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The Four Relationships that shaped Fushimi Saruhiko

Or, the three times Fushimi Saruhiko had to deal with geniuses and the one time he didn’t

What sounds like the subtitle to some random fanfiction is actually my triumphant (har har) return to the K fandom after who knows how many years.

People who know me will be aware that I cannot re-enter a fandom without analysing the shit out of everything and this will mark my first character study thing in this fandom.

A study of parallels, foils and compliments. Fushimi Niki, Oogai Aya, Munakata Reisi and Yata Misaki.

So first off, a small thing I noticed about Niki, Aya and Munakata. They’re all three geniuses and trolls, but all three of them use these traits in different ways and affect Saruhiko differently throughout his life. They all challenge him and they all troll him, but they all have different motives and motivations.

There’s also a keyword I’ll bring up a lot: Challenge.

For that, I have a small scale that I like to call the Jerkass Scale. We’ll start with the top of that Scale, where the most Jerkassery happens.

In other words, we’ll start with Fushimi Niki.

Niki is Saruhiko’s father, an almost unparalleled genius, handsome and well aware of it, and a malicious troll. He torments his son for no other reason than to see him react, uses his genius as an excuse to waste away in his unhealthy lifestyle, neglects his child until he needs a solid laugh and is overall just a really crappy person. Saruhiko was terrified of him and his whims and thus it comes as no surprise that the only thing I regret about his death is that Munakata didn’t stab him in the face.

Niki challenged Saruhiko in a way that marked him for life. He didn’t only challenge him intellectually but mostly emotionally. Through fear.

Good riddance, jerkface.

Second on the Scale, in Misguided Neutral Territory, is Oogai Aya

Aya, like an apparently very big chunk of her and Saruhiko’s family, is a straight-up genius with zero social skills. As one of two kids in her age group, she tries to get Saruhiko’s attention by challenging him in harmless though no doubt annoying ways that do the exact opposite of making Saruhiko look at her. He doesn’t care about her challenges or her desire to prove herself. It’s boring and all something he’s seen before, stuff he already knows.

When she realises this the apparently inherited troll breaks out in one of the nastiest ways possible. By reviving Fushimi Niki.

Despite this Aya is not a bad person, she’s misguided and desperate. A sweet girl who grew up in the same family that created Niki, a dysfunctional heap of brilliant minds and no parenting skills.

She fits neatly between the absolutely disgusting individual who was Niki and the only part of this troika who did everything right.

Munakata Reisi, a Genius among Kings

Just like Niki and Aya, Munakata is a genius. Contrary to them he doesn’t only use his genius to benefit himself. Instead of spending his entire time being a lazy prick or trying to make an impression the completely wrong way, he uses his considerable intelligence for the good of the people, to uphold order and peace.

He too challenges Saruhiko on an intellectual level, through the puzzle during their first one-on-one for example, but does so in a way that allows Saruhiko to meet him on neutral ground. The puzzle has no meaning other than seeing and understanding the extent of genius on both sides.

Munakata understands Saruhiko is on a different level than him but instead of being condescending he allows Saruhiko to use his own head to solve his problems. Munakata uses his genius to help Saruhiko in subtle ways. “You might have caught a cold.” A virus. “I’ll give you a tip but you’ll have to do the rest, as I know you can.” It’s the groundwork for a relationship built on complete trust and understanding.

He makes an effort to understand Saruhiko as a person and not as a potential asset to his Clan. And he doesn’t stop making an effort once Saruhiko is part of his Clan.

Saruhiko is caught in a mindset that things aren’t made to last and that you will always lose what you care about. Munakata challenges that mindset by refusing to let Saruhiko believe it. At one point Saruhiko builds a sandcastle and then stomps it flat because it’s better if he does it than to wait for the tide. Munakata responds by drawing the blueprint of Scepter 4 headquarters with his powers. “We’ll build the best sandcastle ever and I will use my powers so that nothing can ever tear it down.” Because even if he’s subtle, Munakata is never subtle.

But Munakata is a troll too, only different. He teases Saruhiko relentlessly and does so with an almost childish glee but never in a way that would make Saruhiko uncomfortable. And Munakata genuinely enjoys it when his favourite trolls him back.

No, Captain, it’s not a ninja.

The Irregularity, Yata Misaki

Fushimi Saruhiko grew up around geniuses and people who only needed him when they wanted something from him.

Until Misaki came along.

Straightforward, enthusiastic, childish kinda stupid. Yata Misaki met Saruhiko in a time of need and with no thought or goal rushed in to save him. And that describes Misaki perfectly.

Misaki saw Saruhiko was a genius and that he was alone and wanted to befriend him. Not to use him, not to be seen by him, he didn’t want anything.

He just thought Fushimi Saruhiko was awesome. He just wanted to make him smile.

Yata Misaki never looked before he leapt, he just did what he thought was right. Save a stranger from bullies? Done. Befriend him because why not? Of course. Move in with a friend to get him away from his abusive home? Absolutely. Ask anything in return? No.

Misaki and Saruhiko couldn’t have been any more different but they had one thing in common. They were social rejects, people with no place in society. So they found their place in each other. And they would have done anything for each other.

For Misaki there was never a bigger goal. There was just that friendship he treasured, that friend he wanted to protect and make happy. Nothing else mattered, not even his pride when he begged Suoh Mikoto to save his friend. No one had ever begged for Saruhiko before, so of course it was Misaki who did.

Misaki never wanted to challenge Saruhiko. He wanted to challenge the world with Saruhiko.

Because in his eyes Fushimi Saruhiko was the one who could change everything.

Four relationships that shaped Fushimi Saruhiko.

Two Lasted.

His King and his Partner.

I finally caved and bought Dragon Age Inquisition: GOTY Edition. So to occupy myself while I wait out the THIRTY FIVE HOURS it’s going to take to download this mofo beauty, I thought I’d get down and dirty with my next Inquisitor. 

Here is Ludivine “Lude” Lavellan, feat @niklisson‘s hairstyle meme (link). I ignored the Trespasser hairstyles, because I still don’t know what is going to happen to her. And that, apparently, has an effect on hair.

Afternoon Showers

Request: song request! nothing like us by justin bieber and minhyuk from monsta x? :3 thankyou! love your blog!!!

Member: Monsta X’s Minhyuk x Y/N

Type: angst

I wasn’t very good with relationships, but I wasn’t very good at break ups either. The best way to describe myself would probably be as an emotional hurricane. I had no subtlety, I had no drizzle, i was all pounding rain and damaging wind. I realized this about myself, so when I started to fall in love, naturally I would sabotage myself. 

That was, until he caught on. 

I let another drink slip between my lips and sighed, placing my head in my hands. He was too good. I didn’t deserve him and he didn’t deserve the bullshit I put him through. 

“Do you really think alcohol is going to make you feel any better?” a sad voice whispered along side me. 

I didn’t even jump at the surprising company, but rather took another long swig of the drink in question. “I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out.” 

I thought of how I slammed the door, of his face when I called him the worst insults I could think of. I thought of the sound of the glass shattering as I swept the vase full of flowers to the floor and the feeling of my nails digging half crescents into my palms. I had been sick of being kept in the dark, of never seeing him, incapable of understanding his lifestyle and career choices. 

Or at least that was what I had said.

“I’m confused,” his voice said quietly. He lifted a finger up to the bartender in the lonely pub and signaled he’d have a drink as well. The barkeep dropped a beer bottle in front of him and moved about his business. He took a sip and I watched knowingly out of my peripherals as he winced. He hated beer. 

“About?” I sighed. 

“I gave you everything,” he continued. “What more could I do? What more can I do?”

“Why did you follow me here, MInhyuk?” I groaned, spinning to face him finally. I had attempted to avoid his handsome face for so long, but I couldn’t stand not looking at it. His cheekbones, his jawline, the way his eyes looked at me full of disappointment. Not disappointed in me, but in himself. He always blamed himself. 

“Because I lo-” he began. 

“Don’t,” I said, lifting a finger to shush him while shaking my head. “Don’t say it.”

“I love you Y/N,” he breathed. “The sooner you realize that…the sooner we can quit all of this foolishness. I’m not going to give up.”

I groaned, swiveling back around on my bar stool and putting my face in my hands. He didn’t understand. I couldn’t handle things as pure as him, as beautiful. I would break him. I would completely devastate him.

‘Why are you trying to create friction in a relationship where none exists?” Minhyuk continued. “I just want to understand Y/N, let me understand.”

I shut my eyes. I didn’t understand why I was the way I was to be honest. There was a crack in my armor, something wasn’t programmed correctly in my original code. I was severely lacking, a flawed human being. 

“We’ve weathered everything Y/N, every storm that’s hit us so far,” he whispered. 

“What happens when I’m the storm Minhyuk?” I gasped, slamming my glass on the bar. “When I’m the one trying to destroy everything we’ve built up?”

“But. why.” he repeated, emphasizing each word with an elongated space in between. 

“I don’t know!” I gasped, lifting my hands into the air. 

“There isn’t anyone like you on this planet Y/N,” Minhyuk whispered. “You describe yourself as a storm…but I think you’re nothing more than an afternoon shower in the middle of spring.”

I opened my eyes, slowly panning over to my boyfriend…my ex boyfriend…hell, I wasn’t even sure anymore. 

“You’re afraid,” he said through barred teeth. 

“What if I am?” I spat, shooting him a moody look. 

“Admitting it would be nice,” he sighed, turning back to his beer. “Because there is nothing wrong with being afraid, Y/N.”

“I’m going to mess it up,” I said, choking back the emotion. I took another sip of my drink and hissed at the sting. “I mess everything up.”

“There is nothing like us,” Minhyuk said. He slowly took his hand from his beer and eased it toward mine resting on the bar. He set it on top of mine and interlaced our fingers. “You have to see that.”

I could feel all of my emotions rushing to my face. My cheeks were hot, liquid spilled off of the edges of my lashes. 

Damnit Minhyuk. 

“Stop pushing me away,” he cooed, his voice only inches from my ear. 

“There is nothing like us,” he repeated. “Nothing like you and me, together through the storm…”

“I’m sorry,” I said, my voice shaking. 

“What for babygirl?” he sighed, tilting his head. 

“Making you track me down to this hole in the wall bar, having you sit here and drink shitty beer that I know you hate…making you fall in love with me when I know I’m going to break your heart,” I choked. I attempted to stand from my stool and make a quick exit, but forgot that Minhyuk had tangled our fingers. He quickly grabbed onto my wrist, stopping any forward motion I had. 

“You won’t break anything,” he chuckled. “Stop worrying about how fragile I am. Be just a little selfish for once.”

“If I was selfish…” I trailed, looking anywhere but at him. 

“If you were selfish, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We’d be sitting on my couch, watching some silly romantic comedy and talking about how my left center toe is longer than all of the others.”

“…it is?” I croaked. 

“Well i don’t know,” he giggled. “We have to go sit on my couch and watch a silly romantic comedy to find out.”

“Minhyuk,” I sighed. “Do you really want to risk anything on me?”

“It’s not a risk,” he said, shaking his head quickly. “I’m not taking a risk. I’m making an investment. The value will grow with time. Hopefully you’ll see that as well.”

I sighed, finally collapsing on the stool again and setting my head against his shoulder. 

“There’s nothing like us,” I whispered. 

“Not in the world,” he smiled. 

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The Wager - Part 3

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Warnings: None at all

A/N: This is a shorter part but it’s fluffy and adorable because you know what, there’s not enough fluffy Logan! Yes he’s kind of an ass and yes he probably kinda is a jerk but I think he’s a character that has the opportunity to change cuz like most of us daddy issues. Actually have no idea if this is reflected in his character on the show anymore cuz i haven’t watched Westworld since November, its just the background story I’ve decided to live for him ha ha! At least in my head…..either way enjoy

Read the previous Part here

Logan watched you carefully as you chatted enthusiastically to the older couple beside you, sipping your coffee occasionally as you droned on about how you were able to see the great master chef himself bake the buttery croissants placed in front of you all. He knew the smile creeping on his face was a result of the way your eyebrows furrowed together as you listened intently to the older man drone on about how the community had changed, the way you licked your lips before taking a sip of your latte, the way you absentmindedly pushed your hair out of your face.

He had it bad. He knew he did and yet he couldn’t stop himself from pushing further into it. You had every right to call him out on his newfound affection. Though you were both comfortable with each other and you always tried to cuddle with him while you both mindlessly watched Netflix, he never crossed the line, respecting the men you decided to have in your life. 

But you were free now and he had started to notice small things. Like your perfume. The way it mingled with your shampoo when he was near. He wanted to bury himself in it. Then the way your skin felt, smooth and soft. He could spend hours worshiping it. Wanted to spend hours memorizing every inch of it.

You laughed, redirecting his attention and he groaned internally.

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G. Soul's Circles has been on REPEAT <3 That's so awesome you got to go to his showcase. I gotta say how slightly relieved that I didn't hear a "groovyeverywhere" or "ineedachachabeatboy" on his mini album. No t, no shade

His album was produced almost entirely(?) by Jinbo and Thurxday. They all have a studio together and are even in the same crew, OFFTHE.

Tell me why my drunk *ss pinched Thurxday when he walked by me at Henz (we went to see Woo Wonjae, Gray and Loco… and Iron and Rock Bottom… instead of Los and Killagramz*) and got caught. He just stared at me. He wasn’t mad, but it was so crowded… 

He just looked me right in the eyes, but I pretended like nothing happened. Too much soju, ya’ll. Too much soju. Thurxday is too fine, too. Don’t blame me until you see him for yourself!

*I thought Los and Killagramz would only be making a special appearance, not performing. It’s good we didn’t go because it ended early and they stopped letting people in according to my coworker, who did end up going.


i’ve been really remiss in putting up architectural pictures.  i know.  i blame fluoride.  which is pretty much what i blame for everything. in the meantime, this amazing video

// D E C E M B E R //

So you say you wanna get away… (listen here

01. Hypnotic – Vanic x Zella Day // 02. Hurricane – Halsey // 03.Thousand Miles - Tove Lo // 04. Fantasy - Alina Baraz & Galimatias //05. I Blame Myself – Sky Ferreira // 06. One Time – Marian Hill // 07. First –  Cold War Kids // 08. Fun – Troye Sivan  // 09. Brooklyn Baby – Lana Del Rey // 10. Drowning – Banks // 11. Romeo Must Die - Gabrielle Aplin //


What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 5: Alternate Universe // TFIOS (kind of) + Frostiron

What if Tony starts to grow sicker after the Avengers incident (when he went through the wormhole and was exposed to alien elements) and this forces him to rely on an external source for air so he can breath properly on Earth?

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