i blame someone else for this

the way that language colors–no pun intended–our perception of the world is just so delightfully sticky

I remember reading once that Japanese has one word that means both “blue” and “green”, and that a study was done on color-distinguishing abilities of native speakers, and it turned out that they could distinguish between fewer shades of blue and green than speakers of languages that had separate words for the colors. 

Or that in a study, English speakers were more likely to blame someone else for breaking something than Spanish speakers were. (I believe the study was something like they had the subject and another person in a closed room, other person broke an object, researcher came in and asked what happened.) And it was chalked up to the fact that, in Spanish, you don’t use the phrasing “He broke it”. You say “Se rompio”, which literally means “it broke itself”, even if you know damn well that someone deliberately broke it. It’s just how the language works. In English, we can also say “It broke”, but we also have the linguistic flexibility to say “He broke it”. But it’s less about being a tattletale and more that… well… that’s what happened. You asked, he’s answering.

language is fascinating

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Okay, but hear me out. He fucked up his leg and who knows what else since he was being stupid and irrational.

Tord: *bites tongue to keep from yelling* He only did that because I pushed him. If you must blame someone for this whole thing, blame me. I should’ve stopped before that happened. 

“I just think that people are looking to blame someone else for their problems. They’re worried about the wrong stuff. They’re too fixated on what other people are getting. I wasn’t able to go to college. My mom raised five kids on her own. I’ve had to work since I was sixteen. So I haven’t gotten to do all the things I wanted to do. But I’ve never complained. I’ve never been ‘too good’ for a job. I worked at Burger King. I worked at Walmart. Now I work at Chrysler. And I got promoted at all three places. I’ve never had a problem getting noticed. Managers notice things. If you don’t complain, and work hard, and pick up shifts, you’ll move up. So I don’t complain. I’m twenty-eight now. I have no debt. Chrysler even has a program where they’ll pay for my college. I’ve got enough to help out my mom. I’m actually picking her up a new dryer right now.”

“I think about you a lot,” she told him. “Every now and then, you’ll cross my mind, and I just can’t seem to shake the thought of it all… I let go of something that had so much potential to be so beautiful. Just like that.”

His heart started thudding so loud that it echoed in his ears. “You can’t say this to me here,” he said. “Not now. Not after all this time.”

She looked down, embarrassed. “It’s selfish of me to say, I know.” She looked up and met his eyes. “But you were so sweet to me. So kind. And I let the thought of missing someone else drive me away from you.”

He shook his head. “You weren’t ready for love again,” he told her. “Don’t blame yourself for the scars that someone else left on you. It was never your fault that you couldn’t be with me, it was the reminisce of him, still holding you back. Just when you were ready to jump in, he would pull you back. And that was no one’s fault but his.”

She watched him closely as he comforted her. He was always so good at soothing her broken heart — something that was never his job to do, but he did it anyway. “It could’ve been us, you know,” she said quietly. “You and me against the world. And I’m just sorry that it didn’t work out like that.”

Then, in the corner of her eye, she could see his fiancé returning with their drinks. She turned to leave him, but before she did, she heard him say it. It was soft and hidden under his breath, but it was there.

“Sometimes, I am, too.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #129 // You were Prince Charming but I sent you away because I was busy missing a toad

“I’m sorry for shooting you that time. I’m really sorry.” Wow, Mary, thanks so much for FINALLY SAYING THAT. THANK YOU. But the rest of this scene I was just like, “OF COURSE. OF COURSE MARY IS GOING TO TAKE THE BULLET AND JOHN IS GOING TO BLAME SHERLOCK FOR IT AND WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT. I KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.” Mary actually literally shot and tried to kill Sherlock, nobody ever seemed to blame her for it. But Sherlock *gets shot at* by someone else, and oh, yeah, the resulting death suddenly becomes his fault. Ugh, Mary. EVEN IN DEATH YOU ARE CAUSING ME PROBLEMS, MARY.

The moon signs when they’re emotional

Aries: I’M GOING TO PUNCH A WALL!!!!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE OUT TO GET ME???? CAN’T I LIVE??? I’M SO UPSET AND WHY DOES NO ONE CARE??? MY EMOTIONS ARE THE #1 PRIORITY RN!!!! *blames someone else for their problems* (5 minutes later is over it)

Taurus: why life wHY?????? I didn’t want to mOVE today let alone CRY *crawls into a hole full of blankets and sobs into a bag of chips*

Gemini: oh lol whatever idk why my eyes are wet but I’m just gonna ignore this and hope it’ll go away tomorrow

Cancer: I just love to fEeEeEeL things :(((((( I’m going to cry and think about the reasons why I’m crying and maybe look at old pictures and write a poem and cry more *eats an entire carton of ice cream*

Leo: I can’t cRy in fRonT of PEOPLE!!! I have too much pRiDe!!!!! *throws head back and struts their stuff* (10 minutes later they have a dramatic emotional show just for the benefit of everyone else)

Virgo: am I actually feeling this or am I just projecting my feelings into this moment so that I can get them out? what do these feelings mean? what does the fact that I’m questioning my feelings mean? is that another feeling? is life even real? I hate myself I’m so INCOMPETENT *hysterical crying*

Libra: nOOOOO this means cONFLICT!!!!!! I can’t have this in my life!!!!!! maybe if I hold this in nothing will happen. I definitely won’t bother anyone else about it because that would be tOO MUCH FOR ME I can’t put burden on others

Scorpio: *has straight face* this is just another case of the darkness inside my soul

Sagittarius: haha WHATEVER!!!!!! gonna go run away from this bc who needs this kind of drama in life?!?!?! not me!!!!!!!! I’m fiiiiiine those aren’t tears it’s just a piece of dust in my eye

Capricorn: I need…to pull…myself…together….must…look…like…everything…is…normal… *has mental breakdown alone*

Aquarius: emotions???? I don’t have emotions lol what are those??? I’m aBOVE that so I’m just going to focus on the fact that society is so corrupted or something!!! there are way more important issues that MY feelings

Pisces: I…just CAN’T deal with life anymore…I need to eScApE I’m drowning in my own tEARS *sobs*

YouTuber playing Life is Strange, talking about Chloe Price

“To have friends like that, better not have them”

I strongly disagree…

…and I’ll explain why.

As a person who has had a lot of different friends, I find in Chloe a friend who I always wanted to have.

Chloe is a person with a difficult character. She is angry because she lost her father and her girlfriend. She feels lonely and she always tries to blame someone else when something doesn’t work out for her (this means that she is proud but insecure). She has her rage on, we all know it and maybe some of you hate that about her (I can’t include myself because I’d be hypocrite as I have my rage on too).


She will do whatever needs to be done for a friend.

Can’t we all agree that’s the most important thing when we have a friend?

Chloe owed a lot of money to Frank because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe tried to get money from Nathan because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe wanted to sacrifice herself for the town she hated. Moreover, she would sacrifice herself for Max, for her friend. She actually dies trying to find Rachel. She blames herself for not saving Max in the Dark Room. 

Now we can say that Chloe is not a selfish person. First reason to want her as a friend.

She is crazy

I love crazy and careless people. I love people who just don’t give a fuck about other’s opinion. Because they are the BEST people ever. They won’t listen to gossip about you, they won’t care about your hair, your clothes, your shoes… 

I love crazy people because they want to have fun and enjoy their life. I always say that Chloe is my spirit animal because I’d love to be so careless. I’d be happier for sure. Maybe, if I had a friend like her I would be happier because she’d try to do crazy things with me.

Midnight swim? Why the fuck not? I’m in. 

She is kind

I won’t say anything about this. Just see:

She is brave

Not everyone would defend you like Chloe defends Max. That’s something to think about.

I would write more and more about why I’d love having a friend like Chloe. But I think this is enough.

Keep calm and save Chloe Price

If BTS were a reality show

Jin:/going through laundry when he finds a blunt/ WHOS BLUNT IS THIS?!

Suga: Yah whats with all the yelling?! God you sound like a freaking banshee

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Jin: MIN YOONGI IS THIS YOURS /holds up blunt/

Suga:*looks offended af* 

Jin:/In the confession booth/ Yoongi might be quiet but he sure as hell ain’t innocent. Tongue technology my ass 

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Yoongi: The hell jin?! That shit ain’t mine

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Jin: Then whos is it then? Hmm?

Yoongi: /in the confession booth/ Look I know that I could’ve flat out lied and blamed it on someone else but  Jhopes ass knows he deserved it! Used all my bath bombs and thought he was going to get away with it…oh well

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Suga: JHOOOOOOOOPE.. it was him


jhope:/runs into the room/ what?

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Jin: I believe that this belongs to you /hands him the blunt/

Jhope: The hell is this…no no no ..this ain’t mines

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Jhope: Why don’t you ask the maknaes I’m sure they would love to explain

Jin: My babies would never do such

Jhope:/laughs/ OH BOYS

Maknaes:/come into the room/  yes hyung?

Jin:/ narrows his eyes as he looks at the boys/

Jungkook:/ tf is this …tf is that..tf is my life/

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Jimin:/ high af/

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Taehyung: / forgot where he is and who tf are these people/

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Namjoon:/comes in the room in panic/ Guys I can’t find my wee- I mean I can’t find my needs, wants, desires

Suga: Um eww


Namjoon: Weed..what is that.. I’m too pure ..my innocence I know nothing of this weed

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Jin:/fuming with anger/

Namjoon:/carefully takes the blunt/ thank you…i’ll just go…now

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Taehyung:/seriously…who tf are these people/

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Namjoon: Bye~/quietly leaves shutting the door behind him/

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Jin:/in the confession booth/ his ass is grass when he comes back

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  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means:
  • AND ANOTHER THING the reboots got wrong is perpetuating the idea that Jim Kirk is arrogant and cocky when he actually has a lot of insecurities. He's always trying to do better, to be better, not because he's living up to someone else's standards but because that's who he is at his core. If he can't save someone or if something goes wrong, he is the first to blame himself and to make damn sure it doesn't happen again. He isn't arrogant. He's good at his job and, more than that, he's a good person. JJ Abrams is basically that Klingon who called my captain a "swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood" and I am chekov downing vodka and trying not to punch him in the face

53% of white people … I don’t wanna hear anymore BS about blaming millennials, or third party voters, or Russia, or anything else until we stay focused on addressing the REAL problem: white voters.

Whiteness — more than education, age, class and more than gender — was the most reliable indicator of whether someone was likely to vote for Trump. Including non-Black people of color who are white-passing, or who self-identify as white.

If you’re foolish enough to think Trump is so bad that just anybody can beat him in 2020 (kinda like everyone thought in 2016, remember?) then you really haven’t been paying attention. Despite what they might say publicly, most white people love Trump.

I don’t mean to offend or attack a whole fandom when I say this, and I apologize if it does come off that way, but I’m truly waiting for the moment when army finally stop bringing in and blaming exo l’s and any big fandom whenever they’re called out for bad behavior. Yes exo l’s can be horrible, and they were even worse back in the day, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to always bring them up to cover for your bad behavior. Just because someone else did it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily okay for you to follow.
Another thing is, most of the Kpop fans who don’t stan bts isn’t because they’re jealous of their success. Of course there will be fans who are bitter about it, but many of them avoid bts because the army fandom has pretty much belittled, insulted, disrespected, and spread hate to pretty much every other group and fandom out there, and no fan can bear to see that. When you say that only a minority of the fandom are rude like that, I’m sorry to say, but since your fandom is so huge, it actually comes off as the majority.
My point is, people are not out here to attack you and make you look like the bad ones all the time. People call you out because there is an actual problem. Despite how arrogant many of the fans can be since you think bts are untouchable, you the fans are the ones preventing so many people from even giving bts a try which is really unfortunate.

  • They all talk about what they appreciate about Brian. Laura mostly just appreciates that he made the entire cast Old Fashioneds.
  • Matt complains that he’s not allowed to drink during the show. Marisha: “Oh, that is a self-imposed rule.” 
  • Of course, he’s drinking during this show and when he gets a little giggly Taliesin goes, “This is why we don’t let him drink.”
  • The french horns are back. There is much rejoicing.
  • They filmed this before episode 79 and are trying to retroactively predict what happened. Brian: “Marisha got blamed for some shit.” Travis: “Did not see that coming.” Liam: “That’s not the internet I know.” #ThanksKeyleth
  • Travis goes off on an extended rant about football that just sort of trails off when he remembers who else is in the room.
  • Marisha gets t-shirts. Taliesin: “She’ll cut them up. Everybody knows she’ll cut them up. She’s a monster.”
  • Someone got the pit crew ornaments in the shape of blue-screening computers.
  • Liam receives a letter in German and manages to successfully translate… a little bit before realizing there’s an English version attached.
  • Someone sent Travis a packet of mayo. Just a packet of mayo in an envelope.
  • Matt gets a new hourglass. Travis: “That’s for shopping!”
  • There are a couple moments where somebody reads off a name on a letter and Liam chimes in with their twitter handle from memory.
  • Taliesin, holding up a small bag: “What’s in this?” Sam: “Teeth, it’s just teeth.” Taliesin: “I hope it is teeth. I can add it to my teeth collection.” Travis: “…Tal. Taliesin.”
  • Laura confiscates the chocolate box and takes all the best ones before handing it around.
  • Matt and Marisha get an ATLA-themed gift and get emotional over Uncle Iroh.
  • Sam, a little unnerved: “Are we still on french horns?” Brian, with great enthusiasm: “YEAH WE ARE”
  • Everyone gets adorable little fanart of their characters and so they put them all up in frame together for a close-up. Sam: “Quick, make ‘em all kiss!” They do.
  • After the video compilation from the fans, everyone’s just tearing up or outright crying until Sam cracks them all up with: “Wow, they hate us.”
  • Brian: “And don’t worry… fuck… it’s almost January 3rd?”

‘I have a big phobia of public bathrooms. I’ve been harassed a lot, like, just like verbally harassed. Someone’ll be like ‘oh, this is the girls bathroom’, like ‘oh I am a girl’. They could just leave it at that, that’s fine. ‘You aren’t a girl’ like ‘how dare you come in the bathroom’ and then ‘I don’t believe you’. I don’t blame people for being surprised, I just don’t know what to do when they “overreact”. Do you want me to show you?? I don’t know what else to do.’ - Amber Liu

GOT7 as things I have heard my friends say

Mark: “Why do people always think that I’ll shoot up the school just because I am quiet??”

Jaebum: “I lied to you guys… I actually really like when you all hug me. But.. Just not too often. Okay. I still need to seem cool.”

Jackson: “I am ready to fight. I will fight you. I will fight him. I will fight her. Hell. I will fight myself. I am ready for it.”

Jinyoung: “You’re a sinner.” (Why can I actually imagine Jinyoung saying this?)

Youngjae: “I picked you flowers outside, but I got yelled at for picking them. So I am giving you the flower petal that I kept anyway.”

Bambam: “Eww. Gross. Get that away from me.”

Yugyeom: “You know. I could have admitted to what I did, but it was easier to blame someone else for it.”

tbh i’ve realized that everything is basically jus mind over matter. like u know how when ur stomach starts hurting and sometimes u’ll try thinking of it not hurting just cause ur curious and it’ll instantly stop? same thing with everything else. if u want to give up because u feel its not going to get better, change. your. mindset. if u’ve been laying in bed for days bc someone hurt u and ur blaming urself, change ur mindset. nothing will get better if u continue to think of/focus on the things hurting you. mind over matter. u’ll be okay.

All I Want For Christmas

Characters: Reader Collins (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Marley Collins, Drover Collins, Danneel Ackles, JJ Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Tom Padalecki, Shep Padalecki.

Pairing: Misha x reader, Jensen x sister!reader

Warnings: Stress of traveling with kids, traffic, pregnant women jokes (blame Jensen), not much just fluff.     

Wordcount: 2700ish

A/N: This is the fourth one shot for “Kari’s Fluffy Christmas” and it is written for @babypieandwhiskey’s “Cam’s darndest things challenge” - My prompt was  “Stop surfing the coffee table.” and I chose to write for Misha x Reader

Thanks to the sweet, amazing @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me.


Everything was always last minute in your family. Normally you didn’t mind, but being pregnant everything seemed to bother you more than usual. Usually you didn’t mind being last minute because the kids always had fun, no matter what you were doing or where you were going. Your husband turned everything into an adventure. He always had and that was one of the reasons you had fallen in love with him in the first place.

Right now, it was that particular adventurous and always easy to distract side that were driving you crazy. You had told him to get the kids and help them pack two hours ago and he had. He had just not really done it the way you had envisioned it happening.  

Rather than packing in their room, Misha had dragged half the room into the living room along with the bags. He and the boys were currently playing a game of jump on the couch and into the bag and onto daddy, while he was packing. It did look fun and the boys were laughing and using a lot of energy which would pay off for the plane ride later. Still it was making packing slow and you had already overslept this morning… or well not overslept but you hadn’t exactly gotten out of bed by the hour you had planned. Thanks to your pregnancy, your husband’s hands tended to wander even more than usual and also thanks to said pregnancy you had absolutely no willpower to stop him. Frankly, you seemed to have three moods these days, hungry, grumpy or horny. Right now it as you were chewing at holiday themed crackers and staring at your husband, your 4 year old and 2 year old’s shenanigans, grumpy was winning.

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Disclaimer: This is specifically aimed at men because of manuary; remind me and I will post the same specifically aimed at women for femruary.

If your special someone constantly tells you that they’ll kill themselves if you ever leave them, that is emotional abuse.

If your special someone guilt-trips you into being with them instead of your friends, that is emotional abuse.

If your special someone puts the blame on you for their failures, that is emotional abuse.

If your special someone sends you pictures of themselves doing fucked up things and says it’s because you spend time with someone else, that is emotional abuse.

If your special someone does anything to make you feel pity for them to assure you’ll stay, that is emotional abuse.

If your special someone guilt-trips you into buying them hard drugs because “it’s because of all the bad thoughts your absence causes”, that is emotional abuse.

And if you leave and they still harass you with messages like “I self harm and it’s your fault” or “I will kill myself and I will tell everyone it’s because of you”, that is emotional abuse.

Guys, don’t let yourself guilt-trip you into staying with someone who makes you feel miserable, who constantly tells you that you’re at fault for everything bad they do. It’s not. And whatever they do after you left is not your problem. They would have done it anyway and staying would have dragged you down as well.

Abuse doesn’t always have to be physical and none of what they do is your fault. And if anyone tells you it is, they can fuck off. Your experiences are valid and I beg you to seek help because this is hard to let go off.
You are not alone. We all are with you.

He never really spoke about her, or them. Whenever her name popped up in a conversation, a look would cross his face and he held back whatever he wanted to say. It wasn’t that he was just heart broken, he missed the memories he’d made with that girl. And I couldn’t blame him. I’d loved him longer than I could ever remember, but.. he fell for someone else, and she replaced the gap I left. I wasn’t angry about this, I just regretted ever letting him go. And I hoped she did too.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#54)

Sorry, but I have to address this separately: it is NOT FAIR to act like Jess and her blog are the reason this narrative continues, or to blame her for posting information, but declining to share a photo she is given by someone else.

If Jess didn’t answer asks, or post about this type of information, the user who sent it would keep going to shipper blogs until someone finally did it.

If a shipper didn’t post about it, antis would and someone would stumble upon it and it would make its way to shipper blogs.

And then it would spread over shipper blogs and whispers turn into screams from the other side that shippers hide things to protect the ship! They lie! They manipulate info! Blah blah. It happens every single time.

It’s not Jess’ fault for having the most well known shipper blog. She is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t in these types of situations. And shippers in general are not at fault for continuing the “troll’s narrative” by talking about this situation or speculating. All of this is no longer the “troll’s narrative” - it is Sam and Cait’s narrative.

Do we all own a role in this? Yes, but we don’t deserve all the blame. I hope people remember that.