i blame all the boys

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lmao henrik is trending all night and not one tarjei post from last night in sight. fuck this fandom tbh

henrik holm: talks about how much he has learned in the past year, about how he didn’t want to portray a stereotypically mentally ill person cause he knows you must show respect for the ones you portray, talks about how comfortable he was portraying an lgbt+ character together with tarjei because they trust each other completely, shows nothing but love and respect and gratefulness for the makers of the show, his co-stars AND us, the viewers

you: honestly FUCK yall for talking about henrik!!!! why dont u just admit you’re tarjeiphobic :) u monster 

Imagine the boys showering Woozi with compliments after they listen to a new song he made because the song was really good and also because they really appreciate the effort he puts into all the songs he has created for the group.


@sounders-zenny has encouraged me to do some screencap redraws,, and so here we have my first one!! Pidge and Keith from Voltron, with the Great Food Fight. It was lots of fun and great to see where I can improve 😅

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It's cold af outside I don't blame the boy for keepin his shirt on,,, tho we'd all like to see it off

i mean he is inside isnt he and surrounded by fire but maybe this is the end of the nude-y days, rip nips, goodbye chest my old friend, you’ve been good to my eyes for many years

ナミダメ“シ”ノミヤマキの場合 —Namidame “Shi” Nomiya Maki no Baai—

So this hasn’t been officially announced on Bullet’s website yet, but.. ( ≖‿≖ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Flashy and frivolous by nature, 四宮真紀 (Shinomiya Maki), is an employee at a top-tier company.

Despite the fact that he has a fiancée, he has a habit of calling out to other women and cheating on her with these other people, whether they’re acquaintances from the bar he frequents, or his coworkers (his kouhai included)—basically, anyone that’s his “taste.”

Your relationship with Maki originated in middle school. However, he has no recollection of you.

During middle school, you once mustered your courage to confess to Maki, only to be met with the following response—

“Do you really think someone like you* would suit me? If it’s you, I wouldn’t even be able to get it up.”

And like so, you were harshly rejected.

10 years later, after polishing your appearance, you have now made yourself into a new person. Searching for the whereabouts and status of Maki, you waited for the opportunity to get your revenge.

And at last, that day had finally come.

Stepping into the bar that Maki frequents, you capture his attention—and just as planned, he calls out to you…

Will your plans for revenge ultimately succeed…?

CV: いちごみるく (Shiraishi Minoru)

Release Date: February 26th, 2016.

*He used「お前なんか」“Omae nanka” and 「俺」“Ore” in the same sentence, which gives the impression that he pretty much thought that you were way beneath him. ( - _ - )

I just need to write an open letter to kpop about racism and appropriation and how painful it is to be a fan when things like that happen but so many ppl speak up and it doesn’t ever change, hell even BTS and Big Bang get away with it and nothing happens (looking at you, Taeyang).

Like I’m gonna be honest here and say if this comeback flops it’ll be deserved because you cannot build your success on the backs of black ppl using their culture so sloppily and disrespectfully, it’s happened so often in kpop but it’s 2017 soon and we’re not starting the year like this.


The new Mad Max video is here!

First of all: this is all wasteland-scraps fault.
I asked for a new song to work with and this was the suggestion.Challenge accepted and while I was doing this,I got an idea.

I want this video to be my gift to the fandom.
Cause this fandom fucking rocks!

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yeah it was so clear that sana felt responsible for isak getting hurt :( even though obviously she can't control other people and i 100% guarantee isak & the boy squad don't blame her at all

I know, she broke my heart when she pushed right into the center and reached up to touch his face. We still don’t really know what the situation is but I felt for Sana caught in the middle. Wish we had a little clearer idea of what she’d been thinking knowing both would be there though! She was texting Elias when Even took the stage so it seemed like she’d been hoping they could at least be at the same party and have it be chill.

the quick release || masquerada: songs and shadows || chapter 1

(a/n: i’d like to give a big ol shoutout to the masquerada discord for being absolute lads and a constant source of inspiration. y'all are awesome, bless y'all. the chapter number is a very rough prediction - i have about 8,000 words written, but i want to break it into manageable chunks and edit it. this is unbeta’d, by the way, so any and all mistakes are my own. feel free to leave comments/criticism!

work title from Red Sparrow by Mree.

please enjoy ♥)

also on AO3!

“So this is what Salting is like,” Tristan says, as if his vision isn’t tripled and he can feel his legs. The bridge seems impossibly long, so much longer than what he thought, and he dimly feels himself turn, puppeted by the need to keep moving, because if he stops he has a feeling that he’s never going to move again.

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