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I respect, your opinion on Toilet, I absolutely despise him and I won't unfollow you for your political views. Diversity is a necessity.

Thank you. So much.

I don’t blame you for wanting to beat his face in with a golf club. It’s incredibly golf-clubable. But of course, I don’t share all the crap he’s labeled with. It’s always awful to hear people whip out these awful insults when they hear things like this and just assume the other person is some awful, horrible hate-mongerer.


someone suggested smooches and another cuddles sooooo

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Fashion-watch: Dad76 <3

Jack can be a cool dad if he wants to. X’D 

Can’t believe I spent the whole day on him. OTL he was supposed to be a practice but I ended up redo-ing him bcux I screwed his face 5 times over.
/blames le wild perfectionist side & now I really need to sleep 

More of Fashion-watch: Huckleberry / Hanzome


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP


This is one of the few - and very rare - passages where Jamie completely lets his guard down and shares just exactly what supporting the Bonnie Prince - and the resulting 20 years of his life - has cost him.

And it’s absolutely extraordinary that he does so with someone who’s not Claire. Remember, at this point Jamie and Claire have been reunited for 2 days. She is painfully aware that she has no concept of just how much he has gone through during their decades apart.

But who else would Jamie expose his soul to than Ian?

And how deeply does this wound everyone involved?

Ian whirled back to face Jamie.

“Damn you!” he said violently. “Damn ye for a reckless, harebrained fool, Jamie Fraser! First the Jacobites, and now this!”

Jamie had flushed up at once at Ian’s words, and his face grew darker at this.

“Am I to blame for Charles Stuart?” he said. His eyes flashed angrily and he set his teacup down with a thump that sloshed tea and whisky over the polished tabletop.

“Did I not try all I could to stop the wee fool? Did I not give up everything in that fight — everything, Ian! My land, my freedom, my wife — to try to save us all?” He glanced at me briefly as he spoke, and I caught one very small quick glimpse of just what the last twenty years had cost him.

He turned back to Ian, his brows lowering as he went on, voice growing hard.

“And as for what I’ve cost your family — what have ye profited, Ian? Lallybroch belongs to wee James now, no? To your son, not mine!”

Ian flinched at that. “I never asked—” he began.

“No, ye didn’t. I’m no accusing ye, for God’s sake! But the fact’s there — Lallybroch’s no mine anymore, is it? My father left it to me, and I cared for it as best I could — took care o’ the land and the tenants — and ye helped me, Ian.” His voice softened a bit. “I couldna have managed without you and Jenny. I dinna begrudge deeding it to Young Jamie — it had to be done. But still…” He turned away for a moment, head bowed, broad shoulders knotted tight beneath the linen of his shirt.

Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

Miyuki Kazuya from Diamond no ace to go with this Eijun

question time: is this a blushing miyuki or is it the lightning~? we all know the answer

@kuroohina @cutiepiehinata you asked, now please take responsibility for this. Tbh it was fun getting that smirk off his smug face, well i can’t blame him-this is a normal reaction when hit with that much sunshine lol


“Scott.” You say, knocking on his door once again. “Scott, please let me in.”

Hearing no response, you step back and extend your (dominant hand) so it’s in front of the door knob. Twisting it to the right, you’re shakily able to unlock the door and open it. Your powers are still rather underdeveloped, but you’re working on it.

Stepping into the room, you see Scott sit up in bed, his glasses on again. “(Y/n), get out of here. Please.”

Shutting the door softly behind you, you go and sit on the edge of the bed with him. “Scott, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.” He says. “I hurt you.”

“Hon, it was just a scratch.” You plead, taking his hands. “I haven’t seen you in three days, please, stop blaming yourself.”

He takes your face in his hands. “I can’t hurt you again. I can’t lose you.”

You pull him close and kiss him tenderly, reassuringly. “You’re not gonna lose me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He replies, kissing you.

Bound By Chains - Chapter 2

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: I’m so happy with the reaction of the first chapter. Speechless actually. So thanks, thank you all so very much.
There are already 4 Chapters written. I’ll upload daily then hopefully the 5th will be ready by then :)

As for warnings, just expect everything and hopefully I can’t be blamed!

Snippet“No?"… His whole face turns into a spiteful frown. "No?” Then he feigns sincerity, turning her in the chair to face him and crouching low, watching as the tears roll down her face. “Don’t cry.” His voice low and too sweet for normality. “Sometimes we do things that we don’t want to do. But sometimes its for the best.”

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To be honest, people like Caleb are the people I avoid any kind of contact with.. It isn’t necessary for someone to be such a rude asshat, especially to people they consider special enough to call their significant other. I don’t care if he is in love with Hanna, the way he treated Spencer this episode, and the last one too, was completely uncalled for and I wouldn’t blame her if she punched him in his fucking face.. Wouldn’t mind if Mona popped him in his mouth either -_-