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I get that a lot of people really like the “we need to consider the consequences of science” theme in fiction, and I do as well. 

However, I get very uncomfortable that innovation that can be twisted into something evil, must necessarily and inherently be evil. 

Fitz did not create The Framework. He created a Virtual Reality training exercise, in order to help train new agents without anyone getting hurt. (Which, as far as I recall, was an approved and sanctioned SHIELD project that Jemma knew about and liked.) And we currently have Virtual Reality technology that exists in our world, and as I understand people are using it for all kinds of really good things:

  • helping terminal patients get to do things on their bucket list
  • help people terrified of flying disconnect from the world 
  • create beautiful fictional worlds for people to immerse themselves in as a way to enjoy their time (just a step above 3D movies??)
  • possibly teaching first responders how to deal with really traumatic situations

And those are just current applications that people are trying to improve and develop. There are TONS more applications that involve HELPING and improving people’s lives. Because you can potentially create an evil Matrix with virtual reality doesn’t mean the technology is inherently evil. 

If I recall correctly, Fitz’ job in SHIELD is to keep creating things that protect SHIELD agents and improve the way that SHIELD runs. Nobody complains about the containment module he created to help protect Inhumans? Or any of the other countless things he’s invented to help SHIELD? (Even though I’m certain if someone thought hard enough, they would be able to find an evil version of all of those.) The reason Radcliffe was able to build AIDA is because Fitz developed a realistic prosthetic hand for Coulson to improve his life. Should he not have done that? 

Yes, of course, it’s important to consider the consequences of the technology you create. But blaming a character for having someone else completely make a new, evil version of their technology with a mystical evil book that didn’t exist when the character made that technology is a bit far-fetched. 

I love how they tried to pin the blame for Maggie becoming a recurring character on Floriana by making her look like the bad guy because she was going to be busy and she just comes out guns ablazing like oh hell no, I’m not taking the blame for this you told me this was a one season gig so forgive me if I made other arrangements so I could have a source of income.

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- [x] Prompt for Maggie feeling guilty about Alex being captured and tortured (cause she was the reason Kara left and Alex followed) and being distant; meaning like she sleeps on the couch so that she doesn't hurt Alex or anything

She should have kept her mouth shut.

She should have kept her mouth shut and let Alex’s nervous laughter, nervous “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about” be the last word on the subject.

She should have swallowed her frustration that her girlfriend’s sister destroyed the effort she’d put in, the energy she’d spent, the tears she’d fought against shedding, for seventeen hours.

Seventeen hours talking them down, seventeen hours playing the therapist no one had ever played for her, seventeen hours forcing herself to empathize – really, really empathize – with men who had their guns trained at the heads of defenseless people.

But they were at dinner, all together.

So it shouldn’t matter.

Her job wasn’t about ego. It shouldn’t be about ego. She should have let it go. She should have kept her damn mouth shut.

But she didn’t.

She didn’t, so now instead of Rick Malverne waiting futilely in that elevator, instead of Rick Malverne having to go home empty-handed – instead of Rick Malverne getting to kidnap and torture her girlfriend, this woman that she… this woman that she can’t live without – instead of all that, instead of making him wait another night, instead of, maybe, giving them all a chance to realize something was off, to realize that they were being stalked…

Now, Alex had been… 

Alex had nearly drowned. 

Alex had sliced her own damn arm open with her own damn credit card, and Alex had…

And it was all her fault. It was all her fault, because she couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut.

She couldn’t keep her mouth shut, and she got into it with Kara, and now?

Now, Alex swears she’s fine, and now, Alex swears she’s almost entirely healed, and now, Alex has told her that she loves her, that she wants to have all those firsts with her, she loves her, she loves her, she loves her…

But she shouldn’t.

She shouldn’t, because if she’d just kept her stupid mouth shut, maybe Alex wouldn’t have had to go through what she went through. 

Because Alex swears she’s fine, that it’s in the past, but J’onn knows better.

He’s keeping her on desk duty, and even though Alex rages and swears that desk duty is the worst possible thing for her recovery, Maggie is secretly grateful.

Secretly grateful, if for no other reason than – ironically – desk duty keeps Alex at the DEO later. More paperwork to sift through, and she’s so antsy that she’s slow at it.

Because there’s so much else she wants to be doing.

Like sleeping with Maggie. Both literally sleeping – cuddling and the like – and metaphorically sleeping – fucking and the like.

Alex wants all these things, and she’s making it very clear, but Maggie?

All she can see when she looks at the woman she loves more than she’s every loved anything or anyone is her body, floating, bubbles slipping out of her lips. 

All she can see when she looks at Alex is her own screaming guilt.

So she’s grateful that Alex is on desk duty. It’ll force her to let her body heal, and it brings her home later.

It brings her home later, and Maggie can pretend to be asleep on the couch.

Pretend, of course, because there’s no way in hell she will ever sleep again without knowing exactly where Alex is.

Because dammit, that was her fault, too. 

How could she have gone to the gym and blown off steam before downing a few shots of scotch and just falling asleep? Without hearing from Alex? Because sure, she was with Kara, but Alex usually checked in. How could she have…

Another thing that was her fault.

Another way that what Rick Malverne did was her fault.

And, maybe, too, if he hadn’t seen Alex with Maggie so much… maybe if he hadn’t seen the way Maggie looks at her, the way Maggie touches her hand when they’re walking down the street… maybe he wouldn’t have had quite so much rage about the whole situation.

Maybe he wouldn’t have tortured Alex quite so much.

So she pretends she’s asleep until she hears Alex come home. Pretends she’s asleep and fights not to sob when she hears Alex kick off her shoes and sigh at the sight of her girlfriend, and pull a blanket over her and adjust her head on the pillow.

She pretends so that she won’t have to ask how her day was. So she won’t have to look across the room, across the table, across the pillow, at this woman – this perfect damn woman – and see her dead, suffering, dying, a thousand ways over.

All her fault.

She pretends and she draws back and she doesn’t want to be distant – god, all she wants to do is feel Alex’s blood rushing through her veins, hear Alex’s heart beat steady and solid under her ear, all she wants to do is crush Alex’s lips with her own and… and… – but she has to be distant. She has to be.

Because she hurt Alex once.

God, god, god, she can’t hurt her again.

And the closer she is, the more she’ll hurt her.

As always.

It’s not until Kara shows up at the precinct, all baby blue collared shirt and beige pants, the next week at lunch time that Maggie realizes that maybe, by pulling away, she’s hurting Alex all the more.

“Detective,” Kara greets, the truce between them real, but the truce between them riddled with fragility and pain.

“Hey Kara,” she looks up from her desk – she’s got her own endless stack of paperwork to combat – and she grins lopsidedly. Cautiously. “Need a source on something?”

She gets up and she gestures Kara into the hallway and follows with increasingly sweaty palms, an increasingly racing heart.

“No, no, I’m not here about a story, I just…” Kara turns to face Maggie, and her jawline alone could kill. She crosses her arms over her chest, and Maggie fights not to do the same.

“You’ve been trying to be really strong for my sister. She tells me you’ve been packing her lunch every day, and I know you’ve been changing the dressings on her shoulder.”

“What are girlfriends for?” Maggie shrugs, eyes flitting across the hallway, still unable to shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

“Well, yes, but as far as I know, they’re also for sleeping together.”

“I – Kara, what – I – “

Kara adjusts her glasses and holds up a hand to stem Maggie’s stammering.

“Alex says you’ve been asleep on the couch before she gets home almost every night. That you’ve been taking care of her, but you’ve stopped really… building anything with her. Like a relationship. Like that whole firsts thing she keeps gushing about.”

Maggie blinks and Kara takes a deep breath.

“Is this because she told you she loves you? Are you pulling away because, what, you said it back but you don’t really mean it? Did you leap before you looked, Maggie, and now you don’t know how to tell her?”

Maggie flinches like she was punched by Supergirl, and Kara blinks at how rattled her stinging words made Maggie, by the tears rushing to her eyes.

Maggie’s nostrils flare slightly and she grabs Kara’s upper arm and pulls her into an interrogation room, shutting the door behind them.

“After all we went through together, Kara, I… I busted that bastard’s dad out of prison so we could keep her safe, I… I love her, Kara. I love your sister more than I love… myself, I…”

“Then why are you – “

“Because I can’t look at her, Kara! I can’t – “ Maggie’s voice squeaks and Kara lowers her arms in sudden compassion. Maggie puts her left hand under her lip as she starts to pace.

“It’s my fault, Kara, don’t you get it? My fault Malverne took her – the only reason she went into that damn elevator alone was because I yelled at you, because she was going to make things right with you, about me! And he saw us together, over and over and over, and you know that fed his fire, and she almost died, Kara. The only woman I’ve ever really been in love with almost died, because of me, because of my stupid – “

“Whoa, whoa, Maggie, hey. No. You know Alex doesn’t feel that way, right?”

“Of course she doesn’t feel that way, Kara, she’s too good! She’s too good for me, don’t you get it? Wait no, of course you get it, of course you do, because that’s what you’ve always thought, isn’t it? That your sister deserves someone better than some lowly, damaged cop?”

It’s Kara’s turn to look like Maggie hit her, and her own tears join Maggie’s in her eyes. When she speaks, her voice is soft, her voice is sad. Her voice is regretful.

“Maggie, I… I am so sorry that the way I’ve treated you made you think those… those terrible things. About yourself. I’m protective of Alex, I’m always going to be protective of her, but I… Maggie, if what happened to her is anyone’s fault, it’s mine. If I’d listened to you in the first place, we would have found her before that damn water even started to – “

“No, Kara, don’t – “

“See, but that’s what I mean. I blame myself, you blame yourself. Hell, Alex probably blames herself.”

Maggie scoffs. “Alex always blames herself.”

Kara smiles, and reaches out a hand to Maggie. She stares at it for a long moment before taking it.

“Exactly. The Danvers girls and the women we love… that’s what we do, isn’t it? Blame ourselves? But Maggie, what happened to Alex was not your fault. It wasn’t. I promise. And it… it’s okay. It’s okay to cry to her, to… to break down. It’s okay to need her. Because she was in that tank, sure, but Maggie, it was hard as hell being outside of it, too. And you would tell me the same thing. So maybe… I don’t know, I don’t really know a lot about this relationship stuff… but I know my sister. And I think I know you, at least a little. Enough. So maybe try… talking to her, instead of shutting her out. She needs you, Maggie. Especially right now. And I think you need her, too.”

There’s a long, long, long pause where brown eyes meet blue and their pulses – both thrumming for Alex Danvers – unite.

“Did you just say the women you and your sister love?”

“Oh god, I – “

“Tell me everything, Kid Danvers. On the way to bring Alex some lunch. Yeah?”

Kara beams as she pulls Maggie into a long, relief-filled hug. 


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starcoooooooooooooooooo “you’ve been hiding something from me, haven’t you?”

Star’s hands quivered as they sat folded in her lap, yet she would have rather looked at them than into the eyes of the boy sitting across from her. His stare never wavered, even with one hand instinctively clutching his right arm. 

They were safe for another day. Eclipsa had retreated, no doubt to reassess her plans after her magic had awakened this…ability. No, that made it sound like he’d been blessed with some kind of superpower. This was most definitely a curse.

“So,” Marco finally broke the solemn silence, his voice hard and piercing. “You’ve been hiding something from me. Haven’t you?”

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I’m legit crying over Kara right now because she’s so alone. Alex is now spending more time with Maggie (which I don’t blame her for of course, she deserves to be happy with Maggie and have all the things that she missed out on before). She’s still tense with James and Winn about the whole guardian thing. Cat’s gone. Mon-el has feelings for her that she doesn’t want to deal with. She has no one. 

Except Lena. Which is why I’m looking forward to them getting closer because they both need a friend so much, they need each other and even if it isn’t romantic I still need to see their relationship grow and allow them to find comfort and familiarity within each other.

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Fools.. They should have thanked the shippers instead of making fun of them. We ll see now how they are gonna survive without this kind of support

they’re literally so dumb lol

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Hey Cap. I'm gonna have a v v shitty day, how about some Superfriends (ans yes, i am including Lucy) playing dinking games à la truth or dare and never have I ever? Bonus for some Director Sanvers if you are up for it, but only Sanvers I alright too. I send very much love to you, stay awsome!

Maggie swears to M’gann that they won’t let Kara have more alien rum than sh can handle, and even though Alex apparently trusts Maggie with her life but not a flash grenade, M’gann trusts Maggie with Kara’s liquor.

She strolls out of the bar with a bottle of the stuff and a smug expression as she heads to Kara’s for Game Night.

It’s board games for a while, but as the night presses on – and as a J’onn-imposed day off on Alex and a captain-imposed day off on Maggie settles in around them – the alcohol, human and alien, comes out in full force.

Lucy leans over Alex’s lap to whisper something in Kara’s ear that makes her blush, that makes her splutter and adjust her glasses, but she nods and she clears her throat.

“Someone thinks we should play Never Have I Ever,” Kara tells the group with a pointed look at Lucy, and James and Winn cheer.

“I’m in,” Maggie shrugs, leaning back into the couch, legs spread and confident, and Alex and Lucy both gulp at the sight.

“Okay okay, since it was my idea, I get to go first, okay?”

“Make it good, Lane,” Winn tilts his beer bottle toward her, and she smirks.

“When have you known me to not make it good, Schott? And don’t you answer that, Jimmy,” she teases, her hand on his knee, and James laughs and squeezes his ex’s hand briefly, shaking his head happily at how this crowd, this family, transforms her into a version of herself that is so much more likely to smile.

“Okay, so: everyone knows the rules, right? I say something I’ve never done, and if you have done the thing, you drink.”

“And every fourth time you’ve done something, you drink water, not alcohol, okay everyone? I don’t want anyone floating away.”

“Yeah Kara.”

“It was one time!”

“Alright alright: so. Never have I ever worn a red cap and put my hands on my hips.”

Kara scowls and shouts “no fair!” while Alex laughs into Lucy’s shoulder. Lucy’s hand slips onto Alex’s thigh and Maggie gulps, both on her own spit and on her beer.

“Maggie, did you just drink?” James calls her out, and she curses internally.

“I was really into Superman as a kid, okay?”

“Awww, little baby SuperSawyer! Ow! No pillow attacks, pillow attacks spill beers!”

“Babe, should we introduce you to Clark next time he’s in town?”

“My sister’s been banging him for years, James wanted to for a while, and hell, Schott still wants to, so I don’t blame you, Maggie – he’s someone to emulate alright,” Lucy grins as everyone yelps in laughter, before leaning in between Alex and Maggie, lowering for voice so only the two of them can hear her. “We can always explore more of your cape-wearing, hands-on-hipping later, too, Sawyer.”

Maggie bites her lip and Alex clears her throat. Loudly. But her smile gives her away, and Lucy’s smug as she sits back down.

“Who’s next?”

“Me, me, I’ll go!” Winn almost spills his beer down his front in his eagerness.

“Okay, okay. Um. Never have I ever had sex with anyone in this room.”

Everyone drinks.

Alex splutters.

“Kara, you and James – “

“No, you know I’m ace with men, I mean we’ve… done things, but not – “

“Well I know you didn’t sleep with Maggie, so who – “

Lucy’s busy examining her nails and James is busy burying his head in his hands and laughing to himself.

Maggie’s jaw drops, as pleased as she was when Alex punched Rick Malverne in the face.

Alex nearly falls off the couch.



“My little sister!”

“Is a very grown-ass woman. A very fine grown-ass woman.”

“My little sister!”

“Listen Danvers, it’s not my fault Kara discovered things about her sexuality before you did, otherwise you could have gotten with this earlier,” she winks. “Thanks for the assist bringing her out, Maggie. A service to lesbians and bi women everywhere.”

Maggie chokes on her beer as Alex stammers and gapes, her smile almost as bright as her blush.

“After She Ran” Part 3 of Series

Words: 1,829

Warnings: Swearing, death, angst

Links to Part One and Part Two

Summary: The story of how everyone felt after your death.

A/N: I know it seems like I posted this story in a really odd way. But personally, I feel like it reads better this way. If I had posted it in chronological order I don’t think the story would have been as good, or as exciting. BUT, S/O to the anon who requested this! :)

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Rick had a hard time doing it.

They had been walking in the woods, him, Daryl, and Glenn, when they saw her. She was still wearing the same clothes as she had been the day of her birthday, but it wasn’t her anymore. She was dead, she was a walker. Daryl started crying immediately, and he couldn’t do it. He was so choked up on his tears, hyperventilating, that he couldn’t even look at her. He couldn’t bring himself to kill his daughter. Sure, it wasn’t her anymore, but that didn’t stop Daryl from feeling any differently.

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Glenn couldn’t do it, either. He just kept uttering “oh my god” over and over again, unable to look at Y/N in the face. He didn’t talk to her often when she was alive, mostly just about patrol or small talk if they were having a conversation, but it still hurt him to see her like this. They had already lost so many people, and they had finally thought that things would be good now that they were in Alexandria.

Glenn looked at Rick, who was just standing there. He was staring at her right in the face, but not moving to grab his weapons. He was transfixed, unable to move, unable to believe what he was seeing. Rick didn’t like Y/N, and that was no secret to anyone. He thought she was irresponsible and a troublemaker. But this? He never wanted this. He wouldn’t ever wish this on anybody. Y/N was just a kid, she didn’t deserve this, no matter how much trouble she caused.

“Get Daryl outta here.” Rick had said to Glenn. Glenn tried to pull Daryl away, who was screaming and trying to get out of his grasp, and the weakness of Daryl’s body at that moment was enough for Glenn to get him away.

Daryl could barely walk, blinded from his tears and his ears filled with screams he didn’t recognize were his own. But, Glenn handled it. Glenn knew that Daryl’s pain was more than his would ever be for her, and he needed to pull it together. He needed to be there for Daryl.

“She was pregnant,” Daryl managed to get out once they were almost back to the gates of Alexandria. Glenn didn’t know how to react, except for just hugging the man. He could feel his own tears building up, but he pushed them away, reminding himself that he needed to be strong.

Rick didn’t want to shoot her. His hand was shaking as he pulled out his gun, mind racing. All he could think about was Daryl and Carl. He knew that the worst reaction this would get was from Daryl, since she was his daughter, but he could handle seeing him like that. But Carl? Rick didn’t want to have to see Carl’s reaction. He knew that he had lost so many people already, that Rick didn’t think that he himself could handle Carl losing another one. Especially someone that he was in love with, no matter how much Rick had tried to keep them apart. Carl was in love with her.

He shut his eyes, and pulled the trigger.

Rick was walking through the gate when Michonne came up to him, wondering what was wrong. She had seen Daryl and Glenn come through earlier, Daryl acting like a maniac, but nobody told her anything.

“What’s going on?” She questioned Rick.

“Y/N didn’t make it.” Is all that Rick managed to get out. Michonne just nodded, but was quite upset on the inside. Just like Rick, she hurt for Carl, knowing what this would do him.

The look on Carl’s face when Rick came home that day, with his blood stained shirt and a hurt look on his eyes, was the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

“Dad?” He had ran up to him, setting Judith down on the floor. “Is she… Was she… Why is there blood on your shirt?”

“She’s gone.” Rick said.

Carl could feel his heart physically breaking. He dropped to the floor, tears falling down his face as he mourned the loss of Y/N. The loss of his child. Carl had felt heartbreak before, with his mother and Sophia, but this? This seemed ten times worse than any pain he had felt in his life. He loved you so much, and that baby that you were carrying in your stomach.

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“I’m sorry, son. I’m so, so sorry.”

“You hated her! You don’t get to say sorry!” Carl yelled at his dad, making Judith start to cry.

“I didn’t hate her.” Rick said softly, feeling immense sadness at seeing his son’s loss.

“I could’ve done something, I could’ve kept her from running, if you didn’t set that stupid ass rule that we couldn’t see each other. Did you know she was pregnant? Huh?” Carl shot. Rick’s face fell, and he took a seat on a chair to keep from passing out. “Yeah, you didn’t. Well, she was. I was going to be a dad. You were gonna be a grandpa. Fucking congrats.”

Rick wanted to cry, knowing that Carl had not only lost one person, but two. His face seemed frozen in shock, unable to find anything to say back.

“This is all your fault, you know. It’s your fault that she’s dead! Yours and Daryl’s!” He yelled, getting up and stomping out to the door. He knew he was being unreasonable, but he didn’t care. At the moment, he didn’t care about anything. “I’m going on a walk. I’ll see you later.”

Carl ran outside, kicking the grass, yelling. He paced up and down the street, spotting Glenn and Maggie talking in front of Daryl’s house.

Maggie looked at Carl, sadness growing in her heart for him. She knew of Y/N’s relationship with Carl, and knew that it was pretty serious. When Glenn had come to find her when he got back with tears in his eyes, she knew immediately what happened. Glenn didn’t even need to tell her.

Like Glenn, she and Y/N didn’t talk often, but she considered her to be like her little sister. Y/N had grown up around her ever since the farm, and was Beth’s best friend.

Maggie didn’t think that learning of her death would affect her, but it did. Especially when Glenn mentioned to her that she was pregnant.

“Did anyone know?” Maggie asked, not quite crying but tears forming in her eyes.

Glenn shook his head. “Not anyone besides Carl and Daryl, no. I don’t even think Rick knew.”

“Rick was so unnecessarily mean to her, I don’t blame her or Carl for not telling him.” Maggie let a tear fall. Glenn brought her in for a hug, comforting his wife. “She was just a kid, Glenn.”

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“I know, Maggie. I know.” He rested his chin on her head.

“What’s going on?” Carol walked up to them. She had noticed some of the group, particularly Daryl, being quite upset and he refused to talk to her. Carol had an idea of what happened, but refused to believe it until someone confirmed it.

“Y/N, she um…” Glenn started. “She was a walker when we found her.”

“Oh my god,” Carol gasped, flashbacks of Sophia running through her brain. “Is Daryl ok?”

“He’s taking it pretty bad.”

“Oh god…” Carol put her hand to her forehead.

“Rick put her down. Made me take Daryl back. He’s in his house right now, wanted to be left alone. He might be open to seeing you, though.”

Carol nodded, and went inside the house. She could hear glass breaking upstairs and what sounded like his fist hitting the wall repeatedly.

Carol ran upstairs, seeing Daryl in the doorway of Y/N’s room, with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. There was broken glass inside of Daryl’s room, and a hole though the wall in the hallway, presumably where he had punched it.

“Daryl…” She went up to him.

“I threw her necklace out the window. Guess she won’t need it anymore, huh?” He was drunk. “Leave me alone.”

“No,” She said softly, walking closer to him.

“She’s dead, Carol. She’s dead.” He started crying again, and Carol wrapped her arms around him. He cried onto her shoulder.

“I’m here for you, Daryl. I’m here.”

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It had been a few weeks since Y/N’s death. Most of the group were moving on, but Carl and Daryl were still having a hard time processing it. Daryl had been pretending to be ok on the outside, but on the inside, he was destroyed. He cried himself to sleep every night.

Carl wouldn’t talk to anyone. Not even Rick. He stayed quiet, hurting. Rick was worried about him, but tried to give him his space as well.

“We need to do something. He’s not taking this well at all.” Carol had gone up to Rick one day as he was patrolling.

“Just let him grieve. It’s normal.”

“I think we should do something for him, to show him we’re all here for him. Him and Carl.”

“What do you propose we do?”


Daryl got back to his house later than usual that night. He’d been out killing walkers all day; his favorite past time lately. It was a way to get his anger out.

He was exhausted as he walked onto his front porch, setting his crossbow on by the door before he walked in.

“What the hell?” He mumbled as he walked in and everyone was sitting in his living area.

“We have food! And dessert.” Maggie was the first one to say something.

“What’re you guys doin’ here?” He huffed, taking off his shoes.

“Daryl,” Rick started. “We just wanted to all let you know that we are here with you. We’re here. You’re not doing this alone. We’ll all miss her.”

“You didn’t have to do this.” Daryl said quietly.

The night was good- everyone tried to forget the recent events and just tried to be happy. Daryl managed to crack a smile at one point in the night. Carl did, too.

“You’re my brother.” Rick had come up to Daryl at some point again during the night, this time away from the crowd. “You’re my family. Everyone here, this whole group- we’re family. And we love you.”

And in that moment, Daryl knew that he would overcome this, that he would be ok eventually.

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a/n: this was the last of the series! hope you liked it :)

Operation supercorp pt3
  • Maggie: Alex babe, please just do me this favor
  • Alex: ok but if this goes bad I will blame you
  • Maggie: that is fair
  • Alex: so what do you need me to do
  • Maggie: you need to set Kara up on a fake blind date
  • Alex: a fake blind date
  • Maggie: yeah tell her she has a date but they do not exist
  • One day later with operation supercorp squad
  • James: I will get Lena to show up at the restaurant
  • Winn: then you call her and cancel once she is in the restaurant
  • M'gann: and I will stay in disguise and let you know when they show up
  • Maggie: bingo
  • Friday night
  • Kara: * sitting in a booth looking amazing*
  • Waiter: ma'm would you like to order now
  • Kara: sure can I just get it to go
  • Waiter: sure ma'm and I'm sorry about your date
  • Kara: I'm sorry I wasted my time
  • Kara leaves with food M'gann comes back from the bathroom to see Kara gone
  • Lena: no I can't call off the deal right now, excuse me but I have to go I have dinner with a friend *hangs up phone*
  • M'gann: shit shit shit
  • M'gann calling James: James Kara just bailed
  • James: no is Lena there
  • M'gann: yes she just arrived as Kara left
  • James: can you shape shift into me and have dinner with Lena
  • M'gann: you all owe me big time
1997 pt2

Part 2 of the de-aging, not really de-aging fic, in which Alex is picky about mac and cheese and Vasquez is really, really queer.

Part 1 is here
Part 2 on AO3

Just so everyone knows the ages are:
Lucy: 14
Vas: 12
Alex: 8
Winn: 5
Lena: 4

The apartment is the one Alex, Lucy, and Maggie move into in my post 2x19 fic.

Erin is Vasquez’s wife I created with @change-the-rules.  Picture Gugu Mbatha-Raw. 

Maggie’s arm was practically dead by the time the elevator reached the right floor.  She tried to shift the girl she was holding to a more comfortable position, but stopped when Lena mumbled in her sleep.  Maggie sighed and resigned herself to a few more minutes of discomfort.

She looked at Lucy, who was eyeing the hallway as she held Winn’s hand.

“It’s the last door on the left,” she said.

Lucy looked up at her and nodded, but stayed at her heels and held Winn back from joining Vasquez and Alex as they shot off down the hall.  They reached the door at about the same time, despite a four year age difference, then Alex forgot to stop and slammed into the far wall.

Maggie tensed and started to walk faster until she realized that Alex was laughing, not crying.  The door to the apartment opened just as she reached it.  M’gann stepped out, eyebrow raised.

Maggie shook her head and sighed.  “M’gann, these are the kids.  Kids, this is M’gann.”

Lena turned her head on Maggie’s shoulder to stare at M’gann.  Maggie used it as a chance to shift Lena slightly, changing how her weight sat on her arm.

“Alright,” she said.  “Everyone inside.”

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Apostles of the Apocalypse: Maggie (Part Three)

Pairing: Daryl x Reader, Maggie x Glenn

Word Count: 1826

Warnings: Angst, violence, canon-divergence

Notes: Okay guys… I cried really hard writing this. This part and the next part are gonna be full of feels so get your tissues ready. Hope you all like it! xox

Part Three of the Apostles of the Apocalypse Series

Originally posted by lucidoamor

It’s fine,” Maggie said, an edge to her voice as she gazed at you in worry. “Y/N.. what’s going on…?”

Your bottom lip trembled as you looked from Dr. Carson to Maggie to Paul. With a sigh, he shrugged, the look in his eyes telling you it wasn’t his decision to make. Taking a deep breath, your eyes found Maggie’s again as you whispered, terrified.

I think I’m pregnant…”

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