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if by chance

soulmate au | college au

↝ pairing: mark tuan | reader

↝ genre: fluff + soft angst 

↝ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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Lights Out - Harry Hook X Reader

Originally posted by malfloriannet

A/N: I’m officially back in business! Sorry for being M.I.A for so long, I swear I’m back to stay!
Word Count: 4982
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, hints at abuse
Requested: Yes!

I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader and Harry Hook somehow end up sharing a room and they don’t really like each other but he has a nightmare and the reader comforts him and realises he isn’t as bad/mean as he seems?

“I can’t continue like this anymore Mal, I’m going to lose my mind”
You were holed up in your best friends dorm room trying desperately to chug as much caffeine as you possibly could in the few minutes before you had to head to class.
“Surely it’s not that bad Y/N” She replied, handing you another mug of coffee.
You downed it in one.
“Mal! I’ve been running solely on energy drinks, espresso’s and power naps between tutor sessions for the last three weeks. I shouldn’t be alive at this point. I have not slept in almost a month. A MONTH!”
You slammed the mug on the table and scooped together a pile of notebooks and papers. When you looked at your watch you nearly had a mental break down.
“Oh great! I’m late for English Lit,” you mumbled under your breath before charging towards the door, an energy bar in your hand.
Mal stopped you before you could leave, pushing you back down in you chair.
“Y/N, you need to sleep”
“I’ll be fine,” You weren’t really in the mood to listen to her, you had a English exam to sit and you were already running behind.
“I just don’t understand how he’s managed to keep you awake for this long”
She was talking about your new room-mate, the infamous, hook wielding pirate who invaded your living space when he arrived from the isle a few weeks ago. Some how you drew the short straw and were forced to have the unwanted VK as a room-mate; life becoming increasingly more difficult from that moment onwards.Since Harry had arrived he had done nothing but infuriate you, using whatever methods necessary to irritate you. So far the most effective of which had been the sleep deprivation. The pirate would purposely turn all of the lights on whenever you tried to sleep and insisted on playing the sound of crashing waves at all hours during the night. You were one audio file of a seagull away from killing a man.
“I just don’t understand how I’ve not strangled him yet” You replied, rolling your eyes to show you were unamused “Now will you let me go Mal?”
Your purple haired best friend pulled you into a hug.
“Fine. Go ace that stupid exam of yours. Then you sleep” Mal said pointedly, a stern tone in her voice that was almost motherly. “And I’m going to talk to Ben. See if we can get you another roommate”
You squeezed her harder before pulling out of the embrace.
“Thanks M! I really appreciate it. Now if you excuse me I’m about to go get an A”
You saluted her as you headed out of the dorm room and into the English Hall, feeling oddly confident despite the lack of proper rest. Mal burst into a rare hysteric fit of giggles as soon as you were out of ear shot. She knew you’d be asleep within the first twenty minutes of the lesson.        

Three words. You had written three words and your eyes were already starting to droop. Three fucking words. Maybe it was the fact that the exam hall was deadly silent or the fact that the lights had been dimmed ever so slightly but you felt the strongest urge to lay your head down on the desk and drift away into a blissful in-interrupted sleep. This was bad., really bad. The English exam was worth a stupidly large percentage of your overall grade and you refused to let some selfish pirate and his odd sleeping habits rob you of your success.
“Cowgirl the fuck up Y/N” you whispered under your breath as you forced yourself to prise your eyes open. You were met by death glares from those around you.
“Sorry” you mouthed before getting back to scribbling down your answers. No longer caring what the students around you thought, you continued to talk to yourself for motivation.
“You’ve got everything under control Y/N, you can stay awake”
Everything was not under control, there was no way you were staying awake.
To be fair to you, you lasted longer than you thought you would but ten minutes into the exam you were fast asleep.

Tap Tap Tap
You felt your whole body groan as you were awoken to the steady sound of metal hitting oak. You were still wrapped a foggy daze after emerging from your nap and you were still unable to comprehend where your were or what time it was.
Tap Tap Tap.
The noise continued, so you forced yourself to open your eyes and gently scan the room you were in. You saw the desks first, then the chalkboard, then the clock. Then it suddenly clicked. Shit.
Tap Tap Tap.
The exam was over, all of the other students had left the hall, and you were sat alone at the back of the room, still flat against your desk. You glanced at the paper in front of you, you had’t even finished a paragraph.
Tap Tap Tap.
It was in that exact moment you realised that you weren’t in fact alone.
“Ye look so peaceful when you’re dreaming sweetheart”
You felt your blood slowly start to boil as your eyes landed on a particular pirate, sat with his feet up at a desk directly in front of you, taping his hook against the chair leg.  Still, the familiar accent sent shivers down your spine. Crooked smile, dark brooding eyes and one dangerous voice, Harry Hook was unbearable.    
“Don’t you sweetheart me” You hissed glaring at the grinning boy “You’re always so fucking smug aren’t you”
“I have no idea what yer talking about” he continued, grinning even wider as he began to stalk towards you. “That was quite a nap ye took there Y/N”
You scoffed before shuffling in your seat slightly to wriggle away from Harry’s looming presence, uncomfortable with the lack of space between the two you.
“I wonder why,” You whispered under your breath, avoiding eye contact with him.
Harry was now stood directly over you, his hand leaning on your desk, one of his boots resting on the edge of your chair.
“Ye wouldn’t be blaming me now would ye?” The pirate began, before picking up your test paper and tutting at the lack of content. “ Oh Y/N, it seems as though you’ve lost your touch”
He pouted.
“Oh Harry,” you said mocking his tone, “It seems as though you’ve forgotten that the only reason I’m going to fail this test is because you won’t let me fucking go to sleep on a night!”
You were becoming more and more agitated with the pirate who was pressing his face closer and closer to yours.
You gulped, your confidence wavering, when the tip of his nose brushed the skin by your ear.
“Ye know yer starting to blush sweetheart” Harry whispered, a cocky edge to his voice.
It was true, your cheeks were starting to prickle with heat as Harry moved closer to you still. Something about him just made you uncomfortable, something unhinging yet somehow alluring. He was good looking, there was no doubt about it, and all it took was a flicker of a smile across his lips and you were practically melting.
Snap out of it! You yelled to yourself internally. He was an asshole, a sly, impulsive little flirt who made you fail your English final. Yet somehow, you couldn’t stop staring at the blue in his eyes.
Harry was smirking again, clearly aware that you had been daydreaming, so you quickly turned the tables in an attempt to salvage your pride.
“I’m done here Hook,” You said bluntly, standing up abruptly and slamming your hands on the desk.
The sudden movement clearly took Harry by surprise as his smug demeanour dropped for a second, his usual grin drooping a little. He quickly composed himself again though, the facade re-appearing as he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him.
“Leaving so soon sweetheart? I feel slightly offended”
You were so close together now, Harry hands snaking towards your waist, his chest pressed against yours.
“Let me go Harry,” you growled, trying your best not to make eye-contact with the pirate.
You couldn’t trust yourself not to crumble if you looked directly at him.
“Why would I do that Y/N?” Harry whispered, as you felt the cool metal of his hook rest against the small of your back.
You shuddered.
“Get. Your. Filthy. Hands. Off. Me”
You pushed him away for good and grabbed your bag, scowling at Harry as you reached down to get it from the floor. You where starting to storm away when Harry called out to you again.
“We can finish this tonight sweetheart” Harry called out, his usual Cheshire-cat smirk still plastered across his face.
“I wouldn’t count on it” you began, hesitating as you got to the door frame “I’m changing room-mates. Ben’s going to sort it”

It turned out Ben couldn’t sort it, so no more than an hour later you were back at your dorm-room, greeted by the triumphant sniggers of the highly amused pirate.
“Back already are ye darling?” Harry teased “Couldn’t get enough of me hey?”
You purposely ignored him, charging over to your bed and dumping your binders and notebooks on the quilt cover.
Harry followed you, sitting at the foot of the bed and picking up one of your books. You snatched it immediately from him.
“What’s wrong with ye sweetheart,” he said patronisingly, “Anybody would think ye didn’t like me”
“I don’t” you said pointedly.
“Come on, work with me here Y/N,” He was still smirking like a dickhead “Do ye ever stop being uptight”
You stopped what you were doing to glare at the boy and throw a pencil at him.
“Do you ever stop being a psychotic man whore?” You fired back, really not in the mood for his ridiculous antics.
He put his hands to his face, resting his cheeks in his palms and pouted; whimpering as if he was offended by what you had said. You sucked your teeth.
“Ye really don’t like me do ye?” Harry laughed
“No” You replied bluntly, your mind drifting to the amount of grovelling you were going to have to do the following day to get your English teacher to let you redo the exam.
“Ye really should ye know - start liking me - we could have really hit it off” The pirate teased as he inched slightly closer to you again.
You huffed, you’d had enough.
“Any chance of ditching the industrial lights and sound effects tonight or what?” You asked brightly, shifting your voice to make it sound more optimistic.
“Then this conversation is over”

The two of you barely spoke for the rest of the night.
Harry had tried to his best to flirt his way out of your bad books but quickly relented once a hardback novel went flying across the room and hit him in the head. It was safe to say he didn’t bother you for the rest of the night.
Once it had started to get dark outside you changed into your pyjama’s, ditching the floral skater dress in favour of a soft oversized shirt.
“Harry! Hurry up in the bathroom I need to get changed!” You yelled at him through the crack in the bathroom door.
You didn’t trust the pirate enough for you to get changed out in the open of the dorm room - in fear that he may come charging through whilst you were mid-way through taking off your dress.
“Ye know sweetheart it would be a lot easier for ye to just get changed in ye bloody bedroom”
The bathroom door swung open and you were face to face with the pirate who was leaning against the door frame.
“I don’t want to be exposed,” you huffed defensively, putting an emphasis on the last word which made Harry chuckle.
“Ye strange Y/N Ye know” Harry laughed genuinely, his blue eyes lighting up at the way you wrinkled your nose.
There were times, although they were rare, when Harry did this, little pockets of random happiness where the pirate simply spoke his mind. It intrigued you. But then again there were far more frequent times when Harry would deprive you of sleep and embarrass you in front of your friends just to spite you. It was unsurprisingly hard to overlook.
“Just let me get changed you scoundrel” you said lightly, pushing him out of the bathroom and locking the door behind you.

When you walked out of the bathroom Harry was laid on the sofa, his arms and legs stretched out along the arm-rests as you walked past him.
He smirked.
“Oh Y/N!” He called softly in a sing-song voice, the teasing obvious in his tone.
You ignored him as you made your way over over to your bed, unfolding the covers and clambering inside.
“Y/N sweetheart, are ye ignoring me?” The pirate continued, not even turning his head to look at you.
“I’m trying to sleep,’ You snapped at him, irritation making you hostile “Although, I’m sure it’s a pointless exercise, you never turn that bloody sound system off”
Harry made a mock whimpering noise, before spinning around to face you, a condescending smirk plastered all over his face. He cocked his head at you.
“No eye mask?” The pirate asked you with a wicked gleam in his eye.
He huffed loudly. You had bought an eye mask, along with some ear buds, in the hope that you’d be able to ignore Harry at night, but you had come back to find they had all gone confidently missing. Asshole.
“Do you ever give it a rest Harry?” You asked. You sound more desperate than you had originally planned.
Harry only smirked wider.
Then he stood up.
Walked towards the TV.
And turned on the stereo system.

There wasn’t much surprise that you were still awake at two am, even if your patience was wearing thin. Your whole body ached with tiredness, your eyes hollowed, your head pounding, yet there was no way you could sleep. Everything was too bright, everything was too loud. Every limb groaned. You had no idea how Harry could sleep like this, hell you didn’t even know if the pirate slept at all! You grabbed another pillow and pressed it over your head, trying to drowned out the incessant sound of crashing waves in vain, you knew it wouldn’t work, it never did.
You sat bolt upright in your bed, scowling deeper than you ever had before. Enough was enough. You were stood up one, fists clenched ready to confront Harry when…

You were plunged into complete darkness. Every light in the whole dorm room went out in one quick burst, every lamp, every night light gone, as if someone had blown out a cake-ful of birthday candles. Even the blinking numbers on the microwave had disappeared, anything remotely electrical turned off, sent to slumber But that wasn’t all.
A long awaited, precious quietness fell upon the dorm room,  no more waves, no more seagulls, no more sounds of the sea. Just quiet.  You smirked to yourself.
Saved by the power cut.
“The fuck Y/N?” Yelled the pirate, leaping up from his bed and clicking the switches on the lamps beside him frantically.
It was your turn to smirk, giggling to yourself as Harry tried to turn the lights back on, clearly thinking this was your doing. Didn’t they have power outages on the Isle?
“Relax Harry,” you said plainly “It’s a power cut, nothing to do with me. I doubt they’ll sort the electrics out until the morning though so just go to sleep for god sake”
“Ye sounding way too happy about this ye know. Just ye wait until I-”
“Good night Harry” You said climbing back into bed. You couldn’t see him in the darkness but you could hear that he had stopped moving. Maybe you were actually going to sleep for once.
“Ye wouldn’t get it Y/N!” He started to shout “I can’t bloody-”
“Good night Harry” you repeated, cutting him off.
You were smiling to yourself as your head hit the pillow, the muffled babbling of Harry mumbling profanities making you grin.
It was going to be a good night.

Or so you thought. You had slept blissfully for a few hours but soon you were wriggling and writhing in your bed sheets uncomfortably. You were freezing. The dorm room was no warmer than outside, the beginning of a gale billowing, ice creeping along the window panes.
“Of course” You sighed to yourself, “The power cut’s knocked off the boiler”
You curled up further into a ball, the only warmth from your own body, the ice blocks that had replaced your hands buried deep within your thighs. So much for a good nights sleep.
You knew then that you wouldn’t be drifting off and time soon and huffed to yourself, Harry for once could not be blamed. Wind rattled at the guttering and rain beat down against the glass window as you propped yourself upright, starting to shiver properly for the first time. You pulled the threadbare shirt over your knees as you tried to salvage any warmth you could but it was know use, you would just have to deal with being cold. You were considering going to find Mal in her room when your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of somebody unmistakeable afraid.

Your eyes had pretty much adjusted to the dark, the silhouette of Harry shooting up from his mattress unmissable. He was gasping for air, panting and holding his head in his hands as he tried to return his breathing to normal. You were stunned, even through the darkness you could see all of his muscles were tense, the moonlight leaking through the curtains illuminating beads of sweat on his forehead. Harry was a lot of things, scared wasn’t one of them.
“Harry,” you called lightly, hardly daring to raise your voice above a whisper “You okay?”
The pirate shot his head around so he was facing you, his eyes wide for a second with alarm before his face settled into a blank unrevealing expression, no familiar smirk in sight. Now you were concerned. He grumbled something unintelligible and the paused, as if considering whether to speak or not, before taking a deep breath and offloading whatever was on his mind to you.
“I have constant nightmares okay!” He practically shouted as if he was admitting it to himself for the first time “I wasn’t being an asshole to ye, with the music and the lights, I just needed to hear the sea, it helps ye know. Ye probably think it’s pathetic but I can’t sleep without the fucking light on” He paused before continuing” Don’t ye dare laugh at me Y/N, I’ll gut ye with me hook if ye even think about telling anyone"
You didn’t have the slightest idea what to do with all this new information. It stunned you, not adding up to the twisted image of the flirty pirate you had in your mind. You were baffled.
“Harry you know full well I wouldn’t” You whispered earnestly.
You cocked your head at the pirate at the other end of the room. Harry Hook had nightmares. Harry Hook who tried to set the King on fire when he first came to Auradon, Harry Hook who scared little kids for fun, Harry Hook who flirted with you just to make you embarrassed, had nightmares. Nightmares so bad that he had to turn all of the lights on and and play the sound of the ocean to himself.
He wasn’t finished yet.
“I’ve always had someone to cuddle with, usually CJ” Harry continued, as you tried to picture the pirate cuddled up to his sister. Piece by piece the arrogant intimidating persona you had come to associate with Harry was coming undone “Now, I realise we are not exactly on that level but yer the only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep”
It took a while for you to register what he was saying.
He wanted to cuddle with you. Not in a flirtatious seductive attempt but in fearful, vulnerable kind of way.
You both needed to sleep you guessed.
“Y/N?” He called through the darkness, almost desperately.
A knot was starting to grow in your stomach and before you knew it your were stood up, ambling towards the boy.
“I’m warning you Hook” you said gently as you reached his mattress “I’m absolutely freezing”    

He untucked the bed covers so you could climb in the bed beside him, wiggling as far as he could to the right side of the bed so you could lay on the left. You didn’t touch, you didn’t speak, you just laid there, you still shivering, him still slightly traumatised from whatever was haunting his dreams. All together, it was unbearabley awkward.
“What was it?” You said eventually, you words slicing through the uneasy silence.
You felt Harry turn around to face you, his blue eyes blinking at you in confusion. The bed covers wrinkled as he shifted, the crumpling sound the only thing that you could hear. He was bare chested you realised, and forced yourself to draw your eyes away from his exposed torso before he noticed you staring and focus back on his face.
“What?” He asked plainly, his eyes looking tired for the first time, remnants of black eyeliner smudged across his cheeks.
“The nightmare” you prompted, keeping your voice as soft as possible.
Harry inhaled sharply and let out a large breath, the warmth hitting your skin.
“It’s the same fucking one every time” The pirate spat, his eyes looking upwards as his jaw clenched, as if he was angry at something you couldn’t see. “I’m back on the Isle. I can’t be older than about  seven and its him, it’s always him”
“Who Harry?”
You reached for Harry’s hand, or maybe he reached or yours, it was hard to tell. You intertwined your fingers instinctively, a jolt of electricity sparking between the two of you. You were certain Harry felt it too as he looked at you strangely an unreadable expression settling across his face. Neither of you moved your palms.
Harry’s jaw was set in place now, his eyes narrowing with a kind of anger that you knew wasn’t directed at you.
“My Father. He used to…he used to -” He never finished his sentence. He didn’t need to.
And of course there was nothing that you could have said after that. Sometimes all the words in  the whole English language won’t be enough, they won’t help. But he kept looking at you, the bluish-steel of his eyes glassed over and you knew. You knew you couldn’t just lay there any longer.

Just as another bite of cold wind swept under your nightshirt, your hands moved around Harry’s middle, his skin warm and soft. In seconds his body moulded to your own, sharing his body heat as easily as you shared your heart.
“Hey,” you whispered to him, tucking your head in the crook of his neck “If it’s any compensation, you’re not half as bad as I thought”
Harry chuckled lightly, but only squeezed you tighter. He had never let another close to him like this, close enough to share breaths, close enough to share secrets.
“Yer quite something Y/N,” He whispered, slowly returning back to his self again.
You snuggled further into him, grateful for the warmth and the unlikely comfort you found in the pirate’s arms. You wrapped yourself around his shoulders, pulling him close and gently rubbing his arm. Despite the heaviness in your stomach, it fluttered at the feeling of your body pressed against his. You sunk into the warmth of his side and Harry reciprocated, the two of you giggling at things that simply weren’t funny, both appreciative of the friendly gesture.
But it was more than that. Way more than just friendly. There was something else there, a spark of something more than platonic. You had hugged plenty of friends  before and it had never been like this. Not ever
You hadn’t run your hands through their dishevelled hair and nearly stopped breathing when they stroked yours. You hadn’t traced the contours of the chest or stared when they bit their lips. They hadn’t nipped at your skin playfully with their teeth when you joked about thinking they were a psycopath. They hadn’t cupped your face with their rough palms and told you you were different, different and yet so beautiful. You hadn’t blushed. They hadn’t noticed and said it cute. You hadn’t wanted to kiss them so badly it almost ached.
But you did with Harry.
And it scared you a little.
“You smell like sea salt,” you whispered, the tiredness making you act completely delirious “And metal”
“Metal?” Harry asked with a raised eyerbrow, stifling a laugh.
“Metal” You confirmed adamantly, before breaking out in a yawn. Harry looked at you questioningly.
“What?” You defended “You do. It’s not a bad thing”
Harry chuckled at you and you untangled yourself from him, twisting to face away from the pirate.

You started to snuggle down into you pillow when you stopped abruptly. Your eyes shot open. He kissed your shoulder.
He kissed your shoulder.
Harry freaking Hook just kissed your shoulder. And then he did it again.
Before your better judgement could take over you turned around, grabbed the bottom of his jaw and pushed his face towards yours. You were staring at his lips now, doing whatever you could to resist them.
Don’t do it Y/N, don’t do it. Come on. Will power, self-control, self-restraint. Stop staring at him, you don’t want to kiss him, you don’t. Resist the sexy pirate, resist the pirate RESIST!
You did not resist
“Just so you know Harry, I am about to punch you on the mouth with my own mouth, softly, because I think I like y-”
You didn’t get to finish your sentence.
He kissed you. Without warning, without permission. Without even consciously deciding to do it, but simply because he couldn’t have done anything else. You lips crashed together, quickly falling into rhythm as you tilted your head backwards.  You felt Harry’s lips curl up into a smile under your own. You pulled away from him, playfully swatting him on the arm.
“You could have given me a heads up Hook?” You giggled, running your fingers up and down his bare arms.
Harry chuckled airily at you.
“What ye were taking too long” He was smirking again. You breathed a sigh of relief, he was smirking again.
“Who said I wanted to kiss you Mr. Stinky Metal Pirate”
“Ye did not seriously call me Mr. Stinky Metal Pirate?”
“I did” You were trying not to burst into a fit of giggles.
“I do not smell like bloody metal”
“Oh Harry darling” you said in a joking tone “But you d-”

In a split second he pulled your hands away from him and picked you up under arms, pulling you in front of him. You were pinned down, him over the the top of you grinning like an idiot. You were both laughing.
“Harold Hook” you said with mock sadness “You’ve picked the wrong girl to mess with”
You rolled to the side, escaping his grip and flipped him over, sitting on top of him. You pushed his chest down, your hands pressed against his torso.
“Y/N” he said softly, staring directly into your eyes. He leant his forehead against yours.
“Harry” He inched his head closer to yours so that you could feel the warmth of his breath. You pulled slightly away but he pulled you back, pressing his mouth against your ear, whispering to you softly.
“Anything ye want to tell me lass”
“Yeah” you laughed, squirming as his lips tickled your skin “If you don’t want to smell like metal, maybe don’t carry a hook around everywhere”
Before you could say anything, he sprung upwards scooped you up and tossed you over his shoulder
“Un-hand me you beast” you screamed as you flailed your limbs. He eventually let you go and you pushed him backwards on his bed, kneeling your legs either side of him. He wrestled you to the bed again. You tried to push him off, your palms flat against his and you both collapsed in a tangled heap on the floor. You sat up, giggling like little girls. You stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity.
“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep” You said eventually.
“Okay” he said simply grinning at you.

At that exact moment every light switched on one by one, flickering into action. You clasped at your ears when the stereo turned back on, playing the track at a significantly louder volume than it had originally been set at. Both you and Harry groaned but then started to laugh.
“Powers back then I guess” You said as you watched Harry wrestling with the speakers to turn them off.
“Yeah” the pirate awkwardly said, setting the remote down once it was quiet again.
“Still want to cuddle?” You asked hopefully, turning out all of the lights except for he lamp closest to Harry’s bed.
He looked up at you, grinned, then looked back at the floor.
“Ye’ve just read my mind Y/N”
He turned off the final light once you both laid together, you’re head resting on his chest listening to the gentle rise and fall of his breathing in the darkness. Finally, for the first time in months, you drifted off into a blissful, uninterrupted sleep.

nightmares & daydreams // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles comforts Y/N when she can’t sleep & discovers that nightmares & daydreams may be equally as dangerous 

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N 

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut 


His fingers mindlessly played with her hair as her head rested in his lap. The glow from the television illuminated the room, as it was the only source of light in the pitch black house.

“You tired yet?” He yawned.

“No.” She hummed, struggling to keep her eyes open. Her eyes were heavy with sleep as she tried to pay attention to the blurring tv screen.

“Did you just lie to me?” He smirked, knowing that she was about to fall asleep at any moment.

“Maybe.” She shut her eyes softly as she snuggled closer onto his lap.

“Oh no you don’t.” He told her as he reached for the remote, bouncing his legs up and down startling her. “Don’t you start getting all comfortable now or else you won’t want get up and you’ll end up falling asleep on me again.”

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  • me, bc this is a part of my job and bc it's a part of like.. common courtesy: how are you guys doi-
  • customer, before i can even finish the question, in the most clipped, disgusted tone possible: fine
  • me: cool! :)
  • me on a loop in my mind: this ugliness has nothing to do w/ me most likely and yet, i will think abt this exchange for 3 days and blame myself, for some reason. maybe the lack of sleep. or the lack of self-worth. also guess i'll just fucking die
“Class Clown”

My first writing piece I’ve posted!! Enjoy xx

Taehyung x Reader

Warnings: mention of abuse, alcoholism,etc.

Summery: The class clown Taehyung has a lot more going on than anybody realizes, especially you, the class valedictorian. Don’t forget to leave feedback and submit requests! 

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Wet clothes

From: Smutandfluffohmy

Character Parings: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

A/N: I love Dramione so much and this is the first I’ve ever written for them I’m so happy!!

Prompt request: ‘ A prompt for Dramione? ‘Fuck, Granger, stop playing coy. It’s fucking freezing.’ Thank you ‘

Warnings: Some swearing

It was one of Ron’s comments that upset Hermione that day. Ron had one of his ‘oops I didn’t think before I spoke’ moments, that have been happening due to all the new stress and lack of sleep added.

Hermione didn’t blame him because she too have been having those moments but it was just this comment that hurt her. It brought back memories of her first year, memories of Ron making fun of her an un aware that she heard him.Ron have been talking to Harry in the common room and as Hermione was walking up to them she heard the middle of their conversation.

“Hermione is getting on my nerves all she does is nag me about studying and how ‘Oh Ron you need to do this this and this what would people think’ and jesus mate she won’t even let me play quidditch without nagging to me about something.” Ron said as she stretched his feet out in front of him as closed his eyes. Hermione’s heart hurt, hurt that Ron would say such a thing when all she was trying to do is help him. Before Harry could say anything back to Ron she slipped away just wanting to get away, wanting to be alone.

Hermione stepped outside into the halls that were filled with people, keeping her head down she started walking outside.As she stepped to an isolated placed by a big tree, big enough to hide her from everyone else the only way someone could’ve found her is if they were actually looking for her.

Her shoes crunched under the snow that layered the ground everywhere, the bottom hem her her robe getting wet from the snow. The cold biting at her exposed skin and her fingers feeling the cold, however being so upset she kept walking rather to be cold than to face anyone right now.

Placing her back against the tree she slid down the tree to sit down on the cold floor, her skirt and socks getting wet and cold. Hugging her robes closer to her as tears rolled down her cheeks, her breathing becoming difficult from crying and how the cold seemed to choke her. She heard shoes crunching from the snow becoming louder, she hoped that they would stop or turn back but they just got closer and louder.

Hermione brought her knees up to her chin and trying to hide herself under her robes.The snow crunching stopped right in front of her, she didn’t know if she should just hide till they left or to look up. The snow crunched more but they didn’t walk away the person just sifted in their spot.

“Hiding from the Weasley’s? I can’t blame you I would too” Draco sneered as he laughed and his features returning hard as he waited for Hermione to spit back a remark at him. 

“Why don’t you shove off Malfoy” Hermione said as she looked up at Malfoy whose expression soften as he saw her tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes. 

“Granger are you okay?” Draco said as he stepped a bit closer to Hermione unsure if he even dared to step closer to her afraid that he may scare her.

“Why do you care Malfoy? Don’t you have someone else to harass today?” Hermione said as she placed her forehead on her knees looking down at her lap, debating if she should get up as her clothes was getting drenched.

“Even I need a day off from harassing”Draco said after a chuckled escaped his mouth as he tried being as inviting as he could possibly muster.

“Yeah okay whatever Malfoy just leave me alone will you” Hermione said not looking up to see if Draco changed his expression just shutting her eyes shut hoping he would leave her and her pitty alone. Without saying anything Draco walked away as the snow crunched under his shoes behind Hermione. She looked up and sniffled as tears continued to fall as she stared blankly ahead of her nothing but snow, snow covered trees, snow covered grass, everything was just covered in a feet of snow. 

As Hermione continued to stare out to particularly nothing remembering when her parents took her outside and helped her make a snowman, remembering as her parents always thought her dedication to school was endearing.

As her nose started running she wiped it away with her sleeve wondering if she should possibly walk back into her warm room under a heap of blankets but decided against it. The thought of seeing Harry or Ron made her prefer the cold and how it was freezing every inch of her body. Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice the boy standing up next to her.

“Granger” Draco said again snapping Hermione out of her tance and caused her to look away from the forest and up at him.

“What is it now Malfoy?Back to harass me?” Hermione said as she scoffed and looked up at Draco who had half his body hidden behind the tree.

“Not today Granger. Can I sit?” Draco said as he pointed to the spot of snow next to Hermione waiting for her response.

“Knock yourself out” Hermione said as she motioned for him to sit, confused as to why Draco would want to sit out in the cold wet snow with her. As Draco moved to sit down next to her he revealed at what he was carrying with him, two blankets and two mugs. Sitting down next to Hermione Draco’s face scrunched up as he felt the snow wetting his clothes.

“Here you must be freezing” Draco said as he handed Hermione over a heavy green blanket and a mug filled with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and cinnamon shavings. He covered himself in a thinner black blanket that didn’t look as warm as the blanket she was under, he bought an identical mug up to his lips but he had chocolate shavings instead of cinnamon ones.

She drank the hot chocolate skeptical if she should even trust to drink something Draco made but she was so tired from the crying and the cold she didn’t care at that moment.

“What are you doing Malfoy?” Hermione said as she looked back to malfoy who was trying to lick of some of the whip cream that had gotten on his lips.

“Well with my life? I don’t know I’ll get back to you on that. At the moment? Freezing my ass off. What are you doing Granger?” Draco said with a grin as he looked at Hermione who looked even more confused at every word he spoke.

“No I mean why are you being nice to me” Hermione said as she lifted the cup to her mouth allowing the warm liquid to warm her body as she drank it.

“Oh right we aren’t exactly friends are we” Draco said as he shifted around pressing his back against the tree looking away from Hermione feeling too awkward to look around.

“No we aren’t Malfoy in fact you hate me” Hermione said as she moved to make Draco look at her to see what on earth he could be up to and why.

“No I don’t, well if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me. Cookie?” Draco said as he reached into his pocket to bring out a napkin filled with cookies that were broken up from being in his pocket.

“Tell me the truth” Hermione said as she ignored the cookies he held up to her, shifting her body to be facing Malfoy as she hugged  the blanket closer to herself. 

“I told you. You wouldn’t believe me. Do you want one?” Draco said as he put a piece of cookie into his own mouth as he held out the rest to Hermione.

“Enough with your damn cookies what are you up to Malfoy? Is this a distraction so that your little gang can do something to Harry and Ron?” Hermione said as her face got red and hot.Draco put the rest of the cookies into his pocket and sighed.

“I’ll tell you but you won’t believe it. Hell I didn’t even believe it at first” Draco said as he played with the mug in his hands looking down at the remainder of the hot chocolate. 

“What Malfoy just spill it out” Hermione said as frustration built up inside of her wondering what on earth Draco wouldn’t tell her.

“Just for the record I don’t hate you I really don’t. Most people would say that I have trouble expressing my emotions” Draco scoffed and smiled down at his cup still unable to look up at Hermione “In potions when we were making amortentia I smelt you”Draco said growing more uncomfortable as every word left his mouth.

“But you hate me” Hermione said baffled unable to say anything else. In every scenario she had thought up of her life ending up and who she may or may not marry never had she thought the one person that she had always hated herself for liking actually returning the feelings. Since her first year her guilt ate her up hating that she didn’t hate the Slytherin boy. Hating that he wasn’t sorted into Gryffindor or that she wasn’t sorted into Slytherin.

“I really don’t Hermione. I hated that I liked you and you didn’t like me. Even when I tried to be friends with you Potter and Weasley snapped at me. Not that I blame them I mean who wants to be friends with a disgusting Slytherin.” Draco laughed bitterly as he shook his head.

“I know you don’t like me hell I’m sure you can’t even stand me and I know you have a thing going up with your Weasley” Draco said hurt hanging to every word, his heart tightening and breaking.

“Ron? You think I have a thing going on with Ron?Even if I did you have your thing going on with Pansy Parkinson and you hate me so it’s frankly none of your business” Hermione blabbered on  as her she tried everything in her power not to give in, afraid that this was all a joke and she’d be humiliated.

“Fuck, Granger, stop playing coy. It’s fucking freezing.” Draco said in frustration as he leaned his head back on the tree and groaned in frustration. Feelings and expressing feelings was not something he did in fact he never had done so.

“I’m not playing anything. I know you hate me and I don’t know how you found out that I like you Draco but this is low and scummy even for you so i’m telling you now to stop it.” Hermione said as she placed the half full mug on the other side of a rosen root and grew angry.

“Wait you like me back?” Draco said completely ignoring everything else Hermione had said as he opened his eyes and looked at her in surprise.

“Wait you didn’t know?” Hermione said as she hugged the big blanket around her wanting it to swallow her up, Draco shook his head and shifted his body so he was facing her. “Then what are you trying to do” Hermione said more confused at his intentions.

“Damn it Granger” Draco said as he placed his hands on the side of her face and brought it closer to him placing a peck on her cheek waiting for her reaction.

“Shut it Malfoy” Hermione said as she brought her face closer to him their lips inches apart their hot breath the only indication to both of them that this was actually happening.

“Kiss me Hermione” Draco said unsure what to do or say next everything so new to him. All these feelings making him completely vulnerable to the young witch before him. Hermione closed her eyes as she leaned in to Draco their lips connecting tasting the sweet taste of chocolate. Chocolate and sparks being exchanged. Neither of them could believe that this was actually happening their bottoms completely soaked through from the snow and despite the fact that their bodies were going numb from the cold neither of them were quick to leave.


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Hey love, I really love your writing, it gives me something to do when I’m up at 2:30 in the morning, the only problem is, after u start reading, I can’t stop, so I’ll end up reading till like, 5:00, when I have to get up at 7:00. Do you think you could possibly do a peter parker mini series, where the reader is his teenage girlfriend, and she gets pregnant, and a lot of fluffy stuff, and peter being a really good daddy and all that cute stuff. Sorry if thus was too long or didn’ make Amy sense

A/N: !!!!!! i love you, anon. this is looking to be about a six part series, okay so be prepared.

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

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This is hardly imaginative, but I'm sick and my brain refuses to think properly lol Can I request some MerlinxReader cuddles please? Than you!


Master list

Imagine: Cuddling with Merlin.

Merlin had faced many a foe, and he could say he wasn’t afraid of many things in this world. But, now he quite possibly met his match. Cuddling. It was pathetic really, but one could hardly blame the young man for his lack of experience. Every women he cared for before you didn’t exactly make it out alive…ever. Or they somehow ended up wanting to kill him. Never really had much of a chance now, did he?

“Merlin…..what exactly are you doing?”

Your eyebrow raised curiously as the warlock’s arm laid above your waist, stiff from the uncomfortable contact. It was obvious to you, Merlin wasn’t exactly versed in the ways of sleeping with another person next to him.

“Er….you had a…spider. I was getting it for you.”

“Ah. A spider? Well, then my hero.”

You tilted your head slightly back, offering him a knowing smile as he grinned back at you.

“Sorry. Can’t say I really have much visitors in my bed. It can hardly fit me in it.”

It was true. His bed wasn’t the most comfortable, but neither was yours back at home. And besides that, you’d take cuddling with him any day over your empty bed. Even if he was awkward about it.

You turned around, now facing the warlock as you snuggled into him. His shirt smelled of metal, and herbs. No doubt from polishing Arthur’s armor and helping Gaius around the castle. But, it was so comforting simply because it was his unique scent. You curled your hands around his lean waist, resting your cheek against his shoulder as you began to drift off into a deep sleep.

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If you're still taking the prompts from the list, I'd love 00Q with 10: “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.” because it sounds like it could be hilarious and/or adorable :D

Apologies for the delay, lovely! This was an excellent prompt that required some consideration. Please accept this offering of borderline schmoopy domestic fluff. :D (p.s. I heart your face. <3)

(from this list)

“You want to move in together?” Q blinked at the man from behind his glasses, blaming the early hour and lack of tea for the fact that he couldn’t possibly have heard him correctly.

James shrugged a shoulder from where he leaned against the kitchen doorway, dressed in nothing but his sleep pants. “I don’t see why not,” he answered casually. “God knows I’m never at mine. Half my clothes are here already.”

“But, you want to move in?”


“To this house? With the cats and the neighbors and the half-finished projects and my ungodly working hours?”

“I like it here.”

“You want to move in with me?”

James smirked. “That is rather the point, yes.”

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The Effect You Have On Me, 5

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A/N: I know it’s been a while for this one to be updated, and possibly most of you don’t know this story even exists, but it only has a few more chapters left. I will be focusing on it more regularly so that I can mark it complete. I hope you’re still interested, and that this update makes you squee instead of roll your eyes. I have delicious plans for this universe! @sunsetsaremydreams, I dedicate this chapter to you, since you’ve been waiting so patiently while still letting me know how much you love it. Thank you, darling! And many thanks to the girls that keep me in line when I write - @burkygirl and @xerxia31. You can find the first 4 chapters on Ao3 and FFnet

It’s been a week since Madge came home. We quickly fell into our old routine of busy and busier thanks to our demanding lives and now the wedding. Every time I try to have a conversation with her to tell her what I did while she was away, her phone rings with some catering question or flower emergency, and it’s not like I can just blurt it out. Instead, it sits inside, festering. It may come out in a way I’m not prepared for if I wait too long. And the bakery is no place to talk about it, either. No one else needs to know our personal business.

I know weddings are stressful and take months of planning. I do plenty of cakes for them, but all of this seems to be more of an inconvenience at this point rather than the exciting time it should be. I always thought if I felt any nerves about getting married it would be because I was deliriously happy and anxious. Sadly, what I’m feeling is definitely not that.

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Ok but imagine this...

So we all know what Stoick said in the beginning of the second movie. The famous “that’s my future daughter in law” line. But obviously there was no more underlying talk about it in the movie. But WAIT. What if that little line was on purpose? Because THEY WERE PLANNING ON GIVING US A PROPOSAL IN RACE TO THE EDGE. WHAT IF IT ALREADY HAPPENED AND THATS WHY STOICK SAID THAT. CAUSE IT WAS ALREADY FREAKING SET IN STONE.



Im absolutely hopeless and I blame this lunatic idea on lack of sleep and my work being relentless but a girl can DREAM cant she??

Liar- Tony Stark x Reader(f)

Authors notes: I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, now. And praise the Lord, I finally had a moment of peace to get it all out. So here it is. My song fic for Tony. Also, Because I have so little time, I didn’t review this as heavily as I usually do, so please excuse any discrepancies.

 Here is the link to Youtube for the song. Its called Liar by The Arcadian Wild and it’s amazing. You can also find it on Spotify.

 Lyrics are in italics. 

Notes/Warnings: None really. Maybe some self doubt and lack of sleep. mostly just tension and stress. And because it comes with reading things I write, angst.

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I sense there’s trouble ahead.

It’s clear by the signs and warnings

that should tell where all blame is due.

So why are they pointing at my head?

 He can fix this. He’ll fix it before its a real problem. That’s why he’s on the team, right? He’s a problem solver.

 Hydra had made themselves public yesterday. They released a video saying that they had spread all over the globe and had infiltrated thousands of governments. They claimed to have the ability to hack into anyone’s life and ruin them if they opposed Hydra or whatever future plan they unleashed. They threatened everyone’s lives and the lives of those they cared about.

 It scared Tony to his core. He was worried about his friends, sure, but mostly, he wanted to keep you safe. He was Iron Man. Surely, hydra was coming for him soon and he knew the best way to get at him was through you.

 If they got to you, he’d never survive it.

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I’m finally settled at university. Lessons start next week which means the frequency of my uploads will drop off pretty drastically I’m afraid. Thank you all for reading my stuff this summer. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do it. I’ll endeavor to keep it up as much as possible over the next year. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]: He was gonna do kiss her omg why didn’t he 😔

Pure magic as usual!

The Tower is my new religion honestly, ITS SO GOOD AHHHHH

‘The Tower’ (Part 19)

All Chapters // Part 18

Brynjolf looked up when the bedroom door opened and broke into a toothy grin. You were stood in fresh clean clothes, leaning heavily on the door frame for support. Loki was about a foot behind you, frowning at the raucous dwarf from afar.
“Hey, lady!” He roared with a skin-cracking smile. “Look who’s up and at ‘em.” You waved triumphantly and then stumbled, Loki catching you just in time and helping you to stand upright. Sliding your arm around his shoulders, he helped you hobble into the room. Very different from the last time you couldn’t walk, you noted to yourself…

“I… I don’t believe we’ve met,” you said as you were lowered into the window seat on the other side of the firepit. A dead pig was spitting and crackling over the flames. The smell was indescribable. Your stomach growled again.
“Oh, I do be beggin’ your pardon, lady. I’m Brynjolf.”

You spied the crossbow on his shoulder and briefly remembered the way the bodies of the men had slumped with ease.
“You… You saved my life, didn’t you? You’re the reason I made it home.”

Brynjolf skipped with glee and then bowed theatrically. “At the risk of soundin’ big-headed: you’re god damn right that was me! Shot the bastards right between the eyes, bang, bang, bang!” He threw his head back and laughed, clutching his belly as he did so. The joy of this man was infectious and you found yourself smiling too. Loki’s expression suggested he wasn’t as inclined to agree.

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