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Death is never the end... Not on this show anyway.

well. that was… um… yeah.

I’m not quite done processing.

The thing is, we have been speculating for so long now about Cas dying in the finale that it was almost expected for me. When he died I didn’t even react (certainly not in the way that Misha probably wanted when he asked for reaction vids) I just kinda went ‘Oh’ and that was it. 

I got up, took a walk to Sainsbury’s because I had to get some food, and spent the entire walk there and back pondering this new turn of events. 

I need to sort out my thoughts properly, but this post will more likely be me screaming into a void because I just need to type right now.

Cas is not dead.

Lets just get that one out there. No matter how real that whole stabbing, flashy light, burnt wings thing looked. It didn’t happen. Not the way we think it happened. Absolutely not. Cas’s story is unfinished. This is Andrew Dabb we are talking about after all, the master of Cas’s story arc in Carver era and into season 12. Cas hasn’t answered any of the questions they have been throwing at him since season 8. He hasn’t found his place, accepted who he is, learned to love himself… 

My biggest issue with the finale (aside from Lucifer’s mere presence) was that Cas wasn’t Cas. He was off, he wasn’t himself, he was kinda cold. Just like in 12x19. I have so many questions and there is no fucking way that this is the end for him. We still don’t even really know what happened to him in heaven, let alone what the Nephilim did to him. What was with the golden glow when he healed Dean? That was all wrong. 

I don’t know whether the alternate universe thing means we will get au versions of Cas now, or whether the Cas that was killed WAS an au version himself and real Cas is trapped somewhere? Or maybe Nephilim Jack will bring Cas back on the spot? 

Other than being great emotional fodder for shippers, and a chance to see Dean at his absolute best when he is an emotional wreck (just like my fave scene in 12x22 with Mary - WOW), it just seemed kinda flat. I’m upset about it, but probably not in the way Andrew Dabb wants me to be. 

One thing is for sure, when Cas comes back (and he WILL come back) he better still be HIM, OUR CAS and not some au version. Cas still has so far to go with his own story and Dabb hasn’t finished telling it. I don’t doubt that we WILL get OUR Cas back eventually, but I am sure that we will get more than a few episodes of Dean suffering serious man pain before we do. 

Crowley is Dead

As a great compare and contrast to Cas’s shock death, Crowley’s was perfect. It was exactly how I have always wanted Crowley to go out. He finished up his story arc. He admitted he was done with hell, he wanted more, or something different, and then he gave his life to save and protect the family he loves. It was beautifully done, and I was happy about it, and also sad because I will miss Crowley. He was a fantastic character, but I am glad to see him go.

Also, it works as proof that the writers DO know what they are doing with the characters. The fact that they were able to round off Crowley’s story and give him a decent send off means they DO know how to write a decent death scene and CAN do it well. They KNOW they have unfinished business with Cas, hence Cas WILL RETURN as the Cas we all know and love. Crowley’s story however, is now finished.

HOWEVER - with Earth 2 looming and a character born who can open up alternate worlds, it is entirely possible that they will bring back Mark Sheppard to play an au version of Crowley from now on. Perhaps we will actually get a truly evil demon Crowley again just like in season 6? Perhaps they will start his story over again? it is entirely possible that we may see a whole bunch of versions of Crowley. Just because the REAL Crowley’s story is now over, doesn’t mean we couldn’t have different Crowley’s come back into the story just like how they brought Bobby back.

Rowena’s death pissed me off

Yeah this one hurt the most actually. Because unlike Cas’s flat shock value/shipper fodder death that did him no justice, and Crowley’s perfect send off, this was just utter bullshit. It was Bucklemming levels of bad. Damn Dabb are they getting to your head or what?

The fact that they didn’t even give Ruth Connell the chance to come back and send off our Queen with pride and a decent fight has royally upset me (and again, not in the way Dabb probably wants me to be upset). The burnt corpse on the floor was just cheap and crappy and have I mentioned that I am so over Lucifer already?

I am hopeful that she will also come back, but that it will be an au version of her as I think they made it pretty clear that the real Rowena is dead. Since her story ties in closely with real Crowley (I’m gonna have to start referring to the original characters as Real!Character from now on arn’t I?) it makes sense that the original Rowena is gone for good. Though au evil witch Rowena coming back to bother the Winchesters? Badass fighter witch Rowena from Earth 2? Hell yeah I am all for that. Bring it on. Still doesn’t make real!Rowena’s death right though.

Alternate Realities are an anything goes area

Seriously though. How many fanfics do we read that start ‘au this’ and ‘au that’. practically everything we write is an au. Imagine where they could take this?

(I’m thinking about that beautiful fanfic called The Mirror right now and OMG IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?!?)

I would like to see an au version of Cas. BAMF Cas in a black trench who doesn’t know or care about Dean at all. Just to see Dean’s reaction. OR an au where destiel is REAL?

Imagine if they get fem!Cas back? An au where Cas never left his original vessel? Dean may actually get to meet fem!Cas! 

(Once again I am thinking about The Mirror because suddenly this is something that we could actually get on the show and I may be freaking out about this… Dean goes to an au and meets himself and fem!cas and they are married and she is carrying his child?!?! IMAGINE how much THAT would hurt NOW with Dean believing that HIS CAS IS DEAD?!?!?)

Okay the more my mind wonders into AUs the more excited I get. This is the big pull for me next season. This is what I want. That and Cas back. Obviously. Which, as I said above, we WILL get. 


OMG just be dead already I don’t fucking care I just want your stupid face off my TV screen just fucking DIE.

Mary Winchester

Again, won’t die. They only brought her back last season. I reckon AU Bobby will save her (along with real!Cas maybe?!?) and they’ll kill Lucifer (PLEASE) and find a way to escape. 

To be honest, other than that amazing scene in 12x22 in Mary’s head I didn’t really engage with her all that much. I don’t think she’ll die at all, she may be trapped, but she won’t be trapped for long. I am interested to see how she deals with Lucifer now. 


Oh Dean, you poor sweetheart. Everything he said and did in 12x22 just broke me. He was so open and honest and he actually talked about his feelings. He has come so far, and I am sure we will be picking apart that scene with Mary all summer. 

Then, in 12x23, Cas’s death. I said it was all for shock value and for shipping fodder. I mean this, but not entirely negatively, not on Dean’s side anyway. The way Sam had to pull Dean back through the portal when Cas stormed up to Lucifer, the way he screamed when Cas was stabbed, the way he just fell to his knees in front of Cas’s body, the way he looked up to the sky in disbelief, in prayer to a God he doesn’t believe will ever help him…just… wow. THAT was where the emotion was. Dean is well and truly back in his place as the emotional heart of this show and I couldn’t be happier with that.

I full expect season 13 to become a sort of season 7 for him. I can predict that Dean will believe Cas is well and truly dead for a good few episodes, even if it revealed to the audience far sooner that Cas is fine, or brought back, or however else he manages to survive that. I expect Dean to be truly mourning Cas, and I hope that this time around it won’t be hidden under other layers like guilt for killing your brothers monster friend for example. They have been nearly completely candid about Dean’s feeling towards Cas all season (and last season) so there would be no reason NOT to show him completely in mourning and non functioning because of it. I wanna see the pain, and I wanna see just how much that pain differs from Sam’s pain over loosing Cas.

Sam and the Nephilim

Yep, this is Sam’s problem now. His brother will be useless I guarantee it. Sam will be all business and logic and be all about dealing with the Nephilim, as well as getting Mary free, whereas I fully expect Dean to become withdrawn and broken.

We will see Sam take control, take the lead on everything they do in the first few episodes until they can rescue Mary, take out Lucifer, and reunite with real!cas however that pans out. It will be interesting to see.

The Nephilim was weird. I didn’t like it. I knew we weren’t gonna get a baby because a baby is useless, but it just becoming a creepy guy like that? I dunno. Found it weird. Not sure how I feel about it. I reckon he will be all about alternate worlds… I dunno if he will be traditional bad guy either. I kinda hope he is at least kinda good because otherwise the whole deal with Cas makes even LESS sense. I am so annoyed we didn’t find out what the deal was with Cas? Urgh.

I hope that they pick up all the plot points they dropped next season. I don’t want the Nephilim to become just another big bad, because it truly does just make the whole thing with Cas just seem ludicrous. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT NEPHILIM DID TO HIM DAMMIT!!

Anyway. Thats as much as I can type down right now. I’m all a buzz of speculation and thoughts so feel free to send me an ask about the episodes and I’ll hopefully be blogging about them over the weekend.

Okay so, I stumbled across this Tumblr account which was claiming to be Misha Collins. Now I’m not too sure if it was official but I don’t think that he has an actual Tumblr account other than GISHWHES (Turns out it was officially @mishacollins.after all thanks to @all-for-destiel)  Anyways, as I was scrolling through the blog, I found a picture of Misha and his underwear (It’s Misha we’re talking about here so you can’t be surprised.) 

Now I wouldn’t of paid much attention to this picture until I seen a certain pair of underwear..

What’s so special about a pair of tiger underpants may you ask? Well here’s the story. 

I got a flashback to one of the highlights of a JIBCON8 video on youtube and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then the bomb dropped..

Did Jensen steal Misha’s underwear or what lmao

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/s5dcx-OUdrE

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I often find so much negativity about Sam y destiel blogs... why is that? and if you could lead me into some sam positive blogs...

Hi! This confuses me, everyone I know loves Sam too :D

The only thing I would say is that we meta writers in the Destiel side don’t have a blind martyrising view of Sammy, we view him flaws and all, as we do both Dean and Cas and everyone else, so if you want OMG SAM IS AMAZING HE HAS NEVER PUT A FOOT WRONG HE IS TO BE ADORED AND WE MUST IGNORE ALL HIS MISTAKES then I would say we are not for you. 

We pick apart all the characters and their flaws as well as their amazingly positive points and tbh we focus more on the positive, because why would you want to bring the mood down when the show is something we all love and seems to be in itself going down a more positive route these days? 

Sam at the moment is having some awesome plot points that are going to get really relevant going forwards for his arc, which I call his self forgiveness arc (whereas Dean’s is self acceptance and Cas’ is self worth).

Sam’s story is getting really interesting and much more relevant to the mytharc again after seasons 6-12 have been, lets be honest, very Dean focused, not solely of course but still, and I think it is going to pick up massively in season 13 so if you want positive but not blind meta and general stuff about Sam as well as Destiel and TFW in general then I would say take a look at me, @amwritingmeta, @postmodernmulticoloredcloak, @mittensmorgul, @elizabethrobertajones, @margarittet, @godshipsit, @obsessionisaperfume, @bluestar86@nerdylittleshit, @grey2510, @k-vichan for a start :)

@elizabethrobertajones​ commented:

Aah this post is long and off-topic-y so I’ll just comment quickly this way - I think we all know Sam has an endless well of goodness in him and cares for others a lot and he has SOME empathy, just maybe that sympathy is a stronger force for him, also a positive caring emotion, and situationally, when he’s frustrated or angry & in a dark place he overlooks how others feel because he has a greater good that will help in mind…   

Dean sometimes seems to have supernatural or almost unbelievable empathy, like the 5x16 scene with mary as a 4 year old talking to her like that (writing issues? idk) and again to balance the characters, if Dean’s the one with OTT empathy, then Sam might see things a different way and be sympathetic but not off the charts empathy… Though Dean sees him that way like in Tall Tales :P  

 I never thought of this as a negative trait - the long explanatory meta I read used it exactly as the point of balancing them and showing their different strengths, but I guess without reading that 1 long meta and knowing that, it looks worse out of context, especially yelling the phrase at random examples :P

(And from Dean-centric blogs or at least Destiel ones where Sam doesn’t seem to be the focus… Okay I’ll stop replying now >.>)         

(God, tumblr, why you gotta suck so bad? I cleaved this off, because the other post was getting so unmanageable long- and also, you’re right that discussing the example specifically is kind of off-topic, although I now think I accidentally hijacked the post some with it, so apologies about that)       

I do think you’re probably right that the phrase without lengthy context can be off-putting, but mostly I feel like it’s just shorthand for a way of looking at a big chunk of meta theory without having to re-explain it every time (which is how I was using it too).   

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hi! :)

I only just woke up and tumblr gave me the followers thingy report and whoa -

Guys - thank you and welcome. Since my blog’s about section is mostly a useless thing about magpies (don’t ask), I thought I’d write a slightly more helpful post to introduce myself.

about me

I’m basically a 30-someting woman with too much time on her hands. I studied Greek antiquity (think mythology, art, fairy tales, and a little bit of history that was mostly spent fangirling over Alexander) and I now work as a translator; I read a bunch of languages, I’m interested in a lot of things, and I’m always lowkey or highkey stressing out about politics and the end of the world. I also write - a lot

about the blog

I guess it’s way too late to pretend my blog isn’t mostly Supernatural, Dean Winchester and Destiel, but I also like to discuss and reblog languages, history and random things. Expect a lot of SPN fanart and gifs (not mine), the occasional movie rec, plus the usual amount of smol animals (still not mine, because the world is an unfair, cold place).

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I’m one of those - the people who started writing stories about their pets when they were six in colourful block letters and didn’t put the pen down since. At the moment, I’m working on one (two?) original novels, and when it hurts too much I come back to fanfiction because I love it and I consider it some kind of world-changing genre. Here is my AO3 - I mostly write angsty, canon-compliant Destiel stories (with happy endings), but I love the other characters too, so I always include a lot of Sam, some Crowley, and occasionally other people like Eileen or Charlie. Stories you may like include a case fic about a siren (guess who it turns into), a slightly AU resurrection fic which starts out in Biblical times, an elaborate fantasy of how, exactly, Cas saved Dean from Hell (and I can’t believe we still don’t know for sure), an honest-to-God-almost Valentine fic, a dreamwalking!Cas ficlet and an external POV story written in the voice of a woman they saved

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A couple of months ago I discovered a photo editing website, and since then I’ve nursed the misguided conviction I’m actually some kind of artist. Really, it was just an excuse to spend even less time on actual work and put Cas next to a dinosaur (I think we’ve all been there?).

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I like to write metas after every episode - since I’m not a TV expert and I don’t follow the actors’ lives all that closely, my metas are only about the internal narrative of the show. You can find most of them under spn meta (31 pages and counting).

my SPN worldview

I was tricked into falling in love with this show - I started watching because I like to keep up with how mythology, folklore and the supernatural are represented in movies and TV shows (probably not a healthy habit, because, man, you need to be skunk drunk to endure some of the latest ‘Greek mythology’ blockbusters), and I never expected these characters to suck me in as they did. Or to break my heart (and probably my brain - and also any other organ in between, to be honest). I’m mostly a positive blogger, but I do think we should walk around with our eyes open and fair criticism should always be a thing. As for Destiel - at this point in the story, I don’t see any other logical way out than Destiel becoming canon, but the thing is, logic is not always where people go, so - we’ll see. After everything that’s happened, this is one of those I won’t believe it ‘til I see it things, which I guess it’s okay? After all, if the show’s taught us anything, is to be careful with our faith in higher powers. Whatever happens, though, in my heart and mind there’s no doubt that those two love each other very, very much.

[Quote from Autrement Danger]


Best Line 12x20

I have a few reasons for picking this line. The first is through the lens of my destiel loving heart. Dean gets it. He gets Cas and he understands him because he loves him. Cas has good intentions. He wants to help, not just Dean, but his family and for the greater good. So it doesn’t just fuel my destiel feels, but it also shows Cas’s greater view on the world. And Dean gets that. He gets it because he’s been there before and because he would do it again. I also loved this line because it shows an improvement on the part of the writers to acknowledge Cas even when he’s not in an episode (the only great failure at that this season was the Claire episode… I mean, come on!). I take this as a good sign about Cas’s role in the upcoming season. I just hope beyond all hope that Cas is right this time. He needs a win SO badly and I want it for him.

So you see, this line shows me so much and makes me consider the future of Cas, not just with Dean (which of course I have a weak spot for, but hey, it’s my blog!), but with his family and for humanity. I want this for Cas, and you can tell from this line that Dean does too!

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I'm not great at subtext. I just love destiel. What about 7.17 makes you and others say the subtext started on purpose? And also, I adore your blog and all your meta. You're amazing.

Aw, thanks! I know @elizabethrobertajones has discussed this before (and probably others too), but after Sera Gamble’s two seasons as showrunner (6 and 7), that was about the point where Carver began setting the stage for his turn at showrunning.

Most of s7 was, in retrospect, Dean mourning the loss of not just Cas, but pretty much EVERYTHING in his life. Bobby, Baby, the safety of a base of operations at Bobby’s house, every friend and ally they’d had, seemingly. It culminated in the threatened loss of Sam– at that point Sam really was Dean’s last tenuous tether to… well… pretty much ANYTHING. So when Sam was dying as a result of the damage his soul had suffered in hell, well, Dean was at the end of his rope.

And then he found Cas.

Who thought he was some dude named Emmanuel who couldn’t remember anything about his past. UGH THE AMNESIA TROPES! THE HEARTBREAK IN DEAN’S EYES WHEN EMMANUEL THANKS HIM FOR PROTECTING HIS WIFE! HIS! WIFE! UGH.

Poor Dean.

From that point on, nearly every interaction between Dean and Cas fits into some romantic trope or other (are you ready to dive down the rabbit hole? if so, peruse http://tvtropes.org/ for a while).

(i mean really just spend an hour looking through all the love tropes and you’ll be ready to fling yourself into the sun)

(i may have accidentally just done this. again. oops.)

But really, that’s the point where Carver began actively steering the story toward the point where his own storytelling took over in s8 (widely considered the point at which the Destiel began to take over as a major B plot, and the writers began actively building a real foundation for a potential relationship between them).

After Cas had been ostensibly “dead for realsies” for the majority of s7, and because of the trope-filled circumstances surrounding his return, it was pretty hard not to see it as deliberately structured to set up Dean and Cas as a sound and viable potential future relationship.

I’d make a list of all those tropes, but a) someone probably already has, somewhere, and b) it would potentially take days, not only because GAH THERE WERE SO MANY TROPES but also because i would have to stop and breakdown and cry a lot. :D

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Do you ship Destiel?

ew gross

who the fuck

would ship those two

i don’t see it yo

totally platonic

i never end up at 4am crying over fics, reblogging fanart and i totally don’t have a tag for it that has near 100 pages

so no idk what you’re talking about, destiel is my biggest notp 

Alright, this technically isn’t even ‘wank’, but one of the biggest mysteries to me in this fandom is how most of the hardcore/(in)famous only-bros fans actually spend all of their time talking about how much they hate Misha/Castiel/Destiel/Cockles/everything else, instead of talking about their ship/their favorite actors. 

Like, I visited some of these blogs because of messages that a friend was sending me, and honestly, 90% of said blogs consisted of anger and rage against certain characters/actors/ships they hated (not even just Castiel, but almost all characters outside of Sam and Dean). There are blogs with titles that suggest ‘this is my Wincest world’ or ‘my love for J2′, but surprisingly, I had to scroll hard and look far to even find ANY positive Wincest/J2 content (art/gifs/fanfic) on there, without the goal of the post being to prove how much Castiel/Destiel/Misha ‘sucks’. 

And it baffles me, because I follow about 500 Destiel/Cockles blogs myself (and truth be told, I follow big blogs, small blogs, but nearly all of the biggest and well-known ones with the loudest voices are in there too), and yes, sometimes there is criticism when it comes to the show/the writing in general, but there barely is any unfounded character/ship/actor hate of that kind, or to that degree. 

If you followed all of the Destiel blogs that I follow (and there are a lot, both big and small), you’d see that outside of some occasional negativity, 90% of your dash on a regular day would be about gifs, fanfic, fanart, unrelated funny posts. But on the other side of the fandom, the ‘biggest’ and most known blogs actually blog more about Destiel/Cas/Misha (in a negative way) than about the thing that they’re supposedly passionate about. 

And I’m like; how are you all keeping this up? Because I’m a Destiel/Cockles/Castiel/Misha/Team Free Will blog, so obviously that’s what I like to talk about, and so I can’t even begin to imagine how utterly exhausting it would be for me to talk about J2/Wincest all day, every day, EVEN IF it was talking shit about these things.

I’m not saying that all Destiel shippers are saints, because lord knows that we have the occasional troll here and there in this fandom, but today I became very aware that the grass is definitely not greener on the other side of the fence. 

It’s almost funny how the people who declare that they’re the ‘true fans’ of SPN, are also the ones who spread hate 24/7, mockingly call this new awesome influence of positive female representation ‘wayward vaginas’, call Kathryn Newton a ‘cunt’, celebrated when Charlie got killed off, yet all the while trying to make it look like the Destiel fans (even though almost all of them are Team Free Will fans, are Sam/Dean/Cas positive, are loving on so many minor characters) are the ones who are the rotten part of the fandom. Just because some of these ‘true’ fans were there a couple of years earlier? They think they’re entitled to shit all over the many actors/characters who have helped to keep their precious show about two brothers alive for over 10 years, for no good reason?

Because let me tell you, that is some fucked up shit right there. And no one should stand for it. Just because there are some ancient fancy entitled bro-only websites out there who think they rule the fandom because they were there from ‘the beginning’, that doesn’t mean shit. And you shouldn’t ever let yourself be intimidated by that. 

You’re not better if you were here first, you’re better if you aren’t an asshole and you understand that a show can’t live past 10 seasons if it weren’t for all of the supporting characters and actors. And you don’t even have to like all of said side characters/actors that are keeping your show alive, but the least you can do is not spending all of your time shitting all over them and pretending that they don’t matter and only stain your show, even though that show would’ve probably been cancelled 5 seasons ago if it weren’t for these characters that you loathe for no apparent reason other than ‘MUST HATE BECAUSE NOT BROTHERS’. 

Glass houses, man. Glass houses. 

Timeline of my thoughts on Destiel
  • I first learned about Supernatural when I got a tumblr in 2012. Being a huge fan of horror/paranormal stuff, I thought about watching it, but was scared of a huge time commitment (lol) so I put it off and just kinda saw stuff on my dash.
  • Literally all I knew about the show was Misha Collins/Cas (fucking Mishapocalypse), Destiel (Misha played a gay angel or something), and incest I guess?? 
  • Flash forward a couple years and one day I’m on TVTropes and I accidentally read a spoiler about Dean selling his soul to save Sam. That interests me, so I finally start watching. Now, I’m a person who can ship easily, and because of tumblr, I thought pretty much everybody shipped Destiel, so I figured there’d be at least a 90% chance of me shipping it.
  • As I was watching the show, I fell in love with the Winchesters and their relationship. I don’t mean in a Wincest-y way. I just loved their bond and what not.
  • Before season 4, I honestly dreaded Cas coming into the show. I didn’t want him to distract from S&D. But then I got to season 4, and I was very confused. He’s only in a few episodes? I thought he would be with them all the time thanks to tumblr.
  • Then as I kept going through the seasons, I was very confused. Where is all the Destiel stuff I kept hearing about? Maybe it’s in later seasons, I guess. But nope. Never showed up.
  • Then I started to like Cas less and less. Oh you’re just gonna do nothing but bitch all season and then break Sam’s wall and be god? Now you’re crazy? Exciting. Oh boy more boring angel storylines! And I still didn’t see anything non-platonic between Dean and Cas.
  • Then when I was caught up, I figured, eh I guess I just can’t see it. Oh well, more power to people who can. But then I got into the fandom. At first it was okay. I wasn’t following any Destiel blogs, so I didn’t see too much. But then, I started seeing Destiel when I was looking up something totally unrelated the ship. Whatever I’ll just ignore it.
  • Then I saw Destihellers. I saw them harass cast&crew about their opinions on Destiel, then harass them when they weren’t for it. I saw them call people homophobes/biphobes for disagreeing. I saw Sam/Jared hatred. I saw them be the most fucking entitled shippers and act like their ship had to become canon or else it’s queerbaiting (without realizing theyre queerbaiting themselves). i saw them turn literally anything and everything into Destiel. 
  • It was then that I went from being neutral about Destiel to outright hating it.

tl;dr: hellers made me into the monster i am today, good fucking job.

In the past five days, I haven’t been able to get this tweet off my mind:

Perhaps I’m reading into things here, being overly optimistic. Misjudging a completely innocent comment by a man clearly without understanding of the implications of such a tweet… right? Wrong. The more I have thought about this, and the comments made by @cupidsbower in this post, the more I can’t help but think something is different this year.

I have said before that it feels like we are building up to something. expectations are of course raising and I will continue to drag myself back down from that premature high until I see it on the show with my very own eyes… but seriously… The Ellen Show? Of all the shows he could have picked, of all the very popular American chat shows, Jim Michaels chose the Ellen Show. This… doesn’t seem like an innocent choice by a man out of the loop. Jim Michaels is VERY much aware of the kind of things that we pick up on. I can’t help but think there is something in this.

Of course, Ellen talks to all kinds of celebrities about all kinds of projects. But just think about it for a second here. Ellen is known for pushing boundaries and also asking difficult questions. Also to quote cupidsbower in the previously linked post: 

Ellen herself is also the most famously out lesbian in the American entertainment industry. To invoke her name in this context, at this moment, when Destiel is an overt question, and Killing Your Gays is all over the entertainment newscape after The 100 fiasco… it is not a neutral statement.”

Stop for a moment and picture that interview. With Jensen, Jared and Misha on this particular show. Can you honestly imagine her NOT bringing up the shipping? The LGBT+ following or at the very least the fact that when you google the word ‘queerbaiting’ supernatural is top of the search results?

The problem is, for Jim Michaels to confidently tweet that he WANTS the boys on the Ellen Show kind of raises questions about his own views on these topics. I said above that I do not think he is out of the loop. He is an intelligent man after all. For him to confidently state that he would like them to be on THIS show, of all the shows, means he sees a great deal of positivity in the potential interview there.

Which then brings me to my main point… imagine if they were to go on the Ellen show once Destiel became canon? That would be a whole different ball game. Oh yes. That would be one hell of an interview. It would raise SO MUCH awesome publicity for Supernatural and you bet that Ellen would jump right on board. Because Destiel becoming canon would be a huge event for the LGBT+ community. A show coming into its 12th season goes ahead and brings its main character out of the closet explicitly in a way that cannot be denied by the heteronormative after 11 years on air? Add on to that you are making canon what is popularly described as the greatest love story ever told? In a show that is basically bible fanfiction? and having his love interest be an angel of the lord??

That is one heck of a positive message to LGBT+ people all over the world right? Well I personally think it is as a bisexual person. We all have our own opinions of course. Perhaps I have been thinking too much about this over the past few days. This tweet has haunted me. Of everything else that I have blogged about regarding canon Destiel positivity this is the one thing that actually has me seriously considering it as a real possibility. I always like to debate about the story structure and how destiel makes logical sense, but as far as TPTB actually going there? Well that was the road block. This tweet kind of changes my view on that. Perhaps the road block isn’t a road block at all, perhaps its just a speed bump instead?

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I'm very excited for a reunion between Dean and Cas, but I would also like a "reunion" between Sam and Cas. Maybe something as simple as Sam initiating a big hug, telling him "glad you're okay, man" and maybe even Sam getting a little emotional. I feel that if this happened, then it would show Cas (and also the audience) that Sam cares about him too, but in a different way.

Chuck yes!! I love Sastiel so much and I often blog about how I hope that now they are not trying to downplay the Destiel anymore they can let the Sastiel get much more present in the show.

I love how they were together whilst extracting Gadreel’s grace etc, it was such a lovely profound moment for them and it makes me kinda sad it was just one episode and even through this they still talked about Dean a lot of the time, cos they interact mostly as brothers in law rather than brothers, precisely due to the Destiel subtext having to remain in the subtext so Sastiel has to be less strong than it could be if Destiel was canon already…

Sam and Cas are exactly what I think of in terms of adopting someone as your brother in this kind of show and by showing them as such they can also show how Dean and Cas are NOT a brother dynamic, while letting them be awesome brothers together :)

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Hiii, how are you? I wanted to request a top ten destiel moments until 11×3, please!! Sorry, it is too much to ask, but i'd love to know your opinion about Destiel! Thank you for your time! Your blog is amazing, btw ❤


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question. But hey, I’m always willing to talk about Destiel, so I’ll give it a go…


This is something that I will always cherish. 

The fact that Dean-no-chick-flick-moments-Winchester wants to talk emotions with Cas… Really, Dean initiating this talk was so important and such a fresh breath of air at the same time. 


The ‘watching another person sleep’ trope will always be somewhat romantic to me. What stands out to me about this moment, is that Cas just patiently waits for Dean to wake up, and is curious as to what Dean is feeling. 

“What were you dreaming about?”

A scene like this was rather intimate for two characters that have only just met, thus one of those Destiel scenes that got me thinking in the early seasons. 



That wasn’t just Dean’s buddy that died. This meant a lot more, and that trench coat that he kept and even returned to Cas in S7… Yeah, all of that was oddly romantic. 

“Part of me always believed you’d come back”. That line might not have made it into the original episode, but it was written, and even shot as actual footage proves. Let us never forget.


We can all agree that all of purgatory was a huge win for Destiel, but this…

To me it felt like this was the first time where we truly saw that Dean picked Cas first. He could’ve gone home, to Sam, to safety. For getting out of Purgatory, Cas was a liability, not an asset. Yet Dean stayed, and ran around chopping of demon heads, desperate to find his angel. He didn’t need Cas for his powers, or to get out. He needed Cas for Cas. 


This, oh god. this. 

“I did it, all of it, for you.”

I pick this moment because it was one of the early moments where I went; ‘WHOA, this can’t possibly be platonic. He’s a celestial being who killed his own siblings, turned his back on his entire existence for this ordinary human he just met.’

It made me doubt their entire ‘platonic’ relationship, so kudos to that.


This scene… It’s so simple but means so much, because in hindsight, it points out exactly why Cas did what he did; working with Crowley, opening purgatory. Metatron confirmed it seasons later, but even then we could see exactly why he did what he did; it wasn’t for Heaven, or for humanity. He wanted to fix the problem but at the same time ensure that Dean Winchester had a happy human life.

“I was there, where were you?”

Cas was there, he made a wrong decision, but it was for you.


This one is important to me, because even though I saw their potential and chemistry before, this is the point where I actually suspected that Dean/Cas was in fact meant to be a romantic thing on the show.

In ‘the Man Who Would Be King’, we are practically witnessing a breakup, five seasons later confirmed by a heterosexual pairing on the very same show (David/Violet) for which the same dialogue is used in the exact same situation. 

“I was there, where were you?”


Without a doubt: when they first met in 4x01.

What really puts this in the top three for me; Ships usually have to grow on me. It’s not often that two characters meet and I’m like ‘HOLY SHIT, OTP RIGHT THERE!’ But this scene did that for me, whether it was the actors or the characters; the chemistry was hard to deny. When Cas said “you don’t think you deserve to be saved”, I knew that Castiel might become the one person on this show to understand Dean’s feelings, accept them, and get through to him despite it all. 


I think the entire Endverse episode was one huge pile of Destiel, but this will always stick with me:

“Don’t ever change.” 

That line is something that I will forever hold dear, and combined with the way they look at each other here… It’s like you can literally see them falling in love, one of my all time favorites.


“We need you, I need you.”

And then Cas drops the blade. 

I think what really gets me about this scene is that we never got an explanation afterwards. It was even confirmed by the actors that an ‘I love you’ was planned, but what did it for me was that in canon we got this ‘What broke the connection’, and even though all of us simultaneously screamed the word “YOU!” the show never elaborated. The show never proved us wrong, and I will forever take this as canon. The power of their love for each other breaking through the mind control. 

So that’s my top 10 choice, not sure if fellow shippers agree but it was fun to do. :p 

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Hi :) So recently I've noticed a lot of the Destiel blogs I follow are less interested/falling out of love with Destiel or have lost interest in them and SPN. If it isn't too much trouble, could you rec me some blogs that are still passionate about them and/or believe they will be endgame one day? I like to remain optimistic lol. Btw, I love your blog, and I'm hoping you have a spectacular day! :)

Hellooo~! Thank you for liking my blog! :D

Err, I gotta be honest; I’d love to help, but basically, I see what you’re seeing. :p I pretty much only follow SPN/Destiel blogs, but during the past year or so a lot of them (if not most) have turned into Yuri on Ice blogs, and Skam blogs, and Eyewitness blogs, or multi-fandom blogs with some SPN/Destiel but also a combination of all these with some other fandoms thrown into the mix. 

Now I’ve watched (and enjoyed) all of the above, so I don’t really mind seeing it, lol. But I completely understand that it’s annoying if you’re on tumblr for Destiel content. 

I’m afraid that 2016/2017 is officially that era of ‘I’m exhausted, screw it all, I want some actual representation for once, damnit’ for a lot of people, seeing as once again SPN canon isn’t giving us much to work with when it comes to (even the friendship) Destiel.

I follow plenty of blogs who still post Destiel, but so many of them have turned multi fandom. I also follow plenty of people who still like the ship, but the explicit canon believers are far and few between these days. 

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An Open Letter From A "Casual Fan" To The "Destiel Shippers"

submission from Casual Fan:

Just read that post you reblog about destiel and I was reading all these reasons why destiel is there and how the show has implied it, etc. And I think you guys are complicating things too much. 

(Don’t take this bad, let me explain) 

I don’t think I can say anymore that I’m a “casual viewer” because I do own a tumblr account and I follow some spn related blogs, but also I’m not totally one of you guys or at least not in the same level because I don’t read/write fanfics, I don’t make artworks or gifs, I am not totally up to date with what the cast members are doing (I don’t even follow them on twitter or any crew member) and I can’t think of more stuff but I don’t think I do even half of the stuff you guys do so passionately (which I admire how much you guys love this fandom). 

What I trying to say is that I’m more of a “casual fan” that like the show and really like some of its characters and which involvement in this fandom is pretty much laughing at funny gifs and post about spn that I see in my dash and send them it to my friends, and sometimes (like this one) reading your interpretation and your concerns about stuff related like destiel. 

Which brings my to the point of me writing this: You are complicating yourselves too much. You don’t need to make those long post about how destiel is present or implied at least a small way, because let me tell you it obviously is. I can see it, a few of my friends that watch the show, the ones that I send the funny gifs/post I see here because they don’t even have a tumblr and know pretty much nothing about this fandom, can see it too

We are not from the U.S or any country with a big fanbase on it (english is not even my first language, sorry for any grammar mistake) and apart for the few of friends I know that watch, I don’t know anybody else that watch spn. This is the first time I have interact in this fandom and I think I would have stay some kind of a outsider if I had not had the need to make this statement.

My friends and I started this joke when we’ll watch an episode with Cas and Dean on it and we will be like “look the boyfriends” and like “aww Cas wants to protect his boyfriend” or “aww Dean is worried about his boyfriend” and stuff like that as I joke but I got to a point where we thought “Woah! they really seem to like each other”. We still make those jokes when we see Dean and Cas (which is why I send them the funny gifs or post I see on tumblr) but we definitely see it present now in some way, but a real one. 

So please guys, you are not crazy and you don’t really need to read much into. Me as a “casual fan” and my friends as the real deal “casual viewers” can tell you, destiel is there.

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