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you know so much about bruce, please tell us some less know traits about him or just random facts or even headcanons please i love it when you talk about bruce!!!

oh my gosh, i love this ask. i’m glad you like it when i talk about bruce because i love talking about bruce and am always looking for the excuse to. ~just vengeance things~ include:

  • he is, actually, very sweet to civilians. he would sacrifice his identity if it meant saving a single person, and yes i can confirm his weakness is actually babies the ratio of times batman has held a baby compared to other characters is absolutely insane. and in BTAS, there’s an episode where he rescues a little girl and comes back to visit her just to make sure she’s okay. and in the BTAS tie-in comics, he rescued people’s pets, kept kids out of traffic, helped put out fires, the works. and also he went out of his way to find dick’s teddy bear
  • he has a sense of humor! i promise you! he just saves it for when no one’s looking, which is what he does with every trait someone might possibly misconstrue as cute. gotham knights made it canon that he talks to the bats in the batcave. he probably talks to them about cases when nobody else is around to bounce ideas off of
  • bruce paid for a class field trip after jason died because helping kids made the loss more bearable - he also visits troubled kids in canon and takes an active role in their life, to the point where one time he was concerned about kids he sponsored getting in a bad way and showed up literally at their house, because despite having 708983 responsibilities as batman he still makes time for that
  • this fucker has protocols in place for contacting him. the JL have to go through a goddamn system to get 5 minutes with him, and you just know it’s an excuse so bruce has to talk to people less, you just know it. also, this is in the same comic where plastic man recruits bruce to scare his wayward son straight, bruce is nervous about scaring a kid, and gives patrick an actual compliment (“of all of us, even clark, i thought you would make the best father. because i thought you would be the kind of father that would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. i thought you would make them laugh all of the time.”) and encourages patrick to reconnect with his son
  • once put on enough make-up to trick people into thinking he was a guy dressed as bruce wayne who might possibly be batman, while he was actually bruce wayne who is actually batman. he disguised himself….. as himself. i fucking hate him. when oliver queen found out his identity how much do you wanna bet he was beyond pissed
  • i’m not kidding about the justice snuggle thing. he does actually do that, where he perches on something and puts his chin on his knees. he does it in front of gordon, and also the justice league. someone who refuses to show people he has 1 iota of personality is totally comfortable curling up like a small child. what even is this man
  • when tired and injured sometimes he just collapses wherever. in knightfall, he passes out by a dumpster, and a roof, and on the stairs. in the batman and robin 2011 run he makes it to a hallway and alfred finds him just like crashed on the ground. in batman: year one, he literally just sits in a chair casually bleeding all over everything until a bat crashes through his window
  • tries to tell people he cares for them in a really roundabout way filled with metaphors and lots of grand gestures. the only person who usually understands them is dick, and even then it’s like 75% of the time. if he actually says the word ‘love’, the vulnerability of the moment will cause him to keel over and die
  • master of the uncomfortable invasion of privacy. i cannot stress this enough. if you bought purple listerine instead of blue this week, he’s watching you. he has your number. he has a file on everything that breathes, and also he writes everything down. he has like 400 some files on hugo strange alone, he knows whether the man prefers coke or pepsi. also, three words: brother eye satellite 
  • whenever something emotionally traumatic happens he locks himself in the batcave for a while because he is a turtle (of justice) and the batcave is his shell
  • now, this one is mostly a headcanon i was talking with audrey about earlier (i say mostly because i’m 65% sure there’s a panel somewhere that made it canon that bruce helped train kyle, but my receipts folder is 5 miles long) but i do solidly believe bruce is one of the people who teaches inexperienced league members, along with other expertly trained league members like diana and dinah. not only because of his expertise in martial arts, but also because he’s had more experience than other heroes training individuals to be the best they possibly can. he is absolutely the tough love coach. he is the AP teacher that knocked off points for every little mistake and made you cry three times a week, but it was worth it when you got a 5 on that exam and were so far ahead of the curve in college the class was a breeze
  • summary: i love batman
  • a lot
  • like a whole lot
  • he’s trying his best

he is my very favorite

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Did you hear about that 20 year old calling Finn Wolfard rude and stuff?

You bet I did and the creeps actually 21. For people who don’t know this guy and a bunch of his adult friends were waiting for Finn outside his hotel room and Finn did indeed say a quick “Hey” to them but it was clear the kid was exhausted. From what I heard he had several interviews that day. So when Finn didn’t completely stop to talk to these strangers this asshole thought it was a good idea to take to twitter and call Finn, who is still a child btw a rude asshole. Thankfully we had Shannon Purser (the actress who played Barb) around to stand up for Finn.

Please people if you want to be a true fan take the actors feelings to heart. Put yourself in their shoes. If they say they’re uncomfortable with something, if they can’t always take the time to reply to your messages, and so on respect there wishes!
home is wherever i’m with you

requested by @aussie-mantle

summaryYou and Tom met a few months back while he was on vacation in your hometown, and he proposes the idea that he takes you back to see London to meet his family–a place you had always dreamed of visiting.

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 1.5k 

warnings: a lil swearing

a/n: a little blurb for you about meeting his family, getting a taste of his backstory, kinda seeing another side of him. i’m so sorry this took so long, i’ve been crazy busy!! i hope you like it, darling! xx 

“I have something for you, darling,” came Tom’s voice in front of you.

You looked up at him from the morning newspaper you were reading, sipping a cup of coffee. “What is it?”

“It’s an early Christmas present,” he admitted, placing a thin envelope on the table before you.

Picking it up with furrowed brows, you tore it open and slid the two pieces of paper from it. As your eyes read the words, excitement flooded your veins and you raised your eyes to look at him again, positively speechless.

“Do you like it?”

“Tom,” you managed to squeak out, doing everything you possibly could to keep yourself from jumping out of the chair and screaming, “are you serious?”

“Very,” he replied, taking the seat next to you and grinning. “I’ve already made the arrangements; all you have to do is pack.”

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Snippets from Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun #87

Yeah, we know Hori Sempai has been noticing her forever but this is like the first time he is finally acknowledging it and I. AM. ALIVE! 

(Do we have enough material for a Season 2 anime? I’d really like a Season 2 already, guys!)

A Fish and a Boyfriend (Thiam)

AU in which Theo works at the pet store and Liam likes to go there to the look at pets he can’t buy because his parents won’t let him buy one and one day Theo gets a fish for Liam and writes his number and a note in the fishbowl

“For the thousandth time Liam, an animal is not to set foot in this house!” Liam’s mom yelled.

“Ok ok fine, but that won’t stop me from hanging out at the pet store!” Liam screamed before running out his front door.

“No pet, no pets at all? Are they crazy?” Liam whispered to himself.

*3 hours later*

“Hey Theo, that short kid is in here again. Tell him we’re about to close and he can come back tomorrow and be weird,” Theo’s boss instructed.  

Theo just wanted to go home after a long day. He’s heard from everyone in the store that the same kid has been here every day just staring at the pets, whispering nicknames to them. To be honest, Theo thought that was weird, but if it’s a kid, he’ll play along.

“Hey little guy, I’ll tell you what? If you go home now tomorrow we can- “Theo turned to the corner.

Theo was now in the same aisle as Liam and he definitely was not looking at a little kid.

“I’m sorry, everyone just kept talking about a kid in here for the past few days staring at the animals.”

“Well I am 16. But I bet all everyone telling you that is just old.”

Liam made Theo laugh at his place of work, something he’s never done, and Theo couldn’t help but notice how cute Liam was.

“I certainly appreciate you keeping the animals company, but my bed also likes when I keep it company, preferably by 10pm.”

Theo’s attempted joke made Liam all red and embarrassed.

“You are right, I’m so sorry, I know how late it is,” a flustered Liam responded.

“It’s really ok. Just keep the visiting to store hours. Preferably 2-9 when I’m here.”

Am I being hit on?” Liam thought.

“Because that’s when the animals get fed,” Theo quickly added, disappointing Liam.

Liam was about to turn and leave when Theo asked him a question.

“Not to be rude but why are you in here all the time? Why not just buy a pet?”

“I want a pet, 5 if I could. They’re also damn cute.”

“Not as cute as you,” Theo thought.

“It’s my parents. They’re so strict about pets. A dog bit me when I was a kid and now they’re all like, don’t you dare bring an animal into this house, we will not let it set a foot in this house,” Liam imitated his parents.

“That’s rough. I can’t imagine life without my cats.”

“So you’re that cat person,” Liam said with the emphasis on that.

“Hey now, don’t disrespect my children,” both boys followed by laughter.

Theo and Liam had inched close together throughout their conversation without even noticing until a little bit of silence when they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Hey Theo, I don’t pay you to flirt with the customers! And you, go home already!” Theo’s boss yelled.

“I should go. But I’ll be back tomorrow,” Liam said.

“I’ll be here. I’ll see you then, uh?”

“Oh yeah,” Liam giggled. “I’m Liam.”

“A cute name for an extremely cute boy,” Theo thought.

“Oh, and I’m Theo,” but that only made Liam giggle again.

“I know, it’s on your name tag.”

The next day Liam followed his usual routine, a little bit of arguing with his mom, picking up some snacks, and spending forever at the pet store. On this day, he made sure didn’t get there before 2pm so he could spend as much time there only during Theo’s shift.

“Hey Liam, you’re back!” Theo greeted him.

“I just can’t stay away. If the dogs can’t come to me, then I’ll come to them!”

“Knock yourself out, I’ll be around if you need anything at all.”

Liam smiled at Theo and skipped towards a few golden retrievers. A few hours passed and Liam couldn’t get enough, but he was in need of more food than just his snacks.

“Theo!” Liam heard. “Take your break now.”

Perfect!” Liam thought. Now he could ask him to lunch.

“Hey Theo!” Liam waved his hands in Theo’s direction. “I couldn’t help but overhear you have a break now. I was going to get lunch if you want to come with me?” Liam asked hopefully.

“Thanks for the offer Liam but I brought my lunch today.”

Liam couldn’t help but feel hurt. If it was him he would say yes anyways, even with food in the fridge just to have a meal with a guy as cute and hot as Theo.

“Oh ok. Will you be here when I get back?”

“Yeah. I’m just stepping out the back for my lunch. I’ll see you later, “Theo smiled.

Liam sat at the diner across the street, enjoying his lunch, while Theo had lied about his.

“Rick, I’m going to need that favor you owe me. Get me the prettiest, colorful fish that can put a smile on anyone’s face, for free, and a pen and paper while you’re at it,” Theo demanded.

Theo was about done with all the supplies he asked from Rick when Liam made his way back into the store, feeling really down at the absence of Theo.

“Hey, have you seen Theo?” Liam asked Rick.

“Our boss had him go to another fish store last minute, he’ll be back in a few hours though.”

A few hours?? Liam was going to lose his mind.

“When he comes back could you tell him Liam said he will be back tomorrow?

“You’re Liam?” Rick asked.

“He made this for you. I don’t know what you teenagers are up to but I heard him singing to himself on how much Liam’s cute face was going to love this,” Rick said with air quotes.

He called me cute?” Liam squealed internally.

“Here’s the fish bowl kid, I’m out.”

Liam took the fish bowl in his hands and was confused why Liam would want him to have this, until the beautiful rainbow colors of the fish distracted him. He examined the fish bowl until he saw a folded piece of paper. He reached in quickly into the bowl, pulling out the wet paper. Liam opened up what appeared to be a note, with the dumbest smile on his face.

“Technically fish don’t have legs, do they? Technically brining this guy home is following the rules of no animal setting their foot in your parent’s house. If this little guy makes it, I can take you two out for a date, and hopefully more just the two of us,”

Underneath the note read, “3106543244, hoping to get a call from the cutest boy I’ve ever seen.”

Liam was about pass out. He couldn’t believe the cutest he’d ever laid eyes on called him the cutest guy he’d ever seen. He gathered the bowl and everything he would need to take care of his new pet. “Well little Leo, it looks like I go home with a new pet, and boyfriend!”

Fic Prompt / Request: Uchiha Homecoming & the Konoha 11


Hello how are you? Do you think you can write a story where Sasuke and family meet all the other members of Konoha 11 and /or their children. I’d love to see how Sasuke interacts with the others since we’ve ve hardly seen him talk to any of them (except team 7 members I guess). I know you’ve got a good grasp of the characters personalities. And besides, it’s been so long since you wrote about anyone other than the Uchha family. Thanks! 

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Confessions of a Harmonizer


2015 I remember back when I was in my Practicum, I often hear my grade II students singing and dancing Worth It and I never approve of that. The meaning of that song is bad and not suited for their age, they’re just 8 for heaven’s sake! I did not know of Fifth Harmony that time (tho I gotta admit that song is catchy) It’s not my type of music and girl groups are really so gay for me. I tried watching the video and that’s the moment I knew I would never love this group. They’re too sexy for me. I don’t like sexy dances and they’re showing too much skin, nah-uh!

2016 I was looking for new music while at work and I saw this Work From Home by Fifth Harmony everywhere and I thought this maybe good coz it’s everywhere so I watched the video and BOOM ahh my eyes…too sexy…too much skin! (I did not finish that video.) It really makes me uncomfortable watching that kind of video (until now, sorry). Fifth Harmony is really a big no for me. Gosh. What’s happening with songs and their music vids nowadays. 

2017 Bad Things

Why is this song in all music sites and everytime I open Youtube it’s there. I thought (Hmmm Machine Gun Kelly this guy is that Rasta Guy in Nerve and hmmm Camila Cabello, that girl in Shawn’s song, another new girl, bet this song suck) so I did not bother watching it. It was in May 2017 when this dark emo friend that I liked said, “try watching Bad Things, it’s a good song” and I was like “you watched that kind of shit?” then she said “just watch it”. So just to have something to talk about, I watched the video AND I DIED A TRAGIC DEATH lol kidding. I watched it and thought, “This is really a good song. This is so underrated. This should have at least 500M views. I don’t remember this girl being this cute and she really has cute voice.” The part I liked the most is the I WANT YOU FOREVER EVEN WHEN WE’RE NOT TOGETHER (story of my life) Since then I have the song on repeat I even got my workmates into it too (lol). That’s the start.


I Googled her, who tf is this cute girl? I read and oooh she used to be in Fifth Harmony, that sexy group? But she’s so young. Wth. I searched Fifth Harmony and I’m damned they’re all young. Lol. I went to Youtube and watched Crying in the Club, she really is cute. Lol. To the comment section…”Camren is real” (huh?) “This song is about Lauren” (who tf is this Lauren?) How could this dude hurt this cute girl. I searched Camila and Lauren then I’m SHOOKT af. LOL. So she’s linked with this girl in her group named Lauren. This is interesting. Back to Youtube again and typed, Camila and Lauren, results were the sexual tension, gay moments, camren..etc. I WATCHED ALL OF THAT. Eureka! HAHAHA! I cannot believe this. I LOVE CAMREN!


I spent 50% of my time at work binge watching Camren. Camren is so real, watching all the videos are really amazing, you can almost feel how much they love each other. The hurt and the love is in their eyes. I read articles about them. I searched all about them and Fifth Harmony. I created a Twitter account coz they have indirects there (in less than a week Camila followed me back, how lucky am I?) I created Tumblr coz they have indirects here too. I learned so much about them here about how dirty the industry they’re in is. I feel sad for these two souls. How could this industry hurt these girls? I watch every interviews, takeovers, shows that Fifth Harmony is in just for little Camren interactions and I enjoyed and love Fifth Harmony little by little. They’re not as sexy and rude as their music videos. They are totally different off-music-videos and off-the-stage.


I feel sad for Fifth Harmony. I regret not reading about them years back. I watched all their music videos (I still don’t like too much sexy) because it’s them and I’m making it up for them. I always watch their takeovers and interviews (of course because of the Camren moments) and I really enjoy watching this off-the-stage and not-on-music-videos version of the girls. They’re actually all like me. They’re really funny, dorky, cute and talented girls. Most of all, they’re normal girls who fangirls like me too. I cannot believe the many times I’ve watched Music Award shows years back and not knowing them. I remember I watched That’s My Girl performance and switched the channel and switched back after their performance. I remember them winning the Moonman and thinking “another girl group that will be gone next year”.

How could I let myself not notice this precious beings years back? How could I not heard of “Who Are You”, “1000 Hands”, “No Way” and “Write on Me” years back? How could I not know about Camren? How could I not appreciate Fifth Harmony? I missed all those times when they’ve been through hard times. I missed the time when Camila was crying in some bathroom. I missed the time when Lauren was still fetus and happy. I missed the Fetus Harmony. I missed the Happy Harmony. I missed so much and now I’m watching and rewatching just to live those moments when they’re in harmony, when Camren was happy, when they are all happy. How I wish I knew them years back so I can send love and comfort these precious beings.

I am new to this fandom. The only fandom I invested so much time in. The only fandom that I recognized as being part of. This is the only girl group that I liked not entirely because of their music but because of WHO THEY ARE. I am really into music so much but I stan them not because of their music, I stan them because of how genuine these girls are and how precious they are that I’m so protective of them. I feel like I want to kill those who will hurt them. Especially the ones who will make my Camila cry, they’ll surely be going around the 9 circles of hell sooner than they think if they dare. I just want these girls to be happy. I hate it that I’m in this fandom because it’s really stressful with all the PRs and longing for a Camren interaction. I hate that I am actually a stan. This is too gay and I’m the only Harmonizer in my group. This suck that I love them, but I love them.  I really do so much. It hurts that indirects between Camren are the only ones that I’m fed right now. How I wish I could turn back time, back to the X-Factor days so I could give them this love that I have for them and be with them every step of the way. I feel like I have to do something for these precious girls. I want them to know that whatever the fuck is going on with them now, I’m here to support them. I love them all. I love Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally. I don’t care about how the media portrays them to be. I love my inside-the-tour-bus girls who are laughing while Camila is making a sandwich, while Lauren is reading a book, while Dinah is taking a selfie, while Ally is looking for some movie to watch, while Normani is twerking (lol).

I feel like I could write forever. I just want you all to know that I appreciate this experience because this is new to me. I am a hard person yet I stan a girly/sexy girl group. But I can’t help myself, I LOVE FIFTH HARMONY!

The Fake Boyfriend

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This was written for @dancingalone21 ‘s Funny Quote Challenge. My quote was, “Don’t objectify me.” If you aren’t following her go do it!…

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You’re Distracting Part 4

A/N: So this is way longer than I expected. I just couldn’t find a great place to stop in between without it being too short. The next part will proabably be pretty long too. That being said I am still going to try and post the next part by Thursday and maybe a one shot in between. This chapter has way more innuendos than I planned but I think its pretty humorous.


Title: You’re Distracting Part 4

Rating : Teen bordering on Mature

Warnings: references to sex, kissing, jealousy

word count: 1891

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

I woke up around 9o’clock and decided to clean up my dorm room before getting dressed. After a long relaxing shower I went through my daily routine of clothes, hair and makeup. I even put on more makeup then I normally do. I didn’t want to admit that I was nervous about talking to Thomas. My roommate was still studying abroad so I didn’t have to worry about disturbing her by having Thomas over. She seemed to hate him as well until I confessed to her that I had feelings for him.

I had just finished putting the mac and cheese dish into the oven to finish cooking when I heard a knock at my door. My heart seemed like it was ready to run away from me by the time I was standing in front of the door. I ran my hands on the front of my pants before I shakily opened the door.

There he was in his bright magenta jacket, black t-shirt, and jeans. When I looked at his face he looked like hell. I know for a fact that I had caused it. He had a hand running through his hair at he looked me over, as if making sure I was ok, Dark circles under his eyes and his hair was way more of a mess than usual. He looked tired like he hadn’t slept in days and he fidgeted under my gaze instead of the regular brash confidence that he normally had.

“Come on in,” I stated moving to the side.

“Thanks,” he responded. He came in and sat at the end of the coach. I walked behind him and sat on the other end of the coach praying that he didn’t notice I put as much distance between us as possible but of course he did. He looked at the distance between us with a sad look before looking up at me with a sheepish smile. “I am sorry. I was a huge asshole. I know that. I felt awful after you left and then Madison decided to add his 2-cents in and reminded me how before this you had never once upset me. The first time you do something I don’t approve of and I was the biggest jerk out there.”

“Thomas, I over reacted. I knew you weren’t going to be happy about it. I shouldn’t have said stuff like that .I should have told you before that too. I should have told you before when it ended up going past one date.” I said.

“Well if you are happy with him then I will try to be happy for you. You are my best friend and you deserve the best. I am going to be honest though I don’t think Hamilton is ‘the best’,” He chuckled at the end but then realized his mistake and glanced down at his lap, “Sorry”

“Me and Alexander aren’t together anymore,” I said gently glancing up as his face as I uttered the words.

His eyes widened, “Why? Umm what happened?”

“We broke up yesterday. We both agreed that dating one another had just been a distraction. We are still friends but… “

I glanced at him and watched some of the tension leave him as he left out a sigh, “That’s good.” I smirked and immediately cocked my head raising my eyebrow. I watched him tense and immediately lunge for me pulling me in to a hug apologizing profusely saying that it was an accident. I just laughed and patted him on the back. “I got to go get the mac and cheese out of the oven.”

It took a while for everything to go back to normal. I still hang out with Hamilton once a week and we watch a movie or play a game. Jefferson never talks about. However, he has been known to ask me to hangout or try and make plans with me every time he hears I am hanging out with alexander.

One day Madison, Jefferson, and I were all sitting in the coffee shop like we did all the time until Madison slammed his hands on the table. I had a vague flashback to when Jefferson had done the exact same thing. Both Thomas and I looked up at him confused as to what happened considering we had just been talking about the weather and Madison never gets upset. “Were you going to tell us about the guy that I saw ask you out in the court yard yesterday or were we going to go through the same issue that we had with Hamilton?” He huffed. I noticed Thomas tense out of the corner of my eye before he let out a sigh.

“She doesn’t have to tell us Madison. She can date whoever she wants, “Jefferson said with a fake smile, still incredibly tense. Madison gawked at him. The entire situation was so hilarious, I ended up laughing out loud. They both looked over at me like I was crazy.

“I turned him down Madison. I wasn’t even remotely interested. Besides if I went out with anyone than who I actually like Hamilton might beat me,” I chuckled before you realized I just confessed. “I mean I don’t ‘really’ like anyone. I- I just uhhhhh.” Madison stared wide eyed at me. Jefferson coughed tensely and said something about using the bathroom before quickly leaving the table.

“Soooo I am assuming its Thomas right?” Madison asked leaning conspiratorially on the table with a smirk.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I said staring straight ahead and taking a drink from my coffee. I felt him continue to stare at me until I finally cracked. “Fine, yes it is him,” I sighed.

“HELL YEAH!!” Madison shouted out to the entire Coffee shop as I tried to shush all his cheering. I was this close to smashing a vase over his head to shut him up when he finally settled down. “Well now you have to tell him.”

“What the HELL!? No, I cannot and will not.” I shouted at him, earning you several weird looks. “You crazy bastard.” I mumbled under my breath. I felt sick to my stomach.

“He likes you too. I know he does. He never shuts up about you and he gets jealous every time you even mention another guy, especially Hamilton. Then you just … ”

I just rolled my eyes and shushed him from his ranting as I saw Thomas coming back from the bathroom. He sat down and Madison suddenly pulled on the scariest grin I had ever seen. I knew he was forming a plan and before I could stop anything Madison was talking.

“So you were thinking about going out with Lafayette? I heard you constantly compliment him on his accent.” Madison asked blatantly. As soon as he said that Jefferson almost choked on his drinking, holding it back from doing a spit take.

“W-what?” Thomas asked in a hoarse voice.

“She can’t stay single forever Thomas, try and keep up. I am just saying that Laf seemed interested and he is our friend so we know that we would get along. Besides, Y/N has a long list of options I am sure you would prefer Laf to Laurens ,who I heard was talking about asking her out in English tomorrow.” Madison said gently sipping on his drink. I just stared at him wide eyed. What the hell was he getting at? Thomas fidgeted in his seat with a red face. He seemed in deep thought when my phone dinged with a message causing him to jump.

“Who is that?” Madison asked, seeming to have nervous hop in his voice. I gave him a weird look but pulled out my phone.

‘From: Madison

To: Y/N

Pretend its alexander who is texting you! Just trust me. Say Hamilton wants to hang out soon.’

I glanced up and looked at him like he was crazy. He rolled his eyes and jerked his head as a go ahead. I sighed but decided to go along with whatever he was trying to do. After all I have nothing else to do. “It was just Alexander asking if I could hangout today.” I said flippantly. Jefferson snapped out of his thought and looked over with wide eyes at me. I raised my eyebrows and smirked.

“I have to ask!!! How big was he? I bet he was either was really tiny or really huge I don’t think there is an in between with that guy.” Madison said as he leaned onto the table conspiratorially.

I stared at him bug eyed for a second. “You have got to be kidding! I am not telling you that.”

“Please, please, please I want to know.”

“No Madison.”

“You have to, me and Jefferson will never know otherwise.”

“If you want to know so badly then you go have a round with tiny Hamilton.” I realized my mistake too late and had let it slip. Madison stared at me wide eyed with the kind of smile you would find on a kids face on Christmas morning. I flushed furiously. “I- I mean yeah small but that did really make a difference for me.” It was at that moment I decided I would curl up in a ball and die. Did I really just say that out loud? I am such an idiot.

Jefferson sat there as if he had been hit with a stun gun and Madison was laughing too hard. “What do you mean it didn’t make a difference? Of course it makes a difference.”

I really hated this conversation but Madison was starting to piss you off. I got my barings and took a drink of my coffee. I just smirked and looked up at him. “His mouth isn’t just good for talking.” I said nonchalantly.

Madison stopped and his jaw dropped. Thomas suddenly turned to me with no warning. “We need to talk. Can we go back to your place?” He said angrily.

“Oooooh someone’s in trouble!” Madison mocked as you ignored him.

“Sure Thomas.” I said nervously I grabbed my drink that had gotten cold and threw it in the trash before Thomas grabbed my arm and practically dragged me through campus to my dorm.

“So what was it you wanted to talk about?” I said nervously as Thomas closed the door. Was he mad at me again? Stupid Madison. As soon as he started talking Thomas had gotten weird. However, I didn’t have time to think as my arm was grabbed and my back was slammed against the door.

I slowly looked up from the broad chest in front of me. My brain almost short circuited looking up at Thomas above me and extremely close. He took me by surprise by smashing his lips into mine. As soon as his lips touched mine I responded without thinking. The kiss was hot and passionate. My hands buried themselves into his hair as his hands moved to grip my waist and pull me closer. Over the next few kisses that barely had any break between he was taking his hands and sliding them over every inch of me he could find. It was hungry, passionate and strong. Not to mention, ten times better than any fantasy I had concurred up.

axel-the-female  asked:

Hello Sevi! I know that mostly every fan of BNHA focuses and loves dad-might and dad-zawa. However what do you have opinion and headcannon wise for dad/Uncle Present mic?

Ooooh, actually, I love the thought of Mic (and the other teachers, too) being like uncles or aunts for the children!

For Mic, I headcanon that he is the “funny” uncle – you know, that one guy who would join in on every fun the children can think of. Want to do a karaoke in the living room? Go to the amusement park? You can bet that he is in the middle of it all.

The kids he is closest with are Jirou and Kouda. The kids have impressed him greatly with how they figured out a way how to pass his midterm exam, even though he still is wary of the fact that Kouda can send bugs after him, of all things.

Mic is the one who helped Kouda come up with a possibility of upgrading his hero outfit, adding some extra speakers that would transmit his voice and orders to animals further away. He also made it his goal to help the quiet and timid boy to become a bit louder, encouraging Kouda to do his trademark “YEAH!” with him. There was no success with that yet, but Kouda doesn’t really mind, rather appreciates the effort.

As for Jirou, Mic feels all but obliged to support a young “listener” who loves music just like he does. They end up spending their free time with music lessons – Mic knows a few tricks with the guitar that Jirou is delighted to learn about, while Jirou has some neat suggestions of songs that Mic could play at his radio show. Mic has not told the girl yet, but he is quite sure that he will broadcast the very first own song Jirou will write and finish in the future.

There are also evening where Mic just ends up in the living room with everyone at the dorms, including Aizawa and (probably) Toshinori, and he and the kids end up singing at the top of their lungs, whatever songs they want to. Toshinori chimes in after some encouragement, while Aizawa just pulls a pillow over his head.

Mic sings a bit louder at that and just laughs at his grumpy friend.

anonymous asked:

Okay... I know that half the fandom of jacksepticeye and markiplier are just little kids and so why are you all watching the game grumps? if it wasn't for mark and jack then you'd probably never of watched them. they are too dirty for you guys. they are an adult group. i was talking to people on twitter about how so many kids watch them and they thought i was lying because they could never imagine kids see that stuff. also pewdiepie is a racist annoying mess and jack still wont leave him.....

the number of [condescending] assumptions in this one ask is almost comical. based on… generalizations + the fact that i’m a mark/jack/etc blog that rb’d a game grumps ask prompt.. Yikes.

(1) yes, a good portion of the mark/jack fandom are young. but in this case you bet on the wrong side of the coin pal lol. i’m an adult. i’m in uni, i’ve got a full time job. reeeeally appreciate your “concern” with the  “too dirty for you” comments but they’re perfectly suitable for my age group, thanks xoxo. 

(i also actively listen to ninja SEX!!! party. the horror. my poor. prepubescent ears. damaged. forever. by the music… about intercourse… whatever that is.. oh no…)

(2) coming up on three years ago, a friend recommended a mark video which introduced let’s plays as a youtube genre to me, and in browsing creators i came across the grumps. that’s how i found them, and despite my blog “brand”/content, at this point i watch them almost exclusively. maybe if i hadn’t seen mark first i wouldn’t have? but even so… who the fuck cares. people find creators from other creators the same way we do with tv shows and bands. 

(3) super young kids (~7-12) that find the grumps through mark/jack might not even continue watching? they’re pretty goddamn different channels even though they’re both LPs, and the games they play are also pretty goddamn different with the exceptions of new releases that both’ll try out. while i’m sure kids do “see that stuff,” highly, HIGHLY doubt the overlap of young grumps/mark&jack viewers is all that big.

(4) why do you feel the need to get on a soapbox about this… especially in a random blog’s inbox. do you have a child that’s being exposed to mature content, particularly the grumps? it is not your responsibility to parent other people, especially when you clearly have no idea how old the person you’re lecturing is

(5) i think the best part of this ask, with its high-horse attitude, is that you in all your ~adult wisdom and maturity~ are still hiding behind anon. you wanna actually be adults have a discussion about this? come on off, and i’d be happy to chat. 

(6) how…. is felix relevant… to any of this… at all… esp. bc i haven’t posted about him in ages (bc of that)… and he has nothing to do with the grumps…

tl;dr? pardon my ~adult language~, but go fuck yourself. 

Memories [Pt 2] (Ward Meachum/Reader)

Woah, double update, you guys! I just really love Ward, don’t blame me;; Enjoy

Taggin them nice peeps that seemed to like part one (which is HERE): @bekaperk @ladybella-l @decaffeinatedeaglefart @favrielle @vandrheim

Warnings: Talks of breakup, flashbacks, Ward being nice??, diners (again), food, alcohol mention, drug mention, reminiscing, and even more swearing

Words: 1229

“He doesn’t deserve the crying, (Y/N)… Here, look, dad gave me my allowance early, so I’m going to stay and get something, too,” he had said, giving you a small, supportive smile. You could only nod slowly and watch him call the waiter over.

“What will you be having today?”

“Can I please get the biggest, spiciest burger the cooks can make with a side of the crinkly cut fries?” You had been so confused— Ward hated spicy food more than he hated math class, which was a ton, so why was he getting something that he wouldn’t like?

“Will that be all?”

“Yes. Oh, wait, (Y/N)?” He turns back to you, then asks, “Do you want anything else? Really, anything on the menu. I’ll pay for it.”

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moody | john shelby

john has to deal with his moody teenage daughter who doesn’t like the reader

send requests here

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When you married John, you knew that there was going to be issues with the kids. They were so used to having their mum, Esmé, around them constantly and now to have you, was going to be a major shock to them. The youngest ones didn’t mind as much, they didn’t really understand. His eldest, Katie, was the one with the main issue. John tried hard to make Katie understand that you were there for good, she just wouldn’t accept it. Katie would constantly make up lies, in hopes that you and John would divorce. John would tell you that the stunts she pulled didn’t matter to him, but it didn’t help in any way.  

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Shadows (Reuploaded)

Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 1200ish

Warnings: cursing, theft, mentions of blood and fighting

Summary: You, a common thief, meets the scarlet webster.

Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, (Coming Soon)

A/N: Honestly don’t know where I’m going with this but whatevs. Also this is my first fic so no hate please. And ignore any mistakes.

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You grabbed the money and stuffed it in your backpack, quickly turning and running toward the shadows. Getting to a big enough shadow, you jumped in quickly teleporting out of the bank. You ended up in an alley on the other side of New York where you took off your ski mask and threw it into the nearest dumpster. Smirking to yourself at a job well done, you headed to your home in the Queens.

You slung your backpack over your shoulder and walked out into the streets. You were debating what charity to donate most of the money to when you arrived at your apartment. Walking inside, you headed toward your kitchen where you usually hide the cash. You removed the tile right in front of the fridge and took the money out of the bag, putting in the hole. When you were contemplating your next move, you just decided to go out and treat yourself.

It was around couple of hours later when you wanted to go home. Leaving the bakery with a fresh pastry and a small content smile, thinking about all the things that went right this day.

A clap of thunder startled you out of your happy state. Quickly you looked up and noticed all the gray and angry clouds. Shit. You were too busy getting ready for your heist you didn’t even bother to check the weather. Cursing to yourself, you started to walk faster, desperate to find an ally that you could find a secluded shadow in. You finally found one and hurried to the safe haven. Right when you found a big enough shadow to travel through, you got interrupted.

You felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you saw this guy in red spandex hanging upside down in front of you. Your eyes widened slightly as you recognized him as the Spider-man. Double shit. Of course you’d pick the ally that fucking Spider-man would be in.

Maybe he’s not here for me and it’s all a big coincidence,’ you thought, hopefully.

“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know anyone that can manipulate shadows, would you? I mean who am I kidding, it’s not like a lovely lady like you could know such a girl.” As his speech progresses, your fear grows.

You bet there’s a god out there that’s laughing their ass off right now. That fucking dick.

You laughed a nervous, awkward laugh before replying, “Yeah why would I know? I’m just a normal girl amirite?” Your speech came out a little too fast and high for it to be believable. You turned around, aiming for a different shadow when Spider-man did his little web thing to your legs, gluing them to the ground.

You guess you’re going to have to do this the hard way. Keeping your poker face up, you try to look over your shoulder at the spider but you find him gone. A shadows casts over you causing you to look above you. There sat Spidey on the hanging from a fire escape.

A smirk crosses your face, “Yo Spidey, you wanna know a little secret?” The boy in the suit cocks his head little bit. “Manipulating shadows is a simpler term,” you said as you made a solid shadow dagger form in your hand. You went for your webs on your feet first, cutting them before standing up again. When you were free you went to go attack underoos who was just above you but you found him gone. Figuring this is your chance to get out of there you ran for a shadow. You were quite literally one inch from your escape when you got close lined.

Unknowingly, you blacked out. One second, you were almost to freedom. The next, you were on the ground holding your, now, broken nose.

“Holy-shit-tits,” you groaned out. Peaking your eyes open, you saw a man with bow and arrow pointed at you and Spiderman next to him. “Well fuck me over backwards. I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” you said in a squeaky voice in from holding your bleeding nose.

“Cap is gonna love you,” the bowman said with a smile.

You were completely blindfolded and handcuffed so you couldn’t do any ‘shadow bullshit’ as bowman called it. In all honesty, you didn’t know where they were taking you. But if Spiderman is connected with them, it couldn’t be that bad right? Right?? They did stop the bleeding of your nose, so that’s a good sign.

You couldn’t even try to figure out the conversation happening in the front. All your concentration was on trying to not have a full on panic attack. The darkness from the blindfold was really freaking you out. Memories from before started to flash across your brain. You tried to shut them out, you really did.

“Hey, you ok? Do you need, like, some medical help or something?” You could barely hear him through the blood pumping in your ears. Guessing by the voice, it was the guy that got you into this mess. Oh when you got free, you were going after him

“I ca-can’t bre-athe,” you say into between gasps. You heard him quietly whisper ‘oh shit’

“Uh, ok. Just focus on my voice. You’re going to be fine. You’re not even going to jail,” He lifted up the blindfold and the first thing you notice was his mask was off. He had nice brown hair and attractive figures. When your eyes finally met his, you were hit with a sense of calm. His eyes were a nice warm chocolatey brown. You could lose yourself into them if you wanted to. So much for wanting to go after the guy. “I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves. I’m Peter. You are?”

“I’m Y/N,” you replied. Your breaths we’re getting less violent.

“See I told you, you’re completely fine.” He said with a growing smirk.

You didn’t even notice your hyperventilating had stopped.

“If you guys are done eyefucking back there, we’re here.” Bowman’s voice cut through your apparent ‘eyefucking’. Both you and Peter had already turned away with bright red faces. The webster got out of the car and went to go open the door, still avoiding your eye. When you got of the car, you saw this gigantic skyscraper with a lot of glass. When your eyes trained on the A on the side, you started to freak out.

‘Why am I at the Avengers tower?’ You may be a little behind on who is in the Avengers, but you’re not completely clueless.

“Hey Clint, can you go tell the others? I’ll take Y/N on a tour.” Clint just gave Peter a wink and walked away. Another blush spread across his cheeks.

“Why the fuck am I here?” you whispered. Not even knowing what happened seconds before. You turned to look at Peter who had a small, confident smirk.

“This, Y/N, is your new home.”

Your first instinct was to start hysterically laughing. Which you did for a good minute or so. Then you realized they were actually serious. That stopped you in your tracks.

“I think I’d rather have the jail option please.”

We love you (BTS Fluff)

 Words: 937

Warning: Fluff

@nerdynerdbookworm requested:  Hey! Can I just say that I love your blog?! I was wondering if you could do a really squishy/fluffy scenario with the boys for me? I’ve just been having a hard time with life lately and need some cheering up ☺ and I love your writing

A/N: Thank you very much for liking my writing and my blog <3 It really means so much for me to knowing that you enjoy ^^. Here you go!

A/N²: Don’t let this “hard time” let you down. You can talk to me whenever you want to.

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You were not the kind of person who was sad, walking on the corners. No, you were happy, amused. You were just facing one of those seasons in a person’s life that things are hard. You just needed something to release everything. All your stress. But you weren’t the kind of girl that let people realize your bad moments. Even the 7 most important people in your life.

It was 9:00 pm at night and you were at your home, watching some TV to distract yourself when your phone buzzed.

Jimin [9:05p.m.]: Hey, Y/N! You’re so gone these days. We miss you; you haven’t come to visit us lately. How about we go out? Together?

You breathed deeply. You were missing them too, but you really didn’t want to hang out. All you wanted was some time to yourself. But how could you avoid him?

 You [9:08p.m.]: Hi Chimchim! Ah, I miss you all too, but I don’t want to hang out, I’m kind of tired. I’ll just finish this movie and go to bed.

Damn it, Y/N, why are you avoiding Jimin? You miss him and he misses you! You thought. He had called you to go out at least 3 times that week. You started feeling worst.

Jimin [9:13p.m.]: You? Y/N doesn’t want to hang out?

Jimin [9:13p.m.]: Are you okay? You never prefer to stay at home instead of hang out with us. Is something bothering you? Have I done something?

Poor Jimin…No, you didn’t do anything. You were dying at the thought of him blaming himself.

You [9:15p.m.]: No, Jimin. It’s not your fault.

Jimin [9:18p.m.]: Then why are you avoiding us? Why are you avoiding me?

You started feeling tears coming. He was one of your best friends. You knew you could just talk to him.

You [9:21p.m.]: Chimchim, I’m not at a good moment. I’m not good at all; I just want to stay alone for a while. You know me.  I don’t like to show people when I’m bad or something

That’s it. You waited for an answer that never came. Twenty minutes had passed away and he hadn’t answered you. You thought that maybe his cell phone had lost battery or something. You stood up from the couch, meaning to go upstairs and just sleep when a knock on the door made you jump. Who can it be, so late?

 You opened the door and almost fall to the ground when you saw them. Jungkook, Taehyung, Hobi, all the 7 members there, standing in front of you. Jin was holding a bag and Yoongi had two bottles of soda in his hands, Namjoon had two more in his.

“What are you d-“ you started saying but were cut off as Jimin excused himself and entered into your house, the boys following him before giving you a peck on your cheeks. You closed the door and stared at them, who were placing the stuffs on the table in front of the couches and sitting at the carpet. What?

 You stayed there standing, not understanding what was happening.

“If you don’t want to hang out, then we came” Jimin said.

“Y/N” Taehyung called, “Why didn’t you tell us you weren’t ok?” he asked, his voice with a little of sadness.

You blushed. You knew you should’ve at least explained them what was happening instead of just avoid them. You felt tears coming again but this time you couldn’t hold them back. You started crying and quickly felt Taehyung’s arms around you, hugging you tight.

“Shh, we’re here” He whispered.

“I-I’m sorry. Guys, I’m sorry” you whispered, “I should’ve told you. I’m sorry” you said as you leaned your head against Tae’s shoulder.

 “Come on, let’s sit” he said and walked with you to join the boys. You sat between Yoongi and Kookie, smiling at them.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I’m just facing a hard season and I didn’t want to bother you with it” you said.

“Bother us? Y/N, you never think about that. We love you; we wanna see you happy every day and every time. I know how you are but stop keeping it to yourself, you can always share your problems with us” Jin said.

“Yeah. Please don’t do that again. Don’t avoid us. We like you so much” The shy maknae said, his cheeks blushing as much as yours.

“Thank you, guys. I love you all” you said.

“So, I know we can sleep here. I bet I would look amazing in one of yours long sweatshirts” Hobi said playfully and you smirked.

“Oh yeah, you are a diva” you kidded back.

“So, what were you doing before we got here?” Jimin asked.

“I was going to bed” you admitted.

“No. No way. We brought a lot of sneaks and junk food, soda and a lot of movies. You are not sleeping” Namjoon said determinate before standing up and choosing a movie.

 You felt happiness filling you up.  You looked at their happy faces. The thought of that seven great, amazing, gorgeous guys there, supporting you, worrying about you was everything you needed to feel to get better. You loved them so much. As friend, as army, as everything was possible. You knew they loved you too, and that whenever you need to, they would be there for you.

The Blue-Eyed Wolf

Part 4! Here’s the last part of this fic. I’m taking a break with the werewolf stories, but I do have one more planned, but I also have other Halloween stories I want to write. Thank you everyone for the likes and reblogs and I hope you enjoy this one :)

Jack was just leaving a store in the closest mall, when he bumped into a someone who smelled like cigars and whiskey. Jack looked up and saw the beaming face of a familiar cowboy. Jack was confused at first, why was the cowboy in a store like this?

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. These are cheap, inexpensive toys you get from a vending machine. I’ll bet once Steven finds his Ranger Guy, he’ll get bored with it in 2 seconds

Yeah man, taxes aren’t cool! Taxes suck!!!

I love this. Dave Guy just looks like a typical dude. I can see how this would be unappealing to kids when he’s competing with other Guys like Ranger Guy.

anonymous asked:

Can we please see an actual photo of you? I bet you're so handsome!

When I show people this one they always ask “Shen, what’s with the sour expression?” Funny story, actually. The guy I was working with at the time was a smart guy, but by his jaunty attitude I got the impression that he didn’t fully grasp the situation at hand. We were very, very lost, and apparently he thought that made for a Kodak moment. So, this is my “are you kidding” face. Crazy year.