i bet you're wondering what the significance of this set is

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question: i was just wondering what you're going to do on the 16th of april 2017 when harry and louis still aren't in a relationship, as they never will be, and you owe $1000 to a charity for losing that bet you made? after all its pretty obvious that they have never nor will they ever be in a relationship. thaaaaaanks, have a good day x0x0x0

My dude. You obviously had someone tell you about this bet and didn’t see it play out in real time, because what actually happened was that individual who goaded me into making the bet set up an anon-blog, so we had a base of communication for the terms of the best.

Then, despite a significant about of grandstanding and reassurances from them that of course I could trust them not to disappear when they inevitably lost the best and had to pay up, in November 2014, 7 months after we made the bet, (right around the time that Harry was saying someone being female was “ Not That Important” to him) my dipshit, chickenshit anon, panicked and deleted their blog.

So yeah, the bet is off. For obvious reasons.

To your other point, Harry and Louis are together. But the good news is that the charities aren’t missing out - and I haven’t actually needed any bet for that to be the case.  I’ve just had a quick look at my tax-returns and since April 2014, when the bet was established, I’ve donated nearly $4200 AUD to various charities. And in just the few weeks the since Jay passed away, I’ve donated another £450 to cancer charities here in the UK.

I don’t need some bet to enforce me to make charitible donations, and I’m not beholden to a bet where the other party cut and run. So congrats on trying to make me seem like the jerk in this scenario, because it’s backfired on you in a big way.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks have a good day!! XOXOXOX