i blame you si

🌸 Trechos De Músicas Em Inglês 🌸

✔ Strength and guidance ( força e orientação) Drake
✔ Everything you want is a dream away.( Tudo que você quer está a um sonho de distância). Coldplay
✔ We both know we ain’t kids no more. ( Nós dois sabemos que não somos mais crianças). Adele
✔ I live my day as If was the last. ( Eu vivo o meu dia como se fosse o último). Zara Larsson
✔ I’d love to hold you close, toninght and always. ( Eu adoraria te abraçar, hoje e sempre). Zayn
✔ You’ve got a hold me.( Você me tem nas mãos). Shaw Mendes
✔ We’ve gotta let go of all our ghosts ( temos que nos libertar de todos os nossos fantasmas). Adele
✔ You should go and love yourself.( Você deve ir e amar a si mesmo). Justin Bieber
✔ I don’t blame you much for wanting tô bem free. ( Não te culpo muito por querer ser livre). Kanye west
✔ Loving can hurt sometimes.( O amor pode machucar as vezes). Ed Sheeran
✔ Friends can break your heart too. ( Amigos também podem quebrar seu coração). Gnash
✔ words i never got to say. ( Palavras que nunca consegui dizer). Niall Horan
✔ Times hás brought your heart to me.( O tempo trouxe o seu coração para mim). Christina Perri

Miami Prompt #31

Sorry I took so long with this one. There was a lot of deleting and starting over because I didn’t think it was flowing. Hopefully, you all enjoy! Shout out to my sis @itsashethingtvblog for giving me guidance when I couldn’t figure out what the hell to do with this. I blame this all on you. HA! Just kidding, but thanks sis!  Thanks to the anon who requested it as well.

I don’t own the characters or pieces of the dialogue at the end (lines from the summer special). All belong to James LaRosa and VH1/Viacom. I added a few lines from the special and added a bit of my own flavor to mix it up. Enjoy!

A lump formed in Derek’s throat as his agent explained how Miami wanted him to play for them. The money was sounding nice, but that wasn’t Derek’s concern. California was home for Ahsha. Being a part of the Devil Girls was a dream of hers and she had just gotten her spot back a few months ago. Derek was used to making decisions for himself but now he had to think about Ahsha and their future. Would she be willing to pick up her life and move to Miami? What would Miami bring to her? Many questions crossed Derek’s mind and this decision couldn’t be made without him talking with his soon-to-be wife first. He told his agent to sniff around for a good deal, not thinking anyone would bite. His contract with the Devils was already a hefty one and many teams would not be willing to pay him more or match that contract. Well many teams, minus Miami. The player hoped to have a deal with a new team so that he and Ahsha could start fresh. But, he wasn’t planning on leaving the state or the west coast for that matter. Miami was on the other side of the United States. That would rip Ahsha away from her family, plus her budding career in Los Angeles. He already felt like he was starting off on the wrong foot by not talking to her about this before letting his agent make the move. Would she be open to picking up her life in Los Angeles to move across the country just because her husband was ready to move on from the Devils? That was a lot to ask and he honestly didn’t think it was fair of him to ask her to make that sacrifice.

Derek was a player many teams would kill to have but not every team could afford the price. They had to play it smart and think about the other pieces they had to build around a star player. Miami on the other hand, had money to offer and they weren’t too far off from being a championship caliber team again. Adding a player like Derek Roman gave them a new edge. Too bad they were way on the east coast.

“Wow, I didn’t think any more teams would make an offer. Figured that was a done deal after the Clippers dropped out. Jeff, I can’t just up and leave like that. I’m about to be married and Ahsha already has a career going here in LA. Even if we were to leave the Devils, she would still be in LA. At least that’s what I was hoping would happen with this new deal,” Derek explained, pacing the office.

“Oh, they aren’t just offering you a good deal. Look Derek, I don’t think you understand how big you and Ahsha are.  Miami is wanting both of you. Since D-Wade and Gabrielle are in Chicago now, they are looking for a new power couple. They are offering Ahsha a chance to run the Heat dancers. I know the Devil Girls are ranked up there, but this team isn’t too far behind. They’re well-known here and pretty popular overseas. This may seem farfetched and too good to be true, but they are wanting someone to fill D-Wade’s place. You are it and they have made that clear with this deal,” Jeff explained, hoping to get Derek on board with Miami. He was a seasoned agent that Derek had hired after winning the championship with the Devils. Getting Derek the best deal was Jeff’s main priority when it was time for the Devils to offer a new contract. The Miami deal literally fell into his lap and he couldn’t wait to get that information to the champion and last season’s MVP.  

“You serious,” the player questioned, so shocked that he had to take a seat at his desk. “They want
Ahsha to be in charge of the dancers?”

“She’s very talented and they’ve been watching some of the dances she’s done for the Devil Girls. They want you and your fiancée…badly,” Jeff replied, praying that this sold Miami’s deal.

Derek stood to his feet and turned towards the window. “Alright, I’ll….I’ll talk to Ahsha and then get back to you. I want to make sure she’s okay with this before I move forward.”

“Sounds good. Thanks Mr. Roman. Hope I’ll be hearing from you soon,” the agent added before they hung up. This would be one of the hardest conversations he had with Ahsha. It would be their first big decision and would be life changing.


After a long day at the arena, Ahsha returned home feeling like she could sleep for days. Derek was in his office, so she headed for the bedroom. He rarely used his office unless he was discussing a very important matter or bad news.  

On the way home, Ahsha picked up a few brochures that would help them narrow down their honeymoon spots. They didn’t have a long time and Ahsha hoped they had time to discuss before bed. Throwing the bag of brochures on the bed, Ahsha began coming out of her clothes. Her legs were on fire from practice and all the errands she had to run before coming home.

She sighed in relief once she removed her skinny jeans and t-shirt. Dressed in only her bra and panties, Ahsha went back to the bed and began looking through the brochures. Ahsha wished to travel the world. Now that she was getting married, Ahsha was excited about making new memories with her husband. They had a lot of world to see and she couldn’t wait.

Derek had finished his call and made his way to the bedroom to find his half naked fiancée sifting through honeymoon information. Before he even reached the room, he was worried about how he was going to tell her the news. They were on such good terms right now and he didn’t want to mess that up. Seeing Ahsha bent over had his mind going other places for the time being. It was sexy as hell and had him growing rock hard by the second.

“Well damn,” Derek hummed, biting his bottom lip when Ahsha’s head turned in his direction. He couldn’t get enough of that beautiful smile. Waking up to that every morning would be the highlight of his day.

“Hey to you too,” Ahsha replied, throwing the brochures to the side and wrapping her arms around Derek’s neck. “Missed you this morning. Get called in early?”

The smell of Ahsha’s perfume was almost intoxicating along with her half naked appearance. But Derek knew he had to stay on topic. After speaking with his agent, he needed to let Ahsha know the news that could either make or break them. Just when they were headed in the right direction, this life changing news popped up to possibly destroy everything. Derek knew he should have talked with Ahsha before going to his agent in the first place. When the Clippers deal fell through, he figured no other team would be willing to take on another contract. Until Miami reached out to Jeff. This literally changed everything and Derek wasn’t looking forward to breaking the news to his future wife.

Knowing something was heavy on her man’s mind, Ahsha asked, “You seem bothered?”

Tell her now or wait? Right now, she was all smiles and clearly excited about the wedding and their honeymoon planning. Telling her about Miami may be crushing news after she just got the captain spot with the Devil Girls. “Just tired. Your dad kicked our asses at practice today. Had an early practice then I went to see the trainers.”

“Aww, you starting to feel your age, old man,” the dancer chuckled, her arms still settled on Derek’s shoulders. “Maybe I can make you feel better with a massage.”

Derek laughed.  His age was always an inside joke with them.  Though he was only 30 years old, Ahsha always took jabs at him about being an old man. “Very funny. I’m not that much older than you. But that massage sounds good right about now.”

So, the Miami conversation would have to wait, since his fiancée had other plans. Ahsha cleared the brochures and travel books off the bed and helped Derek out of his clothes. “Lay down,” she demanded, patting the bed. “I’ll take care of you.”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to catch the double meaning. The baller did as he was told, relaxing into the firm mattress as Ahsha began massaging his back. Ahsha’s hands pressing into his tight muscles took his mind off the Miami deal for a bit. “That feels good, baby,” Derek said, resting his head on his crossed arms.

“Mmmhhmm. Gotta take care of my man,” came Ahsha’s reply. The strong glide of her hands loosened Derek’s kinks and knots from his exhausting practice earlier that day.

The couple fell silent as the dancer continued her TLC. Derek was almost sleep when Ahsha said, “I picked up a few vacation books so we can plan our honeymoon. We don’t have very much time.”

“Hmmm,” Derek hummed, his eyes still closed. “That’s cool. You know I’m fine with whatever.”

Typical male answer. I’m fine with whatever. “Derek, I want you to be a part of this too. I’m not settling for the ‘whatever you want’ answer. We’ll pick together,” Ahsha answered. “Speaking of honeymoons…”

The way Ahsha’s voice trailed off made Derek’s eyes shoot open. Slightly turning his head, Derek cocked his brow, “What?”

There was a shyness behind Ahsha’s grin. Obviously, she had something up her sleeve. “Um, I had a suggestion but I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

That made Derek flip onto his back. He gripped Ahsha’s hips to hold her in place. “Uh oh, what are you suggesting, Ms. Hayes?”

“You think we can hold off on sex until our wedding night? I mean…we don’t have that long and I wanted that night to be special. You know,” she questioned sweetly. Self-control wasn’t her strong suit, especially when it came to Derek Roman’s ability to talk your panties to the ground.

The same went for Derek. He was already turned on and Ahsha’s suggestion only made him harder. This took him back to their forbidden days when they used to sneak around. Every time they said they would  stop, they failed. This situation felt no different. Who was Ahsha kidding?

“You serious,” the player smirked, trying his best not to laugh.

“Yes, I’m serious. I figured we could last until the wedding night. Shouldn’t be that hard, right,”
Ahsha smiled back, failing to ignore the upward roll of Derek’s hips against her.

“If that’s what you want to do, then I guess I’ll respect it. I just won’t be able to do this, huh,” Derek crooned, his fingers grazing the top of Ahsha’s silk panties. The simple act made her want to clench her legs together.

“Nope,” she sighed.

“Hmmm. That’s too bad,” Derek continued, this time his hand falling a little lower.

This had officially become a game and Ahsha had no problem playing along, though she was serious about no sex until their wedding night. There was nothing wrong with fooling around, right? “Well, maybe that,” she nodded, placing her hand on top of Derek’s large one. She eased his hand down further until it was resting at her moist center.

“Oh really? Then what about this,” Derek sat up, wrapping Ahsha’s legs around his waist. Slowly inching towards her lips, a devilish grin formed on the Devil player’s face. “Or this?” With that, Derek covered Ahsha’s mouth with his own, pulling her bottom lip between his teeth.

Still playing along, Ahsha replied, “Yes.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. Maybe they could do it once more and then start fresh tomorrow. Ahsha kissed Derek back, letting her lips convey how much she wanted him. Taking the clue, Derek gently pushed Ahsha back so that he was on top. She moaned into his mouth as their kiss deepened. Yeah, they could start fresh tomorrow.

“We better stop if we’re going to wait until our wedding night,” Derek suggested, placing one last kiss on Ahsha’s lips. Holding off on sex until their wedding night would be difficult, but Derek wanted to respect Ahsha’s decision if that’s what she truly wanted.

Little did he know, his fiancée had already put that idea behind her for the night. “No, no. It’s okay. We can start tomorrow.”

Derek couldn’t even hold his laughter. “Oh, so you wanna start tomorrow now? You are something else.”

“But you love it,” she teased, pulling Derek back down.

Derek pecked her lips. “I do.”

The young couple always kept it steamy in the bedroom by trying new things. People that knew Ahsha would have never guessed that she wasn’t the innocent girl they thought she was. Derek and Ahsha had no problem sexing outside of the box. If that meant dressing up and role playing or experimenting, they were down for it. Since this would be their last night of fun before becoming man and wife, Ahsha wanted to take advantage of the moment.

She pushed against the wall of Derek’s chest. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where you going,” Derek asked, arching his brow when Ahsha jumped to her feet and ran towards the closet. When he caught her devious grin, he knew where she was headed.

“Oh, I won’t be long,” she replied, closing the closet doors behind her. Just thinking about how kinky they could get had the dancer feeling some type of way. Their “sex drawer” was full of goodies and costumes. Ahsha chuckled to herself as she pulled out a blind fold and the bright red naughty Devil costume that had become a favorite. She quickly changed into the sheer bra, placing the red Devil horns on top of her beach waves. The outfit was completed with a pair of platform pumps, that accentuated her toned legs. Taking one last look at herself in the ceiling to floor closet mirror, the dancer wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t kinky enough and needed a little flare. Ahsha went back and forth in her head until she finally decided to change out of the laced red thong.

Happy with her look and feeling extra naughty, she peeked her head out the door. “I hope you’re not too tired to have some fun,” Ahsha hummed, stepping outside the closet, and posing in front of the door. “I’m feeling a little…devilish.”

The sight of Ahsha in the tiny red outfit and heels turned the LA Devil on more than ever. Add on the blind fold she attempted to hide behind her back. “Come here, you little Devil,” Derek bit his lip while patting his lap.  Ahsha took small steps, her hips swaying with every move forward, only making her partner grow harder. All Derek could think about was those long legs wrapped around his neck.

Ahsha stopped in between Derek’s legs, pulling the blind fold from behind her back. “Let’s play a game.” Things were about to heat up in the Roman mansion. Derek smirked when the blindfold was placed on his eyes and tied around his head. “Can you see me?”

“Nope, can’t see a thing. But what are these for,” Derek asked, reaching out to grab her but she had already backed away. “Oh, we’re playing this game, huh?”

Ahsha had made her way to the other side of the bed, where she was trying to hold her laughter. She knew this only meant trouble when Derek found her. The good type of trouble of course.

With a soft thud, Derek fell back against the comforter, feeling around for his favorite Devil Girl. A loud shriek came from Ahsha’s mouth when Derek suddenly grabbed and pulled her back down to the bed. Her body bounced on the mattress as the baller continued his trek.

“Damn, you found me,” Ahsha groaned sarcastically, knowing she purposely found a bad hiding spot.

“Mmmhhhm,” Derek added, still using his hands to explore his surroundings since he was without sight. Finally finding his way between Ahsha’s legs, Derek intended to please his woman without even finding the way with his eyes. They knew each other’s bodies and “spots” like the back of their hand and Derek planned to use that to his advantage. Suddenly, the scent of strawberries hit Derek’s nose. To his surprise, Ahsha was wearing edible panties. So, she was in that type of mood tonight?

“Can’t find your way,” Ahsha joked, her skin tingling all over. Just thinking about what Derek had in mind had her yearning for his touch.

“Trust me, I know my way,” he quickly shot back, one of his hands settling on the top of her edible underwear. “You smell good enough to eat.” And he meant it. Dipping his head down, the player took a taste of the gummy panties, making sure his tongue connected with the skin of her hip. He sucked at the sensitive skin, enjoying the feeling of Ahsha’s body stiffening under him. It was obvious what she really wanted him to do but he wasn’t budging. Instead, he went for foreplay. He was going to eat his dessert before dinner. By the time, he got to the main course, he wanted her to melt in his hands.

Derek kissed his way to the other hip, giving the skin there the same torture. Biting at the gummy candy, letting it melt in his mouth before he placed a wet kiss inside her slick folds. The erotic act almost made Ahsha jump off the bed. He didn’t stay there. Derek kissed his way up Ahsha’s toned torso. The mix of his lips and warm tongue against her already heated skin had her body screaming. A blindfold wasn’t hindering Derek’s senses at all. He didn’t have to look to know the effect of his actions. The anticipation was literally vibrating throughout Ahsha’s body and he could feel it. When he reached her lips, he could feel it there too. The way she took control of the kiss was sexy as hell to him. The taste of strawberry lingered on Derek’s tongue as Ahsha took what was hers. Her hands gripped his broad shoulders, pulling him even closer.

“You taste good,” Ahsha moaned into her fiancé’s mouth.

“Just like you,” Derek simply replied, his actions doing the rest of the talking. His fiancée may have had tricks up her sleeve, but he had one too. “And you’ve been such a devil tonight.” His wicked tone teased Ahsha’s center, causing moisture to pool in between her legs. Crazy how his words could touch her before his body even did a thing.

Removing the blind fold, Derek abruptly stood to his feet and grabbed the tie from his dress shirt on the floor. Ahsha watched from the bed, her chest rising and falling as the player stood over her with the sexiest smirk on his face.

Grabbing Ahsha’s arms and putting them over her head, Derek tied the silk fabric around her wrists. He placed the blind fold over her head. “There. Now we’re even.”

The baller kept his eye on Ahsha, making his way back around the bed before joining her. Ahsha smiled when she felt his weight fall on the mattress.  She waited for him to touch her but he didn’t. Instead, Derek hovered over her legs, watching her squirm under his gaze. Impatience grew until a warm sensation spread in between her thighs. Her body withered under the intense pleasure. Not being able to see or use her hands put Ahsha in such a euphoric state. It was like she could feel every taste bud on her lover’s tongue as he plunged deeper. To Derek’s delight, he got to see Ahsha’s every move. The change in her body language the more he teased. Her back arched, her teeth bit at her bottom lip and though she wanted to claw at the sheets, she couldn’t. All the nerves in her body seemed to react as the baller’s tongue glided between her slick folds. She moaned and cried out as her body inched across the bed.

The player held Ahsha’s hips in place, using his elbows to spread her legs out for better access. That sent Ahsha’s body into a frenzy. Derek felt her legs shaking and knew she was close. But that didn’t stop him. Back and forth, he sucked and licked, almost bringing Ahsha to tears. It felt so good that she didn’t want it to end. Knots formed in her stomach as the pressure built. When Derek’s thumbs gently pressed into her pelvis, Ahsha came unglued. Wave after wave rocked throughout her body, the force of the orgasm lasting for long seconds. Derek quickly freed himself from his pants.

Ahsha wasn’t even given enough time to come down off her high before Derek’s length rubbed against her. Spreading her wetness, Derek eased his way inside until his chest rested against Ahsha’s.

“You still want to wait until our wedding night,” he purred in her ear, slightly flexing his hips.

Unable to hold in her cry, Ahsha muttered, “No….Derek, please,” she begged between ragged breaths. But Derek didn’t move. His thickness had filled her to the brim.

“What’s wrong, baby,” Derek continued, thrusting his hips once before pulling out and filling her again. He grabbed her wrists, holding the tie in place. “How badly do you want it?””

Was he serious? Ahsha could barely keep her thoughts straight with him buried so deep. Even with the blind fold on, she could tell Derek was getting a kick out of this. That infamous smirk was probably gracing his lips.  

The player grinded into Ahsha again, this time moving his hips painfully slow. “Is this what you want,” Derek’s deep voice bellowed in her ear. “You like it when I’m this deep, don’t you?”

“Ye-ss-sss,” Ahsha forced out. If her hands were free, she would slap the hell out of Derek for this type of torture.

Satisfied with her answer, Derek began to move. Giving Ahsha every inch of him, while still holding her hands hostage above her head. Each stroke left Ahsha speechless. All she could do was cry about how good he felt as he continued pounding into her. What began as slow and tender strokes turned into straight fucking. There was no mercy and Ahsha was loving every minute of it. The more she surrendered, the harder Derek went.

They were both on fire. When they got like this, they slept like babies for the rest of the night. They were going at it like savages that had never had each other. The bed was a mess. Pillows had fallen to the floor from the force of their bodies colliding over and over again. Derek untied the silk fabric holding her wrists together. Ragged breaths and the bed knocking against the wall echoed throughout the room.

Ahsha’s hands fell to the sheets, gripping and tearing at them when the intense pleasure pushed through her body. “Oh…God,” she cried out as the pit of her stomach tightened. Two more hard thrusts and Ahsha’s body failed her. The climax rippled over her causing her muscles to spasm. Derek’s muscles shook as he pushed on, his strokes becoming rigid when Ahsha clenched around him. A low growl escaped his throat as he spilled himself inside her.

The couple’s limbs remained tangled as they collapsed on the bed. Ahsha removed the blind fold and rolled over so she was laying on Derek’s chest. Ahsha could already tell she would be sore in the morning and Derek didn’t even want to think about how hard workouts would be for him. Neither one of them uttered another word as they drifted off to sleep.


A couple of hours later, Derek woke up to find Ahsha on the floor with brochures spread out in front of her. “What are you doing up,” Derek asked, amazed that she could stay awake after what they had done.

“Just looking through this honeymoon stuff,” she answered, smiling sweetly. Derek could see the excitement in her eyes. Suddenly, his heart fell to his stomach when he was reminded of the Miami situation. They had just had some bomb ass sex and Ahsha was on Cloud 9 with honeymoon planning. If Derek could avoid that talk to enjoy the moment, he would but he knew that he couldn’t hold off anymore.

He joined Ahsha on the floor and covered his bottom half with the comforter. “How long you been up?”

“Not too long. I got up to take a shower and figured I’d go through this stuff right quick,” Ahsha replied, placing a couple of booklets in front of Derek. “Tahiti or the Caribbean? Or we could honeymoon on a yacht. Then you could do whatever you want to me on international waters.” Derek leaned over and kissed her shoulder.

After what they just did to the bed, Derek was liking the sound of that. It was time for him to let the cat out of the bag. They could not go the rest of the night without talking about Miami. Knowing no other way to introduce the topic, he just came out with it. “What do you think about Miami?”

Ahsha cocked a brow. “For a honeymoon?”

Her reaction made Derek chuckle. “No, to move. I put my agents on sniffing for a new deal before the Devils signed me again. The LA Clippers offered me something but it didn’t even match what the Devils were already giving me. They pulled out and I figured that was the end of it. But…Miami bit hard. They’re offering me big money to play with them next season, plus a piece of their merchandise. I would pretty much be the face of the franchise going in.”

Moving to Miami? Ahsha’s fumbled around with the brochure in her hands. This would be a huge move for them. Miami wanted Derek, but what about her? Would she just be the basketball wife with no life outside her husband and his career?

“Oh,” Ahsha replied.

Sensing her worry, Derek added, “Not only that, they want you to run the dance team. They’re offering you a cut too. I know you’ve always wanted to choreograph and they see your talent. This is a huge step for the both of us.”

“No kidding,” she huffed, her expression still blank. Los Angeles was Ahsha’s home. Where she was born, and raised and made so many memories. Becoming a Devil Girl was one of her biggest dreams and she had done just that and became captain. All the things she had now came with hard work. This was a hard decision to make. Though she was safe and comfortable with the Devil Girls, Ahsha wanted to branch out into bigger and better things. Sure, being captain of one of the country’s hottest dance teams was a big accomplishment, but running one was an even bigger step. The Heat Dancers, like the Devil Girls were well known. Ahsha’s name was already out there as a Devil Girl and this could possibly make her a household name. Living in Pete and Derek’s shadow was one of her greatest fears. She wanted things for herself to build the kingdom with her soon to be husband.

“I wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do, baby. I’m making more than enough money here and if that’s where you wanna stay, we can stay. It’s up to you,” Derek said, trying his best to make this a little easier on Ahsha.

“Miami is far away from home.”

“Yep, far away from LA.”

Ahsha grinned. “Away from Jelena.” The Devil Girl captain had made her decision. Leaving home and her family behind would be hard, but Sloane wouldn’t stop her daughter from growing. If this decision would help Ahsha grow career wise and put her future family in a better position, Sloane would support Ahsha. “It would be a new life together.”

“Mhhhmmm,” the baller agreed.

There was a short pause before Ahsha exclaimed, “Let’s do it!”

Surprised by Ahsha’s quick response, Derek raised a brow, “Yeah?”

“Yeah….hell yeah,” she yelled, throwing the brochure to the side and straddling Derek’s lap.

“Alright! Miami, here we come,” Derek chuckled, wrapping his arms around Ahsha’s waist.

Miami just got more interesting.

Oh and that whole waiting to have sex thing Ahsha proposed….um yeah…they failed again a few days later…in her wedding dress. Before the actual wedding. Oops.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. That’s it on the prompts for now since I’m about to start planning the Skylines Prequel. Hopefully, I have the full story brainstormed before the end of the year.

Tertiary Si Ruined My Life (or made it better, I haven’t decided which yet).

Because Introverted Sensing is the tertiary cognitive function INTPs (and also INFPs). I believe that this function can be ignored or underrated. After all, it’s a part of us, and it makes up a section of how we think. So let’s take a look at it.

For the INTP, Si acts as the part of the brain that brings out the nostalgia in us. You know how it is, INTPs. Don’t pretend like you don’t. There’s that part of you that’s a traditionalist, that has to try to recreate the best out of your past. If you read my last post about beautiful things, it’s often your Si that’s responsible for wanting the sensory comfort.

It’s also the function that’s going to get you called a grammar Nazi. I blame my tertiary Si function for this completely. It’s that part of your brain that is the perfectionist. It’s the part of you that holds you back from telling people about your latest hobby until you’re really good at it.

In fact, Si may be the most difficult of the functions to live with. It nags at the back of your head, making you crave a particular smell or feel, or perhaps it makes you want to read a book that you read a few years ago. It brings up old memories and is that thing that makes us think up and tell stories that we already told people a couple of times. (That’s why INTPs are known for being the “Dad joke” type.)

It may seem annoying to have to deal with nostalgia and perfectionism, but there is something nice about having those neat little memories tucked away. While we’re constantly exploring and looking for new things and new ways to think, it is important that we have a function to slow us down and make us look back a little. We don’t want to stop moving forward, but it’s also a good idea to remember what’s behind us now and then.


Zayn Malik - Best Vocals (Take Me Home Tour)

EXO Reaction when they come back and their sis got very thin because of stress

I know I promised the last thing would be a Kai scenario, but I thought that Admin M should do it since it’s her bias >< So I’m leaving the last reaction of the day here! Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He actually hear you are in the hospital because you passed out*  “Sis.. what happened?! Are you okay?!…”

Kris: *Blames himself* “I’m sorry sis… this is all my fault, all the pressure is on you… I’ll take care of things from now on… I’m sorry”

Sehun: “This is getting out of our hands… we need to find a solution sis. Your health is important”

Tao: “What kind of brother am I? I hope you can forgive me sister..” *Tries not to cry*

Kai: “This stops now! This is what we are going to do, first: eat! Second: Forget about the world!”

Xiumin: *Doesn’t leave her side until all the problems are solved and she has a better condition. For him her sister is her life and he would do anything, even stay awake all the night, just taking care of her*

Baekhyun: *Gives her the talk* “Sis.. you need to take care of yourself. Your health has nothing to do with my career, you really need to stop worrying. I’ll be fine but you need to be okay first”

Luhan: *Shocked* “What is this sis? What happened? Why do I feel this is my fault? I should’ve stayed”

Chen: *Tries the stress to go away but is actually very worried in the inside*

Kyungsoo: *He feels that his heart just broke. He can’t see his sis like this when he is on tour having fun.*

Lay: *Goes to buy medicines and also food. He will take care of her and won’t rest until he is better*

Suho: *Acts like the big brother he is* “You can’t be like this! I won’t let your life go into a mess because you are worried about me. We need to talk with our parents and for the meanwhile I’m going to take care of you”