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House of Terror

Warnings: haunted house

Summary: You and Tom go to a haunted house to celebrate Halloween!
(Tom Holland x Reader)

So I thought I would have some Halloween themed stuff going on since I am in such the spirit! (i bought halloween socks today i am ready)
Word Count: 1205

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“Tom I don’t know if this is a good idea”, I say to Tom as he puts on his jacket

“C’mon it is Halloween time! We have to get in the spirit!”

“There are other ways that we can get festive! We could carve pumpkins or something!”, I tell Tom trying to avoid going to a haunted house. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Halloween or haunted houses. I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week if I went

“We can carve pumpkins a different time!”, says Tom looking me in the eyes “What are you so afraid of?”

“Well… I’m really scared and don’t think I would be able to sleep for a week afterwards.”

“Aww, well I’ll protect you!”, he says

I roll my eyes “How would you be able to protect me?”

“Um excuse me missy I am spiderman I could protect you!”, he says

I roll my eyes even harder “Will you please go?”, said Tom to me

“Fine, pass me my jacket let’s go.” He looks at me and gives me small smile handing me my jacket

*at the haunted house*

“Okay here is your rope make sure to hold on to it all the way through.”, says the man working at the haunted house

“Do you want to go in the front or in the back?”, asks Tom

“Well lets see, if I go in the front nothing will be able to attack me from be behind but will attack me face front if I go in the back I could push you towards the danger but at the same time something that attack me from behind.”, I say “I’ll take the front, I can still find a way to push you towards the attacker”

“Wow, love you too.”

We grab on to the rope and get sent off to the haunted house. We walk into the first room. It is black and white in the pattern of a checkerboard all through the room. There is green and purple lights flashing. I instantly feel scared. “Well are you going to walk or not?”, says Tom behind me 

The sounds of his voice makes me jump. “Oh, yeah”, I say to Tom and I start to walk forward. I walk down a short hallway and turn a corner to see the wall now had a small segment that had bars on them resembling a prison cell. I start to walk down the hallway. As I go I am looking around, out of the corner of my eye I see something moving briskly by the bars. I walk around another corner. “HELLO!”, says a voice in front of me. I scream terrified out of my life. I look forward to see a girl who looked about 15 in face paint that made her look like a zombie in black and white crazy hair with fake blood on her. I look back at Tom to see him just as afraid as me. I look at him and let out a little laugh. I continue walking towards the door at the end of the hallway. 

I walk through the door to see what looked to be a sign for a scary hospital. “Oh great a scary hospital!”, I yell out to Tom

“C’mon keep going!”, he says to me. 

I walk around into a room that leads to a small hallway. I look around the hallway to the room and see a body on a cot “NOPE NOPE NOPE THAT BODY IS GOING TO JUMP OUT AT ME AND SCARE ME!”

“You know it is coming so you won’t be as scared so let’s keep going!”, he says to me pushing me towards the entrance to the room. We walk to the entrance of the room and walk into the room. By the time we are halfway through the room the bodies still haven’t popped up. We get through the room without the bodies popping up. We continue only to be greeted by what looks like a wax figure of women. I don’t expect it to pop up but all of a sudden a women start to look up. I look over at the desk scared and seeing her looking at me in the eyes. 

“Welcome to the hospital how may I help today?”, she says in a very monotone voice. I towards the door into a room when I suddenly hear screaming. I look forward and see someone running towards me. I scream loudly pushing back towards Tom. The figure suddenly stops. “What are you so afraid of?”, says the figure. 

“Don’t be afraid of us.”, says another figure coming out of the corner. I look at Tom and he gives me this look telling me to keep going. I shake my head at him. 

“Remember they legally can’t touch you so they won’t be able to hurt you.”, whispers Tom.

I start to walk forward. They all move out of the way making a little passage way for me and Tom to walk through.

*flash forward to the end of the haunted house*

I walk through a door to be greet by the outside. The only difference was that they seemed to be in a white box. They look around and see a sign that says this way. They follow the arrows walking through. “We must be nearing the end with all these weird room box things.”, says Tom

We continue walking through the doors. We reach the 7th box. I open the door to the eighth box. I open the door only to hear a chainsaw coming towards me. “OH MY GOD”, I scream. I close my eyes and start swinging the small bit of rope that I am hanging on to.  

I start to hear laughing as I continue swinging my rope in front of me. “Babe, babe, babe, BABE!”, I hear Tom saying

“What.”, I say

“You are fine, it is just a fake chainsaw. You can open your eyes.”, he says

I stop swinging my rope and open my eyes to see a guy in face paint holding a chainsaw with no chains and rubber around where the chains should be. “Oh my god, that freaked me out.”. I say 

“I’ve never seen someone react like that. They normally just scream then start laughing.”, says the man with the chainsaw. 

“I just wasn’t expecting it and I was ready for us to just get out and see the outside world and return. I was expecting a man with a chainsaw to come at me!”, I say laughing at myself. 

“Well it is my job to scare you.”, says the man

“Well you guys did a good job”, said Tom from behind me

“You did a really good job.”

“You ready to leave?”, said Tom looking at me

“Yeah, my throat hurts from all that screaming. I want to get home to drink a hot drink or something.”, I say to Tom

“Well let’s get going.”

We start to walk to the other door that we think is the exit “See you next year! Happy Halloween!”, says the man getting back to his place ready to scare the next group on their way.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Sorry for not posting an imagine in such a long time but I just ran out of inspiration but I am back and ready to write! Hope you guys enjoyed the imagine. Get ready for more spooky stories this upcoming week!

The Game Room part 1: Went to my local game shop today and bought an extra large d20 for the express purpose of turning it into a door knob. Turns out, it was incredibly easy (as long as you have the right equipment). Thank goodness my girlfriend’s father was here visiting, for he had such equipment, which he has now gifted us. Very stoked and very thankful to have this cool doorknob that lets everyone know in a subtle way that once you’re through that door, you’re in for so,etching special! I have some other rad stuff coming my way to take my game room to the next level, so when it happens, I’m sure I’ll post update photos and progress pics so stay tuned! P.S. If you would like to know how we did this, let me know and I’ll post what I can tell you!

Today we went to Faceoff Fest to get a bunch of stuff signed and see the players. We went through all of our usual player lines, getting player cards and photos signed, bought some stuff then made our way over to Kevin Bieksa’s line. 

Last year he was sitting with Kesler so we weren’t able to go see him but this year his line was shorter. As we were waiting in line I felt a little nervous because meeting him meant a bit more to me than the other players today. 

When I finally got to him he was signing his player cards with his daughter and when he looked up to say hi, I thanked him for everything he’s done to raise awareness for mental health and how much it meant to me. 

He smiled and said you’re welcome and I showed him the tattoo of Rick’s number that I have on my finger. I could see he was surprised and touched to see it and after telling him that Charlie and I had gotten them together last year he smiled again. He talked about how not a lot of people here in Orange County know about Rick or Mind Check and that it was more of a British Columbia thing. He said it meant a lot that we had the tattoos and said that he was glad to help. 

It meant so much to be able to finally thank him after all this time and I’m glad he knows that his work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Thank you Kevin. 

I watch a lot of transguys and their timelines and progress.

I can’t wait til it’s me. I’m only a baby and 1 month on HRT. But, I’m just like, “my time to shine will be soon.”

I love seeing Transguys progress. I love seeing their body language and expressions become relaxed and happy.

Basically, I love all of you. Congrats to all of you boys pre-t or not. I’m so happy you are all being who you are.

I still remember the first time I bought a binder and my first outfit from the boy’s section. I was extremely happy and comfortable. It was the strangest feeling. But, it was an addicting feeling.

To be on testosterone now is a dream come true. Because you feel hopeless. You feel like, “that stuff happens to other guys. Not /me/.” But, I promise you it will happen. Some of you may have to wait a while. Your patience will be worth it.

Good luck. You all stay strong.

So today I went into London, and, amongst other things, went into the Lush in Oxford Street where I met, beckie0, who told me what she thought were good products to buy (I may do a haul video bc I bought some other stuff from other shops.) Meeting her was amazing because, as a lot of you probably know, I struggle with depression, and although I’m getting there, its still hard. And her videos have helped me by showing me that I’m not alone and that it’s okay to struggle, and, as such, she’s become one of my favourite YouTubers.

it was raining heavily the whole day today, so we didn’t go in front of the sm building ;__;

but! we did go to the coex artium

and it looked like heaven inside:

(i took a pic of the other signatures as well but nini’s is the most important)

after we bought some of the merch (jongin’s stuff had been almost always sold out T^T but there was a lot of suho, lay and tao //poor babies) we went to the higher floors where they had all the awards they’ve received and the clothes snsd’s members wore and also..

life-sized suho!!

anyway, even though the weather sucked today (and apparently will suck tomorrow too :/) we walked to kamong ♡

i sneakily took a pic of the inside as well /hides in a corner

and of course i had to order the mint chocolate ‘kamongchino’ /omg how cute/

(there were soo many exo fans inside!) and i even bought a cup :3

then we tried to go in front of the sm building, but we couldn’t find it :/ and it was raining heavily so i kept slipping on everything lol we’ve decided to go tomorrow~

anyway, this is the outcome of today:

totally not an exo trash…

Ran some errands with the hubs today and asked if we could stop at one of my favorite local plant shops.  As expected, nothing has been hardened off yet, so we had to fish through the annuals to get to the herbs.  I couldn’t resist coming home with some today, though I’m going back for sure over the weekend.  Scored several varieties of sage, some rosemary, several varieties of thyme (including last year’s favorite, Spicy Orange), and, tucked way back on the shelf, behind a hodgepodge of other plants, was a whole flat of wasabi arugula.  We LOVED this stuff last year.  It’s easy to take care of, flowers are edible if you let it bolt, and the leaves only get spicier as the season progresses.  I bought four pots, but I’m probably going to double that if there’s still some left, and I’ll buy some for my in-laws as well.  Overall, a fantastic day.

I just wanted to jump on tumblr to write this post as I’m actually on a tumblr break, but something happened today and I just wanted to write about it.
My week has been pretty bad and some of the stuff that happened led me to be really mad at my friends on my new school. Let’s just say I’ve been both pissed and sad though the whole week.

So my mom asked me to go to the mall with her today because she wanted to buy some new forks and knives. We bought that and started looking at clothes, other kitchen stuff and obviously books. The books that they sell in the local bookstore is usually not that good, but the second thing I noticed [after the amazing sale] was The Selection. It’s finally translated into Norwegian!

For those who don’t know, I’m from Norway, my first language is Norwegian and I’ve always lived in Norway. I first read The Selection when I was 12 years old and I’d just finished 7th grade. The books were recommended to me by someone on Instagram and I fell in love. I don’t know how I managed it, as I barely knew any English at that point. After that I slowly starting reading more English and got better and better at it.

Let’s just say that these books means so much to me and finding out that the first book was finally translated to Norwegian made me so happy. Now I’m finally able to share it with my little sister who’s been asking me about the books with ‘the girl in the pretty dresses’.

So I just want to thank @partylikeawordstar for creating these wonderful characters and literally changing my life! My life would’ve looked so different today if it weren’t for you and there would be so many amazing people I wouldn’t have met. Thank you so much!