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Fic Review- Nothing Was the Same

Hey fellow buggies!

So if you’re familiar with my favorite fic of all time, Something to Tell You then you’ll definitely know the wonderful, talented @findingbetty! (Seriously, read STTY if you haven’t already, and then come fangirl about it with me.)

Tonight, Annabel dropped a bomb on me that I was NOT expecting- a new fic called Nothing Was the Same. I got really shook about it and her message box definitely got the brunt of my shook-ness, so, sorry girlfriend… I’m feeling very verklempt to say the least. 

I’m taking a bit of a learn from the ever amazing @rubyventure and writing my own ruby style fic review on it! It’s only fitting since I have SO MANY THOUGHTS and I want to share this amazing fic with the tumblrverse. 

As expected, SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT LINE!! I don’t want to be the one to spoil this amazing fic for you. Come back after you’ve read it for yourself! I’ll still be here. 

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Small is Beautiful by @blame-the-anime for @hxhbb

This fic–even though it was supposed to be crack– was so ADORABLE. Every time Aafje mentions the Chimera ants as “black dots”, I cry from laughter because just imagine how different the anime would be with kickass ant-sized ants. Anyways, here is my piece and I apologize dearly for posting in the last day! I hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

Well... If JMo already played a lesbian, then why is she kinda negative about swanqueen? I don't say she hates it and us, not at all. But comparing with Lana's behavior...

You fucking people still exist!? Honestly, besides the interview, what that Lana has done has been so much better? They both have canon stories they promote. They both praise the writers for those stories. They both talk about how much they appreciate all fans. They both enthusiastically donned Swan Queen sweaters literally just for our enjoyment. Jen is the one who posted a picture of them together and captioned it “Swan Queen.” She is the one who was trying so hard to keep it fair by tagging all Emma ships in like every post. She received the CS tea and declared that now she needs the SQ one. They both do what they fucking can to appreciate all their fans, but without making waves. That’s it. So yeah, Jen didn’t do the interview. Pretty sure she was busy, and even if she wasn’t I don’t blame her. She didn’t ask to be the center of something this controversial and she tries to treat her fans as fairly as she can. I actually find many of her responses to things even more considerate than Lana’s. Like, can you imagine how mad people would get at Jen if she talked about Emma needing a “manly man”? People forgive Lana these things, always have, but for some reason, no matter what Jen does, she just can’t win with some of you people.