i bopped him on the nose

last christmas party

after nearly a year together, you find yourself jealous because harry never informed you of his history with a certain someone.

warning: there’s the tiniest bit of smut at the end.

“Love? You ready to go?” Harry walked into the threshold of our bedroom just as I was finishing applying my lipstick and then I turned to look at him. He whistled and blood rushed to my cheeks, “Look at you.” He said, his voice low as he walked towards me.

I smiled, “Me? Please, look at you.” I teased, pulling him by the lapels as he got closer.

His hands ran up and down my bare arms, “Don’t you have a sweater? S'gonna be cold tonight.”

“Who needs a sweater when I have you?” I teased and bopped his nose with my finger and he scrunched up his face in protest.

“Seriously, love, you’re going to get sick if you don’t put something on.” He said as I walked past him to get my shoes.

“I have a coat.” I saw him notice my bare legs under my dress as I put on my ankle boots. “Harry, I’m fine. Promise. The alcohol will keep me warm when you’re unavailable.” I smiled at him and he smiled back uneasily but stayed quiet, knowing I would kick him out of our flat before letting him tell me how to dress. “Besides, if I get sick that’s just an excuse to have you wait on my every beck and call as I stay in bed.”

That got him really smiling, his dimples showing, “Ah, so the masterplan is revealed.”

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Dating Kai Parker would Include...

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  • Him bopping your nose all the time.
  • Making jokes about you and you getting easily offended but he apologizes after sweetly.
  • You two meeting through Damon.
  • “Who’s that?” “What? Oh that’s Y/N.”  
  • Damon being your best friend.
  • Kai helping you with your magic.
  • Damon being over protective of you.
  • Kai being over protective of you.
  • Kai bringing you to sweet dinner dates.
  • “You better not hurt Y/N, Kai.” “I won’t.”
  • Kai teaching you new spells.
  • Him admiring how gorgeous you looked when you first met.
  • Countless hugs given everyday.
  • Kai promising his life that he’ll always protect you from danger.
  • You being in danger because you didn’t listen to him.
  • Him saving you.
  • “I know you want my attention, but seriously?”
  • A lot, of witty and funny remarks.
  • Sarcasm level is = 10000000%
  • Sass level is = 1000000%
  • Giving him attitude whenever he pisses you off.
  • Him calling you ‘My girl’ and ‘babe’ whenever.
  • Him hugging you tightly.
  • Stroking your hair while you guys spend the night together just talking about your problems.
  • Kai giving you great advice.
  • Receiving hickies.
  • Heated makeout sessions.
  • Damon catching you two locking lips and making a face.
  • Kai buying you roses like the old school guy he is which leads to *smut* after.
  • “You’re so hot, babe.”
  • Kai smirking and biting his lip everytime he sees you.
  • The girls telling you how bad of an influence Kai is.
  • You knowing Kai’s dangerous but you like the risk.
  • Loving each other endlessly.
  • Kai wanting to spend his life with you.
  • Talks about family and your future.
  • When in a fight you two avoid each other and practice magic to cool down, then making up after.
  • Defending each other in battles and arguments.
  • Holding hands.
  • Sharing jumpers and scarves.
  • Kai missing you when you leave his house.
  • Sleeping over a lot.
  • You being his weakness.
  • Becoming his anchor.
  • “Will you marry me?”
HC where Nico gets freckles just by being around Will

(I don’t know if this is already a thing or not- but if so, this is my addition to it)

•Will thinking they’re adorable
•Him bopping Nico on the nose, “Look, it’s like I have my signature on you!”
•Nico getting freckles on only his left arm because he holds Will’s right hand usually
•The freckles standing out on his pale, olive skin
•Nico being in a grumpy mood and this conversation happening:
•"They mean that we’re always together!😄"
•"They mean that you’re giving me sun damage 😑"
•Will doing that really cute Connect the Dots thing with his freckles
•basically just Nico with freckles!

But Lily and James would have tucked Harry in and read him stories about trains and magic and everything else and James would have made the noises and Lily would have bopped Harry on the nose and pulled funny faces while he giggled in his little blue pyjamas but they died instead

Anonymous: Do you think you could write something about Philip Hamilton and Georges de Lafayette? You don’t have to, if you don’t want to…

You got it, kiddo!! Enjoy this short and sweet lil fic in honor of Philip’s birthday! Get those toothbrushes out and ready, kiddos, because this one is so sugary you might immediately get cavities ;))))))

“I don’t get why this kid can’t stay at a hotel or something,” Philip grumbled. “We’ve already got a bunch of kids running around here. Why do we need one more?” He crossed his arms and frowned at Eliza.

Eliza just bopped him on the nose and chuckled. “Georges is the son of a very good friend of Papa’s. You’ll be great friends with him, too.”

“I’m not like Papa at all,” Philip exclaimed. He scrunched his face up exactly the same way Alexander did–– his eyes narrowing, his cheeks puffing up ever so slightly.

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh again. “You’re more like him then you know,” she said. She ruffled Philip’s curls and turned toward the oven, where a cake for Philip’s birthday was baking.

“Is it done yet?” Philip asked, face once again bright and cheery. He wiggled his way between his mom and the oven, the heat rushing toward his face, the burst of warm air making the smallest of his curls waver.

The cake had risen and now had a golden hue to it. Eliza scooched Philip to the side and stuck a toothpick in the middle of it.

“What’s that do?” Philip asked, eyes wide with curiosity.

Eliza pulled it out and showed it to him. “Do you see any crumbs on it?”

Philip squinted, studying it hard. Eliza stifled back another laugh, loving the seriousness Philip was showing over his birthday cake.

“No,” Philip finally said. “What’s that mean?”

Eliza grabbed the oven mitts off of the counter. “That means it’s done,” she said. She bent down and pulled the silver rack out toward her. Philip retreated to behind the counter, knowing that his mama never appreciated it when he hovered too close by.

He gasped in admiration as she set the cake on the marble surface. “It looks so good, Mama! Can we have some now?”

Eliza chuckled and shook her head. “Let me cut it and double layer it, then if we have any left over, well, I think the birthday boy can get a special treat.”

She winked at him and set to work dividing the cake. When she was done, there was a long sliver of it left. She handed it to Philip. It was still warm, and when he bit into it it was even fluffier than it looked.

“Mmm,” he said around his full mouth. “It’s so good!”

Eliza poured him a cup of almond milk, his favorite, and he chugged the whole thing upon finishing the slice of cake.

“I’m going to make the frosting now, but I need you to go get dressed and tidy up your room for Georges’ arrival,” Eliza gently instructed her son.

Philip groaned. “Fiiine,” he whined. “Is the frosting chocolate?” he asked before getting up.

“Of course,” Eliza said with a little laugh.

“Yay!” he squealed.

“You run along and get ready,” Eliza said.

This time, Philip did as she asked, all while wondering just what Georges would be like, and if they would be friends.


Georges Lafayette was nearly an exact replica of his father.

Philip had met the older Lafayette multiple times in his young life, and had of course seen plenty of photos of him and his wife, and a few of them with an infant and toddler Georges. Georges and his father shared the same curly hair, although Georges kept his a bit shorter and didn’t pull it into a ponytail. They shared the same skin tone, as well, although Georges had his mother’s light blue eyes and button nose.

Philip was speechless for the first five minutes they spent together, but, thankfully, his little sister, Angelica, filled in the awkward silence with a million questions about France, which she, of course, asked in French, since she’d picked up their father’s first language at a much faster pace than Philip, who could understand French, and even read it, but had trouble speaking it himself.

It wasn’t until it was time for cake that Philip was able to do much more than stare at Georges in wonder. Everyone sang to Philip, who blew out nine candles at the end of the off-key but lively rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

“I hope you like chocolate, Georges,” Alexander said as he sliced the cake for an eager Philip.

Georges eyes lit up. “Non, I do not like it–– I love it!” he declared.

Philip grinned across the table at the other boy. “Me too!” he exclaimed.

After the smile they shared over their mutual love of chocolate Philip, had no doubt they would be the best of friends, just like their fathers.

Dating Mingyu would include

- “hey can you reach up and get me the- ”

“HA! Look who can’t reach! Short, short person, small, look how tiny, cannot even reach the cabinets, i, Kim mingyu, will save you-”

“Fucking forget it I got it myself.”

- mingyu always fixing ya damn hair, like you’ll get out the shower and he’s standing there all happy with some gel and a comb n ur like….

- kissing the underside of his jaw because he’s a cutie who deserves it, (and plus he always asks so who are you to deny him of it)

- holding hands everywhere, like mingyu will just take your hand while you’re chilling on the couch, where you’re in line at the supermarket, when you’re eating food, even if yours gets sweaty he doesn’t care

- bopping his nose when he’s asleep and waking him up, but then pretending you asleep too and he just rolls his eyes at you like anyways…

- mingyu the type to toss your cell phone when you’re on it doing something important and when you’re like hey!!! Wtf? He just kisses you and you don’t even care he made you hang up on your mom she can’t wait now lmao

- his shirts fit so well on you that mingyu kind of prefers you in them, and you don’t mind because they smell like his cologne and you’re always happy when you have his on

- wonwoo coming over on Thursdays for dinner, because you insist on feeding that boy but then him n mingyu leave you out while you eat your pasta but you don’t care because they’re so goofy you don’t mind at all

- making him little boxed lunches (well not necessarily little, that boy can eat) with small notes that mingyu always reads and replies to you in the mornings before he leaves

- waking up half asleep to throw yourself on top of mingyu and he doesn’t even care like he intercepts you and holds you tight and you fit on top of him like a glove

- buying him passion fruit candles because he says it reminds him of you and he loves it, and plus his stank ass room needs to smell better

- making him wash his hands for every meal because he’ll come in with dirt and sweat all over thinking he can eat like that and you’re like mingyu…no baby…

- he probably wipes his sneezes on your ass too, like you’re all blushing but he probably has boogers on that hand man smh

- seungcheol literally shoving you out the practice room because you have mingyu just laid out in the corner with you talking shit about everyone else and he’s like we are getting no wOrk doNE

- fighting with him over the radio station until you turn it off like now no one else can hear it and then you both start laughing 10 seconds later and let him listen to his weird songs

- one time mingyu found his photocard inside of your wallet and now he never lets you live it down and brings it up at every single public function

- taking Advil a lot cause this boy is gonna give you so many headaches but it’s worth it because you love his giant tree ass

- laying your head on his shoulder while you both chilled outside in the car and just drank little sips of lemonade and let the music play softy in the background because mingyu just wants to spend time with you away from distractions

- clambering on his back during concerts so you can see better while mingyu tries to balance because he wants you to have fun but he got a weak ass neck

- almost falling with him a lot because he clumsy but he’s like smooth clumsy so he the type to trip you but then save you halfway and act like it wasn’t his fault

- having to deal with the members complaints when he cries and whines because he can’t see you that day and you’re like oh well what can i do….I’m just that irresistible…

- Joshua probably rolling his eyes at you and mingyu but admitting y'all cute as hell

- mingyu is such a tall baby, but he’s your tall baby and he wants to be so much for you, like he wants to protect you but give you the world and let you fly but also shield you and keep you to himself because you are his world but idk being with him would be so…I can’t even describe it it would always be happy moments with him and just the constant feeling of unconditional love that fuels y'all for days bc lovebug mingyu is affectionate as hell

Can I just say it’s really sweet how when Joe knows Caspar is a bit upset or worn out he just tries to distract him and make him laugh? Like casp was just sitting there looking down and Joe kept getting up to hug him, clean him up a bit, bop him on the nose to make him giggle and nudge him and show something funny on the camera. Like??? It so sweet and you know Joe really wants Caspar to win and be happy and just his silly self. They look after each other so well.

So at first I was imagining April Fool’s as being really dark or kind of not really a thing in Night Vale

but then I realized I want to imagine Cecil coming downstairs one morning and gets Carlos with some really silly joke like swapping his lab coats with sweaters or something and it’s cute how happy he is with himself and just bops Carlos on the nose like “I got you” And later he bops Khoshekh and tells him all about how Carlos fell for his trick

Also the Faceless Old Woman getting into it

The interns are already in enough danger but they do the little things like “here I got you a wheat-free cake- Jk April Fool’s I got you TWO wheat-free cakes”

The only rule is that you can’t do anything that would make the SSP or regular citizens think there’s a real danger

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anyways, i lov his cute smile n his squishy baby bop nose n fluffy versatile hair n long leggy awkward legs n soft pink knees n how his cute ankles show when his pants are a lil short i lov him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n his soft smile n how he invented dimples okay see ya !


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Halloween costume fitting with Winnie the Pooh!

Mom likes to tailor my costumes to exactly fit my shell, so that they fit me as perfectly as Pooh’s hoodie fits him!  Mom is also careful to have the top half of my costume cover only my carapace so that I can still move my head and legs freely.  (Yes, this does mean my costume has a bottom half this year!)

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"more than 10 songs dedicated to louis" asdfghjkl i'm screaminggg gggggg

I’m so ready to hear about louis’ eyelashes, and the way his eye crinkles appear when he laughs and how he loves to bop louis’ nose. I wanna hear him delicately praise louis’ body 😭

Harry at fabulous magazine
  • Stylist: Harry that jacket is absolutely gorgeous on you. I think my work here is done
  • Harry *peering over her shoulder*: But what of my accessories? What's that? Over there?
  • Stylist: That's my beret, from home, I own it, I wore it here.
  • Harry: I want to wear it.
  • Stylist: But that doesn't reall-
  • Louis *grabs beret*: Harry wants to wear it. Look at him. He looks fabulous
  • Harry: Thank you, love
  • Stylist: I mean honestly I think you look a bit ridiculous I mean-
  • Louis: Don't you dare-
  • Harry: No Lou, no worries, it's perfect and I refuse to remove it
  • Stylist*mutters*: I give up. I swear to god if I get fired....
  • H&L smile while Louis adjusts beret.
  • Louis *bops harrys nose*: Who's my little French fashionista?
  • Harry *hangs head* quietly: I am
Billdip headcanon which would be nice to draw...if I HAD A FUCKING TABLET

Ok so I actualy got this head cannon from watching this scene in Steven Universe (it’s from the So Many Birthdays episode)

The head cannon I have for them is that Bill enjoys tricking Dipper into thinking that he’s gonna kiss him, but as we all know Bill is an asshole and so right when Dipper is closing is eyes and leaning in for the kiss, Bill bops him on the nose and runs for his life while Dipper gets both flustered and offended. And(after a small realization that it was Bill’s plan all along) starts to chase after Bill (it depends on his mood of whether he’s chasing for the actual kiss or just to kick his ass)

Cuddling with Michael


• “Chinese or pizza?”

• “Is that my sex pistols shirt?”

“uh… No.”

• “Y/N, I found a new meme today!”

• “damn I am so sexy, right?”

• “You’re pretty.”

• “We should get a cat.”

“Michael, you are the only kitten we
need in this house.”

• “I bet Luke gives better cuddles than

“Well, That’s cause Luke is a loser.”

• “I bet I could beat you in a game of
FIFA right now.”

• Lots of random song lyrics that pop
into your heads.

• Him softly kissing your head when you
cuddle into him.

• Him bopping your nose