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Shape of You (11)

Good news… I’ve written like five chapters. and I love them all. Can’t wait to share =) your replies are awesome and make me smile. Thank you!!!

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One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Chapter 11

It took me two days to finally find the strength to unpack. I left Cassian’s bag in my trunk, I couldn’t look at it without a wave of nausea coming over me. My entire body hurt from giving into him, only to have my heart broken and stomped on in front of my entire family. Although my body and my heart didn’t hurt nearly as bad as my pride.

I had broken my own rule. It was my own fault I was in this position. I let those pretty brown eyes get to me. I had kissed him, I let him see me, all of me, and he got the last laugh. By ending our arrangement the way I wanted it to be ended. By doing exactly what I had been thinking of doing. In front of everyone.

But that was before he kissed me. Before he asked me out on a real date.

Rhysand had watched him as if he had known him. Mor had called us out for being too obsessed when we apparently shouldn’t have been. Mor had known the entire time who he was and she knew we weren’t actually dating. She waited, like a predator assessing her prey, until she could hurt me. Until she could do more damage than Tomas ever dared.

But why? She had been my sisters friend all through school. Hell they were as close as her and Rhys. Why would she hurt me? I never did anything to her.

I never cared about her.

My brain hurt from trying to understand everything that had happened to me this weekend. Everything that had gone down and had somehow spiraled my world out of control. If I kept trying to make sense of it I would go crazy. I would break down and never be able to find my way out of the new darkness.

The suffocating darkness.

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Unpopular opinion: Lydia Bennett got what she deserved when she married Wickham and I don't feel bad for her future life because she never felt remorse for running away, causing worry, wasting $$$, never listened to her sisters anyway (she never wouldve listened about him even if Lizzy told her family so idk why Lizzy put that on herself), and even though Wickham's affection for her cooled first, hers cooled too. Everyone was waaaay too generous with Lydia AND Wickham

Lydia is barely 16 years old. Whatever her era and society would make of her being thought a grown woman, she’s honestly still a child by many estimations. Elizabeth admits to Lady Catherine that, at then-fifteen, Lydia is too young to be out much, socially, but that with all the elder sisters out enjoying themselves, in quieter country society the kinder thing to do is relax the rules and let a younger girl have some fun. And, of course, as long as they’re in Meryton, and close to home, this really isn’t a problem. It’s when Lydia is allowed to go away with an incompetent chaperone that she gets in over her head and is easily led astray by a man who must be at least ten years older than her.

Also consider where she learned to waste money and be frivolous. Mr. Bennet hasn’t set any money aside to help out his daughters when he’s dead. He hasn’t bothered to correct Lydia’s behaviour. He openly acknowledges Lizzie to be his favourite, Jane to at least be good and sensible in her way, and his younger three daughters he calls silly to their faces and pretty much treats them as worthless. For all he’s a comical character in many respects, and because he loves Lizzie and Lizzie is the protagonist it’s far easier to take his side than Mrs. Bennet’s much of the time, he’s a terrible father and in many ways the worst parent these girls have. In a society where a man is the head of the family, Mr. Bennet at the head of a family full of women evidently has no clue how to properly Be a Dad, or if he does, he doesn’t give enough of a shit to try until it’s too late.

And then there’s Mrs. Bennet. She IS silly, but her concerns are valid. She wants her daughters married to men who will provide for them. Rich is good, but even just a gentleman works, too. Her own brothers have professions in trade and the law, so they’re less genteel, but even an officer is a step above that in terms of gentility, so Wickham, by rank, is not a BAD match for Lydia, even if he would be poor in terms of income.

So a high-spirited girl of fifteen, encouraged by her mother to be vivacious and good-humoured (which are both things Lizzie is, as well,) and only swatted away by her father as being silly…well, at this point it feels inevitable that Lydia WOULD run away to marry an officer. While Wickham later has to be persuaded to marry Lydia, she was honestly in love enough to run away with the fullest faith of their being married as soon as possible. With her mother’s general insistence on Marriage Above All Else and Mr. Bennet’s TOTAL UNINVOLVMENT IN ANYTHING, Lydia did Her Best. Which turned into a shitshow, but how was she to know? It’s all a joke to her because EVERYTHING has been a joke to her, and no-one has ever attempted to correct her before. Elizabeth certainly doesn’t get involved–and it’s not her place to. She briefly encourages her father to TRY PARENTING but to no avail–and that’s on Mr. Bennet, and not Lizzie. Lizzie CAN’T just expose Wickham’s behaviour to her family, seeing as Miss Darcy’s reputation would be ruined if it got out. Which it would–Mrs. Bennet and the younger girls WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP THAT SECRET. Darcy divulged that information only as necessary, and with faith in Elizabeth, that her discretion would not allow her to spread such a ruinous tale about a young girl who she’s never met, and who has been hurt enough already by Wickham.

I think, much as some may want Lizzie to step in and Fix Everything, there are good reasons why she can’t, and most of those reasons are to do with Mr. & Mrs. Bennet and their failures as parents. Why should Lydia listen to her sister? I sure as fuck don’t listen to MY big sister when she tries to boss me around. It’s not Elizabeth’s job to raise Lydia right, and she’s never really tried to. The problem is, it IS essentially Mr. Bennet’s job (and to a lesser extent, Mrs. Bennet’s,) and he’s never tried to, either.

So blame Lydia for whatever unhappiness she experiences, if you want, but bear in mind she’s a naive, impulsive teenager who has a mother with a one-track mind about marriage (which–Mission Accomplished!) and a father who either fails to notice her at all, or verbally abuses her when he does.

Jughead’s hat, a one-shot

Summary : He would wear his crown-shaped beanie anywhere and anytime. “Why ?” Betty wondered. “It’s a long story.” Jughead began. 

Number of words : 580

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@juggiexbets hey ! You had the request on your blog and I thought you might like to know that I finally wrote the fic :3 

It would be their first night together. They didn’t plan on loosing their virginity of course, but sleeping one against the other, her head on his chest as he caressed her arm, it was a dream finally coming true for Betty and Jughead that were together for eight months now. 

They were watching movies with popcorn on Betty’s bed, chuckling, talking and simply being happy. It was the first time Alice had allowed Jughead to be in her daughter’s room and, even though the boy had been sneaking in multiple times, it felt different, it felt good.

“Hey, it’s already close to midnight” Betty said as she looked at the time on her clock. “I’ll go change in my pajamas.” 

As the girl tried to get out of the bed, she felt two strong arms bringing her back and lips being on hers, passionately kissing her. 

Betty moaned as she felt a hand in her hair, softly playing in it. She put her hand on her boyfriend’s hair too, making the beanie that was on it fall.

“Betty–stop..” the blonde haired girl heard. 

Taking a step back to look at Jughead, she asked, confused “What is it Jug?”

The boy seemed embarrassed. He looked at his beanie, and then at his girlfriend, and softly whispered “This beanie is there on purpose..”

“Why ?” 

“It’s a long story” Jughead began, unable to look at Betty directly. 

The girl then saw a big scar on the top of her boyfriend’s head, and gasped. 

“What–what happened ?” 

Jughead took a deep breath. “I was 7 years old. My father would be drunk almost all the time, and my mother would be trying to take care of me and my sister the best she could. Once, Jellybean, who was only two years old back then, found a secret place in our wardrobe where dad would be hiding drugs that he was dealing with the serpents..”

Seeing how upset her boyfriend was, Betty put her hand on his cheek, letting him calm down. She already knew the shady past of Jughead’s father, but he never talked about his mother or his sister. 

“My mother saw it, and got really mad.” the boy said. “My dad got mad too and blamed my sister for I don’t know what, and he tried to hit her. I was there, watching the scene with my toys, and I just got up as fast as I could to protect Jell. I got the punch right on my forehead and fell against a table made of glass. My head was sliced opened and my parents brought me to the hospital… A few hours later I was fine, Jellybean had forgotten and my parents reconciled, but I had a big scar on my head and I was afraid the kids would laugh at me.”

“So, your mother made this beanie for you ?” Betty said, finishing his sentence.

Jughead nodded as tears ran down his face. 

“Oh, Juggie” the girl said. “You are the most beautiful, funny, smart and sweet guy I know. You’ve been through so much and I admire you for what you’ve done..” 

Betty leaned on to kiss Jughead again, putting her hand in his hair as she felt the scar hiding under his dark hair. She didn’t give it much thought though, it didn’t make him uglier, it made him even stronger, even more beautiful. 

This friday night was everything the dark haired boy could have wished for..

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Hey I know I requested something recently already, but I need something to help me feel a bit better. (In case you're wondering I got into a small right with another girl, who may or may not be a sociopath, I ended up getting detention for the first time.) I just need some nice comfort fluff, maybe just Marco just comforting Tom about something? If you want fit it in today that's ok.

Of course I can write that! I’m so sorry you got into a fight with that girl! I’ve got into a few fight and it sucks. She slashed my tires and it got UGLY. What happened was her drug dealer cut her off because she was an addict, and he didn’t want her overdosing on his supply or he would get into a LOT of trouble. And she blamed it on me because I told my sister she was an addict, then my sister told the dealer.
Bottom line is I got attacked, then I fought back, then my sister broke into her boyfriend’s house and I hit him with a spatula. Stuff happens! We just have to move on and keep loving each other!!!!!

“Tom? Is that you?” Marco asked, flipping on the light. Tom was huddled by the couch, his eyes were big and bright. Marco looked worried, Tom never showed up in the dead of night just to say hi. Marco’s home was his safe place. So he showed up at odd hours only if he was in danger at his own home.

“G-go back to bed Mar-Mar. I just needed a place to stay the night.” Tom mumbled. Marco ran over and knelt down next to him. Tom had a bruise on his eye and lower arm. It looked like a handprint pressed in his arm. Marco shook his head and opened his arms. Tom fell into his hug and his human comforted him.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. Tom squeezed his eyes shut to try and keep from crying, but it was no use. The demon began to bawl as Marco held him close and soothed him. “Hey, hey. It’s all okay, it’s all going to be okay.” Marco gave Tom a kiss on the head and the demon sobbed harder. “Shhh. It’s okay.”

“I-I-I don’t know what I did wrong.” Tom blubbered. Marco hushed him again and took his face in his hands, making Tom look him in the eyes.

“You didn’t do anything to deserve this.” Marco assured him. Tom sniffled and snuggled closed to the human. “You’re okay, you’re with me now. You’re safe.” He kissed Tom again. He let the demon cry for a long while before hushing him and giving him more kisses. “Hey, look at me.” Marco told him. “Look at me.” He said again.

Tom wiped away some tears and looked Marco in the eyes. “Can you give me a smile?” Marco asked. Tom pouted and wiped away another tear. “Come on, just one little smile.” Marco urged. Tom sniffled.

“I don’t feel like smiling.” Tom choked back some more tears and Marco kissed his nose.

“Just try, for me?” He asked. Tom sniffled and tried to smile for the human, it felt forced at first, but once Tom saw Marco smiling back at him it turned real. He smiled bigger and all of the sudden started laughing. Marco smiled even bigger. “There you are! There’s that happy demon I love so much!” He bopped Tom’s nose.

“I-I don’t know what it is but… no matter how sad I am, I always smile around you.” Tom started. “I can’t help it. No matter what I see you and… I’m happy.” Tom continued. Marco pulled him in for another hug and rubbed his back. “Can I stay here for a little while?” He asked quietly. Marco nodded.

“Stay here as long as you want.” Marco assured. “Stay here forever if you want to.” He grinned. Tom smiled again and the boys sat on the rug together for about an hour more Just giving each other gente hugs and kisses, and every time they made eye contact they would erupt in giggles and smiles. “I love that smile of yours.” Marco said in a love struck tone. Tom fell back and blushed furiously, putting a hand over his mouth.

“Y-you do?” Tom asked. “I always thought my teeth made me look scary.” He admitted. Marco shook his head and took Tom’s hand away, so he could see his whole face. He loved the demon and everything about him so much.

“No, your teeth are perfect. I love the little fang you have that goes over your lip.” Marco smiled. “It’s the cutest thing.” He giggled. Tom blushed even more. He was about to put his hand up again out of instinct, but Marco held it down so he could see Tom. “You have an amazing smile. Because when you smile it means you’re happy, and there’s nothing I want more than for you to be happy.” Marco whispered to him.

“I-I want you to be happy too.” Tom assured. “I’d do anything for you! Just to see you smile or to see you laugh.” He began to go on and on. “Anything you want, Marco! Just say the word and I’ll get it for you! Just as long as you smile.” He looked totally swept away. Marco held Tom’s hand and gave him another kiss.

“I want you.” Marco told him. “Stay here with me, please.” He mumbled. Tom nodded and pulls Marco as close as he could. The two stayed snuggling on the floor for a long while until both of them began to get sleepy. “It’s really late, I think we both should go back to bed.” Marco told the demon, yawning. Tom nodded and scooped Marco up in his arms. The human laughed and Tom carried him up the steps and set him down on the bed. When he made sure Marco was comfortable he curled up like a cat at the foot of the bed.

“Come up here and be next to me.” Marco giggled. Tom purred and jumped to be snuggled right next to the human. Marco wrapped him up in a tight and secure hug, covering his face and head with love and kisses. “You know I’m never going to let anything bad happen to you as long as you’re here.” Marco hushed. Tom nodded.

“How long can I stay?” Tom asked, already getting anxiety about going home.

“As long as you want or need.” Marco assured him. “You’re safe and I love you. Let’s not think of the bad stuff now, we both need some sleep.” Marco added, looking at the clock. It was almost three in the morning. Tom nodded and nuzzled his head in Marco’s hoodie, closing his eyes and dozing off. “Goodnight, sweet little demon.” Marco cooed, and fell asleep himself.

It was her.

A/N: This is a highly requested part 2 of It wasn’t her. This is from Dean’s point of view. It has a lot of inner dialogue at first to set the story. This is going to hurt. I warned you.

It wasn’t her masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader     Mary x Daughter!Reader

If you had told me three weeks ago that I would be driving to save Sam and Y/N from who knows what with my mom riding shotgun in Baby I would have told you that you’re crazy; but here I am. Cas found a lead and mom insisted on coming with me. Having her back has been different, good, but so weird. I can only imagine what Sam and Y/N are going to do when they see mom. The thought of it brings a smile to my face; Sam remembers mom but Y/N was a baby when mom died. Y/N will finally get her mom like she always wanted, the thought of it makes me push down on the gas a little harder.

The car ride has been silent for the most part, sort of awkward but not too weird. Mom did bring up how she wished we hadn’t grown up in the life but I told her that it was meant for me and that Sam did try for a while; that seemed to make her happy. What made her smile the widest was when i told her about Y/N. How she balanced a hunting life along with trying to be normal. I couldn’t help but brag about Y/N like she was my daughter and not my little sister. Hell she was more of a daughter to me than a sister.

Y/N was twelve when Sam left; it was a major eye opener for me and I realized I needed to make Y/N feel more normal, otherwise she might want to leave me too. So I let her hangout with friends when dad was gone, we’d do extra training like he’d say but then we’d play soccer, go get ice cream, we were normal. Y/N went to dances, hell I let her go on group dates (that I chaperoned of course). She was normal, she even took college classes online.

“Y/N’s got it figured out best mom,” I say to her with a smile, “She has it all balanced, I don’t know how she does it. You’re gonna love her.”

“I know I’m going to.” Mom said smiling back at me, “You sound like a proud parent.” She laughed out. I laughed with her, cause it was true.

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Am I Pretty Yet?

Seungcheol always notices the beauty in other girls. So why couldn’t he do that with you, his best friend?

Warning: Language

“Jeonghan’s prettier than you, so you shouldn’t date him,” Seungcheol says, making funny faces at Jeonghan. You know it’s a joke, but you’re a little annoyed.

Seungcheol had been getting on your nerves all week, pointing out all the pretty girls, haunting you with their perfect hair and body, flawless skin and smiles. You know that wasn’t his intention. He was simply admiring their beauty, and had never once compared them negatively to you. But you were still annoyed by it. And hearing that Jeonghan, a man, was prettier hurt. Whether it was true or not.

“You keep telling me who I shouldn’t date, can’t you be a normal friend for once and tell me who I should date?” He smiles nudging you slightly.

“I’m only saying these things because no one is good enough for my best friend. You’re basically my little sister,” He jokes.

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 I’d beaten two of Amarantha’s tasks, but I knew—knew it deep in my bones—that the third would be the one to kill me. After what had happened to her sister, what Jurian had done, she would never let me leave here alive. I couldn’t entirely blame her; I doubted I would ever forget or forgive something like that being done to Nesta or Elain, no matter how many centuries had passed. 

@the King of Hybern: this foreshadowing says you fucked up big time buddy. 


Perfect Sisters (2014)

‘Every since I can remember it was always my sister and me against the big, bad world. And ever since I can remember the world was bad because of our mother. But you know, now that she’s gone, now that mom’s gone, I guess from here on in the only people we have to blame for our’s stupid, shitty lives, the only people we have to blame is ourselves.’

The Best Woman ~ Part 2 ~ Calum Imagine


Part 1

After sprinting out of the church and away from whoever was chasing after me I finally locate my car, lunging for the door handle tugging at it until I realized my keys were in my purse inside the church. I’m royally fucked.

“Y/N get in!” I spin around on my heel to see Michael ushering me over, his car idling inches behind mine. I quickly get to the far side of the car getting inside and shut the door while letting out a breath of relief.

“Why’d you pick me up Mikey? It would have been a beautiful service,” I mutter trying to prevent tears. 

“Actually I had been waiting for you so that you would have a quick escape incase you needed one. Luke asked me to. Apparently he heard your and Calum’s little fight in the hallway and he wanted you to have a quick and safe escape incase you needed it,” Michael said softly, eyes trained on the road ahead of him.

“Thank you so much Mikey I have no idea what I’d do without such remarkable friends,” I say as I lean to give him a mini side hug. “I’m so happy that Luke married you to impress girls because you are honestly the sweetest guy ever.”

“Aw hush up beautiful you deserve the amazing friendships you have and more. Incase you didn’t realize you’re beautiful inside and out. Now enough of the heartfelt sappy stuff lets get you back to mine and Luke’s so you can put on some comfy clothes and have a good cry,” Michael ends with a grin plastered across his face.

“Now you’re speaking my language Clifford.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at Luke and Michael’s

After I had a shower that had consisted of more water coming out of my face than the shower-head, I had gotten dressed in one of Luke’s big comfy sweaters and a pair of shorts I had left here forever ago. I was currently descending the stairs when I heard Mikey mutter a good bye on his cell phone. Seeing me walking down the stairs Michael quickly came to my side and started ushering me towards the couch wrapping me in a purple fuzzy blanket that suspiciously resembled one I had in my room. Once he had decided I was properly bundled Michael sat beside me turning his body so he would face me.

“So it sounds like we missed quite the wedding,” Michael told me.

“Mikey I’m not sure if you realize this but the whole point of me running out was because I didn’t want to hear or see Cal and the bitch get married,” I lightly chuckled.

“Trust me Y/N you’re gonna wanna hear this,” Michael says waiting for my nod of approval. “So according to Luke the first person to realized you had booked it was Calum and he yelled for you and went to follow until Luke held him back. When Calum shouted everyone else had clued in you left and Ashton got down right pissed. He stalked to the alter and punched Calum in the face thus causing the two to have a fist fight over your which then enraged your crazy ass sister. Apparently Luke said she started sprinting in her massive hooker heels and pounced right on top of the two boys! She started beating on ash because he didn’t make you love him and then Calum because he made you love him. She was shouting so loud that Luke is apparently partially deaf now but it’s probably just an excuse so he doesn’t hear me telling him to clean the apartment,” Michael huffs. 

“Um Mikey can you continue the story please? I’m kinda on the edge of my seat right now. It’s not very often you cause a brawl at your sisters wedding without even being there,” I exclaim dropping my head into my hands.

“Oh right I’m sorry, Lucas is just very difficult sometimes. Back to the story, after Luke allegedly lost his hearing the dummy finally stepped in to pull your sister off the boys, which thankfully caused the brawl to come to an end and the boys to remember you had fled. Calum and Ashton both rushed to their cars and Luke had to announce to over a hundred people that he figured the wedding was canceled and asked anyone who had filmed the fight to email it to him. I guess that Calum made Luke go with him and now they are looking for you,” Michael ends with a partial smile. 

“Well that was a plot twist if I’ve ever heard one. Did Luke say why Calum was looking for me?” I said trying and apparently failing to hide the hope in my voice.

“Y/N from what I’ve heard about you and Calum from Luke I learned that he doesn’t deserve you at all. You’ve loved him for how many years and he did he have any idea? No, he was too wrapped up in all his sluts to notice this amazing, beautiful girl in front of him that he could have to love in a millisecond if he had pulled his head out of his ass. You aren’t the problem Y/N, Calum is. I know its not my place to say and I’ve already laid it on pretty thick but I think you should think this through before you decide anything that has to do with Calum,” Michael says wrapping me in a big hug. Before I can get a sentence or even a few tears out Michael is back at it again. “Now I’ve heard the best way to get over heartbreak is ice cream and a gossip girl marathon,” Michael says clapping his hands together and standing up.

“Mikey you have it wrong, it’s chick flicks not gossip girl,” I tell him shaking my head.

“I don’t care, we are going to watch gossip girl because I’ve been dying to watch it but Luke refuses to watch it with me. Now you just relax I’m going to find some ice cream,” Michael tells me scurrying off to the kitchen while I just shake my head laughing. Out of the blue I swear I can faintly hear “single ladies” playing off to the right of me.

“Y/N can you get that please its just Luke” Michael calls from the kitchen.

“I’m a little concerned about what you have set as his ringtone but sure,” I shout back before picking up the singing phone.

“Hey Pukey can you pick up Chinese on your way back to your apartment please?” I ask Luke suddenly craving some chow mein. There’s no reply and I almost think Luke had butt dialed Michael but then I hear a faint sniffling.

“Luke what’s wrong? Did my sister attack your hair too? Sorry I couldn’t help it are you actually okay?” I ask mildly concerned.

“I can’t believe you never told me how you felt Y/N. I was your best friend,” Calum whispers between sniffles. Fuck I was so screwed. I take a big gulp trying to calm my sudden nerves.

“Well its not very often you spill your heart to someone when you know they’d just reject you for some slutty bimbo. Sorry for not considering your feelings,” I darkly chuckle finding a new found confidence after listening to Michael’s opinion earlier.

“Y/N don’t do this. I loved you too and I still love you,” Calum pleads.

“No you don’t Calum. If you loved me you would have made some kind of move, some kind of grand gesture, some kind of anything,” I spit out as the tears start to stream down my face. 

“How can you say that to me Y/N? You never did anything like that! All that you did was apparently lie about our friendship and perv on me from a distance,” Calum sneers. My heart leapt into my throat and nothing could stop me at lashing out and punching the wall closest to me, the tears increasing.

“Really? Are you fucking serious right now? Our friendship a lie? I was your friend first then I started to love you prick. And about the grand gesture it was me who had planned the big romantic picnic for your birthday not my skank of a sister. I was the one who slaved away cooking all day and used all the memory of our twelve years of friendship to have your favourite foods. I was the one that for months before had planned and planned the perfect afternoon, the perfect picnic, and the perfect speech to confess my love for you. But my sister had been two feet from the damn blanket admiring my handiwork when we walked out and you had automatically assumed it was her. I don’t blame you who would want the ugly loser to be totally in love with you when you could have a tall, popular, gorgeous girl who puts out within the first five minutes. I’m sorry the gesture I intended wasn’t grand enough for you Calum, and I’m even more sorry that I ever fell in love with an asshole like you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get my hand checked incase I just broke it. Let Luke know id like to see him home soon. As for your pompous ass I never want to hear from you again and I’m sorry it took you so many years to show your true colours because you sure would have saved me a fuck load of tears,” I spit into the phone.

“But Y/N…”

“Goodbye Calum,” I say hanging up the phone and turning to see Michael standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face.

“Mikey before you say anything can it wait until we get into the car please? I’m afraid I just learned punching a wall breaks your hand. Oh and Mikey can you please call Luke and get him to meet us at the hospital with Chinese food and Ashton? I need to break up with him but I’m hungry and I don’t feel like having another fight over the phone,” I say slipping on my disastrous heels and making my way to my saving grace of the day, Michael’s car.

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Part 4


Babysitting Luke *PERSONAL* imagine

Hi my name is Emily and could you please write a Niall or Luke imagine where he comes with you to babysit and ends up being really cute with the kids? :}

The journey to your sisters house was boring, Luke wouldn’t shut up. He was so nervous about it all, he took out his lip ring and dressed up really smart. You kept assuring him it was only a few hours of babysitting your nephew and it wouldn’t matter what you looked like. He just wouldn’t stop thinking of new things that your sister wouldn’t like about him, you couldn’t blame him because he knew what your sister could be like.
When you finally got to your sisters house Luke had shut up, in fact he became so quiet that it worried you.The only words he managed to stumble were 

“Hi nice to meet you.”

Your sister left , and you spent five minutes playing with your nephew until eventually Luke sat on the floor and shyly began to chat with him.
“Hey, what you playing here then?”

“We’re colouring in on my Spider-Man book” Your nephew grinned.

“Oh cool, I love Spider-Man can I have a go.” He said with a big cheesy grin on his face.

I walked into the kitchen and made a coffee on the machine while Luke and my nephew were still playing together, everything was calm and quiet. I walked into the toilets and everything was still calm , when I came out the toilets I heard a screaming sound coming from the room they were playing in. I ran to the room in a sudden panic thinking something had happened, instead I found them in a tickle fight on the floor screaming and giggling.

For the rest of the time we were babysitting Luke was playing on the floor,he was so worn out at the end of it all he fell asleep on the car journey home. It made me smile at how much of a kid my boyfriend was ,but I didn’t care. It was cute.

A/N: Omg omg, this is awful and it’s my first imagine on this blog . Sorry it sucks :( my mind just went completely blank and ah I’m so tired guys :(

- Abbie x :]

BECAUSE SHE LIVES IN ENGLAND Just clearing that out -K