i blame alistair

★ butterflies & hurricanes

Verse: Modern AU || ongoing 
Pairing: Cullen x Alistair
: Cullen’s forgotten what it feels like to let people in. He’s lived a mundane life by choice, ever since he left the Armed Forces, a daily routine his friends vow to change. One of them does, and a well-crafted dating profile later, Cullen accidentally stumbles upon Alistair, a breath of fresh air he never suspected could spin his carefully shielded world upside down—let alone his heart.

Note: extremely self-indulgent. ridiculously fluffy. lots of text interludes between chapters (all snapchats drawn by @froschkuss ♥). extra cheese. dogs. eventual, naughty shenanigans. ideas and inspiration fueled by @starshipsorceress


“Complete fools are made leaders of kingdoms all the time, and you’re not a complete fool. And don’t worry about the boots; kings don’t need to dress themselves. That’s what advisers are for, isn’t it?”


Except when the adviser steals your clothes and refuses to give them back 20 minutes before a meeting with the Orlesian delegation who is already quite unhappy with you because of the last meeting that you mouthed off in

The adorable pic I reblogged this morning filled me with a RIGHTEOUS INSPIRATION and I have been kinda wanting to do a pic based around the Leliana + Alistair banter about lost kings and confusing boots for a while anyway so between attacks on my pending commissions I sketched this out and then started coloring it and then tadaaaah

prolly won’t tag this because the anatyomy is probably hela wonky and i am too tupsy to really make a judgment call but I’m posting anyway???? WILL NEVER BE OVER THESE TWO IDIOTS BYE

yeah I completely ripped off the end of POTC3 what of it

People saying they can’t trust Anora when their party is composed of:

  • a Qunari who killed an entire family with his bare hands
  • an Orlesian bard involved in the Great Game
  • an Antivan Crow, allegedly the most dangerous assassins in Thedas
  • a witch of the Wilds with dubious motives and no moral whatsoever
  • a disgraced Dwarf warrior who is drunk 100% of the time
  • a mage hosting a spirit who could potentially turn into an abomination any time for all we know

like do you not see the problem here or

Just something suuuuper scribbly today … my head is super empty and tbh, hurts a little. But I got my copy of World of Thedas 2 yesterday and yaaay for older/beardy Alistair! Since my Cousland travels with Anders, he also returns with her to Denerim and he gets to see Alistair with his new regal look first haha.

“You have no right to do this!”

None of the retreating Templars acknowledged their angry shouts.

Their protests.

A flicker of red in a templar’s visor as he briefly paused at the door to look at them.

A echoing chuckle.

A small, oh so familliar hand gently pushing at his chest.

“Warden, I have to ask you to please let me go.”



… because ‘the Templars starts hunting down and making Tranquils of all mages’ got stuck in my head.