i blame all the boys

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It's cold af outside I don't blame the boy for keepin his shirt on,,, tho we'd all like to see it off

i mean he is inside isnt he and surrounded by fire but maybe this is the end of the nude-y days, rip nips, goodbye chest my old friend, you’ve been good to my eyes for many years

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There is so much Hawk hate on my dash...I'm fairly new to the hockey side of tumblr, and I have no idea why everyone hates them so much.... I feel bad they got swept, but they all looked dead out there and deserve a break.

Hello dear anon, welcome to hockey tumblr! Yes the hate is pretty awful rn. There’s a lot of reasons ppl don’t like them and you can message me if you’d like the run down (or go through my previous asks) but!!! Despite those reasons, there’s some good dudes in that mix and they must be tired and sad af, just as the fans are. It’s the playoffs, it brings out the messy and ugly, but let’s hope ppl will chill out soon. I hope the boys get a nice, relaxing break and come back stronger next year.

I just need to write an open letter to kpop about racism and appropriation and how painful it is to be a fan when things like that happen but so many ppl speak up and it doesn’t ever change, hell even BTS and Big Bang get away with it and nothing happens (looking at you, Taeyang).

Like I’m gonna be honest here and say if this comeback flops it’ll be deserved because you cannot build your success on the backs of black ppl using their culture so sloppily and disrespectfully, it’s happened so often in kpop but it’s 2017 soon and we’re not starting the year like this.

When you go to the recording studio with him and the other members keep flirting with you *multi-fandom* pt.2


my jagi’s so pretty…I don’t blame them…

*the boys start throwing out all of their moves* That’s cute guys…but I’m going to have to stop you right there…

because this hot piece of ass…is mine.


hah! like they have a chance in hell…

but just to make sure… I LOVE YOU JAGI <3

*intense snuggling and eye gazing*


w…what is going on here? are they…hitting on my jagi?

how could they do this to their leader? no respect!

guys stop now! it’s not funny!

…Jagi? Am I still your favourite? Yes? good.

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ナミダメ“シ”ノミヤマキの場合 —Namidame “Shi” Nomiya Maki no Baai—

So this hasn’t been officially announced on Bullet’s website yet, but.. ( ≖‿≖ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Flashy and frivolous by nature, 四宮真紀 (Shinomiya Maki), is an employee at a top-tier company.

Despite the fact that he has a fiancée, he has a habit of calling out to other women and cheating on her with these other people, whether they’re acquaintances from the bar he frequents, or his coworkers (his kouhai included)—basically, anyone that’s his “taste.”

Your relationship with Maki originated in middle school. However, he has no recollection of you.

During middle school, you once mustered your courage to confess to Maki, only to be met with the following response—

“Do you really think someone like you* would suit me? If it’s you, I wouldn’t even be able to get it up.”

And like so, you were harshly rejected.

10 years later, after polishing your appearance, you have now made yourself into a new person. Searching for the whereabouts and status of Maki, you waited for the opportunity to get your revenge.

And at last, that day had finally come.

Stepping into the bar that Maki frequents, you capture his attention—and just as planned, he calls out to you…

Will your plans for revenge ultimately succeed…?

CV: いちごみるく (Shiraishi Minoru)

Release Date: February 26th, 2016.

*He used「お前なんか」“Omae nanka” and 「俺」“Ore” in the same sentence, which gives the impression that he pretty much thought that you were way beneath him. ( - _ - )

The Birds and the Bees

The prompt that came through first was this:

Omelias daughter gets pregnant

Hope you enjoy…

We were being babysat by a teenage boy. I had woken up and decided to go downstairs to see if I could get some milk or water, and when I’d walked into the living room, I’d accidentally seen something on the TV. I’d asked the boy what was going on and he told me to ask my parents about the birds and the bees.

The next morning I had, and rather than talking about birds or bees, they ended up talking about mummies and daddies and penises and vaginas and… lots of things I didn’t really understand. The basic gist was that if two grown ups, definitely over eighteen, love each other and want to show this love then they can make each other feel very good by doing what I saw on the TV. On top of that, if they were ready, then they could do the thing that I saw and a baby might come out of it.

“I swear to God Owen, I’m going to KILL that girl,” she rants at her husband as he sits on the end of the hotel bed, dutifully listening and nodding where he’s supposed to. “She is twenty years old and what- she thinks that excuses her from being responsible?! How did we get so lucky with Christopher?! The most trouble he ever got into was when he collected all the snails from the playground and forced them to socialise in his lunchbox! DRUGS OWEN, DRUGS!”

“Ame-” Owen quickly sucks in his breath. He should have known better: she isn’t finished. He continues to watch her pace up and down the room as fast as the words effortlessly tumble out her mouth.

“I know I’m hardly one to talk. I spent the majority of my teens either high or in rehab but she’s supposed to do as I say, not as I do! Thank the Lord this is her first offence because if that girl gets a record I’ll go full-on demonic mother and lock her in a tower.”

“Honey-” Nope, she still isn’t finished.

“And did you see the way she just rolled her eyes at us? She got caught by the POLICE, and she has the fucking nerve to roll her eyes at her parents for actually grounding her. I don’t give a flying monkey’s asshole if we’re on family holiday, or if she’s twenty, she can read a book in that room until Thursday for all I care. Maybe I’ll tell reception to turn the TV cable off in her room actually…”

“Alright Button, that’s enough,” he calmly cuts in. He stands up and as she is about to pass him for about the hundredth time, he grabs her shoulders and forces her to stop and face him. He lifts her chin, looking deep into her blue eyes like he had since the day he’d fallen in love with her. “Everything’s going to be ok. Charlotte is a good kid- she’s going to be fine. This is not your fault. Let’s be honest, she hardly gave us a hard time in her teenage years. This is overdue…”

“I blame this all on Sam. That boy broke her little heart. Turned her dark,” Amelia scowls to the side.

“Doesn’t matter who is at fault. Point is she’s twenty, Amelia. She’s flown away from the nest and all we can hope for is that she knows she’s welcome back whenever she needs or wants us. She has to make these choices and mistakes for herself. You need to let her.”

“But she’s just my baby Bee,” she whispers, vulnerability plaguing her voice as her lips go thin and her chin begins to wobble. Preempting her break down into tears, Owen takes her hands and wraps them around the back of his neck as he snuggles into her neck. He rocks them from side-to-side.

“She’s not a baby anymore,” he chuckles, a hint of bittersweet sadness in his words. “She’ll be ok.”

“You promise?” she whimpers into his shoulder as she rises to her tip toes and deepens the hug.

“Promise,” he agrees.

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