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Interruptions (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: SMUT.
A/N:  Proud of this in many ways. So fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy! Second part featuring the winner’s chosen reward will follow (soonish)
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~3100 words

The game of interruptions: Anywhere, anytime, your partner can choose to stimulate you in the fashion of their choosing. If you stop what you’re doing or acknowledge it at all, you lose.

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“Ellen Show” Noah Schnapp

Plot - Noah confesses something during the Ellen show.

Pairing - Noah Schnapp x Reader


Going on Ellen was always fun. She had such out of the ordinary questions, it was never boring. She asked us about Dart, and our real life pets, she asked about pranks on set, she asked a lot of weird questions, but I had never heard her ask this one before. “So, you guys are young, any celebrity crushes?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows. We went down the line, the guys going first. I wasn’t paying attention to their answers until Noah asked “Do we count as celebrities?” Ellen nodded her head in response. “Okay, I’ll just leave it at that.” Noah blushed. “Ooooooo ladies.” Ellen winked, “Which one of you does the Noah Schnapp have a crush on..?” She added, Gaten giggling on the other side of the couch. “I bet it’s actually Finn.” Millie whispered, making us laugh.

I was highkey nervous after Noah said that. Mostly because I felt like it was Millie he was talking about. If i had guts I would have said somewhat of the same thing he did considering that I like him. Me, Sadie, and Gaten always thought Noah liked Millie but him saying that basically confirmed it.

Noah’s Point of View

“Dude! Who were you talking about?!” Caleb asked me, all the boys jumping around the dressing room. “Obviously he was talking about Millie.” Gaten responded, taking a sip from a water bottle. “Gaten, you’re wrong.” I smiled. “Wait what?!” Finn questioned, “Then who?” He added. “If I tell you guys you can’t tell her, or the others, okay?” I answered, sitting on the couch. “Okay, who?” Caleb asked again. “Y/N?!” They gasped in unison. “Dude! I would have never guessed, you’re good at hiding your feelings.” Finn laughed, I laughed along, not sure if that was an insult or a compliment.

“Okay, but you need to tell her. I know for a fact she likes you too.” Gaten told me after the others were gone. “Okay sure.” I rolled my eyes in disbelief. “Okay, me and her are pretty good friends, you have to believe me, she would never make the first move.” He argued. “Gaten, you better not be lying to me.” I retaliated. “I’m not! C’mon, go tell her right now. She’s probably still in her dressing room.” Gaten said, getting up and opening the door. “I need time to weigh out the pros and cons.” I told him, closing the door.

Y/N’s Point of View

We were back at the hotel, Millie, Sadie, and I were watching movies and conversating. “Y/N you have to tell him.” Millie urged. “Yes, okay so I know we think he likes Millie but you should still tell him. I mean if someone liked me Id want to know.” Sadie added. We were talking about what Noah said on the Ellen show and then we got on the topic of me liking him. “Guys, I can’t do that.” I told them, looking down at my hands. “Why not? Just go do it right now, He’s in his hotel room with the boys, just talk to him in the hallway.” Sadie said, opening the door. “Go go go go.” Millie laughed, pushing me out of the door. They closed it and locked me out. Damn they’re smart.

I took a deep breath and made my way to Noah’s room. “I like you, i like you, i like you.” I mumbled, practicing what I was going to say to him. I was too busy thinking about what was about to happen, I bumped into someone. “Oh I’m sor-Y/N?” I heard the other person say. “Noah? Hey, I was just about to come talk to you.” I mumbled. “Ironic, I was just about to find you.” He responded, looking a bit nervous himself. “Okay, well you go first.” I told him. “No, you.” He offered. “Why don’t we just say it at the same time?” He suggested. “Okay, on 3?” I asked. He nodded and counted down.

“I like you.” We said in unison. A shocked expression made its way to my face. “That was unexpected.” He joked. It got awkward for a bit until I found the words to say. “So, we both like eachother, how much do you owe Finn?” I laughed. “10 bucks, dammit Y/N!” He laughed. We were laughing. “I’m glad this went well.” He smiled, getting a bit serious. “Me too, now what?” I asked. He didn’t answer, instead, he leaned down and kissed my lips. “Now we do that, and maybe go on a few dates?” He suggested. “I’d like that.” I blushed.


A/N: Im sorry ive been MIA lately. ive been busy, but im back! We hit 1.000 followers a few days ago and I cant thank you enough!! all of your messages telling me that you like my writing means a lot to me. Im just happy that im making others happy. If you didnt know, my ultimate goal in life is to become a Best Selling Author, so to know that others think im good at writing makes me just so happy. Much love! <3




(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 714
warning : smut
summary : Reader calls Kai to pick her up from a party and when he comes to get her, he is all grumpy while she is happy and horny. Then on the ride ‘home’ things happen. [i couldn’t help myself with this one]
gif by  lightwoodxalec


Calls in the middle of the night from his best friend were nothing new and when she had called about 15 minutes ago, asking if he can give her a ride home he just hadn’t been able to say ‘no’. Not to her. Y/N had been the first one to trust him, to believe in him despite of all the awful things he had done and the only one for whom he’d do anything, regardless if he was in a mood at the time or not, which had been the case that night.
As soon as Kai entered the karaoke bar, he heard her laughter and his eyes instantly found her in the crowd. Y/N was standing by the bar smiling wider than ever and looking hotter than ever with her short black skirt twirling around her legs and her curls dancing around her shoulders while she jumped to the beat, holding a glass with bourbon in her hand. He made his way through the crowd, not taking his eyes off her for a second as she climbed onto the stool next to her, getting close to dancing on the bar. A sigh left his lips and he rushed towards her before she had had the chance. Last thing he wanted was for his best friend to slip up, fall and break her neck when he was right there.
    “You came !” she smiled, her eyes lighting up the second she saw him and in her attempt to give her friend a hug she fell off the stool and directly into his arms.
    “Oh-kay.” muttered Kai, snatching her glass from her hand. “I’ll take that –”
Y/N hooked her hands around his neck and tapped his nose, pouting for a second before pinching his cheeks, forcing his lips to curl into a smile. “Why that grumpy face ? Turn that frown upside down. Have a drink with me –”
    “You woke me up in the middle of the night. That’s why.” he said as if its obvious. “Not staying for drinks and you are cut off. Wh-what are you doing ?”
His best friend leaned in almost resting her forehead on his, feeling his biceps slowly moving her hands towards his chest. Her body pressed against his and she moved his hands from her waist down to her ass. He caught himself by surprise when he pulled her towards him suddenly, getting both their breaths caught in their throats. They were so close to each other he couldn’t help but notice her eyes glowing differently in that moment and her lips slightly puckering at him. What had gotten into her ? His friend never acted like this and most definitely never drank so much that she’d need a ride home.
    “Y/N ?” he asked again, noticing her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips while her hand slid between their bodies to his crotch, giving him a light squeeze. Y/N bit her lip and without realising it his hands slipped even lower, touching her bare skin.
    “What does it look like I am doing?” she whispered, her lips almost touching his as she spoke. “Damn you are hot. Just looking at you makes me want to finger myself –”
Kai gripped her wrists, pushing her away.  "Charming. You are drunk, horny and your smiley attitude right now is getting on my nerves.“ he wound his hand around her waist and scooped her up into his arms. “Let’s get you home, so I can get myself home and –”
    “Why don’t we go to your place and I can make it up to you for waking you up?” she hooked one her hands around his neck while cupping his face with the other, trailing her fingertips on his lips. “So soft –” her voice dropping almost to a whisper. “ – and your hands feel so good on my body.”
Kai rolled his eyes and walked outside, flicking his wrist to open his car. He let her feet down on the ground holding her steady and her hand found its way in his jeans, palming him through his briefs. “Y/N, you are drunk –” he stated, pushing her hand away.
    “Lightly buzzed.” she corrected.
    “– and I don’t intend on making things awkward between us.” he helped her into the car, did her seat belt for her while she pulled his face towards hers until their foreheads rested on each other. Y/N bit her lip, playing with the scruff on the back of his neck. “Don’t do that.”
    “Do what?” she asked innocently and grabbed his other hand, shoving it under her skirt. “This?”
His fingertips brushed against her folds through the fabric of her panties and he felt his jeans tighten around him. Her panties were soaked and involuntarily his fingers applied a little more pressure on her clit, and she pushed her hips down on him, moaning quietly. He could hear her heart skip a beat and feel her breath getting stuck in her throat for a moment while slowly he leaned in towards her –
    “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about us that way.” she said quietly, her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips. “I know, I have –”
    “I am taking you home. That’s it.” he cleared his throat, pushing her hands away fixing her skirt.
    “Fine.” she tossed herself on the seat. “But could you crack the window open ? It’s so hot in here, I think I might burst.”
Kai closed her door and whooshed himself to the other side, getting in on the drivers’ seat. Damn, did she had to do all this ? It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about her that way, because he had. He hadn’t been able to stop himself from having those thoughts. How could he ? His best friend loved wearing short skirts and dresses, which only made her even more beautiful that she already was, not to mention all those times when she had stayed over at his place wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Always his t-shirt because ‘it’s soft and comfortable’, but he had never thought his thoughts might not be one sided. Or maybe they were and that was just the alcohol making her act like this.  
A sigh left his lips, he put his seat belt on and started the engine. He opened the window on her side slightly, hoping maybe to cool air would help her sober up a little and she’d stop acting like this. Last thing he wanted was to snap at her and ruin what they had –
    “Hey, Kai ?” she interrupted his thoughts. He turned towards her and his eyes widened watching her pull her panties down her legs before she shoved them in his pocket, almost getting him to hit the breaks just as he drove down the street. “A gift… for coming to my rescue.”
    “Stop… distracting me.” he said, trying to ignore the fact his jeans tightened around him even more at the thought she wasn’t wearing any underwear and her panties were now in his pocket, quite literally radiating heat.
    “Make me.
    “Don’t test me.” he warned, catching a glimpse of her lifting a leg over on the dashboard, spreading her legs wide. She pulled up her skirt and her hand squeezed her breasts, moving up to her neck. “Y/N –”
It didn’t even appear his words had reached her. A moment later her back arched off the seat, she reached her hand behind her back under her top and unclasped her bra, tossing it on his lap. He glanced at it for a second and returned his attention to the road trying not to think about how there was barely a thin layer of fabric covering her body when he heard her moan his name. Instantly he turned towards her and his eyes almost fell out of his sockets. Y/N’s legs were spread wide and even from his point of view he could see everything. He swallowed hard watching her fingers move in circular motion and straight through the middle on her clit, going faster and harder every time getting her wetter by the second. Damn it Y/N. he thought taking a shallow breath, shaking those thoughts away before returning his focus on the road ahead. Or at least trying to, though that was hardly possible with the soft moans tumbling off her lips mixing with his name.
    “Kai –” she moaned, and his eyes drifted off the road again watching her fingers play skillfully with her folds, almost dripping on the seat while her other hand reached for him, rubbing him through his jeans. “Mmm so hard already. I want you… here… now.”
Kai took her hand and dropped it on her lap, taking another turn down the street. He was pretty sure he was going in the wrong direction and somehow didn’t feel in a mood anymore. No, he felt hungry … for her. He was dying to replace her fingers with his, to stop the car slip between her legs and spend the remaining hours until sunrise having her for breakfast. Every time he heard her moan, his self control slipped away and the urge to stop the car in the middle of nowhere and get what he wanted only grew. How was he going to stop himself from doing anything when he drops her off at her house after everything she had said and done ? His eyes drifted towards his pocket where her panties partially slipped out of it and towards her, watching her fingers spread her arousal around before she dipped them inside her slowly curling around feeling every inch, pulling out almost to the fingertips and going in almost all the way again while her moans got a little louder every time. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, but could barely tear his eyes away from his best friend and the way her fingers dug inside her.  
    “Kai –” she moaned, turning towards him. Her hand reached for the back of his head, playing with his scruff and he started to lose it. Then she moved on her seat, whispering in his ear. “I am so wet because of you.
He turned towards her and their lips nearly collided together before the car hit a bump on the road and she got pulled back onto her seat. He could barely focus on the road ahead or on anything else but her moans getting louder by the second and a moment later she came, semi-screaming his name squirting all over the car’s dashboard. That’s when he made up his mind.
    “I changed my mind. I am not taking you home.” his voice dropping a few octaves. He bit his lip and purple/black veins flickered under his eyes getting her breath caught in her throat. His eyes had darkened to the point there was barely a trace of the usual blue/gray colour in them and just the way he was looking at her in that moment was enough to make her wet on the spot.
    “No?” she bit her lip.
    “No.” he smirked devilishly.
Y/N reached for his jeans, attempting to undo the zipper when her hands got pinned on either side of her and the more she tried to move the more they seemed to get stuck. A quiet moan tumbled off her lips, feeling pressure on her clit as if a finger was moving in a circular motion on it while another finger entered her, curling around agonisingly slowly going in deeper every time. Her back arched off the seat and she moaned a little louder, pushing her hips down on the invisible fingers.
    “What – how are you doing this ?” she moaned, her skin lighting up in flames all over again.
    “Doing what ? Keeping my really early breakfast warm ?” he smirked devilishly at her, applying a little more pressure on her clit while adding another finger. Y/N’s nails dug into the seat, feeling his invisible fingers pumping agonisingly slowly and an invisible thumb draw slow circles on her clit. He punched the gas until they were almost out of town and pulled over on the side of the road, placing his hand on the dashboard.   “Invisique.“ he muttered and turned towards her.  "Y/N, Y/N … What am I going to do with you ?” he cooed in her ear. “I never knew you were this naughty. Do you have any idea what your actions did to me ?”
    “Sorry, not sorry.” she looked at him innocently. Something flashed in his eyes for a second making her all tingly on the inside and she realised her hands were free. Without taking her eyes off him, her hand slipped between her legs catching some of her arousal on them and shoved them in his mouth while her other hand reached for the bulge in his jeans. His eyes widened for a second and his tongue swirled around her fingers, a quiet moan escaping his lips. He had expected everything but this, or her gripping his wrist and shoving it between her legs. His fingers brushed against her clit and her body convulsed at his touch. His lips formed a small letter ‘o’ realising how sensitive she was in that moment and he couldn’t resist dipping his fingers inside her slowly while he made up his mind. Her hips pushed down on his fingers and all those times he had thought about them this way flooded his mind not leaving space for any other thoughts. He rested his forehead on hers and their lips crashed together in a hungry demanding kiss, sucking the air out of the other’s lungs for a few long moments before he pushed her away.
     "You naughty, naughty girl. Backseat. Now.“ he demanded, watching her slip between the front seats, noticing her drip down her thighs. Kai licked his lip and slipped to the backseat with her. “Were you really that horny you couldn’t wait for me to drive you home?”
     "Said the person who broke all speeding limits, almost drove out of town and put a cloaking spell on t–“  she got interrupted when his lips attacked hers, anxious and greedy, craving more and more. Y/N pushed off his jacket, slipping her hands under his shirt lightly scratching at his bare chest for a few long moments before going lower to the large bulge in his jeans. He pulled her towards him, feeling her fingers swiftly undoing the button/zipper on his jeans pulling them down his legs while they continued the suck the air out of each other’s lungs. His hands skimmed the sides of her body, pulling her shirt over her head while she ripped his shirt open, her fingertips exploring every inch of his bare chest sending waves of electricity coursing through his veins. Y/N swung her leg over his lap, pressing her body onto his and he pulled her even closer unable to get enough. He knew they shouldn’t be doing this but couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to and judging by the way her hips grounded on his crotch harder and faster every time – there was no stopping her either.
     "You are driving me nuts…” he moaned, kissing down her jawline and onto her collarbone sucking on a spot marking her as his. Her fingers tangled in his hair, lightly gripping on it while he continued to leave wet sloppy kisses all over until Y/N pushed him onto the other end of the seat and crawled on top of him, her hands slowly moving up his bare chest and towards his neck.  "You and your naughty little fingers, how you touched yourself down there – I have never been this hard in my entire life.“
His hands roamed all over her body, sending shivers all over turning her skin on fire. Y/N grabbed his hands, placing them on her breasts and braced her hands on the car door watching his eyes lit up like a little kid’s while he squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples between his index and middle finger. His crotch pushed up hard against hers making her throw her head back for a second and he grabbed her by the back of her head pulling her lips closer until their lips crashing together in a demanding kiss while she continued to straddle him a little faster. He couldn’t get enough of her, of her lips on his, of her hot naked body pressing against his and knew they had barely just started. His hands found their perfect spot on her waist, helping her create their own rhythm but she pushed them away almost pinning them over his head.
Y/N kissed down his jawline and onto his neck, whispering in his ear. “Awwh you think I’ve driven you nuts now.” she cooed, her lips almost touching his earlobe as she spoke.  "You haven’t seen a thing … yet.
His eyes fluttered closed and a soft moan tumbled off his lips feeling her trail their way down his neck, leaving  kisses all the way down his chest, drawing figurines with her tongue and fingertips without taking her eyes off him until she got to where she wanted. Y/N ran her hand on the bulge in his briefs, moving her hair to the side and leaned in, pressing her mouth on him allowing her hot breath on his thick shaft through the thin fabric for a long moment before her fingertips and tongue drew figurines and lines on him. Her fingers hitched around the waistband of his briefs pulling them down his legs while her fingertips brushed against his thighs the entire way.
    “Y/N –” he moaned quietly, biting his lip watching her eyes widen with excitement at the sight before her as she leaned in, the tip of the tongue brushing against his balls and her nose brushing against hws hard lenght all the way to the tip, not taking her eyes off him for a second. Her fingers wrapped around his hard lenght, stoking him slowly and she blew a light stream of air on the tip, running her tongue on the underside of his lenght while her thumb drew circles on the head gathering the pre-cum on it. Y/N bit her lip, bringing her thumb to her lips, tasting him on them moaning quietly as she did getting his breath caught in his throat.
    “You are determined to get me to lose it.” he moaned, watching her tongue swirl around the tip, going around and straight through the middle while she stoked him at a steady pace. “I thought watching you touch yourself and squirt all over had been too much –”
His eyes fluttered closed for a second, soft moans tumbling off his lips feeling her tongue run slowly on the underside of his lenght and her fingernails lightly scratching at him. He was losing it more and more with each second, fighting the urge to pull her up and toss her under himself and have his way with her. He couldn’t get enough of everything she was doing in that moment or tear his eyes away from her, watching her take him between her lips a little further every time, nibbling on him from time to time while her free hand gently fondled his balls.
    “OH shit –” he moaned, tangling his fingers in her hair before pushing her mouth a little further on him. “I want you –”
    “No.” she moaned around him, running her tongue on the underside of his thick shaft brushing her fingertips against his balls while nibbled on him, stroking him a little faster when he grabbed a fistful of her hair, pushing her head down on him making her take him all the way for a few seconds. Y/N hummed and moaned around him, taking a breath through her nose feeling her eyes start to water a little before he let go off her.
    “I don’t like hearing ‘no’.” he moaned, unable to tear his eyes away from her or the way he had messed up her hair and a small smile showed on his face at the sight before him. Her eyes were glowing and were completely clear in that moment, as if she hadn’t had a thing to drink and he had a sneaky suspicion she was drunk on something else in that moment. Her hand reached up his stomach lightly scratching on it until their hands met and she intertwined their fingers together. Y/N ran her tongue slowly on his lenght, her nose brushing against him while she continued stroking him at a steady pace. He glanced at their hands for a second and then at her, watching her tongue swirl around the tip and taking him in his lips as if he was the tastiest lolly pop in the world. She moaned around him, sucking him a little faster, his moans spurring her to go a little faster while his fingers lightly gripped on her hair as he pushed her mouth further on him. He couldn’t get enough but couldn’t wait much longer either. He wanted her, all of her in that exact second –
    “Fuck Y/N –” he groaned, his lenght twitching in her hand. “If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth you should stop right now.”
Y/N looked up at him with a devilish spark in her eyes, and continued stroking him. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth –” she slipped off the seat and down on her knees. “– I want you to cum on my chest.”
Kai grinned at her, shifting slightly on his seat watching her stroke him a little faster until a louder moan tumbled off his lips and he came in hot spurts on her chest and slightly on her cheek and neck. Her tongue swirled around the tip of his lenght while her fingers swiped some of his cum from her chest, bringing it to her lips and he pulled her up, his lips crashing against hers in a split second kissing her passionately.
    “So hot –” he rested his forehead on hers. He reached for his torn up shirt resting on the front seat’s back and cleaned up her chest. “You will be the death of me. I want you even more now.”
A devilish smirk flashed in his eyes and before she had realised what was happening, she was laying on her back. His lips crashed against hers, moving fiercely against hers while he held her hands on either side of her head and his lenght rubbed against her heat, getting her crazier by the second.
    “You were right earlier –” he whispered in her ear, his tongue trailing the carotid artery. “I have thought about us that way and now… I don’t know how I will ever be able to stop wanting to be with you that way.”  His lips connected with her bare skin, slowly trailing his way down her body. He cupped her breasts, swirling his tongue around her hard nipples while her fingers tangled in his hair, his eyes never leaving hers. Y/N bit her lip, and her eyes fluttered closed feeling him kiss his way down her stomach, turning her skin to fire everywhere he touched her while her body arched off the seat a little the lower he got. Everything felt magnified to the max and she couldn’t get enough. Not now. Not ever.
    “I would’ve loved tearing those off you.” he reached in his pocket, lightly sniffing her panties for a few seconds. “Such a sweet smell… however –”
    “There is always next time.” she bit her lip, trying to pull her wrists away from him while he tied them together with her panties. “N-no. I want to touch you.”
    “Naughty girls don’t get what they want.” he cooed, parting her legs and pushing them over head head before hooking her hands around her ankles. “And you … have been the naughtiest of them all.” he cooed, brushing his fingertips against her clit, spreading her folds a little wider. He licked his lip, glancing up at her with devils dancing in his eyes realising her arousal kept flowing.   “Owwh baby girl, look at yourself. So wet you are dripping. I’ll have to fix this straight away.”
He blew a light stream of air onto her clit, his tongue lapping around it and straight through the middle before he slurped some of her arousal almost getting her to cum again. Her hands reached for him, but he pinned them over her head again and he pushed his fingers inside her, slowly curling them around feeling every inch before pulling out to the fingertips and going in to the last knuckle, going in deeper every time turning her skin to fire. Y/N pushed her hips down on him, wanting more of him as he enveloped her clit in his lips and his fingers curled agonisingly slowly, almost letting her grind on them as he continued to devour her with hunger.
    “You taste fucking amazing.” he moaned, sending the vibrations directly onto her clit. His fingers dug inside her deeper every time, the cold of his rings brushing against her clit, until her moans started mixing with whimpers and his name constantly rolling off her tongue. He couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to – the more he had the more he wanted. Her arousal kept flowing and his fingers pushed even deeper, feeling her walls clench around them just as his fingertips hit her spot and her body convulsed. “That’s it, isn’t it ?”
    “OH FUck – Yes !” she moaned, pushing her hips down on him. He was both rough and gentle it was driving her nuts and even in her wildest dreams she hadn’t imagined being with Kai would feel this good. Y/N looked down on him almost sure the Devil himself was standing between her legs in that moment, dragging her straight into Hell with pump of his fingers and even that wasn’t enough for her. “Bite me.”
    “Such a dirty little thing.” he cooed, feeling her walls tighten around his fingers again. “Tell me where you want me to bite you.” he placed a soft kiss on her thigh, “Here ?” Y/N bit her lip, shaking her head and he moved his lips a little closer to her heat. “Higher ?”
    “Higher.” she moaned, watching purple/black veins flash under his eyes before he sank his fangs in her thigh, so close to her core his cheek brushed against it. A gasp left her lips and her eyes fluttered closed for a second, feeling a rush of excitement she had never experienced until this moment and she nearly lost it while he got a taste of her blood before pulling away, licking his bloody lips. His tongue swirled around the two small holes on her thighs, not letting a drop go to waste while he used vampirism to cheat, pumping his fingers faster inside until her orgasm tore though her body and she squirted all over his hips.
    “So fucking hot when you do that.” he cooed, licked his fingers clean as if her juices were the most delicious thing he had ever tasted and pulled her by the hips, holding her hands over her head. He leaned in towards her, gazing into her eyes, slowly rubbing his lenght against her heat watching her lose it completely.
    “Please –” she moaned.
    “Please, what ?” he cooed, watching her eyes beg for him as he rubbed his lenght against her heat and slid just the tip inside her, going a little further every time. “Tell me, baby girl.”
    “I need you.” she begged. “I want you. I want to feel every inch of you inside me –”
    “As you wish.” he watched her eyes roll in the back of her head as he entered her with a heavy thrust, knocking the air out of her lungs, withdrawing slowly making her feel every inch on the way out before filling her in to the brim again. He savoured the moment, going in slowly at first stretching her out perfectly, noticing how they seemed to have been made for each other, and picking up the pace with each thrust. There had been nights when she had slept next to him in his bed and he had thought about what it would feel like to be with her, but actually being with her felt more amazing than he could’ve ever imagined.
    “OH FUuck K-Kai –” she moaned. “Fuck me harder.”
Kai grinned at her and Y/N hooked her hands around his neck, throwing her head back while his thrusts got harder and faster, lighting her on fire every time he filled her in to the brim, his hot breath hitting her face with each thrust. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body arched a little off the seat while her legs wound around him holding him towards her. His lips crashed against hers drowning her in a deep passionate kiss, their tongues swirling together fighting for dominance while her fingers tangled in his hair, lightly tugging on it. Each thrust was harder and deeper than the last, as if he wanted to bury his entire self inside her and even though it wasn’t possible, he kept trying. He rested his forehead on hers, their moans/groans colliding in the thick hot air with the sounds of flesh on flesh while he cheated with his vampirism to thrust inside her faster and harder, hitting her spot every time.
    “Fuck you are so tight around me.” he groaned, her walls clenching around him a little more intensely pushing his emotions on overdrive. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and without a second thought he sank his fangs into her carotid artery, feeling her nails dig into his back turning him on even more. Y/N moaned into his ear, feeling his lenght twitch inside her at the same time her walls tightened around him. However much her skin had felt on fire before, the second he bit her her skin went up in flames and there was no way to go back and extinguish that fire, only make it bigger. He pulled away, resting his forehead on hers and snapped his fingers freeing her hands. In a flash he rolled them to their sides, lifted her leg and entered her from behind with a hard deep thrust, picking right where they had left off. Her walls tightened around him again, earning a low growl from him and he cupped her breasts while Y/N reached her hand back, turning her head around, meeting his eyes. He rested his forehead on hers, his breath hitting her face with each thrust intoxicating her completely, both of them unable to look away from the other.
    “Fuck K-Kai –” she moaned, feeling his lenght twitch inside her. “I am s-so clo-se –”
    “Hold it, princess.” he pressed his lips against hers. “Wait for me –”
Y/N nodded, throwing her head back a bit when she felt Kai’s fangs sink into her neck and his lenght twitch inside her again. Her fingers tangled in his hair, lightly gripping on it, listening to him moan a little louder and he came in hot spurts inside her at the same time her walls contracted around him, her orgasm following closely behind. His thrusts never stopped or slowed down until they were both finished and she semi-collapsed face first onto the seat, feeling his tongue clean up the blood from her neck before he wrapped his fingers lightly around her neck, making her turn towards him. Their lips met in a gentle kiss and he pulled her towards him, both of them catching their breath. He could hear her heart thumping in her chest, almost able to feel it while she snuggled closer to him, using his arm as a pillow.
    “Damn Y/N … What got into you tonight ?” he said, his lips almost touching her earlobe as he spoke. “So straight forward so… so unlike you. I –” I don’t know how I will be able to look at you and not want to tear your clothes off every time we see each other. he finished in his mind.
He waited for her to answer, to say something … and then it hit him. His best friend had fallen asleep. He kissed her neck softly and waved his hand, pulling out the blanket he kept by the back window covering both of them.
    “Sleep well, baby girl.” he said softly, a smile tugging in the corners of his mouth.

     “Morning.” whispered Kai, listening to her heart rate change when he spoke. “You look so cute when you sleep –”
Y/N hummed, moving closer to him feeling sun rays hitting her face. Her hand reached for her eyes to cover them, feeling her best friend’s grip on her tighten a little as her eyes opened and she found him semi-hovering over her looking at her a little nervous.
    “I um.. I can explain. D-don’t freak out.” he said nervously. “You called me, I came to pick you up and – I know that we shouldn’t have done this. I … I should’ve taken you straight home but –” he sighed. “– I couldn’t help it and now things will be so awkward between us and –”
    “What ? No ‘good morning’ kiss ?” she teased, hooking her hands around his neck, playing with his scruff. “I wasn’t that drunk. I told you, I was lightly buzzed. Though … I seem to have fallen asleep before I could tell you – we should do this more often.”
Kai smiled nervously. “Wait, what does that mean ?” he wondered, thinking about how she had said ’there is always nexttime.
    “It means if anyone dares putting their hands on you –” she smiled innocently, a devilish spark flashing in her eyes for a few seconds. “I’ll turn into their worst nightmare.”
    “No one’s going to put their hands on me but you.” he smirked at her. “I am not going to let them, baby girl.”


|Fluff and Fallen Leaves| Peter Parker

Request: Hello! I discovered your blog today and I love your stories so much!!!! I was wondering if I could make a request. Could you write a story about Peter and the reader doing cute Fall activities together while maybe incorporating some Spider-Man stuff in there? And can you make it super fluff lol. I know it isn’t Autumn yet but I seriously love Fall way too much, it just makes me happy haha. Thank you so much!

A/N: HI I’M SORRY IM LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON EVER AND HAVENT POSTED IN WEEKS (school is sttarrting up) so here’s a requested fic. uuhhh i didn’t know what you meant by fall activities so i just did this cute lil fluffy madness :#3 (also didn’t know what u meant by incorporating Spider-Man stuff?? but hope this is ok BASICALLY THIS IS BARELY LIKE THE REQUEST LOL)

@logoless helped me get out out of my writers block so thanks, love! and @sk2draws for the moral support.

Warnings: menion of robbery, kiss ;3, cringe, awkwardness, cutesie peter + reader, SCHOOL 

Words: 1331

Originally posted by pretty-gifs

2 more minutes

My foot tapped the floor rhythmically. It felt as if the long hand on the clock was moving slower than my 70-year-old history teacher was speaking. I gave my attention back towards the front of the classroom.

“And… The homework is page- one-hundred-sixty.” My teacher said sluggishly. I groaned internally and looked back at the clock. A smile inched its way onto my face.

56 more seconds

I bit my lip and tapped the desk with my index finger.

“Come on- come on…” I mumbled under my breath.

30 more seconds

15 more seconds

6 more seconds

“Hey- Y/N-” Before my partner, MJ, sitting beside me could finish her sentence, that glorious last bell rung. I jumped out of my seat, grabbing my bag.

“Sorry- gotta go- got plans,” I said, running out of the classroom and almost tripping twice.

“Gotta find Peter- Gotta find Peter…” I repeated over and over in my head. I walked towards his locker and took in a deep breath when I saw that familiar curly brown hair over the crowd of kids. “I can do this… totally…” I bit my lip once again and stopped a few feet away from him. His back was turned to me and he was putting a few of his books back into his locker. I reached out my hand to tap his shoulder and without me even touching him he turned to face me. My hand shot back to my side and I blushed.

“Y/N- Hi- I was just gonna come meet you at your class,” Peter said, smiling and shutting his locker.

“Oh, well I just saved you from doing more exercise.” I grinned and wrapped my hand in my scarfs fringe. He re-adjusted his backpack strap and I started walking down the hall. He bounded after me and slipped his hands into his pockets. “T-Thanks for walking me home- by the way. I just didn’t want to walk home alone again… Not after last time.” I nervously laughed.

“Why did you laugh? Being robbed isn’t funny. He probably thinks you’re psychotic!” I kept my eyes on the floor as he pushed the main doors open. The frosty air tickled my nose and we walked down the steps into the street.

“I mean- I want you to be safe. You’re my best friend. It freaks me out when stuff like that happens to you.” I smiled slightly as we started walked west down the slick side walk. It hasn’t snowed yet, but the morning dew from the grass gets breezed over to the sidewalk, which freezes over and makes it even harder to walk.

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choconanime  asked:

"Hey you called at this number at 3a.m and we talked about some heavy shit do you remember any of that?" with Shinsou please^^and awesome blog you got here your one of my favorite writer's actually!💗

Hey, thanks so much! I see you all the time in the notes cause I follow you so your notes get highlighted also please dont say things like that my heart cant take it !!

Shinso Hitoshi

“What exactly did I tell you?” he asked after a long pause.

You bit your lip. Little did he know this was as awkward for you as it was for him. “…a lot.”

“What’s a lot?”

“Well its complicated…”

“Look.” His tone deepened. He was becoming very frustrated with all this. “Don’t make me make you tell me.”

The threat made your heart race and you figured you had no choice but to tell him. “You called me last night and told me how nice I was and how you cool you think my quirk is and how you think I’ll make a great hero some day.” You paused to swallow your nerves. “Also you might have confessed that you have a crush on me…”

“I might have?!”

“I’m sorry. You did.” you confessed quickly.

He sighed on the other side of the phone. “Well damn.”

Between The Lines: Part 3

Notes: teasing, tension, swearing, smut. :)

feedback appreaciated, was kinda nervous about this one, but here it is! hope you enjoy it!

Oh and btw, song during the smut Reignite by Knox Brown.

Also, remember that sexy gif I posted earlier ;)

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Misty Eyes 2/?

|Part One|

Pairing: Pietro x Elemental!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of torture, emotional

Word Count: 1665

Summary: Pietro Maximoff has been a part of your life ever since H.Y.D.R.A., where the three of you became tightly-knit friends, and have been ever since. After the battle of Sokovia, he became an even bigger part of your life when you threatened him for almost dying and accidentally slipped up about your feelings. Now, everything is absolutely perfect. But it all goes downhill when H.Y.D.R.A. comes looking for you, and time is running out.

Author’s Notes: If you’re not a tea drinker, just picture it as coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, picture it as a hot drink you like. I’ll try to get another one out by the weekend.

As always, thanks, loves <3

“Morning,” I chirp as I walk into the dimly lit kitchen, causing Natasha to rest her head on her elbows with a smirk playing on her lips just before yawning. With a sigh, I reach into the cupboard to grab my mug along with a box of tea. I hold the cup in one hand after setting the tea down and turn my other hand palm up in the air. The warm glow surrounds my hand as a small stream of water flows from the tap, meandering gracefully through the air in delicate spirals. With a single flick, the water morphs into dainty crystalline butterflies, gliding through the air. A smile finds its way on my lips as I manipulate the intricate streams with the wave of my hand.


I immediately funnel the water into my mug and turn my head to the source of the sound, a slight blush evident on my face. I resume making my tea, opening the newly bought box and taking out a bag.

“You seem unusually happy,” Nat remarks as she stifles another yawn. I roll my eyes playfully as I place the cup on the counter, the warm glow of my powers surrounds my hand and it lashes out to the cup. The light engulfs the mug and, within seconds, it’s steaming hot. My powers recede, so I plop the tea bag into the warm liquid, which immediately gives off a strong aroma.

You seem unusually tired,” I smirk, making eye contact with her as I take a sip of my tea, the warm liquid filling the pit in my stomach. I rest my elbows on the counter as she sends a glare my way.

“Didn’t get much sleep, did you?” I add innocently, taking another sip of tea.

“I got about four hours,” She shrugs. “But, just so you know, I heard everything,” Natasha grins as she takes a drink of coffee.

“Everything?” I ask, choking on my tea as my face flushes crimson.


I sit myself up on the counter and go back to drinking my tea while Nat goes back to eating. I sigh and look at the clock - five thirty, this is going to be a long day. The sound of footsteps draws my attention. Wanda practically skips into the kitchen, grinning like an idiot as she makes her way to the cupboard before pulling out cereal and a bowl.

“Your plan worked just so you know,” Wanda smirks as she pulls the fridge door open before grabbing the milk. I stare at her in shock, my mouth gaping open. How could she possibly know about our plan? My thoughts are interrupted by yet another set of footsteps. Wanda quickly makes her way over to you.

“Tony got absolutely no sleep last night, thanks to you and my brother. He spent the last six hours drinking in the conference room. I think you drove him crazy… oh.”

“Wanda, what’s wrong?” I almost hesitate to ask.

“He’s going to be here in five, four, three, two…” She trails off, moving to sit by Nat. Right on cue, Tony saunters in with exhaustion written all over his face.

“Wonderful! It’s the little witch that ruined my precious beauty sleep. Where’s the Sokovian speedster?” He exaggerates, his voice practically dripping with sarcasm.

“He, uh, went for a run about an hour ago. He should be back in a bit,” I mumble, silently wishing for this awkward conversation to end. A streak of blue light suddenly appears around the room and fades just as fast. Wanda smiles slightly, stealing a glance at something to my right. Not even a second later, a set of fingers interlaces with mine and the smell of peppermint and grass fills the air. A smile instantly finds its way onto my face and I turn my head to meet my boyfriend’s icy blue eyes.

“Dobro morining, lepa,“ He says before pressing his lips to my forehead.

“Jutro, moja ljubezen,” I respond as he leans back on the counter with an arm slung loosely around me.

“So uh, what’d we miss last night?” I sheepishly ask, swirling around the remaining tea in my mug as Nat and Tony bicker. The subtle illumination surrounds my finger as I twist the liquid into a small complex rose.

“Nothing besides Sam and Bucky fighting over the last piece of cake,” Nat rolls her eyes as she stands to leave.

"Well other than that, I am permanently scarred for life now, thanks to you two,” Tony adds dramatically before leaving with Natasha.


“Yes, Draga?”

“Wanna watch Game of Thrones?”

“I’ll set it up.” And in a flash, he’s gone.

“I’ll make the popcorn,” Wanda calls, sending me a cheeky grin.

“And that’s a wrap on season one!” I shout as Wanda heads to the kitchen, laughing.

“Hey, Wanda, are you going to join us for season two?” I call over my shoulder.

“Yeah just give me a-”

“Y/n, you have a call waiting for you in the conference room,” Steve enters the room looking absolutely miserable. Pietro and I share a look. He takes my hand in his, intertwining our fingers together.

“Who’s calling?” I inquire, not breaking eye contact.

“Fury,” He says simply. I swallow hard and sigh, leaning my head back on the couch.

“Do you want me to come with you, Draga?” Pietro asks, bringing my hand to his mouth before planting a small kiss on my knuckles.

“Would you be a dear?” I nervously smile. In a split second, He effortlessly picks me up, holding me to his chest. I close my eyes and bury my face in the crook of his neck, inhaling sharply as the world goes by in a continuous blur. A few seconds later, everything stops.

“I’ll be out here if you need me,” He mumbles into my ear as he gingerly sets me on my feet. I place a chaste kiss on his cheek and give his hand one last squeeze. With a deep sigh, I enter the room and make my way to the desk, immediately noticing the small blinking light on the phone. I ease myself onto the chair, anxiously playing with the tiny string bracelets wrapped loosely around my wrist. I reach out to the phone and press the dreaded button, allowing his voice to fill the room.

“H-hello?” I stutter, bringing my arms to my chest.

“Y/n, this is Nick Fury. I need to share some information that we have recently dug up involving your past with H.Y.D.R.A.,” He starts as memories of the torture come flooding back.

“You know all about how your parents were high-ranking officials that sent you to be morphed into a weapon, and that they later died in an explosion at Strucker’s base, am I correct?”

“Yes, but why is this relevant?” My voice subtly wavering as I pull my knees up to my chest.

“Because your mother did in fact die, but your father is very much alive, and he’s looking to finish his mission; which, by the way, is turning you into the ultimate asset for H.Y.D.R.A.” In that moment, something snaps inside of me.

“So what do I do?” I whisper, all of the memories becoming more and more vivid, bringing a wave of emotion with it.

Mommy? I’m scared.”

“Come on, Y/n, grow up. In this world, you can’t be scared. You have to protect yourself,” She says as she hooks me up to several machines and IVs.

“Mommy, it hurts,” I cry out as she pierces my skin with a hollow needle.

“Learn to live with it.”

“You need to pack three months worth of things and meet me at HQ. Captain Rogers has been informed of your situation. Whether or not you want anyone else to know is your decision. I will send you a file, and everything you need will be in it.” With that, Fury hangs up, leaving me a crumpled mess. My hand subconsciously messes with the bracelets as silent tears stream down my face. Fifteen years of torture to get me these powers. Fifteen years. And now they want me back to mold me into a super weapon.

I rise to my feet, still shaking and move towards the door trying to maintain my composure. But the minute I step foot out the door, I collapse, falling into Pietro’s arms. We slide down the wall holding each other close as my emotions pour out. He rubs soothing circles on my back as the earth shakes slightly, trying to calm me down.


“Shhh Draga, it’s okay. I heard everything, you don’t need to explain,” His voice cracks slightly as he runs his fingers through my hair. I look up at his face to see him looking away.

“It’ll be alright, ljubezen. I promise,” He whispers.

For just a split second, I could’ve sworn I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

ljubezen - love

Draga - Darling

Jutro, moja ljubezen - Morning, my love

Dobro morining, lepa - good morning, beautiful

Tags: @thesuperjacksonflash @josie605

|펜팔 [Pen pal] | Zen/Hyun Ryu [Part 3]

Previous chapter  | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Bold - Korean

Italics - English

To the anon who messaged me about this story, thank you so much for your support! Also thanks to @avistella for giving me a little boost ❤

And of course, everyone else who liked the series, hope you continue to enjoy.


 You had had enough.

In fact, you were ready to quit right then and there, if not for the little bit of common sense that lingered in the back of your skull.

Breath. You felt your chest heaving as you stormed to the elevators, trying your best to stay calm, to violently push down the ball in your throat.

You would not lose it. Not here. Maybe once you were at home, in the safety of isolation, but not here.

Not ever. You jammed the button for the elevator once twice, three times before stopping, tapping your foot anxiously against the floor.

You wouldn’t break.

The door pinged open and you rushed in, trying not to maintain eye contact with anyone else. Each level you descended, it felt like your emotional state was taking a bat to the knees, and you sunk further down into despair.

Oh what a few nasty comments can do.

The lift came to its final stop and you stumbled out, as if in a drunken stupor. 

You wouldn’t break.

Holding your bag close to your body, you walked as if there were rabid dogs at your heels. Quickly, quickly. You could already feel the burn straining in your nose and behind your eyes. Quickly-

And something molten splashed your skin. The girl in front of you yelped, her now half empty coffee cup tilted awkwardly in her palm.

Of course. Of course. Why wouldn’t this get better. 

You slowly looked at the stain spreading itself through your shirt, attaching the moist material to your stomach. The girl only stared, blinking owlishly at you as if she expected you to do something about it. You managed an ‘excuse me’, briskly continuing past her, the ball in your throat growing larger. No matter how you swallowed you couldn’t get rid of it.

You wouldn’t break. You wouldn’t break.

You stepped outside, right as a foretelling rumble of thunder echoed above you.

“Great,” You whispered, picking up your pace, but it wasn’t even a minute before the first drop fell.

You began to run as the drizzle quickly turned into a steady downfall. Strands of hair stuck to your face and your vision blurred, frantically pressing the car remote. 

Where, where, where had you parked it? This really wasn’t the time for this.

A sink in the ground, covered by excess dirt - now mud - had you tripping, your ankle bending and the heel snapping off. You stood there in shock for a second. Had that really happened? 

Yes, it had. You gritted your teeth and continued to search for your car. Just when you were ready to scream in frustration you spotted the familiar vehicle among-st others. 


The door shut loudly as you climbed into the seat, the wetness seeping into your bones, making your skin cold and clammy to the touch. You wiped your face, blunt nails digging into the flesh, shaking.

You wouldn’t break you wouldn’t break you wouldn’t-

And the dam burst.

Hot tears stung at your sight, flooding your eyes but staying there. You slammed your hands on the wheel, giving a pathetic sob in the back of your throat. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

A buzz by your side momentarily distracted you. Your eyes glanced over, angry, wanting to push the world aside-

and you frowned.

For a second you stared at the notification, confusion slightly breaking the immense fog of frustration. ‘Z’? What. What in the world was..?

The answer came to you a considerable amount of time after. Z. That’s right. Various memories plagued you as they normally do at the mention of a person, as you recalled everything you knew about ‘Z’. Korea. Language. Pen pal. Acquaintance. Conversations.

You sat there for another second before the thoughts came back again and you pursed your lips, letting the phone fall back again. In an instant you forgot about them, the person too insignificant. 

Another drop of water slid down into your mouth, but this time it wasn’t rain. 

And if all that wasn’t wonderful enough, the traffic surely improved your mood.

The wet slap of your feet against the tile floor echoed off the walls after you closed the door to your home. Another shiver racked your body but you just let it be, already used to it as you trudged silently into the living room, kicking off your shoes. 

You were on the crash after your emotional high, at the moment just a complete shell that needed to recharge. Instinctively you found yourself walking into your room.

I’m going to regret this later, You thought as you dropped onto the bed, soaked and everything. But for the moment, as the soft warm sheets wrapped round you, you found yourself really not caring.

The moment your head hit the mattress you blanked out.


Blinking, you groggily opened your eyes. The first thing you noticed was that your cheek was pressed against something cold and wet. You stared at an object in your room for a couple seconds as you forgot who you even were in the limbo, before you fully awoke and everything came back to you.

Why in the world did I - ughhh

The sheets had absorbed your moisture, leaving your clothes slightly damp but the bed wet, the once warm coverings chilly.

You sat up slowly, sighing. Now you had to change the covers. Great.

The afternoon light that had been coming through the blinds and splitting the room into golden molten rectangles was now a deep silver, casting shadows on your face. Another groan left your mouth as you swung your stiff legs off the bed, getting to your feet. By now your troubles had caught back up to you, but after the rest all it caused was a dull ache, and not the breakdown you had had before. 

About half an hour later, you exited the bathroom with steam trailing behind you, toweling your hair. As you pulled on a shirt, your attention was taken by your phone laying innocently on your bed, covered by a pile of clothes. You picked it up on a whim, lazily opening it while you headed out the door.

Your eyebrows furrowed as something caught your eye through all the notifications. Z..? 

Suddenly you remembered you had seen their name before, back in the car. You frowned, displaying their message.

I’m bored

- Z

You almost scoffed out loud. Here you were, sunk in despair, and this is what they send? For some reason you’d been expecting something better when you clicked on their name. You were tempted to just put down the phone and deal with them when you were properly emotionally balanced again the next day.

Yet against yourself, you found that you were already typing an answer.

That’s nice to know.

- Y/N

Entertain me

- Z

You rose an eyebrow.

Excuse me?

- Y/N

You are excused

- Z

With that you plopped onto the couch, blankly staring at a spot on the ceiling.

Ha ha.

- Y/N

A pause.

Are you okay?

- Z

You blinked, staring at the screen in disbelief. How..?

Why are you asking?

- Y/N

Just a feeling. I get them sometimes.

- Z

Somehow this person just kept finding more and more ways to interest you.

Really now? Next you’ll start predicting the future.

- Y/N

You’d be surprised.

- Z

Your eyebrow furrowed at the weird reply but brushed it off, thinking they must be joking. 

I’m fine

- Y/N

You smiled a bit, comforted by the concern, but unwilling to share your problems. 

You’re lying.

- Z

This wiped the smile clean off your face. The short and frank reply pulled a nerve, and you grew slightly ticked off.

I’m what?

- Y/N

Lying. You’re lying.

- Z

Another one of your ‘feelings’?

- Y/N

This time the scoff left your lips.

You could say so. 

- Z

Lay off, Z. There’s nothing to tell.

- Y/N

Why do you insist on keeping it inside?

- Z

Why do you insist on bothering me? I said to let it go.

- Y/N

 They were rapidly climbing your level of tolerance, prickling your skin.

Because I want to know so I can help.

- Z

And you snapped.

Like you care!

- Y/N

You regretted the message as soon as you sent it, but it was too late. So instead you steeled your wits and told yourself that no, you didn’t regret it, and this person had no business sticking their nose into yours.

Another pause.

I do, actually.

- Z

Your anger deflated as easy as it had come, hesitant curiousity taking its place.


- Y/N

Well…we are friends aren’t we?

- Z

The sofa thumped as you dropped your head onto the arm rest, a weird tingle rushing through you. Friends? 

Well, one could say that it was obvious considering you’d been chatting for weeks, but the visual confirmation of it made you smile softly. Any remaining awkwardness because of the internet based relationship was now nonexistent.

Yeah, we are.

- Y/N

Exactly. And friends care for each other. 

- Z

You bit your lip, closing your eyes resignedly. 

My boss was a jerk today. 

I mean he’s always a jerk but this time he went too far. He basically destroyed a project I’ve been working on for months and embarrassed me in front of literally everyone. I would have been fired if i didn’t restrain the urge to shove him through the glass and out the bloody window.

- Y/N

An embarrassed flush rose up your neck when you realized the amount you wrote. Whatever happened to slowly growing the sentences the more time went by? 

Anything else?

- Z

You rubbed the cushion underneath you, wondering how they just easily handled the word vomit you’d thrown at them. Google Translate must be their best friend as well. Hell at this point you had a constant tab up with it on your browser.

How about getting coffee spilled on me, and being soaked by rain? Today is just not a good day.

- Y/N

You tried to shorten it as to not sound too whiny, but secretly you were feeling quite happy. It had been forever since you could just…open up to someone. Rant on and on and just have them listen. You never realized how much you required this basic human need until you were desperately spilling your soul and waiting for their reply.

Hey, can you see outside from where you are?

- Z

You narrowed your eyes, puzzled, but merely got up, heading to the window and pulling the blinds back.

I can now.

- Y/N

Good. Then that means we’re looking at the same moon.

- Z

You raised your gaze till you were looking at the rare, but full moon, spreading light through the dark blue sky. The wisps of clouds around it only gave it a more mysterious feel.

I’ve only known you almost a month know, but I can already tell that you are a remarkable person. You are strong. Life gets hard sometimes, but you can get through it. And if you ever need support, just look at the moon, and imagine we are both gazing, together.

- Z

You gave an incredulous laugh after translating the words, surprised at the moisture in your eyes, but more surprised that they cared. This random, magnificent person living on the other side of the world actually cared about you. Your stubborn, doubting self. If you were them, you would have given up a long time ago.

What a romantic soul~

- Y/N

Wel; i mesn um not rwally

- Z

You giggled at the typos, for some reason imagining Z blushing and fumbling around to respond. 

If I’m being honest, I got the idea for that last bit from one of my recent scripts.

- Z

Script? Z said theater was a hobby, but it sounded like it was a job of some kind?

 You repressed the bubble of questions rising within you, remembering the last time you’d asked Z a personal question, and their evasive answer. Part of you argued that you had just revealed some aspects of your life, and so should they, but you successfully drowned that part out. 

You’d give them a little more time. There had to be a reason, and you’d rather wait for more trust to form between you two than to mess it all up now.

Still, I’m glad. Seriously. Thank you, Z.

- Y/N

Don’t mention it, Y/N.

- Z

You rested your cheek in your palm as you continued to stare up at the moon, a content smile on your face. Just like that, with a couple words, the negative day had been washed away, and you found yourself forgetting reality for a moment. For just a moment, you allowed yourself to let go as you conversed with this foreign enigma. 

Your eyes glinted mischievously.

Do you still want to be entertained?

- Y/N

Depends. What you got?

- Z

Knock knock.

- Y/N

Who’s there?

- Z


- Y/N

Howl who?

- Z

Howl you know unless you open the door?

- Y/N

You collapsed into laughter at your own stupidity.

That sentence doesn’t make any sense..? Am I translating wrong?

- Z

You snorted.

Never mind. It’s an English pun you dork.

- Y/N

Well how was I supposed to know that?

- Z

I suppose you couldn’t. Then it is my job to educate your foolish ways.

- Y/N

Oh yeah, laugh it up. Wait until you get your own medicine.

- Z

“Oh no,” You continued to laugh, anticipating the barrage of Korean jokes you had no hope of understanding. 

And that day, something surely changed between the two of you.

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She Wolf: Remus Lupin

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

Hi, Would you mind doing something like a Remus x reader where he has a crush on the reader and she’s a wolf too but doesn’t tell him and avoids him because she doesn’t know he’s one as well so when the next moon comes and they wake up tangled together in the forest Remus finally asks her out on a date to Honeydukes?

“(Y/N)!” Remus shouts from behind me but I kept my head low and pick up my speed. I can feel the familiar ache in my muscles and the numbing pain emitting from the claw marks etched into my skin. I couldn’t let him see me like this, not when it was the full moon tonight. I was about to enter my classroom when I felt someone grab my arm and I immediately moan in pain. The hand releases me and I turn to see Remus spewing out apologies and trying to contain the blush rising up his neck and covering his cheeks, making him resemble a tomato.

“It’s okay. I need to get to class Rem, do you need something?” I question, pulling my satchel back up into place and nervously shift my eyes between the classroom and the stuttering boy before me. The class was slowly filling up and I bounced from leg to leg; I really wanted to know what he wanted but I didn’t want to be late for class and stay afterwards to knock erasers together. “I have to go. I’ll see you later.”

“I—I,” I press a chaste kiss to his warm cheeks and leave Remus looking after me as I enter the class room. Once I was settled in my seat and the class was about to begin I look to the entrance to see Remus sigh and shove his hands into his pockets, face falling as he walks away. I began jotting down details from the board but I couldn’t help but think about what Remus wanted to talk about before.

“He’s still staring,” Alice whispers besides me and then reaches up to smooth back her short spikey hair. I peep over my novel and saw Remus staring at me from across the library, his eyes glazed over and seeming unfocused. I raise my brow at him and waved which causes him to smile before returning back to the large book laying on the table in front of him. “I’m surprise you two aren’t dating yet. He’s like a lost puppy, always following you around and trying to get your attention.”

“Don’t Alice. You know that I can’t date anyone, especially with my condition,” I sigh and try to focus on the book I was reading but found myself reading the same passage over and over again. I mark the page and put it down on the table, turning to look at a smirking Alice. “Do you think that he would ever want to date me?”

“I’m more than sure,” she immediately replies and goes as far as to shake me a little bit, laughter bubbling from my mouth and catching the attention of not only Remus but also the librarians who instantly shushes me.

“Okay. Okay. Maybe I’ll ask him out tomorrow, as for now I have to go get ready,” I exclaim. I stuff my novel and parchments into my bag before giving Alice a small hug, she squeezes me tightly and I return it before returning to the girls’ dorm. I pack a small bag with clothes for tomorrow as well as a snack and my wand was tucked deep down underneath. The sky outside was cloudy but I could feel the itch in the back of my mind and quickly prepared for the night before venturing out into the forbidden forest.

I set the bag down somewhere that I know I will find it and strip down to the thin layer of clothes I had underneath my robes. Goosebumps prickle my skin when a cool breeze blow through the woods and my eyes shift around my surroundings and my ears strain to pick up any noise that could signal unwanted guests. I look up through the thickness of the trees and watch as the clouds sway away and reveal the full moon in all its bittersweet beauty. I am bathed in the silver rays and it wasn’t seconds later that my bones began to crack and shift into an awkward angle. The feeling of my body twisting and changing caused my form to keel over and I bit down on my lip so hard that it drew blood. My body curls into itself and as the last of my bones crack and transform the beast within releases a loud scream that turns into a howl. Head raised towards its master, nose sniffing in the air before another howl echoes through the forest and then everything goes blank.

My eyes slowly peel open and the first thing I notice is the early morning light shining in through the thick green leafs. My muscles ache and feel tense when I prepare to move them, fire rushing through my body and causing a painful moan to break the peaceful silence of the forest. Surprisingly I didn’t feel cold, unlike most mornings after a full moon, warmth radiated throughout my body and I relinquish in it until the source begins to squirm around.

“Sirius—stop moving,” Remus mumbles in my hair, fingers digging into my hips and holding me painfully close. I squeak loudly and push away from the older boy, scurrying across the forest floor until I was pressed up against the trunk of a giant tree. I regretted moving when my muscles protested and I found myself leaning against the tree for complete support. Angry tears prick my eyes and from my spot I try to make out the marks and bruises on his skin, my heart thumping against my ribcage when I saw the dried blood caked on his skin.

“R—R—Remus?” I whisper, voice hoarse and cracked as I call his name out. He stirs in his sleep before his eyes open and he sits up, confusion written across his face. He takes in his surroundings and then his eyes land on where I’m shaking like a leaf and he immediately goes into a panic and rush over to me and immediately began checking me for wounds.

“I thought I hurt you,” we say at the exact same time, both our movements stopping and looking at each other with wide eyes. “You’re a werewolf,” both our eyes widen and even though we were covered in blood, aching from the previous night and basically naked we both knew that we have never felt any closer. I reach up with a shaky hand and wipe away some blood from his cheek, my smile widening as I pull him down closer and pass my cracked lips and dry lips against his equally cracked and dry lips. When we pull away our foreheads rest against each other and minus the situation we laugh softly, never pulling away.

“Don’t hate me but I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a long time. Would you perhaps want to go to Honeydukes with me, like on a date?” He questions and I nod my head repeatedly. We were about to kiss again when we heard some rustling in the bushes and we look towards the source to see a deer, a dog, and a rat walking towards us carrying what seems to be our clothes and a bag filled with colorful potions.

“Uhm—okay. I don’t even want to know right now, I need some strong coffee.”

Jealous (Jungkook, Y/N Scenario)


It’s was refreshing New Year’s eve. You rubbed your arms in an attempt to get warm,the winter wind definitely affecting you. You ran into to the BigHit building and bee-lined for the elevator, avoiding the stairs at all cost. You stepped into the elevator, pressed floor 3 and hugged yourself. When did it get so cold? You thought as you made your way to Bangtan’s room. You didn’t get to visit this place often but you made sure to create memories when you did. 

You were always invited thanks to your closest friend in the group Jungkook but recently you’ve been getting closer to Jimin, not that you minded but Jungkook might. He was always slightly iffy about anyone would hang out with on more than an average friend level. You would mind if you weren’t so used to it. You crept up on the door and slightly pushed it open. 

They were all scattered over the place but you easily spotted Jimin. He was wearing a tight tank that stuck to his body like glue, outlining his defined back and distracting you. You shook your head returning to reality. You walked in slowly, being careful of the mirrors and tip-toed towards Jungkook. You wanted to scare him, a way for you to execute your revenge as he continuously was scaring you. You stuck your hands ready to make him jump and right at the last second he turned and grabbed your waist, catching you in the act.

“Ah, Y/N, you’re no fun” he commented before kissing your forehead, something he did regularly.

“You couldn’t even go with it?” you asked, almost helpless. He shook his head and called the other members over to you.

You greeted each member as they greeted you back, hugging and you couldn’t help but notice that Jimin hugged you tighter than he ever had and tighter than all the members. You looked over at Jungkook who was frowning but relaxed when he saw you.

“Okay Jimin, haha, you can’t let me go” you commented, slightly uncomfortable. He apologised and let go immediately. You walked over to Jungkook, wanting to be by his side. He noticed and stood closer.

“So how has your New Year’s Eve been going?” you asked and they all shrugged.

“Just been practising really. Not much else we can do. What about you” Namjoon questioned.

“I just stayed at home really”

The atmosphere was awkward and you didn’t know how to ease the tension. It was never this awkward when it was just you and Jungkook.

“How about we show Y/N our new dance?” Jungkook suggested and you raised your eyebrows.

“A new dance? You guys have a new concept coming out already?” you wondered and Hoseok shook his head.

“Nah, we’ve just been messing around and came up with something.” He stated. You nodded your head and took a seat. Jungkook handed you the remote and ran to join his members. 

They all stood in first positions and Jungkook sent you a thumb up sign. You took it as your cue to play and clicked the button. A very cliché trap song came on with a heavy beat and they began. You must admit you didn’t know much about dance but you knew that Bangtan were rather stellar. Not a single member couldn’t do what the other could and no one was out of sync. You lost yourself so much that you were startled when another 20 people joined in, creating a new level of depth and skill to the dance. It ended quicker than you wanted and you began clapping, standing ovation and all. 

They were sweaty and panting. You ran over to the table of water bottles and grabbed as many as you could carry. You went to the dancers and handed out water bottles. You handed the last of the water bottles you were carrying to Bangtan and they took it gratefully. You watched as they downed as much water as they were allowed before they had to pass the bottles around.

“So how was it?” Hoseok asked.

“Oh my God, it was amazing. You have to show it somewhere. The world deserves to see it!” You said causing laughter to erupt through the room.

“Thank you Y/N, and we might just do it at a certain live show which you may or may not be coming to…” Namjoon trailed off, his eyebrow raised and your eyes light up. You broke into a smile, being friends with Jungkook was a perk entirely. You took out your phone and looked at the time. 

It was half nine and you wanted to go back to your place with Jungkook to have that dinner you planned a year ago and spend midnight together. You looked at Jungkook sending him frantic eye signals and he broke into a smile, nodding, understanding them completely.

“Okay guys, Y/N and I are gonna head out so I’ll see you tomorrow!” Jungkook said in a rush and began packing up. The other boys exclaimed and kicked up a fuss, trying to stop us.

“Jungkook-ie, we wanted to spend new years with you!” Jimin said, being sickly sweet making Jungkook roll his eyes.

“Sorry guys, but we planned this like a year ago” Jungkook stated, with a half-hearted apology.

“I’m sorry then Jungkook but you cant go” Namjoon announced.

Both yours and Jungkook’s mouth dropped and you turned to look at him. His pale face was becoming a light red as he got angrier. Ultimately he knew it was helpless trying to argue with the leader but it still sucked nonetheless. He dropped his bag to the floor and took you to the side, away from the boys.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but you know I can’t argue with Namjoon hyung even though I really want to. I’ll understand if you hate me forever” he started and you shook your head. He was just as a small figure as you were. He kissed your cheek in an apology and you couldn’t help but smile despite feeling so down.

“Come” you said and went back to the boys. Before they spoke, you suggest an idea, “why don’t you guys come back to my place, just until midnight. I’ll cook and everything, I just want to spend sometime with Jungkook”

You waited for anyone to speak, nervously biting your lip.

“We would love to Y/N but its up to Namjoon and our managers” Jin said and you nodded your head, taking it as a no.

“I’m down with it if the manager hyungs are” Namjoon added and you smiled.

“Do I ask them then or…” You asked aloud feeling awkward.

“No I will” Namjoon said, in the most authoritative voice you ever heard and walked over to the managers. You bit your nail as you waited for Namjoon to return with, hopefully, good news. He came a minute later and you studied his facial expression; he didn’t look the best he could.

“Sorry guys” Namjoon said and your heart dropped. Oh well, nothing can be done.

“But he said yes!” Namjoon finished and you smiled in relief. You grabbed Jungkook’s hands and left, not waiting for the others to catch up. His hands squeezed yours tighter as you got closer to your place. You opened the doors and they all piled in one after the other with Jin closing the door. You removed your jacket and bag and went straight to the kitchen starting the food. You had to find a way to feed 8 people as opposed to 2.


You felt Jimin grab your wrist. You looked up at him frowning, he was never this forward. 

“Come outside for a minute” he said and you silently nodded. You stood up and waited for him to leave as you began to follow pursuit. Jungkook grabbed your other arm and pulled you back. 

“Where are you going?” He asked, concern dripping of his tone. 

“Erm Jimin asked me to meet him outside” you said, slightly hesitant. You knew Jungkook wasn’t going to be pleased but you couldn’t not go especially when you already told Jimin you would come out. 

“I’ll be back in a second and I’ll tell you everything that will happen” you said in an attempt to reassure. Jungkook looked from you to the door still unsure if he wants you to go. 

“Jungkook?” You called, snapping him out of his thought. He let you go without speaking and you left. You had no idea where Jimin was so once you were outside you were alone really. You walked left and someone pulled you towards them. You let out a timid scream and hit the attacker. 

“Y/N, it’s me. Me, Jimin” the attacker said and you stopped and stared. It definitely was Jimin. You let your arms flop to the side and gathered your breath, fixing your clothes. 

“Don’t do that please, I thought you were some rapist mugger killer person" 

He raised an eyebrow, "rapist mugger killer person?" 

"They exist, you know” you stated pointedly.

“I know but doubt that they’re called rapist mugger killer person" 

You shrugged your shoulders, "I never claimed to know technical terms. Jimin, why did you call me out here?" 

"Okay here’s the thing. I like you” he said and your eyes widened. It wasn’t like you didn’t suspect it but you didn’t expect him to be so blunt. 

“Ah” was all you could muster. 

“Ah? Gonna take that as rejection” Jimin sighed. You felt bad because you know it must have been hard for him to admit he liked you and you couldn’t even give a proper response back. 

“Jimin, it’s just that I don’t really want a relationship right now”. It was a lie, you did but with someone else. 

Jimin scoffed, “how cliché Y/N. Here I am thinking I’m worth more than that" 

He was upset which was exactly the opposite of what you were trying to do. 

"Jimin, I’m sorry it’s just that erm…” You trailed off unable to say it to him. 

“Just that what? You like someone else” he questioned. You looked around trying to stall. Although he hit it on the head you couldn’t admit whom you liked. 

“Tell me Y/N so I know you’re not lying to me. Surely you owe me this much”

You groaned, rolling your eyes. This manipulative son of a bitch. Of course he would blackmail you. 

“Jimin you swear you won’t say anything?” You had to force him to vow he wouldn’t spill. 

“I swear I won’t” Jimin said instantly. 

You looked down, stalling some more. You would have to say it, “its Jungkook,” you whispered. You looked up to see a grinning Jimin. Why is he smiling, was this his way of getting over rejection? 

"Yeah so sorry Jimin” you added trying to provoke a reaction. Much to your surprise he began laughing. Was he mentally okay, you questioned. 

“This is perfect,” he said and you looked at him ludicrously. 


“Yeah Y/N perfect. Okay so don’t tell Jungkook, because he would have my balls, but he likes you a lot" 

You looked at Jimin with a blank expression. 

"Jimin, it fine you don’t have to lie. I know he doesn’t" 

"What?” He asked, confused. 

“I know that Jungkook doesn’t like me Jimin and I’m not surprised” you said, and pushed past trying to get away. You felt claustrophobic. Jimin stopped you and held you in your place. 

“Move Jimin” you demanded and he shook his head. 

“Y/N, why aren’t you listening to me? Jungkook definitely likes you,” he said, trying to assure you. 

"Jimin, what are you trying to do. Even if he does like me, which he doesn’t, he’s an idol so we can’t even go out" 

"He does like you though” Jimin said ignoring your idol point. 

“And how do you know? Has he ever told you he likes me?" 

"He sleep talks” Jimin said and you looked at him in anger. 

“Sleep talking literally means nothing Jimin. You heard him say he liked me when he wasn’t fully conscious and know you definitely know? I’m sorry Jimin but it doesn’t sound legit. I’m fine with him not liking me." 

"Jungkook’s different. He genuinely says the truth. Look I have a plan, why don’t we pretend that we’re going out and you can see how jealous Jungkook works. If he doesn’t, we’ll say we decided to be friends because it’s hard to date an idol, you’ll be right, I’ll apologise and owe you one” he suggested. You looked away debating it. He did provide strong argument. 

“Y/N, you really don’t have much to lose from this” Jimin added trying to persuade you. He wasn’t wrong, although it would hurt if you found out that Jungkook didn’t like you, you knew you’d get over it. You nodded your head and Jimin fist pumped the air. 

“I don’t get why you’re so happy Jimin” you commented. 

“When Jungkook finds out I hooked you guys up, he’s gonna owe me big time” Jimin explained and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Okay let’s go back, you lead and explain and I’ll follow.” You instructed and Jimin agreed, returning back to the room. 

Jungkook ran up to you and pulled you into their room. Well there goes the Jimin explaining plan. 

“Are you okay? You were gone a long time” Jungkook asked, his tone laced with nothing but concern. 

“I’m fine Jungkook" 

"What did Jimin want?”

You stared at the ground, purposefully ignoring him. 

“Y/N, I asked what Jimin wanted to know?” He repeated, louder. 

You inhaled, “He asked me out”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow and retreated away from you “Oh, didn’t know he liked you like that. Erm, what did you say?”

“I said yes” you replied quickly wanted this conversation to be over. This was all wrong, you and Jimin were supposed to together making Jungkook jealous but instead you and Jungkook were getting upset. 

“Oh that’s good I suppose. Congratulations” he said and left the room abruptly. 

You sat on his bed, trying to process what had happened. He clearly doesn’t like you so now you know you can get over it. Kind of sucked though. You went to go find Jimin. He called you over, “Y/N”. He was surrounded by all of Bangtan, including a blank faced Jungkook. 

“We have some news guys,” Jimin announced and before he could carry on you dragged him away from Bangtan, ignoring their complaints. 

"Jimin, it’s off. I told Jungkook that we were going out and he doesn’t care so I guess I was right”

“Y/N, please try it at least. I’m 100% sure he does. We just have to show him and it will provoke him,” Jimin explained. 

"Jimin, I can’t. I feel bad as it is" 

"You’ll feel even worse if you don’t try and you know you will. Besides all the other members know we aren’t really going out. Come on” he said and led you back into the room. 

“Guys! I have an announcement, Y/N and I are going out! We just confessed." 

All of Bangtan collectively looked at Jungkook who was looking away. 

"That’s great!” Hoseok said, still looking at Jungkook. The other members except Jungkook followed suit, saying their congratulations. 

“Jungkook?” Namjoon called and Jungkook turned slightly and quietly said his congratulations. 

For the next half and hour you and Jimin were trying your best but Jungkook wasn’t budging. He didn’t even acknowledge you. There was only 10 minutes left until the countdown. All the found was finished and everyone was gathered in front of the TV waiting for the New Year. 

“Bring him to a different room and talk to him, he’s upset” Jimin whispered in to your ear and you nodded standing up and taking Jungkook by the hand into the room you were in earlier. You didn’t know where to go from this so you were just silently standing. It was getting more awkward as minutes passed and you could tell Jungkook was going to speak so you jumped in before he could. 

“Jeon Jungkook, why the hell are you ignoring me?” You said frustrated because you had enough. 

“What are you talking about?” Jungkook asked, knowing full well what you were talking about. 

“Don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about”

“What do you want me to say? That’s I’m happy for you and Jimin, that I’m okay with it? Because I’m not.” He commented. You examined his words. There was no indication of whether or not he liked you.

“Stop being so damn cryptic”

“I’m not”

“Yes you are”

“No I’m not”

This stubborn kid. 

“Jungkook, you know you are don’t argue with me”

“So what if I am. Does it change anything? Are you going to leave Jimin for me?”

“Is that what you want”

“I want you. I always have”

You were shocked. You didn’t expect him to just confess like that. 

“Jungkook, what are you trying to say. Just say it clearly" 

You could hear Bangtan shout as they counted down the few final seconds. 

"Y/N I like you,” 5 “and have for the longest time.” 4, 3 "I guess I missed my chance if you chose Jimin” 2, 1. You closed the distance between you both and kissed him. He stood still but kissed you back as soon as he realised what was happening. His arms slid around your waist and your hands made its way up to his neck, playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck. He pressed you closer and he kissed you deeper. After a while you needed to catch your breath so you both pulled away. 

“Happy New Year” you said as you regained your breath back. He broke into a ridiculously happy smile and pecked your lips, “happy New Year to you too”. 


I TRIED TO MAKE IT LONG AND STUFF ONCE AGAIN SORRY. However, please do tell me what you thought and send me some scenario ideas :) P.S. don’t hate me lol

First Kisses:

A/N- First preference so I thought I’d do it about a first experience with the core wimpy 3. If you have any requests of characters to add just ask and I’ll see if it’s possible. Not too keen on adding Fregley but if y'all are about that then alright. Note: Rowley and Greg are their canon age meaning, you will be too (a middle schooler).
If at any time you’d like me to make a preference for a character into a oneshot/imagine don’t be afraid to ask.

Warnings: Fluff? I think :P

Rowley- Your first kiss would be very cute and sweet. It would be more of a peck if anything. He’d be fumbling with his words right after, muttering apologies and blushing madly. “I-I’m sorry it’s just I thought you looked very pretty, almost as pretty as my mom!” “Rowley you weren’t even the one who leaned in.”

Greg- You would be the one to initiate the kiss. He would be a bit flustered, trying to be cool with it but make the moment ten times more awkward. He’d stall and chicken out and you’d have enough of it and capture his lips in yours. “I-i totally could’ve kissed you its just, you didn’t look ready so I was being nice and waited for you..it’s not like I was nervous or anything!”

 Rodrick- He would be absolutely clueless. He’d have no idea where a good place, time, or day it should be. Rodrick would definitely overthink it and eventually, he’d just give up and man up. He’d grab your waist pull you close to him and..freeze. What now? Wing it. He’d stare at your eyes, cup your cheek, and kiss you slowly and softly. “Was that good for a first kiss? I wouldn’t mind working at it till I get it right.” 

 Got a preference idea? Requests are open. Don’t be scared to ask, I don’t bite! ^_^ ~

{Disclaimer} Gifs aren’t mine.

theperidotshade  asked:

I've been having a rough time and need some hurt/comfort that's on the fluffier side. How about the dimension hopping Obi-Wan universe, where the clones find out about Bandomeer, Melida/Daan, Tahl's death, etc.?

It was comfortable.

He was in the middle of a army camp, among soldiers, the weather was kind of damp because of the planet natural climate and he was pretty sure there was a hole in his left boot that let in water.

But he was still comfortable, sitting against a crate with a bundled up blanket behind his back in front of a fire. Obi-Wan gave a content sigh, hands resting on his own stomach with his eyes closed, pretending not to notice the way several of the clones kept checking in on him, recognizing them as the shiny’s he had rescued on the last battle front he had been at.

“General sir?” Obi-Wan opened his eyes and smiled. “Glas, what can I do for you?” He didn’t bother to sit up quite yet.

“I was wondering if you wanted a cup of tea or perhaps something to eat. Or another blanket?” The clone smiled at him warmly.

“A cup of tea would be nice, I’m quite comfortable else ward though even in the wetness.” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly, his hair layering flatly against his forehead and cheeks.

“Tea, yes sir, I can get you that.” Glas almost skipped of to get a pot going, beaming.

“He’s going to lord it over the others that he got something to do for you.” A amused voice said above Obi-Wan’s head and he tilted his head enough to peer upwards, smiling at amused blue eyes. “Tea is good, I don’t mind if its black.” He chuckled quietly at the older man leaning on the crate to peer down at Obi-Wan.

Qui-Gon chuckled along and looked around, his smile fading a bit. “Do you know what this place reminds me of?”


“Bandomeer, the caves over there at least. They look like abandon mining caves.” Qui-Gon sighed.

Obi-Wan glanced over and gave a low hum. “You’re right. At least there’s no Xanatos to trap me in a collar here. Or a agricore to send me to.” He grinned up then blinked at the sad look on Qui-Gon’s face. “Hey…”

“I shouldn’t have let it go that far. You were alone on a ship, twelve and facing…” He sighed then blinked when Obi-Wan reached up to tug on his sleeve, pulling the older man down beside him.

“The things that happened, they did, it was in on shaping who I became and how I handled it and yes, you could have handled some of those things much better.” The copper haired master offered seriously.

Qui-Gon winced.

“Being so close to kicked out of the order, abandoned in a civil war on Melida/Daan, Cerasi’s death, master Tahl’s death…” Obi-Wan sighed and ran his fingers through his head. “Telos and the way Xanatos jumped into the acid…the probation I faced still stings somewhere low in my consciousness but I understand. I don’t have to like it but it pushed me to…”

“Try and be perfect?” Qui-Gon slid a arm over Obi-Wan’s shoulders.

“I’d rather have the nickname perfect padawan then not be a padawan at all.”

“The council and I really scarred you for life with all that huh.” The older master murmured.

“My council did yes, and my master. But I’m still not the man who was your padawan.” Obi-Wan smiled kindly at the other. “I witnessed my own master death at the hands of Maul and I lived past it to grow. I raised my own padawan and tried my best. I just hope…”

“Yes?”  Qui-Gon tightened his arm around the younger man.

“I just hope that I would have made him proud.” The redhead chuckled quietly.

“Well for what its worth…” Qui-Gon reached out with his free hand and carefully brushed some of the copper hair behind Obi-Wan’s ear, touch lingering ever so gently. “I’m plenty proud of you.” He smiled.

Obi-Wan flushed and glanced away, a small pleased smile slowly spreading across his lips.

He struggled to chance the subject, Force he felt awkward and embarrassed now, bit in a good way oddly enough. “Still, I almost died several those first few days on Bandomeer.” He forced a chuckle.

“Don’t remind me. What kind of Jedi was I.” Qui-Gon wrinkled his nose. “Though then again, you were a master of finding trouble. Still are.”

“Master Yoda rightly confirmed that I got it from my own master.” The dimension traveler offered primly, laughing with Qui-Gon when the other dissolved into a amused laugh. “Guilty as charged Obi-Wan, guilty as charged.”

The two only sat up once Glas returned with the tea pot and two cups, the shiny giving them a wide smile before scampering of. “…You are aware they are going to look up each of those instance now.” Qui-Gon murmured quietly, all to aware of each and all of his troops listening in, not to mention Anakin who couldn’t stop smiling at them.

“Mmmn, they’re already protective of me one more or less incident isn’t going to change it.” Obi-Wan filled the cups.

“To be honest, that makes me relax a bit more. Considering everything.” Qui-Gon said meaningfully as he accepted the tea.

‘He’s never going to let me forget I went in front of Palpatine alone is he.’ Ob-Wan thought dryly then smirked. “Hey Qui-Gon…”


“Two Jawas walk under a bar.”

The older master promptly choked on his tea and sputtered out in a laugh. “Bad joke and bad form!”

Stormtroopers didnt have sex ed - A finn imagine


Pairing : FinnxReader

Word count : 1,126 (apparently)

Waring : Smut, Poor writing, HORRIBLE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING

“Hey! Y/N can I ask you something?” your boyfriend Finn said as he jogged to catch up with you. “Anything Babe but not right now, I’m running some errands for General Organa, come ask me Later” She turned to her left and gave the ex stormtrooper a chaste kiss on the lips then continued on her way. To be honest Finn was rather relieved that his girlfriend was busy at the moment because the question he had to ask her was pretty awkward.

Where do babies come from?

It was only awkward because he was a grown man and you’d think he know the answer but as a stormtrooper he was only taught that the First order was good, anyone that got in their was bad, destroy  the resistance, that the Skywalkers were evil and so forth.  

Finn sat in his bunk apprehensively waiting for Y/N to return from running whatever errands General Organa made her do. Half an hour later, here were three small knocks on the door “Come In” he shouted, his voice quivering with nerves.  “Soooo what was that question you wanted to ask me trooper” Y/N said throwing her arms around his neck.  “Oh that right yeah its n-nothing” he said pulling out of her embrace to stand by the window. “Finn, What is it?” she asked being soft yet serious. “It’s just, my question its super awkward and you’re going to laugh at me and and-“ “Finn just ask me” Y/N said cutting off his rambling. “Well uhm-uh-wheredobabiescomefrom?” He said really quickly.

Y/N bit her lip to suppress the laugh that was rising in her stomach”Well- Well Hang on” a loud laugh erupted from Y/N and Finn became disheartened. Once Y/N saw the look on her boyfriends face she was quick to apologise “Look, Finn I’m sorry I though you knew and sit down then I’ll tell you” The pair sat on his bed and Y/N began to talk

“ Well, When two people love eachother they do something to show it and then 9 months later a child is born” She said trying to overcome how awkward that just was. “Well what do they do?”  finn asked curiously “They-they- theyhavesex”  She spluttered.  “Anddd how do you do that” a small smirk formed on his lips as if he knew his real life demonstration was soon to follow this explanation. “You sure do ask  alot of questions don’t you trooper” Y/N giggled nervously, truth be told shed never had sex before, she had only heard what it was like. “Well are you gonna tell me or show me?” he asked still smirking.  “Listen Trooper I’ll show you but I’m fairly new at this so it’s gonna be interesting but it’s pretty basic, first we make out then eventually what’s in your pants goes into what’s in my pants oh gosh this is really awkward just kiss me”  

And so said, so done. Finn laid her back on the bed and crashed his lips to hers.“Mhm,” she moaned against his lips. He slides his tongue against her bottom lip, asking for permission to delve into her mouth, she opened it almost immediately letting him explore every corner of her mouth.  She moved her head to the left in pleasure and Finn began to kiss her neck, His lips then trailed down to her neck and he began to suck on a spot near her collar bone. In doing so he made Y/N gasp, Finn removed his lips from her neck as soon as he heard the gasp “are you okay does it hurt I can stop if you want” he panted. “Keep going” she breathed out and so he did. His hands tugged at the hem of her shirt signal that he wanted it off her and she quickly obliged pulling it over her head as he did the same.  She knew finn trained abit but wow just wow.  Her hands roamed all along his torso “Kiss me trooper” she pleaded breathlessly. They shared a long open mouthed kiss as he moved his hand to her trouser button and began to fiddle with it. Eventually he got them off of her and got his off quickly.  Her underwear was soaked through but she was pretty sure Finn didn’t understand the concept of getting her wet and she was enjoying it too much so stop and explain how he made her feel.  His hands roamed her body caressing each one of her breasts with care. Then finally he got to her soaking underwear “Why are your pants wet” he asked bewilderedly “It’s the effect you have on me trooper” she said seductively.  He tossed her underwear across the room and removed his pants revealing his long heard length. “A-A Are you sure about this” he asked. “I love you trooper and I want to do this” she replied When he was finally ready, he moved back above you, using his hand to guide himself inside of you. You gasped when you felt his length entering you and he looked at you, worried. He didn’t move much at first; too worried that he was doing something wrong. He eventually started rocking himself back and forth, slowly at first and then faster. As he increased his pace, you saw him gasp for air a few times. As he picked up the pace she began to scream his name “FINN, OH MY GOD, FINN” she screamed. “Wh-what, am I doing something wrong?” he panted. “N-nothing keep going OH MY GOSHI- I’M GONNA- mmmmmmmh” she reached her climax and released all over him and shortly after he reached his climax and released inside her. “mmmmmhh” he moaned out.  

“Well now you know how babies are made, and that was wow and I’m covered in hickies that I have to cover up and now I’m rambling please say something” she was rambling on feeling rather lightheaded due to the bliss she just experienced. “That was fun and we will do that again soon trust me. Now put on my shirt and cuddle me” he said really quickly.  So she did, she put on his shirt, he put on some pants and they cuddled.


Y/N left Finns room early in the morning to go to her bunk and clean up.  “Hey Y/N” oh shit! It was Poe. “Heeeeeeeey Poe” she said nervously. “Wanna catch some-Whats on your neck?” he asked moving her hair out of the way. “And is that Finn’s shirt? WAAAAAAAAIIIIIITT DID YOU GUYS-OH MY GOD YOU DID” UGH Y/N groaned internally. “GO FLY AN X-WING DAMERON” she growled at him then slammed the door of her bunk behind her. Poe laughed to himself and walked away trying to comprehend what he just found out.

Bad Music

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Pairing: Dean x Reader (kind of)
Warnings: maybe some language? Fluff
Request: Could you do a super fluffy high school AU where dean tutors you and you somehow talk about music and he jokingly teases you about your music taste and says it’s bad so he makes you a playlist/mixtape of his songs for “good music”

You had always been a quiet person, you never really had much to say to anyone. You were more of an observer and a thinker. You didn’t have any problems being called on in class or if you had to give a presentation, you just liked the serenity of silence.

Now this didn’t mean that you didn’t talk to anyone, you had friends and could hold a decent conversation, this just meant that you preferred to not talk. Despite your quiet nature, you loved music. You loved to sing and play music, you listened to it, you read it and wrote it. Music was your entire life. There was something in music that was apart of you.

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All An Act [Chanyeol Fluff]

Anonymous requested: I stumble onto your blog by accident today and I’ve been here reading almost every secenario you guys have written and I truly loved them. I have a challenge for you (it’s ok if you don’t want to do it) write an scenario with Chanyeol, any genre but it has to include this dialogue “Why don’t you want to kiss me?” “Are you serious? You played with my best friend’s feelings, lied about my date and on top of that you smell like you showered on cologne and not a good one I may add" 

Song suggestion while reading: Peter Pan - EXO

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"Why don’t you want to kiss me?" 

His voice was soft, caring almost making your blood boil even hotter. Reaching his hand towards your face, he lightly brushed your cheek with the back of his hand. You flinched away. 

How dare he. How dare he act so innocent. How dare he act so innocent when everything was his fault. When everything was always his fault…

"Are you serious?” you choked out. You kept your head turned away from him, your eyes tightly shut. You couldn’t bear to look at him. 

“You played with my best friend’s feelings… lied about my date…and on top of that, you smell like you showered in cologne.” Snapping your eyes open you shoved him away, mumbling, “and not a good one I may add…” He reached out to grab your wrist.

 You paused. You paused, but only for a moment, ripping your arm out of his grasp with more force than was necessary. And then you walked away. This time for good. This time without looking back.

“And cut! Alright that’s a wrap. Good work today, guys. We got a lot done. See you bright and early tomorrow morning,” the director announced. Letting out a deep sigh, the crinkles between your eyebrows softened along with the rest of your hardened facial features. 

Today had been a long day of filming, especially since some of the most tedious shots had taken so long. You walked off the set, allowing an intern wrap a towel around your shoulders.  The scene you had just finished filming had been a rain scene.  You were now drenched and shivering slightly. After standing in the rain, even if it was artificial rain, for more than two hours straight, you were a shuddering mess.

You could barely hear yourself think, your teeth were chattering so hard. Feeling a radiance of heat engulf you, you let out another deep sigh, but this time out of content. Leaning back into the person who now had their arms wrapped around you, you leaned your head back even further to look at them.

 Chanyeol had pouty expression on his face, just begging for your attention.  He was such a child. You were already locked away tightly in his arms yet here he was, still pleading for even more attention. A devilish glint formed in your eye as you decided to play along with his little attention game.

Crossing your eyes and pursing your lips you spun around, wrapping your arms around his torso, preventing him from escaping. You scrunched your face together and began to make over the top kissy noises. 

Chanyeol let out a girlish squeal as you got closer to his face. Dropping to the ground, he ducked under your arm, quite the sight to see especially with him as tall a giant on you, a midget compared to him. You chuckled lightly dropping your arms to the side before resuming your act.

Chanyeol was now off of the ground, gently dusting off his elbows as if to downplay the entire string of events that just occurred. You slowly began walking towards him, gradually maneuvering so that every time you stepped Chanyeol would shuffle back, shuffling closer and closer to the wall.

“Some actor you are…” you muttered out, play pouting and crossing your arms in a huff. ”Not even willing to kiss your girlfriend…not even for acting purposes…” 

You let out yet another sigh, this one filled to brim with drama as you pressed your chest to his. “Maybe my character had it right…you know, not wanting to kiss you.” Taking a step back and pressing your chest from his, you turned away from him. “Kissing you is such a hassle…” You turned back around to face him, a suppressed smirk beginning to form on your lips “….You know?”

Chanyeol was now leaning back against the wall next to the refreshments table, both his ankles and arms crossed. His demeanor appeared cool, confident, even down his eyes, but you had been dating Chanyeol long enough to know when he was excited, when he was nervous, when he was a bit awkward. His thumb twitched, never enough to be noticed unless you were specifically looking for it, but evident enough for you to always pick up on.

Snaking your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer, your lips lingering just inches away from his. “My character really did have it right…” Your voice was raspy and your breath already starting to become choppy. “Why on earth would I ever want to kiss you…”

berbaderb a doo….

~Admin S

it’s almost 5 am on a sunday morning and i’m biting my lip because the first name that i thought of when i closed my eyes wasn’t yours and i wonder if the taste of blood has anything to do with the feeling of moving on. if it is, i don’t like it. i’m on the path of self destruction and it looks like you’ve helped pave the way with your kind eyes and pretty smile and i haven’t slept for the past 24 hours, my love. you’re asleep somewhere far away from me, everything’s far away if i can’t see it, and it’s so cold everything outside is freezing. i think it’ll freeze us too, or it already has, in this weird awkward thing we call friendship because i’m still in love with you and you pretend like you can’t hear me writing those words into every poem i’ve ever written.  they’re all about you, but you never ask why i write. i dreamt of kissing her and i bit my lip instead. are you going to turn into a ghost now? permanent residence in the back of my head.
—  lonely ghosts (x.v)
A Dare’s A Dare (Calum)

a/n I haven’t posted anything in forever sorry but i wrote this a long ass time ago so it sucks but its just a little something for now, nothing too serious, just a jealous calum


The boys were in New York for a few days for a few of their upcoming shows. They told me to come over to their hotel. I didn’t refuse because I missdd the guys, especially Calum.

Calum and I always had a thing. It wasn’t serious, we just flirted everytime we’ve spoken basically. We’ve kissed here and there but nothing has ever gotten too far.

We were stuck in a hotel room with nothing to do. They couldn’t leave without getting mobbed and they wanted me to stay. As a result, we decided to play the good old truth or dare.

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Atop a Stormy Sea

Well my lovelies, after a super long wait, here it is! The much overdue part 2 of our precious Fairy Tail Pirate AU. @sorcerer-weekly and I are super excited and incredibly humbled at the fact that you enjoyed the first part so much, so we hurried to deliver as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for the unnecessarily long wait (all my fault lol :’D) but we hope part 2 is as well received as part 1. Happy readings! <3

Natsu woke up from his first good night’s rest in what felt like years, shrugging on his overcoat and grabbing his sword to latch onto his belt. He pulled on his boots and marched out the door, whistling a sea shanty he used to hear his father’s crew sing when he was but a small boy.

“You’re awfully chipper this morning, Natsu,” Erza noticed, clearly amused that the normally grumpy Captain had way more pep in his step than usual.

“Just got a good night’s rest is all,” Natsu shot back defensively, crossing his arms across his chest and turning his head away like a small child being scolded for blatantly having his hand in the cookie jar.

“I spent some time with Lucy this morning. I must say, she’s quite the fighter.” She stroked her chin and nodded in approval, a crazed expression crawling over her face, much like the one she wears when she’s eating strawberry cheesecake. “We had a duel. It ended in a draw.”

Natsu damn near swallowed his tongue. Had someone come close to besting the fearless Titania Erza? He recalled his quick and slightly embarrassing match the night before. Lucy certainly had skill. He also had no doubt she would put up a hell of a fight against Erza. Damn, would he have liked to see that fight.

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That Ugly Green Monster {Scott McCall One Shot}

Based on: “Hi! So if you have time and are interested, I’d love to get a oneshot written! Maybe something based off the song “may I” by trading yesterday. Something along the lines of: y/n has been secretly in love with Scott and when he starts getting close to Kira, y/n becomes somewhat aggressive and jealous. Something happens (y/n and Scott get into a fight, y/n saves him from something, whatever you want to happen.) and Y/n admits her feeling to Scott.
Me (alloftheimaginesblog/bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Word Count: 1069
Notes: I hope you all like this, I feel it’s all right - not my best work - but I haven’t got enough time to improve it. :) xxxx

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More Blood Yuma Ecstasy 08 Translation [D'AAW ♥(ノ´∀`)]

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