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“It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorising way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilisation of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man holds dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.”

Matty talking about the intent behind ‘Woman’ (x)

I always talk about the voodoo Camila has undergone during puberty but y'all bitches still don’t seem to be getting my drift here

She went from this adorable bundle of sunshine:

To this hot, sexy as fuck, i-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-emotions-because-you’re-so-fuckable-and-yet-still-so-cute (almost) seventeen year old

literally, look at her

Jesus fucking christ 

Little soldier boy,
your gaze so cold, your swing so mean.
You play with knives, weapons and dreams.
The night captures us, the cold sets in our bones,
we are left alone.
Little soldier boy,
your heart is frozen, you breathe out ice.
You play with lives, death and memories.
You keep treading the line so fine
between martyrdom and lies.
The past kills you,
every single time
yet you are reborn in the night.
Little soldier boy,
when will you remember,
this is not who you were.
Now you just kill without remorse
and dread the morning light.
Little soldier boy,
where was your innocence lost.
—  A bullet in the barrel of the gun aimed at your best guy’s head  // p.m.

I opened Photoshop intending to make something completely different. And then ended up doing this. [Insert angsty AU story here]

Edit: Happy ones here!

By the Grace of God / Faith's Theme (unofficial)
  • By the Grace of God / Faith's Theme (unofficial)
  • Bear McCreary

Outlander music: Claire blames herself for what happened, and Jamie tells her that neither one of them can carry the weight of their grief alone, so they must carry it together; they visit Faith’s grave before leaving for Scotland; end theme 2x07