i blame this stupid show




I blame the Mixels Wiki Chat for showing me this stupid thing that keeps making me lose it. XD

Once upon a time
This was not a memory
But a gift of mine
The sun was brighter
The birds sang higher
And the river flow slower
As i was dwelling in the sanctity of her domain
I could feel long lost feelings - again
From confessing this change, i couldn’t refrain
My heart was singing - i couldn’t abstain
Today i wander alone
In a room full of nothing,
My tomb of stone
What happened? Where did she go?
Did she leave me, or did i let her go?
In all honesty, i think i’ll never know
What goes down inside is more than i can show
Blaming either side is stupid
When it’s obvious
We’ve both been hit by Cupid
There has to be an explanation, right?
Wrong place at the wrong time?
In your head, jealousy plays with fright
When all you ever wanted was to kiss her goodnight


Memory is a gift
But so is time
Stop wandering alone, child
The present is thy
Use it carefully and progressively
Be thankful for everything
Think of your future self
When you date that pretty thing

-K.K, “Gehenna”

anonymous asked:

Do you really think Kurt loves Blaine as much as Blaine loves Kurt? After season 3, it seems like Kurt just settled for Blaine while Blaine obviously always loved Kurt.

I absolutely do or I wouldn’t still be here.  I couldn’t ship a couple to the extent that I do Klaine if I didn’t believe that both parties were completely invested.  I think there are a couple of reasons as to why people believe this to be true and why I disagree:

Their personalities are different.  Blaine is an easy read, his emotions (especially when it comes to Kurt) are written all over his face.  He can’t hide how much he loves him and I don’t think he wants to.  He finally (FINALLY) has someone in his life that he loves who actually loves him back.  Who cares about him and his life and his thoughts and wants and who he sees a future with.  He’s not alone anymore.  All he has to do is look at Kurt and he falls in love all over again. Kurt, on the other hand, is more guarded with his feelings.  It doesn’t mean that he feels any less, he just isn’t comfortable showing it to the world all the time. When you consider everything that he’s been through, its understandable that he would play things a little closer to the vest.  But I always believed that Blaine was the one person he let in, who he was completely honest with in a way he was with no one else.  Blaine has never judged him or ridiculed him.  He thinks the sun rises and sets with Kurt and that everyone should be in as much awe of him as he is.  To have that kind of unwavering support is amazing and for a kid who spent so much time feeling like an outcast, like no one cared about him, it must be overwhelmingly fantastic.  When they are together, just the two of them, I believe that Kurt can just let go of everything because Blaine is there, always there, to catch him.

Another reason is that this show completely screwed up by leaving Blaine in neutral (let’s be honest, it was practically reverse) in Lima for nearly 2 seasons while Kurt’s life moved forward in NYC.  If they had kept them together like they should have, I don’t think we would be having this discussion.  They spent more time apart - emotionally and geographically - over the final 3 seasons than they did together and there’s something very very wrong with that.  Somewhere along the way, this show decided to stop supporting its core couple and kept throwing up asinine plot after asinine plot for the sole purpose of keeping them apart.  Its really hard to forge/fix any kind of relationship when you have a couple who are physically together for only 7 out of 22 episodes in a season. SEVEN.  I counted.  And then they get back together and engaged but still, it takes three quarters of the rest of the season for them to actually be together on a regular basis.  These 2 boys are so compatible and fought so hard to get back what they had that its insulting, frankly, that they wanted me to believe that they could barely stand to live together for more than a few months before giving up, whether there were other people in the loft or not.  All of the things that made Klaine so special in seasons 2 and 3 - the way they really talked to each other, the way they supported each other, their love and desire for each other - it was all still there, buried underneath all of the bullshit.  RIB just didn’t care enough to show it to us like they used to.  

They had a chance in season 6 to give us more of Kurt’s side and shocker - they blew that too.  He came back to Lima specifically for Blaine and then they had him do nothing to get him back.  Respectful of his new (using the word “relationship” makes me want to guzzle bleach) or not, it was a huge miss. 2 more chances went by during the wedding episode for Kurt to pour his heart out to Blaine and we got nothing.  I blame the show for this, not the characters.

I see you Phillip Iscove(Co-creater of SH). Tweeting about Ichabbie then the very next tweet is about how shipping misses the point of what makes great TV and good on screen paternships i.e Holmes and Watson. You’re not clever.

Do they see the ratings slipping each week and just purposely antagonize the fans because they just don’t care anymore? They talk about all this ‘eventually’ but they must hear word around the studio that SH is pretty unlikely to get renewed if they continue as is. One of the worst social media teams for a show, I must say. Then when the show winds up canceled they’ll blame us stupid shippers for being impatient and not getting their obviously superior 'vision’.

I get the dude created the show but he’s not very nice to fans and is very patronizing and condescending in response to legit questions posed. The show has obviously veered from whatever it was trying to do in the first season so I’m not sure what role or input he even has at this point.

I swear, they way they treat fans, with blatant disdain unless you are a mindless yes man; has got to be almost as big of a turnoff as the show’s increasing mediocrity. Like, fine, I’ve watched crappier shows but I don’t like being treated like an idiot when I’m trying to express thoughtful opinions and just want the show to do well.