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Hi! I’d just like to say that I love your metas and really appreciate how hard you work on them! Also I wanted to ask what you think the wonder duos interactions from years 4-14 were like? We don’t know much about how they interacted during that gap and I’m a bit curious.

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Thank you so much! I really like writing them so I’m glad that you really like reading them. <3  But now then, on to your question ->

Izuku and Katsuki’s childhood 4-14.

Well let’s start off that most of this is speculation, so please don’t take this as the be all end all answer it’s just putting together the puzzle pieces that the manga has already given us.

So if we start at the beginning, how they’re introduced. We find that Izuku is a meek, frustrated, and depressed nerd. While Katsuki - well he’s introduced as a complete jackass.

But the “suicide line”, is shown quickly that is not Katsuki’s normal behavior.

His friends, lackies, whatever you want to call them, instantly go straight out of their way to tell them that he went too far even more so because of his relationship to Izuku.

I can only imagine that Katsuki and Izuku weren’t just friends and children but most likely best friends.

They are seen together multiple times without a fight being part of the scene:

Because all in all Hirokoshi wants us, the audience to see Katsuki in a certain light and thats why he’s introduced Katsuki in the manga the same way for 9 volumes of it:

Midoriya’s Childhood friend.  

So that’s it. There’s your answer. They were friends. They are friends.  

I want to assume that before the development of his quirk, Katsuki was a much less arrogant little boy but at the same time I do this simply because he had yet to have the weight of the world come crashing down on his four-year-old shoulders.

Izuku described what Katsuki used to be like before his quirk right before their first fight in the manga

The two of them + some others had a little trouble making gang when they were kids. Katsuki never was on one side or the other, just a really confident kid that Izuku looked up to. It wasn’t until after his quirk manifested that he started being the jackass we know today, most likely.

So I can imagine, they still spent time together. They still did kid things together. Obliviously bought super hero cards together so I can only assume there was other kid stuff.

Izuku again, right before one of their fights, explain that they have always been together for as long as he can remember:

but they never really took the time to talk shit out. Which is probably what has led to all the feuding between them. Katsuki spent the majority of their childhood insulting Izuku, and Izuku spent the majority of their childhood in awe of Katsuki’s talents and victories.  Izuku explains this, again, during ‘Kacchan vs Deku 2’

But they’re still friends. They still spent time together.  I can just imagine that over time it became less and less and less.  But I honestly believe that Izuku knows the entire Bakugou family and Katsuki probably knows Inko because they spent so much time together as children.

They grew up together. There wasn’t a “bully / victim” relationship as most of the fandom seems to blindly believe.  Katsuki gave Izuku shit, but that doesn’t mean he never gave it back. He stood up to Katsuki in the first page of the entire series.

The first line of the entire series “Enough, Kacchan.”  Izuku stands up to Katsuki as the very first thing we ever hear him say.

“My friend is out of line so I’m going to do my best to show him what he’s doing is wrong.”

So honestly, I think a lot of what their childhood was, was Katsuki doing something that crosses a line and Izuku trying to correct him on it. I don’t think Katsuki so much made fun of him as it was “Deku is such a loser because he doesn’t let me do what I want.”  “Deku’s quirkless so why does he think he can do what I do.”   “Deku’s such a goodie-two shoes, just let me do what I want.”

Izuku was the only one to show honest concern to Katsuki when they were kids, and now really (the whole ‘take my hand’ ‘are you okay?!!!’ thing) and Katsuki is probably processing it as pity / making fun of him. He’s not processing it as Izuku is concerned for him and wants him to do better.

As Izuku explained, once Katsuki’s quirk manifested, he started on what Izuku called “the path towards bad” and I think that means Katsuki got in a lot more fights, arguments, probably had moments where he let it quirk go to his head but Izuku cares about him so he stepped up and got on him about it.

Izuku is shy, he’s not helpless. Izuku has anxiety, he’s not scared.  He doesn’t wilt in front of Katsuki or stammer his life away - in the beginning of the series - Izuku does that to everyone.  Katsuki is not a special case.

I believe they are quite close. I believe they are best friends.  I believe they had a rocky childhood but I don’t think it was as “abusive” as the fandom has built it up to be, simply because we’ve been shown no evidence of that.

At the end of the day, Katsuki and Izuku are friends and that’s how the creator wants them portrayed.

Katsuki who gives Izuku a hard time, and Izuku who calls Katsuki on his bullshit. This is a story of growth and both the boys are growing.  The growth was just much slower when they were younger because Izuku didn’t really have much backing in the world being quirkless.

Even his teacher made fun of him, remember.

I really don’t think they fought anywhere near as much as the fandom likes to make it seem like they did.  Katsuki was too busy learning how to control his quirk after all. 


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** Please note that all Meta I write are my opinion. They are not the be all end all answer to things. Please ship what you want to and enjoy the series however you see fit.

I was in a local Con today and ohhhh I found some amazing artists there! Because Im obvious ML trash ofc I couldnt ignore some stuff which I found…..


Bath Bombs.

DESCRIPTION: Bruce Wayne is a man of intelligence, but when his lover tells him she got some things to try in the bathroom, well….He took it the completely wrong way.

WORD COUNT: 867 Words.


AUTHORS NOTE: My first request! woah! ok so hopefully you guys will like my style at writing, and since this is the beginning of my blog, I’ll start out with long imagines, but do not hold me for it because I deadass have no idea what to write until the inspiration fairy comes and sprinkles me with creative dust ok? enjoy! Oh, and thank you for @cas-backwards-tie for being my first requestor!

( I literally listened to Cardi B while writing this?? idk man)

“Honey, I’m home and I’ve got something to show you!” You yell as you walk into the house, closing the door behind you and making sure to lock the 12 security locks on it. It used to annoy you but you’ve gotten used to the high security of Wayne Manor. In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce installed traps around the house; it’s Predicted Batman Behavior (or PBB, as you and the boys like to call it while Bruce was around).

“ Welcome home, Miss (L/N), master Bruce is currently in the Batcave, would you like me to go notify him of your return?” Alfred asked. You smiled at him and shook your head, insisting you’ll go instead.

“As you wish, Miss (L/N), oh and you haven’t heard it from me, but…Master Bruce seems a bit stressed out over this case of his. You know how he takes his, er, persona seriously. Just thought you’d like to know, Miss (L/N), or should I start calling you Miss Wayne?” If you didn’t know Alfred, you wouldn’t have heard the happy undertone in his voice. Alfred had immediately taken a liking to you, what, with your outstanding wits and charming aura, it was impossible not to. In fact, everyone in the manor saw you as the perfect match for Bruce. 

“Alfred! The kids still don’t know! it’s supposed to be discussed at the dinner table tonight!” You hushed him, but smiling anyway, knowing the boys already know, they literally go out at night and fight crime, it’s inevitable. 

“Babe? You’re home already?” Bruce walks in the living room, looking handsome as ever if you do say yourself, and eyebrows furrowed, confused at how early you’re back early from you’re monthly shopping.

Because you’re ‘Practically a Wayne’ , Bruce arranges these shopping sprees for you every month (he wanted it to be every week but you protested endlessly) where you take his credit card, which is loaded with cash, and has a chauffeur escort you to places where you couldn’t afford to read the price tags had it not been for him. 

For the first few trips you tried to spend little to no money, feeling guilty for using his money, but when he sees the receipts he just frowns and lectures you and literally tells you this stuff is cheap considered to stuff Damian and Tim buy (Tim denies it but Damian admits he needs to stop but never does).

So you try to treat yourself now and then with some red bottom shoes or a Rolex watch you really liked. But today, you bought something for Bruce, knowing how, as Alfred previously said, was wearing himself out with his vigilante duties. And Bruce hates it when you buy him stuff for no reason other than cheering him up, he always says he doesn’t need them but being with that old man for 5 years made you see past his facade whom he used with everyone outside the Manor (and even sometimes those in it).

“Bruce! Baby, you’ll never guess what I got you!” You politely smile at Alfred as he mutters an ‘I’ll leave you to it, then.’ and walks out on you two. Bruce immediately frowned, already typing up a lecture in his head. “Oh don’t look at me like that! You’ve been moping around in you’re Batcave all month and at this rate, you’ll have even more grey hair than you have now with all this stress, you old man!” You said fiercely. 

That was one of the many things Bruce loves about you, you are not afraid to stand up to him and put him in his place. You ground him and he couldn’t be more grateful for you because much to his dismay, he can act like a man-child at times.

“Besides, it’s something small!” You said reaching for one of the bags on the floor, from it you pulled out a black and silver ball. Bruce raised an eyebrow, eyeing the ball.

“You brought Titus a ball, for me?” He asked slowly as if he’s trying to think how this is supposed to be for him. Bruce Wayne is an old man. That’s something everyone knew, and he has no idea what the hell modern stuff does. and a Bath bomb is no exception.

“What?! No! I’m not talking to Titus anymore, not after he chewed out my teddy bear, he can piss off.” You said, rolling your eyes at Bruce. Sometimes your fiancee can really be daft.  “It’s a bath bomb, you put it in a ba-”

“It’s a bath what now?! (Y/N), why in a goddamn fuck would you bring a bomb into the house?! I cannot believe you actually brought a bo-” 

“It’s not an actual bomb doofus! it’s a soap kind of thing, I don’t really know much about how its made but its soothing as hell, so go get out some clothes, and meet me at the bathroom on the third floor. No buts! Now, or so help me I will prevent you from touching me for the next month!” You have never seen the man run so fast in all you’re years of being with him.

Phew! that was really long oh wow!! sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, I tried to keep the script lighthearted haha, and I don’t know man, I actually feel proud of this! let me know if you liked this!


This is my fish named Mom. I bought him for 5 dollars at petsmart and then spent 80 dollars on his tank, plants and all that Jazz.

Today I woke up and realized he has fin rot. So I went out and spent 120 dollars on cleaning supplies, a new heater, water testing kits, new toys, a temporary holding tank, medicine and some other stuff.

Some people may ask why I’m investing so much money into a 5 dollar fish. Just like I would take my sweet sweet cat to a vet if he were sick, I’m taking care of Mom the same way. It doesn’t matter how small he is, his life is important and he is a living, breathing creature. He gets excited to see me when I wake up and plays with his food, he likes to hide in the bottom plants when he sleeps and builds bubble nests when he’s happy. When you buy a fish, you take on the responsibility of caring for them just like you would a dog or a cat. They are not just decorations. Please never let them rot away because you got them for 5 bucks in a cup.

So I got this card in the mail today along with some other stuff. Thank you to whoever sent it because its super cool! But I have no idea why I got it and there was no return address except the Disney store. Does anyone know anything about this or have similar experiences??

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❧ x.mh | infatuation

pairing; seventeen the8 x female

genre; fluff, love at first sight. humour

synopsis; minghao went to the mart to buy necessities for the dorm, and somehow managed to come across this girl. he never met her before, they don’t know each other, but she made his heart flutter. 

word count; 844 words

“Minghao!” Mingyu called from the kitchen. Minghao hummed in response, getting up from the couch and stretching briefly.

“We’re out of milk. Will you be a dear and run over to the super mart?” Seungcheol cooed, raising his voice a pitch higher to sound like a mom. Minghao chuckled, hitting Seungcheol playfully before getting his coat. 

“It’s like, 6pm. Why would you guys need milk right now?” Minghao questioned.

“For our baby’s growth,” Jeonghan joked, looking over to a ‘I’m-done-with-life’ Dino. Everyone burst out laughing, and Wonwoo ruffled Dino’s hair as he passed by him.

“I’ll just buy two cartons?” Minghao asked, slipping his arms into the sleeves of the leather coat.

“That should be enough,” Mingyu replied from the kitchen, having heard Minghao. 

“Alright then. I’ll be back soon!” Minghao said, leaving the dorm.

There were choruses of ‘byes’ after that. And a scream from the kitchen.

“SOONYOUNG! You’re gonna burn down the whole building, get away from the stove!” 

Minghao got to the mart and entered, the bells by the door chiming softly as he pushed open the glass door.

The mart was fairly empty, as it usually was. The place where the mart was situated at wasn’t exactly a strategic place for business. It was hidden between houses, and one probably wouldn’t be able to find this mart unless they lived nearby.

He walked over to the fridges, opening one which contained the milk he needed, and glanced over the different brands he could buy.

He decided on a random one and pulled out two cartons of it.

He was suddenly aware of a presence of someone beside him. A girl, who donned a simple grey hoodie. Her features weren’t picture-perfect, but there was something that made Minghao want to stare at her.

Her arms were full of stuff — yogurt, chips, ramyeon, and more that were hidden in between whatever Minghao could see. 

Minghao looked around. Where the hell were the baskets today?

She had her phone pressed between her shoulder and ear, not being able to hold the phone since she didn’t have any free hands. Unintentionally, Minghao listened in to her conversation with whoever’s on the other end of the line.

“Is mum still sleeping?” she spoke into the phone, pausing for a moment, before continuing. “Yeah, let her rest. I bought some food, I’ll cook when I get back. Don’t wake her up.”

Her tone was gentle, soft. She suddenly let out a small chuckle, showing off her perfect teeth.

Minghao felt butterflies floating around his stomach, her laughter ringing in his ears. She occupied his mind quick, but he didn’t even know who the hell she was.

Just then, a packet of ramyeon fell from her arms, seemingly to have lost balance from the pile. 

“Shoot,” the girl muttered, helplessly glancing at the packet on the floor. She couldn’t pick it up.

“I’ll hang up now, Mira. I’ll be back soon,” she quickly spoke into the phone, purring a ‘byee’. Her phone still remained between her ear and shoulder.

“Let me help,” Minghao said softly, picking up the ramyeon packet and holding a couple of other random stuff from her hands, together with his milk cartons.

“Oh,” she said, surprised. “Thank you.”

She removed her phone from that awkward position she had been in, and slid it into her pocket. 

“I couldn’t find the baskets so I had to carry them all,” she said, quietly chuckling to herself. “Must’ve looked ridiculous.”

Minghao laughed, shaking his head. “Maybe just a little.”

Minghao helped her bring her items to the cashier, placing them all on the counter top as the cashier lazily scanned his items first, stuffing them into plastic bags. Minghao hooked his hand through the plastic bags, letting it freely dangle from his grip. It was supposedly heavy, but not for him.

“Are you new here?” Minghao said, trying to start a casual conversation with her. “In this neighbourhood, I mean.”

She nodded. “I moved here last week.”

“Oh,” he said. “Nice to meet you, then. I’m Minghao.”

Minghao stuck out his hand, and she shook it kindly. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too.”

She then turned to the counter top, being greeted with plastic bags after plastic bags of her stuff. She hooked them all through her arms, lifting them with difficulty.

“Here,” Minghao said, instinctively reaching out to carry a few of the heavier plastic bags for her. “I’ll walk you to your block. I live around here too.”

Y/N hesitated, worried that it’d be too rude.

“It’s alright, really,” Minghao quickly assured, catching on her thoughts. 

She smiled, dropping her head for a moment, slightly embarrassed. “Thank you.”

The walk back to her block was short but eventful enough for a first meeting. They talked, and Minghao found out that the person on the phone was Y/N’s little sister — Mirabel.

“She’s really small, just 9, but she’s thoughtful for her age,” she had said. 

Minghao exchanged numbers with her right as he dropped her off, and he tried his best not to show his interest in her.

“I’ll see you around soon,” she said, smiling. 

“Yeah,” Minghao grinned, before walking back to the dorms.

So this is what they call love at first sight, huh?

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Hi 💫💫 Can I request number 1 + JB? Thanksss

Of course x

Drabble game #2. Click here to know how to play. x

Suggestion: #1 “This skirt is supposed to be this short.” + GOT7 JB. Asked by anon. Thank you for playing love! 


Jaebum half-opened his eyes with a tired whine as he rolled around, trying to cover himself up in his covers and ignore the fact that I had just opened the hotel room ceiling light. I had a small cupcake in my hands, with a single pink candle lit sitting on top of it. I started singing.

“Happy birthday to youuuu..”

I saw his small eyes peek out from the top of his sheets. By the way they were looking at me, I could tell he was smiling. He seemed so tired I almost felt bad waking him up, but I did promise him I would give him a nice surprise for his birthday. I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect it to be in the middle of the night on his actual birthday, though. 

He chuckled as he listened to me sing, propping himself up on the bed as I got closer to him.  His hair was everywhere and his eyes puffy from being alseep for a while now, but his smile gave it away. He was happy to see me and it made my heart flutter this much faster. 

I got on my knees next to the bed, showing him the cupcake until he blew the candle. 

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a husky voice.

“It’s your birthday!”
“I know, but I thought you were staying with your family, we were only supposed to see each other next week”

“I made an exception for a big day” I said, winking at him. “Now eat. I bought some stuff today, wanna see it?”

He chuckled and nodded, taking a bite out of the cupcake I made earlier today,  obviously wondering why I was trying to give him a clothing haul in the middle of the night. He didn’t seem to mind much though. I pecked him before going to get my shopping bad and popping it on a small table so that I could look into it. I took out a skirt, a black skirt that was particularly short. I had picked it out especially for him, since I knew he would like it on me. I slowly took off my pants and put the skirt on, aproaching him slowly as he looked a bit confused.

“Hum… Are you sure the skirt is made to look like that?” 

He let his hand reach behind my thighs, his fingers brushing against the skin of my legs as he looked up at me with an arched brow. 

“This skirt is supposed to be this short, silly. I bought it for you”

He chuckled, biting his lip as he looked up at me in a way that made me feel like we were not gonna sleep much that night.

- E xx


okay i’m not one to rant but i’m sO UPSET RIGHT NOW. so the story is that i ordered block b tickets to see shawn, my idol for literally 2+ years, right near the front. by the time my dad had money for vip it was all sold out but i guess i pushed past that as i was lucky enough to get tickets close to the stage. we have emails and stuff from the company (called get me in) that we bought the tickets off saying that we definitely have these block b tickets, however it is now literally 3 days before the show and we get informed that theY SOLD MY TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE?! THEY CHARGED US TOO! so we rang the company up like wtf this is unacceptable and unfair and they were like “we’ll give you whatever we find” so me and my dad were like okay sure. today some other person’s tickets came in the mail and they’re in bLOCK J. not to sound ungrateful or anything but my dad paid lots of money for our tickets when they came out and i was so excited as it is meant to be a treat for my birthday. they expect us to sit in the back? yes they sent me an extra ticket but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that i’ve been messed about like this, i’ve been completely sTRESSED about it and honestly if i get anyone saying stuff like “shut up and be grateful” i’m going to flip because for days i’ve been on edge because of this. probs no one has read this all but note: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ORDER TICKETS ONLINE FROM!!! on the day of the concert (28th of april) I’m literally just going to sit where I ordered my tickets and if anyone starts i’m just gonna whip the emails out because it’s ridiculous!

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Today I went to the Disney store

I met a lady who was also browsing the Coco merchandise. She turned to me and asked if I had seen it, and I told her I saw it three times. She got super excited and told me how she went and saw it twice in Spanish and how it’s her favorite Pixar movie!! We had a long chat about our love for this movie and I’m just so thrilled to meet other fans in real life!!

Also here’s some stuff I bought

House of Terror

Warnings: haunted house

Summary: You and Tom go to a haunted house to celebrate Halloween!
(Tom Holland x Reader)

So I thought I would have some Halloween themed stuff going on since I am in such the spirit! (i bought halloween socks today i am ready)
Word Count: 1205

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(gifs not mine credit goes to owners)

“Tom I don’t know if this is a good idea”, I say to Tom as he puts on his jacket

“C’mon it is Halloween time! We have to get in the spirit!”

“There are other ways that we can get festive! We could carve pumpkins or something!”, I tell Tom trying to avoid going to a haunted house. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Halloween or haunted houses. I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week if I went

“We can carve pumpkins a different time!”, says Tom looking me in the eyes “What are you so afraid of?”

“Well… I’m really scared and don’t think I would be able to sleep for a week afterwards.”

“Aww, well I’ll protect you!”, he says

I roll my eyes “How would you be able to protect me?”

“Um excuse me missy I am spiderman I could protect you!”, he says

I roll my eyes even harder “Will you please go?”, said Tom to me

“Fine, pass me my jacket let’s go.” He looks at me and gives me small smile handing me my jacket

*at the haunted house*

“Okay here is your rope make sure to hold on to it all the way through.”, says the man working at the haunted house

“Do you want to go in the front or in the back?”, asks Tom

“Well lets see, if I go in the front nothing will be able to attack me from be behind but will attack me face front if I go in the back I could push you towards the danger but at the same time something that attack me from behind.”, I say “I’ll take the front, I can still find a way to push you towards the attacker”

“Wow, love you too.”

We grab on to the rope and get sent off to the haunted house. We walk into the first room. It is black and white in the pattern of a checkerboard all through the room. There is green and purple lights flashing. I instantly feel scared. “Well are you going to walk or not?”, says Tom behind me 

The sounds of his voice makes me jump. “Oh, yeah”, I say to Tom and I start to walk forward. I walk down a short hallway and turn a corner to see the wall now had a small segment that had bars on them resembling a prison cell. I start to walk down the hallway. As I go I am looking around, out of the corner of my eye I see something moving briskly by the bars. I walk around another corner. “HELLO!”, says a voice in front of me. I scream terrified out of my life. I look forward to see a girl who looked about 15 in face paint that made her look like a zombie in black and white crazy hair with fake blood on her. I look back at Tom to see him just as afraid as me. I look at him and let out a little laugh. I continue walking towards the door at the end of the hallway. 

I walk through the door to see what looked to be a sign for a scary hospital. “Oh great a scary hospital!”, I yell out to Tom

“C’mon keep going!”, he says to me. 

I walk around into a room that leads to a small hallway. I look around the hallway to the room and see a body on a cot “NOPE NOPE NOPE THAT BODY IS GOING TO JUMP OUT AT ME AND SCARE ME!”

“You know it is coming so you won’t be as scared so let’s keep going!”, he says to me pushing me towards the entrance to the room. We walk to the entrance of the room and walk into the room. By the time we are halfway through the room the bodies still haven’t popped up. We get through the room without the bodies popping up. We continue only to be greeted by what looks like a wax figure of women. I don’t expect it to pop up but all of a sudden a women start to look up. I look over at the desk scared and seeing her looking at me in the eyes. 

“Welcome to the hospital how may I help today?”, she says in a very monotone voice. I towards the door into a room when I suddenly hear screaming. I look forward and see someone running towards me. I scream loudly pushing back towards Tom. The figure suddenly stops. “What are you so afraid of?”, says the figure. 

“Don’t be afraid of us.”, says another figure coming out of the corner. I look at Tom and he gives me this look telling me to keep going. I shake my head at him. 

“Remember they legally can’t touch you so they won’t be able to hurt you.”, whispers Tom.

I start to walk forward. They all move out of the way making a little passage way for me and Tom to walk through.

*flash forward to the end of the haunted house*

I walk through a door to be greet by the outside. The only difference was that they seemed to be in a white box. They look around and see a sign that says this way. They follow the arrows walking through. “We must be nearing the end with all these weird room box things.”, says Tom

We continue walking through the doors. We reach the 7th box. I open the door to the eighth box. I open the door only to hear a chainsaw coming towards me. “OH MY GOD”, I scream. I close my eyes and start swinging the small bit of rope that I am hanging on to.  

I start to hear laughing as I continue swinging my rope in front of me. “Babe, babe, babe, BABE!”, I hear Tom saying

“What.”, I say

“You are fine, it is just a fake chainsaw. You can open your eyes.”, he says

I stop swinging my rope and open my eyes to see a guy in face paint holding a chainsaw with no chains and rubber around where the chains should be. “Oh my god, that freaked me out.”. I say 

“I’ve never seen someone react like that. They normally just scream then start laughing.”, says the man with the chainsaw. 

“I just wasn’t expecting it and I was ready for us to just get out and see the outside world and return. I was expecting a man with a chainsaw to come at me!”, I say laughing at myself. 

“Well it is my job to scare you.”, says the man

“Well you guys did a good job”, said Tom from behind me

“You did a really good job.”

“You ready to leave?”, said Tom looking at me

“Yeah, my throat hurts from all that screaming. I want to get home to drink a hot drink or something.”, I say to Tom

“Well let’s get going.”

We start to walk to the other door that we think is the exit “See you next year! Happy Halloween!”, says the man getting back to his place ready to scare the next group on their way.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Sorry for not posting an imagine in such a long time but I just ran out of inspiration but I am back and ready to write! Hope you guys enjoyed the imagine. Get ready for more spooky stories this upcoming week!


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So, a fair amount has happened today.

First, thank you all so much for 100 followers!! We’re planning on making a proper post thanking you guys and including some other stuff *wink*.

I’ve been rewriting my physics notes from today’s lesson. Just basic definitions, nothing too fancy. And I received good results for all of my science assessments from last term, which I’m really happy with!

On a sadder note, my rabbit died today :( We bought her a good six years ago when I was nine holy crap that’s a long time ago wow, even smoler jess

I hope you’re all studying hard and taking care of yourselves, my lovelies!

The Best Gift

December 5th - Shopping | Day five of my 25 Days of Miraculous!

Anonymous requested Chloe and Adrien for this day, romantic or platonic. I chose to go with platonic for it, and I had a lot of fun writing this on! I hope you all enjoy it!

AO3 | Commissions

The first thing Chloe did when she spotted Adrien just across the street from her was call out his name. She’d have run across and thrown herself at him, like she used to when they were kids, but something told her Adrien didn’t want a flattened best friend for Christmas.

Looking up at her voice, Adrien’s bored expression immediately brightened into Chloe’s favorite crooked smile.

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The Game Room part 1: Went to my local game shop today and bought an extra large d20 for the express purpose of turning it into a door knob. Turns out, it was incredibly easy (as long as you have the right equipment). Thank goodness my girlfriend’s father was here visiting, for he had such equipment, which he has now gifted us. Very stoked and very thankful to have this cool doorknob that lets everyone know in a subtle way that once you’re through that door, you’re in for so,etching special! I have some other rad stuff coming my way to take my game room to the next level, so when it happens, I’m sure I’ll post update photos and progress pics so stay tuned! P.S. If you would like to know how we did this, let me know and I’ll post what I can tell you!

as the day winds to a close i am very thankful for my college friends today. aug 25 was the day i moved in for my first year of college four years ago and met most of my core friend group. it’s weird that i won’t be seeing them again for a while, but we all agreed to celebrate treat yo self day on aug 25 every year to celebrate meeting each other (bc watching parks and rec in the lounge instead of doing hw was how we first bonded, haha).

it’s cheesy, i know - but believe me when i say i woke up today specifically for this and i went to the mall and bought some fun stuff!! even bought a pair of space themed briefs because…treat yo self, i guess. ALMOST stunted too hard and bought a $500 leather jacket (i thought it was $50 and i was ready to treat myself, and seconds later i walked out of the store ashamed).

anyway, i miss those folks terribly most days but especially today.

I watch a lot of transguys and their timelines and progress.

I can’t wait til it’s me. I’m only a baby and 1 month on HRT. But, I’m just like, “my time to shine will be soon.”

I love seeing Transguys progress. I love seeing their body language and expressions become relaxed and happy.

Basically, I love all of you. Congrats to all of you boys pre-t or not. I’m so happy you are all being who you are.

I still remember the first time I bought a binder and my first outfit from the boy’s section. I was extremely happy and comfortable. It was the strangest feeling. But, it was an addicting feeling.

To be on testosterone now is a dream come true. Because you feel hopeless. You feel like, “that stuff happens to other guys. Not /me/.” But, I promise you it will happen. Some of you may have to wait a while. Your patience will be worth it.

Good luck. You all stay strong.


//guess who’s back… back again. I bought a new computer today (finally!) and I should be back from hiatus today or tomorrow on all my blogs.

I will drop most of my threads to start fresh but won’t delete any of them so if you want to continue, feel free to let me know and I will draft them again. I’ll also update the blogs with rules and other stuff as well as some visual updates (icons, theme etc.) and make some new blogs, then make new starters possibly.

Today we went to Faceoff Fest to get a bunch of stuff signed and see the players. We went through all of our usual player lines, getting player cards and photos signed, bought some stuff then made our way over to Kevin Bieksa’s line. 

Last year he was sitting with Kesler so we weren’t able to go see him but this year his line was shorter. As we were waiting in line I felt a little nervous because meeting him meant a bit more to me than the other players today. 

When I finally got to him he was signing his player cards with his daughter and when he looked up to say hi, I thanked him for everything he’s done to raise awareness for mental health and how much it meant to me. 

He smiled and said you’re welcome and I showed him the tattoo of Rick’s number that I have on my finger. I could see he was surprised and touched to see it and after telling him that Charlie and I had gotten them together last year he smiled again. He talked about how not a lot of people here in Orange County know about Rick or Mind Check and that it was more of a British Columbia thing. He said it meant a lot that we had the tattoos and said that he was glad to help. 

It meant so much to be able to finally thank him after all this time and I’m glad he knows that his work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Thank you Kevin.