.
But I’m very undecided whether to use it or not…

Peter: ahm, Padfoot… what about the.. underwear?

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Little Valentine’s Day story extracted from the book Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton

“..The night before Valentine’s Day in 1988 Freddie and I had an enormous row. I’m not sure how it started, but it finished with the two of us going to bed and barely speaking to each other.Next morning I got up especially early and left Freddie to sleep on. I drove to New Covent Garden, in south London, and bought sixty Blue Moon roses. They were pale blue, larger than the average rose, with a magnificent scent. They were perfect and Freddie was especially fond of them.

I got home and arranged them in a wicker basket. Then I took them up to Freddie in bed, along with tea.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ I said.Freddie was still in a bad mood with me and grunted. 

He seemed to have woken up in the same rotten mood he’d fallen asleep in. I left him to it and went down to start work in the garden.

When Freddie got up in the middle of the morning he moved the Blue Moon arrangement into the hall. Later in the day friends came to visit and they commented on the spectacular basket of roses.

‘Yes,’ said Freddie, ‘my husband did them for me.’

They had pleased him, after all. And that night in bed he told me so. We kissed and made up and he gave me a Valentine card.”

Original pic of the Blue Moon roses Jim gave Freddie 

When you both want to watch TV and he is gloomy

It’s been a while I am sorry

662 words

short, fluff, JAMES FRANCOOOO

I don’t know when this gloomy mood of James will be over, but I hope it will be soon. It’s been 3 days since we are here and all we did was arguing. Doesn’t matter what I say or do, James is and will be sulking.  After dinner, I decided to wear my new cozy pjs, that I bought in London, when I visited my friend Jessica. I made myself a green tea and sat on the bed, preparing to watch TV. Next to me, I heard my phone buzzing. I looked at the display and saw that that there was a new message from Jessica. My friend moved to England a few months ago. Even though she’s busy she still tries to write or call me every second day. I texted her back and went back to my leisure time. When I saw a old movie I stopped and watched it for 10 minutes. It was a romantic comedy, I didn’t knew and that is something new. Just then I heard James’ footsteps. He opened the door and walked in.

“Hey, how was your day?”, I asked.

“like everyday, yours?” he shrugged and picked up the remote controller.

Instead of sitting on the bed next to me, he decided to sit on the floor. I looked back at him and was confused by his action. I mean look at this bed, there is enough space for both of us.

“Hey James, everything’s allright?”, I asked.

“Yeah why?” he said and looked up at me.

“I won’t bite you. You sit there like you’re a stranger”. I explained to him, kinda annoyed by his action.

“I smell bad. I don’t want to get you dirty” he gestured to his clothes.

“then go and take a shower.”, I simply said.

He sighed and said he will take a shower after the show.

“James I want to watch the movie! don’t change the channel.”

“watch it when I am not here.”

“It’s just a truck show you want to watch. I was already watching it.”

“This is so typical of you! everytime I want to watch something,you find your way. You are so stubborn, it drives me mad.”

“Come on James! Everything makes you mad. It’s the last time. I promise just let me watch it for today.”

He sighed again and I could literaly feel how he had to fight with himself, not to burst into flames. He was so tense today. I want to know what he is thinking at the moment. Sometimes I wished I could read his mind. But I still want to know what happened today. Maybe they had problems with the set or the production, I don’t know but I don’t like it at all.

“Okay for today. But next time you have to watch something I want. Okay?”

“Thank you”, I jumped and went straight to him, to give him a big warm hug.

“and now you have manners?” he smirked and looked deeply into my eyes.

Yes my James was back. The playful James I will always love. Not the moody kid I am arguing with sometimes.

“I always have manners. You know that”, I laughed and put my arms around his shoulders to steady my body.

“You’re sure?” he smirked playfuly.

“Very”, I smiled and kissed him lightly on his lips.

“Good, then entertain me.”,he said and raised his chin.

“How?”, I raised my eyebrows, smiling.

“be creative-” I stopped him and attacked his lips.

I pulled away and stared at him.

“What about the movie?”, I asked him.

“Forget the movie, this is so much better.”

“We will see, but before that, you have to take a shower.” I continued kissing his chin.

“wanna join?”, he invited.

“Do I have a choice?”, I asked back.

“No missy. let’s get dirty before we’re getting clean.” he stated and carried me to the bathroom.

Relationship with Fred Weasley

Who gets jealous more: 

t’s a constant battle. You get jealous when Fred unknowingly flirts with other girls such as Angelina and Katie during practice. It drives Fred absolutely bonkers seeings you so much as talk to other guys. He tries his best not to act on his feelings and become the possessive boyfriend he knows you hate but sometimes he can’t help it. Usually Fred will casually walk over when you and Dean, or whomever it may be are talking, and wraps his arms around you placing a chaste kiss to your forehead, silently letting the other guy know that Fred has no intention of letting anything happen. 

 Who is a worse drunk:

 You are, by a lot shot. Plenty of parties are thrown in the Gryffindor common room and the second the fireball whisky is brought out, Fred knows he will be babysitting for the night. He will constantly warn you throughout the night to watch your intake, but you always shoo him away claiming you know your limit, which you obviously don’t. Fred would then spend the entire night keeping an eye on you from a distant as Lee, George, and him talk. You are more of a funny drunk and tend to laugh at everything at hand, even the non humorous subjects. When the party is over Fred has to practically drag you back to your dorm room and tuck you in. You would beg him to stay which he would of course give in and tell you little jokes just to hear your contagious laugh. 

Who gives more surprise gifts:

Fred loves, loves, loves, giving you random gifts. Chocolates, new socks, scarfs, quills, books, blankets, sweets, etc. Whether they’re small or large, they are always so meaningful and have amazing stories behind them. The smile that lights up your face illuminates Fred’s heart making him the happiest man in Hogwarts. 

Who is more fascinated with the Muggle world:

You are by far. Growing up on the hills of Ireland, you never spent much time learning Muggle customs due to your pure blood parents. This being said, it amazed you beyond belief whenever you learned the faintest things about Muggles. After finding this out, Fred was asking his father, Harry, and Hermione questions left and right just to impress you by sharing fun facts. For your seventeenth birthday Fred took you to London and the two of you spent the week pretending to be typical Muggle folks and even went on tours around London just to experience the tourist feel. You bought t-shirts that say  ‘I <3 London’, tried to break the stone exterior of the famou guards, took millions of photos in front of Big Ben and rode on a double decker bus during a tour. 

 Who hates the cold more:

 You do. Fred sleeps with his windows open and fan on the highest mode no matter the season. He urges you to just use him as body heat which makes you laugh. You lay next to him shivering to death but Fred claims it’s better cold so you can use more blankets. You know the truth is he just likes wearing less clothes and having an excuse to snuggle up. 

 Who loves cuddling: 

As mentioned before, this would go to Fred. Fred Weasley absolutely loves cuddling, he lives for it. It was actually pretty funny to see such a tall man turn to a child at the mentioning of snuggling up with you. When the two of you are studying Fred is at work trying to convince you to step away from your business and cozy under a mountain of blankets with him. He would tempt you with offers that hurt to pass down and would do anything just to have you in his arms. Fred’s favorite cuddle session was right after Gryffindor’s big match against Slytherin. Sadly Gryffindor had lost by a mere slid and it broke his heart. You waited outside the locker room for him to finish his shower and the second he stepped out, you snatched his hand and dragged him to the boys dormitory. The rest of the night was spent in a change of positions, this time you being the big spoon. It was a nice change but Fred knew he much prefered holding his world in his arms and having the upper hand of kissing you anytime he wanted. 

Who gets on the others nerves the most:

Whether it was on purpose or not, Fred managed to be on your last end at least once a week. Although he had a heart of gold, sometimes that Weasley boy just didn’t know when too much was too much. You fell target to his pranks on numerous occasions and finally enough was enough and you’d snap. Fred would feel terrible of this and do everything to make things right. He would gift you with roses, treats, and even let you prank him, not that you needed his permission at this point. Without him knowing, you and George would master the perfect prank to get back at Fred. Even though he would be mildly embarrassed and a tad upset, Fred would shake it off. It impressed him to see you turning the tables. 

Who steals the other’s food: 

You steal Fred’s food whenever his eyes leave his plate. During meals in the Great Hall Fred cautiously guards his plate not falling for any of your tricks such as, “Oh Fred would you look at that” or “Fred do you see what the first year is doing over there!” From years of experiences Fred has learned all your ways and typically counts on grabbing extra food just incase. 

Who tells the terrible jokes:

That would be you. You make the worst jokes at the most awkwardest time. Especially your terrible puns that never seem to stop. Sometimes Fred laugh to humor you other times he does it out of pity and in hopes that you’ll stop. You never do, they just keep coming. 

Who cries the most:  

You are known for crying. The salty tears come in a variety of ways from tears of joy, laughter, sadness, anger, and confusion. Fred comfortes you no matter the reason for the water works and will hold you all night long just to see you smile again. But he will admit his favorite tears are the laughter ones you get after he tells a bone tickling joke. 

Who made the first move:

Fred did, by accident. He had a crush on you his whole first year and when the two of you were paired up for a class your second year at Hogwarts, Fred’s mouth moved faster than his brain and he managed to slip out how beautiful he found you to be. He was extremely mortified and tried to push the subject away wanting to get back to his work. You were still blushing furiously at his words and squeaked out your feelings for Fred as well making his eyes bug out in astonishment. Luckily for him, by the end of the class period he had scored a date with you. 

Who sings horribly:  

Fred. Fred Weasley was not known for his wonderful singing voice, the reason being was that it didn’t exist. He for some reason absolutely loved singing every single song in the loudest most obnoxious voice in the world. He’d change his voice a million different octaves, change the words, and pitches at his heart’s desire. You began to think he enjoyed seeing the look of annoyance on your face. 

Who makes breakfast for the other:

Fred has no bloody idea how to cook without setting off an alarm so you would be the baker in the relationship. You couldn’t makes much, just waffles, eggs, pancakes, and bacon but that was enough to make Fred’s heart swell. Waking up to the smell of fresh breakfast wafting through the air heightened his sense the second it hit him. Fred would roll out of bed and drag down the hall only to find you wearing one of his shirts and waiting intently to flip the golden brown pancake. He would smirk at the sight and walk over soundlessly and wrap his arms around your waist causing you to jump and scold him for being so stealthy. A million kisses would litter your neck before you’d finish the meal. Fred would then help you pile everything on a tray to bringing it back for a special breakfast in bed. 

Who steals the other’s clothes:

You of course. Everything Fred owns you have worn at least once. His sweaters, jackets, t-shirts (you attempted his sweatpants but that was a miserable fail since you were swamped in them), scarfs, and almost mixed his robes with yours on accident after a late night together. Fred teased you for this but secretly loved seeing you in his clothes. Every once in awhile Fred would complain about his lack of clothing because you kept stealing them, but he would never ask for them back. He was far too sweet and cared about you way too much to steal any of his stuff back, it was a bonus for him to see how adorable you looked in them. 

Who gets more excited about the holidays:

Its split between both of you. Fred loves going home for holidays to visit his family and spend time with his sibling and parents, despite seeing his brothers and sister everyday at school. Bringing you home to see his family was also something he loved. You lived for family moments but it was also the excitement and build up of holidays was your favorite thing. It was also just hanging out with your friends, family, and Fred that made your happiness towards holidays grow. Fred would beg you every year to come home to his parents house with him to spend Christmas with him and when you did, it was quite the show. Fred would smother you with extra love because of the holiday spirit, and all his family members would throw thousands of questions your way, none bad just unusual. Like Molly seemed to love asking about what you and Fred planned for your future while Arthur asked random questions about your life and places you’ve visited. Holidays at the Weasley’s was by far the most exostic yet heart warming events you’ve ever had.

- Daizy xx

Today I bought a plane ticket to London. I’m going for 7 days in august, which will be after my sister’s transplant. Thank you guys for helping me pick an airline.