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Actually, I’m really sick now. I have weak body, and now I’m blaming the mother nature again *lol* 

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I tend to chew the inside of my bottom lip when I’m nervous or anxious. Right about now, it’s raw, almost numb, if that’s gives you a clue about how I’m feeling.

This morning when I woke up, I made oatmeal & let it sit until it was too thick & sticky to pick up with a spoon. I poured some milk in the bowl, watched the white trickle through the hills & mounds of oats, and had flashbacks of you biting your lip. That’s the face you’d make before you’d pull out & come on the sheets, my back or my stomach; like I was some porn star; like you didn’t caress my face a half hour earlier and tell me I “got the kind of beauty needs to be felt.” You remember how I reacted the first time you did that? Me neither, it’s fine.

I knew I had fucked up when you did that because you never asked if it was okay or cool; you assumed. Like I assumed that you really cared about me; that you were capable of loving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Somewhere between there and here though, I was late. Somewhere between my house & the drugstore, I realized that I was alone. Somewhere between my heart & my head, I decided that a baby isn’t something I needed or something that you’d want. Somewhere between my front door & the clinic my eyes started pouring and so did the sky.

This isn’t even for you. This is for me. Even if it was for you, you wouldn’t get it. By get it, I mean both understand and receive it.

I don’t want you thinking that you mean anything to me; because you shouldn’t even have to think about that. You could call now and I know I’d pick up desperately like you had something I need; because in actuality you do. I’m not exactly sure when you took it or if I gave it to you, but I know you have it. Picked it up right around the time you picked your boxers up off your bedroom floor and asked me how I was getting home. I could never make a home out of you, because men like you don’t have good foundations or sturdy walls. Your roofs leak and I’ve never been good with my hands. Any levelheaded girl would know that you needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

I used to blame your father for leaving your mother, then your mother for leaving you be, then myself for not blaming you. But in life, you make choices. You chose to let your scars cut you again and again; to let the pain in; to let it stay. You chose to suffer.

I chose me.

The medical assistant told me it’s okay to have second thoughts. She doesn’t know this is the third clinic I’ve been to in four days. It’s not a question of whether or not I can do it. It’s a question of whether or not I want it to happen. When it does, we’re really over & I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I’m not sure I’m even okay at all.

A smart girl would have left. She wouldn’t have had a reason to leave because she wouldn’t have come in. She wouldn’t have stay long enough to see the way you throw your head back in laughter whenever your niece dances, how your eyes squint when you smile too hard, how you crack your knuckles when you’re uncomfortable, how you breath deeply when you have to think of lie. She wouldn’t have seen you flinch the first time she reached out to touch you while you laid in bed staring into the darkness.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I loved you. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it to myself; loving someone who proclaimed themselves incapable of love. We’d lay together, legs intertwined in a comfortable silence with your phone plugged into one of your homeboys portable speakers playing some R&B playlist you found & you’d say “you know I can’t give you what you want right? It’s what you deserve, but I just don’t think you’re gonna find it here.” What I wanted was for you to shut up.

Truthfully, I don’t regret loving you. It taught me patience & strength. Those are virtues I’m sure will be useful sometime in the future, when a child that isn’t ours won’t stop crying at 4 in the morning & I have to be up at 6.

I heard somewhere that true love is giving without the expectation of receiving. I never believed in that until you. That kind of love can’t be true though. It’s destructive, malicious even, & leaves you with a hollow chest that no amount of deep breathing can fill. The thing is, people don’t realize that you can only give what is being taken. You took my love. Honestly, if I was you, I would have to. You made me understand why hate & love are so often mistaken for each other.

You used to say I was stupid over you and I’d blush, shove you playfully, and tell you “stahpppp it” like it was a compliment; not knowing that I’d just confirmed everything you just said. It was stupid of me to think I could teach you how to love when you gave me no indication that you even wanted to learn. Stupid of me to think that I’d be the one to change you, when no one has ever changed on the basis of someone else wanting them to.

I used to go to your house when you weren’t around & sit with your mother at the kitchen table with the four mismatched chairs, hoping she’d break & tell me what I needed to do to make you love me. No one knows you better than your mother…..isn’t that what they say? I’d tell her about our arguments, things you’d said just to hurt me; to make me leave & she’d file her nails or busy herself with making some coffee. She’d clear her throat or suck her teeth, like something was stuck between them; like the truth. One day after filing her nails until perfectly round, pouring three cups of coffee and letting them sit until they were cold, she turned around to face me while leaning against the kitchen counter & folded her arms. “You know it’s true what they say…that books can’t teach you everything.” she said, looking at the floor. She looked up at me and continued “Because if they could, you’d be smart enough to see that my son doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Hell, I’m his mother and I love him, with all of me I do, but I know he’s never gonna be the man I want him to be….the kind of man you deserve. Why are you still here? You’re always here. He’s knows you’re here & he’s not even here! Doesn’t that tell you something?” She let out one of those laughs, the kind you let out when you’re convinced that what’s happening can’t be real; that it has to be a joke in order for it to make sense. I didn’t have an answer for her. Instead I moved my foot back & forth across the corner of one of the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor that had started to lift. It made this low scraping sound that I pretended I didn’t hear. “These floors ain’t no good.” she said after realizing where the sound was coming from; “I swear any day it’ll give way right where you’re sitting.” and all of a sudden my foot stop moving because I know she wasn’t talking about the floor anymore; you remember what I said about foundations.

The chairs in the waiting room are cold & the plastic on them grabs on to your legs like it knows your secrets; what you did. I decided to stand after about 10 minutes of sitting. Nobody in the room wanted to be there. You could feel it. The receptionist kept checking the clock, then counting the people waiting with these sweeping head nods that scan the room. The medical assistant would walk in from the back of the office & sigh before calling the name of the next patient. One of the girls looked like she could be your cousin but that’s unlikely; your aunt had her on the pill as soon as she turned 15. “Listen you gotta take precaution with these young girls. I’m too young to have a grandchild & so was my mother when I had her.” I overheard her say one day when you left me in your bedroom to take a shower. It was summer time and we had just finished fucking. My skin was sticky and you’d just pushed me off of you to go shower. I turned over & laid there, letting anxiety set in. You came back in, still wet around the shoulders with the towel gripping your waist, & told me I should go home with your back to me. You were looking in the mirror brushing your hair toward your forehead. I went to the bathroom before I left; ran the water for a couple of seconds, cupped it in my hand and slushed it around my mouth, listening to it crash against my teeth and swollen bottom lip. You & blood never tasted good together.

You gotta understand that I never understood you. Now I know that it’s because there was nothing to figure out; to understand. Sometimes it’s easier to think someone is hiding some part of themselves from us; that we can get to that part if we stay long enough. In reality, it’s our own secrets & insecurities that make us believe that everyone must have them; that no one is truly transparent about their feelings. You were. When you said you couldn’t give me what I want, it wasn’t because you didn’t think you could. It was because you didn’t want to. In all honesty, I wish I could be like you; walking the earth needing & wanting for no one. Your mother told me you said you stopped saying “I love you too” when you realized that you were just saying it as a response & not because you meant it. It was never just a response for me.

They ask you if you want to see the embryo before you have the abortion. How stupid is that? Why would I want to see what I’m about to kill? So I can hate myself more? So I can think about not going through with it? Whatever the reason is, I declined the offer. It’s bad enough I dreamt about the baby ever by night. I imagined it’s face every day while I washed the dishes with my mother sitting at the kitchen table behind me, half watching/half staring at the news on the tv in the living room. “Why are you so quiet lately? You barely laugh when your brother tells those corny jokes you love so much.” she said once while she was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up her leftovers from the night before. I brushed her off, telling her I’ve just been thinking about “life”; you know like how mine would end if I told her I was pregnant.

She would have my eyes but your eyelashes because mine never curled up to the sun the way yours did. He would have your long legs but my muscles because you could never lift anything. She would have my shoulders because they’re the kind you can lean on. He would have your smile because it’s the kind that’s contagious. She would have my tenacity but your honesty because that’ll take her far, I think. He would have your curiosity, but my precaution. Then again that never helped me with you, so perhaps not. She would have my determination. He would have your arms but my hands because I can touch things and people without breaking them.

After they finished they asked me the obligatory “How are you feeling?”. I said I didn’t know because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. Physically, I felt the same as I did the day you didn’t pull out in time. I remember you breathing heavy, whispering “Ughh Shit!!” into the crook of my neck where your head always ended up. “My bad.”, you said after you’d caught your breath and for the first time I pushed you off of me, because it wasn’t your bad; it had never been your bad. It was always mine.

Sparks Flew

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: I wrote this last night when I couldn’t sleep, I blame watching too much How I Met Your Mother for coming up with this idea. I promise I’m working on those requests but this just came to me last night and it’s been a long time since I wrote a Lin fic. 

Warnings: swearing, a shitty break-up and I think that’s it?

Word Count:1,615 (I know it’s short I’m sorry)

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When you first kissed Lin, sparks flew.

It was New Year’s Eve, the cold New York streets were packed with people excited to bring in the new year. But for you, it was the worst night of your life.

The night started off great. Packed into an apartment filled with all of your friends, wearing a brand new outfit with a few drinks already in your system. It was 11 pm, and with an hour left of  2007 the anticipation was building, it was the perfect night.

Well… almost perfect. The one missing ingredient was Jon. Your boyfriend of 6 years was nowhere to be found, even after promising you he’d come. For the first time in 6 years, it was looking like you were going to be alone and kissless on New Years.

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‘How’s your father?’ Luna asked quietly.

I checked to see that Mother wasn’t listening. ‘I think he might be getting better.’

'That’s brilliant.’ She smiled warmly at me.

Weasley shrugged. 'If it makes your mother happy, I suppose …’

I didn’t blame him.

'So what changed?’ Luna asked.

'Potter irritated him into recovery,’ I said, honesty over-riding my instinct to keep the conversation out of dangerous waters.

Weasley started to laugh quietly. Luna’s eyes widened. 'How?’

'By existing,’ Potter said, with a sigh.
—  On the Turning Away by blamebrampton
the problems of a son

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Words Count: 1.021

Author’s Note: I love myself for this. I love when I see a gif and click! I get the idea! I hope you like this!
P.s. thank you to my best friend, @hotwinchester for helping me in the correction. You’re the best!

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I go into the kitchen to get something to drink, when I see Dean sitting on the floor near the kitchen, with a beer in his hands. He approaches the bottle to his lips and takes a sip, then put it down. On his legs he placed a small wooden box, with photographs inside.
“Dean,” I whisper his name, but he hears me, and turns his face toward me. No smile, no words. Only his sad face, for how things went with his mother.
Mary is ‘returned’ from the dead by only a few days, and has already decided to ‘give up’ on Sam and Dean. She decided to leave, to put in order her thoughts.
I understand a little; It shouldn’t be at all easy to come back to life, and discover that your husband is dead, and that your children are no longer kids, but men.
Dean is destroyed by the decision of his mother, although of course, is not the type who talks a lot. He tries to pretend not to prove anything, but Sam and I both know that he feels 'abandoned’.
I approach him, hoping he wouldn’t send me away, and I support my hips to the kitchen. Without looking up, Dean wraps his arm around my right leg, massaging up and down.
“They are beautiful.. the photos.”
I feel him smile, while with his free hand Dean skims photos; We are all here. A photo depicts Sam and Dean smiling carefree; in another there are Dean, Sam and Bobby, propped the Impala.
I remember that picture, I have taken it. Another retracts me and Dean, I sat on his legs, while we laugh together; I had never seen.
The last picture that Dean takes in his hands, retracts a child with light brown hair, almost blond, and a woman at his side: they are Dean and his mother, at the time when he was a child; when the life of the Winchester family was.. normal.
Slowly I slip to the floor, and sit down close to Dean.
“Are you okay?”
I smile and I approach closer to him, leaning my head on his shoulder.
“No, it’s not true.”
Dean picks up the photos, and he places them in the box. Suddenly he extends his arm towards me, and wraps it around my waist, leaving me a kiss on the head.
I look up, and I try to look at his eyes, but he quickly turns around the other side.
“You know that she will come back, right?” I ask him, hoping that he finally look at me. He doesn’t do it; merely he nods to my question, unconvinced.
I approached my hand to his face, and I obliged to look at me; his eyes finally meet mine.
Maybe he will not say out loud what he feels, but his eyes say it all: they show a Dean in pieces, full of pain that he tries to hide the disappointment in his mother’s decisions, and, worst of all, the fear, that he had done something wrong. He did, or said something, which led Mary to her decision to leave.
“Dean, don’t do it. Don’t blame yourself for everything. Your mother is just.. confused. I know you hate the fact that she has decided to leave, and I know that you feel as if she has abandoned you. But it doesn’t. Put yourself in her shoes: John is dead, but she didn’t care, because he was in heaven with her, with you and Sam. Perhaps you think coming back to life has recovered you and your brother, and partly it is so. But in part also she lost her husband, and her children. The Dean child, and the baby Sam. Mary will come back to you, to you and Sam, and she will understand that her place in the world is with you.”
Dean smiles at me, continuing to remain silent; soon after pushing his weight forward and stands up, stretches out his arms to me, and clasping my hands in his, pulling me to himself, taking me in his toned arms.
“Sometimes I ask myself what I’d do without you.” suddenly he says; his words make me blush, and instinctively I look down watching our feet. Dean touches my chin with his fingers, and raise my face, bringing together our looks.
“You’re gorgeous, you know?”
I smile, while Deans is getting closer to me, until touch our lips.
I surround my arms around Dean’s neck, holding in fingers his soft hair. He puts his hands on my hips, and pushes me closer to the steel bar in the middle of the kitchen; Dean takes me in his arms, and makes me sit on the shelf, continuing to move his mouth on mine. We move away for a few seconds to breathe, then I sling back on his fantastic lips.
Anyone would like to kiss the lips of Dean Winchester. Dean himself would have kissed who knows how many women. But now, since we have a stable relationship, he is all mine; and I am his.
“Do you really think that she will be back? ..my Mom.” asks Dean after being turned away from me, the tone of his voice came back seriously.
“I think so. You and Sam are her sons. She would always love you.”
For a moment I see a Dean melancholic and serious, that of a few minutes ago. As he has done before me, I touch his face with fingers, and I obliged him to look at me.
“You know what? Drop her a message if you like.” I say to Dean, his eyes light up at once.
Before he does something 'stupid’, I keep talking.
“But not now.. maybe tomorrow. And.. one. Don’t be possessive.”
“I thought you liked when I am possessive with you.” He says, smiling again.
“Of course, with me.”
I smile, and I draw back to me, desirous of his soft lips.
“You know I love you, right?”
“And I love you, Dean Winchester.”

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Jacob Frye x Reader - No Longer Yours

A/N: I blame @mother-dove for the thought of this angsty piece. A small scene where Jacob Frye encounters his former (and formerly pregnant) wife, who became a Templar. {I guess this is sort of an alternate world in a sense, as Jacob is in his late 20s or so and Starrick is still alive}. Art piece is mine.

Rating: SFW {no warnings unless you count angst as one.}

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Jacob prayed he wouldn’t encounter her…the woman he loved and the woman who was pregnant with his child…

She had turned to the Templars—the very Crawford Starrick—to find reprieve from the Assassins she once had been apart of and fled from under Jacob’s tutelage for some years now.

All those years felt like they amounted to nothing…that their love was a lie. Yes, Jacob felt he was to blame for her losing the child she had from a prior tryst in her life, but did he deserve this? Did he deserve to, not only feel heavily to blame for the loss of an innocent boy, but lose the woman and the baby she carried that was to be a symbol of their love? Now, she was the enemy, and by order of the Council, she was to be eliminated on sight if she wasn’t expecting.

It had been months since he had seen her, and Jacob wasn’t sure what to think. Did she die giving birth? Did the child die, and (Y/N) was in grieving? Did they both die…? All of the negative thoughts that could weigh upon him heavily attempted to swamp him and cripple his aching heart all the more as Jacob remained in wait within the nearby factory Starrick had taken over again with a Blighter group.

Focus, Jacob, he thought to himself, trying to push the anxious feelings to the side at what had become of the woman he loved and the child he may never get to see or hold.

He had been asked to liberate the children there, but seeing those children merely prompted more painful thoughts about his own. His eyes narrowing, he saw a small pack of Blighters heading to where Jacob was roosting upon the rafters within the shadows, and now was a perfect time compared to any to let off some steam.

The three didn’t suspect it—Jacob falling from above as he unleashed his hidden blade upon the back of one and swiftly removed it to cut at the throat of another and then viciously slice the one remaining. Blood marring the floor and his features, Jacob moved the back of his hand to his face to remove it only to duck quickly when he heard a gunshot ring out in his direction.

Jacob wasn’t surprised. Blighters could have heard that noise as he was hardly discrete given how his mind and heart were elsewhere. Ducking out of sight of the gunshot, he hid behind one of the many pieces of machinery and fished for his own revolver, checking the bullets to notice he had enough before keeping it at the ready.

The footsteps were quiet—calm almost—as they got closer and closer to where he was. Jacob breathed quietly to himself, listening with caution beyond the bellows of the surrounding devices that nearly made it difficult to do so. Jacob knew if he waited for too long, this Blighter would get the drop on him, and so it was there he turned with his gun aimed and ready to fire only to stop and feel all color leave his face and the breath knocked from him at the sight of his enemy.

“(Y/N)…!” Jacob gasped, unable to believe what he saw before him.

Her face was cold, and she looked upon him as though he truly were the enemy that had come upon her territory. She wore the Templar badge with honor, it seemed by this point, and her stomach…was flat.

“This is what you’ve become?” Jacob asked, criticizing her choices as he kept the gun readied in case (God forbid) he had to use it. “I thought you aided the children of London, and now you’re their mistress in terms of slavery!” His hand shook angrily at the complete change that had overcome the woman he loved.

“Quiet,” she ordered, those eyes of hers becoming fiercer and firmer by the minute as she kept her stance, unwavering. “According to Master Starrick, we give these children a place to rest their weary heads for a moment, apposed to the cold and rainy weather that London has to offer—we give them money to—!”

“You’re killing them slowly!” Jacob interrupted irately, furious that she would dare talk of Starrick in such a way. The anger of such a thing turned into jealousy, and it was there his hand shook all the more, the Assassin motioning his gun off to the side with his features wrinkled in displeasure. “And how is ‘Master’ Starrick?” Jacob hissed the title as it was nothing but bile in his throat. “Leaning on him lately for the losses I’ve incurred upon you?”

“Stop it, Jacob!” (Y/N) demanded, her finger nearly threatening to pull the trigger on her gun in attempts to halt him from trying to bring up memories past.

“Where is our child, (Y/N)!” Jacob roared, his words vibrating about the metal work and overpowering the groaning of the machines.

She breathed in a slow and shaky breath, her stance changing into that of a near killer who wouldn’t care if she shot her former lover and watched him bleed out over the floor. “That is no longer your concern,” she whispered cruelly.

His heart began to race. Did she even have the child? Did the child actually die as he originally feared? The anxiousness swelling in his heart made Jacob threaten to shoot her in return as his face began to ache from the anger mixed with sadness that it expressed clearly there in the foggy and horribly lit factory. “Where is it, (Y/N)!” Jacob demanded to know once more, but as he continued to have this stare off with his former beloved, he saw something amiss on her that was his only clue:

She wasn’t wearing the shilling necklace he gave her anymore like she used to, even when she switched sides. But as he let his guard down at that realization, (Y/N) saw her chance and fired.

Jacob was able to react in time, but as he did so, the bullet grazed his right cheek, slicing the skin with a horrible burn and causing the blood to bubble forth and drip down his cheek and pool upon his chin. He moved against the machine his back was against to avoid the attack, urging himself quickly to escape to a nearby window (the one he used earlier to get in through) as he had lost his desire to kill the woman he loved as he loved her still.

When she fired again, Jacob nearly lost his composure in trying to do his leap of faith into the nearby haystack below. Falling completely off center, he did indeed hit the hay, but at a weird angle to which he felt his right shoulder take a pretty bad strike upon the wood of the cart.

Jacob remained out of sight in the hay, hoping (Y/N) wouldn’t continue her witch hunt. He saw her look out the window and down at where she knew he was hiding, and much to the Assassin’s relief, she only closed and locked the window to be sure to keep him out.

Jumping out of the hay and picking it out of his clothes and hair, Jacob breathed steadily as he rested his hand upon his badly bruised shoulder. “Bloody hell,” he grumbled, feeling the moisture in the air thicken till the rain began to fall heavily, dampening his clothing and making his stride even more difficult to make given the aching heaviness in his heart.

“That baby is somewhere…and I will find it…” Jacob murmured, determination prompting him to move onward and away from that fight for now. He would have to free the orphans later, but right now…he had a more important child to hunt for and free.



(Y/N) had desired to snuff out his name, but not all traces of him. This was why her removing the shilling necklace was shocking to Jacob. Even during her times with the Templars and being cradled by that bastard, Starrick, not once did (Y/N) remove it till lately.

Jacob had stayed in her shadows, followed her back to the throne of which Crawford Starrick himself sat proudly to oversee London and the many factories he had put into effect with his label on them. The mere thought of that man and the ideas that Starrick was wooing his beloved to comfort and brainwash her made Jacob furious. If his shoulder wasn’t bruised up and damn painful to move, he would try to assassinate the Master Templar again, but Jacob had to find his child first…if his assumptions were indeed true.

He stayed to the outside of the building, finding an open window of which to crawl through and sneakily make his way undetected through the decorative halls. Blighters were the least of his problems here…Templars were everywhere to be seen upon nearly every turn made. Jacob found relief in the fact it was night and raining, or else he would be in for a difficult time just trying to get through the window.

All the same, he had to be quiet. If he alerted just one Templar, Jacob would probably find himself at Starrick’s mercy. Even just murdering one would cause a problem unless he managed to find a good place to stash the body (and most of the rooms were locked and there were no places to do so in terms of hallway furniture), so the Assassin did his best to use his Eagle Vision to search the rooms within the main bedroom hall he found himself within.

Staying low to the ground and letting the thunder drown out any noise he could make with the added thunderous tapping of the rain on the building, Jacob found a room within the center of the west wing that appeared to have a newborn within it from what he could see with his vision. His heart beating wildly at the hopes it was his, he dug for his lock picks and upon unearthing them, began to pick the lock swiftly to get inside of the room. When he heard the satisfying click that he was in, Jacob pocketed them once more before urging himself within the bedroom, closing the door inaudibly behind him.

It was dark and only the lightning would grant him some form of sight within the bedroom that had a single bed in the center with a crib at the foot of it to which the child was resting peacefully as it were; regardless of the sounds coming from outside. Jacob took to his feet and hurried over to the baby’s bed, pulling his soaked hood from his face to not frighten the child and see if it was indeed his.

It was a baby, like any other, but what stood out to him was the necklace it wore—it was Jacob’s old possession he had given to (Y/N) to suffice as a wedding ring when he hadn’t the money to give her a proper one. A small gasp of a laugh escaped him in the quiet room—one of happiness and relief—as he bent down to pick up his child and notice, from the color choice, that it was a little boy.

The child was only two weeks old, and it showed alone in how he didn’t even move when touched upon by his father. Jacob hadn’t even a moment to realize he was putting himself in danger (or notice the sound of the door opening quietly), too engrossed in having a chance to hold his son for the first time. Cradling his son to his chest, Jacob smiled and kissed him upon his forehead. “Hey there, lad,” the Assassin whispered, “I’m your father.”

The sound of a gun clicking caught Jacob by surprised as did the voice of Crawford Starrick. “He was your son, Mr. Frye,” said the Master Templar calmly as he felt he had the upper hand in this situation. Regardless of Jacob fishing out his own revolver and threatening to fire in return, Starrick didn’t flinch. “Now, he is mine.”

Jacob growled, his hold upon his son tightening protectively, the lightning illuminating his aggressive expression. “Over my dead body,” he hissed through his clenched teeth.

“It will be,” responded Starrick rather kindly at the thought, most of his own form obscured by darkness to the common eye. The Master Templar’s face wrinkled curiously at Jacob’s bold actions. “You have nothing left. Mr. Frye. I have your former wife, and I have your son. Not only has your wife found reprieve within my embrace, but soon—your very son—will only see me as his father and will be hunting his actual father unknowingly in the years to come as the next Master Templar.”

That thought was the final straw to Jacob, and in that thunderous night, Jacob rang out multiple shots at Starrick angrily, tears blinding his vision as he yelled and alerted his presence foolishly to others nearby…

…and Starrick seemed to answer—with three or so of his own against the mentally wounded Assassin in hopes to end him.

I confronted my physically and emotionally abusive mother after 20 years of abuse. She told me I owed her. That if it wasn’t for her I would be nothing, useless, “a piece of shit on the ground”.
—  Posted by Anonymous.
disney’s descendants sentence meme

feel free to adjust the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “how is it possible that you’re going to be crowned king next month? you’re just a baby!”
  • “they’re children! they’re innocent!”
  • “i feel so useless, misunderstood.”
  • “i’m just trying to teach you the thing that really counts, how to be mean.”
  • “you just find yourself a prince with a big castle, a mother-in-law wing and lots and lots of mirrors!”
  • “well, so much for my first impression.”
  • “i totally do not blame you for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff.”
  • “it’s magic, it doesn’t have to look scary.”
  • “look at you, look at me. i don’t know who to be.”
  • “just pick the one that doesn’t sound like any fun.”
  • “no offense, _____, you’re just too trusting.”
  • “i’d rather be pretty. you’ve got great hair!”
  • “is everyone back home as pretty as you?”
  • “boyfriends are overrated.”
  • “where i come from it’s ‘get ready to die, sucker!’”
  • “didn’t your mom ever make you chocolate chip cookies, like when you’re feeling sad? and they’re fresh from the oven with a big glass of milk and she just makes you laugh and puts everything into perspective?”
  • “_____, have you always had those little golden flecks in your eyes?”
  • “did i mention that i’m in love with you?”
  • “i guess i am kinda talented.”
  • “i’ve never had a sister.”
  • “i look…not hideous.”
  • “for the first time i understand the difference between pretty and beautiful.”
  • “and, right now, i can look into your eyes and i can tell you’re not evil.”
  • “you can’t swim? you live on an island!”
  • “______, i told you that i loved you. what about you? do you love me?”
  • “i don’t know what love feels like.”
  • “what do you think villains teach their kids? kindness? fair play?”
  • “would you wear my ring?”
  • “that you spelled me? yeah, i knew.”
  • “you keep listening to your heart.”
  • “you are good.”
  • “stealing things doesn’t make you happy.”
  • “you do not have to play dumb to get a guy. you are so smart!”
  • “falling in love is weak and ridiculous!”
  • “next time, i rescue you, okay?”
  • “you are beautiful inside and out.”

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Hi dad, I'm really sorry to bother you but I hope you had (or have depending on where you live) a good day and I hope you sleep really well tonight

You guys are never a bother, ever. I had intended to finish a fic today, but your mother distracted me so blame her. I haven’t accomplished my goal for the day and that’s my bad. I’m hoping to get something small up tomorrow though

Meeting The Family

Prompt: “ Can u do an imagine that Y/N is dating Stefan Salvatore and he has to meet your parents and older brother for dinner at Y/n house?”

Warnings: None

Requested by Anon.

(Y/B/N-Your Brother’s Name)

You sit down on the couch next to your boyfriend Stefan and he puts his arm around you. “Hey, can I ask you something?” You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder. He looks over at you and smiles and nods. “Of course, what’s on your mind?” “Well, we’ve been dating for a while and..I want you to meet my family.” You ask with a nervous tone.

His eyes widen. “Oh..Okay, I’d love to.” He replies. You can tell he’s a little nervous and you breath a laugh. “Stefan it’s okay, you don’t have anything to be nervous about, they’re gonna love you!” You say before kissing your boyfriend on the cheek. 

You had talked to your mom about you and Stefan having dinner with the family, and she agreed that it’d be a great idea. Stefan still seemed nervous as you approached your front door. You took his hand yours. “Stefan, calm down, it’s gonna be fine.” You said with a smile before knocking on the door. Your older brother answers it and smiles. “Stefan, this is my brother Y/B/N.” You say with a smile.

Stefan shakes his hand with a smile and walks inside. “Dinner’s about to start.” Your brother says as he motions for you guys to follow him. You and Stefan walk into the kitchen and sit down. Your mother smiles at Stefan, but your father looks unimpressed. 

Your mom senses the tension in the room and clears her throat. “So Stefan, I’ve heard a lot about you thanks to Y/N.” She says with a smile. Stefan laughs. “All good things I hope.” Your mother laughs. “So, tell us about yourself, are you close with your family?” “I don’t have a whole lot of family, my parents passed away a long time ago, now it’s just me and my brother Damon, and I’d say we’re pretty close.” “Well, that’s good. Y/N is very close to her family.” “I can’t blame her, her family seems amazing.” “Cute and charming? Wow.” Your mother replies with a laugh. You and Stefan smile. “See? I told you they’d like you.” You whisper before kissing Stefan on the cheek. 

After dinner you help your mom clean up the kitchen, and Stefan goes in the living room with your dad and brother. “Y/N really seems to care about you.” Your dad says. “Well, I really care about her.” Stefan replies with a smile. “Good. Because if you ever, ever hurt her, I’ll kill you.” Stefan smiles and nods. “Point taken sir.” “Good.” Your dad replies with a smile as he pats Stefan’s back. Your brother breaths a laugh. “Sorry about that." 

After a while you and Stefan leave. "See! They loved you!” He smiles. “Yeah, I don’t know why I was so nervous, I really enjoyed meeting them.” You smile and lightly kiss his lips. “Thank you, for being so perfect.” He smirks. “You’re welcome.” He teases before crashing his lips into yours.


Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Nikki Bella is eager to get reader to date Seth, but reader doesn’t want to due to Seth’s past infidelities. Lots of “dates” will ensue as Seth tries to win over reader.

A/N: Part one of a new series. Starting it off nice and easy :) 


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Obbie....(I need to stop with my nicknames...Neders, Robbie, and now Obbie...)

Imagine being a Lannister and a secret lover to Oberyn Martell.

(written for @pastelcoloredpanda who requested an Oberyn imagine with a plot of my choice, and inspired (kind of) by my conversation with @littlexmissxvicious )

(Warning: Smut…but not as graphic as my usual)

(Word Count: 2,161)

“I know you’re sleeping with the Dornishman.” You were grateful that your sister had taught you how to smile and not show when something affected you. As you sat there across from her, you lifted an eyebrow and replied with “Oh, am I? I must have blacked out. Hopefully, I have better luck in remembering the stinging bite of the Red Viper the next time I happen to…sleep with him.”

Secretly, you were already feeling the sting of a passionate night with Prince Oberyn Martell of Sunspear in Dorne. Before him, you had been the “best” Noble Lady of a Great House. You curtsied and blushed and held your tongue. You made your Father proud and was…well the only child of his who he didn’t see as a “huge” disappointment. Then you had come from Casterly Rock to attend your nephew’s wedding and you had run into, literally, the Dornish Prince nearly the very moment you stepped into the Red Keep.

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Day 32

The clock kept ticking. It ticked to count the seconds, the minutes, the hours that continued to pass as Victor remained awake. Victor tried the breathing technique. He tried tensing then relaxing his muscles. He even tried counting sheep! He made up stories in his mind. Imagined music and choreographed full routines. But time still passed, and Victor was awake in bed. The gears of the ticking clock wound him tighter and tighter.

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Free Fall - 4 (Barry Reader)

Talk of drugs in the chapter, please be advised…

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

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“Please tell me you guys have Big Belly Burger…” Barry asked as he came back into the room holding up a couple of bags.

You smiled nodding, “Yes we do, it smells delicious.”

“Good.” He walked over to you and started pulling out several items, “It seems to be a constant among the universe.”

After he pulled out the sixth burger your eyebrows shot up, “Uh…are we expecting an army?”

He laughed a little, “Because of my ability to run fast, I need a lot of energy to replace what I lose. Just take what you like, I’ll eat the rest.”

“Right…I guess that makes sense.” You laughed a little, “It’s certainly a good ‘runners’ diet.”

Barry laughed a little looking at the spread, “Shoot, I forgot your water.”

“Oh it’s-” You felt wind woosh against your face as you spoke, “okay…”

He stood there in front of you before you finished holding out a water smiling, “No problem.”

You took the water smiling at him, “That is so cool…”

He shrugged sitting down, “It’s natural now, but yeah…it’s pretty cool.”

During the next hour he found out that you taught music to grade school children and for extra income taught piano to those that wanted to learn. It was nice to just talk to someone who wasn’t looking for help. You genuinely seemed interested in him as well.

“I can’t believe you ate 16 cheeseburgers, four 10 piece chicken nuggets, and 5 french fries.” You watched him toss a wrapper in the trash can across the room.

“And that is nearly nothing compared to what I normally eat.” He smiled at you putting his hands behind his head. He took a deep breath before leaning forward clapping his hands together, “So I’ve learned that you’re an amazing person, which really isn’t that hard to see. Those who teach are great gifts to the world…”

You blushed a little looking away, “Thank you…but I just teach music.”

“It is scientifically proven that music is important for us. It helps you remain calm, happy and stay focused. There’s even a study right now that says music is helping with pain in fibromyalgia patients.” He smiled at you brightly making your heart flutter, “It isn’t just music, Y/N. It’s more then that.”

You stared at him for a moment longer letting his compliments hang in the air, “I think you were going somewhere before you defined my career as a… world changer.”

“Right…” He swallowed nodding, “Its just…I trust you…I don’t know why, but I just do. You look at me and I know you’ll keep my…identity safe.”

“I will, Barry.” You nodded, “You have my word.”

“I know.” He smiled and looked at his hands, “I wish it was that simple…but my friends are worried and want me to be cautious. They want to know why I get that feeling and they want to make sure that you’ll keep my secret. I know it has something to do with…with how you know me…the other me. Your Barry…”

“What are you asking?” You tilted your head a little as he looked up at you.

“What…was your relationship with your, Barry?” He sighed, “I don’t want to make this awkward…but we have to know. We want to trust you.”

You looked away from him blushing fiercely, “Right…uh…”

“I’m sorry…” Barry frowned seeing how hard it seemed to talk about it.

“No…” You look at him, “Don’t be…you’re not him. I can see it in your eyes. You have hope still.”

His lit up more as you continued to speak, “I met Barry, after his father died…he was really angry…”

“Wait…my father died?” Barry frowned.

You looked at him, “Yes, it was an angry patient…he was shot at the hospital. Your mother raised you…by your face I can see that isn’t what happened here…”

“No…no it isn’t…I…” Barry couldn’t imagine it being any other way, “Please, go on…we can compare and contrast later.”

“Right…” You nodded, “Your…his mother was really over protective. I wouldn’t blame her, but Barry felt it was suffocating. We met in middle school choir and started to hangout. He had the voice of a god…that’s why I fell for him.”

“Barry, took me to my first non-classical concert. My parents hated him. He got me into rock and alternative, both of which my parents wanted me to have nothing to do with.” You smiled at him, “I was classically trained for the piano since I was four and they expected me to do great things with it.”

“But…” Barry smiled a little, “I have a feeling alternate me changed your mind?”

“Yeah…he was in a band and started to travel right out of high school.” You smiled, “I ended up a Julliard for a couple of semesters until he came by one night. He took me to a show and convinced me to come with him.”

You licked your lips as you went on, “I loved him…and I thought he loved me. As he toured more, his band got bigger and better. The fame got more glamorous and the rewards more…dangerous…”

“Rewards?” Barry frowned not liking how that sounded.

You looked at him tearing up, “What comes with fame and fortune?” 

You watched Barry take another hit. He thought he was alone, but he was wrong, “Barry…”

He jumped for a second before turning to you. His eyes were glazed over as the high took over, “Hey, babe…”

You frowned, “…I thought you were done with that…”

He rolled his eyes, “Well I had some stashed away…why let it go to waste?”

He stepped up to you putting his hands on your waist kissing your neck, “Your high…stop…”

“Come on…loosen up…you’ve been such a bitch lately…” His eyes narrowed on you, “You’re no fun anymore.”

“It only seemed to get worse…every city…every success…just driving you deeper away from me.” He listened to you as pain filled your eyes. His heart went out to you, “Until you finally pushed me away…”

“Barry? Barry, are you out here?” You walked out the back looking for him, “It’s almost show time…”

You heard laughter by a trash can, “They’ll wait for me…after all I’m voice of it all…”

You frowned, “Barry…”

“Oh don’t start…you’re ruining the vibe…” He looked at you stand in front of him, “Though you tend to ruin the vibe for everything…”

“Come on…lets get you home…” You reached for him, “You’re in no shape to go on stage.”

“No…” He ripped his arm away from you.

“Barry…you are walking down a rough road…we’re a few hours from home…we can talk and figure out how to help you…” You stood in front of him.

“Y/N, just shut up!” He shouted at you as visible pain showed on your face, “Just stay away from me! Get out of my life! I don’t need you here anymore ruining everything!”

You watched him walk toward the back door, a pain in your chest rupturing as a swelling in your throat formed. Your best friend was walking away from you…

“So I grabbed my things and I left…a year on the road with him and it was over just like that.” You sniffed, “I went to school, got my degree and found a job. Five years later, I’m falling off a building into a different universe…”

He smiled as you tried to cheer yourself up, “…I’m sorry…”

You looked in the eye frowning, “Don’t apologize for something you didn’t do…I know I kept saying you…but it was him…it was always him and his choices…”

“Still…you’re hurting and I asked you to talk about him.” Barry frowned a little, “I’m sorry for that, I never meant…for you to be in pain.”

You smiled at him, “That’s kind of you. Thank you, Barry.”

He stood up holding out his hand to you, “Would you like to meet everyone?”

You perked up, “I take it I passed?”

“You never had to pass for me.” He smiled at you as you took his hand, “I told you, I already knew I could trust you.”

Before He Cheats: Part 2

Tittle: Before He Cheats: Part Two

Pairing: Peter Pan and Reader

Rating: PG 13

Warning: smut

Side Notes: this is honestly the most requested imagine I have ever gotten so thank you!

  It has been six weeks since Peter had appeared in my bedroom and every day since he has sent me a present. Everyday since then I let my father get rid of whatever Peter had sent, telling him not to tell me what they were. I wanted nothing to do with them, nothing to him. I knew if I saw them, how sweet and well thought out they were, I would go running back into his arms. I wanted nothing to do with the green eyed boy, not after what he did. My father was behind me 100% not wanting me anywhere near him, my mother was too until week number 4 came around and the gifts apparently got sweeter.

   Then after that my mother started to change her mind, which resulted in her trying to talk me into changing mine. She thought it would be a good idea if I just hear him out, listen to what he has to say. Each time she mentioned it, I shock my head and walked out of the room, sitting down beside my father, muttering about how mum had taken to Peter`s side. Every time he just sighed and brushed it aside, telling me to just ignore it, that she was on my side but just felt sorry for the boy. I told him everything, except for one tiny thing.

  Despite everything that I said, I was still in love with Peter. Truly, madly and deeply in love with Peter. I wanted him back at the same time I wanted him to stay away. Far away. While at the same time I want him close. It confused the hell out of me. I wanted him, yet I didn’t and I couldn`t talk to my parents. Both were on separate sides of the problem, they were basis. So that was why I was sitting in the far booth in Grannies, waiting for Red to get off work so she could speak with me. Red knew all about this stuff, and would be able to help me figure out what to do while at the same time be a shoulder to lean on. In the meantime I sipped happily at my hot chocolate. I sighed and turned to look out the small window when someone slipped in beside me. At first I had thought it was Red, but I soon found out other wise.

   “Go away.” I snapped, glaring at the green eyed boy who had decided to sit down beside me.

  “No. We are going to talk.” He said firmly letting his hand slide over mine.
“Please baby just hear me out.”

   “What is there to hear Peter? You slept with some blonde sank while dating with me.”

  “I never slept with her! Baby I swear I didn’t. What you saw was this. I had invited her over because she told me she was very close to you and was able to help me figure out what to get you for a present. I wanted your birthday to be special and I couldn’t decide what the perfect gift to get you. I was going over ideas, bouncing them off her when all of a sudden she straddled my waist. She told me she wanted to be my lost girl. I told her I had a lost girl, the only lost girl I ever wanted and that was why we were here. She just shrugged and kissed me before I could say anything. I was in the process of pushing her off of me when you walked in.”

  “Well why didn’t you push her off you before she kissed you?” I snapped.

  “I was trying, I thought I mentioned that.” He said, his eye brows knitting together are she spoke. I just huffed and shook my head trying figure things out. 

  “No.” I snapped, glaring at him while I ignored the urge to fall into him.

  “I`m sorry. Look I changed the way I was starting the day I met you. I love you and I`m begging you to believe that.”

  “I do Peter I jus..” I was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine, I froze for a moment before giving in. The kiss was heated, the two of us trying to fit together to make up for the time that we lost. I whimpered as I climbed onto his lap, letting my hand wrap around his neck. As his hand slipped down my sides, resting on the small of my back, I let my fingers wrap into the strands of hair on the back of his neck. I let his hands wonder. I let out a small moan before I pulled back letting myself slid off of him and taking my seat back.

  “That doesn’t look like someone who hates me. Didn’t feel like it either.” He sighed, smiling at me as his hand slipped around my waist.

  “Doesn’t mean I am getting back together to get with you.”

  “Oh come on baby girl, what do I have to do to show you I`m sorry.” He moaned, letting his hands slid up my side.

   “I don`t know. But kissing me won`t help anything.” I muttered, trying hard not to look at him. I was caving and fast.

  “Then I won`t kiss you, but please just look at me. Look at me when I tell you I love you and Abby meant nothing. I honestly thought she was your friend, I know you have a friend named Abby. I thought that was her.. I met your Abby a few days after everything blew up. She came to my house and slapped me. She is fiery little red head. I know that now. I honestly didn’t before. You never told me anything but her name.” He said, guilt building inside of me. He was right. I never told him anything about my friends other than their names and funny things that had happened with them. I never let him meet them because I wanted my boyfriend and my friends to be separate.

  “I`m sorry. I really am. I should have told you more about them. I know it`s not my fault this happened, but I could have helped avoid it if I had just introduced you to Abby.”

  “I was never saying it was your fault, not even close. I know I am to blame. I should have talked to your mother, or Red, or Snow. Someone, anyone that I know who would know you. If not them I should have asked around, make sure I had the right person. Hell love I should have even pushed her off me the moment she jumped on me. This, all of this, is my fault. And I promise I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you, if you`ll let me.”

  I stared at him for a moment before I leaned over and smashed my lips against his. I pulled back after a minute, letting my hands cup the side of his face, my thumb brushing his cheeks.

  “I`m sorry. I should have let you explained weeks ago. I love you Peter Pan.” I smiled, letting my lips mesh against his again. Instantly his kissed back, his lips moving from my lips down my jaw. When they reached my neck, my eyes shot open, pushing him back.

  “What? I thought we were getting back together.”

  “We are. I just need to remind you that we are in Grannies and I know where this is going and we should really do it else where.” I purred letting my hand run down his chest. He shuddered wrapping me in arms before he chuckled.

  “Well then I think it`s high time we head back to my bedroom.” He said, nipping at my neck. I let my eyes close knowing that he would transport us to his bedroom. Sure enough when my eyes fluttered open, I was laying on my back staring up at Peter`s ceiling. I chuckled before letting out a gasp as his bite down on my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin before letting his lips move from my neck.

  “I am so sorry baby girl.” He muttered pressing his lips back against mine again. As we kissed his hands slipped up my shirt, his hands massaging my breast. I let out a moan into his lips, pushing my hips up so they pressed again his.

 “Hmm it`s okay baby.” I moaned, my hands slipping under his shirt to yank it off him. The moment it was on the floor he leaned back, yanking my shirt off and tossing it over his shoulder. He smiled at me, his eyes half closed as his hands cupped my breast over my bra. As he stared at me, he leaned and kissed my neck again, his cold hands slipping under my bra. I let my hands move down his chest moaning loudly as his thumbs ran over my nipples.

  “Hmmm baby I love it when you moan my name. Why don`t you do it louder.” He muttered, his hands moving across my chest to rip off my bra, throwing it to the side the same time he kissed down my chest. I gasped as his lips wrapped around my nipple, his tongue flickering over the bud, as his free hand ran over my thumb.

  “Peter.” I gasped, pushing my hips against his as his lips moved from my breast kissing down the valley between my chest. He let his eyes flick up to me as he continued to kiss down my chest. He stopped as he reached the top of my jeans. He smirked up at me before biting down on the material, using his lips and tongue to undo the button before he pushed them down. He smiled as he ripped them all the way, my panties soon following.

  As he sank lower to where I needed him most, he rubbed his thumb over my heat, ghosting over my bud. The small touch caused me to let out a moan, my arch in pleasure. He kissed along my thighs before smirking up at me before attaching his lips to clit. Instantly I pulled back hissing as the pleasure washed over me. The things this boy can do with this mouth. He licked up and down my folds, smirking even wider as I moaned louder. My moans only got louder as he pushed his fingers inside me the same time he switched between kitten licks and sucking on my clit.

  “Oh god Peter right there.” I gasped, letting my hands tangle into his hair, holding his head where I wanted it.

  He chuckled, the vibrations from his mouth causing me to scream out in pleasure. At the scream he started to work faster, his fingers curling against me, going deeper with each and every push. His tongue flattened against my clit, licking and sucking. The new pace and the longer licks caused the the knot in my stomach to tighten.

  “Peter I`m going to I…m oh Peter.” I screamed arching my back as my high washed over me, my legs shacking as Peter kept up with what he was doing.
He kept it up until my high over, licking his lips as he started to crawl back up to me, his lips meshing against mine, the taste of my cum still on them. I moaned as I pushed against his chest, flipping him over so I was on top. Smirking into the kiss I started to grind my hips against his.

  I smirked as I attached my lips to his neck, sucking on his sweet spot. I smirked against his neck as my hands traveled down his chest, pushing his pants down. I kissed down his chest, moving his pants and boxer lower with each kiss. Once his pants were out of the way, his erection free, I kissed the tip, letting my gaze meet his fro, over my eye lashes. Before I could do more than tease his tip, pulled me back up to his lips. I smirked as I smashed his lips against mine. 

  “I have waited to long to have you again, I need you.” He growled flipping me on my back, sliding into me. As he did we both let out a loud moan of pleasure. I circled my hips, begging him to move. He listened his lips pulling back before slamming into me.

  “I love you.” He moaned, nuzzling his head into my neck as he continued slamming into me. I screamed in pleasure letting my hand rack down his back.

  “I love you too.” I screamed, bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts. Each one bringing me closer to my high.

 All to quickly, my high came, washing over me Peter coming just as quickly. We both rode out our highs, panting as he rolled over onto his back. I smiled as I curled up against him, wrapping my arm around his waist and laying my head on his chest.

  “I would say we should fight more but I don`t want to fight with you ever again.”
Peter whispered, pressing a kiss to my temple.

  “Hmm I`m with you there. I had being mad at you.”

  “Good. You are my lost girl and I am your lost boy. We may not be on Neverland, which by the way you would love its beautiful, but we will never grow old in the eyes of each other.” He muttered, a smile breaking out over my face at his words. He was right, no matter what happened he was my lost boy and I will forever be his list girl.

Bittersweet Faith - Pt.2

TITLE: Bittersweet Faith

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Part Two of Four

AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that at some point during the Avengers Loki steals an infant to raise as his own.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Talk of an abusive relationship. Fluff.



Three months later and Noah and I were still living with Loki. I still hadn’t forgiven him for kidnapping Noah. I often woke up in the middle of the night screaming after having a dream that Noah was being kidnapped all over again. A couple of times Loki burst into the room, almost seeming scared because I was screaming. Each time I lied and said it was nothing and shooed him away from me.

Lately Loki has been bugging me to let him help me with Noah. I still hadn’t let him near my baby. I was still trying to decide whether I could trust him or not.

At the moment we were sitting in the nursery and I was rocking Noah after I had fed him. He was still awake though. Loki was sitting in the chair next to the rocker, staring at Noah and me.

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Audrey: Hey! You’re Maleficent’s daughter- aren’t you? Yeah, I totally do not blame you for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff! Oh my mom’s Aurora, Sleeping-

Mal: Beauty, yeah I’ve heard the name before. And I totally do not blame your grandparents for inviting everyone in the whole world, but my mother, to their stupid christening.