i blast this in the car

Trying to delete you from my life is like trying to erase with one of those ugly pink rubber erasers: you can remove the marks from the paper, but you’ll always know there was something there that shouldn’t have been.

Tonight, I took the train back to the apartment. I’m not used to public transportation; I always drove my own car, blasted my own music, decided where and when to go places and how long I’d spend getting there. But the train forces you to adapt, and you don’t get a whole lot of choice over your travel style. So you get a lot of time to think.

And today, your words were louder in my head than the echoing roar of the train speeding through subway tunnels. I love to people watch; San Francisco’s stations, people, and frigid air only remind me of how much I wanted to move here. I remember telling you that; I remember asking you if you would mind.

“I don’t care where you go. As long as I’m with you.”

Those were your words; never actually spoken, only written, but louder than this train nonetheless.

It’s been over a year since you said your love for me wasn’t “growing” and you left, and yet, when I think of a potential future here, you’re still very much a part of it—a part I can’t seem to fully omit—even though we’re no longer a part of each other.

“I don’t care where you go. As long as I’m with you.”

Sadly, the current truth is closer to just that first sentence: you don’t care where I go.

You easily deleted me from your life, like a typo. And I’m trying so hard to erase you, but all I’ve got is one of those ugly pink erasers that just kind of smudges pencil lead around, and you left some pretty deep marks on my paper heart. And I can keep trying to rub you away, but I’m afraid it seems the marks you left will always kind of stay.


I think that the one thing I want my fans to get from this album is I want them to blast it in their cars, and dance in their bedrooms alone to it, and if they really need to have that really pathetic cry in the bathtub that they would choose one of my songs to do it. These are real moments in life where we need music and I just hope that they choose my song to be the soundtrack.

Okay, so I’ve talked a lot about writing what you know and how important that is, but it’s hard to offer practical examples so here’s one: 

I lived in Hawaii for a while. Now, it just so happened to work out for the book I’m currently writing that four of my characters go on a weird, messed up vacation and Maui was the ideal destination. And let me just tell you, I’ve had a freakin’ blast writing about it because not only is it a great trip down memory lane, but there are things you’d never be able to describe about Maui unless you’d been there–like crawling up the side of a mountain in the dark in the jungle in a car with an engine that barely runs, wondering if you’re about to lose power completely and slide down a hill to your death. Or the way the whole island looks like it’s on fire when they burn the cane and how you have to close all the windows so you don’t wake up covered in ash in the morning. Or the absolutely unholy stench from the sugar factory that hangs over the airport. Or waking up and finding a lizard on the ceiling directly above your face. Or how you learn to just eat ants like a garnish because they’re fucking everywhere and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. Those kinds of details you really can’t manufacture. Now before you say, “But you lived in Hawaii, that’s so exciting, and my life is so boring, I don’t know anything” (because someone always says that), allow me to preempt you: this applies to everything and everywhere. Your high school, your hometown, that restaurant you worked in in West Covina. If you’ve ever worked a job or lived in a place or had a hobby where the details are familiar to you, you can write them with an authenticity that can’t possibly be faked, and that will add tremendous depth to your story, whatsoever it may be. It doesn’t matter if it’s not, on the surface, exciting. Authenticity in fiction is engaging and addictive, because that’s when a reader goes Wow. Yes. I can see that. Or even, I know EXACTLY that feeling. In some ways, the more mundane, the better. Because if you can do justice to a mundane experience, everyone else in the world who has had it will have an absolutely transcendent moment seeing it prose. 

So. Write what you know. You know a lot more than you think.

so just a reminder, these are things that maine’s done in canon:

  • straight up posed with the brute shot to ask wash if they looked cool using it
  • grumbled about the building they were about to jump off was “too high”
  • sent a car flying through the air, straight out of a parking garage, whilst blasting rap music to catch their teammates mid-air
  • took a bullet for carolina
  • is seen waiting for wash and connie’s pelican to land

and that aiden price is a manipulative liar who was using locus’ sudden interest in the meta to manipulate him, and so everything he says about maine should be taken with a pinch of salt, at best.

rly rly glad that lego batman was as good as it is(seriously if you haven’t seen it, it’s a real blast)

the downside to this is like, the only good looking animated movie of the year came out at the start

future 2017 animated movies include:

-Boss Baby

-Emoji Movie

-Nut Job 2

-Cars 3

and some other just “eh” stuff like smurfs and despicible me 3


i find it funny that the only other animated film im super pumped for this year

is also a lego movie

why is the lego cinematic universe so much better than every other cinematic universe

The other night I could hear a car coming up the street blasting music, it was so loud. Then the car pulled into our driveway and it was dad. When he came in I asked him what he was listening to and it was Taylor
—  My mum
What are your favorite things?” I asked you.
“Oh, I love a lot of things” you said, smiling at me. “I love saturday nights, and playing baseball. I love the sound of rain on the roof, blasting music in the car on a tuesday morning, watching movies in the dark. I love staring up at the stars, warm summer nights, eating ice cream before dinner, and late night bus rides with the team.” You pause, and look down at me. “But there’s one thing that tops all of those,” you say. You grab my hand, holding it tight. “It’s that smile, those green eyes, cute little cheeks, the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh. It’s the way your hand fits in mine so perfectly, the feeling of your head on my chest and hand over my heart. It’s that feeling when I lean in to kiss you, that tops it all. It’s you, only you; You’re my number one.
—  favorite things// 1.18.17
Jonathan Byers Imagine

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Summary: So basically this is where you came with Jonathan to his dad’s, and you confront him(his dad), and just help Jonathan and stuff.

Warnings: There’s some bad language, but that’s about it.

Jonathan was silent during the car ride to his dad’s. He was blasting The Clash and gripping the steering wheel so hard his hands were red. I wanted to comfort him in some way, to ease the ride over as much as possible.

He was focusing on the road intently. We’d been in the car for about an hour, and he’d only glanced at me a few times. I was still happy I came though, I knew he would need the support afterwards.

I decided to try and talk to him, and ease the tension that had been building up. “Babe, maybe we should stop and eat something, you haven’t eaten all day,” I said, pointing at the sign that signaled there would be places to eat up ahead.

“No, no I-” He gripped the wheel tighter, “We just need to get to my fathers.” He shut his eyes slowly, then focused back on the road. 

He looked at me, gave me a weary smile, and then turned onto the exit towards the food area. “Really quickly though,” he sighed “I guess I am a bit hungry”

I smiled at him, he responded with letting one of his hands fall from the wheel and held one of mine. 

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The two ways I enjoy listening to Welcome to Nightvale most are as follows: one, driving through a hot desert on a long straight road with the AC blasting and my brother sitting next to me there’s no other sound besides Cecil’s voice and the wind around the car, and two, driving home from school in the early twilight with slowly cooling wind drifting through my rolled down windows as I drive the backstreets home past silent fields and dark warehouses with Cecil’s voice in my ears.

welcome. welcome back to week 5 of the visceral hell known as Yuri!!! On Ice. last week’s

let us begin. 

(sidenote: i may or may not have downloaded the OP to blast in my adult car every morning on my adult drive to my adult job because i am an adult)

coincidentally this is exactly how i feel at the beginning of every yuri!!! on ice episode

so the feeling’s fucking mutual, yuri

i’m sorry i didn’t mean to swear at you son pls forgive me



did i fucking tell you

i’m sorry i don’t mean to swear at u bb i’ll stop i promise

but the thing is

this is not the most obnoxious shit Victor has said or done

in fact this is pretty lowkey for him. it probably wouldn’t even make my list of Top 5 Reasons This Asshat is Literal Satan

and really, isn’t that what we all aspire to be?

you are the actual devil in a frickin 3 piece suit carrying around a tissue box inside a fucking poodle plushie like

are you really in a position to criticize anyone right now



HE WISHES HIS COMPETITOR GOOD LUCK. i love it when he gets loud ;v;


THIS IS AN EXACT REPRESENTATION OF HOW I FEEL who knew this ep would be so #relatable 

also who voices minami i have definitely heard that voice before

*”Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls plays in the distance*


i love it when we get to see victor actually react to things. i love it when he’s not being a very carefully constructed caricature (which is what i feel he’s been most of the show). i love it when he seems affected, and his intentions are less ambiguous, and you realize that, beneath whatever ulterior motive he may or may not have, exists pure and undying love for figure skating and for passion and ultimately for yuri as yuri begin to challenge victor and himself. his entire internal monologue throughout yuri’s routine is literally the most we’ve ever seen into victor’s mind and i hate that i loved it so much

y’know just sayin

and here we see victor redeeming himself in my eyes. will he stick the landing?!



when ur lurkin and ya feelings get hurt

stfu satan

well that’s it for this week’s YURIACTION. judging by next week’s preview, it looks like none of us are even close to being free from this hell. catch y’all on the flip 

I love the idea of Ronan the Legend at Adam’s college, there are STORIES about this guy okay- they just took Adam’s stuff about his bf at first but then it started to sound weird like how is this guy real

When Ronan actually visits it is a trip, he shows up blasting electric bagpipe music (that exists??) from his car, pulls a dang BIRD out of his jacket and hands Adam a bag of potatoes from his farm. The bird doesn’t do much, which is good cuz Ronan insists on taking it everywhere they try to go. He’s okay and it’s funny when he sasses Adam and they clearly make each other happy but also he keeps making these weird inside jokes with Adam that make them Concerned like about being friends with dead people, and he can crack a joke or just give them some story about what Adam was like in high school but he’ll also randomly start speaking in Latin then at the end of it he mentions having to get home to his kid what?? This guy is a parent??

Everyone has a special story about some kind of story or sighting of Ronan

There was one friend who wasn’t there during Ronan’s visit and he’s not sure if he’s sad he missed it or if this is all just some elaborate hoax

A dude in Adam’s morning class saw Ronan pop in once and give Adam this weird glowing dream thing he still has no clue what it was

Adam’s roommate glimpses a picture of his kid once (Adam is weirdly secretive/protective about her) and she looks like she’s eating trash

Half the time someone compliments something of Ronan’s like something he’s wearing or even his bird he cryptically says ‘Thanks, I made it myself’

No one can make sense of it

Alfred the Kitten

Tumblr Prompt: @phiwatcher : lena has a kitten (like she found it on the street and could not leave it there but then she got attached, but she still can’t find a name for it though…) and she has to go to metropolis for a weekend. Kara obviously promises she will take care of the kitten While lena is away, but then on the last day she’s coming to lena’s apartment in supergirl clothes after a mission and plays with the kitten (this is adorable of course) and lena comes in early and just watches supergirl playing with the kitten

So … .  this ended up being way longer than I intended, but no regrets because it was a blast to write! I hope you enjoy!

Lena isn’t sure why she stops.

She’s halfway from apartment to her town car, head buried in her tablet when she hears a soft meow coming from the bushes by the street. There’s something about the barely audible cry that draws her attention from the morning reports and sends her eyes flittering along the ground.

The sky is gray and there’s a light drizzle falling, so maybe she just feels bad about some poor creature left out in this mess. Whatever the reason, she takes a tentative step into the manicured grass, careful not to get her heels stuck in the quickly forming muck. She’s just going to find the cat, call the number on it’s collar and drop it of with the door man - a ten minute delay at most.

But nothing is ever that easy, and she bites back a curse as she teeters a few more steps, grateful that she chose a pant suit instead of a skirt today as she crouches down to take a peek in the rose bushes hedging the apartment complex.

“Here, kitty, kitty.” She tucks her tablet in the pocket of her trench coat and extends a hand towards the pitiful sound. It takes a few moments, but eventually a tiny black ball of fluff staggers from behind the base of on of the bushes.

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the only way ronan and herny could bond is through music, bc i bet they share the same kind of taste in music. like ronan w/ his loudass techno songs and henry with his pop passion that includes a lot of techno. ronan ofc doesnt like it at first because his music is mostly lyric-less but herny’s songs grow into him eventually. henry’d be like “hey blast ‘bitch im madonna’ in your car stereo” “no way in fuckin hell” “it’d annoy gansey” “alright”

Something about you.

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about you that draws me in and makes me constantly think about you. From the first time I’ll be able to kiss your lips to when we’re laying in bed and I’m tickling your back. I can’t keep my mind off of wanting to hold you and kiss you and drive around blasting music and singing in the car with you. I want to know what it’s like to hold you at night and feel you pull up from laying on my chest to give me a kiss goodnight. I want to know all little things about you.

when I was in love with somebody, we went hiking to a river. and when we were sitting in the river, it started pouring rain. we ran all the way back through the woods laughing, and we were soaked by the time we got to the car. he said, “we can’t get any more wet, we might as well dance.” and he opened up all the doors to his shitty little car and turned on banana pancakes by jack johnson, blasting it through the shitty speakers, and we danced. while everyone was running to their cars around us, pulling out and speeding home, we danced in the parking lot. all close and sweet. that is love. i don’t ever want to forget that that is love. i don’t ever want to settle, to shrink myself, to have something small and call it love.