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ever just the same [connor murphy x reader]

requested// ‘a connor x reader in a beauty and the beast AU! where the reader is belle and connor is the beast. oh, and can evan be chip because he is a pure cinnamon roll’

author’s note// this is probably not at all what you wanted, i modernized it, and it sucks so many kinds of ass why do you guys follow me honestly!! also zoe is the wardrobe, alana is mrs potts, evan is chip, and jared is lumiere ,, no cogsworth whoOps!!!


word count; 1,744

tw; self harm scars mention, literal?? captivity??, poor writing i hate this so much

“Connor, come on, just try and be nice to her.” Zoe grumbled, all of her friends surrounding her on the floor. “She’s staying her against her will, you could at least be fucking nice to her.” Zoe scoffed, all of her friends sitting around her agreeing. 

“She’s a very nice girl, she probably just hates you because you’re such a dickhead to her. Maybe, just maybe, she’d actually I don’t know, hangout with you if you tried being nice to her.” Alana Beck, the know it all asshole bitch of the school whom Connor hated with every bone in his body retorted taking a sip of her cherry fanta. 

“Don’t remember asking you, Beck.” Connor spat, turning his attention back to his sister, the only person he could only slightly tolerate in this room other than her incredibly anxious friend. 

“Listen, her dad is in jail because of a lawsuit our father filed. She’s staying here because you felt bad, and now you’re an asshole about it?” Zoe questioned, though he knew it was a rhetorical question. She wasn’t wrong, but she also wasn’t completely correct. He had basically blackmailed you to stay with him, why, you really had no idea. He had a crush on you for the longest time, but he was also had a running bet with Jared Kleinman. The bet was a mutual ‘gettin with’ sort of bet. Connor had to get with the girl who was always in the library, you, and Jared had to get with the school’s goth chick. Connor wasn’t a fan of it being a sex game, so kissing was enough for him, though he knew that treating women as a game was pretty horrible. He still wanted to win, and when Connor knew very well that you were involved in your father’s big bust, he used the only opening that he could get to get you to come stay with him out of all people as her father served his time. 

“Whatever, what am I supposed to do? She’s so difficult, she won’t even have dinner with me.” He grunted, plopping down on the arm of the chair. His sister quickly moved her arm off of her chair with a huff. 

“Literally, just be a semi decent human being to her.” Zoe proceeded to shove him off of the arm of the chair, “She went out for a walk a few minutes ago a-” Connor quickly cut her off, basically in a frenzy. 

“She fucking what?” He basically spat, starting to sprint out of the front door, not caring he hadn’t bothered to put on a long sleeved shirt or a jacket, so all of the scars on his arms were out and visible. He was outside, the cool October air hitting his skin. He didn’t really have much time to enjoy the feeling, because he faintly saw the outline of your body speed walking down the sidewalk. His heart skipped a beat. He then took off into a complete sprint, you not having noticed him quite yet. It didn’t take all that long for him to catch up to you, he was a rather fast runner. He tugged on your arm, causing you to completely turn around, and your eyes widened, not expecting Connor to be here. 

“Get away from me, Connor. I’m done with your shitty games.” You yanked your arm away from him. “You can turn me in wherever or whenever you want. I do not care.” You snapped, trying to turn away, but Connor’s hand was still holding onto your wrist rather tightly. 

“Fuck, just let me take you out on a date. One fucking date, that is all I ask. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or-” You cut him off almost instantaneously with a simple wave of your hand. He stopped his words as fast as you waved your hand. 

“You will take me on a fucking fancy date, because if I have to go on one with you, it’s going to be fancy, are we understood?” You narrowed your eyes at him, and it almost horrified him. He nodded quickly, knowing that you may just bite his arm off if he so much as protested. “I’m gonna continue my walk. I’ll be home later. I will get ready then for said fancy date. Because it is happening tonight. Impress me.” And with that, you turned and continued to walk. The only thing he could think about was how you called his house home. 

Connor basically ran home, knowing exactly what he had to do. He swung his front door open in a literal frenzy. 

“You gotta help me plan a fancy date.” And with that, everyone got to work just like that. Zoe insisted upon helping you get ready, knowing she had a perfect yellow dress that you could wear that would look absolutely stunning on you. She also wanted to provide the music, since she was obsessed with that fucking jazz guitar. Alana wanted to make the food, Evan helped her out a bit, a little clueless, but helpful nonetheless. Jared said he would ‘set the mood’ and make it look all romantic and nice. Which he was oddly good at, he made the living room into a pretty little candle and christmas light lit cafe looking restaurant, even running over to his house across the street to smuggle some wine, which he had to admit, was nice. 

The second you walked in, he screamed at you to close your eyes, and for Zoe to come and get you to take you upstairs to get ready. 

“What the hell is this?” You chuckled, tumbling a little into Zoe’s room. She just shrugged, gesturing for you to sit down in front of her vanity. 

“How do you want your hair?” She asked simply, and you just shrugged, the way she had before. “I’m gonna do your hair like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.” She declared, staring to curl the ends, and it looked absolutely lovely. You loved it, and the little twist bun at the top was the best part. She then started on your makeup, not much though, since you really didn’t need it. Mainly gold accents on your eyelids, some eyeliner, and some lipstick. “You look gorgeous.” She smiled. “Now, put on that yellow dress. I gotta go make sure Connor knows how to put on his shirt. I’ll be back to get you.” She rolled her eyes, and with that, she walked out of the room. You looked at the yellow cocktail dress, the sparkling accents that dusted the skirt. It was lovely, but you didn’t want to put that on your body. Not for Connor Murphy at least. 

But you did promise. You promised you would go on that stupid date, and you were about to. Not that you’d enjoy it for a second, but you were going to do it. You quickly stripped and pulled that yellow cocktail dress on over your underwear and you took a couple of quick steps over to the mirror. It was beautiful. Lovely, even. You may even ask if you could borrow this for homecoming, if you went that is. You took a deep breath and stepped into your black flats, just finishing up the look. You couldn’t remember a time you had looked better, and you hated the fact you were looking this good for Connor Murphy. Of all people. 

After only a few minutes, you heard a soft knock on the door, it being Zoe as she peeked her head in, a wide smile on her face. 

“You look beautiful!” She exclaimed, looking at you in that yellow dress she knew would be perfect on you. You didn’t really respond, just shooting her a weak smile. “Okay, he’s ready, you can come on now!” You could tell she was holding back a squeal, which caused you to roll your eyes and take small careful steps towards the door, pulling it open even more. Zoe backed away and started to scurry down the stairs. You were kind of confused, but you looked over the banister, and saw that they had done up downstairs rather nice. 

Everything was rather lovely, the lights dim, a small table with some spaghetti and meatballs on the table with some candles, the entire downstairs covered in mostly white Christmas lights. They seemed to have run out of the white lights and settled for some colored ones to add on. It didn’t really matter. 

You were taken out of your daze when a voice bellowed to you, “You look stunning.” You jumped a bit, looking over at Connor, he looked rather nice actually. He was wearing a blue suit, the pants and jacket probably a little too short on him. They were probably old, since Connor had stretched out to be really long the summer before freshman year. He was so incredibly tall… And maybe even a bit handsome with his hair pulled back just a bit. He also started growing his hair long, and you had to admit, it looked rather good. 

“You too.” You stuttered out, instantly regretting it, feeling your face flush a light shade of pink, knowing you had just called Connor Murphy stunning. “I mean… I mean you look good.” You gave him a small smile. He chuckled a little and strode over to you, extending his long arm, his hand held out to you. Without even thinking, you placed your small hand in his bony fingers. 

“Shall we?” He raised an eyebrow. You felt your whole body warm up, a pit growing ever so slowly in your stomach. You could feel yourself blushing, wishing that your skin would never leave Connor’s again. 

“I suppose we shall.” You smiled and took his hand. You both stared down the stairs, and you saw Jared scurry over to the stereo, pressing play, the tune of ‘Tale as Old As Time’ playing through the stereo. He then ran away, probably to join Zoe, Evan, and Alana somewhere. You felt your heart race as Connor led you all the way down the stairs and over to the table. He pulled the chair back for you as you sat, and your heart fluttered. He then sat in front of you, and he looked… Different almost. Happy, maybe was the correct word, but he looked different. And the different was good. 

There may be something there that wasn’t there before. 

author’s note// this imagine has been ruining my life for the past couple of weeks, it is over please love it it sucks i actually hate this i wanna kill myself the next one wILL BE GOOD I PROMISE

best mate sister / james potter

author note: here’s some black!twin for you to enjoy. suggested and approved by my precious bruna ! sorry for the wait x 

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 You were currently standing in the Marauders dorm, your back facing your boyfriend as you studied Remus’ collection of books that were unevenly stacked on his nightstand. 

 “I’m going to miss you.” James whined.

 “It’s only winter break. Besides, Sirius and I will visit of course.” You assured, your attention still on trying to find the book Remus suggested you to read. He claimed it was on his nightstand with the others but you couldn’t find it.

 “Exactly. Padfoot will be around, leaving no privacy for us.” He stated as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into him. “I won’t be able to hold you like this.” 

 His voice was low, moving a hand up and pushing your hair aside as you felt his hot breath trickle down your neck when he planted a sloppy kiss onto the exposed skin. “Or kiss you.”

 “Mmm.” You hummed, closing your eyes in delight as a small smile tugged at the corner of your lips, trying to squirm from his grip. 

 “Let me love on you.” He whined, his grip around your waist tightening.

 “Someone can walk in, James. We almost got caught last time, remember?”   

James spun you around to face him, revealing the smirk he had as he hastily picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist in return. “Don’t care, love.” He murmured. 

 He didn’t want to waste any time on taking you to his bed so he gently laid you down on the nearest one which happened to be poor Remus’, his silky lips attaching to yours as his digits quickly fumbled to unbutton your blouse.

 “Desperate are we?” You laughed, tilting your head up with a quiet moan as he began to trail his delightful kisses down your neck. 

 “Mhm. Not sure when someone might walk in.” He mumbled a response, glancing up at you with a smirk when he unbuttoned the last part of your school shirt, revealing the eye-catching complexion of your now bare torso that was only being covered by your bra. 

 After a moment of admiration, he started to pepper kisses down your chest, leaving a burning sensation on the areas that came in contact with his silk-like lips, his hands pushing your skirt up to plant a kiss onto your inner thigh. Your hands were now fisting the sheets on the bed with anticipation and yearning as the sound of the door opening went unnoticed. 

 “Hey, did you- OH MY GOD!” Remus yelled as he quickly shut his eyes at the sight ahead of him.

You instantly sat up and pushed James away from you, accidentally knocking him off the bed. “Remus!” You gasped, buttoning up your shirt with shaking fingers. “Moony listen.”

 “No no no, w-why were you and James on my bed looking like you were about to-”

 “Ssh, mate!” James hushed him as if afraid that someone was hearing. That someone being Sirius. He stood up from the floor and walked over to a mortified Remus, grabbing his arm and guiding him to the bed to sit him down. 

“You- Y/N- my bed.” He couldn’t even start a simple sentence as he pressed his digits against his temple. “Merlin, my bed!” He shot up, staring at his bed with a look of disgust. 

“H-How long has this been going on?” He questioned, gesturing between the two of you. 

“Just a few months.” James answered.

 “And i’m assuming Sirius doesn’t know, does he?”

You shook your head, “And you can’t tell him.” You implored, having been relieved that it had only been him who walked in. 

 “What- why? He’s our best mate.” Remus stressed. “He’s your brother for merlin’s sake, Y/N. He deserves to know.“ 

  “I know- we know.” You sighed, readjusting your skirt. “We’ve been meaning to tell him, I swear, but can’t find the right moment.”

 “Well you two need to tell him soon because I don’t think i’ll honestly be able to hide something like this from him.”

 “What’s with all the tension?” Sirius chimed in, the sound of his voice startling all three of you. 

 “Uh nothing. Just picking up a book.” You lied, reaching over to grab a random book off of Remus’ desk and shooting him a smile. “Goodbye.” And as you walked by Remus, your eyes shined a pleading look for him not to say anything.  

Sirius moved out of the way so you could leave, a chuckle escaping his lips as he walked over to his bed and flopped onto it. “Sisters.” He laughed, tossing his pillow up in the air. 

 “He’s going to kill you, mate.” Remus whispered and James nodded, watching his friend. 

 “I know.”

You could feel the taste of fire whisky burn down your throat as you tried to talk over the music blaring within the common room walls. Some guy in your year was throwing a party to celebrate the holidays coming up, but it was really just an excuse to get drunk with friends before leaving for the much needed break. 

“I need a man.” One of your friends whined as she took a swig of her drink. 

 “I need to get laid.” Another chimed in. “We all do.” 

 You and James had decided at the start of your relationship that no one should know about it because of how risky it could be. The both of you were actually astonished that you’d manage to keep your relationship discreet for so long. It seemed like only yesterday that the two of you were secretly crushing on each other. James was very hesitant at first due to you being Sirius’ sister but that didn’t stop him entirely. It was exhilarating for him, but only made him more cautious with the things he would do or say to you when your brother was around. And when the two of you actually started dating, James was even more careful, not wanting him to find out of course. He knew Sirius wouldn’t approve of him dating you and would give him hell for it. Your brother was way too protective over you. 

 You almost choked at how suddenly your friend smacked your chest, a grin forming on her lips. “James Potter is heading this way.” 

 Your head whipped to see and true enough, he had been walking over to where you and your friends were standing. “I would love me a piece of him.” You could hear a friend say, your jaw clenching at her comment. 

 “Ladies. Y/L/N.” He smirked.

 “Potter.” You cautioned. 

 “Can I borrow Y/N for a moment?” He asked your friends, all of them being dazed by him and nodding, but before you could respond, James grabbed one of your arms and dragged you away to a more secluded corner. He had his ridiculous smirk still etched onto his face when he looked down at you, licking his lips and tugging at the bottom one. 

 “What?” You questioned expectantly.

 He ignored you, leaning down to kiss you but frowning when you jerked away before he had the chance. 

 “James!” You hissed. “What are you doing?”

 “Just wanted to kiss my girl.” He mumbled, the smell of fire whisky exuding from his pouted lips.

 “Someone can see us.” You explained. 

“Then let them. S’not fair we’re not able to do anything public.” His words slurred a bit. “Let me kiss you.” 

 You sighed, suppressing the smile that wanted to beam. “Once we tell Sirius about us then you can kiss me whenever you want in public, love.”

 “Let me kiss you, Y/N.” He repeated. 


 “Just a peck?” 



 You quickly scanned the room to make sure no one was looking before nodding slightly. “Fine.” You sighed and without hesitating, James leaned down to kiss you, smiling against your lips as his hands gripped your hips to bring you closer. 

 “James. We’re in a room full of people, remember?” You grinned as you placed both your hands on his chest to gently push him away from you. 

 “Hey James! People want to hear about that prank you pulled yesterday with Sirius.” Some guy in your year came up to the both of you, his attention on your boyfriend.

 “I’ll be there in a sec.” He assured before looking at you again. “Astronomy Tower after the party?”

 You nodded, “I’ll be there.” 

 “You better.” 

You stirred awake at the sound of one of your dormmates getting ready, your eyes opening but quickly shutting at the brightness shining in the room. You kept them squeezed shut for a moment before slowly opening them again, adjusting your vision to the light. Eventually, you sat up and stretched your limbs as a smile formed at the thought of last nights memory at the Astronomy Tower with James. 

“Someone looks a little too happy.” One of your dormmates teased with a knowing smirk, interrupting you from your thoughts.

“Shut up.” You bit your lip as you dragged yourself off the bed and into the bathroom, ignoring your friends teasing comments in the background.


You were walking down the stairs after having gotten ready when you spotted Remus sitting on a couch. “Hey Moony.” You greeted. “Where are the others?”

His eyes went wide at the sight of you, standing up quickly and walking over to you as if in a rush. “Padfoot knows, Y/N.” He informed. “He knows.”

Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion before your eyes grew wide as well. “H-How?” You stammered.

“We overheard someone talking about the two of you kissing and sneaking off last night.”

“Where’s James and Sirius?”

“I warned James beforehand, but Padfoot is looking for him.” He answered. “I’ve sent Peter with the map to find Sirius and hopefully slow him down so you can get to Prongs first.”

You didn’t have time to respond as you immediately darted to the portrait hole in hopes of finding James first. You knew exactly where he would be hiding from your brother, it was the place the two of you always snuck off to.

The Astronomy Tower.


You stopped in your tracks when you spotted your boyfriend, trying to catch your breath from all the running you had done to get up to the tower.

James jumped due to being startled, his eyes soon softening when he saw it was only you. “He’s going to kill us.” His voice was tremulous as he paced around the place, running his digits through his untidy hair. “No, he’s going to kill me.” 

“A-At least we don’t have to stress anymore about telling him?” You tried to lighten the situation but it wasn’t working out well.

“You don’t understand.” James went on, stopping in front of you and grabbing your arms before shaking you lightly. “I’m a dead man.”

“Surely he won’t react that bad.” You insisted, but you knew it was a lie. Sirius was one of the most dramatic person to date and the fact that you had been hiding your relationship with his best mate from him was way more than enough to set him off. You were scared that he was going to hate you for not telling him.

James had let go of you and shook his head, “This is Pads we’re talking about, Y/N. The man is ready to fight anyone who even looks at you.” He pointed out.

Potter!” Sirius had yelled, his nostrils flaring.

James jumped, staring at his friend with wide eyes and so did you. “Now mate, before you do anything just listen to what I have to say.” He pleaded, taking a step back with every word.

Sirius ignored him though, charging after him and tackling him to the ground. “You’re screwing around with my sister, aren’t you? My bloody sister!” He cried.

“Sirius stop!” You shrieked, grabbing a hold of one of his arms and trying to get him off your boyfriend.

“Pads! Get off me and just listen!” James exclaimed, struggling to get his friend off of him while trying to protect his face all at the same time.

“No! You had enough chances to explain.” Sirius exasperated, looking over at you. “You too. How long have you been screwing around behind my back for?”

“A few months but-.” You tried to explain but he interrupted.

“A few months? Merlin! You had more than enough chances!”  

“Mate, we’re not screwing around!” James tried to explain.

“Liar! I heard about the sneaking off last night!”

“Pads. Listen. I’m not screwing around with your sister. We’re dating.”

“WHAT?” Sirius almost choked on his own saliva. “Were you ever going to tell me?” Your brother glared down at his best friend, fighting back every fiber in his body that wanted to punch him.

“We were trying to find the right time to tell you, mate.” James grunted.

“Right time to tell me my ass. I told you since our first year to stay away from my sister! And now you’ve been dating her behind my back?”

“Because no matter what, this is how you were going to react! I’m capable of making my own decisions on who I get to date or not, Sirius!” You interjected. “It’s my life. Not yours!”

“But you’re my little sister. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He explained.

“First of all, you’re only older than me by 10 minutes. Second, I can handle myself, Pads. Besides, at least i’m dating someone we both really trust.” You tried to reason. “James is a great guy and I care deeply for him. He isn’t going to hurt me and if he ever does, it’ll be over for him.” You assured. 

“Why couldn’t you guys just tell me? You two dating without telling me is big stab in the back.”

“And we’re really sorry about that.” James spoke truthfully. “We didn’t mean to hurt you. We were just scared that you wouldn’t allow it.”

Sirius was quiet now, a conflicting look in his eyes before he looked down at James with a frown. “I swear to merlin, Prongs. If you hurt her I will kill you.” He made known.

“I’m not going to hurt her, Padfoot.” James assured. “I’m in too deep for that.”

Sirius sighed, running his digits through his hair. “I don’t like this at all but I trust both of you.“ He stated. “I swear, none of that snogging in front of me crap or I’ll hex the two of you into next week.”

You and James laughed, the both of you relieved that he was going to be fine with your relationship eventually. “Now Sirius, since you’re not angry about us dating then can you please get off my boyfriend?” You gestured at how he was practically on top of him still.

“I’m still angry and no.”

Light Up Pine Tree's Past, Shooting Star (Part 3/?)

Everything happened in mere moments.

The branch broke.

Mabel screamed.

Pine Tree anger towards her evaporated.

The blood drained from both of their faces.

Blind Ivan smirked as he pulled his foot back.

MABEL!” Pine Tree shouted, and Ivan grabbed at his robe.

“Stay back, boy! Don’t make me ask again!”

“How are you gonna fight then? No muscles. No brains. What are you gonna do, huh? What are you gonna do!”

“Never!” Pine Tree pushed past Ivan and, very stupidly, followed after Mabel.

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My @thejilysecretsanta gift for @riley-elizabeth99! A jily fic in which James is a total prat about Lily leaving, and Lily just can’t help but fall for it anyways. Fluff up the wazoo! I hope you like it! 

“James, I’m going to hex you if you keep tugging at my sleeve like that,” Lily batted her boyfriend’s hand away from hers. She adjusted her wool jumper as her boyfriend stuck out his lower lip in a mock pout.

“I’ll also hex you if you don’t stop making that ridiculous face at me.” Lily crossed her arms, shooting a stern look at James.

“Well, if you weren’t absolutely torturing me, I wouldn’t have to, would I?” James countered as he fell back on the couch he was sitting on. He let out a heavy sigh as Lily reached for her coat. The lack of response from the redhead evoked another, more dramatic sigh from James. Against her better judgement, Lily paused buttoning her coat and walked towards the end of the couch where her obnoxious boyfriend was laying.

She stared at him for a moment, biting back a smile at his current state. James had his right arm draped over his eyes, causing his glasses to go askew. His left arm was dangling lifelessly over the couch, his fingers grazing the hardwood floor. His button-up shirt was half undone due to their snogging session a few minutes previous.

James Potter was the dictionary definition of pathetic.

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