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Hiii, how are you? I wanted to request a top ten destiel moments until 11×3, please!! Sorry, it is too much to ask, but i'd love to know your opinion about Destiel! Thank you for your time! Your blog is amazing, btw ❤


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question. But hey, I’m always willing to talk about Destiel, so I’ll give it a go…


This is something that I will always cherish. 

The fact that Dean-no-chick-flick-moments-Winchester wants to talk emotions with Cas… Really, Dean initiating this talk was so important and such a fresh breath of air at the same time. 


The ‘watching another person sleep’ trope will always be somewhat romantic to me. What stands out to me about this moment, is that Cas just patiently waits for Dean to wake up, and is curious as to what Dean is feeling. 

“What were you dreaming about?”

A scene like this was rather intimate for two characters that have only just met, thus one of those Destiel scenes that got me thinking in the early seasons. 



That wasn’t just Dean’s buddy that died. This meant a lot more, and that trench coat that he kept and even returned to Cas in S7… Yeah, all of that was oddly romantic. 

“Part of me always believed you’d come back”. That line might not have made it into the original episode, but it was written, and even shot as actual footage proves. Let us never forget.


We can all agree that all of purgatory was a huge win for Destiel, but this…

To me it felt like this was the first time where we truly saw that Dean picked Cas first. He could’ve gone home, to Sam, to safety. For getting out of Purgatory, Cas was a liability, not an asset. Yet Dean stayed, and ran around chopping of demon heads, desperate to find his angel. He didn’t need Cas for his powers, or to get out. He needed Cas for Cas. 


This, oh god. this. 

“I did it, all of it, for you.”

I pick this moment because it was one of the early moments where I went; ‘WHOA, this can’t possibly be platonic. He’s a celestial being who killed his own siblings, turned his back on his entire existence for this ordinary human he just met.’

It made me doubt their entire ‘platonic’ relationship, so kudos to that.


This scene… It’s so simple but means so much, because in hindsight, it points out exactly why Cas did what he did; working with Crowley, opening purgatory. Metatron confirmed it seasons later, but even then we could see exactly why he did what he did; it wasn’t for Heaven, or for humanity. He wanted to fix the problem but at the same time ensure that Dean Winchester had a happy human life.

“I was there, where were you?”

Cas was there, he made a wrong decision, but it was for you.


This one is important to me, because even though I saw their potential and chemistry before, this is the point where I actually suspected that Dean/Cas was in fact meant to be a romantic thing on the show.

In ‘the Man Who Would Be King’, we are practically witnessing a breakup, five seasons later confirmed by a heterosexual pairing on the very same show (David/Violet) for which the same dialogue is used in the exact same situation. 

“I was there, where were you?”


Without a doubt: when they first met in 4x01.

What really puts this in the top three for me; Ships usually have to grow on me. It’s not often that two characters meet and I’m like ‘HOLY SHIT, OTP RIGHT THERE!’ But this scene did that for me, whether it was the actors or the characters; the chemistry was hard to deny. When Cas said “you don’t think you deserve to be saved”, I knew that Castiel might become the one person on this show to understand Dean’s feelings, accept them, and get through to him despite it all. 


I think the entire Endverse episode was one huge pile of Destiel, but this will always stick with me:

“Don’t ever change.” 

That line is something that I will forever hold dear, and combined with the way they look at each other here… It’s like you can literally see them falling in love, one of my all time favorites.


“We need you, I need you.”

And then Cas drops the blade. 

I think what really gets me about this scene is that we never got an explanation afterwards. It was even confirmed by the actors that an ‘I love you’ was planned, but what did it for me was that in canon we got this ‘What broke the connection’, and even though all of us simultaneously screamed the word “YOU!” the show never elaborated. The show never proved us wrong, and I will forever take this as canon. The power of their love for each other breaking through the mind control. 

So that’s my top 10 choice, not sure if fellow shippers agree but it was fun to do. :p 

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