i bought a new dress!!!!

Fp/depended: yeah I went out and got my permit today and went shopping and bought a brand new dress with my friends but I’m heading off to voice lessons right now so I’ll talk to you later, just wanted to send a quick text to say I love you!!

Me, translating it for myself: yeah I went out and had a bunch of fun without you with friends I love way more than you, and now I’m going to go do another thing that isn’t spending time with you because I secretly hate you and wish you were dead. I just wanted to send you a text and slap you in the face with how much I hate you!!

You can always start over

I said this to myself after Christmas, and I have been really on and off since then. Work has been crazy and because I get back so late I literally just clean and eat and sleep. I’m trying to change my shift at work to 8-4 so I can actually have time to work out and do boring adult stuff like cleaning and doing washing and things. But I also can’t wait until I have the perfect shift to start being healthy and working out again. 

Lent starts on Wednesday so that will be my starting point. Back on 30DS, no chocolate (that’s what I’m giving up), more water, more working out, more blogging and weigh ins. 

Never feel like you can’t pull yourself out of a rut because you can. I always find short term goals help, so think I’m gonna be able to run 1 mile, I’m going to practice yoga twice a week, I’m gonna fit into that new dress I bought! Whatever it is focus on it and keep motivated, Keep focused. 

If anyone needs to talk or support for anything over the next few weeks I will be replying to messages quicker. Love Love <3

@Regrann from @skarhanks - Sunday’s gear minus the #G34 Rocking my new Kraken coin I bought from @tangodowngear and my new watch. This is the first “dress” watch I’ve ever owned. I will still wear the old #gshock to work. Makers tagged 👊🏻
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