i bet you never expected that

  • Keith: have you ever kissed anyone
  • Lance: *snorts* yea I was GREAT at kissing
  • Keith: pshh yea right
  • Lance: I bet you've never kissed anyone in your life!!
  • Keith: I have kissed people before and I was GOOD at it!!
  • Lance: PROVE IT
  • Keith: FINE
  • Lance: FINE
  • Keith and Lance: *kiss*
  • Pidge: well thats not how I expected that would happen
  • Hunk: to be honest I'm not that surprised.
Babysitter (Part 2)

Summary: Your parents have to leave for a buiness trip for the weekend and you invite Taehyung over

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/ Reader

Genre: Smut X2

Word: 3.3k

A/N: I suppose there will be a part 3 lol maybe- Sorry if this one is not as good

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4Masterlist

As you woke up you noticed you weren’t in your bed. You saw that Taehyung was sleeping right next to you. You blushed just thinking about last night. The time that you spent together was special.

You felt him stretch next to you sending him awake. “Morning.” He yawned but then he snapped to reality.

“I slept here?” He panicked. “Did your parents come home?”

“I don’t know.” You said getting up.

You noticed the cable box said 8 o'clock. You made your way to the kitchen when you noticed your mother starting to cook. “Mom?”

“Hey dear.” Your mother continued cooking. “What time did you get home last night?”

“Around one.” Your mother looked past you as she saw Taehyung sneak up from behind.

“Excuse me ma'am.” He bowed. “I’m so sorry that I fell asleep before you got home.”

“Don’t be son….I wouldn’t want you to drive home so late anyway.” She gently caressed his cheek in respect.

“I guess I’ll be heading home then.” He said.

“Nonsense, stay for breakfast.”


After breakfast Taehyung left, he was sweet but didn’t give you much attention, probably because your mother was around. Or at least you hoped. You guys didn’t really get the privacy to talk about last night. You hoped things weren’t going to be awkward now.


It’s been one week since you seen Taehyung. Your parents only been out once and you haven’t been out since that night. Your friends had pressured you into going to more parties but you denied, that was an awful experience for you, but at least something came out of it.

You were in your room reading when your mother barged in suddenly.

“Sweetie, something has come up and I need you to watch the kids all weekend.” Your mother said.

“Why?” You asked confused.

“Your father and I have a business trip.” She said it like it was a nuisance.

“Do you mind watching the kids?”

“No I guess not.”

“Please don’t throw any parties or let your friends over….I’m sorry I don’t like them.”

“Okay fine….no fun…got it.” You said sarcastically.

“You can invite Tae over only, if you need help.” Your mother started leaving your room. “We’ll be back Monday morning.”

Funny enough that you can’t throw a party but invite the guy you had sex with while your brother and sister were just sleeping upstairs. Ironic.

It was kind of obvious that your mom approves of Taehyung but you bet she would never expect this.


“Okay please don’t burn the house down.” Your father said dead serious.

“I won’t.”

“And remember what I said….nobody over except Tae.” You heart beats when you hear his name.

“Tae can come over?” Dara showed behind you. “Can we have a sleep over?”

“It’s up to your sister….shes in charge.”

Your sister pouted. “No worries Dar….” You winked at her sending her smiling off.


“Are you gonna call him?” Your sister has not stopped bugged you about calling Tae for the past hour.

“Yeah it’s already 5, we have to go to bed in like three hours.” Your brother argued.

“Okay calm down.” You grabbed his number from the fridge dialing it in your phone.

Why did you feel so nervous?

“Hello?” He asked on the other side of the line.

“T-Tae? This is (Y/N).” You said nervously.

“Hey.” He said causally.

“My parents are gone for the weekend.” You just realized how that sounds making you stumble over your words. “I- I was wonderi- I mean the kids were wondering if you wanted to sleep over or if you don-”

“I loved to.” You heart fluttered. “I’ll be right over.”


You weren’t the best cook so you decided to call for a pizza instead. When you heard the knock on the door, you made sure to grab your wallet and head to the door.

It was earlier then usual from the fact that you only called 15 minutes ago.

When you opened the door you were met with the boy who stole your heart one week ago. You thought you were nervous before, you had no idea what was coming.

“Are you paying for my company?” He smirked as he saw your wallet in your hand. Your stomach exploded with butterflies.

“Wha- oh no I ordered pizza.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung started to brush past you but stopped, leaning into your ear. “Please don’t bite your lip or I won’t be able to control myself.” He whispered and headed towards the living room.

“Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. You were already feeling flustered and he just got here.


After you all ate, you were sitting on the couch amused as you watched your little sister tackle Taehyung on the floor. The sight of seeing him around children was sexy.

‘Okay okay clean thoughts.’

“I think it’s getting close to bed time.”

You watched as you saw Dara sit up and groaned. “I don’t want to.”

“It’s 9:30, I already let you stay way past your bed time.”

“Fine.” She got up. “Can Tae read me a bed time story?”

You looked at Tae for permission but your sister was already dragging him towards the stairs.

“Dara you need to ask.”

“It’s fine, I like a lady in charge.” He winked at you.

This boy was going to be the death of you.

You followed upstairs to send your brother to bed, but as soon as you entered his room he was already past out with his video games running. You quietly turned everything off and closed the door.

You passed Dara’s room as you saw Tae acting out some mythical story making her laugh. He was so good around kids.

You went to your room changing into something more comfortable. You figured maybe you and Tae would watch another movie.

“So this is your room?” You jumped from his voice behind you. You saw Tae looking around your room while leaning on the door.

“Your sister falls asleep fast.” He smiled.

He took a few steps walking into your room. “What do we do now?”

You blushed, biting your lip as soon as he looked at you. “I thought I told you not to do that?” At this point he was walking closer to you until he was right in front of you.

“Are you going to punish me?” You asked giving him a slight pout.

“I don’t believe in that.” Your eyes soften. “But…” He smirked.

You gave him your full attention. “I have a better idea.” Before you can even process what he said he smashed his lips with yours. You missed this, one week without his presence was too long.

You responded by wrapping your arms around his neck as soon as he deepened the kiss. He was already pulling your hips towards his as he leaned into you, you couldn’t help but moan, from his tongue exploring every corner of your mouth. He almost seemed desperate, like he missed your touch as well.

The next thing you know Taehyung was slowly moving you towards your bed. When your back hit the sheets he was on top of you moving his lips to your neck, not missing any detail. You could feel the tingles spread throughout your body as he left wet kisses down your neck.

Your breathing became heavier as his hand slid up your shirt, the sensation gave you chills. You could feel the dampness in your shorts as soon as you felt his member poking your thigh through his jeans. You loved how much of an impact you had on him as much as he had on you.

The cold air hit you as he sat up, you groaned from the sudden loss of his warm hands caressing you. You watched as he licked his lips while looking into your eyes. Just then he reached for your shorts waist line, dragging them off until they hit the floor. Your heart was beating rapidly from the sweet tender kisses up your thighs. He didn’t miss a spot as he made his way towards the area you wanted him most. You tilted your head back as his tongue licked up your core.

“Oh fuck-” You moaned from the new feeling. This was your first time that anyone has ever pleasured you like this.

“You gotta be quiet babe.” He whispered.

He continued to move his tongue swiftly through your folds, the pleasure was unbelievable that you just wanted to scream. You scrunched up the sheets under trying to refrain yourself, but Taehyung was making it impossible. You had a feeling his tongue could do incredible things by the way he kissed you but never this.

You were trying not to lift you hips as you could almost feel your climax take hold. “Are you getting close?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You moaned.

You gave him a questioningly look as he suddenly stopped and got up from his position. He laughed at your reaction as he started to strip off his clothes, from his shirt down to his pants. He knew what he was doing by the teasing look he was giving you. “Take off your shirt.” You did as he made his way towards you.

You smiled when he hovered over you, kissing up your chest all the way up to your neck once again. He stopped to look you in the eyes when you wrapped your legs around his waist. He licked his lips again. Damn you hated when he did that but loved it at the same time.

He looked down as he grabbed a hold of his length, slowly sliding into you. You bit your lip trying not to moan from the tight feeling. He started to thrust into you at a steady pace while he kissed you passionately.

You couldn’t contain your moans any longer, you let a few slip out as he rapid the speed hitting your g spot. “I can’t wait to get you alone, then I can really hear you.”

Just his voice was setting you towards your high, you weren’t sure how much longer you can hold back. “Tae….I’m going to cum.”

He took that by kissing you so you wouldn’t make anymore noise. You felt him smile against your lips as you tried to moan when you orgasm came flooding through. He was still moving quickly as you were numb under him. He stopped kissing you but he kept his face aligned with yours gently. He closed his eyes tightly as he let go, filling the tight space with his cum. “You drive me crazy.” He whispered.

You giggled as you watch him lay to the bed next to you. “Your welcome.”

He was leaning over you once more pecking kisses over your cheeks to your nose. Taehyung was something special, he could go from sexy to adorable in the matter of seconds.

“(Y/N)….” He had your attention. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” You blushed from his compliment.

“Do you know how rude you are?”

“What?” He asked confused.

“You can’t be licking your lips all the time or winking at me….its rude.”

“I cant help it.” He smiled.

“You’re a tease.”

“You’re face is a tease.” You laughed at his childish behavior. He slouched to your side once again pulling you into him.

You felt sleepy as his arms were wrapped around you. You cuddled into him more when the sleep took hold.


You woke up feeling peaceful when you saw the sunshine peeking through your curtains. You felt Taehyung’s arm wrapped around you. You turned around and noticed he was still sleeping. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping.

You blushed from the idea of waking up to him by your side every morning. It made you feel butterflies in your stomach, but you can’t get carried away nothing was official between you two.

The child in you had you gently poking his face to try to wake him. You giggled watching his face scrunch up. “Tae.” You whispered as you kissed below his ear.

He cutely groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. “What?” He yawned closing his eyes again.

“Wakey wakey.” He opened his eyes again and smiled at your cuteness.

“(Y/N)!!!” You heard Dara yelling as she barged into your room.

“Oh fuck!” You panicked.

You pulled your sheets over your chest as soon as Dara entered, from the fact that you and Tae were still naked underneath.

“Dara! Remember you have to knock before you enter someone else’s room.”

“Sorry I forgot.”

Dara gasped as soon as she noticed Taehyung. “I didn’t know you were having a sleepover together….how come I wasn’t invited?” Your sister pouted.

“Tonight we will make a bed in the living room for all of us okay…now please go wake your brother.” You rushed.

“Okay…” She left.

You jumped out of the bed with the sheet wrapped around you as you closed the door locking it.

“Okay we have 5 minutes.”

Tae smirked when he saw you. “Stop staring and get dressed.” You laughed.


The day was full of exhausting activities your siblings put you through. A walk in the park, a trip to the ice cream shop, back to the house watching movies. Your brother wanted to sleep over his best friends house tonight so Dara was the only one to take care of.

It was 7 o'clock and the only movies Dara let you watch was kid movies, so you and Tae were quite bored. Dara was sprawled out on the love seat facing the TV, while you and Tae where on the couch farther back. You slid over to be right next to Tae.

You rested your head on his shoulder as some song the characters were singing was irritating you. You felt Tae place his hand over your knee. Luckily you were wearing leggings unless his touch would affect you. “I thought you were a good boy.” You whispered as he moved his hand further up your leg.

You saw Dara move so you quickly moved Tae’s hand off of you. But she was still hypnotize by the movie as you can see, for all you know she could be sleeping, you couldn’t see her face.

About 10 minutes have passed you wondered how long this dumb movie was. You couldn’t stay focused any longer. Tae’s fingers were tapping against his thigh. You couldn’t help but stare as your eyes wandered to a more inappropriate area. You couldn’t help but noticed the slight bulge in his sweat pants. Was he turned on?

“My eye are up here.” He laughed. You just tapped his chest playfully.

“I was looking at your annoying tapping.”

“Sure.” He smirked. “And to answer your question I’m very turned on right now.” He confessed.

“You’re the rude one, wearing that shirt.” He continued.

“I’m wearing a tank top.” You laughed.

“I can see your bra.” He whispered in your ear. You loved when he did that, it sent chills crawling down your neck.

You looked down and noticed your bra was hanging out. Honestly that wasn’t on purpose. You had this thing forever it’s probably just grown to be too small on you.

“Sorry.” You giggled pulling your shirt up.

Just then your sister got up sleepily, almost like she was sleep walking. “I’m going to bed.” She said and made her way upstairs.

“I’m changing this crap.” You got the remote finding something else on Netflix.

When you sat back down you tried not to pay attention to Taehyung’s tapping once again. Probably something to do with his dirty mind.

You slapped your hand over his to stop his taping. “You bored?”

“No.” He said casually, but you knew he was.

You reached your hand over to where his bulge was still visible. “Your still showing.” You smirked as you starting rubbing the sensitive area. You love seeing him squirm under your touch.

“Do you need help with this?” For some reason Tae has made you more confident, only when its the two of you.

He arched his eyebrows as soon as you got down on your knees in front of him. “Have you ever done this before?” He said nervously. “Because you don’t have to.”

His sweet side showing, he actually cares about your feelings, doesn’t want you to feel pressured in anyway. Not like most guys.

“I owe you from last night.” You started tugging on his pants, only to have his length exposed. You wrapped your hands around his shaft. He was harder then you thought, he was weak when it came to you. Just thinking about it made you blush.

You started to pump his length slowly to tease him. The sexual desire was stirring up inside you. You went in circling your tongue around the tip, while your hands continued pumping.

You watched him lean his head back on the couch moaning quietly. “You sure you haven’t done this.”

You nodded as you took him into your mouth to as low as you can go, while you pumped the rest.

You felt yourself getting wet as you heard him moan. When you brought your head back up you noticed the tip was throbbing. He wasn’t going to last much longer. You wanted the thrill of him releasing in your mouth.

“You like ladies in control?” You teased. He felt his part twitching in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He placed his hand on the back your head to make you move faster. He couldn’t control himself much longer as you felt the salty substances fill your mouth.

You swallowed his liquids as you leaned in to lick him clean. He was still a wreck, breathing heavy as his orgasm was slowly passing.

“You good?” You giggled as you still were licking up the mess.

He looked at you tiredly when you finally pulled his pants back up. “Can I ask you something?”

He got on the ground with you, getting under the covers of the bed you made in the living room.

“Go ahead.” You smiled.

“The sex has been great with you and all, but I was wondering if you wanted to actually go out…like a date?” He looked nervous. How cute.

“Of course.” You tried not to make it seem like you were overly excited.

He smiled and leaned in for a deep kiss. “Ewww. Wash your mouth out.” He pretended to be disgusted but then he laughed.

You hit his shoulder but then pulled his shirt into you making him kiss you again. This time he didn’t pull away. The way he kissed you made you feel like you were in a fairy tale.


“Wake up.” You felt a tiny body throw them self between you and Tae waking you up immediately.

“Dara.” You groaned in pain. “Why are you so annoying?”

“Hey sunshine.” Tae smiled at the pain in the ass.

“Mommy and daddy are here.” Dara said looking at you. What? Your mother said that they’d be back Monday morning not Sunday.

You got up to look out the window, you saw your parents grabbing their bags from the trunk of their car. “Why are they early?”

“Maybe something came up.” Tae said hugging you from behind.

“Hey…..I want a hug.” Dara pouted.

“Of course sunshine.” Are you really competing on who gets Taehyung with your sister? Little brat.

You quickly grabbed the blankets from the floor, tossing them in the linen closet before your parents would enter.

Just as your parents entered Dara ran to them, giving each a hug. “Wheres Sungmin?” Your mother asked.

“He asked if he can sleep over Suho’s last night.” Your mothers eyes brightened up when she saw Taehyung greet her.

“Surprised to see you here.” Your mother greeted.

“We had a sleep over.” Dara cheered.

“Really?” You both nodded.

“(Y/N) let Tae sleep in her bed with her.” Dara pouted like she was jealous and your mother and father stared at you both confused.

Oh fuck! We’re busted.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

I’m gonna answer this in the form of what-ifs and personal theories and also based only on the Prime 3 pirates so here goes:

Since their real body is a limbless leech, I don’t think they could have utilized tools on their own. They were probably the weird alien fish equivalent of dolphins. UNTIL

Maybe a certain species of alien bird with no sense of boundaries was watching these little worm guys and seeing their potential. So they decided to show up and be like “hey u guys want limbs and also space travel?”

There’s definitely a pattern in the series of the Chozo being responsible for horrible disasters that kill a bunch of people. Like Metroids, you know because SOMEONE thought virtually-unkillable killing machines were just the dandiest solution to get rid of another unkillable killing machine. And also uplifting the Bryyonians and we all know how that went. So I think it would be perfectly in-character for them to also be responsible for the Space Pirates being a threat, (and also destroying their own Homeworld hey just like Bryyo) when they would have otherwise been harmless alien fish on a perfectly healthy planet.

I mean think about it, they spend their whole lives in the ocean with no arms and then suddenly someone shows up, sticks them on land, gives them hands and is like alright have fun with that sensory overload mate. And then they go crazy developing and dominating every inch of their planet’s surface for no other reason than NOW WE CAN. And then that one planet just isn’t enough, so they use their newfound legginess to make laughable attempts to conquer every other planet too! 

And the rest is history.

dexter starters ( showtime’s dexter s2ep2.)

  • “ i finally get a chance to kill and i can’t do it.”
  • “ and now all my secrets are floating to the surface.”
  • “ how did i lose it? how do i find it again?”
  • “ how can i solve a crime when i can’t even solve what’s wrong with me?”
  • “ has a nice ring to it, no?”
  • “ last thing ___ needs is another serial killer.”
  • “ why don’t you take a picture? it’ll last longer.”
  • “ what would i do without you?”
  • “ grandma really talks like that?”
  • “ you get the point. right, bitch?”
  • “ fucking people don’t want our help.”
  • “ this stuff never gets to you?”
  • “ i’m more of a cry on the inside kinda guy.”
  • “ what? i’m so over that.”
  • “ just… prove it to me.”
  • “ it’s like you’re just fucking with me.”
  • “ couldn’t pick a worse time, right?”
  • “ hey, how about you take off? let me handle this.”
  • “ i couldn’t let you do that.”
  • “ i owe you.”
  • “ i can’t even go there.”
  • “ this one’s on us, man.”
  • “ i have to focus. tune everything out.”
  • “ timing could be better.”
  • “ … oh. it’s you.”
  • “ who else you got following you?”
  • “ go ahead. try it. i’ve been waitin’.”
  • “ this neighborhood? it’s full of crazies. i’d lock my doors.”
  • “ bathroom’s all yours.”
  • “ we ran outta glasses?”
  • “ come on, give it a chance.”
  • “ sweetie, what’s the matter?”
  • “ what kind of weird?”
  • “ no. no, calm was what i was 35 minutes ago. pissed is what i am now.”
  • “ hey! who want’s eggos? i got blueberry, or chocolate. or both.”
  • “ assholes! they did everything but help.”
  • “ which assholes were you talking to?”
  • “ i didn’t ask for your help, or your advice.”
  • “ i’ll never understand how people deal with death. why they can’t just… put it in it’s place.”
  • “ not exactly ideal in the element of surprise department.”
  • “ i have to find a new way to dispose of the body.”
  • “ you totally douched me in there.”
  • “ you clocked a guy in a bar who touched your arm…“
  • “ well, thank you for the fucking vote of confidence.”
  • “ hey. just visualize that door of opportunity opening up wide for you, bro, and just walk right through it.”
  • “ you keep up with this woo-woo shit, imma walk right through you.”
  • “ that come with a story?”
  • “ well, you should be more careful, amigo.”
  • “ they had to bring in outside talent. which would be moi.”
  • “ bet this guy never expected his work to see in the light of day.”
  • “ i bet you’re right.”
  • “ still, it can’t be easy to hide a body nowadays.”
  • “ you shittin’ me?”
  • “ hypothetical: how do you make sure disposed body stay disposed?”
  • “ don’t all those run the risk of contact with the outside world?”
  • “ you got a better idea?”
  • “ there is no such thing as the perfect crime. not in my experience, anyway.”
  • “ well, we have something in common.”
  • “ miss me?”
  • “ i need to clear the decks… and my head.”
  • “ they, uh… ate my puppy.”
  • “ you may have to get closer than you like.”
  • “ i’m doin’ enough damage on my own.”
  • “ that was a yes. sounded like a no, but… yeah.”
  • “ you scared the shit outta me.”
  • “ how you doin’?”
  • “ don’t! you fuckin’ asked… so, how am i doing? i’m just fine.”
  • “ come on, don’t get the shakes now. this is no time for performance anxiety.”
  • “ i’ve been waitin’ for you.”
  • “ come out, come out, wherever you are!”
  • “ what the hell is wrong with me?”
  • “ it’s okay, i got you.”
  • “ don’t leave me! please, don’t leave me!”
  • “ want me to knock out some doors? or maybe some heads?”
  • “ what fucking asshole left this here?”
  • “ it’s ‘special agent’ fucking asshole.”
  • “ frankly, you’re more of a leader than a team-player.”
  • “ i’m not convinced you play well with others.”
  • “ i feel like a jigsaw-puzzle missing a piece.”
  • “ i’ve been calling you for hours.”
  • “ i kinda pulled an all nighter.”
  • “ it’s, uh… it’s taking me to places i never thought i’d go.”
  • “ he was such a destructive force. why can’t you just put him behind you?”
  • “ i’m just gonna make you late.”
  • “ dammit, ___!  i need you there too.”
  • “ you have no idea what this feels like.”
  • “ can’t wait to get another door slammed in my face.”
  • “ that’s it. put that out into the universe, alright?”
  • “ look on the bright side. comically, we’re batting a thousand.”
  • “ please, don’t shoot me, miss/mister.”
  • “ if i believed in god. if i believed in sin… this is the place where i’d be sucked straight to hell… if i believed in hell.”
  • “ i’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “ i’m not sorry.”
  • “ you’re still here.”
  • “ i killed you.”
  • “ no. you just took my life.”
  • “ so how do i make you go away?”
  • “ i’m not like them.”
  • “ now, if it helps, i can tell you it’s not your fault, what you did to me.”
  • “ i’m not human.”
  • “ no. you’re just fucked up.”
  • “ you think it’s as simple as that?”
  • “ excuse me, i opened this by mistake.”
  • “ today it is all about the win. i think we really should enjoy this.”
  • “ i really appreciate your support.”
  • “ it was simple, really.”
  • “ all i had to do was put myself into the mind of a killer. hardly a stretch.”
  • “ trust me, you’re not going anywhere this time.”
  • “ who the fuck are you?”
  • “ that kind of talk is just gonna bring you closer to your victims.”
  • “ no, maybe you didn’t do the deed, but the blood is on your hands.”
  • “ a lot of blood is on your hands.”
  • “ why do you care about these people?”
  • “ why are you doing this to me?”
  • “ i’m not so much doing this to you as i’m doing it for me.”
  • “ you leave pain wherever you go.”
  • “ you kill me, what do you leave behind?”
  • “ look at that, steady as a surgeon.”
  • “ this kill was just the first of the loose ends i needed to tie off.”
  • “ i need to see you.”
  • “ i’m just dropping somebody off, can it wait?”
  • “ a shoe? you wanted to see me about a shoe?”
  • “ i didn’t have a lot to hope for until i met you.”
  • “ you gave me something to believe in when i didn’t even believe in myself.”
  • “ it’s not your fault.”
  • “ it was totally an act of impulse.”
  • “ what are you trying to say, that you planned on acting on impulse?”
  • “ that’s where you disappeared to at all hours of the night like clark fucking kent.”
  • “ if the eyes are the window to the soul, then grief is the door. as long as it’s closed, it’s the barrier between knowing and not knowing. walk away from it and it stays closed forever. but open it, and walk through it, and pain becomes truth.”
  • “ i’ve been preparing for this my entire life.”
  • “ it’s annoying, isn’t it?”
  • “ i’m not taking the bait.”
  • “ you’re up late.”
  • “ you don’t need to do this. you don’t need to do this now.”
  • “ temporary insanity.”
  • “ you’re right. i smell like a fucking sewer.”
  • “ i had to say goodbye in order to reconnect with what’s really important. with who i was.”
  • “ rest in peace… i am.”
review of faces maxie makes throughout the entirety of oras + some canon art

am i late to the meme of course i am

the standard maxie

this is as average as it is gonna get with him. looks cool and collected but is probably thinking of how cute camerupt looks when he feeds it pokepuffs. 20/10 but only because ive seen him make more interesting faces but it’s already perfection.

concept art smug maxie

step aside smug anime girls, there’s a new boy in town. looks satisfied with himself and overall very bratty and confident. great angle and lightning going on. easily one of my faves. 1000/10

mini model smug maxie - the sequel

a differently flavored smug maxie. looks even more in the clouds than concept art smug maxie. That snide crooked smirk tho!!! 999/10

tcg smug maxie - the finale to the thrilling trilogy

completely changes the angle and now we see him from above YET he still makes us feel like he knows something we dont. tell us your secrets maxie. good megane shine going on. 1001/10 and it gets bonus points for being featured alongside archie in that official saint valentines tweet. imbued with extremely blessed queer energy.

engry maxie

You can clearly see he is Not Pleased!!!! His eyes go full iris-less to show he is confused too and I appreciate that “I forgot the oven on” vibe. 450/10

“archie what’s good” maxie

things are going his way but he is already out of control!!! Not a genuine laughter, however I like how we see him have fun like never before. let him enjoy himself even if it’s for like 10 seconds before he realises he fucked up. sadly i couldn’t find a gif but i promise he is moving his whole body as he cackles which is Very Good. 300/10

>BD maxie

Uh oh! Now you’ve done it! The signature pokévillain big ol smile before the final showdown. He only looks like this when he is ready to kick ass, will probably lose but shhh he doesn’t know yet. Feels powerful but i cant tell if its cursed or blessed. 350/10

“toothpaste-brand-i-cant-mention-because-of-copyright-reasons” smile maxie

the most cryptic of all of his grins. is seen for like a split second in the background. the image is so low res that all of his wrinkles are gone but far from making him look better it makes him look Not Okay. Also because he does this as he shows the protag how groudon awakes, it is safe to say it’s the maxie equivalent on checking on the person he is showing a funny youtube video that is a little too long and maybe not that funny in retrospective. 100/10 because of the shit-eating cockiness he shows.

drama queen maxie

this one’s not even showing his face but honestly!? a classic. alpha sapphire exclusive sexual innuendo going on from the other angle and all. this is the good posture of someone who does yoga with his admins every morning. 400/10

“just got beaten by a 13 y-o” maxie

and last but not least, what has to be the most memorable moment this nerd has given to us all. upon breaking down the gif you can notice that 1) he winces with such energy that his glasses almost fall off!! 2) he immediately composes himself, of course he does, he is the great maxie he needs to look sharp and 3) THE SMUG SMIRK IS BACK. Overall very blessed as we get to see many faces of his personality in this format. this is exactly what i expect from an adult nerd like him who just lost to some random kid. 1000/10 would fight again.


the stone-faced maxies are good but feel a little plain compared to the wide variety of emotions he shows. They make up 90% of what we see of maxie in-game. a safe bet, you can never go wrong with resting binch face maxie.

the grinning maxie, whom we see in the seafloor cavern, are this weird mix of extremely cursed and blessed energies that manage to instill a deep sense of discomfort on you but you smile and nod nonetheless because it’s maxie. I never know how to feel when i witness them, but i think i like them

smug maxie is the superior maxie. no doubts about this. it’s the closest we get in canon art to a genuine smile from him so it’s inherently Good. Why is it so underrated tho???? let him show off his sassy side more often. The knowing smirk shows his personality very well without making him look like an unpleasant person. easily my fave maxie expression.

Dating Gwaine Would Involve...

-Constant touching. 


-Seriously.  There’s always an arm around your shoulder, or fingers playing with the ends of your hair.


-Excessive PDA.  But what did you expect?


-Bringing you a flower every time he returns from a mission.


-When he returns from an especially long trip, you bake an apple pie.   As soon as they enter the castle gates, he makes a beeline for your house.


-“Hey Gwaine, we’re going to the pub if you—hey, come back!”

“Oh, let him go.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when Gwaine skipped out on the pub.”

“Yeah, well we didn’t think he’d ever settle down either.”


-Finding out the knights made bets on when you’d get together.


-“How long has this bet been around?”

“Pretty much since the day you met.”


-For the first few days he flirted with you nonstop, using all of his tricks.  When he realized it wasn’t working, he tried more sincere methods.


-He’s great with the village kids.


-“You know, we’d make great parents.”


-Then he chokes on air as he realizes what he said.  He doesn’t calm down until you slip your hand in his and lean your head on his shoulder.


-And then that vision of the future doesn’t seem so impossible.

Thanks to the two anons that requested this one!


Part Two of x

Dally had left the house almost an hour ago, he left without saying a single word and you couldn’t blame him… He was hurting and you knew he needed some sort of outlet for that.

And that’s what you were doing here in the middle of the night.

“Shit.” You muttered lowly as you stepped out of the car and into the cold, dark street. You were shaking with nerves, You knew Dally would’ve wandered off to Buck’s.

You could feel suggestive stares looking in your direction as you hugged your arms tightly around your middle, you were shaking- and it wasn’t from the cold.

“Hey girl!” a voice boomed from the other side of the road, him and his buddies were walking over to you, bottles of beer in each of their hands. They were drunkenly staggering, clumsily falling over their uncoordinated steps.

“What’re you doing out here on your lonesome?” Another asked as his buddy gave you a wolf whistle.

“Leave me alone” You tried to keep your voice stern, but you were so damn scared you couldn’t think straight. You looked straight ahead hoping to all that was holy that they’d leave you alone.

These parts of Tulsa, they were the worst and you were stupid to think you’d make it to Buck’s in one piece.

“You know you want it baby…” They were getting closer, all four of them were a few steps away. “Come on… I bet you’d never had a soc before, huh?”

You’d recognized them. They had gone to the same school you had. They were upperclassmen, one was even a valedictorian. The teachers used to look at them and see future presidents, they saw businessmen, men they thought would change America… but now they looked at them and they saw bums. Overly privileged boys who still lived by the grace of their parents.

You tried not to scream when you felt a hand slam down on your shoulder, you shut your eyes tight, getting ready for whatever was to come… you expected to feel one of them pressed up against you, instead, you heard Dally’s rough voice cascading through the almost empty streets.

“She’s with me” You opened your eyes the moment you heard the click of Dally’s prized switch blade.

They were backing away with their hands help up in defeat, you knew that they could probably take Dally… they probably knew that too, but they also knew Dally wouldn’t go down without one hell of a fight. He wouldn’t go down unless one of them came down with him.

Everyone in this town knew that Dallas Winston didn’t mess around.

Dally’s hold on your shoulder didn’t loosen, he backed you into the street wall and glared down at you.

“Do you have a death wish, huh? Are you looking to get murdered, or raped.” He spat the word out with as much venom as the most lethal snake in the world. He hated men who did that. He hated men who though it was okay to do that to a woman.

“No.” You whispered, tears were brimming up in your eyes. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were still so scared. If Dally hadn’t of shown up… you didn’t want to think about what would’ve happened. “I was looking for you.”

He wanted to scream at you, he wanted to murder each of those Soc’s in the most brutal way possible, but you needed him.

“I found you, I’m here… you’re okay.” He pressed you close to him and rubbed your back gently.

“They were going to-” He didn’t let you finish your sentence, he hushed you immediately.

“They didn’t. I will never let anything bad happen to you, ever, you dig? I will always be here.”

“July the 8th.” You murmured against his ear softly as you clutched onto his strong body.

“What?” He was dumbfounded, he was wondering if somehow you had managed to bump your head and give yourself one hell of a concussion. He searched for the blood in the darkness of the twilight.

“That’s when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Is- is that a yes?” He pulled away from the embrace so he could stare down at you in disbelief. “You’ll marry me?”

“I’ll marry you. I couldn’t imagine my life with someone else.”

“You’ll never have to find out.” He picked you up in the air, and he’d deny this if you ever mentioned it, but he spun you around and pressed his lips to yours clumsily. “God I love you.”

Sincerely Three x Reader with a High Sex Drive Head Cannons (Part One)

Part one 

 Requested by: Anon

 Im skipping around my queue rn, but I’ll get through them all guys



 - My god was this boy nervous around you, you’re very open about sex. You make jokes and when Jared brings it up you challenge him. 

 - “Oh I’ve made some girls scream in bed" 

- "Jared do you even know what a clit is?" 

 - Evan was that kid who was so nervous that his mom would catch him that he never watched porn or jerked off until he was like 16. And due to his lack of friends and girlfriends he’s very anxious when sex is mentioned, he has this idea that it’s really taboo. 

 - You had liked Evan for a while, he was cute and very sweet, also you thought he could use a lesson or two on female anatomy. 


 - You asked him out, you could tell he liked you, and a little Jewish birdie (Jared) told you. You got pizza and saw a movie.

 - The movie had a very graphic sex scene in it, in your defense you didn’t know it would happen. You glanced over at Evan and he was having a nervous breakdown, you grabbed his hand and rubbed your thumb over his knuckles. He calmed down and in the end you both were uncomfortably horny.

 - About a month into your relationship you started to get antsy, you two hadn’t even kissed yet, and the more you got to know him on a personal level, the more excited he made you. 

 - You were doing your homework on his bed one night when you decided to take initiative. You took his papers off his lap and replaced them with your body. He instantly started blushing and stuttering, "Evan can I kiss you?” He nodded and you started kissing him softly. Than things accelerated, his hands were tentatively resting on your hips, your hands were tangled in his sandy hair. You were in the zone, so to speak, and ground your hips against his. He gasped and squirmed out from under you.

 - “Ev, it’s okay, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you or anything. Shit Evan I’m really sorry!” You said as he tried to slow his breathing. 

 - “NONONO it’s not your fault, I just, I got nervous. I’ve never um I’ve never done anything like that. You’re my first kiss, and I didn’t want to, um get. Ya know,” he winced, looking away from you.

 - “You didn’t want to get hard?” You had to bite back a laugh, he was so gentle. He just nodded, fidgeting with the edge of his shirt.

 - “Evan you do realize sex is normal, and think about and wanting to have sex is also completely normal?” You ask softly, your hand rubbing his arm.

 - “I. I know it’s just. I’ve never. I’m not vocal. I just. I don’t know what to do at all, I don’t even um watch yow know. Or look at it, I don’t even touch… myself. Very much,” he stuttered and stumbled, his face red and his hands shaking.

 - “Hey, that’s okay, thank you for trusting me enough to tell me these things. I can help you and teach you if you’d like,”

 - “That would b-be nice!" 

 - So that’s how you started to teach Evan about sex. 

 - It started with making out, and than grinding, these he ok with. But the moment you start taking off clothing he feels light headed, so you decide to be a bit sly about it. 

 - You two were going to hang out at his house and before you left you took of your bra. You started kissing him and he felt your nipples rub against his chest. He didn’t know what they were so his instinct was to push them off (like if you have hair tickling your cheek). 

 - his hands brushed your nipples and your breasts and you moaned, god you wanted more. He started to apologize but you laughed and told him he can touch them more if he’d like. He did like, he liked a lot, so he nervously started playing with your chest, he didn’t tell you this but your moans were the hottest thing (More on that later) 

 - So at this point in time Evan was okay with touching you everywhere above the waist, so now you decided to move into more Bare lands. You were making out and you took off his and your shirts, he was nervous but his excitement outmatched it. He actually unclipped your bra, but freaked out when it came off, he rapidly apologized but you were hella turned on by him doing that.

 - you were at Evans one night and you had been making out and touching each other all night, you were so fucking turned on. At 9 Evan went to take a shower and you thought you’d have enough time to rub one out before he came back. You seriously under estimated how long he spent in the shower. And Evan forgot to bring clothes in with him.

 - Let me set the scene, Evan wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, nervously walks into his room, and finds his (very sexy) girlfriend half naked moaning softly in his bed. 

- "Oh shit Evan I’m so sorry holy shit this is the most embarrassing and disgusting thing I’ve ever done I’m so sorry Ev-" 

- "Teach me," 

 - "You, want to learn how to?" 

- "Y-yes," 

 - That was pretty good night for both of you ;) 

 - The first time you two had sex was a pretty interesting way for things to start. You were going to Evan’s house later that day but you were bored so you left about an hour and a half early. You used the spare key and let yourself in, but them you got to his bedroom door you regretted it. Evan was moaning on the other side of the door, you instantly thought he was cheating on you. But than you heard "oh (y/n) oh god (Y/n) fuck me please ooh fuck,” you suddenly realized he was actually jerking off to think about you. So you entered, and subsequently scared the shit out of Evan. You walked seductively across his bedroom, disrobing yourself as you did. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination;) 

~Random Headcanon shit~ 

 - When ever you were turned on (frequently) you’d send Evan some scandalous photos. You in your underwear, your boobs, and videos of you touching yourself and moaning some less than appropriate things. 

 - He never tell you this but he saved the photos and videos and used them to get himself off when you weren’t around, god your moans were the sexiest thing to him. 

 - You two frequently have “No Pants Parties” which are exactly what they sound like and definitely lead to a lot of sexy times 

 - Not mine but I read something very similar to this in a fic. 

 You bought yourself a new pair of Lacy underwear and decided to wear them to Evan’s, you weren’t wearing pants. You bent over to grab something and Evan goes “nice ass” THAN IMMEDIATELY REALS BACK AND TRIES TO APOLOGIZE. It turned you on (cause anything he did turned you on) and you guys definitely banged. 

 - You definitely tease Evan in public, you’d palm him under tables, whisper dirty things in his ear, and run your foot up his leg. 

 - Evan loved it when you rode him during sex, just the feeling of you on him, also he wasn’t the strongest so it was kinda hard for him to hold himself up and also fuck you. 

 - As the two of you date for longer he slowly becomes more and more open about sex and being attracted to you. You were SHOOKITH When you were at your aunts wedding and he grabbed you ass when he knew no one would notice. 

 - This boy loves hickys. Getting them, giving them, seeing them later on. He absolutely loved it when he was about to go down on you and he saw the little bruises from the previous night. He also liked it when he’d go to take a shower and he looked in the mirror and saw the love bites all over his own body. 

 - He definitely uses sex toys on you, for foreplay and other wise ;) 

 - when you were turned on and he wasn’t, he would eat you out or finger you, but let’s be honest when wasn’t he turned on by you. 

 - He absolutely loved your high sex drive and was so happy that you were dominant because he usually wasn't 

Dom! Evan x Reader w/ high sex drive HCs

 - He gets really quiet but hella physical when you try to tease him in public. 

 - You two were out to dinner with friends and you all had a few drinks, you were palming him under the table, he slid his hand under your jeans and into your panties and started fingering you hard. He’d whisper dirty things in your ear and wouldn’t let you get out of your chair, and he definitely made you cum. 

 - He was more of a grope than a smack kind of guy. He’d rather grab your ass than smack it. 

 - definitely gets into polite dirty talk for example: 

- “Oh fuck, you u ride my cock so whi baby girl" 

- "You like that? Huh? I bet you like that just as much as I do," 

- "Oh god yes, just like that princess, oh yes fuck," 

- "Hmm shit your tight pussy feels so good?" 

 - Probably likes tying you down and also being tied down, very light BDSM. 

 - Both sub and dom Evan will cuddle you a ton after sex and there are many mornings when you wake up to him straddling your ass and massaging your back.

 - "You were so freaking amazing last night baby, I figured you might enjoy something relaxing. 

 - You liked Evan because he was cute and sweet, but you never expected him to be this sexy 

 Jared and Connor will be up soon!

I never thought that a guy with a dirty shirt and a ridiculous voice on YouTube would bring me so much happiness, when I started watching him I didn’t expect to find an amazing person behind all the characters, this show has made me meet great people and have something to look forward to. This bitch ass boy has come so far and I’m so proud of him. And he’s in the process of moving on and you bet your ass I’m gonna support tf out of him and you bet your ass I’m gonna cry when this show comes to an end

Entanglement: Part 3

Entanglement: Part 3

Word count: 8.7k

Genre/Warnings: polyamory, angst, dirty talk, Dom! Jin, Sub! Namjoon

Pairing: Jin x Reader x Namjoon

Summary: You and Namjoon go on a business trip with Jin and you finally get to meet his family.

(sorry for mistakes, i’ve had kind of a shitty day. Enjoy :) )

Parts: onetwo

You were more than ready for tomorrow. Once you left work you were on a plane to Jin’s hometown. You are more than excited but also couldn’t be more nervous. You didn’t know which one balanced the other out. On one hand you got to see Jin’s family which you were very curious about but you were also very scared to meet them because you knew they would instantly judge you.

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#sanversweek day 4: hogwarts au

Alex is thirteen when Kara gets her letter.

It comes in the mail, glittering green ink on heavy cream-colored parchment.

It isn’t addressed like the rest of their mail to “Eliza Danvers” or “Jeremiah Danvers” or “Dr. and Dr. Danvers” or “the Danvers Family” or even “Alex and Kara Danvers.”

It’s addressed just to Kara.

They’ve never seen a letter quite like it before, with a detailed coat of arms stamped into a real purple wax seal on the back, like in the Elizabethan times.

And Kara opens it, right there at the dinner table, and their lives change forever.


Dear Ms. Kara Danvers,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

They all immediately understand what it is. They may not be wizards, but they’re one of the few families of non-wizards who know about the wizarding world. Alex’s father is a scientist and he worked with a couple of wizards to measure their power, to try to adapt their powers for the betterment of the entire world, not just the wizarding world. He worked closely with Clark Kent before Alex was born, and Clark Kent is basically the second coming of Harry Potter, the golden boy of the contemporary wizarding world, so Alex has always known about wizards.

She just never thought her little sister would be one.

None of them really know it all works, not really.

Alex wonders if her letter got stuck in the mail. She wonders if kids get them at different ages. She wonders if hers is coming next year, or for college, or something.

She wonders about Kara’s birth parents – were they wizards? Alex’s parents had adopted her when she was six, and Kara wracks her brain, after her letter comes, but she can’t remember either of her parents using a wand or doing anything magical. If they weren’t wizards, and the Danvers’ aren’t wizards, there’s a chance for Alex, right?

Alex tries not to be jealous.

But she fails when Kara goes to Diagon Alley with Clark and Jeremiah and comes back with a magic wand and goofy looking witch robes and a live owl and textbook after textbook about doing actual, real, honest-to-god magic.

And she fails when Kara pulls out a ticket for a train leaving King’s Cross Station from Platform 9 ¾ on September the first.

And she fails when Eliza and Jeremiah can’t talk about anything but how wonderful it will be to have a witch in the family.

And she fails when her letter doesn’t come.

They all go, on September the first, to take Kara to the train. The Hogwarts Express, Clark tells them it’s called. They all stand in the station, awkwardly between platforms 9 and 10, and Clark puffs out his chest and says that probably only one of them should accompany Kara through the barrier onto the platform.

And Alex hates, in that moment. Hates Clark, hates her stupid parents, hates Kara, hates Hogwarts, hates Kara’s dumb owl, hates magic. It burns in her, hotter and sadder and more lonely than anything she’s ever felt before.

Kara refuses to be separated from Alex yet, so she insists that they all come through the barrier with her. Clark is clearly frustrated but he agrees, and they all walk briskly through the wall together. Kara and Alex go first, holding hands.

They walk through a wall.

The train is scarlet and steaming, and the crowd is wild and kids are screaming and some of them are older than Alex and she wonders if she’ll get her letter next year, or maybe the one after next.

Clark is immediately swarmed with fans. He’s the second-most famous wizard with black hair and glasses, after all. Alex knows all about Harry Potter from her parents and from Kara and from sneaking Kara’s new History of Magic textbook into her own bed during the night and devouring it, cover to cover.

Clark helps Kara get her trunk onto the train, and Alex still doesn’t understand why she couldn’t have used a rolling suitcase like a normal person (because she isn’t normal, the hateful voice in her head whispers). Kara pops back out, after stowing her owl and, knowing Kara, probably making about five new friends in the process, to give them all hugs.

Kara cries when she hugs Alex goodbye and promises to write her constantly until they see each other at Christmas, but Alex doesn’t cry.

She’s too sad and jealous and hateful and lonely and miserable to cry.

That waits until she’s back home again, back in the room that now feels so completely empty.

Back an only child again.

They all wait with baited breath for Kara’s first letter. Clark tells them it’ll come by owl post, which none of them completely understand but Eliza and Jeremiah just nod knowingly, so Alex doesn’t ask.

Apparently it means that Kara’s owl will swoop in Alex’s bedroom window at 3am and wake her up by pecking the bottom of her foot, scaring the shit out of her. She knows, logically, that the bird isn’t going to peck her eyes out, but she moves cautiously anyway, telling the bird out loud that she’s going to untie the envelope from it’s legs, okay?

And she can’t wait for her parents. She opens the letter, and when she gets to the very bottom her heart shatters.

“P.S.” Kara had written, “All the new students are eleven, like me.”

It seems casual, but it’s code. She knows what Alex has been wondering – they’d talked about it before she’d left.

She knew exactly what she was saying.

Alex’s letter is never coming.

She’s too old.

She’ll never be a wizard.

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Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Had quite a few requests for Part 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you guys hanging!!

Summary: After the reader discovers that Reggie only asked her out to win a bet, she is heartbroken and angry, promising herself that she would never talk to him again. However, she wasn’t expecting Reggie to try and explain himself the following day at school.

Approx. 1250 words

Part One Here

“Can I kill him now?”

I raised my eyes lazily as Archie stormed into my bedroom, a mixture of anger and concern showing on his face. He had always viewed me as his little sister rather than his twin, perhaps it had something to do with how much taller than me he was, and therefore in his eyes I needed protecting from everything. I smiled weakly, patting the space on the bed next to me to encourage him to join, and shook my head slowly. After he had climbed into bed beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder, just as he had always done when I was upset, I leant into him and sighed.

“To be honest Arch, I think Ronnie has beaten you to it.” I joked.

“I sure do love that girl!” he laughed. Archie and Veronica had been together for a few months now and – although it was weird initially since she is my best friend – I now idolised them as a total power couple, Veronica held all the power of course. “You liked him though, right?” he asked sympathetically.

“Yes” I whispered. “I never thought I would, but I liked him very much. But, now he has shown me his true colours and it turns out that the person I liked never existed. The boy that I liked wasn’t real; he was just a player in a game, trying to win a bet with his friends.” I said bitterly. Archie nodded and rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Well, I have something that might cheer you up…” he began. Just then there was a knock on the door and Veronica peeped into the room, holding a box of cupcakes.

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Better Be Quiet Now (Sonny Carisi)


Request for anon:  Uhhhhh now i need an imagine or something having sex with sonny in his childhood bedroom PLEASE  Also bonus points if he has to keep his partner quiet 😉😉😉😉😉

Requests were closed, but whatev I couldn’t get this out of my head so 


Originally posted by emilyabeth

After finding out that your apartment building had to be fumigated over the weekend, you begged Sonny to book a hotel for a few nights. This weekend just so happened to be Sonny’s full weekend off, so you tried convincing him, saying that it could be a mini-vacation for the two of you. Sonny wasn’t buying it, insisting that his mother would be more than happy to have you over for the weekend. 

‘It’ll be great!’ he exclaimed as you two packed a few necessities, ‘Ma’s homecookin’ every night, and dad’s Sunday mornin’ breakfast before church!’ Unbeknownst to you, though, Sonny’s mom had agreed to watch Gina’s daughters that Friday night, (all four of them, all under the tender age of seven.) So, as soon as you and Sonny walked through mama Carisi’s front door that evening, you were bombarded by little girls in tutus and screams of ‘Uncle Sonny!’ Plus, during dinner, his mother thought it important to ask you when you and her son were planning on having children of your own. It was tiring to say the least.

It’s not that you didn’t love Sonny’s family. Really, his mother was a sweetheart and his father was nice to talk to and his sister’s kids were the cutest. However, you had only been at his parent’s house for one night and you were already almost regretting agreeing to spend the weekend.

Now, though, all four girls were fast asleep and his parents had retired for the night, allowing you and Sonny alone time for the first time all day. The girls had set up camp in the guest bedroom, so you and Sonny were forced to stay in his old bedroom where Sonny was currently splayed on top of you with a hand under your shirt, kneading your breast and mouthing at your neck.

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Escape: A Peter/Gamora ficlet

(A/N: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2. Is anyone else dying to know the story of drunken Peter telling Gamora about David Hasselhoff? Here’s my headcanon of how it went.)

“If you like piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiña coladas!”

Gamora lifted her head from the book between her slender fingers and glanced with mild annoyance at the off-key exclamation that had just come from outside of her hotel room door. Her lips threatened to smile, but she refused to, despite being in her room where no one would see it. It was the principle of the thing, after all. She wouldn’t admit even to herself that Peter Jason Quill could be amusing on rare occasions.

“Getting’ caaaaaaught in the rain!” Peter’s voice continued. “If you’re not into yogaaaaaaa! If you have half a brain!”

Gamora snapped the book shut and stood up as she heard a fumbling, scratching sound. She pressed the button to slide the door open and affixed her lovely face into a bemused look. “Peter, what are you doing?”

Peter Quill abruptly stopped his caterwauling and blinked a few times. “Oh. Hey, G’mora. Whatcha doin’ in my room?”

As soon as he spoke, she caught a wave of alcohol fumes. It made sense. They’d just gotten paid for another job and the boys’ idea of celebrating was flying to the nearest habitable planet and getting completely trashed, spending most of their score, and bickering with each other. Baby Groot had curled up on a pillow on Gamora’s sofa, mumbling in his sleep every so often. Judging by his dilated pupils and shaky footing, Peter was all but three sheets to the wind.

“Your room is behind you,” Gamora said patiently. “That’s why the key card didn’t work.”

“Oh, man,” he said, his face falling with actual regret, to her surprise. “M sorry, G’mora, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’m such a jerk.”

“Usually, yes,” she said frostily. “But not in this case. I wasn’t asleep. I was reading. However, you might want to apologize to the hallway full of guests who had to hear your shrill voice through the walls.”

“You’re so right,” he agreed, and then tilted his head to bellow, “SORRY, EVERYBODY! DIDN’T MEAN TO WAKE YOU UP!”

“SHUT UP!” someone shouted back.


Gamora palmed her face. “Peter. Your room. That way.”

“Right, right, right. Sorry. G’night, G’mora.” He swiveled on his heel and walked up to the door. She watched him try to slide the card in eight times before finally sighing to herself and closing her own door. She snatched it out of his hand and placed it inside the hole. The door whooshed open and Peter stumbled inside, but not before turning and giving her an admittedly adorable smile.

“You’re a life saver, beautiful.”

She shook her head and caught his hand, dragging him towards the bed. “You need sleep or you will be too hungover to fly us out of here in the morning.”

“Well, one thing you’ll find out about me is that I bounce back like that.” He tried to snap his fingers on his free hand. “That. No, that. C’mon. That.”

Gamora sighed. “I will never understand why you find this infuriating state of intoxication so enjoyable.”

“Rocket said I couldn’t out-drink him,” Peter said defensively. “He was wrong. I won.”

“Did you have to buy every round to prove him wrong?”

Peter paused. “Yes.”

“Then no, you didn’t win. Rocket just wanted free drinks.”

Peter scowled. “Little trash panda.”

Gamora again refrained from smiling as she continued pulling the sheets down. She turned and helped him out of his red leather jacket. She felt his gaze on her and ignored it, brushing it off even though she felt her skin warming over her face and neck, over her shoulders, and in the tips of her fingers. Her heart beat mocked her with its accelerated pace. She tried to picture him as a child getting ready for bed, but it didn’t work. He was too close, too warm, and under the scent of alien beer was a rather nice, mild cologne.

He lifted his arms as she pulled off his outer shirt, still strangely silent and watching her fold it and set it on the nearby couch. Finally, when she turned around, he made a move.

He hugged her.

She stiffened, having expected something else. Stranger still, it was completely wonderful. He kept his hands on the small of her back and buried his nose behind her ear and into her dark hair. She hadn’t been held in years. Decades. Not since her parents. Gamora had lovers in the past, but none of them were permitted to touch her that way. This…it was affection, not lust.

And it scared her even more.

“You’re so good to me,” Peter mumbled with a sigh. “I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry.”

She shut her eyes for a second. “Peter…”

“No, really. Thank you, G’mora. I know I get on your nerves all the time. S’ just ‘cause I like you. You’re pretty and smart and so much stronger than me. Dunno how you do it.”

Gently, she settled her hands on his chest and pushed until she could meet his gaze. God, his eyes were all for her, like there was nothing else in the entire cosmos. No one had ever been foolish enough to do such a thing. Maybe that was why he did. Peter Quill defied everything, and her expectations most of all.

Heart in her throat, she smiled weakly. “Guess that’s just how my father raised me.”

She led him over to the bed and pushed him to sit. He obeyed and she knelt, unlacing his boots. “Bet he was a great guy. Probably smart like you too. Y’know, when I was a kid growing up and everybody else had a dad and I didn’t, I used to pretend that he was this famous actor.”

Gamora’s brown eyes widened and flicked up at Peter’s face. She’d never heard him say much about his father since they left Xandar. She’d gently tried to ask about his life before Yondu abducted him, but he wouldn’t talk about it. She licked her lips, unsure of how to proceed. She wanted to know, but she also didn’t want to invade his privacy while he was drunk. Eventually, she softened her voice and kept unlacing his boot.

“What was his name?”

“David Hasselhoff,” Peter slurred. She frowned, unsure if that name was correct or if his drunken state had altered it somewhat. “He was this German icon. He could sing and dance and his biggest success was this TV show with a talking car called Knight Rider. It was the coolest thing I ever saw.”

He fumbled for a second and pulled a slip of paper out of his pants pocket. She took it, examining the square-jawed, fluffy-haired man that he apparently idolized. “Why him?”

Peter shrugged. “He’s the coolest man alive. Who wouldn’t want him for a dad?”

“No,” she said softly, rising and sitting beside him. “Why tell the others it was him? Why not just pretend on your own?”

“I don’t know. Guess I just ran with what my mother used to tell me, that my Dad was perfect and not like all the other people on earth. Hasselhoff sounded like a good option at the time.”

He took the picture back and stuffed it into his pants. Gamora took the plunge. “Do…the others know this about you?”

He shook his head. Her stupid, selfish heart fluttered. “They’d probably laugh at me.”

Without thinking, Gamora reached over and slipped her fingers through his. He looked at her then. “No, they wouldn’t. Out here it’s hard to find family. They’d understand.”

He smiled, running his thumb along her knuckles. It tickled and sent butterflies exploding through her stomach. He leaned in towards her. Her eyes flicked to his lips. They parted as he drifted closer.

He kissed her cheek. “Thanks, G’mora.”

She felt a tug of disappointment at her core. “You’re welcome.”

“Stay with me.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Not like that, I mean…stay here tonight. Just tonight.”

“I…” Word clogged her throat and got stuck. She couldn’t look away from that hint of desperation and adoration on his face. Eventually, she just nodded.

He stood, drawing her up by the arm, their hands still connected, and she slid under the covers after kicking off her boots. She curled onto her side as Peter climbed in beside her and settled down, facing her. He smiled again, kissed the back of her hand, and snuggled down in the pillows, his eyes closing.

“Night, G’mora.”

“Good night, Peter.”

Slowly, she let her eyes drift closed.

And she never slept better.


I just have a lot of feelings about this ship, okay?!

imagine this

  • the boy squad loves to place bets and play guessing games, their fave subjects are isak and even
  • it starts with them debating the number of hickies isak has acquired
  • then it turns into guessing how many layers even will wear that day
  • it progresses to placing bets on what combinations of spices even will use to make all of them cheese toasties
  • to counting how many lovesick faces isak will make at even during a pre-game
  • eventually isak gets annoyed and joins in to point out just how often the boys bring up girls in convos
  • then even starts a pool to bet on how many times jonas will mention capitalism while drunk
  • or how many movie references isak will miss in one night (he’s getting better at catching them thanks to even)
  • so isak retaliates with betting on the number of times even will fail to wink (every. single. time. the guy seriously cannot wink!!)

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BNHA: Chance Meeting

Summary: Shouto looked at him again, this time really looking, and noticed for the first time that the boy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt in All-Might’s colors. He almost wanted to laugh; wouldn’t Father curse at that, seeing an All-Might hoodie in a crowd of people spectating one of his fights.

AU: Meeting As Children

July 5 - Day 1

    Theme: first impressions

    Quote: “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man or woman.” - Arthur Schopenhauer


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Birthday Drive (Wincest)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @spnkinkbingo
Square Filled: Road Head

Ship: Sam/Dean
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: underage (Sam is 16), birthday sex, oral sex, rough oral, implied bottom!Sam, road head, PWP, smut
Summary: It’s Sam’s 16 birthday, and Dean wants to do something special for him. Sam’s got plans of his own.
Word Count: 2514
A/N: Tags are at the bottom, send an ask to be added to my tagslist!

“Happy birthday, Sammy.”

Sam blinked a few times, rolling over and looking blearily at Dean. “Huh?”

“It’s your birthday, man. You’re sixteen. I expected you to be jumpin’ around an hour ago.”

“What time is it?” Sam groaned, burrowing a little deeper under the ratty motel cover.

“About nine. Come on. I made you breakfast.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“Took off already, working on interviewing folks,” Dean said. Sam peeked at him over the covers.

“For how long?”

“Don’t know. He said he’d give you a break since it was your birthday. So we have the whole day to hang out. Why don’t we go for a drive?”

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anonymous asked:

How would bts react to you being a former sniper?


You’d both be at HQ and he’d be checking the weapons. You’d sneak up behind him. “Woah when did we get MAS FR-2?! Holy shit the scope is so nice.” He’d look at you, “How did you know it was a..” “I used to be a sniper for my old gang.” He’d be thinking holy shit my baby was a sniper? Tbh he’d be turned on.

Originally posted by jeonify


You guys have a shooting range at HQ and when he saw you testing the new snipers he looked a little surprised. “When did my baby girl learn how to shoot like that?” he said as he snaked his arms around your waist. “When I was apart of my old gang.” You turned around to see him smirking at you, obviously turned on by your skills.

Originally posted by 9taefox


When you told Namjoon you wanted to be a sniper instead of a physical hitman he gave a questionable look. “But you’ve never used a…” “I was a sniper for my old gang.” You cut him off before he could even finish. “Is that so?” “Of course I’m probably the best sniper you have.” you said with a smirk. “Alright baby girl whatever you say.” he said as he pulled you closer to him.

Originally posted by bangthebae


He’d be the least surprised and he kinda expected it anyways, you are his girl after all. You groaned, “Yoongi you’re not using it right.” He turned to you and scoffed, “Like you know how to,” “Bet,” you smirked and ripped the sniper away from him. Aim, shoot. You turned around to see your boyfriend smiling (like the gif) he expected it anyways.

Originally posted by mn-yg


Tae looked at you curiously, “What are you doing princess?” “I’m about to go on a hit why?” “Huh?” (the gif.) “I’m going on a hit Yoongi assigned me to do it.” “But why?” he tilted his head. “In my old gang I was a sniper.” “Really?” his eyes lit up. You nodded your head. “Good luck princess be safe, return to me okay, or else you know what will happen to me if you don’t.”

Originally posted by bangtanbighit


You were messing around with the snipers and when Jin saw you he immediately rushed over, “Careful y/n, you could end up hurting yourself if you don’t know how to use it.” You giggled, “It’s okay Jin I used to be a sniper for my old gang so I think I’ll be fine.” He sighed in relief, “You should’ve told me that earlier.”

Originally posted by eatjin


You were out on a hit with Hoseok, he thought it was so you could get experience but he thought wrong. The target came into view and before Hoseok could even respond you shot the target. Holy shit he thought. “So was that like a lucky shot or…” “Of course not babe I was a sniper in my old gang I just haven’t done a hit since I joined.” “Damn and you never told me.” “I thought you knew.” “Since you kept that secret from I’m going to have to punish you later.” he smirked.

Originally posted by hohbi

One Week [Pt. 2]

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Part 2 of 2

Part 1

“Did you miss me too?” you asked, pressing up on your toes to land a small peck on the corner of his lips.

He was speechless, utterly at a loss for words as his eyes devoured your skin; wanting, no needing to touch you.

Luckily for him, you moved, leaving him frozen as you climbed onto his bed.

“Aren’t you coming?”.

Chanyeol shook his head, taking a small step back only to accidentally bump into the door behind him.

“I told you I’ve been sick, baby, I don’t want to give it to you”.

You inhale, fighting the anger that builds again. You know he’s lying but you can’t come out and accuse him of it, that would defeat the whole purpose of your game.

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annoyingsortinghat  asked:

You should write klance where Lance is sick and everyone is wondering why the hell Keith cares so much

Title: Headphones

“Please stop.”
Lance whines as he swats at Keith’s hand.
“You have a fever, Im just trying to gauge the temperature.”
“I’m fine… really.”
Keith scoffs.
“You collapsed in the middle of training. I had to ask Hunk to help me carry you back to your room.”
Lance pulls the sheet closer to his face, trying to keep the warmth in.

“Where is everyone? Did we have to cancel?”
Keith can see that Lance is miserable.
He’d been sporting a cough for a couple days now, but now he just looked pathetic.

“I’m pretty sure you have a fever, you shouldn’t have to worry about the others. Do you um need anything?”
Lance rubs at his nose with the back of his hand.

Will you um…“ Lance stops to cough.

"Never mind.”

“Lance, just ask, the worst thing I could possibly say is No, but you won’t know unless you ask.”

“…headphones. I broke mine, do you think you have any I can borrow?”

Lance curls in on himself, he is slightly embarrassed to have to ask, but Keith seems to have put some serious thought into this.

“I don’t have any…”

Lance sighs. He didn’t expect him too.

“…but I can bet that Pidge might have a pair. Let me go ask. I’ll be back, okay?”

“You don’t have too..”

Keith just stares as him.

“I’m going to ask.”

Lance smiles softly.

“Kay, thanks.”

Keith manages to check his room first. He’s absolutely sure that he doesn’t own a pair, but he checks anyways, cause he actually doesn’t want to ask Pidge.

Maybe Hunk.. Yeah Keith will ask Hunk first.

The yellow Paladin is easy to find. He rarely spends time in his room, and if he isn’t in the kitchen then he’s probably working on some kind of engineering project that Coran asked for him to work on.

He’s focused on some kind of Altean equipment, but he spares Keith the moment.

“Hey, what’s up?”
Keith looks around the room while he does his best to explain the situation.

“Do you have headphones?”
Blunt always seemed to be best for Keith.

“Headphones? No, I didn’t have one with me when we left earth… Have you asked Lance?” He suggests.

“It’s actually for him.”

There’s an odd look that forms on Hunks face.

“Lance has a pair, why does he need another one?”
Which really meant, why are you asking for him.

“He’s really sick.”
There’s a slight hesitation where Keith looks focused on everything but Hunk.

“Um uh… he said they broke, and he’s having a hard time sleeping as it is, so I thought I would ask around…”

“Ask what?”
Shiro and Pidge manage their way into the same room Hunk was working on, when Pidge couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation.

“Headphones. For Lance.” Hunk quipped.
“Doesn’t he have a pair?” Shiro offers.

Keith feels a wave of heat over his face.

“They broke, and Lance isn’t feeling any better so I thought I would see if any of you had a pair he could borrow.” Keith explains for the second time.

“For Lance?” Pidge asked.
Keith nods his head and hopes he doesn’t have to explain himself for the 3rd time.

“Sure, he can borrow mine but I want them sanitizes before he return them.” Pidge manages when she pulls a pair out of her pocket.

“Thanks, I’ll make sure they get cleaned before he returns them.”

“You’re being awfully nice to him, any reason in particular?” Pidge grins.

Keith pushes the wires deep into his right pocket.

“What? No! What are you talking about?” Keith stammers.

There is Hellish grin that spread from the Green Paladin to their leader than Hunk.

“Right, because your would go out of your way for a pair of headphones for anyone.”

Pidge doesn’t expect an answer, just laughs lightly and leaves him to rot in his own embarrassment.

“Guy, it’s not like that. You believe me, right Shiro? I’m just doing my job as a Paladin. We won’t be able to form Voltron if Lance is stilll sick!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Hunk whispers under his breath.

Keith doesn’t hear him, but Shiro can’t help but laugh.
He sets a firm hand on Keith’s shoulder.

“Don’t get worked up over this, I’m sure Lance is waiting for you to get back.”

Keith just nods, before making his way back to the blue paladins room.

“He isn’t fooling anyone.” Hunk tells Shiro as they watch Keith leave the room.
“No. Definitely not.”

Keith is almost running a full sprint when he makes it back to Lance.

“I got you a pair of stupid headphones.”
Keith manages before throwing the Pair on to the bed.
Lance groans in his own misery.

“If you were going to be mad, I told you that you didn’t have too.”

“Well I did and now I’m pretty sure they know.”

Lance sets the headphones on a near by night stand, before tugging on Keith’s jacket.
“Does it matter if they find out?”

Keith sighs.

He takes a seat on the bed before gently brushing back Lance sweat matted hair.

“No. I guess not.”

Lance shuts his eyes and let’s Keith’s continue to brush his hair back.

“I love you.” He whispers to the Red Paladin.

“Yeah, I love you too.”