i blame fan girls

goals for 2k15: be able to draw a horse without having to copy it x

So I found out thatsthat24 is Thomas Sander’s blog? And there’s this thing I’ve seen some drawings for about “Warrior Girl and Princess Boy” Seemed super interesting, so I sketched out my own designs!

if/then (2.0) - 4

Snow day here in NYC!! So I snuck chapter 3 up a few days ago and promised a swift chapter 4, so here it is. It still needs tweaking but I think is good enough to go for now. A big thanks to those of you still reading, I really appreciate you being along for the ride! Typos are all mine, I’ll fix them eventually…

Previously: part 1, part 2, part 3

Read first if you are new! gutted/sorted and wax/wane…if/then is a continuation of those two.


A niggling murmur prompts Myka’s eyes to open, and she reaches for Helena, but cold, wrinkly sheets greet her where Helena once lay. A whiff of bacon fills her nose, and there’s shuffling in the next room; Helena and Christina must be up, preparing breakfast.

Taking a rare moment for herself, she rolls onto her back and closes her eyes, calling forth the pleasant memories from last night. Aggressions fell away immediately, and as the desire to touch and be touched grew, hands and mouths wandered, eagerly rousing tender spots left unattended for so long. It’s heartening beyond measure their bodies knew what to do; if intimacy proved as difficult as everything else lately, she’d be at a loss for what to do.

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Excuse me

Why tf it always have to go back on Camren shippers? Im one but you will never see me do shit like that thank you very much. I’ve about lost all my patience today with the Harmonizers. I love the girls and blaming it a sector of fans isn’t going to solve the problem. Address me if you want to but Im sick of this shit.