i blame everything on that damn fic

Daryl Needs a Shower

They’ve been there two days and one of the first things everyone did was shower. Like they could wash off everything they’d gone through these last few months (or even years) that easy. 

Daryl knows different. He knows they can’t. He knows the grime on his skin is like a protection, like a shield against the stares of all the people in this damn place. He sticks out like a sore thumb but it was never gonna be any different. He ain’t made for places like this. He can’t slip back into the past like Rick in his uniform, or Carol in that ugly ass cardigan of hers or even Carl, already making friends. He’s not like them.

Neither is Beth. But Beth has always been different in her own way. She doesn’t try to sink back into her old skin, she finds ways to make her new one work. Just as she had been ever since she came back to him with that round scar on her forehead to match the slashed scars on her cheek and brow. Beth is already making this new place work and he’s pretty sure she’s got everyone here wrapped around her finger now with her sweet smiles and her big blue eyes.

He knows she’s got him wrapped even tighter.

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