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can we pleeeaaassseee get some more mission action of these two? i really liked the ending of the last one

ok, i have a few unfinished spy comics so i’ll just post one of those

the time period is like between the creation of the entente cordiale and the beginning of the first world war. they’re in a plane getting ready to jump out and land at a private party hosted by austria/hungary and spy on them and maybe the black hand idk.

-later as they walk into the party-

and yeah that’s all i got lol

What Am I To You?

Can I request a scenario where Jungkook is dating you and he’s so used to your presence that he doesn’t treat you like he used to. You decide to leave him and he starts regretting not loving you as much as he should. Fluff ending please :) -narinarikim


Sorry that it took so long >.< No excuses here haha. I hope it’s to your liking. ^^ BTW!!! This is going to be a 2 parter. The fluff will be in the second one :)

Lately Jungkook hasn’t been the same. By lately I mean the past few months. Still you choose to ignore it and made up excuses for him. He’s been working hard. He’s tired. He had a bad day. And so on and so forth. You were out with your best friend who recently came back from the France.

“Y/N!!!” she called out.

“Byeol!!!!” you yelled.

“Ya! It’s been forever!!”

“It’s not my fault you’re the one who left me for France.”

“I blame appa for taking the job there.”

You guys decided on going to out to eat. While waiting for your food she started talking about her relationship with her boyfriend of 2 years.

“Sounds like Jimin-oppa is really good to you.” you noted.

“He’s amazing to me Y/N. Two years and we still act like we’re in the flirting stages of our relationship.”

You weren’t going to lie to yourself. You were happy for her but you were jealous. Jealous of how happy they are and jealous of how their relationship is going. You’ve been with Jungkook just as long as they have, and although you want to be in that same stage as Byeol and Jimin, Jungkook was a little too comfortable and used to having you around.

“What about you Y/N? How’s Jungkook been?” she asked.

“W-well. He’s been alright I guess.” you sighed.

“What do you mean you guess?”

“He’s just been working really hard and has been tired lately.”

“Why does it seem like there’s more to that than what you’re telling me?”

“Maybe I’m just being silly but it doesn’t seem like he’s treating me like he used. He’s kind of treating me like I’m just another person.”

“Have you talked to him about it?”

“A little. But it’s the same. He says he’s just tired or doesn’t feel like talking.”

“Has it been going on for a while?”

“It’s been like this for the past few months. I feel like I’m on my last straw. You know he doesn’t even tell me he loves me anymore.”

“Y/N you need to really do something about that. At this rate you’ll be the one who ends up hurt.”

But what she doesn’t know is that you’re already hurting. You want things to go back to the way before. Back when Jungkook would hold your hand and take you out on walks and have lunch with you. Back to when he listened to your problems and told you that everything is going to be ok. Now it’s just you attempting to hold a conversation with him and all he gives you is short answers.

“Well it was nice seeing you again Y/N! I have to go meet Jimin. We have a date tonight. Call me!”

“I will! Have fun!”

With that she left and you sat there. Maybe she was right. You have to do something you can’t let this go on. Looking out the window you saw Jungkook walking from the convince store. You decided to get up and catch up with him.

“Jungkook!!” You yelled sounding as excited as possible. You thought maybe just maybe you were wrong.

“Oh. Hey what’s up?” he .

“U-umm. Do you want to hang out tonight?” 

“That’s random but sure.” he says.

“Why do you not want to hang out with me.” you pout.

“No we can hang out. But I don’t feel like going out so let’s just go to the dorm.”


As we walked back to the dorm some people were messing around and completely ran into me. 

“We’re so sorry.” the strangers apologized.

“I-” you started.

“No it’s ok she was in your way.” Jungkook interrupted.

He then grabbed your hand and walked away from the strangers. That right there really convinced you. It’s not because he’s tired or has been working too hard or any of the excuses you were making up for him. He either really doesn’t care or he just doesn’t think of you as his girlfriend. Instead of making a scene on the street you waited until you got to the dorm. You guys walked in and he got comfortable on the couch.

“Where are the members? I know Jimin-oppa is with Byeol.”

“They went out” he mumbled.

“Oh I see. How was your day?” you tried starting a conversation.

“Was good.”

*sigh* You were starting to get irritated.

“That’s good. I got to hang out with Byeol finally.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Jungkook just what am I to you?!” you yelled out of frustration.

“You’re my girlfriend obviously.” he answered half-heartedly.

“You sure don’t treat me like I am!”

“Well what the hell am I supposed to do Y/N?! What will satisfy you?!” He started to yell back.

“Maybe treat me like I’m your girlfriend! Or even be the slightest bit interested when I’m talking to you! How about tell me you love me once in while!”

“What the hell is your problem?! I tell you I love you all the time!”

“No you don’t Jungkook! I tell you I love all the time and the response I get back is me too. That is not telling my you love me.”

“I love you! Are you happy now?”

“You know what Jungkook. I’m tired of all this.” you

“W-what do you mean you’re tired of all this?” he asked.

You can here the shaking in his voice but this has been going on for too long.

“Do you realize that you even treat strangers better than you treat me?” you asked sadly, but what can you do it’s the truth.

He didn’t say anything. He stood trying to gather up words to form sentences but he knew nothing he says can change the past. All you were waiting for at the moment was for him to just say I’m sorry, I’ll do better or I love you. Anything to show you that he really cares and really wants you to be together. You’re trying hard to hold on to that last bit of hope you had….but nothing. The pain in your chest was almost unbearable.

*sigh* “Let’s not continue this anymore Jungkook.” you decided as tears started to fall.

“Fine. If that’s how you feel then we should.”  he agreed.

Your heart felt like it was being ripped in half and half again. You could not stop crying as you tried to make your way towards the door.

“Babe, it’s sex in Paris.”

or the one where Freddie and Meg are girlfriends travelling around France on their holidays.