i better stop blogging

ok but when will people stop justifying every selfish and rude behavior with ‘but i have anxiety’ like yes susan so do i but that doesn’t give me a free pass to be a dick and use my anxiety as a crutch for every unfavorable thing i do

Okay but hear me out

High school musical Voltron AU 👀

Troy - Shiro

Gabriella - Allura

Chad - Keith

Ryan - Lance

Taylor - Pidge

Zeke (aka baking guy) - Hunk

  • Sasuke: Sakura, I'm off to the market, do you need anything?
  • Sakura: (voice muffled) Can't hear you! I'm in the shower!
  • Sasuke: (smirking) Alright then.
  • ---
  • Sakura: (wrapping a towel around herself)
  • Sasuke: (pulling his pants off, shirt already on the floor)
  • Sakura: (turns around) Kyaa, Sasuke-kun, what are you doing here?
  • Sasuke: What do mean? You invited me.
  • Sakura: What? N-no I did n-not.
  • Sasuke: So you didn't say "Come here, you, come in the shower"?
  • Sakura: (confused) Uh, no.
  • Sasuke: Oh. (ears going red) My mistake then.
  • Sakura: ... (blushing)
  • Sasuke: ... I should be going. (takes his shirt)
  • Sakura: Wait... (bites her lip) I just realized I wanted to wash my hair too so... care to join me?
  • Sasuke: (smirks) Now we're talking.


Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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I really do hope that my followers find my blog to be a pleasant sanctuary to stop by from time to time. I hope that it’s like a big warm bowl of stew or a kind hug from a kindred spirit, and that it leaves them feeling gentle and comfortable.

Okay so stick with me here. Or don’t read this. I’m drunk so who knows at this point. But anyway. I’ve been thinking a lot about an Otayuri sugardaddy!au over the past few weeks with @kafrickinb00m and I just want confirmation that it will be well received by The Fandom™. So here we go:

Otabek just aced his MCAT at a hella young age (18) and is looking at med schools and teaching hospitals. While he’s in St. Petersburg learning about the university med program and teaching hospital with Dr. Nikiforov, he meets Yurio for the first time, who has been working in the hospital cafeteria to help make ends meet while his grandfather is in the hospital. Yurio makes an impression (because doesn’t he always?) and eventually Otabek accepts the scholarship and moves to St. Petersburg. He learns Yurio’s full story from the surgeon he’s shadowing, who plants the beginnings of a seed in Otabek’s mind. Otabek reaches out to Yurio via email first, and offers up some dubious ways for Yurio to make some money without having to work such long hours and sacrifice school work because of it. Yurio, intrigued (and more than a little horny), accepts his offer. Things happen mostly over Skype without Yurio ever seeing “Daddy’s” face. It’s all very intense and, sometimes, very emotional. Meanwhile Otabek and Yurio strike up a friendship at the hospital. Yurio knows his orders, times his own breaks for when he thinks Beka will be taking his lunch, they eat together when they can and Yurio sneaks him free cookies. Yurio falls in love like this. Beka falls in love on Skype, after the show has ended and Yurio lays around in bed with his cat, while he talks and talks about his feelings because Daddy is Daddy and he can be vulnerable in all kinds of ways but that’s ok because it doesn’t matter. It’s a job and he’s helping his grandfather and he’s eating well and having fun; his life has never been this fulfilling. He has friends in real life and a man online who knows what gets him going, and it’s all very neat and orderly and he can OBVIOUSLY keep the two separate lol. So imagine what happens when the two worlds merge. Angst. Miscommunication. Mutual pining. The best of all worlds. Please tell me I’m not crazy and that someone would read and love this if we actually put some real effort into it.

“I understand that the 2P personalities aren’t canon, but I’m seriously sick of the same edgy gritty 'happy murderer’ crap in every piece of fanwork with them.  If you are at least going to make them the antagonists, make their goals more reasonable rather than ‘just because’.”

Not to mention the 2P fandom gets easily gung-ho if you try and portray them as other than ‘happy murderer’, yandere, “edgy badasses”, or jerkass woobies.  Even giving them the “wrong” name can get a negative reaction.  Like frack, man, there’s barely anything set in stone with these dudes, so kindly sit down.

This is why I prefer 2P Nyotalia.

- Mod V

Studyblr Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Simmone and  I wanted to make a studyblr to stop procrastination and develop better study habitats, I also made this blog to help me stay focus and motivated through my junior and senior year of high school!

About me:

  • I am 16 years old
  • I’m from Canada
  • I am a cancer & ISFP
  • I am a junior in high school


  • I love makeup. I’m really into giving other people makeovers and being creative and playing around with it.
  • I like to read, I mostly read YA contemporary books
  • I’m really into Netflix and some other network-cable stuff. Some of my favourite shows are Teen Wolf, The 100, Grey’s anatomy and Jane The Virgin
  • Music! I listen to pop music most of the time. Some of my favourite artists are Shawn Mendes, Little Mix,The Weeknd, Ariana Grande.
  • I have an obsession with NBA. My favourite team is the Toronto Raptors and some of my favourite players are Cory Joseph and Jayson Tatum.

  Courses I’m Taking:

  • Foundations for College Math
  • Biology
  • English
  • World Religions and Beliefs/Traditions
  • World History
  • Communications Technology


  • Improve and create new study habits
  • Stop procrastination (!!!)
  • Stay positive throughout the whole school year
  • Reduce stress, increase productivity
  • Get involved more within my school
  • Be more organized
  • Have fun!

Studyblrs that inspire me:

@wallflcwer-studies, @nerdastically, @thecakestudyblr, @studyoblivion, @studybab, @studyingnic, @teascholar, @hannhstudies, @sumerstudies, @booksandstationery, @studyblr @moonstudiess, @emmastudies, @rooftopstudies, @haphazardstudy, @studyneurons, @obliviatestudies, @sensiblestudy, @bookstudience, @merida-studies, @nadistudies

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I M P O R T A N T: Check pedosintheitfandom for the truth. Please share!

dude suck my ass and miss me with that knockoff looking ass edited bullshit @eddiesghost is an angel and you aren’t fooling anyone

why are you creating drama for no reason like… just enjoy the fucking movie and see a therapist or something idk