i blame you show

My ex told me he found out on twitter that Big Brother players make $8,000 just for making jury and now he wants to audition for next summer and since he knows nothing else about the show other than that, he will get casted.

My current partner is a superfan who is also auditioning for next summer and since he is an eye doctor and CBS STAYS ON THESE CHEESY liners like “~The eye doctor got hit with a blindside he didn’t see coming~” and thrives off casting doctors for some weird reason he will also get casted.

And I’m going to be here, watching these two living in a house together. 


The fact that so many ppl blamed season 2 of Daredevil’s problems on Karen Page as if it wasn’t Elektra who turned Matt into a dumb careless reckless bich within the first two seconds of contact is so bizarre to me. I legit saw more ppl criticize Karen just for existing than the fact that Elektra abused and manipulated Matt to the point where he put his friends and then girlfriend in danger, and no one particularly cared for either ship reasons or because ppl ignore abuse and manipulation when the male is on the receiving end.

And then to accept or pass it off as love…lol…y'all was bugging. I find Elektra to be cunning but I quickly grew tired of her for this reason. She disrupted the flow of the show and disrupted the behavior of the characters I came to love, to the point where it was cringey and embarrassing and the show wasn’t enjoyable anymore and that’s just not the wave for me.

Between the gaggle of kastle and mattelektra stans convoluting what happened onscreen to justify shipping them, somehow Karen was the problem or somehow Matt was the problem and somehow Karen is better off with Frank because he treats her better than Matt (say no to drugs) and Matt is better off with Elektra for god knows why (prolly more for aesthetics than not), and karedevil is a bad thing for reasons I’ve yet to understand, season 2 of Daredevil produced major tomfoolery in the fandom. Major.

I love how in pokemon contests not only the coordinator gets a ribbon but the pokemon does too

because they work just as hard

and deserve it just as much

and it’s super cute too!!

This may be true, but I mean, come on. 

I’ve tried so hard to keep Night Vale moving forward, unaware of what happened to it. Blissfully ignorant. But my efforts end here. The world is finally falling apart, piece by piece, and I stand by. All the powers of my thousands of years, and I can only watch it fall.

Cecil, sweet Cecil. Whose life lies directly on the fault lines of this broken reality. He narrates his won ending without realizing it is his ending. He does not understand what is happening to him.

And so, here I am. Telling you this story, so that at least in your destruction, you will understand who has destroyed you. And you will understand that she destroyed only out of a loving desire to save you. May you perceive her as foolish and naïve, rather than monstrous.

BTS reacting when you can’t tie a tie for them

Requested by; anon

Hi cani request a bts reaction where you cannot tie a tie for them?


“Wait, you don’t know how to tie a tie? It’s so basic to know; how do you not know that? Let me teach you.”


“Are you forreal? Okay; it took me ages to find out how to do it, so I don’t blame you. Let me show it to you real quick.”


“That’s so funny; who doesn’t know how to tie a tie? Okay; maybe Jungkook doesn’t, but that Jungkook. Hold up and I’ll teach how to tie a tie.”


“Are you serious? That’s one of the most basic things you should know! This is just hilarious that you don’t know how to tie one!”


“It took me like over a year to figure out how to tie one, so let me teach you how to!”


“Really? You don’t know? Well crap; I don’t know either so who’ll tie my tie for me?”


“Well shit; I don’t know either. Smartest duo goes to us!”

Netflix: hey, defenders is finally out, guys
Me: okay thank you i appreciate that i really do but that means now it’s time for frank castle to shine i want photoshoots, trailers, scenes, clips…give me all the pain, i am ready!!!!!!!!

Whenever I tell someone about my abusive ex boyfriend and they innocently ask me why I stayed (as all people ask) I immediately shut off and blame myself all over again and revert to a victim. Please don’t ever ask a survivor that. Just understand
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xmas at the waverider be like
  • Drunk!Mick: Happy chrismas.
  • Drunk!Snart: It's chrisman!
  • Drunk!Sara: Merry crisis!
  • Drunk!Jax: Merry chrisseler.