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Drarry Headcanons
  • Draco pining for Harry since sixth year
  • Like he just needs someone to save him, to care for him, who better than the savior of the entire wizarding world?
  • Three years after the war finally ends, and Harry’s Auror work leads him to St. Mungo’s where Draco is a healer
  • And when did Draco get so attractive ???
  • Harry finds himself going back several times a week with increasingly frail excuses to see him
  • “Er, I got a paper cut and I forgot the healing charm.”
  • “You do realize bandages exist, right Potter?”
  • Finally he goes “fuck it, I didn’t die to keep these feelings to myself” and asks him on a date
  • This goes on for a while, and things are super good for both of them
  • They finally begin to feel normal again
  • Harry eventually wants to come out to his family (the Weasleys, Andromeda, Teddy who’s far too young to understand but he’ll be damned if he keeps a single secret from that child)
  • Draco wants to come out too, but his family is so torn apart
  • So they do it together, hand-in-hand, at a Weasley family gathering and when they finally convince Andy and Narcissa to meet
  • They move in together a few months later and have a guest bedroom for Merlin-knows who will stay with them
  • The longer they stay together, the more time Andy leaves Teddy alone with them, secretly testing them as parents
  • That room eventually becomes Teddy’s room, full of warmth and color and so, so many pictures of Remus and Tonks
  • And they heal together, mending the scars they both hide beneath the surface
  • Draco eventually decides he wants his Dark Mark hidden, as instead of a reminder of his past mistakes, it becomes a trigger for horrible anxiety, so he goes and gets the constellations of his family tattooed over it
  • Harry gets a tattoo of Canis Major, complete with twinkling Sirius star on the same day
  • He would end up with a full moon, a rack of antlers, and a lily flower on his body as well
  • They take even bigger roles in Teddy’s life, as a cousin to Draco and godson to Harry
  • Teddy loves the zoo, and they have weekly trips there, but once its raining so they go to the animal shelter instead
  • Draco falls in love with every single cat, but they immediately make Harry sneeze
  • Teddy becomes attached to a large black dog, but to Harry it looks a bit too much like another one
  • Draco literally refuses to leave without rescuing at least one animal
  • They eventually decide to adopt two sphynx cats they find on the muggle internet because they’re hypoallergenic and many people consider them to be ugly, but they fit so well into their strange family
  • Draco thinks they look absolutely regal and wants to name them after constellations, but Harry’s having none of it
  • A few months later, Harry stops in the middle of a Quidditch game they’re playing with Teddy
  • “Draco, will you marry me?”
  • It’s so random that Draco nearly falls off his broom in shock, but he says yes an instant later, and the game continues
  • After the wedding, in which Teddy is the most adorable ring bearer to grace the earth, his hair matching their colors of emerald and gold, Andromeda approaches them with the idea of the two of them adopting Teddy as their own
  • It’d be so much easier for the two of them to keep up with him and raise him into modern society, and she just wants to step back and be a grandmother more than a parent
  • When Draco enthusiastically agrees to it, Harry can’t help but break down in tears
  • After living his whole life without a family, after everyone he’s lost, and after all he’s fought for, he can finally just live and be happy
  • Harry and Draco Malfoy-Potter and their Son Teddy Remus Lupin along with their two cats, Dobby and Colin, grow old together because for fuck’s sake these three deserve to be happy

STRANGE SENTENCE STARTERS —— for the creative writer in you. Send these in and see what your partner comes up with as a scenario!

*These are completely interchangeable, they’re just in categories to make it easier for all of y’all.


  • “How many times are you going to do that, exactly?”
  • “You were right. As per usual.”
  • “Sometimes it’s hard to see the lines you’ve drawn until you’ve crossed them.”
  • “You’re surprised because you have a soft spot for hot blondes.”
  • “Is that – that’s a naked Scarlett Johansson on your fridge.”
  • “You can stay, but for no more than two nights.”
  • “Please don’t look in this drawer. Please.”
  • “I told you not to pick him up, he’s very sensitive.”
  • “Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.”
  • “I’m sorry, my cell phone data coverage does not cover the bullshit zone you’re in.”
  • “Hey! Give me your pants. Quick, give me your pants.”
  • “No, I’m serious. Stop it right now or I won’t give you the last cookie.”
  • “You think I’m kidding. But I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life.”
  • “How much would a stripper cost and why so much?”
  • “I’m going to buy you a drink. Next week. On Thursday. When I get paid. Can you swing this one?”
  • “Hippos are hungry, hungry! And you are considerably larger than a small piece of lettuce!”
  • “When I was little, I used to be afraid of mummies. And now look at me. I love dead people!”
  • “I don’t even miss my ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, I just miss my glockenspiel.”
  • “It happens to everyone, you just sell your skirt for some coke.”
  • “Please do not pull your pants down in front of baby Jesus.”
  • “That’s not the phrasing you want to use.”
  • “Because nothing says heterosexuality like a gold sash.”
  • “Please don’t take it out on my boobs.”
  • “When it gets really windy I look like a bizarre combination of Marilyn Monroe and Cousin It.”
  • “We have to change our names and run away to Mexico. It’s the only way. Adios.”
  • “How much money do you have on you?”
  • “Please tell me that’s a raisin and not a tiny hamster shit you’re eating.”
  • “Life is a lot better when you put things on your head.”
  • “For someone who’s not very deep, I’m incredibly not shallow.”


  • “I need you to remind me what it feels like to love you.”
  • “I love you. What? No I don’t. Forget I said anything.”
  • “I need you to tickle my feet but like, sexually.”
  • “If we got married, would I have to take your last name? Or could we just make up a new one?”
  • “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
  • “I heard you say his/her name in your sleep last night. Want to explain or should I just leave?”
  • “I want to spend the night with you tonight. But I also want to sleep on your side. And without you on the bed. So technically I just want your bed.”
  • “Please don’t be proposing to me in an empty parking lot.”
  • “Stop saying you’re sorry, you stupid fucking broken record. It’s done.”
  • “I’m not jealous, I’m curious. About the things you were doing. With him/her. Without me.”
  • “Your mother’s looks could kill. Actually, are you sure they haven’t before?”
  • “If you’re breaking up with me tonight, can I at least eat first?”
  • “Stop sweating. It’s not attractive during sex, and it’s not attractive now.”
  • “Are you – are you checking me out? In the line for the confessional?”
  • “We have to go. I might have told your mom I’m pregnant. I don’t know why I said that. I’m not.”
  • “So what you’re saying it that you’re snorting sugar to get excited for sex.”
  • “My dog licks better than you do.”
  • “But through every stupid thing you do and say – and those are a lot, by the way – I love you.”
  • “I don’t care if you’re growing another head. I’ll talk to both of them. I love you.”
  • “And I’d take fifty years of not talking to you for just a day of doing so. I promise that’s a compliment.”
  • “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret, you American Reject.”
  • “This is a bit too dramatic for my taste, so can we skip it and have sex instead?”
  • “I don’t want you to think of me as your personal sex toy.”
  • “Thanks and all, but that makes me feel like a low-class escort, so.”
  • “A kiss in exchange for every nice thing you say about me. Deal?”
  • “Promise me you’re not like him/her. I need to hear it from your mouth. Promise me.”
  • “Look, I’ve had my heart broken before. I’m not ready to let you in just yet. Anywhere.”
  • “Don’t leave me here. Anywhere else, okay, but not here.”
  • “I wish I could say that was the worst sex I ever had, but I’ve had worse.”
  • “I just blew you. Could you look a little happier about it?”
  • “I’m attracted to shiny things, so if it looks like I’m staring at your chest, it’s because I am.”


  • [text] This is upsetting my poop.
  • [text] Hey, are you up? If you’re not, can you wake up? I need some help.
  • [text] So it involves feces and large birds.
  • [text] She said that to you? Why?
  • [text] Please come back. I miss you.
  • [text] What are you good for if you’re not gonna bring me ice cream?
  • [text] Can you ignore that last text? It wasn’t meant for you. I’m sorry.
  • [text] …did you just send me a nude?
  • [text] I don’t know why I said that.
  • [text] Leave it to you to fuck the simplest of requests up.
  • [text] Do we have to go to their wedding? He’s only my first cousin.
  • [text] How much does ‘I love you’ mean to you?
  • [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.
  • [text] Please. I need this so badly.
  • [text] I trust you completely.
  • [text] I’m a genius. You’re a peasant. Everything makes sense again.
  • [text] Hey, buddy! Got like, five hundred bucks I can borrow? Times ten.
  • [text] She lost it. She completely lost it. She said her uterus was attacking her bone marrow.
  • [text] I will not get you donuts.
  • [text] Please? I love you.
  • [text] I think I’m gonna go to sleep now, but you keep thinking that.
  • [text] I can’t say this out loud. They might be listening.
  • [text] I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t think he’d duck when the ball came at him, I’m sorry.
  • [text] You’re cute.
  • [text] I just need you to understand how important you are to me.
  • [text] Fuck off.
  • [text] Okay. Guess we’ll leave it at that then.
I have a question for the world

How come my best friend is allowed to know, truly from the bottom of his heart that he’s gay, but I’m not allowed to know that I’m asexual??? How come, whenever I mention me being asexual anywhere near my mother or anyone close to her age, people say “Oh, you’re only eighteen, you haven’t even had a relationship yet, just you wait!” So??? My best friend had never been in a relationship at all when he knew he was gay. How come he’s allowed to define his sexuality, but I’m not? How come he is allowed to know, but I’m not? How come I have to make promises to discuss my sexuality six years down the track because ‘Anything could change, and you’ll meet the right guy’. How come that same neighbour had the fucking AUDACITY to say to me “And you know what, in six years, I’ll win” like my sexuality is some fucking contest of knowledge or some shit???

My sexuality is MY sexuality. Not my neighbours, not my mothers, MINE.  I know me better then anyone else, and I spent my years in puberty thinking something was wrong with me because I didn’t get attracted to people like everyone else my age was doing. I didn’t care for it or want it, it made me uncomfortable. I had classmates trying to convince me to kiss someone I barely knew in hopes to ‘fix’ me. I felt broken. I felt wrong. And finally, when I was seventeen, I found this word that described how I felt, and I was excited. I was ecstatic! If there was a word for it, I can’t be broken because someone had to feel what I was feeling to make that word. I wasn’t some unknown entity. I existed on the spectrum. I wasn’t a failed human being.

Asexuality doesn’t mean I don’t want a relationship. That I won’t fall in love. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever have sex (though I’m sex repulsed, so there’s a high chance I won’t) and have children. It means I don’t feel sexual attraction. That’s it. That’s all it is. It is that simple. I don’t get crushes on people because i think they look good. My crushes happen because there is some aspect of their personality that appealed to me. Because they are good, not good looking.

Age doesn’t matter. Experience doesn’t matter. My feelings matter. YOUR feelings matter. We aren’t broken, stop treating us like we are.

I’m 25 years old today🌻
Quarter of a century, half way to 50 🙈😳….crazy! The last few year have flown by in what feels like a blink, yet so much has happened and I feel like a completely different human compared to when I was 20. It’s taught me years really do go quicker the older you get AND anything can happen, everything can change. If you attract it and work at it ✨ The older I get the better I feel not only physical but mentally (hope it stays that way 😂)..Feeling thankful for my life experiences that have lead me to this point and for 25 years on this beautiful planet 🙏💛

November Third (part ten)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o you have waited so patiently so you deserve all the drarry (and smut™)

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part seven l part eight (a) l part eight (b) l part nine l part tenupdates to come..

Draco knew he was very junior still, but he felt a strong sense of pride and importance in his position. After just a year and a half of training, he was already in placement as a Healer at St Mungo’s. Yes, he had Healer Gibbons supervising him constantly but she usually didn’t interfere and allowed Draco to work with minimal guidance.

It’s not like he was doing any actual healing yet, just assessing patients with non-urgent conditions and passing them onto the appropriate specialist, but it was a start. And much more than Draco thought an ex Death Eater would ever be entitled to.

The days in the Hospital usually went quickly as there was always a constant stream of patients to be assessed. Draco was hoping this particular day would be the same, as it was November third, and as soon as he got home, he was going to call Harry Potter.

He supposed it was rather bold, but it was just as bold of Potter to give Draco his phone number the year before. A tidbit Draco had worked out months after the fact, thanks to Pansy being nosey (as per usual) and discovering the number in his contacts.

Since the discovery, Draco had been painfully waiting for November third to swing around again so he could actually use Potter’s number. If he called him on any other day, there was no telling what would happen, but if he called Potter on November third, then it would at least be something. Something worth embarrassing himself over.

And now it was the day, and despite his nerves, Draco already wanted his shift to end so he could make the call.

Draco’s first patient of the day was a charming older witch who couldn’t stop casting summoning spells with every word she said - spell malfunction ward. Draco’s second patient was a young father who claimed his whole family couldn’t stop reenacting their ancestors - historic curses ward.

Draco’s fifteenth patient of the day was Harry Potter. And there was no ward in the hospital appropriate for Potter’s…requirements. 

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Top 15 Gillovny Quotes

15. “I’d say, ‘why don’t we just have sex? Let’s get it on with right here on the table of this coffee shop!’ He better fucking say ‘yes’!” - Gillian Anderson

14. “I’m here and I heart Scully.” - David Duchovny
“And I heart Mulder all the way from Belfast.” - Gillian Anderson

13. “Nate’s…Nate’s the single guy.” - David Duchovny

12. “There’s an attraction. Maybe more than an attraction, but it’s not going to happen.” - Gillian Anderson

11. We’ve known each other for more than 21 years. We are best friends. And always will be.” - Gillian Anderson

10. “Gillian has beautiful eyes. Her eyes anchor me to the scene. They’re big and they’re blue and they’re wet.” - David Duchovny

9. “I think as you get older, I think if you’re lucky, if you’re maturing, the stuff that used to bother you, the little things, kind of evaporate and all that’s left is the heart. And that’s all we have left is just total appreciation of one another.” - David Duchovny

8. “Lying in bed in Jodhpur watching live NYCC panel. Miss you guys. Especially one of you.” - Gillian Anderson

7. “We see each other on rare and pleasant occasions and it’s nice. It’s a great relationship and I’m very fond of it and him.” - Gillian Anderson

6. “It’s magical and difficult, wondrous and painful, frustrating and joyous, as any intense , intimate relationship is.” - Gillian Anderson

5. It’s a little as if we have secrets between us. Everything is conveyed by communication beyond words. Perhaps, after all, you could interpret that as love.” - David Duchovny

4. “We embraced and I just burst into tears. We held our embrace for a really long time and I think it was just flooding over us, the importance of this agreement that we’ve had to be in each other’s lives in a very powerful way.” - Gillian Anderson

3. “We have a connection, not just in the fact that we experienced that together, but we have, as two human beings, we have a connection and a camaraderie and a dynamic between the two of us that is also unique to me than any other relationship that I have in my life. There’s an intimacy there, that only exists there, in that particular way.” - Gillian Anderson

2. “David and Gillian stood in that room together alone, and held each other for a good five minutes. They didn’t talk, they didn’t move, they just held each other. Tears running down their faces.” - Kim Manners

1. “You could just see it in their faces, how much they truly did love each other. And that wasn’t just Dana and Fox, that was David and Gillian. They truly, truly loved each other. Oh, I never saw anything like it. I’ve been in this business all my life, literally. And I think David and Gillian’s relationship, Scully and Mulder, are one of the greatest male/female in TV history.” - Kim Manners

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Finn Bálor - Show You

Word count: 3,258




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Finn and I had been dating for a little over a year now. We met in a pub where I was getting pissed out of my mind, trying to forget seeing my boyfriend in bed with another girl making me look like a complete fool. He was so sweet that night trying to making me feel better. He decided to show off a bit tossing pieces of peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth. He failed miserably with most of them landing on the bridge of his nose and one on his eye. I remember giggling and finding his big smile extremely attractive. It was one of my favorite features of him.

He brought me to his flat that night. The next morning when I woke up I was dazed out of my mind and couldn’t remember how I got into this strangers house. He brought me home that day. I notice later on that I had his number saved in my phone. Finn. His name was Finn.

Before I knew it we were making plans to meet up again. And again.. and again….. and again. I can’t help but smile at the memory of me accidentally butt dialing him. He later said it was because I had a fat arse.

The problem early on in our relationship was that I lived about forty minutes away from where he did, so when our relationship got more serious we decided to move in together. Due to this we began bickering frequently. Over petty things you might think.

Last week we got into an argument when I went to make coffee and saw him drink straight from the milk cart. I made a fuss saying that other people being me drank that milk too, to which he reciprocated with ‘we swap fluids all de time, whats yer point?’ It only added oxygen to a already blazing fire.

Other disagreements arose in our times in the flat, some worse than others. Like the time when he found it was a big deal that I spent the entire day out with my sister who was currently enrolled in UNI instead of staying home with him. Honestly he’s home all of the time while she’s always cramped up inside of a textbook. We spent two days without speaking over that.

Don’t get me wrong, our relationship is perfectly fine. It’s strong and he treats me better than I can be asked to be. We just have our moments like any other couple. Tonight was definitely one of them, I just couldn’t figure out what I’d done this time.

He left early this morning and we were on good terms. Now it was eleven eighteen and he’d stopped messaging me. I was beginning to get worried. Only wanting to know if he was okay. I lay on the sofa in the sitting room staring into the fireplace, phone in hand hoping to feel it vibrate. My eyes began feeling heavy after a while and I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

*** FINNS POV ***

I stumbled through the front door of my flat and escaped from the tight barrier of my boots. They made a loud thud sound upon contact with the wooden floor. I bent over towards the shoes and put my finger to my lips.

“Shhhh.” A hiccup escaped my intoxicated lips.

Ridding myself of the warm leather jacket I had on I made my way into the sitting room to find my girlfriend lying on the sofa sound asleep. Another hiccup. I tried holding my breath. Walking over to her I leaned beside her noticing her phone screen bright as day, hurting my eyes. They adjusted to the screen reading the small text:

Finn: I’ll be home soon, beautiful. ;) -9:24pm

Me: Do you want me to cook dinner? -9:43pm

Me: Finn?? -10:17pm

Me: Can you just tell me if you’re okay? -11:03pm

I felt like such an arse. My phone had died long ago but I should have still called. I went out with a few of my pals for a drink and it turned into a full on night out with the guys. Her eyelashes were spread apart and looked hard. Had she been crying? I let out a sigh and lifted her limp body from the sofa. Her phone fell to the carpet.

I carried her to our shared bedroom not bothering to turn on the light. Laying her on the bed I pulled the duvet over her chest and kissed her forehead. I honestly didn’t deserve her. Reaching over I grabbed a pillow from my side deciding it best to sleep on the sofa tonight.


I blinked a few times feeling the bed round me not remembering how I’d gotten here. The clock on the bedside table showed that it was still early in the night. My mouth had become unbearably dry and I sat up to go get some water.

My half asleep body walked through the flat and into the kitchen unaware of my surroundings. I poured myself a cup of water and drank a little before hearing someone snoring behind me. Turning round Finn stirred a bit in his sleep. Setting down the water my feet brought me over to the boy laying on the sofa. His arms were crossed over his chest. A photo of me he carries round in his wallet in his hand.

It’s funny almost. We were like a damn teenage couple. Doing little cheesy things that kids do in relationships. On the back of this particular picture I had written 'Yours’ meaning that I was his. I had one of him that had 'Mine’ on it.

A smile spread across my lips. I put a knee on either side of his waist and kissed the corner of his mouth. My hands wandering under his black t shirt feeling his defined torso. He hummed under my touch and I knew he had woken up.

“What are ye doing?” He chucked, eyes still closed.

I didn’t reply, instead continuing my exploration of his body. His beard tickled at my cheek as I moved to his neck licking a bold line up it before beginning to suck. I felt him squirm under me. His semi hard on pressing against me. I bit down on his skin lightly receiving a hiss from him.

“Baby.” He lifted to sit up on the sofa.

I tried for his shirt before he stopped me. His smile that I loved so much faded.

“I should have called.” He shook his head looking down in between us.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” I pushed his hair back.

“But ya were so worried.. I made ya cry, baby I’m so sorry.” I hushed him, indulging him in a cuddly hug.

Finns head rested on top of my own, arms wrapped tightly round my smaller body. We sat like that for a few more moments before I’d become uncomfortable and squirmed in his hold. Once released I continued with my previous exploration of my beautiful boyfriends body.

I kissed his lips before trailing a wet line down to his clothed chest. I pulled at the hem of the tee. To my annoyance Finn stopped me once again, placing my arms at my side.

“No, baby. Tonight I’m gunna show ye how much I care about ya.” He paused to kiss my neck.

I let out a moan as he began to suck at the sensitive skin. In an instant my shirt was on the floor and so was his. I ran my finger along his defined abs, stopping to poke at the beauty marks on his right ab. Finn chuckled a little.

My eyes found his dark lust filled ones. I placed my hand over his heart and left it there for a brief moment. It raced under my touch. We never said it yet. It was something we didn’t find that needed to be said, but I knew exactly how he felt about me. And I feel the same way.

Finns hand found mine and he placed a delicate kiss to my lips. The kiss grew sloppier and I could feel him straining against his pants.

“Bedroom.” I managed to breath.

He wasted no time in lifting me off the sofa and carrying me into the dark room, my legs wrapped round his body. He set me down on the bed and turned on the light to see better. I was getting impatient, needing him to touch me.

He ridded me of my shorts, leaving me in just a bra and knickers. Kissing up the base of my thigh I felt him hum.

“So soft.”

I felt a finger move against my clothed heat. I let out a hiss and grabbed his neck as he began sucking at the skin of my thigh, sure to leave a trail of pink and purple marks.

“Moan my name, darlin’.” He bit down.

“F-Finn… Please.”

I needed him.

“Please what, princess?” He was killing me.

“Touch me.” It was barely audible but I know he heard.

Finn came up to look at me, a smirk on his face. His hand moved back and forth on my pussy. He leaned over to my ear.

“Touch you where, darlin’?” He whispered seductively.

“I don’t fucking care, Finn just touch me, please.”

That was enough for him to move his head back between my legs, ripping off my knickers. He licked a straight line up my folds.

“Holy fuck, princess. This wet and I’ve hardly touched you.” He moaned.

I pulled his head down with my hand. He knew I was getting impatient. His lips attached to my soaking core. His tongue flicked up and down my clit. My back arched up off the mattress. He moaned against my dripping pussy causing a burst of pleasure to rip through me. My lips parted but I couldn’t find the words to speak.

I fisted at the bed sheets arching my back with the pleasure bursting through my core. I felt Finns finger rub up and down my folds before inserting one and pumping in and out at a steady pace. I wouldn’t last long if he kept this up.

“F-Finn…” I whimpered.

He came up for air, his finger still pumping in and out of me.

“Tha’s right. Say ma’ name, baby girl.”

Another finger fell inside me without warning. He began curling them in a come hither motion, watching me wriggle beneath him. Finn dipped his head back down. My eyes rolled back and I arched my back off the mattress only for Finn to use his free arm to hold me down.

“Oh, f-f..”

My hands couldn’t seem to find a steady place to hold onto. The pleasure was too intense. He increased the pace and soon I was sent over the edge. He hummed against me in satisfaction, using his long fingers to ride out my orgasm.

My breathing was unsteady as Finn came to hover above me holding two digits over my lips.

“Suck.” He whispered hotly.

I did as I was told, taking his fingers in my mouth sucking my juices off. Finn enjoyed watching me do so as he hummed. I licked my lips. He lifted me off the bed and came behind my torso unhooking my bra. He slid it from my arms and tossed it to the floor. I watched as he admired the view in front of him.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked at the nub. I moaned in appreciation. He caressed my breast in his large hands, squeezing it gently.

“I need you.”

“Patience, baby.”

Finn left a trail of kisses up my neck, taking my earlobe between his teeth. I rolled my hips up desperate for contact. Finn held me down. I pulled at his hair trying to get his attention. He wasn’t budging. He kept kissing down my neck and torso leaving love bites.

“Cha’ need, baby?”

“You inside me.” I spoke barely above a whisper.

He heard me. The bed squeaked as he climbed from on top of me and over to the bedside table and pulled put a condom.

“Ye gunna help me?”

I blushed and climbed over to where he stood, unbuckling his jeans and pushing them down his shaved legs. His semi hard on was straining in his briefs. I licked my lips upon seeing the precome stain already forming. I bit my lip gazing up to see Finn staring contently down at me.

My index fingers hooked into the top of his briefs edging them down. His length slipped out hitting his stomach. I gasped. His size always shocked me. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times before taking it in my mouth whole. Finn hissed at my brave actions. I pumped what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Just like tha’, baby girl.” Finn hissed.

He pushed himself further hitting the back of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut. My hands twisted round his length and I felt him begin to twitch inside my mouth. Before I could finish he pulled out and came onto my bare chest, his warm load dripping down my breast. Finn groaned throwing his head back in pleasure.

Finn scooped some of the white liquid onto his finger and held it up to my mouth. I complied sucking off the saltiness. Finns chest was rising and falling heavily as he reached to the floor for a shirt to clean the sticky wetness off my breast.

“C'mere.” Finn helped me off of the floor, “Was tha’ okay?” I nodded.

His lips made contact with mine. He didn’t ask for permission as his tongue mingled with mine. My fingers tangled with the strands at the back of his head, tugging them. He moaned at the sensation. Pulling apart he ripped open the condom with his teeth sliding it on and throwing the piece of tin in the bin.

Finn guided us back to the bed. He laid us on the pillows and positioned himself at my entrance. He stroked himself up and down my folds a few times.

“Ya ready, babe?” I shook my head.

Slowly he pushed himself in. I gasped trying to adjust to his size. Finn brought his forehead down to mine, looking me in the eyes. His hips rolled forward at a slow steady pace. My low moans filled the otherwise quiet bedroom.

“F-fuck baby yer so t-tight.” Finn moaned.

The bed squeaked with each thrust. Finn placed a hand on the headboard for balance and the other held onto my hip. I wrapped my legs round his waist desperate for more contact. He pulled out and then back in hitting my spot.

“F-Finn! Right there!” I gushed.

My eyes fluttered closed and I lifted my hips to meet his. Finn kissed the side of my eye and I opened them again. His lips made contact with my neck, sucking at the already bruised skin. I could feel the knot in my stomach forming and my walls started to clench round Finn. I started to squirm round in his tight embrace trying to hold on a little longer.

“I know, baby. Come for me.”

Only when I felt Finns movements becoming sloppier I let go, screaming out Finns name along with a few profanities. He rode out my orgasm before hitting his own, burying his face into my neck swearing and groaning.


I woke up lying atop of Finn, his arms wrapped round my middle half. We were still completely naked. It was nearly morning and I knew he would sleep in but I needed a shower, I felt so icky. I pushed the duvet away and wriggled out of Finns strong grasp. He seemed displeased with my disappearance but quickly went back to his light snoring.

I patted my way along to the loo and quietly shut the door behind me, careful not to wake Finn. I turned the shower on and immediately stepped in and let the water trickle down my sweaty body.

I hadn’t heard the door open I was so engulfed by the steamy water. I jumped when a pair of hands wrapped ever so slowly round my waist.

“Good mornin’, darlin’.” Finns raspy voice spoke.

I spun round to face him met by a groggy smile. God he was amazingly beautiful. My fingers traced down the beauty marks next to his right abs. I loved these simple marks on his body.

Finn lifted my chin placing a delicate kiss upon my lips, his tongue brushing against my bottom lip asking for entrance. I parted my lips, our tongues fighting for dominance. Finn broke the kiss, brushing my hair behind my back and admiring the love bites from our previous actions that night. He peppered light kisses over them, gently sucking. I tangled my fingers in his lengthy hair as he began to move lower until he bowed before me.

His finger brushed up my folds separating them. He attached his lips, flicking his tongue in figure eight motions against my clit. I felt like my legs were going to fall from under me.

“Fuck, Finn. I need you’re fingers.” I moaned.

I didn’t know if he could hear my please over the sound of the rushing water until moments later two digits pounded into me. Finn hummed against my throbbing core. I hissed as he brought the nub between his teeth before releasing it and stopping all motions completely. He licked his lips savouring the taste and came back up to his full height which wasn’t much taller than me.


I did as I was told. My legs wrapped round Finns waist. Finn caught hold of my arse and pinned me up against the cool tile wall. He wasted no time in slamming into me.

“Shit, yes Finn. Just like that.” I cried out.

My nails dug into his back leaving a trail of red marks. I looked down to see where Finn and I were connected, him pounding into me fiercely. He never touched me like this before. It was always slow love making.

Finns thrusts became sloppier and I knew he was close. I smiled touching our foreheads together. I hadn’t even noticed my orgasm approaching I was so focused on his. My head fell forward and I screamed out in pleasure. He pulled out just before the warm white liquid spewed from his sensitive pink tip and ran down the drain. Our breathing was still shaky as we stood holding each other.

“I love you.” I barely heard Finns words over the shower head.

I stood in shock. We’d never said it before. I closed my eyes and lay my head on his chest. He said it. My lips make contact with his atoms apple, sucking the bulge in his neck.

“I love you.”

I keep wanting to read ‘Adult’ books, but Young Adult lit is constantly stepping up their game, with diverse characters, lush world building, intriguing and complex plots and genre experiments, and adult lit is all ‘Feeling unfulfilled with nice job better go back home and get to the bottom of a small town scandal from 20 years ago and maybe get in a love triangle?’ Also we’re all white and attractive and don’t listen to music.

The Witness Stand

Title: The Witness Stand

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,793

Warning: Fluffy lead in ending with steamy smut

Request by Anonymous: Okay I have a request!! Can you do an AU type thing where Dean and Sam never got into the life and Deans a mechanic and Sam is a lawyer. Reader went to pre law with Sam and hung out with Sam and Jess. Anyway Sam is in court with reader and Dean is there to watch his little brother in court but when he sees her in her skirt arguing in court and such he gets turned on and smut ensues?

A/N: This one sort of took on a life of it’s own, but I think you’ll still like it. Enjoy!!

“But your honor!” you jumped up to defend Sam. “The defendant brought up that information when they brought up their whereabouts the night before the one we are here about. My associate was simply following a line of questioning the defendant apparently thought was relevant enough to bring up while on the stand.”

You could see Sam nod out of the corner of your eye. The judge paused, looking between the two of you, trying to make a decision.

“I will allow it. But we are adjourned for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow at 10 o’clock.”

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Coffee gramps omg that’s too cute… And I’m grateful that a sweetheart like you loves my blog! <3 Thank you all for requesting! I hope you like it!

Note: grab a snack / water because this will be a long one.


  • Akira would want a child, but it would be in the far future when his life is more stable because he knows it takes tremendous responsibilty.
  • In addition, he’d most likely want to adopt; from his experience, meaningful bonds don’t require blood relation.
  • He’d be comfortable with one child, and when he and S/O arrive at the foster home, his eyes unconsciously stray to the loneliest child in the room, and it clicks. The kid’s about five or six years old.
  • The knowledge that Akira’s missed out on a few years of his child’s life makes him that much more determined to shower them with love and wonderful memories. he’s the ultimate dad
  • Bedtime stories, piggyback rides, and skateboarding are among the many activities he engages with his child. 
  • In addition, his child loves Morgana and converses with the cat quite a lot, much to Akira’s surprise. 
  • He also loves cooking and playing the piano with them.
  • If they can afford it, the family will go to Destinyland during the summer.
  • Most of their holidays are spent with friends / family, usually at Leblanc; luckily, the size of the venue has expanded over the years.
  • Sojiro closes up shop on those occasions and the children of the Thieves constantly tug at him from all directions. his understanding increases
  • He handles it well with a reluctant smile on his face, and Akira is quick to tease him.
  • “You’re smiling, old man.~”
  • “Shut up and eat your dinner before I make you clean the attic.”
  • Sojiro brews gourmet hot chocolate for the kids (and Ryuji), but when discovers that Akira’s child prefers coffee, both he and Akira nearly shed a tear from how proud they are.
  • Typically, Akira and S/O take their child visit Sojiro and Futaba on available Sundays; the kid frequently requests it along with Sojiro and Futaba themselves.
  • Moreover, Akira never misses a recital / rehearsal / game for his child; if he has to take a personal day off of work, he will. 
  • Furthermore, he’s going to be the dad that wears some kind of jersey / shirt with his kid’s name on it, probably relating to the star arcana. yusuke helped him design it
  • He teaches his child numerous life lessons and skills, although S/O may have had to reprimand him for teaching their child how to construct a lock-pick.
  • Despite him being very proactive in his child’s life, he doesn’t feel the need to control it; his child’s life is their own, and they can make their own choices / mistakes. 
  • Akira knows that his role is to support them regardless of their decisions and to impart wisdom when it’s requested; that being said, he is by no means a pushover, and if his child is out of line he won’t hesitant to call them out (only in private, of course).
  • Even when he ‘scolds’ them he maintains a neutral expression and he never raises his voice. He’ll simply explain the reason why the thing they did / said was wrong. those speech skills come in handy
  • Other than that, Akira’s a really chill parent, and his kids’ friends love him.
  • He’ll dance with them and S/O sometimes whenever he’s endured a rough day; it melts his stress like snow. 


  • When S/O expresses that they want to have a child, Ryuji is… conflicted, to say the least.
  • He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, or that he’ll end up like his own, so he asks for time to think about it since he refuses to rush into such an important decision.
  • Ultimately, he truly does want a child, so he pushes aside his fear in favor for pursuing an experience that could be wonderful.
  • Ryuji would probably want three or four kids since he loves them so much, and he’d want them to be biological.
  • Likewise, kids tend to gravitate toward him as well because he’s in perfect harmony with his inner child. to think like a child you must become the child
  • He gets emotional every time he looks at his baby; he just can’t grasp the fact that he’s taking part in something so beautiful, and he wants to show this kid the time of their life. 
  • Ryuji wants to be as involved as possible in his kid’s life, so he’ll constantly take care of them and play with them.
  • In addition, he is extremely gentle whenever he holds his baby, almost as if he’s afraid they’ll break.
  • When he hears the baby cry in the middle of the night through the monitor he practically bolts across the hallway to check on them.
  • When the baby calls him ‘dad’ for the first time, he almost faints.
  • Ryuji uses one of those baby backpacks when he goes shopping with S/O, but when his child is older he’ll give them cart rides.
  • As his kid grows, he’ll start to give them piggyback rides and they love it because he runs so quickly. They’ll also play tag with S/O and Ryuji lets them win. he’s unbeatable otherwise
  • Ryuji and his child sneak into the kitchen at night to get chocolate, but they always get caught by S/O (who then joins them).
  • Of his own accord, Ryuji dresses up as Santa every Christmas and he internally cries from how pure his child’s excitement is.
  • He’s terribly smothering, and the family often snuggles together on the bed (until the child’s outgrown it).
  • His bedtime stories consist of his grand adventures during his time as a phantom thief… except infinitely more exaggerated.
  • Nicknames are definitely integrated into the kid’s life. he even called them ‘dude’ once
  • When S/O takes pictures, Ryuji and his kid always strike a pose. He has to help them since they’re small, but he manages.


  • did you really think she’d be anything less than an amazing mother 
  • Ann’s initially terrified of the prospect due to the rumored pain of childbirth; in addition, being a supermodel and traveling for photo-shoots ensures that she has no time to spare for raising a child.
  • However, she’s wanted one (or two) for a while now, and she feels as though she’s ready.
  • As a result, she becomes impregnated and requests maternal leave from her agency. 
  • She’s beyond excited once she overcomes her initial fear, and the first thing she does is go shopping for her child and herself.
  • Ann is definitely going to be the type of person to ask their S/O for fast food / sweets in the middle of the night. Other than that, she tries to eat mindfully.
  • She gets morning sickness once or twice, but nothing too drastic. S/O usually holds her hair and soothingly strokes her spine.
  • Her pregnancy barely shows until the final trimester, although even then she appears as though she’s simply bloated.
  • Ann fondly hugs her tummy from time to time and whispers to it, informing her future child that she can’t wait to see them; S/O will occasionally read stories to it.
  • Once it’s born, she does not stop taking pictures, or rather, selfies.
  • She dresses her baby up in the most stylish clothes, but she won’t overdo it (sometimes they’ll match, and that includes S/O).
  • Ann and S/O will perform ‘shows’ while the baby’s in the high chair to entertain it. Both of them squeal with delight when it giggles.
  • Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite activities, especially when she’s peeking around the corners of the wall; the baby just watches her with wonder in their small eyes and Ann can barely maintain a straight face as a result.
  • As the child grows, she’ll start taking them to the neighborhood park, and the two love going on the slide together.
  • She frequently hugs them and kisses the crown of their head.
  • In addition, she’ll probably request one of those family photo-shoots, and to no one’s surprise, they all look amazing together.
  • The beach is a typical location for family vacations, and Ann will invite the other Thieves as well as their children. 
  • All the kids love her because she’s so much fun and she always has candy.


  • dream daddy
  • S/O is the one to approach Yusuke with the topic of children, as he hadn’t given the matter much thought.
  • He deliberates on it for a time, since it’s an important decision. Ultimately, he and S/O decide to have a baby of their own. He’ll probably adopt another a couple years later once he realizes how much he adores caring for his children.
  • Painting doesn’t come easily to him anymore because he’s so excited, and a bit worried. S/O reassures him that he’ll be an incredible father. spoiler: he is
  • When he first holds his baby in his arms, he just stares at his with widened, disbelieving eyes, as though he had stumbled upon the world’s most precious treasure.
  • He uses the baby voice, but his manner of speech doesn’t change at all.
  • *baby voice* “You’re so adorable that words cannot sufficiently encapsulate your charm.”
  • Akira gives him a planetarium lamp as a gift for the baby, and Yusuke will lay with it and simply watch the rotating, twinkling stars while humming a calming melody.
  • The family finger-paints often in Yusuke’s home studio.
  • Speaking of which, once the baby becomes a toddler he’ll buy them art supplies, and whenever his child creates any kind of art – be it macaroni, finger-painting, or even from his own collection –  Yusuke marvels at with wide, glimmering eyes, proclaiming that he’s truly inspired by such a marvelous piece. he’s not faking it in the slightest and it’s so adorable
  • Moreover, he’s so proud of his child’s artwork that he displays their best piece in his exhibits.
  • Yusuke enjoys watching movies with them perched in his lap, and when a song commences, he’ll occasionally ask them to dance with a bow.
  • When they’re in large crowds or if there’s an event, Yusuke plops his kid onto his shoulders to help them get a better view. giraffe man
  • He’ll sit in those little 25-cent rides inside malls or he’ll ride the carousal with his child. His favorite is the dragon.
  • Bonus: when his child is in their high school years, all of their friends have a massive crush on Yusuke because they think he’s extremely attractive. amen


  • Makoto’s considerably busy with police work, so she’s never had the opportunity to think about having a child.
  • She finds the idea intriguing, but she’s concerned that she won’t be able to spend time with them and properly bond with them.
  • It takes time for her to grow accepting of the idea, but she decides that she wants a child of her own.
  • As usual, Makoto eats extremely nutritiously during her pregnancy, thus her cravings are scarce.
  • She’ll slowly sway with S/O and they’ll shower her with kisses, intermittently kissing her slightly protruding stomach.
  • Exercise is important to her, so she’ll likely go on walks or do some light yoga with S/O. 
  • After giving birth, Makoto and S/O are practically inseparable with their baby.
  • She makes silly faces and uses peculiar voices just to make the baby laugh, and it works.
  • Baby yoga is absolutely something she’d sign up for, and Ryuji (along with his baby) sometimes comes with her.
  • Makoto adores going to wide-open parks or piers with her baby just to lay down a blanket and snuggle them as they sit between her legs. She’ll gently rest her chin on top of their head, too.
  • She actually cuddles with them quite a lot, mostly when she’s reading or watching TV with S/O.
  • They’ll ‘help’ Makoto cook too, and she’ll make sound effects when she adds the ingredients.
  • Bonus: when her kid’s enrolled in school, she’ll show up to PTA meetings and improve everything.


  • The poor health conditions of Futaba’s childhood have unfortunately impacted her as an adult, consequently influencing her ability to bear children.
  • She wanted to adopt anyway, but she was slightly disheartened.
  • Luckily, S/O was open to the prospect of adoption; in addition, adopting a baby was the most viable option for Futaba, and she was so overjoyed from holding it for the first time that she cried. precious mom
  • She’s absolutely going to be the video recording mom, and she’ll probably edit hilarious effects into it. She’ll send them to Sojiro and he sighs in exasperation.
  • Moreover, Futaba always visits Sojiro so he can spend time with his grandbaby. He’ll have portraits of the whole family (including Akira) scattered throughout his house.
  • Most of the baby’s toys came from crane machines that Futaba nearly swiped clean. she’s the only person in the world that’s good at those games
  • Futaba smiles whenever the baby steals or smudges her glasses, and she’ll smooch them as punishment.
  • The baby will sit in her lap while she researches or plays video games, and they’ll occasionally clap when they’re excited.
  • She taught her kid how to high five and fist bump. baton pass
  • As far as family venues go, Futaba’s ecstatic to escort them to the zoo, and she can offer more information about the animals than the plaques.
  • Her child learns how to read / write quickly due to her clear and concise instruction.
  • Futaba eats tremendously healthier to set a good example and to preserve her child’s health. 


  • there’s no possible way she couldn’t be a phenomenal mom
  • Haru has already come to terms with wanting a child of her own (likely three), so she doesn’t exactly hesitate. S/O is equally as eager.
  • She eats as healthily as Makoto, and she also performs light stretching / barre exercises with her while pregnant. she wears pink leg warmers too
  • Her wardrobe during this time consists mostly of fluttery dresses and snug flats; it’s easy and comfortable. S/O away offers to carry her items for her.
  • Thankfully, she has a smooth delivery and she’s extremely impatient since she just wants to go home with her baby.
  • Haru purchases the most stylish and top-of-the-line toys, furniture, and clothes for her baby.
  • She has an indoor pool that she’ll take the baby in, ensuring that their floaties are properly fastened to them. They’re so surprised by the sensation of water that their eyes nearly bulge out of their head, and Haru orders S/O to fetch the camera through her flurry of giggles.
  • Haru sings along with the Disney movies and her baby incredulously stares at her as though she were the moon because she has such a dazzling voice.
  • The baby imitates her when she drinks tea, utilizing their own plastic tea set. She simply smiles fondly behind the teacup.
  • Sometimes she’ll reintroduce ballet into her routine and her baby will spectate. If they already know how to walk they’ll attempt to join her.
  • Haru adores playing hand games with them, such as patty cake. She delicately presses her fingertip on their button nose often, too.
  • S/O and the baby will occasionally join her in the garden, and she’ll craft matching flower crowns for all of them.
  • Haru’s frequently busy with running her businesses, and she definitely feels guilty leaving the baby with the nanny. She compensates for it when she comes home by peppering them with kisses and compliments.


  • oh boy
  • Out of everyone, Akechi is the most nervous by a landslide.
  • He knows that all the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to quell his uncertainty and crippling self-doubt; he has next to no confidence of being an appropriate father.
  • Truthfully, he does want a kid, but he needs a lot of time alone to fully grasp the idea.
  • It’s a difficult process for both himself and S/O, but if he’s going to go through with this, he’d rather adopt; he’s all too aware that there are plenty of children that need good homes.
  • Akechi’s stomach is in knots for the duration of the adoption, but S/O reassuringly squeezes his hand, causing him to relax slightly.
  • He’ll probably adopt a younger child, most likely a toddler.
  • Much to his astonishment, the two bond quite naturally, and he finds himself growing along with his child.
  • Every hug Akechi receives from his kid is like a confirmation that he’s doing something right, and his confidence skyrockets as a result.
  • With S/O’s patient assistance, it doesn’t take him to long to fully warm up to his child, and he becomes exceedingly more playful with them.
  • He spoils them often by sharing sweets, although he’ll be firm if need be.
  • They love watching him play darts, and their jaw is on the floor by witnessing Akechi’s skill and precision.
  • Like any responsible parent, he denies their request to play, but he offers an alternative: water guns / grenades. he is a pro run kid run
  • When Akechi has to leave for work, both his child and S/O see him off, and his throat tightened with emotion the first time; after all, he never he’d make it this far.
  • He braids their hair frequently, and he’ll dress up if they want him to.
  • The family stargazes together on the roof of the apartment complex, quietly leaning on each other while sipping on cups of coffee (juice for the little one).
  • He nags his kid about topics such as hygiene, proper eating, etc. S/O knows he means well, but they have to gently remind him to tone it down sometimes.
  • Additionally, he’s the stylist of the household so he’ll usually choose his kid’s clothes, unless they desperately want a specific item.
  • He knows a moderate amount of magic, so he loves performing magic tricks for his child, and he subdues his laughter with all his might when he observes the flabbergasted expression on their face.
  • Akechi enjoys the experience exponentially more than he initially presumed; perhaps it was because he reclaimed his childhood, along with a child of his own.
  • He doesn’t think too hard on it, though; seeing the welcoming smiles of his first family is more than enough.
V Was Most Likely Abused as a Child

Another V post I knew I would make! I’m glad my post from the other day is so well received ^_^

Okay so I’m pretty sure most of us know about Jumin hinting about V’s mother in the Christmas DLC. It’s also been stated or implied that V and his family weren’t exactly…close and that Jumin was more like family to him than his actual family. I was talking with my uncle, aunt, and grandmother and my uncle said something I’ve been thinking about lately- “We date our parents.”

I’ve gotten pretty interested in psychoanalysis and just studying people’s behavior in general over the last few years (Criminal Minds is a huge influence). In other words, I love picking characters like V apart like a jigsaw puzzle to understand them better.

Let’s get back to the ‘we date our parents’ thing. If your dad is super nurturing and caring and your close to him, you’ll date a man similar to him. Or if your mother is very strong willed and determined and you’re close to her, you’d be attracted to a woman like that. If you have a dating history, think if your ex’s and see if they have any qualities similar to that, you might be surprised.

In V’s case, I think his family abused him, specifically his mother. I’ve read in a few articles for my Psych 101 class that 700,000 children are abused in the United States annually and 70.6% of the abuse is caused by the mother. I also believe V has something called wounded attachment. Wounded attachment is subconsciously being attracted or attached to someone or something that reminds the survivor of or reinforces the wound/trauma. When the abuse happens as a child, the child seeks to please the adult and gain affection, attention, nurturing, love or trust by doing whatever they feel will make the adult happy. This follows the child into adulthood. When the child is missing something early in life such as nurturing, the person will seek it out in a significant other even thought they don’t realize it. Often times, they will sacrifice their own happiness to make their partner happy. In abusive relationships, which they often are for people who suffered abuse as a child, stay in the relationship for a number of reasons, not just fear. Perhaps they are afraid of what will happen to their partner if they leave the relationship. Maybe the victim has been made to feel useless by their partner and the only person that would want them is the abuser. Perhaps the victim and the partner had a perfect relationship in the beginning but that changed and now the victim will do whatever they can to please their partner and bring back the person they fell in love with…

…sound familiar?

Cops & Crooks Fic Masterpost

In August, the Sterek Writing Room challenged its members to put together stories inspired by crime and law enforcement. Here’s what they came up with!!

Disproportionate Reaction [T] [11731] ophilianipples || @a-little-excited

So basically this is unbeta’d and written in the spirit of Teen Wolf (aka, completely implausible, self-indulgent dialogue, little to no character development)

Stiles gets himself assigned to Derek’s case and then ends up saving Derek during a field mission.

Enjoy ;)

Baby, you could be my Robbin’ Hood [G] [5531] gremlins-came-and-got-me || @1989dreamer

It starts on a Monday afternoon.

Chapter 1 of Reversed Roles [T] [3052] @squishysterek

Chapter 1 of a collaboration between a group of writers from Sterek Writing Room on Tumblr!

Mafia AU to fit with August’s theme! We hope you enjoy reading!

Every stumble and each misfire [M] [14070] @everchanginginks

Stiles taps on the icon to open up the chat. He needs to write something. Anything. But what?

What are you wearing? Eh, no.

So, when the fuck were you going to tell me you’re back in BH? A bit too aggressive.

Does this mean that my attraction to you in high school was mutual, but you held back on account of me basically being a child and you are now open to exploring the intense, overwhelming feelings I held for you, which I only realized I had the moment I thought I watched you die? Maybe too honest.

Stiles hasn’t seen or heard from Derek in ten years. It’s a bit of a surprise to find out about Derek’s return to Beacon Hills through Tinder.

ride or die (like the bonnie to your clyde) [T] [1624] @jadorehale

Inspired by this post by @superwolflin:

“We better get stiles going back to his apartment after the FBI class, opening the door and shouting for fucks sake Derek I’m not harbouring your fugitive ass again as Derek walks around the corner eating a bowl of cereal like what?”

Lips Like They’ve Been Singing (Sexed-Up Strawberry Songs) [E] [155580] @grimmypuff

Ingredients for a successful hook-up, take:

1 karaoke bar
A reluctant Derek
A dash of Stiles being sexy
Add a well-planned cat burglary
Miix well

(Not that Derek has any choice about the mixing part when Laura’s involved)

Just a Hobby [T] [3014] @kaistrex

Five times Deputy Derek shelters his partner from the world of the supernatural and the one time he discovers he’s just been making a fool of himself.

put ‘em together and what have you got? [T] [11162] yodasyoyo || @yodas-yo-yo

“Oh, bibbidi bobbidi fuck you.”

Unsurprisingly, Stiles’ fairy godmother is a menace.

It Started With a Game [G] [2805] @nightlight9

It’s one thing to have Stiles as his anchor. It’s another thing entirely to realize that he’s in love with his best friend. His best friend who happens to be three years younger than him and, oh god, John is going to have him arrested. He won’t be able to become a cop because he’ll be behind bars.

Lost on You [T] [4709] @troubleiwant

Stiles is the sheriff of Beacon Hills, and Derek’s an inveterate cattle hustler better known as The Outlaw Derek Hale. It’s a shame he’s so goddamn pretty, then.


Hale gives Stiles a rakish, dangerous smile. “Aw, that Whittemore kid’s got enough cattle he won’t miss a few.”

“Be that as it may, the law’s the law,” Stiles says. “I’m charged with taking this property back to its rightful owner.”

“And what if I don’t let you?”

Stiles scowls. “If you put up a fight, I’m within my rights as sheriff to shoot you.”

Hale eyes him, an inscrutable smile quirking one side of his mouth. “You’re not gonna shoot me.”

“Sure,” Stiles agrees amiably. “‘Cause you’re gonna leave this herd right here and ride away, all agreeable-like.”

They sit on their respective horses and stare each other down for a moment that stretches out like taffy. The cattle sway along between them, snuffling and clopping on their way. Stiles has enough time to give some serious thought to what he would do if Hale, for once, didn’t take his offer of a peaceful resolution.

Hidden [T] [4136] madmana || @bittensweetwolf

After Sheriff Stilinski gets a hold of a guy at a crime scene, it quickly becomes clear that he can play a critical role in an ongoing case against a mob called ‘The Pack’. Now they only have to catch them and hide Stiles in the meantime. Luckily the Sheriff knows just the place.

A Teen Wolf/Sister Act mashup nobody asked for but seemed to work well with the Cops 'n’ Crooks August theme of the sterek writing room.

can you blame me? (I saw your picture) [NR] [3928] icarusinflight || @candybarrnerd

“Detective Hale.” the voice rings out authoritatively.
Derek stands up from his desk as the woman approaches.
“Captain,” he acknowledges.
“Come into my office.”

Derek is a police officer, and when his record gets hacked, they assume the worst

I Own You

@milena-blanchard asked:  Hi there I have just found your Blog and thought why not requesting something. Can i have a smut one shot where the Reader and Taehyung working in the same Company (He is your Boss). The Reader just loves to provoke tae, wich leads to really rough Sex. You can make it really rough( you can include dedegration(names), being tied up, spanking..) Thank you and have a nice day <3

Genre: Smut, angst

Word Count: 3.5k

A/N I loved this request and couldn’t get it out of my head since you requested it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for requesting and have a good day / evening / night.

*Warning this is smut and contains swearing so don’t read if you’re not comfortable*

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anonymous asked:

whats so attractive about aizawa?? i dont find him good looking appearance wise at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s simply your opinion, anon which is perfectly fine! For me though, if I were to pluck Aizawa from the manga and realistically set him in front of myself, I would absolutely be attracted to him. Not just for his appearance either but, let’s start with that.

The long, dark hair and dark eyes. The stoic expression. The fact that he’s tall and exponentially strong. His jawline is sharp enough to cut a bitch and the facial hair just makes it that much better. Plus, his voice is deeper than the ninth level of hell. Just uggghghhghhg!! Physically, he is absolutely my type when it comes to character thirst lol. He’s also thirty years old which just makes him all the better imo because i love older characters. But, his personality is what really does it for me, and is what makes him one of my all time favorite characters while also making me find him even more attractive than I already do from his appearance alone. 

He is a well-spoken, insanely intelligent man who is also observant to a keen degree. He’s brutally honest and what you see with him is exactly what you get. He doesn’t pussy-foot around people’s feelings for the sake of saving face. He’s mysterious because he sees and feels no need to talk about himself or to brag about his hero status. He’s very selfless, and puts the lives of others over his own on the regular. He’s determined and accomplished. He’s a workaholic and actually deprives himself of proper sleep and nutrition solely to make sure both of his jobs are being carried out to the best of his ability and those around him. He doesn’t make excuses for his mistakes and actually takes the blame for others as well. He’s open-minded while remaining logical about every situation he approaches. 

Honestly, I could go one for days about this. This just scratches the surface of his canon character. And don’t even get me started on my headcanons for this man because oh my godddddd they just make me adore him even more tbh. I don’t know about everyone else but, these are just some of the reasons why I find Aizawa so attractive and adore him as much as I do :)

Hold That Thought 2

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

Tag List Is Open. Let Me Know!!

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Happy Birthday, Rafi

A little Barisi one shot I wrote in celebration of Raul’s birthday. Enjoy!

“Ow! Dammit!”

“Sonny?” Rafael called out, concerned, as he walked into their apartment.

“Uh…wait a minute. Don’t come in here!” Sonny called back, sounding flustered.

Rafael shook his head, hanging his dark blue trench coat in the hall closet. His eyebrows furrowed in curiosity when the lights in the kitchen down the hall flicked off.

“Now you can come in.” Carisi said, sounding only slightly less frazzled than he had a few moments ago.

“I’m actually surprised you’re here. I spoke to Liv this afternoon and she said something about a stakeout. I figured-” He stopped when he reached the kitchen. A candle flickered atop a round, albeit lopsided, chocolate frosted cake that sat on the island. Sonny stood behind it, grinning proudly from ear to ear, dimples in their full glory. Rafael’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. He looked beautiful, the candlelight flickering over his face, henley sleeves pushed up nearly to his elbows.

“Happy Birthday, Rafi.”

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The Flirting Kind (Yondu Udonta x Female Reader) Smut

Requested: Yondu x Female Reader in which the reader is a Nova Corps officer working with Yondu on a case and Yondu does nothing but flirt with her non-stop. It can be smutty or not.

A/N: Y'all know me so of course I made it smutty 😂

Warnings: Smut, Language, Oral, Rough Sex, Hair-pulling.

The moment you found out that you had to work with Yondu Udonta and his Ravagers on this mission, you knew you were in trouble. But you could never imagine the kind of trouble you ended up in with the Ravager captain. Why the Nova Corps decided to work with them in the first place, you never know. Sure, they helped defend Xandar from Ronan, but they were still a bunch of thieving pirates.

“C'mon, sweetheart. Get that thick ass over here and help me out, will ya!”

You flinched and growled at the Ravager’s comment, glaring as you walked up to him where he stood next to the ancient object you were here for. It was contained inside a box sealed with a puzzle lock. Udonta grinned at you and you rolled your eyes. He had consistently flirted with you ever since you met up at Knowhere and his ship, making sexist little comments about your body and annoying the hell out of you. But if you were completely honest with yourself, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the Centaurian, despite of his rudeness and lack of social skills. His had a certain rugged appeal to him that pulled you in, one you found more and more impossible to escape.

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