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could you recommend some really fluffy fics? they're my fav!h thanks in advance x

Sure! Here is a list of just a few - Enjoy! <3 Jandy

Write You a Letter by @heartunsettledsoul (1/1)

Word Count: 1581 / Rating: Gen
Summary: I wanna write you a letter / I wanna write you a song / I wanna make it better / When the nights get long - “When the Nights Get Long,” Jukebox the Ghost   Jughead starts hiding notes in Betty’s things.

She Wears My Ring by @starlightafterastorm (1/1)

Word Count: 2355 / Rating: Gen
Summary: A certain ring catches Betty’s eye. Veronica makes sure Betty gets what Betty wants.

Modern Love by @bughead-fic-request (1/1)

Word Count: 4487 / Rating: T
Summary: Rising movie star Jughead Jones takes seasoned pop star Betty Cooper on a date unlike any other.

Adorn by IndianSummer13 (1/1)

Word Count: 2483 / Rating: Not Rated
Summary: ‘Cheryl Blossom does not want to date Jughead Jones and she also doesn’t want to be Betty Cooper. But it might be nice to have someone look at her the way they look at each other, she thinks. Or, the love Betty and Jughead have for each other is obvious - as told through the eyes of six members of the Riverdale community.

Camp Sweetwater by @wordsonpages1 (1/1)

Word Count: 13,779 / Rating: M
Summary: Betty Cooper didn’t want to spend her summer at Camp Sweetwater as a counselor but of course her mother didn’t give her a say in the matter. But then she meets Jughead Jones her co-counselor with gorgeous eyes and lean muscles and that damn smirk… okay so maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Babes in the Woods by @mothermaple (11/11)

Word Count: 34,050 / Rating: T
Summary: When Archie and Jughead find themselves stranded in a campground, Betty and Veronica offer them a place to crash. Instant friendship ensues. Rated for swearing only. It’s mostly fluff. Slight OOC. Set in Canada because I was just camping at Alouette Lake (Sweetwater River)

a language without words by riverd0nt (1/1)

Word Count: 689 / Rating: Not Rated
Summary: For years now, they hadn’t known if the spit in their mouths was theirs or each other’s. And they didn’t care.

The Four Times Betty Cooper left Jughead Jones Speechless, and the One Time He Did the Same for Her by BlairWantsMacaroni (1/1)

Word Count: 7998 / Rating: T
Summary: Jughead Jones is a writer, typically known for his immense vocabulary and breathtaking grammatical corrections that might paint him as a dickhead at times. However, these skills are less than lacking as he begins to become infatuated with Betty Cooper, who happens to lower his inhibitions more than a drug Jughead would catch on someone at Southside. Losing his words becomes a routine.

Well guys I tried my best to get part 14 out but with me moving out and the whole deleted files incident, I couldn’t get it done in time. :P
I’m still rewriting the missing section of my notes. I think it’s better then the original so far.^^
Anyways, I’m going back to my university early tomorrow and I’m not sure when I’ll have my computer up and running to continue.
But I’ll try! >w

i’m not creative anymore
i guess the inkwell has run dry (just when i need it, like everything i’ve relied on)
my words don’t come out right, not like they used to.
if there’s a sound you better assume it’s my breathing. you’ll get nothing from me, these lips are sealed.
i used to talk, talk, talk
now the silence is my best friend.

sometimes i try to put words to a rhythm, even a melody if i’m feelin’ extra special
it never works.
these notes sound better in my head, and even better than that, not at all.
disjointed phrases set to lackluster notes
practice makes progress right?

try, fail, erase, and repeat, my friend
try, fail, erase, and repeat

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So what kind of trouble do you see lightning and his boys getting into during his bachelor party/weekend?? I mean, after the debauchery that happened at his BIRTHDAY (cal getting stuck on the butte and all) I hesitate to imagine this event🕺🏻🕺🏼🕺🏾🍻🎉🎊🍕On the side note, what happens at Sally's bachelorette weekend/party? Are the girls better behaved? 😇😉


The bachelorette party

  • Very low key, held at Wheel Well
  • I feel like Sally wouldn’t really invite her friends from Cali, because they’re not really a part of who she is now - so it’s just her hanging out with the older ladies (which she loves anyway)
  • Lots of wine and story telling, joking about husbands/boyfriends
  • Quality advice was given - advice that cannot be repeated outside of a bachelorette party or in front of the men.

The bachelor party

  • They waste no time getting acquainted with the massive rooftop suite they’ve rented for the weekend - they can see the entire beach from the balcony
  • The first day is spent touring the area, getting to know the scene. They spend some quality time on the beach.
  • Cal falls asleep in the warm sunlight. Bobby and Lightning completely cover him with sand, leaving only his grille exposed so he can breathe.
  • Brick gets stung by a jellyfish and rockets out of the water, screaming.
  • Mater thinks he knows the universal cure for jellyfish stings and offers to help. Brick continues to scream as he races away from the incessant tow truck.
  • Mack befriends a beached starfish and puts it back in the water.
  • That night they hit up the local club. Cal sets standards for himself so as to not repeat what happened at the birthday party. 
  • Bobby has no such standards.
  • Mack is surprisingly good at karaoke.
  • Mater absentmindedly wanders off into another nearby club. It was not the kind of club he should have wandered into.
  • Bobby finds the glass-walled pool to be the most intriguing thing he’s ever seen.
  • Bobby cannot swim.
  • The DJ changes the music up a bit and Cal is accidentally sucked into an inescapable mosh pit.
  • Brick grabs Cal to keep him from being pulled too far into the raging crowd, and tells him he’ll never let go. He lets go.
  • Lightning has to rescue his friends and corral them into one place. Then the owner of the place is told about the special occasion and keeps the drinks coming for them for the rest of the night.
  • Lightning wakes up the mid-morning on the balcony, roasting in the sun.
  • They find Mack in the living area, covered in seaweed and starfish. He insists he met a mermaid.
  • Mater isn’t in the suite. He’s down on the beach asking the ocean to cleanse his mind.
  • Cal comes out of his room, scratched all to heck with a hangover.
  • Brick comes hurriedly out of the other wing of the suite, breathing heavily.
  • “McQueen, there’s a tractor in the bathroom!”
  • It was a bulldozer.
  • Bobby is on his side in the kitchen, still dripping water from his undercarriage.
  • They clean up, rest a little, and hit it all again. They may or may not have left the bulldozer for housekeeping to find.
Thoughts - Part 1

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine.

Please note that these stories may/may not all take place consecutively. There will be alternating chapters, so we started with Penelope and next will be Luke. If you have any thoughts that you would like for me to write a chapter around please let me know. Please indicate if the thought should be Penelope’s or Luke’s when submitting it. I’ll try to get to them all. Lastly, please enjoy!

Pairing: Avlez/Garcia - other members of the team will make appearances. 

Warnings: None. 

1. Oh. My. God. - Penelope

Everything stopped moving the moment she saw him. Better yet, she stopped moving, and the world collided to a halt around her. No, that’s not right either. She stopped moving and everything else around her kept going, and in all of her years on this earth, she had never stopped in her tracks at the sight of a man before. That is until today, until now, until him.

Oh. My. God.

This thought continuously ran through her mind as she stared openly at him.

Oh, God, I can’t tear my eyes away from him. Stop it, Penelope, stop it.

But right now, right in this very second, she was a train wreck. She kept looking at him, looking at the side of his face, and wondering how exactly it would feel to run her lips across his chin. She wondered if his beard would leave red lines across her face, across her body. She shuddered, but it wasn’t cold in the office and she realized that she was shuddering at the thought of this stranger’s hands on her body.

“Garcia!” She blinks several times, tearing her eyes away from the man whose name she still didn’t know, and focuses on JJ who had been yelling at her across the bullpen. She still can’t move, and she wonders where this heat on the back of her neck was coming from. She moves forward slowly, taking small steps and shaking the fuzziness from her head.

“Yeah Jayje, what’s up?” She asks, finally reaching the desk.

“You were staring and blocking traffic.” The slender blonde says in explanation before turning back to her paperwork.

Penelope turns back around to locate the person she was looking at and locks eyes with the most beautiful shade of honey she has ever come across and her legs grow weak. She sinks into the nearest chair with a small groan that elicits laughter from JJ. Penelope turns back to her co-worker with her mouth open, gaping like a fish.

“Who…who is that?” Penelope inquires softly, or so she thought because this time she didn’t notice that the bullpen had literally stopped moving around her. It wasn’t just her this time that had stopped, and suddenly she felt more than one set of eyes on her. She turned a shade of red that she wasn’t sure could be achieved by a single human being, but here she was.

“Nothing to see here people,” JJ announces, waving her arms to dismiss the eyes. She turns back to Penelope, reaching out to place a hand on her arm. “That is Luke Alvez. He’s helping out with the escaped Serial Killers.” She says quickly before turning back to her paperwork. “He’s on loan from the Fugitive Task Force.” She continues. Penelope sits there nodding her head, clutching her tablet to her chest and doing everything in her power to stop herself from turning back to look at him.

“Good morning, Ladies.” The gruff voice washes over her like a bucket of cold water and she stiffens in the seat near her co-worker.

What is he doing over here? Why is he talking to me? To us?

Oh. My. God.

Penelope turns in the chair, not trusting her voice, and locks eyes with those of Luke oh my god Alvez.

“He…Hello.” She says, extending a hand out to him. “I’m Penelope Garcia, and you are?” She continues, not able to tear her eyes away from him. She’s straightened her back, choosing instead to face this man with confidence, even if she has to fake it. And fake it she will in order to not look like a fool around this man.

“Alvez, Luke rather.” He says laughing, clasping his own strong hand in her own. She could feel the callouses that had grown there, and she shivered at the thought of what those hands would feel like on her body. She shakes her head to clear these thoughts from her mind. But the image is still there as she looks into Luke’s eyes, and she wonders what his muscles would feel like under her delicate fingers. Not like computer keys, that’s for sure.

“Okay, newbie, if you’re sticking around we have a case.” She replies, standing up on shaky legs at the feeling his hands on her own had given her. Breathe, Penelope, breathe. She chastises herself. Stumbling as she walks away, she doesn’t turn around to look at him, but she can feel his eyes on her. She rushes into the conference room, slamming the door closed behind her and leans up against it, taking a deep breath.

“Not again, Penelope.” She says aloud, before moving from the door and walking to the table realizing that she doesn’t have the files that she needs in order to brief the team.

“Looking for these?” Someone asked from behind her and she stiffens at the sound of his voice again. She doesn’t look up at him but continues to stare at the table. She’s nodding her head.

“Yes, can you place them on the table?” He chuckles at her.

“Sure.” He says and she can hear him place the folders on the table. “So does everyone get pet names from you?” He asks. She nods her head.

“I hereby knight you as Newbie.” She says, still not turning around to look at him. She can feel that he’s taken a step closer and visibly relaxes when she hears the voices of the other members of the team walking into the room. She finally turns around and sees him again, and his eyes are so expressive that she can’t manage to tear herself away from looking at him.

“It was nice to meet you, Newbie, but we’ve got work to do.” She says turning back to the TV and bringing up the newest case. “Take a seat.”

“Yeah.” He says, sitting down nodding his head at her. “Right.”

Oh. My. God. She takes a deep breath, not being able to remember the last time she’s ever left a man speechless.

When I’m acting all amazed by the scene and grinning, it’s not me rooting for Sangwoo to get out of the situation because I want him to be free, but because I want to see how he’ll do it and I enjoy getting to dig into the warping of his mind. 

(side note: I love how you can really notice the changes in the characters in KS. The character development isn’t as simple as “Oh, I see things differently now. This experience has made me a better, more open minded person”. I actually get to see how completely psychologically fucked they get.)

music tag

so I’ve been absolute trash at doing anything I’m tagged in for the past… month or so, but I’m trying to get better. I was tagged by @squaddreamcourt and I am only doing this to take a quick break in reading because I will kick your ass at this. Also, can I note that when you own about 6.3k songs, some really random ass shit comes up on shuffle, so I may have cheated and used playlists I’ve been listening to recently.

Rules: put your music app on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up.

  1. Waiting Game, Banks
  2. Conscious, Broods
  3. Sober, Lorde
  4. Pretty Girl, Hayley Kiyoko
  5. Amelia, Skott
  6. Non Believer, London Grammar
  7. Hey There Delilah, Jasmine Thompson
  8. Girl, Smerz
  9. Housewife Spliffin, Angie (I have never heard the word “pussy” so much since you made me a playlist, just sayin’)
  10. 13 Beaches, Lana Del Rey

I tag @escapingtheconstrictingboxes @fiery-feyre @illyriantremors and @amrens-jewelry

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Psst I have an idea if you're taking reqs now, but if not its okie~ ❤ hbout zen x mc's story when Zen's still in the gang and happened to meet mc in some occasion (mc's not gang member, just a normie girl) and zen happened to like mc and start to asking date such? Mc didn't like zen at first bcs she didnt like gang stuffs, but slowly likes him as well and they go out at the end? ❤ from there mc start to advicing him to get better life~ *sorry its long* ty! ❤😄 ily~

I ever take requests and I really love this one.

Sorry this took me way too long, this is such an awesome idea I made a playlist as soon as I got this request but somehow I was not able to come up with anything. Till last night *when I coulnd´t sleep*.

I can understand it if you got someone else in between to write this for you ^^*

Notes :

I refer to Zen as Hyun because it’s before his career even started, just in case anyone gets confused.

Haejung *aka @lame* is only the gang members name I remember from canon.

Words : ~2k

You work in a supermarket after school, the job isn’t that bad. The only thing that is bothering you, is this gang that tends to hang around near the store. The owner tried to chase them of, but they keep coming back.

They seem to enjoy hanging around on the parking lot, where they sit near their motorcycles and drink or just talk.

You generally avoid them as much as it goes. They are mostly harmless, but they are loud and rude and sometimes they steal alcohol from the store.

You work mostly just a few hours at the store, and never been in trouble with the guys. They only seem to bother people who annoyed them before. You never go over the parking lot, and ever taking the long way home.

One day you have to take a Saturday evening shift, from a coworker. You are forced to stay after it got already dark. It makes you feel a bit uneasy when you are on the way home.

Your bad feeling seems to come true, when you run into a few of the gang members on the way home.

They seem drunk and you try to avoid them, but one of them spots you anyways. He comes closer with a smile on his face.

“Hey it’s pretty late, want me to bring you home ?”

He sounds really unpleasant, and you rather not want him anywhere near you.

“No, I am good.”

You try to sound confident, but he and his 4 friends look quite scary to you.

“It is dark here though, who knows what could happen on your way home.”

His statement, and the terrifying grin on their faces making you feel really uneasy.

You are not sure what to say to not make them angry.

“Thanks, but I’ll be okay.”

You try to be polite, and pray that he will just go away.

“Ah come on, I don’t bite.”

He smiles kind of unpleasant.

You are not so sure about that, he reminds you of a bulldog.

You step back trying to keep your distance from him and his friends, who are just laughing.

“There you are, what are you doing here ?”

Another guy joins in, and you really don’t think you will be able to escape all of them.

Even when you have to admit, that this one looks more handsome than the others.

“We just saw this cutie here, and thought we could bring them home.”

The guy in front of you looks to the newly arrived member.

He just sighs. “You really think that’s the right way to hit on someone ? You really have to learn a lot Haejung. Look, they are scared of you.”

You had seen this gang member a few times before, his white hair and his eyes made him really stand out.

You think that he is maybe their boss or something.

“I thought I am doing good here, right guys ?”

Suddenly the guy looks like a wet puppy, and his other friends are laughing even more.

You are not really sure what to say to this. Did the guy really just hit on you ?

“He is really not a bad guy, but he is an idiot.”

The white haired guy looks to you and then looks angry towards his friend.

“You are too hard on me, Hyun.”

The guys start laughing again.

“Let´s just go, and you get safely back home alright ?”

Hyun smiles at you and the guys make space for you to pass thru.

You just nod a bit unsure, and go carefully home.

This event really confused you, but you decide to not think too much on it.

These guys are nothing but trouble after all.

The next time you work you really not expect anything, till you see a familiar white haired guy.

“Hey did you get home safely ?”

You are about to call your boss but Hyun sounds serious.

“Yeah of course, and you are not allowed in here.”

You know your boss kicked them all out more than once.

“I know, I just wanted to make sure that they were not bothering you.”

Hyun seems honestly worried about you, but you are not sure if he really is honest.

“I am fine, as you can see.”

You try to ignore the guy as much as you can.

“Haejung is a good guy, he just looks scary. I must give him kudos to talk to you.”

Hyun sounds honest, but you are not convinced, and why should Hyun give Haejung kudos for talking with you.

You doubtfully look to Hyun.

“I actually wanted to ask you out, but he was faster.”

Hyun looks straight into your eyes, this is really effective on you. But you refuse to be flustered.

“I have no interest in your friend, or you.”

You look with a serious face to Hyun.

He not really seems to be surprised by your refusal.

“That is really sad I know a really nice place close by. I’d pay for everything you want.”

Hyun gives you his best smile, and it softens you up but still this guy is obliviously nothing but trouble.

“I have no interest in gang members, and now I have to keep working.”

You not let Hyun say anything more and go to the back of the store.

You look again and he is gone. You are kind of relieved that he just left.

Just a few days later when you are on the way home from your school you see Hyun again, in front of a theater. You wonder what he is doing at a place like this, and when he goes in you think he might want to steal something.

You get curious, and follow him quietly.

If he is really up to no good then you are ready to call the police.

Somehow you lose sight of Hyun and find yourself lost. You want to leave, since you know that you could get in trouble by being here.

“Hey kiddo, what are you doing here ? It´s way too early for the show to start.”

And old man approaches you, he looks like the janitor.

“I am sorry sir. I just saw this guy entering, and I thought he is up to no good.”

You know that it looks really bad for you.

“What guy do you mean ?”

“He is tall, and he has white hair and red eyes.”

“AH you mean Hyun, no need to worry about that him.”

The guy nods and seems not worried at all.

You find it strange to image that Hyun has business at a place like this.

“Okay. I am sorry for entering without permission.”

You feel a bit ashamed of yourself.

“You had no bad intentions, so I will let you off the hook.”

“That is really kind of you Sir.”

You bow, and you feel a bit stupid.

“What is Hyun doing here ?”

You more asking yourself than the janitor, but he answers you.

“That is a good question, you can see for yourself if you dare to.”

The janitor shrugs his shoulders, and is kind of smirking.

“What do you mean with that ?”

You get only more confused.

“Just go in, and see for yourself.”

The janitor points towards the auditorium.

You follow his invite and open the door.

The small auditorium is dark, but there is light on the stage.

You see someone on the stage, performing for an imaginary audience.

It takes you a bit to notice but then you see it’s Zen. He seems to be a completely different guy on stage.

It leaves you quite speechless. You feel completely captured by his performance. Yes he is very over the top, even hilarious, but you feel his soul and passion in every line.

When he is done with his performance and bows down, you clap for him. Before you realize that you are alone here, and just run of in embarrassment.

You run till you are out of the theater, and out of breath. You feel very embraced. Seems like you really had a wrong impression from Hyun all this time. But then again he is in a motorcycle gang.

You ask yourself why he does this. You know that he stole alcohol from the store before, and he always hangs around with these scary guys.

Still, his performance felt real. You really can’t understand why Hyun is doing such things, when he obviously has so much talent.

You make your way back home, but you can’t stop thinking about Hyun. Maybe you really misjudged him after all.

You are so lost in thought that you almost jump, when someone calls out to you.

You turn around you see it’s Hyun. He is breathless.

Did he run after you ?

“I am sorry, but could you keep this a secret ?”

Hyun is barely catching his breath, and you wonder how he knew it was you.

“Keep what from whom ?”

You are a bit confused, you are not even sure what exactly you just witnessed.

“The guys just really can’t know that I am working here.”

“Why would I tell them ? It’s not like I ever talk to them… And there is no need to be ashamed of your performance.”

Hyun looks like just realized that this is true, and then he realizes that you really saw him perform.

“You really saw that, that’s quite embarrassing…”

Suddenly he looks extremely shy, you never thought you would see that day.

“It was really good, I really wonder why you are wasting your time with this gang…”

You know it’s not really your place to lecture him, but it really seems strange.

“You really think it was good…” Hyun sounds doubtful.

“And those guys are the only place I have, they are not that bad, really.”

You see that Hyun looks very sad all of a sudden. You are not sure why but you think that you just cracked his shell.

“It was really something, and I won’t tell them don’t worry.”

You talk much softer to him now and you smile at him.

You think this was all and are about to say goodbye to him.

“That is really nice of you. I know you really not like gang members, but how about having a meal to thank you for keeping my secret.”

Hyun seems to be serious and now were you seen some more of him you feel more curious.

“Okay, but it’s not a date.”

You are still not a hundred percent sure about trusting him, but you are willing to give him a chance at least.

“That is fine with me.”

Hyun shrugs but he seems overly happy still.

During your meal Hyun tells you a bit over his past, how he left his home, but this is all really hurtful to him so you not dig deeper.

You understand him much better after that, and then he tells you about his dream to get on stage and perform. Like he did today, but in front of a huge crowd. He seems to fully of life when he tells you about this that you can’t help but picture it too.

You feel like he really could do it and you tell him that, what really flusters Hyun.

You spend the rest of the day with him without even noticing it, you talk about your dreams, and he encourages you to go for it as well. He really is nothing but sweet to you.

In the end you let him bring you home, and you kiss him on the cheek.

Despite him being still in the gang you start to date Hyun.

Your feelings only getting stronger, while he still hides the fact that he wants to be an actor in front of the other members.

You really not like to see how he is wasting his time, and his talent.

Slowly you help him find a better place to live and you help him to talk to the boss of the gang.

Who turns out to be Haejung.

Haejung really is not as bad as he seems, he understands Hyun´s dreams to get out of this kind of live.

He even supports Hyun to get out. He seems quite disappointed, that you choose Hyun over him, but he gets´s over it.

You help Hyun to find a full time job behind stage, so he can afford his own place to life.

When he finally has his first official performance you are there and cheer for him the loudest.

Even when you move away to Study and break up with Hyun, to support his dreams and you figured it is best for both of you.

You keep up with his success, and years later when you meet again it is like nothing changed and you fall in love all over with him.

Take a look at my Masterlist my requests are open so drop by !

I kinda think my dash was better when I only followed like 3 phan blogs lol! Why does everything they do have to have some deep meaning behind it now? This liveshow was light and cute and fun and suddenly people are freaking out over moments they apparently made up in their heads.
Also, side note: I feel really bad for any of yalls future/present significant others if you get freaked out anytime dnp do something with a friend.

honestly, i genuinely respect a lot of you guys typing out the long political posts of stuff we all agree with getting lots of notes, i think it would be better to put that energy into a site like facebook? not to give the generic echo chamber speech, but at this point, unless its like someone really qualified to preach about something, i can’t help but feel like a lot of it isn’t rooted in the most sincere motives, which i know is not the best way to think, im sure the vast majority of them are. But I think like, those posts where you get really emotional and inspired, that are true but like common knowledge and sentiment in your circle here, would do better on a site like facebook where you know everyone by circumstance rather than choice. and yeah theres in these days of “networking” or whatever you need a certain kind of etiquette or whatever, but (myself included) its time to prioritize the “right thing” over your reputation.


but it’s better if you do - panic! at the disco

  • Draco: *points* Is this seat taken?
  • Harry: ... You're pointing to my lap
  • Draco: Oh, right
  • Draco: *points to Harry's chest* Are you taken?