i blame the music!!!!!


Magic Power 魔幻力量《我無法不愛你》

I’m more than a little addicted to this song. 

Confession: I’m super basic and actually enjoy Frozen a lot more than the average tumblr person.

Then I pretend she is mine to keep

Now I’m thinking maybe I was stoned
I felt my feet lift off the ground
And my heart was screamin’ at my bones
I need you closer

Closer, closer

And you’re close enough to lose
Close to the point where you know that your mind
It cannot choose
Close enough to lose
Close enough to lose your heart

- Closer, Tiny

“Come on you promised…” Cass presses on, pulling on her jacket. After dropping the big sack of flour at her feet. “It will be fun…”

“I don’t want too… How heavy is that?” She states vaguely her eyes forward, the Angel smiles a knowing smile before letting out a devastated sigh, but doesn’t let go. “Who would voluntary jump into freezing water?”

“You are not jumping into it… well… but you promise.” pulls again gaining the attention of the demon, who looks at her faking a bored look, head lopsided smirk slowly developing.

“Who is fool enough to believe in the promise of a demon…” She states full smirk on her face.

“I do…” The angels smiles only to final catch on the meaning of the question.

“My point exactly…” rolling her eyes.

“Fine…” The Angel turns defeated, the demon smile grows.

“Alright, but if you drop me and I get wet… This is tailored.” She say’s motioning to her clothing.

The Angel turns expectantly at the sound of the words, the demon finally gets up and reluctantly walk towards the water.

“So what now…” The angel is behind her adjusting her hair, personally she likes it when she leaves it lose, the Wordsmith like to believe the Angel is comfortable enough around her to er herself. When she has it up she gets this look that means business, and it remains the demon exactly what they are, even then a pretty sight.

“I suggest you take your shoes off.” The demon regards her with “are you kidding me” look, the Angel shrugs “What if the fall on the lake?” A few seconds of hesitation, she takes them off leaving them on the bench, along with her jacket.

There is a soft change on the breeze and the sound of wings fluttering free caught her ear, she turns in awe. She has seen the wings many times, in different situation but they always manage to take her breath away. She has noticed they change according to the light, the moon is full and high tonight, making them all silvery and glitter.

“Right, am gonna grab you from behind, so no stabbing.” The Inquisitor jokes near her ears making her  blush, closing her eyes she breath trying to get a good come back.

“Oh she jokes now…” The soft laugh of the Angel is making a number on her skin and is torn between wanting more and ending this. “You should be a clown… you already have the outfit.” She hears the Angel gasps with fake indignation. “Am gonna store my comment about that long with my desire of dropping you in the water.” For a second the demon believes her. “only because I’ll get wet fishing you out.”

The wordsmith closes her eyes, so the Angel knows sarcasm now, she makes a mental note to explore it later. The feeling of being haul up pools on her stomach. She still have her eyes shout when the soft voice comes to her ears “open your eyes, you are missing it.” As she does the lake lays at her feet, whenever the Angel flies low enough her feet creates ripples on the water. She can see the fish hurrying away from her feet. She can see the top of the trees, feels the starts near her reach… For Hell’s sake she is flying like a bird, an Angel is holding her, this would never happen, not even on her dreams. The Angel lands softly near the bench, and the Wordsmith is biting her lips hard not to say she wants to go again.

“See… Was it as good as you thought.” She asks while the Wordsmith puts on her jacket.

How do you guys smoke out… is it the same as flying?” she asked while a bird crosses the lake in front of them.

I wouldn’t know… I have never fly so there is no much to compare.” The Wordsmith answers after a few seconds of thinking.

Ohm, okay but how does it feel to smoke out.” The demon gives a look raising her eyebrow. “For science.” The Inquisitor smiles big, does she even know she can get away with murder with that smile.

Alright…” The Wordsmith focus her vision on a point on the lake. “Is like focusing in a place and then moving much like aparate. Is fast, it does not hurt… Well it does not hurt us… Don’t know about the meat suit…” She looks at the Inquisitor who’s deep in thought. “The downside we don’t get a view.”

would you like to try…” The Inquisitor is looking away while she asks quietly.

Try what…” The question catches her by surprise and she is pretty sure she did not hear right.

Flying…”The Wordsmith gives her an incredulous look only to realize she is not kidding.

You cannot carry me.” She smirks trying to find her way out.

If I prove that I can, would you?” She presses on.


Come on, if I can prove it, would you fly with me.”

All the way to heaven.” She wants to say, instead getting up she checks her phone. “I have to go, break is over.”



If I prove that I can carry you, do you promise?”

Ugh, fine…” She is about to snap her fingers.

Deal…” The Inquisitor says smiling still on the bench.

Don’t use that word unless you mean it.” Her eyes flash red for a second but her smile still hones and playful.

Oh…” The Angel munches on her words for a second only to come back with bigger smile. “I have your word then.”

You have my word.” The demons smiles, snaps her fingers and disappears.

“See… Was it as good as you thought.”She reflects on a good answer for that only to come back empty handed. “No…” The Inquisitor looks at her in confusion a shadow going through her always clear eyes. “It was much better.”

(For the-inquisitor-rio  For once full fluff, see this happens when I sleep more than eight hours)

I’ve been talking to my mom recently about opening up a record store, like as a family type thing. Pretty much everyone in my family is huge into music. I credit that to my mom and always having something zany and cool playing on the stereo or in the car; there was never a moment in our house where music wasn’t playing. For perspective, my mom is in her mid-50′s and goes to more shows and sees more bands than I do (omg this needs to change). She has a multi-thousand CD/vinyl collection, and while I don’t collect CD’s my music library is pretty massive and my vinyl collection is slowly growing. If you pay attention to my blog at all (if you don’t I really don’t blame you) I post a lot of music and I’m pretty much always listening to Spotify or spinning a record. I’m not quite at my mom’s level of obsession but I’m getting there lol.

Anyways, it’s always been her dream to either start a record store of her own, or work as one of the people that makes the playlists for radio stations and she even went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting (which is/was the best school at the time for that type of thing) to do that but ended up dropping out. Either way, I’ve been forcing her to talk about it more and I can tell she wants to do it so bad, her job sucks and is really draining mentally. Vinyl is also definitely coming back, especially amongst the younger generations and ESPECIALLY in our area. I take pretty regular trips to all the record stores in the area (the surviving ones, anyways) and their CD selection is being overtaken pretty quickly by vinyl.

It’s pretty petty bourgeiosie to talk about starting a business but tbh record stores don’t really make that much money and we probably wouldn’t hire employees, that stuff really sells itself and it’s not a bad gig. The hardest part is buying/stocking shit that people want. Anyways she’s been talking about getting money together from my grandpa and her savings and I’m hoping we can wing it. 

I think a good record store could also be a really good place to get some Anarchist organizing going and distribute some agitprop, zines, etc, and make part of it an impromptu infoshop. My mom’s pretty radical, politically, so I wouldn’t have trouble convincing her. I dunno, it’d be a dream come true for me. My politics and music are two of the biggest things in my life and being able to combine them and be able to talk about music all day and potentially distribute some propaganda and my favorite zines would be the best thing I could hope for. I’ve been pursuing a job doing web development but if this dream came through I’d stop in a heart beat. 

I’ll take the blame, take the shame, walk away, no questions asked. Leave the best of me with you so you can leave me in your past. No battle cry, no battle scars. We’re only down one broken heart. I guess you’re free, if it’s just me.
—  If It’s Just Me

sci-fiandfantasybooks asked:

How on earth had you never heard the opening theme of star trek? Then again I've never heard the theme song of x-files so...

I don’t know actually!! Don’t worry, I didn’t know the x files theme song WAS the x files theme song until like a year ago lol