i bought a new dress!!!!

Flying home from my vacation and one of clients told me to stop in his city on the way back, I payed 60$ for the flight and bought a new dress. I’ve known him for a while and he pays well so I didn’t mind. My flight ended up getting delayed and I was flying/at the airport for 5 hours. I finally get to his city at like 8pm and we go to dinner. After we go to the hotel room, and this fucker never gets hard so we usually just cuddle anyways my dumb ass had been flying all day and fucking fell asleep cuddling at like 10 pm. Wake up at 11pm and the mother fucker is GONE. Didn’t leave a message or text and didn’t leave my envelope of payment, but took the souvenir and card I got him on vacation with him. I was fucking livid so I went to the hotel bar and blew like 200$ on drinks for me and this cute guy I met and charged it all to the room. Tomorrow the gift shop opens at 6 am and you best believe I’m buying every single one of my friends a new pair of sunglasses and a Tshirt and like 200$ of merch charged to the room for me. Moral of the story, don’t fuck with me, and never fall asleep with a client cause they’re all shady ass fucks.

  • Jumin: MC I bought you something I hope you like it, it's-
  • 707: a new dress?
  • Jaehee: new shoes?
  • Yoosung: new makeup?
  • V: new sunglasses?
  • Jumin:
  • RFA:
  • Jumin:
  • RFA:
  • Jumin:
  • RFA:
  • Jumin: a new cage
  • MC:

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Sound of Silence

Characters: Klaus x Mute!Reader

Prompt: Can you do a klaus x reader one shot please? Where the reader is maybe mute but klaus still loves her. And it’s such a surprise and even his siblings are confused but they see how gentle and affectionate he is with her

A/N: italics are things the reader signs

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

Klaus speed over to your side of the car, opening the door for you and offering you a hand.

You placed your hand in his and let him help you out of the car with a grateful smile.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Klaus started to take an interest in you. You had tried to stay out of his way, but he appeared everywhere you went, silently keeping your company until one day you couldn’t take it anymore and scribbled down a note on a napkin – What do you want?

Klaus had scanned the note before leaning back in his chair.

“You are intriguing, love. I know you don’t like me right now, but you will.”

You had raised your eyebrow, but Klaus only smirked. The next few days Klaus showed up even more often and you found out that he was able to understand sign language. You were surprised at fist, but considering his age it wasn’t unlikely that he learned it.

You were still wary, but you found yourself enjoying Klaus’ company more and more – he was charming, a gentleman and you were able to have deep conversations with him.

Once he asked you out on a date your fist instinct was to decline, but he seemed so genuine you just couldn’t.

Letting Klaus take you out on a date was probably the best decision you ever made. No matter what people said about Klaus you never had such a loving boyfriend and the deep connection between you both was undeniable.

Klaus led you towards the mansion, holding the door open for you. He offered you a place on the couch before he poured himself a glass of whiskey. Setting the glass down on the table he vanished, appearing only a few seconds later with a glass of wine for you.

“Here you go, love.” He said, handing you the glass.

Thank you.”

Klaus sat down next to you and effortlessly pulled you on his lap, one of his arms curling around your waist while he held his glass in his other hand. Content you leaned into his hold, resting your head on his collarbone. You had been so excited during the art exhibition Klaus had taken you to that you now were exhausted, but it was so worth it.

Klaus chuckled when you yawned, his warm hand slipping under your shirt to gently trace your skin.

“Seems like someone was a bit too excited today.”

You lifted your head so Klaus could see you roll your eyes, “Don’t act as if you didn’t love it. You bought 5 paintings.”

Klaus laughed, lightly squeezing your hip, “To be fair, I bought 3 of them for you, love.”

You didn’t?!”

“Oh, I did.”

Knowing that it was no use to fight with Klaus you let your head fall back on his chest.

Thank you, but you really have to stop buying me stuff.”

Klaus pointedly ignored your words, pressing a kiss on top of your head instead.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Rebekah strode into the room, flashing a grin at you.

“Ah, y/n. Has my brother finally brought you back? I still want to show you the new dress I bought, but my dearest brother never seems to let you out of his eyes.”

Klaus groaned, pulling you closer to him, “Sister, can’t you see y/n and I are spending time together right now?”

You hit Klaus’ chest, glaring at him for being so rude before you turned to Rebekah with a smile.

Why don’t we have a sleepover tomorrow, Becca? You can show me the dress then,” You signed, making sure your movements were slow and distinct since she just recently learned sign language.

Rebekah’s face lit up, “Perfect! You can sleep in my room and no sneaking to Niklaus in the middle of the night!”

Klaus groaned again and dropped his head on top of yours, “But I wanted to take you to dinner, love.”

“Too late, brother. Y/n and I made plans first.” Rebekah sassed.

Knowing that they would be bickering for a while you took a sip from your wine, only half listening to them arguing about who would be spending time with you tomorrow.

Their argument was cut short when Elijah walked into the room, loosening his tie with a sighed. You waved at Elijah from your spot on Klaus’ lap.

He nodded at you politely, “Good evening, y/n.”

“Ah, Elijah. What is troubling you this time?” Klaus asked, placing his whiskey glass down on the table.

“There are some witches in town. I do not know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything pleasant.” Elijah explained.

Klaus placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles across your skin. Rebekah and Elijah started to discuss if they should pay the witches a visit, but you soon blocked out their voices focusing on the feeling of Klaus’ arms around you.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay attention to Rebekah and Elijah either, instead he randomly placed kisses on your head or nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Roughly 20 minutes later the front door slammed open and Kol came strolling into the room, a bottle of whiskey dangling in his hand.

“Brothers, Sister,” Kol greeted nodding towards the rest of the Mikaelsons, “and the lovely y/n,” he added, walking up to you and lifting your hand to press a kiss on top of it.

You smiled at Kol, but Klaus gracefully pulled your hand from Kol’s grip, glaring at his brother.

“Can’t I have any peace in my own house?” Klaus complained, holding you a bit tighter.

“I see. Still trying to hog y/n all to yourself?” Kol joked.

“As always. I still wonder how she managed to turn him into such a softy. I saw him opening the door for her again today,” Rebekah chimed.

“He’s definitely very intrigued by her, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying this changes. Klaus is a lot easier to deal with when y/n is around. If she wouldn’t be here he would already have left to kill the witches,” Elijah added.

Klaus snarled at his siblings, flashing his eyes. Suddenly the room around you blurred and when you opened your eyes again you were laying on Klaus’ bed. A pair of arms sneaked around your waist, turning you around to face a smirking Klaus.

“Now I finally have you all to myself.”

Smiling you lifted your head and gently pressed your lips to Klaus’. Klaus reacted immediately, pulling you closer until you were unable to tell where your body ended and his began. His hand cupped the back of your head, his lips lovingly working against yours. No words were needed, the kiss revealing all your shared feelings.

Sometimes silence spoke louder than words.

Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 2)

Stiles x Reader 

(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

Word count: 2593 

I wanted to finish and post this way sooner, but school was literally killing me, so I had no time what so ever. Hope you enjoy this xxx

Other parts: part 1  - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 

Originally posted by beautifullxlover

The drive home was quiet. My mom barely spoke and I just stared in front of me. This was another thing about being blind: you don’t have a phone. Because, how would you use it, if you’re not able to see the screen. That also meant that I had zero contact with any of my friends…not that I had many to start with.

“So,” my mom finally spoke up after five minutes, “who was that girl I saw you talking to?”

“Her name is Kira. I have some classes with her,” I explained. “So you made some friends today?”

“Yeah. I guess so,” I sighed. Mom didn’t say anything after that. She was always like that. Trying to make a conversation, but at the end of the day, we both knew she was only doing it because she feels bad for me. She thinks that if she forces herself to talk to me everyday, we would maybe someday start to bond. Like a normal mother and daughter. But I don’t think so.

I do not like my parents.

We arrived at our house and I stepped out and started walking to the door with my cane stretched out in front. Tick Tick Tick, on the stone path. I could finally stop with the ticking a few feet away from the door. My mom got her keys out and started searching for the right one. It took her some time until she got it, but when she finally did, she fortunately opened the door very quickly.

“Your father will be coming home a bit later.” she said before she sat down.

“Where is he? I thought he wouldn’t start working until his knee got better.” I asked.

Before we moved to Beacon Hills, my dad got into a small accidence and injured his knee. So he had to take some time off for rehabilitation. In that time, the police station of the city we previously lived in, had some problems and had to cut some people off and xhose my father will be one of those people. Fortunately, they realised it was cruel to do that to an injured man, so they gave him a job in a different city. In the end, it turned out for the better, because the paychecks are better here (as I heard from my parents) and it will finally be permanent. Before this he was kind of someone police stations send around to each other if they needed more officers.

“That is right. But he already went to the station today to meet the sheriff.”

“Oh, that is..nice.” I said and walked to my room. I lay face down on my bed when my mom suddenly walked in.

“I forgot to mention,” she smiled fakely, “the sheriff invited us for dinner. I understand if-”

“No, I’ll go.”

“Great. I actually bought you a new dress this morning. We wanna make a good impression now, don’t we?”

“Yes we do, mom.” My mom put the dress on the chair next to the door and walked away without another word. I walked to the door and closed it. The dress was nice. It was black with some lace on the skirt. Once I would put it on, it would probably reach my knee or something.

I put the dress on and not soon after I heard the front door open. My dad came home. I walked to the living room to say hello.

“How was your first day at school,” he asked after I said hi. “It was okay,” I shrugged, “I met some people. They seem nice.”

“Well, that is great.”

“Yeah, and they are all very helpful,” I smiled, thinking about Stiles. There he was again, in my head. What is it about him that I liked so much?

My dad tried to keep the conversation going, but just like my mom in the car, he failed miserably.

“Oh look at the time, I think it will be better if we go.” My dad handed me my jacket and my cane that was on the table. I thanked him and we were off. Just like before, this car ride was uncomfortable too. I don’t know how my parents to it, but they can make every situation awkward. I absolutely hate it.

It would probably be less if I wasn’t blind. I am very well known with the fact that my parents hate it that I am… different. It is a torture for them to see me struggle with my disability every day. That was why I doubted a bit about telling them that I had gotten my sight back.  Ut how could I possibly explain that?

“Here we are,” my father said as he pulled into the sheriff’s driveway. There already stood two cars. A normal grey car (I could see the attachable siren in the backseat) and a blue jeep next to it. Especially the jeep looked familiar. I must have seen it somewhere before.

“(Y/N), don’t just stand there, c’mon.” my mom tugged on my sleeve and pulled my to walk on. We got to the door and she rang the doorbell. Not even a few seconds later, we heard a loud bang inside and someone mumbling that “they were fine.” I had to giggle slightly, until the door opened and I saw him: Stiles.

“Welcome to our humble home,” he welcomed us and motioned us to walk inside. Only when I stepped inside he realised who I was.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming!”

“I didn’t know I was coming to you either.” I smiled. He took my and my parents’ jackets and jung them up on the rack. Then he showed my parents the way to the kitchen so they could talk to Stiles’ dad, who was apparently busy with the dinner.

“So,” Stiles said, he had his hands in his pockets and he looked a bit nervous. “How are you doing.”

“Fine. You.”

‘Great. Just not really looking forward to the dinner… Not that I don’t want you to be here, just my dad and-”

“It’s okay, to be honest I also didn’t want to come.” He showed me the way to the couch and our conversation was immediately much more easy once we were comfortably sitting there.

“How is it,” I asked, “being the sheriff’s son?”

“It’s great. I always get the information about the big cases. Just don’t tell anyone I told you.” he winked. I could see in his impression later that he realised it was pointless to wink to a blind girl. I wanted to laugh, but held it in. Then I felt my eyes sting a bit. Was I crying?

Well, was I trying to cry? I haven’t cried since the accident. The animal not only damaged my face and eyes, but also everything connected closely to my eyes. So I can not cry. Instead, it just stings.

But why was it stinging?

“Dinner is ready,” Stiles’ dad called out. Getting me out of my trance. I stood up and Stiles took my hand. I was a bit shocked, then quickly realised he was only helping me got to the table. Nothing more.

After the dinner Stiles and I got back to the couch while our parents stayed at the table. Nothing had really happened while we were eating. Except for that my dad kept on asking about the job and how big of a criminal city Beacon Hills is. I realised that that question made Stiles a bit nervous. but , why would it? He didn’t look like a criminal to me.

Mr. Stilinski had answered that there aren’t so many criminals around, but that the city did have a problem with animal attacks some time ago. I had almost choked on my food when I heard that. Animal attacks? Quick snippets of that night flashed before me. But more of the sounds. The crackling of the twigs. The hard wind rushing through the trees and the… howling. There was definitely something howling in the far background.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay,” Stiles whispered to me. I just told him that I was fine, but I already felt my eyes stinging again.

“Will you tell me what that was about?”

“What do you mean?” I asked in return.

“Well, you told me it was fine, but I could see it wasn’t.”

“PTSD, I guess.” Stiles looked at me in shock. Then, he looked in the direction of where our parents were and he stood up. A few second later, he threw me my jacket. I gave out a little scream.

“Oh, sorry. Put your coat on. We’re going for a walk.”


“Because I feel like you need to talk to someone,” he said and he couldn’t be more right. I hadn’t realised it, but once he mentioned it, I felt like I had to tell him everything… and with that I meant everything.

I was not sure what it was, but something about Stiles told me that he was different. He was normal, but still in a different way than others are. If that even makes sense.

I put my coat on and picked up my cane. Stiles stopped me: “You won’t need it.” I smiled and told him that I was just taking it, because otherwise I would lose it and folded it up so I could put in my pocket. I wasn’t sure, but from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw him give me a weird look. I decided to just ignore it.

We walked out of the house, holding eachothers hands. To be honest, I had really gotten used to this. Every time Stiles held my hand, or even touched it for a second, a spark shot through my body.

It was already dark outside. The street lamps were on, but didn’t do much. From time to time I glanced at the houses we passed. Most families were watching tv or still eating dinner. They all seemed so happy. It made me sick.

“Here we are.” Stiles stopped. I slightly bumped into his side. Not even because I was “blind”, but simply because I wasn’t paying attention. We were standing in front of a flat piece of grass which was surrounded by tall and big trees. “Well,” he continued, “not exactly. Just a minute or two.”

“Alright.” I gave him a nervous smile. We walked to one side where the trees were the biggest. Once we couldn’t see the grass field anymore he stopped again. This time, in front of the biggest trees I have (n)ever seen. At the top of it, there was a big tree house.

“Where are we?”

“The most private place in whole Beacon Hills,” Stiles told me. When he said it, I could feel him squeeze my hand very lightly.

“It’s my old tree house. I build it with my parents when I was younger.”

“And how am I supposed to get up there?” I laughed.

“Ha ha. Do not worry. I have a great solution.” he pulled my with him to the other side of the tree where there was a ladder and next to it a swing.

“Sit right there,” he helped me get to the swing, “and hold on tight. I’ll see you in a minute.” after that he started to climb up the ladder. I wanted to yell at him for leaving my here all alone, but instead I screamed because suddenly my feet left the ground. I was being pulled up.

“What the hell, Stiles!” I said once I was up in the tree house.

“Oh c’mon. Do not say that wasn’t fun.” I didn’t say anything. Stiles just smiled and pulled me into a giant bean bag chair with him. I fell straight onto him. Our faces were only a few inches apart. I rolled to the side and looked up. I was nicely greeted with the night sky. It was beautiful.

“So, let’s talk,” he finally spoke up.

“About what?”

“I don’t know. Anything you want to get out. Just say it.” I had to think for some time about what to say. I wanted to tell him about my secret so badly. But I can not just blurt it out at the beginning. The best thing was to slowly get to it.

“I hate my parents,” I sighed. It felt so good to finally say it out loud. “Like, don’t get me wrong. They are great parents. Just not for…”

“You?” he ended ym sentence.

“Exactly. You don’t want to know how often I overheard them talking about how they wished I wasn’t blind and how this,” I pointed at my face, “has ruined their chance at being the perfect family and stuff like that. It messes you up.” Stiles didn’t say anything. I wasn’t angry. What could he say?

“Then there is the fact that I don’t have any friends.”

“Do not say that.” Stiles almost seemed angry when he heard me say it.

“Or at least, not until now. Everyone always avoided me. And the fact that I don’t have a phone or any other form of contact possibilities doesn’t help either.” After that we stayed quiet for some time. I didn’t feel like talking anymore and Stiles probably had no idea what to say. After what felt like forever, he was the first one to break the silence.

“I was always wondering. How do you imagine the world?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you cannot see it, but you must have ideas, right? Like, for example, how do you think bacon looks like?”

“I never thought about it. But probably pink, whatever pink is”

“So what about the rest.”

“I always imagine that school is this gigantic fancy building, with golden walls and doors made from diamonds and other kinds of stones and that every popular girl just walks around in a trash bag or some other shitty outfit, just to make myself feel better.”

We both laughed at my imagination.

“And me?”

“What about you?”

“How do you think I look? You never really asked or like, you know…”

“Do that whole“I’m blind and the only way to know how you look like if to feel your face” thing. Not really my style.” I smiled. “Back to your question. I think you look just like a ken doll.”

“Excuse me? How do you even know how it looks like?” he laughed.

“I heard that it is the perfect definition of a guy, so…”

“STILES? (Y/N)? Are you up there?” suddenly the voice of mr. Stilinski disturbed our lovely silence. Stiles got up and poked his head out of the small window.

“Hi dad.” he waved downstairs.

“Get down here.” he simply ordered. Stiles walked back to me and guided me to the swing. I sat down and just before he started to pull me back down, I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said: “thank you.”

“For what?” Stiles seemed to be extremely confused by my actions.

“Everything.” and with that I started to get closer to the ground. There, I was welcomed by mr. Stilinski and my parents. None of them really seemed to be too happy with my actions.

My mom didn’t say anything, she just dragged me towards, I assumed, the car. I turned around and looked up to the treehouse where Stiles was still looking at me. I waved and he waved back, confusion still spread across his face.


Just some of the looks I went with from this past week. It was a busy one leading up to the Pride Parade in Chicago (posted about that earlier). I wore the black dress while visiting some local small businesses to talk to the owners. I do websites on the side for small businesses and I am looking to get some local clients instead of having them spread all around the country like the few that have now.

I have another busy week ahead of me here but hope to stream some gaming time on Thursday night (probably about 9 pm central).

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Oh, and I wore that new dress I bought to the office this week too. One of my friends saw me step off the elevator and yelled down the hallway from a large group of people with her, “OMG Ari I love your hair!” I turned beat red and tucked my hair behind my ear with a big smile said “Thank you” :) It was a nice moment! The photo below was taken at the end of the day when my hair had been more dry (the recycled air from the buildings A/C is so dry!) and wind blown.


I'm Back to life.

Hello to all my loving followers. I’m back and much better. If you’ve messaged me over the last week or so sorry not to have gotten back to you. I will replay as soon as i can.

Now for the update.

So as most of you know I discovered that my husband has been cheating on me while on the road for his job. The smack in the face is who it was with, yes my scum of a husband has been paying for his fun. When he got home on Friday i had him locked out of the house. After talking he agreed that he would move into the rooms above the garage, which were going to be a graduation present for my son. I am glad to say the transition has worked out well. He was home until Tuesday morning and i only saw him three times. My son knows everything that has occurred between my husband and me. And of course Katie knows. We’ve all went and got tested just incase but thankfully we are all ok. I did not tell my daughter the details of why her dad has moved out of the house, but she seems ok with him not staying in the house. Katie stayed with me the whole weekend and was a great comfort.

Saturday dawned clear and with great promise. The night before i was cuddled and spooned by Katie and my son. I made breakfast for my abbreviated family, when i noticed people walking around the back yard. It was the construction crew to install and build the gazebo for our new hot tub…. this was time number 1 for seeing my shithead husband. He had hired them a couple weeks ago and this was the first available time for them to install it. They were putting it in adjoining my deck so it wouldn’t be a huge project. I will say this…. the idiot did not skimp on the cost or manpower. The ten person crew took 12 hours to build and install the whole thing. Granted we couldn’t use it on Saturday night but they were coming back on Sunday to finish the install. Katie and myself to the opportunity to sun ourselves on the deck while watching the strapping men biuld the prefabricated gazebo and bring in the 6 person hot tub. Yes we teased the guys watching us put on sunscreen. I did notice my daughter hanging out in the yard not really tanning like Katie and me but i did notice her sneaking peaks in the direction of our construction crew or possibly me and Katie.

Sunday the install was finished and we were told we’d be able to use the Hot tub on Monday. Which prompted my kids to beg me to throw a Memorial Day party. I agreed but told them only 5 friends each. Katie and I went shopping and bought new dresses and all the stuff for the party. Yes me and Katie did have a little fun while out in the dressing rooms. We also bought new bikinis for Monday night. Sunday night we spent prepping for the party. Shortly before bed my daughter asked to talk with Katie. I didn’t mind and was smiling when they headed to the living room. This left me and my son alone in the kitchen. I looked at him and he had a mischievous smile on his face. I nodded and immediately dropped to my knees. It felt so naughty and exciting to suck him off right there in the kitchen when anyone could see. He groaned and filled my mouth only a couple minutes after i started. I looked up at him and he said he’d been edging himself all day hoping to feel my mouth on him. Apparently Katie and I hadn’t only been teasing the construction workers. Shortly after my son finished Katie returned to the kitchen. She smiled seeing my ruffled hair. I rushed over and kissed her so she could taste my son’s cum.

Later in bed Katie told me what her and my daughter talked about. My daughter had asked Katie’s opinion on her new swiming suit. I hadn’t even known that she had bought one. Katie told me my daughter didn’t ask me because she was embarrassed. It is a very cute bikini but borders on risqué. Katie asked why she had bought it. My daughter proceeded to tell Katie that she was attracted to one of the guys she had invited to the party the next day and wanted him to notice her as more then a friend. Katie advised her to wear it but wear some denim shorts and a removable coverup. I wholeheartedly agreed and showed Katie how much i appreciated her and her helping out by giving her as many orgasms as i could before we passed out.

Monday morning my son joined me in the shower before heading to the parade. That was time number two of seeing the ass. He followed us to the parade but stayed a block away. After that we went home finished the party prep and got ready for the party. My daughter was helping set up the deck when i went to check on Katie only to find her bent over my bed my son behind her pumping away. It was so sexy watching both my lovers please each other. I watched as my son thrust deep into Katie. Not knowing what came over me but i walked over and began massaging my sons balls as he slammed into Katie. I whispered into his ear fill her up my stud. Cum inside our sexy girl. I felt him tense and his balls began to twitch and Katie was screaming into the pillow she grabbed. I shuddered with my own orgasm and go back to finish my prep work. The party was great my son had invited a couple of his baseball buddies and their girlfriends. My daughter invited three of her close friends and two boys one which was her crush. Katie even invited a couple she knows and introduced us. We partied, played some games, and ate great. My son manned the grill and did great. I noticed my husband returning home but did not try to join us. As the night rolled on each group took turns rotating through the Hot tub. As the night started closing down i felt a nudge and Katie drew my attention to a young couple sneaking off into the garage. My daughter and her crush were looking for a little privacy. I noticed my son had walked after them but was giving her some space. I smiled and was about to return to my conversation when i heard a shout from the garage. I rushed over to find my husband red-faced getting ready to explode. I ran over and put myself between him and our daughter and the young man. His anger was about to boil over when i told my daughter and her friend to head into the house. I expected him to calm down but he wasn’t. He started calling me every name in the book. I’m not sure how I did it but i remained calm. I told him he should go cool off. This did not help. He took one step toward me. That’s as close as it came. Unknown to me, my son and his friends had also come to my aid. After one step three 17 year old young men stepped in front of him. His anger was not enough to overpower his common sense. He stopped , called me a slut, and stormed off. My son made a move to go after him but my hand on his back stopped him. I heard his truck start and he left. Katie had was talking and comforting my daughter when i got into the house. I apologized to our guests and my son helped take the younger kids home as i comforted my daughter. Apparently her father had caught them making out and her crush had her cover up off.. The ass had flipped his shit over nothing. I told her everything was ok. My daughter was publicly embarrassed by her jerk of a cheating father. Katie calmed her down and i helped her to her bed. Katie stayed with her as i went to clean up. My son returned home and told me he had apologized to my daughter’s friend and asked that he not judge everyone by how his father had reacted. My son helped finish up the cleaning and Katie joined us. After midnight and i knew my daughter was asleep, Katie and i changed into our new suits and asked my son to join us in the hot tub. It was such a long day but the hot tub was soo relaxing. Soon we were all three making out. Suits didn’t last long but god we all need the release. We moved to my bed and had an amazing night of sex and love making. Tuesday came and Katie and I had to return to work. She went home and i got ready. The day went well but i had to make a decision. During my lunch break i made a few calls and made my choice. So in about a year i will be single again. Thank you all for your support and i hope you all enjoyed you Memorial Day weekend.


REQUEST by KNOWDAGIRLM: Uhmm if yhuu don’t mind writing a Roman smut where thick reader is upset because her bf broke up with her and the women pick on her about her weight Roman finds her crying and he makes her feel better if it’s not too much😘

Warning: Smut, language, slight harassment
Disclaimer: I gotta practice fam, don’t judge. Feedback is more than welcome. Enjoy!
(A/N) I’m sorry guys, this is poorly written. I promise the next one will be better. Also, whoever is reading this, you’re beautiful from the inside and outside, don’t change for anyone♥️


‘’So that’s it?’’ I asked frustrated. ‘’You just wanna end everything we have and pretend like nothing happened between us?’’

‘’Listen y/n, I can’t help the fact that I’m no longer in love with you anymore,’’ my apparently now ex-boyfriend Will, nonchalantly huffed. ‘’I don’t want to sound harsh, but I need something new, diversity.’’

‘’What the hell,’’ I laughed from disbelieve, ‘’you want ‘diversity’? I’m not diverse enough for you?’’

‘’Not for me, maybe for someone else.’’ He grabbed his bags and walked towards the door. ‘’I doubt that.’’ Will mumbled under his breath. I wanted to kick his ass for what he said at the end, but decided to just let it pass because it won’t get me anywhere.

‘’Just take your ass out of here and don’t come back.’’ I sighed and fell back on the couch as Will left. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling both sadness and relieve for some reason. Me and Will have been dating for two years and we never really had problems, until a few months ago. He started to complain about the way I did things, my eating pattern, and many other things. I still loved him despite the way he acted towards me and he told me he loved me as well. I wiped my tears away and stood up, walking to my room. My mood went from 100 to 0 real quick and honestly, I didn’t want to do anything, but promised myself to go to the gym. I never really liked my body the way it was, that’s why I began to work out. Being surrounded by girls who didn’t have to worry about their body and weight, didn’t really help my confidence in any way. Looking in the mirror, I did my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my bag.


Once in the gym, I wore my shoes as some other girls made their way inside the dressing room. Both of them were skinny and looked amazing. As I checked my phone, I heard them whisper. About what, I was not sure, but by the way they looked at me, I just knew it was about me. I bit my tongue to keep myself from bursting out in tears, but I wasn’t going to do that in front of them. Letting out a small sigh, I walked out of the dressing room, into the gym. It was pretty serene; not many people came to the gym on a Saturday evening. All of my friends went out or did other stuff I wasn’t really interested in. Personally, I’m quite coy and I try to keep myself on the background as much as possible. Talking about staying on background, I walked to the other side of the gym, starting with squats. Half way my exercise, the two girls settled a couple meters away from me.

‘’I bought this new dress to wear this weekend,’’ the brunette bragged, ‘’I bet she wouldn’t fit it.’’ She quietly chuckled, signing to me.

‘’I agree, it’s too tight for her. I bet you’ll get all the boys, especially that hot guy over there.’’ The blonde pointed towards the dumbbells. I slightly turned away to see who they were talking about. The handsome, dark haired, muscled man was standing over there, trying to decide what he was going to do. ‘’I heard his name is Roman or something, why don’t you go and talk to him, before she does. Not that she makes any chance.’’

‘’You think he’d find her pretty? Girl, please.’’ The brunette huffed and smirked at me as she walked towards him. I couldn’t take all the pressure anymore so I walked out of the gym and sat on the stairs. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling terrible. After what must’ve been five minutes of crying my eyes out while my head in my hands, I heard the door open. I wasn’t going to look up. It was probably one of the girls who weren’t done insulting me.

‘’Are you okay?’’ I heard a male voice asking me. Confused, I looked up. To my surprise, Roman was sitting next to me. The two of  us talked before and we could luckily get along. I always liked him but since I was still in a relationship, I couldn’t do anything. Plus, how could he like girl like me?

‘’Not really no,’’ I chuckled, quickly wiping my tears away, ‘’things are working against me today and I just feel like shit.’’

‘’What happened?’’ He asked concerned.

‘’Well,’’ I sat up and took a deep breath, ‘’my boyfriend broke up with me, saying I’m not diverse enough for him and those girls over there are making shit ass comments about me and my body. I’m not trying to act pathetic or something, it’s just that it’s getting too much for me to handle.’’

‘’Babygirl, look at me,’’ Roman intertwined his fingers with his, forcing me to look at him, ‘’You’re beautiful okay? If other people don’t see that, that’s their problem. You’re you and that’s what counts. I’ve always admired you as a person, y/n. Not to mention the way you look, your body, damn girl.’’ He said, shaking his head. I laughed and looked at our hands. ‘’Your personality is more diverse than anyone I know.’’ He brushed a piece of hair behind my ear. ‘’Can I show you how beautiful you are to me?’’ Roman whispered. Not knowing what to say or expect, I nodded slowly. He stood up, our fingers still locked, guiding me up too. We walked into the storage room, which was pretty big.  

‘’What are we doing here?’’ I laughed as he closed the door behind us and turning on the lights which were dimed. ‘’How are you going to…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he crushed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back with a level of need which I didn’t know existed. He smiled against me as he pushed me against the wall, his huge frame pressing against me. My hands grabbed his arms as his left hand grabbed my ass, lifting me up easily. As my legs were wrapped around his waist and my back leaning against the cold concrete wall, I suddenly felt my whole body react to his touch. His hand against my stomach, sliding inside of my panties. Two of his fingers slowly pushed inside of me, making my mouth pop open. ‘’Oh fuck..’’ I moaned.

‘’Feels good baby?’’ His hoarse voice questioned me as he kept going. I nodded as my head fell back, giving him full access to my bare neck and he took full advantage of that. Kissing, sucking and licking on the spot right underneath my ear, I felt his fingers picking up the pace. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ He murmured against my skin, ‘’are you close?’’ he asked. It was like my body became numb of the pleasure since I wasn’t capable of answering. As I felt myself reaching my peak, he pulled his fingers out and sucked off my juices. He hummed and smirked as he kissed me again. I took off my sweatpants and tossed them somewhere behind him, doing the same with my top, leaving me fully naked against him. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles, stepping out of them. Doing all of his while still holding me with one arm This man is truly impressive. I moaned in his mouth as I felt the head of his dick against my pussy. ‘’I’m gonna make you feel so good y/n,’’ He bites back a moan as he slid his shaft inside of me. I immediately felt fuller as he filled me amazingly.

‘’Oh my god…’’ I moaned as he started thrusting slowly, ‘’Roman..’’

‘’Shit y/n, you’re gorgeous, you feel so good wrapped around my dick.’’ He groaned, fingers digging deeper in my thighs. My grip on his shoulders tightens as he started to fuck me harder.

‘’Fuckk! Roman please,’’ I pleaded, making him smile against my neck, ‘’make me cum.’’

‘’Oh I’m going to babygirl, don’t you worry about that.’’ He slid out of me and put me down, turning me around so my back faced his chest. His hands spread my ass as he slid his dick back inside of me in no time, both of us moaning loudly at the pleasure. ‘’Jesus you’re beautiful.’’

‘’Please Roman,’’ I cried out in pleasure. His hand traveled down my body, circling my clit slowly.

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ His deep voice whispered in my ear, sending me over the edge. My walls clenched around his dick, making Roman groan loudly. ‘’Oh fuck baby.’’ He said before I felt his dick twitch inside of me. Once we both gained our breaths, he turned me around and smiled. ‘’You feel better, beautiful?’’

‘’Much, much better,’’ I honestly answered smiling, pulling him in for a kiss.


Roy doesn’t even stop to talk to Damo. He’s run down the street so fast he can hardly see through the perspiration pouring down his face- time is of the essence because he isn’t 100 % certain that Sonia isn’t going to forgo lunch completely to march down here and rip him a new arsehole for buying drugs, provided that Georgie has told her that’s what he’s doing. Which of course Georgie would have. Dear sweet, gullible Georgina.
The warm weather has tempted a lot of people out of their homes and it’s a lot busier at the pool than it was yesterday. Claudia is sitting in the same spot, wearing the same expression of terminal boredom. Roy pauses for a few moments to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his face. His stomach lurches with disappointment as he stares at her. Damn.
Roy: Claudia! Hey!
Her neck swivels and she bestows a beatific smile on him, which makes his stomach fall onto the wet concrete and shrivel up. Her smile disappears as she stares at his face.
Claudia: What? What is it?
Roy: Can you step down from there for a second? I really need to talk to you-
Claudia: Are you fucking kidding me? You’re cancelling? AGAIN???
A few MILFS have turned to stare at him. He tries to gesture at her to keep her voice down.
Roy: I’m really sorry, Claudia. Really, really sorry. Look, I can explain-
Claudia: Really? This had better be fucking good because I bought a new dress! It cost me §80! And I got a full fucking Brazilian! That cost me nearly the same!
Roy: Oh, man. I’ll give you the money. Please just talk to me. I feel terrible. I really do.

Even more so now he knows about the Brazilian.

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 11)

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Part 10 

“Okay, so what type of look are you going for?” Jess asked as you both walked into the shop. 

“I don’t really know,” you admitted. 

“Well, that’s gonna be an issue,” she scoffed. 

“Why do you think I wanted you to come? You’re better at this than I am,” you said. 

“Can’t argue there,” she said. 

“This is a huge night for him and quite honestly for both of us. It’s going to be the first time that we’re going to be seen together at an event,” you said. 

“Well, technically, you two have been seen out and about lately,” she said. 

“Yeah, but this his is album release party. There are going to be tons of his famous friends, family, and not to mention paparazzi. If my face wasn’t out there enough already, it really is this time. Plus, I want to look good for him too, you know,” you said. 

“I get it,” she said. “And trust, you’re going to be looking so damn hot, everyone’s gonna be jealous of Harry because he’s with you.” 

“I highly doubt that, but I don’t mind trying,” you giggled. 

“Well, let’s go,” she smirked pulling you over to the rack of clothes. “Now, you obviously want to show some skin, the question is how much and where?” 

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t want to be practically naked. How about a nice top that shows a bit of this,” you said motioning to your chest,” and maybe some nice trousers or something. It’s a party, not a red carpet event, so it doesn’t have to be too fancy, but I also don’t want to wear a short dress like I’m going out to a night at the club.” 

“Even though the party is actually at a club,” she laughed. 

“You know what I mean,” you laughed. 

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “This top would be perfect,” she said grabbing a black crop top from the rack. 

“That literally only covers my boobs and like a forth of my stomach,” you said. 

“True, but a pair of trousers that hit you mid waist would look perfect with it,” she said. “And a pair of nice heels, let me look around and then you can try it on in the fitting room.” 

“Okay, okay,” you said. 

Soon enough after a bit of zipping around through the store, Jess came back with a few options. Fire Engine Red leather hot pants, black and white striped trousers, and finally a dark purple velvet pair of trousers. You gave her a bit of a look before going into the fitting room. 

You tried the red leather pants first because you knew they would a hell no. You and leather did not mix, but you wanted to humor Jess so that she’d get a clue to stop picking them out for you. 

And sure enough as soon you walked out, she shook her head. 

“I mean your ass looks great and all, but they don’t really flatter you anywhere else, plus it’s probably gonna be hot in there and I don’t need you passing out,” she said. 

Next was the black and white ones. They weren’t terrible and they complimented the top well, it was just, you couldn’t get the thought of the movie Beetlejuice out of your head. 

Finally it was time for the dark purple pair and as soon as you buttoned them, you knew these were it. You loved the color against your skin, you loved the way the fabric felt and they were really comfortable. They also flattered you quite well. 

“Yes! Those are the ones! And that color looks amazing on you, plus, it makes you stand out wearing something different, but not too different that the outfit works you,” she said. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you laughed. 

“Doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you’re getting that outfit and a black ribbon choker would look perfect,” she said. 

You groaned and went back to change into your clothes, knowing that by the end of this trip, you were going to be dressed up like a barbie doll. 

At the end of the shopping trip, you and Jess went out for a late lunch. 

“You know, we’ve spent so much time finding you something to wear, I have no idea what I’m going to wear,” she gasped. 

“Sorry,” you laughed. “But knowing you, you have the perfect thing to wear.” 

“I do have a new dress that I bought a few weeks ago, but I haven’t worn it yet,” she nodded. 

“You’re going to look amazing and you never know, you might meet someone,” you smirked. 

“Maybe, but I don’t know…” she said blushing. 

“Wait? You’re the one who is always wanting to go out and meet Mr. Right,” you said confused. 

“Yeah, but those are like regular, everyday guys. The guys who are going to be at that party are all famous,” she said. “I wouldn’t be their type.” 

“Why wouldn’t you be? I mean Harry’s “famous” but he’s a regular, everyday guy who just so happens to be a celebrity. And to be honest, I never thought in a million years that I would be his type, yet here I am,” you said. 

“But you’re different,” she said. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this,” you said. “You’ve always been confident when it comes to meeting guys.” 

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” she sighed. 


It was the night of Harry’s Album release party and you were getting ready at your flat. Harry would come by to pick you up around nine and then you both would head to the venue the party was being held at. Harry didn’t really want a huge ordeal, but Jeff had arranged it for all his friends and family to come and celebrate with him. 

Once you were ready to go, you grabbed your bag and went into the living room. You put on your heels and made sure you had everything, when there was a knock on your door. You checked your makeup in the mirror really quick before opening the door, revealing your boyfriend standing in the doorway. 

He looked up at you and smirked. “You look beautiful,” he smiled kissing your cheek. 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “You look very handsome.” 

“Thank you,” he smiled. “Are you ready to go?” 

“Yep, just let me grab my jacket,” you said before heading out the door. 

Harry helped you into the car before getting in behind you. 

“So, are you excited or nervous or both?” you asked once you both fastened your seat belts. 

“Both definitely both,” he nodded. “I’m excited that it’s finally here and everyone can listen to it, but I’m always a bit nervous because I’m not sure how everyone is gong to react to it. I mean, I love it, which is all that really matters, but I want my fans to love it too, you know?” 

“Yeah, I understand,” You said. “But I’m sure they’re going to love it.” 

“I’m really happy you’re here tonight,” he smiled. 

“Of course,” you smiled wrapping your arm around his and putting your head on his shoulder. “I’m just glad that you wanted me to come.” 

“You’re my girlfriend, I always want you to come and be there,” he smiled kissing your head. 

The driver pulled up to the entrance to the club and so far there weren’t too many paps there, but you knew they would be tons more there once everyone started to leave. A security person opened up the door and Harry got out first, fixing his suit jacket before turning back and helping you out of the car. 

As soon as your head popped out of the car, the cameras that were there starting flashing like crazy. Harry put his arm around your waist and the two of you walked inside. 

“You okay?” Harry asked. 

“Surprisingly, yes,” you nodded until you looked around at the amount of people. 

There must have been a certain look on your face because Harry was rubbing your back and leaned in towards you. 

“If you need to leave, tell me okay?” He whispered. 

“I’m okay, I’ll be okay,” you smiled. 

He nodded and kissed you quickly before leading you over to a group of friends. 

“There he is, the man of the night!” Nick smirked hugging Harry. 

“Hey man,” he said hugging him back. 

“And Y/N, look at you!” Nick said reaching for you. “Damn Styles, you better watch out for people hitting on your girl.” 

“They can try all they want, but I know she’ll be coming home with me,” he smirked kissing your cheek. 

“Damn right, I am,” you smirked. 

“You two are disgusting,” Nick laughed. 

Harry laughed wrapping his arms around you. “Do you want a drink?” 

“Sure,” you smiled. 

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” he said before making his way over to the bar. 

“So, how are things going?” Nick smiled wrapping his arm around your shoulder. 

“I’m good,” you smiled. “What about you?” 

“Same, how are things going with you and Harold?” He asked. 

“Great,” you smiled. “We’re doing great.” 

“Let me know if he ever gets out of line, okay?” He smirked. 

You laughed. “Will do.” 


It’s been almost a half an hour since Harry went to the bar. You figured he was getting stopped by people at the party, so you decided to see if you could find him. Luckily the place wasn’t insanely crowded, since the club was closed down for the private even. 

As you made your way to the bar, you didn’t see Harry anywhere near there. You looked around and tried to figure out which way to go next. It would have been a lot easier if you were tall enough to actually see over the crowd of people. 

You sighed and thought about texting him, but the odds of him hearing his phone going off was slim to none. You were making your way through the crowd and it felt like it was taking forever to find your boyfriend. 

When you finally see him in your sights, you noticed he’s not exactly alone. He was standing with two drinks in his hands and talking to a girl. The girl was familiar and you knew it was someone that he had been rumored to date a few years ago. 

You could tell she was trying to hard and he was uncomfortable with the situation. It was also quite obvious that he was trying to be nice towards and get away, but she just kept talking. 

You weren’t exactly jealous, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t go over and help your boyfriend out and make sure the girl knew to stay in her lane. You walked over towards them and wrapped your arms around Harry’s waist. 

“There you are,” you smiled kissing his cheek. 

“Hey, baby,” he smiled looking back at you. “I was just coming back to you.” 

You looked over at the girl and she was obviously pissed. “Oh, hi, I’m Y/N, Harry’s girlfriend,” you smiled holding out your hand. 

“Hm. So it is true?” She asked. 

“Uh, yeah,” you said confused. “Why wouldn’t it be?” 

“Oh, no reason,” she shrugged. “Anyway, congrats again, Harry. I’m so proud of you,” she smiled putting her hand on his arm again. 

‘Uh, thanks,” he said shrugging it off. 

The girl makes a face and then pushes her way past you, making sure to make a little contact with your arm. 

“Well, that was interesting,” you rolled your eyes. 

“A little bit,” he laughed. “Just so you know…” 

“You don’t have to explain yourself. I trust you,” you smiled. “Plus, I know that you’ll be coming home with me…” you smirked. 

“Always,” he smirked leaning into kiss you. 


Many hours and a few drinks later, it was finally time for the two of you to head out. It wasn’t that the party was winding down or that you or Harry were getting tired, but because with every drink that Harry downed, the more handsy it got towards you. Not that you were complaining exactly, but you would much rather take it back to somewhere more private. 

You were both sitting in a booth with Jeff and a few other of Harry’s friends. You were talking with Jess, who sort of kept to herself most of the night. You felt bad, but you understood where she was coming from. Even though you were Harry’s girlfriend and this was a party for him, you still sort of felt out of place yourself. 

In the middle of your conversation with Jess, you felt Harry leaning against you. You laughed looking back at your boyfriend. “Can I help you?” You giggled. 

“You smell nice,” he said. “You always smell nice,” he mumbled wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“Thank you,” you laughed. “You smell like vodka.” 

He shrugged.”Jess, I want to thank you for your help with the outfit, my girl looks fucking sexy tonight,” he slurred over to Jess from your shoulder. 

She laughed. “You’re welcome, but it wasn’t exactly that hard.” 

“Speaking of hard…” he mumbled against your shoulder. “These pants are too tight..” 

“Oh my god,” you laughed covering his mouth with your hand, which you quickly removed when you felt his tongue licking your hand. “Ew, what are you doing?” you laughed. 

“I want you,” he whispered in your ear. “I want to take you back to my place and Fu-” 

“Okay, I think it’s time to for us to go,” you said quickly. 

Harry smirked as you stood up and grabbed your hand. 

“Jess, are you okay by yourself?” you asked. 

“Yeah, I’m good, I’ll be heading home soon anyway,” she smiled. “Have a fun rest of the night..” 

“Oh, we will,” Harry smirked before the two of you made your way down to the exit door. 

As soon as the door opened, both of you are covered in flashing lights. Harry held your hand tightly and you covered your face a bit with your bag to hide the flashes. Harry helps you into the car before getting in after you and shutting the door.

Once the driver pulls off, Harry pulled you over to him and kisses you. You quickly unbuttoned the remaining buttons on his shirt and ran your hand over his chest and shoulders. He smirked against your lips before removing his lips from yours and kissing you down your neck. His hands grabbed your chest over your top and you let out a little moan. 

The driver could barely put the car in park before Harry pulled you out of the car and went to the front door. While Harry was getting his keys out of his pocket, you had your arms around his waist and running your hands up and down his stomach, getting lower each time. 

“Bloody hell,” he groaned as he was trying to find the house key. 

You giggled. “If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be fucking me out here against the front door,” you smirked. 

“You say that like it would be a bad thing,” he smirked finally unlocking the door. 

“I don’t think your neighbors would appreciate it very much,” you said. 

“True, it’s going to be bad enough for them with us inside, much less outside,” he smirked shutting the door. 

You took off your heels and threw your purse on the floor before walking up the stairs to his room, with him right behind you. 

In his room, he took off his suit jacket and put over on the chair before walking toward you. You smirked pushing the shirt down his shoulders and he picked you up. 

“I love you,” he whispered putting his forehead against yours. 

You smiled. “I love you too and I’m really proud of you.” 

He smiled into your lips as he kissed you before laying you back onto the bed.