i blame the beard

Reputation, as lezsplained*

*Like mansplaining, except from a lesbian point of view

Let the games begin…

1. Ready for It - Buckle up, little beard. It’s going to be a wild ride.

2. End Game - I really dig you, K. I’m thinking about putting a ring on it.

3. I Did Something Bad - I really showed those beards who was boss.

4. Don’t Blame Me - Hymn about my love, for my love.

5. Delicate - K, I really like you. Let’s U-Haul it.

6. Look What You Made Me Do - I need to distract from The Gay. Throw shade!

7. So It Goes… - Sexytimes.

8. Gorgeous - You take my breath away. Damn.

9. Getaway Car - Lesbian processing. (We do a lot of it, for a long time)

10. King of My Heart - This is too gay! Distract with male words (Leo is a king, too, though, right? 😉)

11. Dancing With Our Hands Time - Damn closet.

12. Dress - I’m not even pretending any more. More sexytimes.

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things - Damn! Still Too Gay! More shade!

14. Call It What You Want - This one sounds like a strait love song, right? No? I tried.

15. New Year’s Day - An apology to my past, and a promise to my now and future.

Quick concept sketch of Ar-Pharazôn the Golden.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 9


Negan x Addison 

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Chapter 8 || Masterlist 

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Catherine watched Annie aggressively beat the raw dough with her hands. She knew kneading relieved stress, but Annie was using it as her punching bag. 

“What’s with you?” 

“Nothing” She grumbled. 

“Come on, talk to me to me. You’ve been in a foul mood all day” 

Annie slammed the dough onto the table, placing her floured hands on her hips. “Something happened last night” She said. 

Annie considered Catherine her best, if not her only friend at the Sanctuary. She knew that most of the other women couldn’t stand her, but Catherine always had her back. 

“What happened?” 

What started off as an incredibly satisfying punishment by Negan, turned into a night Annie wanted to forget. “So you know how Negan came to my room last night?” 

Catherine rolled her eyes, “I think we all heard you two, but yes continue…” 

“He called me by someone else’s name” Annie replied, folding her arms over her chest . Everyone knew she was Negan’s favorite, and Annie was stupid enough to allow herself to fall for this man. She enjoyed fucking Negan, especially on the nights where the two of them would lay naked together afterwards. 

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Melly, I just noticed that the zigi pic Gigi posted on Vday is from the same day they took the other two selfies. His hoodie is the same. Check Zayn's IG, the hoodie he is wearing in the zigi selfie early Jan is the exact same as the hoodie he is wearing in the V day photo. wow! They did one photoshoot and saved bunch of pics for thirsty Gigi to post when he doesn't stunt with her. That's sad. He wasn't with her for NYE, wasn't with her for V day. What kind of relationship goals is this? LOL

Listen, Yolanda does the best she can with what she has. Do you think its easy for Yolanda to coordinate these photo shoots when Zayn is the living epitome of the “I don’t know her” gif when it comes to Gigith? That its easy for Yolanda to  manage stunts for a Gigith and a Bellith and an Anwith? Do YOU? Because it isn’t easy. Yolanda is only one woman, with one fridge to organize. SHE IS JUST ONE.

So if she hosts a stunt photoshoot and doesn’t even bother to take basic measures to have a costume change to make it look like she at least somewhat got her shit together (seriously Yolanda GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER), then who can blame her (me, I can definitely blame her a lot)?

Epik High’s Born Hater MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error (and possibly Mino-biased). This post is based off of the Born Hater MV and Making Video from Epik High’s official Youtube channel. 

The predominant interpretation within the fandom is that each rapper represents one of the seven deadly sins: envy, pride, sloth, lust, gluttony, wrath, and greed. B.I, the eighth character in the video, represents innocence, or purity. As the lyrical content touches on themes of hatred and criticism, this sin theme provides a sort of paradox–if they’re sins, wouldn’t that be justification for hating them? Or rather, if they’re sins, if they’re acknowledging their own inherent flaws, wouldn’t it be redundant to hate and criticize them?

“Because the music video of ‘Born Hater’ carries stories of people who don’t like us, it goes well with the toilet setting that symbolizes our need to eliminate and excrete.” -DJ Tukutz

DJ Tukutz represents envy because of the nature of his role within Epik High. As DJ and manager, his influence is primarily unseen. He’s envious of Tablo and Mithra who get more screen time. His appearance is attention seeking–a gaudy salmon suit. Expensive black bag. Hair slicked back. Sunglasses. Sound board and speakers. Pants rolled up to intentionally reveal his nice shoes. He looks clean, professional, skilled, equipped. His sunglasses are dark. We don’t see his eyes. His expression is blank. He is only animated by the beat. He has 12 seconds of screen time before moving to Tablo, reinforcing the concept of envy. 

“It’s really fun, unlike what the lyrics say. It’s upbeat. It’s like now I am immune to being hated or criticized, or people getting in our way, at least enough to talk about it. In a good way, I’ve matured. I hope after listening to this song, you realize that this too, shall pass.” - Tablo

Tablo represents pride. He’s second to appear, but first to speak, reflecting his position within Epik High as the leader but not the manager. As well, Tablo looks directly at camera, addresses the camera, unlike DJ Tukutz whose eyes are concealed by his dark glasses. He’s wearing a white shirt and socks, black pants and shoes. His hat is black, a beret. It’s meant to reflect an artist’s attire. He’s wearing glasses, also probably meant to reflect his artist persona. His lyrics cite artists: Dali, Van, Picasso, El Greco, Velasquez, Millet.  He has a gas mask. The air around him isn’t clean enough for him to breathe. He’s surrounded by cockroaches— other artists, or haters. Famous art hangs in his stall, red tape marking an X through them–the one directly behind him is a Picasso self-portrait. The art isn’t good enough for Tablo either.  He cites himself as a born hater. He uses his shoe to squish roaches on the paintings, as if to silence the critics. He hides in corner as if the roaches, or critics, are ganging up on him. He’s both disgusted and afraid of them. In another shot, roaches are on him, but he doesn’t look phased, and a roach comes out of mouth. He’s repulsed by criticism directed towards him, but he’s a source of criticism himself. 

On yellow gridded table, he spells out ‘haters’ in black computer keys. The use of computer keys and the video being filmed as if through a cell phone could be references to social media’s role in criticism and hatred of celebrities and other public figures.

Beenzino represents sloth. He appears third in the video, his scene crowded with Nike shoe boxes. The expensive brand name shoes, rather than serving their original purpose, remain in their boxes. There’s a surplus being wasted. In this scene, Janitor B.I makes his first appearance. B.I tiptoes around Beenzino, obviously trying not to be an inconvenience to the slothful Beenzino as he cleans. Beenzino barely moves out of the way, initially, before standing. Besides B.I, three girls also make an appearance. They caress him, but he takes no notice. He’s arrogant and laid back. Since he’s in control, he can’t be provoked. He moves of his own volition or not at all. Giving the impression of dominance (showing that he owns the shoes, that he has the girls) is more important that exercising it (or actually wearing the shoes, or interacting with the girls).  

“It’s each of our philosophies on the idea of ‘Hater.’ We are unravelling our stories.” - Verbal Jint

Verbal Jint represents lust. In contrast to the previous rappers, he has a more lackadaisical attitude. Despite the fact that he’s surrounded by books and academic texts, he chooses to ignore them in order to read a porny mag. Images of scantily clad women are also taped to the wall. Note that he’s running out of toilet paper. Make of that what you will. B.I forgoes his cleaning duties to read one of the magazines. While they’re obviously entranced by the images, they don’t seem mentally stimulated. It’s hallow, meaningless material. It isn’t mentally stimulating like the other books in the room. It’s obviously B.I’s first time judging by how timid and wide-eyed he is. Verbal Jint is relaxed, used to it. His lust is no longer new or exciting, but mundane and routine. He’s bored and yet he never looks to the books for entertainment. It’s also of significance that despite it being the lust scene, there are no physical girls. 

“Who am I to blame?…It’s all my fault, being fat, having a beard, everything is my fault.” - Mithra

Mithra represents gluttony. As he’s overweight, Mithra attributes his size to one of the reasons behind his criticism. Despite this acknowledgement, Mithra continues to shove his face with pizza and other junk food. He hates himself because he eats but he eats to make himself feel better. 

Mithra’s scene also flashes to Tablo, but Tablo isn’t wearing his artist outfit. This is a reference to Tablo outside of the reference of Born Hater. Mithra is in his shadow, reflecting their relationship within Epik High as Tablo is the more popular member. Tablo just shrugs. 

“I didn’t get a chance to express the monster hiding behind the theme.“ -Mino

Mino represents wrath. His scene features a black leather outfit, baseball bats, liquor bottles, a skateboard, posters on walls, and punkish stickers on trash can. These details are references to youth and revel and angst. Mino refers to it as a monster concept. Outside of his black leather outfit, he has gold accessories–a nice watch. He’s a thug, but he’s a rich thug. Any crime would be a choice, not out of necessity. Mino plays golf with beer can. It’s a meaningless and chaotic activity. Mino is cool, collected, controlled, calculated. His wrath is lurking beneath the surface.

He moves from confused whimsy with the meaningless game of golf to a close up of him flipping the screen off, proclaiming “f*** ‘em” with a sudden intensity in his eyes. This shows how thin the veneer is between the cool and calculated Mino and the wrathful monster. Even still, it’s a stylish angst, one that moves to the beat–reminiscent of youth. His anger has rhythm.  He smirks as he swings his bat and sways to the beat.

There’s a close up shot where he’s moving his hand in a “yes, yes get on with it” gesture. While this gesture is arrogant, his eyes avoid the camera. At the root of his anger and impatience, he himself is afraid. He can’t give reason or excuse to his wrath, not when it’s a front for deeper imperfection and turmoil, and as a result can’t stand up against scrutiny.

Mino sits in corner and glares at B.I as he sheepishly cleans the poster. Though Mino is the one cowering in the corner, who’s small, he still manages to intimidate B.I who is standing tall. Next, Mino faux strikes camera with bat. It’s a threat but not really. He can do it but we know he won’t. It’s more important that he communicates that the action is familiar to him. He rests the bat naturally, lazily over his shoulder. Soon, Mino does strike the screen, sis threat from before proving true as the screen “cracks”. He’s not at all alarmed by this. He continues on. He beats empty bags, bites them. His wrath may be calculated but it achieves nothing.

“Tablo told me to write about things I hate. Everyone is a “hater,’ and ‘hater’ is everyone?” -Bobby

Bobby represents greed. In reference to his Show Me the Money win, Bobby clutches trophies, a champion’s belt hangs on the wall, and money litters the floor. Red velvet ropes and a gilded mirror are other evidences of luxury. B.I has nothing to clean up except to sweep the money off the floor that Bobby’s throwing. He’s the most gleeful of all the rappers, as if he’s pleased with himself and his wealth. Boxing gloves provide a further allusion to SMTM’s competition. 

He gathers his trophies to himself, hugging them–he’s clearly ecstatic. Although he’s flaunting and throwing the money, they’re obviously still vital to him and he’s afraid to lose them.

B.I: “My ‘Hater.’ I don’t have that. I don’t hate anyone. I learned that I shouldn’t hate people from my mom.”

PD: “Aren’t you just being a goody-goody by yourself at the end of it?”

B.I represents purity. B.I is clean because, at the time of the video’s release, he hadn’t debuted yet. Without a career, or the acknowledgment of winning SMTM, B.I isn’t vulnerable to criticism. This lack of experience is why he’s the only one trying to clean. He’s still ignorant, like he thinks the criticism can be helped. The others already let it all go. And yet, the lights flicker as he sings. His purity, regardless of the reactions of the other rappers, still has some effect on the ‘Born Hater’ world. In the final scene, B.I appear wedged in between DJ Tukutz and Tablo. It’s like he’s been initiated. Before he was simply there, now he’s with them. He’s a part. Whether they accepted that there is cleaning to be done, or if B.I was tainted by their influence, there’s no indication. They all nod in sync to his rap. B.I is the only one with expression. The others are blank faced. His inexperience makes him eager where the others are jaded. B.I tries to touch one of Tukutz’s boards, but he’s scolded. He’s still a rookie. He can’t really make any influence yet. 




with scruffy high school teachers? 30 years old gay  men with beard and-

Alfred teaching History and being one of those total hot nerdy losers that make history puns

And Ivan being the scary looking chemistry teacher that is actually really nice to students (but still creep them soup with gross science facts)

And at first they are like cats and dogs because they dislike the subject the other teaches but still can’t hide the fact that they find each others attractive?

//I blame cidershark’s beard designs and fever but right know I just like this idea very much , yes.//