i blog a lot okay its a problem

Okay. Its been a while since when I wanted to write this post.
Since when I came back on Tumblr I never had time to write some words about me.
I already had an Animal Crossing Tumblr years ago, but due to some personal problem so I had to delate it.
I came back in October 2016 with the intention of staying more on this blog, making new friends and share my works on my profile.
Sadly I lots of negative things happened in December, so I couldn’t be more active.
I have family problems, but luckily now everything in ok.
I’ve also been physically and mentally sick, but I’m getting better.
Some time ago someone asked me if I was taking requestes, but I said I wasn’t.
I was thinking about this the other day and I decided that I may open them in the next few weeks.
One month ago my bff @saralee-crossing started helping me with English, so I can talk more with you!! (So if answer late, that’s the reason)
I hope you didn’t find this boring and I’m so sorry if I didn’t post much in this period.
Have a nice day~🌸💕

P.S. Thanks to everyone who is following me! Everyday more people follows meand I can’t be thankful enough. Thanks for your support ✨