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Requests are open, yay! Can i request RFA + Saeran getting into a domestic fight with MC? Like not anything serious, just small things like making the bed or putting groceries away wrong. Hope that's fluffy enough:) Love you guys <3

Thanks for requesting this! Hope you like it~


  • You discovered he was one of those people within the first few weeks of living together
  • You went to the bathroom and when you went to reach for toilet paper, you found an empty roll
  • Seriously…there was a whole pack under the sink
  • He could’ve just put a new roll in
  • After a few squabbles with him about it, he eventually concedes
  • But then he does something worse
  • He puts the toilet paper so it pulls under instead of over
  • Every time you go into the bathroom, he’ll hear your voice from down the hall
  • “Zen, not again!”
  • He gets used to it


  • You found out that he had this annoying little habit when you went for cereal one morning
  • You pull out the box…only to find literally a spoon left
  • After finding both the milk and orange juice in the same condition, you tell him just to finish it off…it’s only a few bites/sips
  • He does…but then he keeps putting the empty cartons or boxes back in their place
  • It gets to the point where you throw the empty boxes at him
  • He gets super defensive about it for some odd reason, so you get petty
  • You’ll leave only one sock in his drawer when you do the laundry
  • Or you’ll only make three-fourths of the bed in the morning
  • Eventually, it’s just you two being petty back and forth for awhile


  • You liked coffee
  • She liked coffee
  • You would think mornings would be fine
  • But she liked strong coffee and you liked sweet coffee
  • So there was always an intense discourse in the morning about which coffee beans were better
  • Eventually, you just settled for buying two different coffees at the store
  • But inevitably, one of you would make a critical comment about the coffee choice
  • Cue discourse again
  • Really, you two were laughing through the whole argument so it was fine


  • He was always cold
  • Normally, it was fine at night though because of body heat
  • Except when his feet would touch your warm legs
  • You would not so subtly kick him for that
  • It’s worse when your shirt rides up and he puts his hand on your waist and it’s like ice
  • You would’ve forgiven him for it if he didn’t laugh and then try to pass like he was asleep when it happened
  • He also had a bad habit of turning off the cold air when he left for work in the morning
  • Again, it would’ve been fine if he didn’t leave for work a whole hour before you got up
  • And if you didn’t end up drenched in sweat every morning
  • He’s very unapologetic about everything so it’s always one of those domestic squabbles 


  • It happens almost every outing where he has to come pick you up
  • You’ll talk to him earlier in the day, and then spend your time getting ready
  • It’ll be awhile since you heard from him, so you video call him to check if he left yet
  • He picks up and you see his bed head and bleary face
  • You start scolding him for not leaving yet
  • So, He tries to hide his face and claim he’s in the car
  • “Seven….I can hear your sleepy voice.”
  • “Oh….Do you like it? Hehe.”
  • He’s lucky you can’t throw anything at him
  • After a few of these incidents, you start video calling him while you’re doing your make up or something to make sure he stays awake
  • Even then, you start hearing vague grunts and sometimes snoring


  • He hates taking his socks in front of people
  • But he also gets really hot when he falls asleep
  • Unfortunately, he also ends up falling asleep on the couch a lot
  • Unconsciously, he’ll slip his socks off in the middle of his nap and they get tucked into the cushions
  • He never realized it until one day…
  • You relaxed on the couch and then turned around to get a face full of sock
  • The first time, you let it go…but after the tenth time you were getting really annoyed
  • He denied that they were his socks
  • But it’s only you two in the house, so you just throw the sock at his face, “I don’t wear sushi cat socks that I bought you!”
  • He can’t argue with you, so he just, “Stop criticizing me.”


  • This guy isn’t too problematic domestically 
  • Except one thing
  • He never locks the door when he uses the bathroom
  • And if someone knocks on the door, he doesn’t say anything
  • So this has led to many incidents where you walk in on him on the toilet
  • “Jihyun, you need to lock the door!”
  • “It’s fine…besides, we said no secrets or hiding anymore, right?”
  • “That’s not what I meant!”

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