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'Tis I, back again! Could you do Old List, 7, Lams please? (It's my fav ship I need more.)

You got it, kiddo! :D I sure hope you enjoy this!! I know I had a beautiful prompt for angst here, but in a surprising turn of events I took it in a fluffy direction, Get out your tooth brushes, kiddos, because you will certainly need them after this dosage of sweetness! ;)

“I almost lost you.”

It was a warm and breezy morning in early September. Alexander hadn’t really wanted to get out  of bed, not with John curled up next to him, but the Washingtons had insisted that the boys just had to go to the farmers’ market down the road, and had also given them a list of things to buy.

“Why are you not going?” Lafayette asked them, eyeing his pajama-clad adoptive parents, mugs of coffee in hand, seated together on the living room couch, sharing the newspaper.

“We go every week, Gilbert,” George said with a smile. “We don’t want to hog all of the fun. Besides, you haven’t been there since you were in middle school.”

“That is true,” Gilbert said. “I do not mind, really,” he admitted with a grin. “It is our Alexander who is putting up the fit.”  

Alex glared at Laf from across the room. “Not true!”

“If the shoe fits wear it,” John teased him while also tossing his sneaker at him.

Alex stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend before kneeling down to lace his shoe up. John bent over and kissed the crown of Alex’s head. Alex was grateful he was looking down so he could hide the blush that spread across his face.

“Come on, mes amis!” Laf exclaimed. “Herc and Eliza are on their ways, so we must be off!”

Alexander stood up and John laced his fingers through his boyfriend’s, tugging him toward the door.

“Don’t forget the produce, boys!” Martha called out. “And be safe! Have fun!”

“Bye, Mama!” Laf yelled back.

Lafayette chattered nonstop, in both English and French, on their ten minute walk to the middle school parking lot where the weekly farmers’ market was held. Alex hummed every now and then, which seemed to be more than enough to appease Laf, especially considering the fact that John couldn’t understand or speak French beyond the absolute basics.

As they approached the first half of the parking lot, which was left empty for cars, Laf jumped up and down excitedly, adding in a twirl or two. “Ahhh I have forgotten how nice it feels to be up and out early on a Saturday morning with mes amis!”

“I think afternoon would have been just as lovely,” Alex grumbled.

John laughed and tugged Alex closer to him, kissing the side of his face. “You’re so cute when you hate early mornings,” he joked.

“Please. I’m cute all the time,” Alex said.

John giggled and kissed the crown of Alex’s head. “Okay, shrimp,” he said, tone smug.

“I am not a––”

“Mes amis! Please,” Laf said, quieting the other two boys with a glare.

The group had reached the section of the parking lot that was roped off for the farmers’ market. It was truly an ideal location for such an event–– a thick patch of trees and bushes separated the parking lot from the road, and the outdoor tables provided for the middle schoolers’ use at lunch time served as a perfect place for sitting down to chat with friends or scarf down food from the many vendors.

They started their walk down the lane of vendors, not looking at them yet because they had a much more urgent search to complete first. Half of that search was completed when Laf squealed and took off, darting between the elderly, children, and young families as he launched himself into Herc’s arms, pressing a passionate kiss to the other boy’s lips.

“They saw each other last night,” John said with a sigh.

Alex shrugged. “It’s Laf. He doesn’t know how to not be excited when he sees Herc, even if they’ve only been apart for five minutes.”

Just then, there was a delicate tap on Alexander’s shoulder. “That must be Eliza!” he said before spinning around. His eyes widened as he took in the sight before him.

John spoke first. “THE SCHUYLER SISTERS!”

“Hell yeah!” Peggy exclaimed, throwing her arms over both Alexander and John at the same time. The boys closed in to embrace her.

“To what do we owe this upmost pleasure?” Laf said, coming up behind Alex and John.

Peggy let go of Alex and John and rolled her eyes as Laf took Angie’s hand and kissed the back of it. Peggy rolled her eyes again when a slight blush creeped over Angie’s face.

“Boredom,” Peggy said, answering Laf’s question.

“Ouch, Peggy, you wound me!” Herc said, placing a hand over his heart.

Peggy laughed. “Herc, control your boyfriend.”

Hercules held up his hands. “There’s no way in hell I can ever control that boy.”

Eliza laughed. “He’s right, Laf is uncontrollable.” She leaned forward and hugged each of her friends in turn.

“Is Maria working today?” Angelica said a bit too loudly.

“Oh my gosh, Angie, shut up,” Eliza hissed. She tugged at a strand of hair anxiously as she scanned the surrounding area to make sure the girl in question hadn’t heard. “I didn’t come here for her. I came here to be with our friends.” She gestured to the boys.

Peggy scoffed. “You keep telling yourself that,” she said. She poked Eliza in the stomach, making the other girl laugh and wave her away.

“Mes amis! Can we please start our walk-through?” Laf begged.

Angelica laughed. “Sure, sure. Should we break up in groups?”

“I call Laf and Herc!” Peggy shouted, her hand shooting up in the air. She smirked at Angelica.

“Well then I call you, Laf, and Herc,” she quipped, sticking her tongue out at her younger sister.

Eliza smiled at Alex and Laurens. There’d never been any doubt she’d go off with them. Laf handed Alex Martha’s shopping list.

“Please?” he whispered. “I think they have essential oils here, mon ami, and I need them.”

Alexander chuckled. “Sure, sure. As long as I can get some coffee.”

Laf fished out a five dollar bill from his pocket and handed it to his adoptive brother. “Done!”

With that, the groups went their separate ways. Alex, John, and Eliza went to the nearest vendor selling beverages and each ordered a drink: Alexander got coffee, black, John a latte, and Eliza an iced tea.

They sat on the nearest bench and sipped their drinks in silence for a moment, each of them slowly perking up as their cups drained.

“So what’s on Martha’s list?” Eliza asked innocently enough. But both John and Alex knew why she was asking.

“Mostly produce,” Alex said, trying to keep his voice straight.

“O-oh,” Eliza stammered.

“There’s plenty of vendors who sell that here, ‘Liza. We don’t have to go to her’s.”

“But…” her voice trailed off. She fidgeted with her hair again.

“But if you wanna see her,” John said with a waggle of his eyebrows.

“Than we can totally go to her booth,” Alex finished, nudging Eliza in the ribs.

Eliza looked at both of them for a moment, face stoic, before breaking out in a huge grin. “Let’s go,” she whispered.

Alex and John hooped and hollered as they jumped to their feet, pulling Eliza up with them. The two boys linked hands again, Eliza by Alexander’s side, as they strutted through the crowd, all the way to the Ten Eyck Farms’ booth, where a certain Maria Reynolds worked.

There she was, surrounded by lettuces, carrots, radishes, beets, tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, parsley, potatoes, and various other veggies, in all of her early morning glory. Alexander swore the girl cast her own light.

Eliza had stopped walking a few feet from the booth, so Alexander took her by the elbow ever so gently and tugged her forward. He stepped up to the counter, a smile on his face.

“Hey,” Maria greeted the group with a smile. “What can I help you with today?”

“Just doing some shopping for my mom,” Alex said. “She really likes to buy her produce local.” With that, he turned to the veggies and began picking up what Martha had requested.

John tried his best to make small talk with Maria, and he tried even harder to include Eliza in it, but Eliza was so quiet that it wasn’t working very well. Alex wanted to just shout “my friend really likes you!” and he was about to do so when finally a topic stuck.

“So you go to Arlington High, too, right?” John asked.

“I sure do,” Maria said. Alex could hear the smile in her voice.

“So do we!” John said, a bit too excitedly. “What year are you?”

“Junior,” Maria said. “Yourself?”

“We’re juniors, too. Oh, hold on, let me help my boyfriend for a moment! Excuse me, ladies,” John said with a wink.

“Good thing you’re gay because you are not reliable with the ladies,” Alex whispered to John when he wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist from behind.

“We can’t all be bisexual gods,” John said into Alex’s ear, causing the smaller boy to shiver.

“You are, um, quite reliable with the men, or at least a certain man, however,” Alex stammered.

John chuckled. “I thought so.”

The two pretended to fuss over vegetable choices as they eavesdropped on Eliza’s slightly painful conversation with Maria.

Eliza: So, um, haha?
Maria: You in any cool electives this year?
Eliza: Pottery! What about you?
Maria: Dance, but pottery sounds cool. What’s your favorite part?
Eliza: The, um… wheel?

Alex and John both groaned to themselves before swooping in to save the interaction.

“We found those veggies!” John exclaimed, holding up a bag of spinach.

“We sure did!” Alex agreed, his arms full of various vegetables.

“Wow! Let me bag you guys up there,” Maria said, moving to the register. They went through the order, and as they did so, Alex could feel Eliza fidgeting behind him.

They waved goodbye to Maria, Eliza blushing when Maria gave her an especially large smile, before walking away.

“I suck at flirting,” Eliza moaned once they were out of Maria’s earshot.

“We all suck at flirting, unless you’re Alexander Hamilton. They you can successfully flirt with any gender, it turns out.” John said, throwing an arm over Eliza’s shoulders.

“I just want to be able to flirt with one gender,” Eliza muttered.

“I know,” John said with a sigh. “Hey, wanna look at all the different kinds of nut butters over there? I heard they make their own version of nutella and it’s even better than the original.”

Eliza’s eyebrows shot up. “For real? Better than nutella?”

“That’s what I heard!” John said. “Don’t blame me if it’s not true,” he chuckled.

John and Eliza ran over to the booth, Alexander hanging back, a booth selling mosaics catching his eye. He was on the lookout for a birthday gift for Martha, and he thought he might just find it there.

He skipped down a few booths, taking his time examining the various creations there. A set of coasters made from sparkling brown tiles caught his attention. They looked natural, so they would go with the kitchen’s theme, but they also looked unique, which he knew Martha loved. He was about to ask the woman manning the booth if she had four of them on hand when he felt someone grab him by the shoulder.

“I almost lost you!” John panted. “Laf would’ve killed me,” he added.

Alex turned around to glare at his boyfriend. “I’m not a child or some puppy you need to keep on a leash,” he said.

“Yeah, but you just wandered off without telling me or Eliza where you were going. And then you weren’t answering my texts.”

“I left my phone at home,” Alex said.

“Ugh, I should’ve known,” John sighed. “Well, I found you, and you’re safe, so that’s all that matters. Plus, I think our false alarm may have helped more than it hurt.”

Alex furrowed his brow at John. “What do you mean?”

John subtly pointed in Maria’s direction. There was Eliza, chatting with her. Like a normal person.

Alex widened his eyes at John, who smirked.

“You used me going missing to get Eliza a date,” he gasped.

John shrugged. “At least something good would have come from it.” He winked at Alex, who fake swatted his arm.

“Boys, if you could not do that so close to the mosaics, that would be lovely,” the woman behind the booth said in a monotone.

It took all of their maturity not to break out in a fit of giggles in that moment.

After Alex had purchased four of the coasters, and the two boys had rejoined Eliza, squealing with her when she flashed them Maria’s number, written on the back of her hand, they set out to find Laf, Herc, Peggy, and Angelica.

The quartet was conveniently walking toward them. Everyone’s arms were empty except for Laf’s, whose were laden with bags.

“Did you buy every essential oil in the universe?” Alex said with a laugh as they approached their friends.

“We didn’t even make it to the essential oils,” Herc moaned.

“Please don’t remind him,” Peggy begged.

“Then what the heck is in those bags?” Eliza asked.

“Why, if you must know, it is only some artisanal soap and a few baguettes.”

“Okay, that’s a lie,” Angelica said, stepping forward. “He nearly bought out the frickin soap place––”

“It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly!” Laf interjected.

“And then he nearly bought out the baguettes––”

“They’re from my homeland,” he said passionately.

“They’re from a bakery in Albany!” Angelica exclaimed in a way that let Alex know the two had most likely been arguing over this ever since Laf laid eyes on the baguettes.

“And then he saw the jewelry booth.”

“Oh no,” John whispered.

“How bad is it this time?” Alex asked.

Lafayette rolled his eyes. “You act as if I am a child without any self-control.”

“When it comes to farmers’ markets, that’s a pretty accurate description,” Alex said in a monotone.

“He bought friendship bracelets for him and Herc!” Peggy shouted, a grin spreading across her face.

Alex, Laurens, and Eliza looked at Laf, then Herc, noting the matching silver bands with matching flower charms–– something purple–– on them. They burst out into laughter.

“Of course he did,” Alex finally said.

“Classic Laf,” Laurens added.

“I got Mama something too!” Laf said, though he sounded like he’d lost all gumption to defend himself.

“Can we get pizza?” Peggy asked. “Watching Laf blow his French trust fund made me hungry.”

Everyone laughed and wordlessly made their way over to the booth selling pizza and lemonade. Alex surveyed his friends as they waited in line to order and decided that he was the luckiest boy in the world to have them.

He also decided that waking up early on a Saturday wasn’t so bad if it meant they could all have some fun at the farmers’ market together. Next time, though, they would have to convince Laf to leave his wallet at home.

The Age Gap. Aaron Hotcher X Reader

||Anon Requested: Heyya Could you please write a Hotch story. Where the reader is significantly younger and the team finds out and teases him. Then he goes home to reader fluff and smut if possible please. I like the idea of a slightly vulnerable hotch. Xx Thanks||

 "Do you have to leave" Y/N said, sticking her bottom lip out. Aaron chuckled and kissed her lips gently. “I do, we have a case. But I’ll be back as soon as I can” he stroked her hair, admiring her bright/dark E/C eyes.

 Hotch dreaded going to work. The team had been constantly teasing him ever since Hotch told them about his and Y/N’s relationship. 

You see, Aaron is 54, Y/N is 27. Aaron usually didn’t date younger women, but something about Y/N made his heart beat rapidly. He really did love her, and she loved him, not to mention Jack loved her. But their large age gap made him nervous about their relationship. He thought of himself as a old man, and he thought of Y/N as a beautiful young woman. He constantly worried a younger and more attractive man would steal her heart. But Y/N reminded him that she loves only him, and that’s all that matters.

 "Hey man, how’s the young lady" Derek winked. Aaron’s brow furrowed, He hated feeling vulnerable, but he did.

 "Did you know, Most men over the age of 50 date women ether in their 20s or 30s?“ Spencer commented, making everyone look at him in confusion. "I wouldn’t blame him, she is an attractive woman” Emily whispered to Penelope and JJ. “Can we please stop talking about this!” Aaron raised his voice, frustrated. The team all became quiet and sat down.

 Aaron sighed as he unlocked and opened the door to his home. “Aaron? Are you home?” Y/N yelled from upstairs. “Yeah! I’ll be up in a minute” he dropped his briefcase on the floor and headed up the stairs. “Hey babe” she smiled, cupping his face to kiss him. “Hard day?” She asked as he laid on the bed. “Yep” he simply said, groaning. She frowned and sat next to him. 

He sat up and sighed “I don’t even know why they care I’m dating you, I love you. That’s all that matters” she rubbed small circles on his back. “Exactly, Aaron I don’t care that you are much older than me. I love you and I’ll always love you, we are both adults so it shouldn’t matter.” She smiled “Now..how ‘bout you just relax” Y/N said as she left wet kisses along his jawline and neck. “Christ Y/N….” Aaron moaned, his voice barley audible. 

She straddled his hips, rubbing her crotch against his, feeling his erection growing. She slowly undressed herself, slow enough to make him beg.

 When they both were naked she slowly lowered herself on his hard member, causing a small whimper to escape her lips. Aaron put one hand on her hip to help her steady herself and one hand on her breast, massaging it to make her slightly moan. 

She picked up her pace, sliding on and off of his large erection. Aaron grunted, the pleasure overwhelming him. All the stress from earlier that day, was forgotten, as he had this beautiful figure in front of him, her breasts bouncing as she bounced. 

“O-oh God Y/N I can’t- I’m gonna-” he was unable to finish his sentence as this large orgasm took over his body. Soon Y/N reached her climax as well. They both panted as she slid off of him and laid back next to him.

 "Aaron?“ She whispered, her chest rose up and down as she tried to catch her breath. "Yeah?” He looked over at her and her glistening body. “I love you so much” she rolled over and ran her fingers through his hair “I love you more than you can imagine” he smiled, kissing her forehead softly.

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Tommy's Girl [11/?]

Tommy Shelby x OC (Alfie’s Sister).

Warning(s): language

Part Eleven. Part Ten. Part One.

“You told him then?” Tommy asked.

“I had to, he’s my brother. I’m sorry.” Emily smiled sheepishly.

“I don’t blame you for liking it.” Tommy winked, smirking ever so slightly.

“We’re you listening to my private conversation?” Emily asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I couldn’t bloody help it, you were loud enough.” Tommy laughed.

“God, you can tell you’re a smoker.” Emily giggled, poking fun at Tommy’s laugh. His hand grazed hers as he placed it on the desk. Emily slowly interlocked their fingers, all silliness immediately banished from the room.
“Tell me about yourself?” Emily inquired, meeting Tommy’s eyes, searching for some hint as to the man she had to marry.

“You won’t like it.” Tommy shook his head, leading her to a settee by the wall. They sat and Tommy lit them a cigarette each to help clear their thoughts. “There was a woman. A woman I loved more than anything in this world. She was our Charlie’s mother. Her name was Grace and we were married. I got the Blinders involved with the Russians and the Economic League, which was a fucking stupid idea, but some… unpleasantries came about and my Grace - well she died.”

“Oh God, Tommy, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Emily hurriedly apologised.

“No, it’s all right.” Tommy sighed, “You told me about your past, it’s only fair I tell you mine.”

“What about before that, then? Alfie told me you were a soldier.”

“Aye, I was. I was a tunneler in the war. Fucking awful work.” Tommy puffed on his cigarette. “Are you Jewish like your brother? Because you were talking about Christmas the other day.”

“No, however Alfie and I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah together. I don’t really practice religion very much though. I converted when my mother died. Thought this Jesus bloke might help me out.” Emily held the ciggy to her lips. “He never fuckin’ did though.” She exhaled, her mouth curving into a frown.

“No, He’s not too helpful is He?” Tommy looked thoughtful. “I thought Jewish people had to follow their mothers’ religion though?”

“I don’t owe that woman fuckin’ anything. If it wasn’t for Alfie, I’d be quite happy burning her photographs and tryin’ to forget her… Not that I could do that. But you know what my brother’s like, you’ve worked with him for God knows how long. He’s all ‘family this and family that’ but he’s no idea what that bitch was like when he was off in the war. ‘Come on dear, I don’t want you workin’ in no factory but we need the money. Get out on that corner and give the men whatever they want.’” Emily sighed. “I never got a fuckin’ say. I was fuckin’ fourteen: a scared little girl doin’ as her mum told her. They took advantage of that; I remember one sick fuck told me to cry and suck his cock. They never just wanted a shag Tommy, it was always fuckin’ more.”

“Fucking bastards,” Tommy muttered, slamming his hand down on the settee in rage, “I promise you; you will never have to do anything like that again, understood? You’re mine now, I’ll take care of you.”

“I’m sorry. You didn’t need to hear that, it doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it fuckin’ does. Emily, love, they fucking hurt you, that matters to me. There’s no need to apologise,” Tommy put his arm around Emily’s waist. She leaned her head gently against his shoulder.

“You don’t need to protect me, Tommy, I’m fully capable of taking care of myself,” Emily released a breath that she wasn’t aware she had been holding in.

“My point is, Emily, you don’t have to. I’m here for you.”

“I don’t need a man to protect me, Shelby, I grew up in London for Christ’s sake.” Emily teased, winking, and swiftly exited the room.

“That she doesn’t.” Tommy breathed, staring after her.

Arthur burst into the room moments later, followed by John, carrying a letter.

“Tommy, we have a situation.” Arthur explained, handing the note to his confused brother.

“What the fuck?” Tommy grasped the sheet of paper, scanning quickly over it. “It’s from Sabini. He says he’ll negotiate a peace treaty with us if we give him Emily.”

Best Friends

Sometimes your best friends aren’t the ones you spend slumber partying saturday nights with. They’re not the ones who know all your secrets, all your quirks or even your birthday- your oldest friend isn’t the only good friend to have. Sometimes your best friends are the ones who drive you home from a party at 1 in the morning, buying you donuts and playing all your favourite childhood songs, not because she knows they’re your favourite, but because they’re her favourite too. Your best friends aren’t always the ones holding your hand through difficult times, or the ones with pictures of you in your awkward phase. Sometimes they’re the ones giving you room to breath, to grow, to find you five Fridays down the track in the corner of a graveyard getting high. They’re not always the ones to pick you up, sometimes they’re the ones who sit beside you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Okay but the gay feels when an attractive girl wears a crop top so short it shows the bottom of her bra and your like ‘damn she’s hot’ but you’re also like ‘stop objectifying her you’re not a sixteen year old boy’

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Hii, so there have been a lot of reactions to that emison scene in which Emily tells Ali "Please don't kiss me again, not until you know." I wanted to know your opinion on it?

Well, I’m not gonna lie. During the episode I freaked the fuck out. At first it was a good sort of freaking out because they actually acknowledged that they kissed, which is a big development for them. Then, my hope quickly dissappeard when Emily said those words, and I started cursing Marlene. 

But when I started thinking about it, I realised that they needed this fight. It was long overdue because we should’ve had it after 5x05 but that’s not the point right now. This fight is important because it showed Alison’s insecurities about her feelings for Emily, the whole being pregnant stuff, Paige being back and Rollins. She is afraid to love Emily because she is afraid she will fuck it up. That’s why she keeps pushing Em away. She is jealous and afraid, and honestly, I don’t blame her for saying “I don’t know” when Emily asked her about the kiss. Alison now knows that she wants Emily, you could see the realization on her face after Emily told her to not kiss her again. She was hurt because she loves Emily. Alison just needed this conversation to fully understand her feelings.

Emily on the other hand, she’s done with being used. And she basically told Alison that with the “don’t kiss me again, not until you know” thing. Which I now think is a good thing. But the “not until you know” part, is the most important part. Because Emily does want Alison, but she only wants her if Alison is truly honest about her feelings. I mean, you saw how hurt she was during that conversation. Emily just needs to know that Alison is all in. (and she fucking will when Alison comes out to her in 7x15 & proposes to her in 7x18).

Anyways, this is actually some good build up for these last 9 episodes and the scene Alison will tell Emily her feelings is gonna be really good and worth it. And then they will make out (preferably with tongue), fuck on the kissing rock, get married and live happily after after!