i blame the cast

The stage door is a privilege.

When I was in NYC last month I had the amazing opportunity to see Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen. I knew it would be a good show, I knew his performance would be incredible. And it was an absolutely stunning experience to watch him bare his entire soul on stage. I left in a daze, thinking about how emotionally draining doing that EIGHT times a week must be. It was a matinee on a two show and not a single member of the cast came out the stage door. I didn’t blame them at all—it was the fourth show in a five show weekend.

I was lucky enough to catch him after the show that night. I could tell he was exhausted, visibly run down, and he was also on vocal rest so he couldn’t even speak. But he still made his way through the crowd of people, signing programs, offering shy smiles. 

I got there early enough to be at the very front and let me just say… the fans were out of control. There was pushing and yelling and screaming and I felt a little overwhelmed by the attention of it all, especially when Ben came out the stage door. Everyone was pushing on the metal grate so hard that it was dragging forward. Of course everyone was excited that he came out, but I just made sure to just thank him over and over again for coming out to say hello, something he definitely did not have to do, especially when he has to take care of himself. That should be his priority.

Then today, this is what he tweeted.

Which was a very kind and patient response to something that’s become a huge issue in the theater community, and that’s the sense of entitlement from fans for an actor’s time after the show.

This may have been the tweet in question, I’m not sure. Either way, this is the entitled attitude that’s going to ruin the stage door for everyone if people can’t get their act together. Don’t mob actors at the stage door. The stage door is an incredibly unique experience, it’s a chance to connect with artists who give 110% every night. What they do is rewarding yes, but it’s also exhausting! Eight shows a week, you guys, that’s not easy.

It breaks my heart that people have been giving Ben crap about not coming to the stage door. To be honest, after my experience at the DEH stage door, I wouldn’t blame him if he NEVER came out after the show. It really has turned into a madhouse, especially with the popularity and fandom of the show. So please, please, PLEASE remember to respect the actors! And I’ll repeat it again.

The stage door is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, and it’s a privilege that’s going to be taken away if we in the theater community don’t hold people responsible for respecting that, and respecting the actors who share their time and their talent with us.

My ex told me he found out on twitter that Big Brother players make $8,000 just for making jury and now he wants to audition for next summer and since he knows nothing else about the show other than that, he will get casted.

My current partner is a superfan who is also auditioning for next summer and since he is an eye doctor and CBS STAYS ON THESE CHEESY liners like “~The eye doctor got hit with a blindside he didn’t see coming~” and thrives off casting doctors for some weird reason he will also get casted.

And I’m going to be here, watching these two living in a house together. 


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Happy Birthday, Naomi ♥ 

Princess of Darkness

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Request: Hey I was wondering if you could write me an imagine were the readers Lucifer from another world somehow teleports to supernatural saves Dean and Sam from a pack of demons while they are in a hunt and Lucifers appear and he and girl Lucifer bond over being Lucifer then a female God women appears to take reader (girl lucifer) home and Chuck appears to get Lucifer and both Lucifers smirk and disappear leaving both parents alone with both amused Winchesters.

For: @fandomnationwhore

Words: 1,526

Okay so this was weird – even by your standards.

How could someone transport you; the Devil, Princess of the Underworld without any prior inclination? One moment you’re discussing a damned man’s contract, spelling out a life that he could have if he was willing to part with his tiny, little soul. Could he touch his soul? Had he ever seen it? No. Then surely he wouldn’t miss it, how could he?

Who dared to take you from such delicate negotiations?

Holding out your vessel’s hand, you moved it in a figure eight and watched it slowly. Strange, you could see no residual magic lingering on your vessel, somehow you had been transported without the aid of another person’s magic, which begged the question, why where you here?

And where was here exactly?

Finally, you focused on the forest clearing that you’d arrived in, it was wide enough that the wind could tickle your wings and when you stretched out your wingspan with a tentative flap you found yourself with adequate space. A scream in the distance caught your ear, it was unmistakably human. Mum had always said that you were too curious for your own good and how could you resist the chance to check up on her favourite creations after they’d screamed of beautifully?

After the first hesitant step, to check for any sneaky Devil’s traps and happy to find that there were none, you let yourself fly and appeared with a pop behind two men fighting a pack of demons. Now usually you’d be inclined to let your minions have a little fun with their toys but these weren’t your minions. You furrowed your brow as you watched them, they hadn’t even noticed your arrival which was unusual, where was the instant respect and bowing? It wasn’t that you demanded it but damn it, you liked to make and entrance.

Maybe that’s what made you help the failing human men, or it could have been their handsome faces, because this was all wrong. Very wrong. Demon’s don’t just ignore the Devil and they didn’t even look like your demons. You needed answers and maybe these humans could give them too you. With a shake of your head and a tutt, you clicked your fingers once and the demon’s heads exploded, painting the forest red.

Startled both men fell to the floor, panting from exhaustion and dripping in the blood of themselves and their enemies.
You leant against the tree closest to you, magicked an apple into existence and bit into it, “So what are two strapping young men like yourselves doing out here fighting monsters?”
“What the hell are you?” The shorter of the men snapped, his voice deep and guttural.
“Oh dear, that voice has to be giving you a sore throat, I bet it works wonders with the ladies though,” You took another bite of your apple, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

They shared a brief exchange during which you finished your apple and grew bored of waiting. You looked around your feet at the mosaic of bodies on the forest floor and asked, “So who had you upset?”
“Are you going to answer our question? What are you and why do you seem more interested that fucking apple than the fact that you’ve just killed all these demons without lifting a finger?” The taller one asked this time, his jaw clenching in anger at your blasé attitude.

You offered them a grin at the inside joke that you shared with yourself, “Apples are kind of my thing and I think you’ll find that I actually had to lift two fingers thank you very much.” You waved the two fingers that you’d clicked at them. They didn’t find it funny.

You clicked your tongue at them and rolled your eyes, when did humans lose their sense of humour and theatrics, bring back the Middle Ages any day! That’s when people knew how to appreciate a ritual! Many a time you could possess the mind of a peasant, the best you could do in your cage, and watch the flagellants flog themselves in an attempt to cleanse themselves from the plague, did they not realise they were sealing their own fates by opening their backs in large wounds?

Your reminiscing was cut short by an impatient huff from one of the men. You shook your head, why did your Mother love them so much?
“Well boys, since you’ve been good and you really want to know I just might tell you.” You told them and brushed off the top of tree stump before perching on it, “I’m the Devil.”

The taller one snorted, “No you’re not.”
You crossed your legs and leaned back on your hands on the stump, “Oh yes I am, the one and only Princess of Darkness, hold the applause.”
“Look, chick, we don’t know what game you’re trying to play but we know that you’re not the Devil.” The shorter one snapped.
You raised a brow, “Oh is that so? And pray tell, child, why do you think I’m not the Devil?”

“Because he is.” The taller one pointed over your shoulder and you froze. Not because of his words but feeling of dread that splashed over you like ice cold water, your wings tucked in on instinct and the hair on your vessel’s arms rose on goose bumps. You turned your head slowly, unbothered that the humans might try anything, until you made eye contact with a blonde angel with wings as burnt as yours and eyes just as shocked. You recognised him like you’d recognise yourself because in truth you were both one and the same. Two Devil’s on one plane of existence should not, could not, happen and yet here you both were, held still by shock.  

He broke the silence, “If we fucked do you think it would count as playing with ourselves?”
Tension broken, you grinned and tapped your finger in thought, “A good question, and as a rebuttal, if we were to invite another person would it actually count as a threesome?”

He tilted his head in thought before mumbling, “Now that’s me asking the real questions.”
One of the human’s moved to stand but you and your counterpart both waved your hands and they crumbled back to the floor, both unconscious.

“So, in your world I’m a woman?” He asked as he walked over and dropped himself down to sit on the forest floor opposite your tree stump.
You conjured a hip flask of for you both to drink out of, “How do you know that you’re not in my world? And in both we’re celestial beings, I just chose a female vessel.”
He took the hipflask from you and sipped it, “We both know you’re in my world and what a remarkable vessel you picked.” He ran his eyes over your faces.
“Don’t flirt with a different version of yourself, its unbecoming.” You scolded him lightly and he answered with a naughty grin.

You spent the next hour or so comparing the choices that you’d made and how they’re affected your parallel lives, the humans woke up part way through your conversation and you found them to be the Winchesters of this world and for intents and purposes they were happy to just sit and listen to you and your counterpart discuss their lives. It’s not like they could do anything, no one even knew how you’d got there.

“Lucifer! What the Hell is this?” A man’s voice snapped as he appeared beside the Winchesters.
“Language!” You teased and he shot you a confused look.

“Lucifer, this is my Father. Chuck, you already know me.” Lucifer jutted his thumb towards you and you offered a sarcastic wave.
Chuck opened his mouth to say something but instead you were whipping with the familiar shrill lash of your Mother’s voice, “Lucifer! What on Earth were you thinking coming here?”
You ignored her and spoke to your blonde alter ego, “Why is it we always get blamed when we’ve literally done nothing?”
“Type casting I think.” He offered and with one sided shrug. You both watched as your versions of God began to talk among themselves about you both when Lucifer leaned over to you so that he could mumble in your ear, “Wanna piss them off?”
“Always.” You grinned.
Sensing that you were about to do something your Mother turned to scold you, “Don’t you da-”

You and Lucifer waved to both God’s before popping off into thin air leaving only the echo of your laughter, grinning Winchesters and two very tired creators.

important info

heard through a grape vine that some people said undertale contains some prejudiced things. that’s… uh… pretty much untrue. anyone that’s played the game could tell you that. and in the case that anyone does have a real bone to pick, no one’s approached us with a single problem. strange, huh?

it’s not good to spread lies. trust me. i’ve been slandered before. rumors spread of me being a “big noob.” after that, i had to stand in the rain in that cool way where you can’t tell if i’m crying, or if it’s just water. she tried to call me back, but it was too late: i was already owned.

it’s not good to dismiss people, either. i mean, even the person who posted the lies shouldn’t be written off as a “bad person.” something in their life led them to this point, you know? just remember: there’s a difference between protecting your friends and destroying someone for your own justice. for honesty’s sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people?

besides, it’s rude to talk about people that are listening, right? not everyone is as tough as my brother.

anyway, here’s the important info: uhhh… about shyren’s lower body. doing some research might help you. but i won’t blame you if you dont. they say those without blame should cast the first stone. but… my stone’s covered in sprinkles. so, actually, keep doing whatever you want, kid.

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Hey I know your probably super busy but I just wanted to ask if you could make a super short story on tumblr of you meeting stretch cause i really ship you guys i was just wondering what would happen if you ended up meeting each other. Your amazing Senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to tell you that.

*A chance to self-insert myself with Stretch and incorporate my x-ray headcanons that no one asked for in one go?  You know I’m all over this!  
Also, thank you, my sweet anon-kohai!  <333  The fact that you ship me with him enough to want to read this makes me happy.  You’re a sweetheart.

*Oh man, lemme lay some first person on you guys.  I’ve been writing in second for so long that this felt all kinds of wrong.  

As I walked through the ER, I glanced down at the order in my hand, wondering what I was about to walk into.  The registration was woefully incomplete, with only a placeholder “John Doe” name and a generic birthday, so I wasn’t sure what sort of patient to expect.  Usually, those sorts of placeholders were used if the patient was incapacitated or in some sort of traumatic accident–yet the doctor had only ordered an x-ray of the forearm, instead of the usual chest and pelvis films.

It was probably a drunk without an ID that slipped and fell.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck?

Either way, from the cast cart situated outside the room, it seemed like they had already fixed the fracture without getting x-rays beforehand.  That’s weird, but I shrugged it off.  They probably had films done at another hospital.

I knocked on the door to announce my presence, and then swung it open, my usual speech already on my tongue.

“Hey there, I’m Ty–”

The sight inside the room caused me to trail off, my professionalism wavering.  There were two people inside, one seated on the edge of the stretcher with his sleeve rolled up and a bright blue cast on his arm–obviously my patient–and another clinging to the man’s opposite arm and wailing.

“I’M S-SO SORRY!  IT’S ALL MY F-FAULT!  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO PAPY NOW?!”  the crying man asked, his grip tightening protectively on my patient’s–Papy’s?–arm.  

I was so thrown off that I completely blanked for a moment.

These two men were skeleton monsters.  

Monsters had separate hospitals–healers, magic, and all of that fun stuff–so, any that were mistakenly brought to ours were immediately transferred out.  We simply didn’t have the means to treat them.  I’ve never had one as a patient, and they haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms into my city, either.  I’ve seen a few here and there, but never…

Never skeletons.

“Sorry,” I blurted, brushing the hair back from my face in a nervous gesture.  I dropped my gaze to the order clasped in my hand, as if I could glean some sort of new insight, but really–I just wanted to try not to stare.  

And boy was that difficult.

“I’m from X-ray.  I’m just going to get a couple of pictures of that arm,” I explained, while the distraught man sniffled.

“PICTURES?”  His brow furrowed.  "WHAT’S X-RAY?“

“Pictures of, ah… bones,” I replied, noticing the way my patient’s grin suddenly widened.  From the look on his face, I could tell he was amused.  

“considering i’m a skeleton, i’d say i’m pretty photogenic,” he claimed, which made me relax.  Oh geez, at least we’re addressing the elephant in the room.  

“They just want to make sure the bones look all right inside the cast,” I mentioned with a smile, since the other man still looks so baffled.  I could only assume that’s why they would order the x-ray of a skeleton monster.  


“Nope, won’t feel a thing.”  I turned my attention back to my patient and opened the door wider.  "We’ll just go down the hall, Mister… Papy?“

"papyrus,” my patient corrected, standing from the bed.  He chuckled and shrugged slightly.  "you can call me stretch, hun.“

There’s something about his lazy smirk that made me blush, and oh man, he’s a skeleton, and I needed to get it together.  

"I’M COMING, TOO!” the other skeleton insisted, standing as well, but Papyrus stopped him with a gentle hand to his chest.  

“nah, bro, you can stay here.  it’ll only take a minute.”  


“just relax and watch some tv, ok?”

He looked as if he wanted to protest further, but as soon as his eye(lights?) shifted to the cast on Papyrus’s arm, he deflated and nodded.  

“hey.”  Papyrus set his good hand on the other’s shoulder, his expression gentle.  "i’m ok.“


I didn’t correct him, instead marveling over the gentleness Papyrus showed him.  The other skeleton still seemed distraught, his cheeks a strange shade of blue–just like the tears prickling the corner of his eyesockets–but he managed to smile brightly.  

When we stepped into the hall, Papyrus closed the door behind us.  

“sorry ‘bout that.  that’s my bro, sans.  he’s never seen me hurt before.”

I lead the way, though couldn’t help trying to sneak glances of Papyrus’s bones.  Most of them seemed to be covered by his oversized orange hoodie, but he was wearing shorts, and from what I could glimpse of his knee and tib/fib, the anatomy looked strikingly similar to a human.  

“It’s no problem.  It’s sweet of him to worry about you.  What happened to your arm?”

“i’d rather not cast blame.”  He winked, lifting his cast slightly, and I realized he just made a pun.  Gentle, charming, and funny?  He’s hit all my weak spots.  "it’s nothing i’m too broken up about.“

I grinned like an idiot.  I even slowed my pace from what my friends call my ‘hospital speed’ to meander beside him.  He’s easy-going, in no hurry, and even with his slouched posture, he’s much taller than I am.  

"You’ve never broken a bone before?”

He shook his head.  "first time for everything.  have you?  i heard human bones can break pretty easily.“

"No broken bones here.  Are monster bones stronger than human ones?”

He shrugged.  "dunno.  a lot of monsters don’t have bones, but probably.  never seen a monster break anything.“

"Really?”  I couldn’t keep the surprise from my voice–and slight disappointment.  X-raying monsters and seeing how different their anatomy is would be so interesting!  I opened up the door to the x-ray room, twisting to face him while he follows me inside.  

He grinned wider.  "yep.  hate to break it to ya, hun, but this may be your only chance to x-ray a monster.“

"Well, I do have to admit, out of all the monsters out there, the fact that I’m x-raying you is kind of hilarious.”

“almost as if you already have x-ray vision, huh?”  

“Pretty much, yeah.  Have a seat here… Stretch.”  He’s charming enough that I tried out the nickname he gave me, only for Papyrus to hold my gaze the entire time he moves to sit down.  There’s something about his grin that made me feel a little nervous, and I hoped my face didn’t look as red as I thought it did.  It certainly was hot all of a sudden.  

On the end of the table, there was a digital detector already set up, the x-ray tube positioned over it.  Papyrus rolled up the sleeve of his uninjured arm, exposing the bones of his radius and ulna–and I couldn’t help but stare.  The anatomy looked just like a human arm, although his carpal bones were more solidified.  

He had me a little confused, so I pulled the order sheet out of my pocket to check which arm was ordered–but he only looked amused.  "so, is it broken?“  He held up his uninjured arm, quirking a bony brow.  How was  he even able to move his brow ridge, anyway?  His skull doesn’t even have any sutures along the top; it’s all just smooth bone.

Oh god, I’m staring again.

"Legally, I can’t tell you.  I just take x-rays; I don’t read 'em.”  I shrug, reaching over him to grab onto his casted arm and slide it into the center of the detector.  

He chuckled.  "honey, it isn’t an x-ray.  it’s my arm.“

I definitely started blushing now.  Shit, from the way his lazy grin curved up around the edges, his eyelights twinkling with mirth, it must be one of those obvious, fierce blushes.  

Can skeletons blush?  

Now isn’t the time to find out, c'mon.

"Also not a doctor,” I insisted, trying to concentrate, but… dammit, it was hard when he kept looking at me with that grin.  His voice was low and smooth, and I found myself wanting to hear more puns.  

I positioned his casted arm and then fixed the collimator light on the tube to encompass all of his forearm.  He watched intently, flexing his phalanges outside the cast.  I don’t even really need to touch his hand to get him in the right position, but… I’m curious.  So, I reached out and touched his fingers under the guise of straightening his arm.  His bones were smooth and warm.

“ever touched bones before?” he inquired, and I felt as if he were trying to fluster me–to call me out for my curiosity.  Instead, I just smiled and met his gaze with a shrug.

“A couple of times, actually.”

His smirk faded, and he gave me an incredulous look.  "seriously?“

"You’d be surprised.”  With him flustering me, I start to walk back to the console behind the wall to shoot the x-ray, but then I notice the lead shield is still on the table.  "Whoops.  Hang on, lemme lay this in your lap.“

He leans back a little, keeping his arm in place as I lay the heavy lead across his pelvis.  "what’s this for?”

“Protection.  It keeps the x-rays off you.”  I gave him the vague speech I give the curious kids without a second thought.  However, Papyrus doesn’t buy it.  

“why’s it only across my legs then?”

Eh, he’s an adult; I can go into more detail.  "It protects your reprodu–… ah…“  I trailed off awkwardly when I realize again that he’s a skeleton.  

Does he even have…?

Papyrus’s grin turned absolutely shit-eating.  "my…?”

So much blood rushed to my face at once that I felt light-headed and absolutely mortified.  Why did I have to be so awkward?  "Your reproductive organs,“ I stated, trying to regain any sort of professionalism despite the fact that I’m burning right now.  "The radiation we use is minimal, but it’s still for the best to always be protected.”

I can’t meet his gaze anymore.

“yep, guess there are some bones that need protection.”

Does that mean he does have..?

Hoo boy.  I nodded, humming my assent as I turned around and went to the console.  By now, a few other techs have started peeking around and making loud, surprised noises over the fact that my patient’s a skeleton.  I swung an arm back at them in an effort to make them shut up, and when I glanced through the window to the exam room, Papyrus is waving at them with his good arm.  

“Don’t move, all right?”

“sorry.  that spiel about protection was just so moving i couldn’t help it.”

Someone help me; I can’t stop laughing.  

I took the x-ray and waited for the image to pop up on the screen.  I’ve gotta admit, I was curious to see how badly he broke his arm, as well as how the ortho doc fixed it.  Would the bones really stay together inside the cast, or did they plate it with some wire and then cast it so the bones wouldn’t shift?   Will his bones heal at the same rate as a humans, or does magic speed up the process? 

The image that pops up on the screen was unreadable.

It was bright white and blurry, as if his arm had been moving, with faint grays where the cast outlined his arm.  I stared at it for a moment, while my other coworkers moved to try to peek around my shoulder.  

“how’s it look?  break it to me gently.”

“Uhhh…”  If it’s white, that means the x-rays didn’t go through it, and I didn’t see him move his arm.  "Lemme try the next view.“  I walked around the wall and hold my arm out straight to simulate the positioning.  "Gimme a karate chop.”

Papyrus complied, though he seemed skeptical.  "did the first picture take?“

"You might not be as photogenic as you thought,” I responded with a shrug, which brought his grin back.  I reached out and grabbed his hand, rolling his thumb back slightly in an effort to get his bones directly on top of one another.  As soon as I let go, Papyrus rolled his hand back in.  

I grabbed his hand and rolled it back again.  "Keep it like this,“ I instructed, and his fingers lightly curled around my thumb.  

"if you say so, hun,” he replied in that smooth, low voice, and I reluctantly pulled my hand away.  That look clearly stated that I’m blushing again, that he was aware of what he was doing.

I headed back to the console and took the second x-ray, bumping up the settings in an effort to penetrate his bone.  Just like the first, it turned out bright white and blurry.  "It can’t be a mechanical issue because my marker showed up…“ I murmured both to myself and my nosy coworkers, pointing at the R beside his cast, denoting which arm it is.  Papyrus seemed concerned by the way I was staring at his films, so he scoots the chair back and stands, setting the lead shield on the edge of the table.  

"is it ok if i come back there?”  I nodded, and Papyrus turned the corner to look at the x-rays.  He stared at them for a moment, before shrugging, seemingly unperturbed.  "welp i ulna see a white blob.“

"Looks like your bone is different than a human’s,” I responded, feeling a little disappointed.  Maybe it has to do with his magic?  Magic might not be able to be penetrated by radiation.  Or maybe his bones are just comprised of something radiopaque–it could be a number of things.  

“ah well, it’ll be ok.  monsters heal fast.  i just came because my bro insisted, anyway,” Papyrus remarked with a shrug.   He’s definitely one of the most chill people I’ve ever met, I’ll give him that.  

“Well, that’s all I can do.  Lemme walk ya back to your room.”  

I lead him back into the hall, and even though the x-rays didn’t work out… I felt reluctant to take him back.  Maybe it was because he was the first monster I’ve actually spoken to for this long, and that’s interesting.  Or maybe it’s because his bones are fascinating.  

Or maybe it’s because he’s funny and seems kind toward his brother, and my stomach actually twisted when he looked me in the eye and grinned.

“so… what time do you get off work?”

I faltered in my steps and nearly tripped.  Is he asking what I think he’s asking?

Unfortunately, I work late.  

“Midnight,” I replied with a wry smile.

Papyrus hummed, slowing his steps.  "do you like pancakes or donuts?“

"Love 'em both.”  My heart’s racing.  

“welp, i know a place that stays open 24/7.  muffet’s.”  Papyrus reached into his hoodie’s pocket and handed me a wrinkled card.

                                                 odd jobs

A phone number was listed below.  

“text me if ya wanna grab a bite to eat.  trust me, you donut want to miss the food.”  He winked, and I found myself thinking that I really didn’t want to miss out on the company, either.

“I might take you up on that.  For the food, of course.”

“hmm… i think i might be able to take x-rays now.”

“Why do you say that?”

Papyrus grinned, leaning in close to me as we approached his room.  With his mouth directly beside my ear, he murmured, “because i can see through you.”