i blame nico

  • Alarm: *goes off*
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck why the hell am I so tired rn?!
  • Me: *flashbacks to blogging about my OTP until the sun rises*
  • Me: nope nope definitely not that it's probably because of the microwaveable mac and cheese I ate for dinner last night yeah that totally makes sense... *internal nervous laughter*

The other benefit of being at the Combine has been meeting Hischier, who played with Halifax in the QMJHL this season. “I got to know him pretty good here,” said Patrick. “He’s obviously ranked where he is for a reason.”

Ditto, says Hischier.

“Obviously Nolan Patrick is a really good player,” Hischier said.

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Headcanons on what their s/o could do to make all the main four blush?? (◡‿◡✿) (cooking for them, love letters, pet names, etc???)


  • Mostly anything cute that his S/O does will make him blush instantly
  • Dressing up for him is one way. I`m not gonna say what to dress up, but you catch my drift ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Say something dirty in public
  • Laugh at his terrible dad jokes
  • Call him daddy


  • He is very shy at first when the two of them got together, so making him blush isn`t that hard. 
  • Grab him by the waist will make him flinch at most part. Hes very ticklish


  • Cooking good food for him will make him blush
  • Playing with his chest 
  • Trying to eat more then him… even if it isn`t possible
  • Tickle him >:3


  • If shes cosplay anything from one of his favorite animes, it will make him blush. He finds it very cute.
  • Give cute gifts to him. He will love anything she gets to him

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Headcanon: Nico accidentaly talks in Italian when he’s really turned on, and he’s a little bit embarrassed until he discovers that Percy/Jason finds it really hot

Then when he understands the power he has he starts speaking Italian in random public places and laughs at their boners

Raining Caves

               Thunder boomed outside the small cave Nico and Will were currently sitting in. The two boys were drenched to their toes and shivering from the cool winds that lashed outside their small fortress.

               “I told you we should have gone back the second the dark clouds rolled in.” Will stuttered through chattering teeth. “But who didn’t listen to me? The same guy who likes rain. ‘Oh don’t worry Will, a little water never hurt anybody’. Hah! It might not hurt but it’s cold and unfriendly.” Will pouted cutely as he slouched back against the rock wall he was next to. “I blame you.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “I know. It isn’t like you haven’t said it about thirty times already. You know, if I didn’t know better, I would think you thought the rain was my fault.” That earned Nico a glare from the blonde. Nico thought it was funny how, even in the dark, Will’s blonde hair brightened the dark hole up, just like his crystal blue eyes.

               “You know the rain isn’t your fault. Us getting stuck in it is.” Another glare from the chattering boy.

               “Hey, how cold are you?” Nico just noticed exactly how Will was sitting with his knees drawn up and hugging himself as tightly as he could.

               “Nico.” Will said, deadpan. “I am soaking wet and the wind is blowing like no one’s business out there. How cold do you think I am?” Nico knew Will got cold easily, it was just his personality. But Nico didn’t know this would freeze him.

               Nico sighed and got up from his place on the other side of the cave-thing. He walked over to Will, whose eyes were glued to him the whole time, and plopped down next to him so they were touching. Nico slid his arm around Will’s shoulders and pulled him closer.

               “This won’t help much, but I’m less wet than you.” Will nodded and immediately curled up next to Nico. It was a bit awkward getting into a comfortable position, given Will was about five inches taller than Nico but they managed.

               The thunder never let up. Nico didn’t know how long Will stayed attached to his side before he finally sat up and looked at him.

               “Nico.” Will whispered.

               “Yeah?” Nico choked due to the closeness of Will and his lips.

               “I’m sorry.” Will leaned in and buried his nose in Nico’s neck, his hot breath warming Nico’s cold skin. Nico slowly wrapped his arms around Will again.

               “What for?”

               “I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

               “I’m sorry I got us into this mess.” Nico murmured against Will’s soft hair. “It should be over soon.” Will nodded and stayed in Nico’s neck. “Then we can go to my house and eat some food.” He could feel Will’s smile on his skin.

               “And watch Hocus Pocus?” Nico smiled.

               “Whatever you want sunshine. Whatever you want.” Nico rubbed his shoulder some more and listened to the rain and thunder. Eventually the thunder let up, but the rain didn’t.

               “It looks like we’re going to get wet again.” Will muttered as the two of them stood on the edge of the cave thing.

               “It’s better than it was a while ago.” Will nodded.

               “Want to make a run for it?”

               “Will. Can you even run in the forest? You can barely run on flat land.” That earned Nico a punch to the shoulder.

               “Fine then. Want to walk really fast for it?” Nico smiled and rolled his eyes.

               “I’ll help you.” They were exploring the woods in Nico’s backyard, so Nico knew the way easily. Will, however, did not. “Come on.” The two of them stepped out of the cave and were hit by the rain pouring down on them. The thin canopy above did little to shield them from the rain, given that the leaves were already starting to fall off.

               Will slipped on some mud and started to fall, but Nico grabbed his hand and yanked Will’s body closer to him.

               “Hold onto my hand, okay?” Nico had to raise his voice from the harsh pounding of the rain on the forest floor. Will smiled and nodded, tightening his grip on Nico’s hand. Nico walked quickly, but not too fast, and the two of them made it to the clearing that Nico’s house was in. Once they were out they ran for the back door, flinging it open and rushing inside.

               “Oh that feels so good.” Will said as rain dripped from his hair, chin and delicate eyelashes. He turned his eyes to Nico. “That’s the last time I ever go exploring with you.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “Just go get dried off and you know where there are some clothes you can wear. I’ll dry your stuff and give it back if you leave today. Which you won’t.” Will shook his head.

               “You know me so well.” Will took his shoes and socks off and waddled up the stairs and into Nico’s room, Nico following right behind him. Will pulled out ‘his’ drawer and took some clothes out of it. Nico went into his bathroom and tossed Will some towels.

               “Do you want bathroom or bedroom?” Will rolled his eyes.

               “Whichever one you don’t want.”            

               “Then I’m staying in here.” Nico shut the door and stripped, dried, and clothes himself in less than five minutes. Which, given how wet he was, was a magical feat. He knocked on the door. “Are you decent?” He called.

               “Yeah.” Nico opened the door to find Will just pulling up his pajama pants, no shirt in sight, his hair still slightly damp. Nico’s eyes went wide and his cheeks flushed red. Will looked over and smiled. “Hocus Pocus time?” Nico nodded. He was afraid of what would come out of his mouth if he opened it. He walked over to the shelf he kept his DVD’s and plucked the purple case out.

               “Here we go.” Nico almost choked on his own words, but managed to get them out. “What do you want to eat?” He turned around to see Will still shirtless, but slipping the shirt over his arms.

               “I don’t know. Whatever you want.” Will shrugged as he slid the shirt over his tan, muscular chest and torso. Nico bit back the tears of disappointment.

               “If you don’t decide then I’m going with pizza.” Will shrugged.

               “Find by me.”

               “The greasy kind.” Nico called. That got Will to flinch a little.

               “Fine.” Nico laughed as he walked to the kitchen and got some left-over mac and cheese out and heated two bowls of it. When he handed Will his bowl he smirked.

               “Thought I was actually going to feed the health nut greasy pizza, did you?” Will smiled and took a bite.

               “Of course not.” He said as the movie started. At the beginning Will finished his food and Nico handed him the rest of his bowl. Nico rarely ever ate more than that. Will had yelled at him enough for it. Will finished the rest of Nico’s bowl and the two of them watched the rest of the movie in silence. When it ended they talked over the credits.

               “I’m tired.” Will said as he snuggled into the blanket Nico got for him. “I’m going to sleep right here.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “Because that’s a good idea. Come on, get up and go to my bed.”

               “Too lazy.”

               “I will carry you there myself.” Will scoffed weakly.

               “As if you could.” Will curled down and into Nico. “I’m sleepy. Our adventure has taken my energy away from me.”

               “Will, as if it could-.”

               “Sh.” Will shushed him. “Just let me sleep.” Nico shut up and let Will curl up next to him. It was silent for a while, and Nico was relaxed when Will grabbed his arm and yanked him down so Nico was lying next to him.

               “What?” Nico whispered as Will just looked at him with those blue eyes of his. Will brought a hand up and caressed Nico’s cheek ever so softly.

               His lips were even softer than his hands when they caressed Nico’s.

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Do you think Percy ever remembers the Nico he knew so briefly, the little nerd, and gets really sad now that he knows how sad Nico is now?

He thinks about it all the time. Yeah, he feels bad for what happened to Bianca, but he feels personally responsible for what happened with Nico. Now a days, whenever they can get Nico to chuckle a bit or briefly crack a smile, Percy sees it, a flash of What Could Have Been if he hadnt let it all get fucked to shit. the happy boy he could have gotten to know. Bianca died a heros death in that desert junkyard, but Nico died alone on the inside because Percy couldnt keep his promises

Yeah, I’d say he thinks about it a bit.

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Jason and Nico (I blame you that I ship them by the way :P) and acceptance please? I just like those things and find them sweet. Thank you.

“No,” Nico said, finally finding his voice again after letting Jason carry the conversation for a long time. “No, you can’t love me. That’s not possible.”

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