i blame nico


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Headcanon: Nico accidentaly talks in Italian when he’s really turned on, and he’s a little bit embarrassed until he discovers that Percy/Jason finds it really hot

Then when he understands the power he has he starts speaking Italian in random public places and laughs at their boners

virtualpreston  asked:

Do you think Percy ever remembers the Nico he knew so briefly, the little nerd, and gets really sad now that he knows how sad Nico is now?

He thinks about it all the time. Yeah, he feels bad for what happened to Bianca, but he feels personally responsible for what happened with Nico. Now a days, whenever they can get Nico to chuckle a bit or briefly crack a smile, Percy sees it, a flash of What Could Have Been if he hadnt let it all get fucked to shit. the happy boy he could have gotten to know. Bianca died a heros death in that desert junkyard, but Nico died alone on the inside because Percy couldnt keep his promises

Yeah, I’d say he thinks about it a bit.

I kinda want there to be a scene where Rae teases Finn about his hair and says he looks like he could be in a boy band and to shut her up he kisses her senseless and it’d be cute and so them. That is all, bye. (This could even be a fic prompt?)


2016 world champion nico rosberg was afraid of 19-year-old max verstappen

“the race was so intense. so so so horribly intense. first in the battle with max, where the team says you know i have to get by now. it’s critical. critical! for the world championship! jesus. and then max! you know. of all people! ugh you don’t even, you have no… no, no.”

“in the end when they were coming up from behind with just two laps to go, and this is the world championship we’re talking about. if i drop behind those two, if i make a mistake, that’s it. [so you couldn’t even consider letting seb pass?] no! crazy max was after that, you know? so can’t let anyone pass.”