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EYYY everyone. Put tigether this huge reference sheet of Starscream, focusing mainly on the shows and movies. I figured some fellow Transformers artists would like to have a bunch of references gathered in one place so here you go!

I could not find all images I wish to, so if you find any nice ones (like some better back views) feel free to add them to the post.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of MTMTE Rodimus? Is he better or worse than G1 Rodimus Prime?

I think MTMTE Rodimus is conceited, a very flawed, but fun character. He feels very good about himself and his leadership. He means well, and he tries his best to take care of everyone under his command, even though he is plain horrible at it, and he takes it really hard when it comes back and slaps him in the face (ie Red Alert’s suicide attempt, Magnus calling him out). He has a good sense of responsibility, but doesn’t take the authority and burden of leadership as seriously as he should have. He thinks he’s learning from experience day by day, but in reality he just keeps going back and forth in his progress of becoming a better leader.

To be honest, I wouldn’t compare him with G1 Rodimus Prime, as besides both being a turbo-revvin’ daredevil, they are too different as far as leadership is concerned. Rodimus Prime is unwillingly “the Chosen One”; he is very confident (almost borderline arrogant) about his fighting skills, but he knows by heart that as a leader, he will never compare to Optimus Prime. At first he thinks being a Prime is pretty rad, but as soon as he realizes how much responsibility and burden he has to take, he goes “I’m so not ready for this, but I have to do it anyway because everybody looks up to me now, WELP”. He judges himself a lot, and gets upset whenever he can’t live up to his role, but others just keep saying “you can do it! you are a Prime!”, and it really stresses him out. I mean, it took him almost the entire Season 3 to come to term with his role!