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Who killed Jason Blossom?

Audience: Nahh… You would never do this.

Cole: Of course I would. You never know what Jughead might be hiding under that beanie.

Audience: Yeah, but he would never lie to Betty.

Cole: That might be true, but… *Lili walks in* Lili! You agree with me, right?

Lili: On what, Cole?

Cole: Jughead killing Jason. It could be possible, right?

Lili:  Nahh… He would never lie to Betty about this.

Audience: Told ya.

Cole:  Tch, how can you be so sure about it?

Lili: Because… *holds his hand and looks into his eyes*  I believe you, Juggie…

Cole: *blushes*….. Okay, you got me… I didn’t do it.

Lili: *winks at the audience*

Audience: *squeals*

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Listen, this is a serious thing that I'd like to get out there. A couple on youtube has been abusing their kids for youtube ad revenue (how they still have ads on videos of them emotionally and physically abusing their kids, I don't know). People need to report their videos and get them taken down. Mr Repzion did a stream last night, and if people want evidence, they can go here; /watch?v=e7rum5b0Vqg Also yes, in the second video, the dad pushes the kid and gives him a bloody nose.

Prankster Youtube has gone to shit for a while; it’s either completely staged “pranks” or stuff like this and them saying “it’s just a prank bro!” to absolve all blame. I’ve only skipped around the video and watched bits and pieces of it and it was kinda hard to watch.

Here’s their YT channel

and this is the video anon’s talking about


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“Emotional” Poth meme..

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