i blame him for a lot of my emotional distress lbr

I have a lot of feelings about Kylo Ren and Rey (separately, not as a ship)

But also lots of feelings about the film in general so I’m going to split this shit into a Kylo section and a Rey section and a Miscellaneous section
Also maybe a little section on Luke idk yet


– Okay so Kylo is a massive whiny pissbaby just like his grandfather tbh but this time he’s actually supposed to be a massive whiny pissbaby and I think it works really well
– Like Anakin was a grown ass man when he was being a whiny pissbaby and when he turned to the Dark Side and yes Kylo is an adult but from what I can tell he was still a Padawan when he defected so he may have kind of no idea what he’s doing and that shows. He’s mostly just a child with a lightsaber at this stage, just a very powerful one. A bit like Rey
– Admittedly if that is the case it’s kinda difficult to understand why Snoke put him in charge of shit
– I think although his kiddie tantrums highlight how similar he is to Anakin I think they also show how similar he is to his dad who if you remember was a selfish ass mo'fucka to start with so like Kylo’s pissfits may be a response to just not getting his way
– I think it’s clear that even though he has a lot of Dark Force influences he’s also got elements of Leia and Luke in him, hence he feels pulled towards the Light Side, which is the polar fuckin opposite of what happened with Anakin but with the same conflicts involved, which is a good parallel
– Also side note we can actually see him having real conflicts and struggles, the kind I wish we’d got to see Anakin have rather than his milquetoast cardboard half-assed relationship with Padme
– HE KILLS HIS FUCKING DAD and okay that’s fuckin dreadful lbr but if you think about it, he probably was doing it to resist the Light Side because he was frightened and panicking, hich is arguably worse but honestly no more extreme than Luke trying to kill himself to resist the Dark Side. There was even a huge pit to fall into to highlight the parallels
– Okay this has been done in a separate post that I can’t find but HE LETS CHEWIE SHOOT HIM like right at the start of the movie he holds Poe’s laser in mid-air without even looking at it and now Chewie just gets a direct hit from a huge distance like okay Kylo why did you let him shoot you
– Actually I have a couple of theories why he let Chewie shoot him

          1. What I was saying before about how he’s very force sensitive but hasn’t fully grasped it yet, like Rey
          2. He was a frightened manchild who had just KILLED HIS DAD and as someone who already was having Light Side conflicts he felt guilty about that shit and thought he deserved to be shot because he’s a precious egg

– Either way he’s not full Dark Side just fuck me up
– Kylo is important and I will defend my angel until I die ok time for Rey

People are callin Rey a Mary-Sue and saying her sudden force sensitivity was some kind of ex machina shit but lemme cut you off right there you ignorami because let’s have a look at Anakin first

          - Fuckin bullshitted an entire podrace like me in any exam ever and somehow won which was definitely due to him unintentionally tapping into his force sensitivity fight me
          - When Qui Gon is like “oi m8 stay in the ship” Anakin then fucks off with R2 and destroys the droid control hub basically out of sheer fuckin luck so that’s the same

– And then we have fuckin Luke

          - Destroys the Death Star by using the force because his ability to use the force is already stronger than his ship’s targeting equipment even though he’s not been to Dagobah or any of that shit yet

– And LEIA don’t get me started on fucking Leia

          - Doesn’t even know she’s force sensitive at all but is like “guize Luke is hangin off Cloud City time to go do a rescue”
          - Idk how much training she’s had in the force since the originals but I’m bettin it ain’t much and she still knows immediately when Han is killed so

– REY IS NOT A MARY-SUE HER SUDDEN FORCE SHIT IS VERY LEGIT I have lots of feelings about this
– Okay okay but why didn’t Rey kill Kylo when she had the chance like even after the ground fucked off between them she still very easily could have done it my theory is the pull of the Dark Side but we will see

– Let’s go through this shitty experience he’s had

          - Was mentoring someone (well, multiple someones, but)
          - That someone became SUPERBAD and defected to the Nazis First Order (this is synonymous with Sith lbr)
          - Blames himself
          - Goes into hiding and isn’t found again until he’s an old old man who has faded into myth

– DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF ANYBODY fucking Obi Wan parallels kill me
– It happened with Obi Wan and Anakin and now it’s happened with him and Anakin’s grandkid and to make it worse he’s RELATED TO LUKE no wonder it shook him up like
– Like people have been badmouthing Luke about giving up and hiding and basically dooming everyone but lbr would you not do that in his situation like I just want to hug Luke pls
– Like okay Rey you want training but given his entire past of everything I imagine just turning up and presenting him with his lightsaber, the lightsaber used by the person who his failed Padawan sees as a fucking inspiration, is probably super duper triggering 
– It’s not even like Rey really needs him to train her she’s probably more powerful than him already judging by the shit she pulls off
Also imagine how distressed Poor Precious Luke will be when he has to have the conversation about how Han helped Rey get there but was killed by HIS OWN SON AND LUKE’S PADAWAN I want to cry
– Protect Luke at all costs

– Okay first off Stormpilot is real and Poe and Finn are so fucking gay
– Han and Leia named their child after Obi Wan JUST FUCK ME UP
– R2D2 essentially shutting down immediately after Luke vanishes fucks me right in my feels hole
– Chewbacca losing his shit and open firing on a handful of Stormtroopers and then Kylo because he’s loyal as fuck and loves Han as a copilot and mentor and friend and okay I just care about Chewie a lot ok
– I love that BB8 is now part of the droid krew

TL;DR don’t watch TFA if you can’t handle having a lot of emotions