i better go and read some creepypasta to fill my soul with something

Favorite Creepypasta Characters

Hello again everyone,

CCC here, Long ago I made a post  that I would make this about my favorite creepypasta characters and why.

Not to be confused with creepypasta stories, that would take years along to put together for there is a ton of creepypasta stories I enjoy.

Moving along….

THESE ARE IN NO ORDER. Just putting them in as I go.

I also should mention, I am not one for words. I find a way to simplify what I write, don’t know how. Just do.

1: The Puppeteer by BleedingHeartWorks.

This is a well- known character, I, personally got into his character after happening on his stories. Him and his stories both have a very dark, and gothic like tone to them. It would be a lie that I wasn’t first drawn into looking into his character but now that I have, I simply love everything about him and How he goes about things.

  Golden strings both unnerving, yet ominously comforting.

I feel mostly unsettled to the set up he seems to build for ones who are lonely, and can reach out to a reader who tends to feel isolated and alone.

2: Jason the Toy Maker by  Krisantyl , Jesterca, and Euphobea

I can hear the cries from the masses either screeching, and giggling or opposed against my personal opinion or thoughts. I GREATLY, love the S**t out of this character but that’s the thing with me. I love those characters that act humble and friendly, while hiding the true intentions and malicious thoughts.

The character has been set up to be good looking to lure his “friends” to him, making them toys, being their number one. or so it seems. Before I continue, I notice there being confusion to who his attacks or goes after. After some investigation, he goes for matured females only. No kids, no males. For both “are too much to fix.” I quote this loosely.

Once he is rejected or rather his true intentions are exposed and the doll refuses, his true form comes about. Decaying skin, white hair. I LOVE this, if faced with something you thought was cute and friendly and they pulled a 180, well not everyone would be freaked out but I would….

3: Papa Grande Di Magico by mysticalbloodymyth

His character is defiantly for those who enjoy gore and over all a character that is semi- realistic but over the top insane. Though I warn you if you go to read his story for its PAGES on PAGES long.

Overall, his decent into his current state flow naturally and his story does add a creepy feel. Maybe because he is an old man and no some teen-pop and his age gives him that already unsettling feeling. He has disadvantageous to his age that are accounted for, back spasms for example.

He is just a man who wanted to have a life doing what his passions were…

4: Candy Pop by Jesterca

Another awesome none human pasta, with (holy h*ll) one h*ll of a set up and levels to his character, which tend to be hinted with both his stories and don’t even scratch the level of unsettling facts about him and the Demon, Night Terrors.

To try to even uncover a faction of him and his set would take so long.
He is defiantly another character that looks to be friendly and nice but quite dangerous. To the soul filled balloons Candy Pop hands out, the hammer made from a female creature who didn’t listen to him and is forced to be his wield weapon.

Night terrors along is a force you wish to never to met, in his desire for power killed all his brother to gain their powers and strengths. All but a handful, Drolsior and Morivin, both forced to fall thanks to him.

I would highly recommend checking both characters out!

5: Nathan the Nobody by IvyDarkRose

An Adult Pasta that I have seen around, while his age isn’t said, its hinted at being around 22 to 25 range.

If you are looking for a realistic creepypasta! THIS is HIM!

While he has had many stories written, one that’s always been around is his origin, or rather the set up to the F*cked scenario his sister and him had before both getting to their current states.

Much like Grande, his decent flowed naturally and it made sense, that is… if you are paying close attention to his story. I LOVE gothic like characters, on top the that his eyes adding the only colors to his appearance, and have been described as having a intense and at times intimating leer to them.

He somehow has managed to keep some sanity… but as the same time has lost it all in a delusion that he has kept his sister safe, that she is fine; She is alive, so on. He has created a world where he doesn’t accept the reality of his failed actions and that if he keeps attacking and killing those who harmed them, he is keeping her alive, avoiding the truth.

When confronted with this reality, his mind shuts off and he goes berserk or leaves, if he can. He also is haunted by the dripping pipes of his nightmare, that he has turned into his own obsession….

6: Hoaxton by dav-ink

Another proxy character that is absolutely built to a solid T. Before I go on for the creator’s sake I must add his note and I quote. “ NOTES ‘bout tis oc: He’s a Slenderverse / Horror Character and absolutely NOT a Creepypasta character. But eh sure he can be part of that fandom, but in character, he’s not.” Which is the case for a good about of proxy characters.

Its clear his creator has so far, put a lot of effort and time into him as a proxy. Including giving him his own set look rather then the standard hoodie and jeans.

While he doesn’t have a story as of yet, I can say that I am greatly impressed about who he is. Its been so long since I have seen a proxy with so much research done.

This is all then energy I have to write about, there are FEW more characters I wish to speak on (again as my personal opinion) that requires more looking into so I can better understand them. Look out for Part 2. for now More confessions!


The Watcher in the Woods

So the past two months have been super surreal, and it finally recently occurred to me that I should actually sit down and rationalize the events that have taken place in logical order.  I’ve attempted to tell those close to me, but I’ve never really been able to articulate everything that happened as I understand it and everyone looks at me like I’ve lost my damn mind, so I’ll just tell you all and maybe that’ll help me make sense of things to myself, as well.  As much sense as can be made of this situation, anyway.

A couple months ago me and some old friends decided it would be a good idea to go camping for the fourth.  As a kid my folks would often take me up to the lake where we’d grill and fish and camp out overnight.  I have so many fond memories, so when Brendan suggested it I was all for it.  The idea was that our group really hadn’t spent any time together in years, we’ve all been caught up in work and our families, so we’d take some time off  for the 4th of July weekend and head up to the lake, grill some burgers, drink some beers, go for a swim, set off some fireworks, all that.

I hadn’t been up to that lake in 15 years, and I didn’t want to spend the entire ride reading directions (I don’t have one of those fancy GPS devices in my car) so I had Brendan pick me up.  We were to meet Luca, his wife Dana, and Alan and his girlfriend Andrea up there.  So we drive up there on the third and we grill and we listen to music and we smoke and we drink, and I honestly had the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  I can’t tell you how much I missed the smell of a barbecue, or going for a swim and not having to worry about chlorine burning my eyes underwater.

As dusk fell and the crickets started chirping we set up our tents, unrolled our sleeping bags and prepared to turn in for the night.  I sat at the shore balancing a soda can on my knee, watching the stars for a bit.  Living in the city, you never see the stars anymore, so I really get to miss them sometimes.  I heard a can crack open behind me and turned to see Luca walking up to join me.  He said nothing, just sat down and stared out over the lake with me while I stared up at the sky above.

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