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You're not supporting someone helping out other fans get tickets because so far larries have gotten tickets? Now I know you didn't say this but I have a feeling this is what you meant. Larries don't deserve to see harry? You didn't say it but that's what you meant. Funny I've seen harries who's only purpose for attending is to flash harry or attempt to fuck him Not for his music bet that doesn't bother you,95% of larries are harmless and at least support his actual product not his dick

Listen, anon. I am a nice person and I always try to stay polite even if I disagree with someone.

But this. This ask really tested me.

Anyway, you asked me something so I’ll answer and I’ll do so honestly because that’s the kind of person I am.

You’re right. I don’t want to help an account that is only helping Larries get tickets. And yes, I indeed think (95% of the) Larries don’t deserve to see Harry as much as his fans who have been supportive from the very start.

The majority of you wouldn’t believe Harry would have a solo career. The majority of you laughed at him. The majority of you wouldn’t support him if he started a solo career. The majority of you have been disrespectful to him for years.

While on the other side of the spectrum, you have Harry’s fans who have been nothing but supportive from the very first rumours of his solo career. The fans who love him for who Harry really is and treat him with respect.

Are you going to tell me Larries, who have made Harry and Louis’ lives a living hell, deserve to see Harry more than those fans? That they deserve to see Harry on his first solo tour, of a solo career you didn’t believe would even happen?


Also, when you say “I’ve seen […]” I wonder… have you really? Because the majority of the times when Larries say “I have seen”, they have seen nothing because they refuse to come out of their little Larrie world and are making things up

While I, someone who did see what Harries and other fans who have tickets to see Harry are saying, can tell you that “to flash harry or attempt to fuck him” are definitely NOT the reasons these people are going to his shows. Please have some respect. Also, even if some people did want to sleep with Harry, then let them have those fantasies? They are not harming anyone. I’m so over Larries feeling superior because they don’t have sexual feelings for Harry or Louis and shame people who do. Quite frankly, Larries are those who are doing more harm by openly discussing the [imaginary] sex life of two ex-band members. 

Also, what on earth made you think Harry’s fans don’t care about his music? His music is literally ALL people have been talking about. Honestly, get out of your Larrie bubble sometimes before you come tell me this nonsense.

“95% of larries are harmless and at least support his actual product not his dick” - cue whatmakesyouhaha.mp3

I have a few corrections to make in that statement, if that’s ok.

1) 95% –> 5%
2) At least support his actual product? Do I need to refer back to the fact the majority of you didn’t believe or supported his solo career at first? Sit the fuck down.
3) There’s a difference between feeling sexual attraction towards the boys and sexually harassing them, such as Larries have been doing. And before you come tell me Larries haven’t been sexually harassing the boys or their friends and family: sending Louis’ underage sisters explicit graphics or pics of Louis and Harry is sexual harrassment. Sending any of them and their friends and family Larry porn is sexual harassment. 

Honestly, get off your imaginary throne. Larries are really not as good as you think they are. 

Also, I encourage you to come take a look in the real world some time. 

Until then, x

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I thought there was gonna be a wedding related DLC in june since it's wedding month in a lot of countries, so I thought Mysmes was following the trend. I agree it's not a new route because somebody sent an email to Cheritz once and they answered they didn't have have plans for new routes. Arrrgh, the anxiety is killing me!

Yeah, a lot of otome games did wedding events this month, MysMes could have one too even if it’s a little later, lol. As for new routes, I… honestly don’t take that Cheritz email so serious, I think they answered what they had to answer, you know? They can’t straight admit they’re working on new routes. And it’s a common thing in otome games, the fans request for some character’s route and eventually it happens, so I didn’t lose my faith in Saeran’s route yet.

I’m betting on a wedding DLC because of the style of the clothes, and judging from the eccentric color, I say the silhouette is Saeyoung. But again, this is just my ideas, we’ll never know what  the evil mind of Byul the Star is planning for us until it happens. :p

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TBH I bet you're one of the fake Yongguk stans. One of the people who barely started paying attention to him in Episode 6. It's annoying how all of a sudden people like him and are acting like they've been his fan since forever. Tired of this Yongguk bandwagon. I was there for him since the beginning while everyone else didn't know he existed. And where were you? Probably finally learned his name in Episode 6.

uhh what ?? i’m sorry if i did something to offend you anon, but no, i don’t consider myself a ‘fake’ yongguk stan. i do acknowledge that many people began to take notice of him during the 'If It Was You’ cut, but can you blame them? i don’t recall him EVER having any decent screentime where people could learn who he was before that, (not even his name!) and he didn’t say much while he was in BIL Team 2 either (or at least that’s how mnet edited it) except during the arm wrestling where his iconic chinese came out and shook everyone. if people choose to stan, they have to start somewhere whether it was early on or later in the show, but it doesn’t matter because in the end we’re all supporting the same person.

as a yongguk stan, i was SO glad people began to recognize him. EVERYONE JOIN THE YONGGUK 'BANDWAGON’! it’s good for his confidence, + publicity! don’t you realize, more fans=more votes on the show? it’s simple. that’s why we were able to see yongguk perform Open Up. that’s why we were able to see a dizzy yongguk smearing lipstick all over kenta’s face. that’s why we got to see a smiley yongguk visiting his ads. since there are lots of yongguk stans/supporters now, there’s so much more content for us!!! it’s a win-win situation for both yongguk and his stans, which is why i don’t understand what you’re upset about. honestly, i’m not sure about how well he would have done or how long he would’ve lasted if it weren’t for that edit.

i was lucky enough to click on his introduction video early-on in the show, which also lead me to his meringue time, hidden box, and evaluation. from there i had to search about him a lot, since there weren’t many stans at the time and little about him was known.

so no, since you’re making such a big deal out of it, i actually happened to stan yongguk before that episode. shocking, right?

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I'm new to the MCR fandom and I absolutely adore Gerard and Lynz and their relationship but idk much about it. Do you know enough to explain how they met and got together and stuff? I tried looking stuff up on Google but didn't find much. I bet it's romantic as heck. Thanks!

well the first time they met was in 2002 when Lindsey went to one of MCR’s shows. they had mutual friends. i know Gerard had been a fan of MSI’s music for a long time and hes also had a lowkey rockstar crush on her lol. then they met again in 2003 when MCR opened for MSI and Gerard more or less asked her out but she had a boyfriend so…anyway they def stayed in touch over the years, saw each other from time to time bc they were kinda in the same circle and lived in the same area. but Gerard always had a girlfriend over the years and Lindsey always had a boyfriend so it wasnt until Project Rev when they were both single and basically realized they still had these strong feelings for each other (in Gerard’s words http://www.gerardwaypictures.com/post/156136223825) so they started dating and then a few weeks later they got married :))) they didnt even have rings so the next morning they woke up and bought rings and now theyve been married almost 10 years and still so happy and in love and it warms my heart 

"Want to know how Breadman collected 300$ from Patrick Kane?"
  • Reporter: Artemi, everyone wants to know: did you watch the World Junior Championship?
  • Artemi Panarin: Yes. But I didn't watch the final, to be honest, only highlights, later. I lost a $300 bet to Kane! Luckily I got them back! I correctly guessed the final score in the game against US.
  • Reporter: So you didn't lose any money?
  • Artemi Panarin: Exactly! I haven't always had a chance to watch games. But Russian guys played really well. I'm very happy for them. Our coach Valeriy Nikolaevich Bragin did a great job! He knows how to find the "right" guys and how to put a team together. Good play!
  • Reporter: Pretty much every Hawks fan have already noticed that you and Patrick often "fight" on the bench. Over what?
  • Artemi Panarin: It happens, if the game is not going the way we want it to go. We are yelling at each other, dividing the puck, and what annoys me the most is the fact that my English is not letting me say the words I want to, be sarcastic, you know. *Artemi is laughing* But seriously, we argue not that often.
  • Reporter: Have you learnt anything from Kane so far?
  • Artemi Panarin: I'm not sure if I'm a good student. Everyone knows that Kane is one of the best players of the league.
  • Reporter: You and Patrick are great duo!
  • Artemi Panarin: We speak the same language, I mean, we have alike vision of the game. Me and him immediately got along. I knew that Kane was a great player long before I played with him for the first time.
  • Reporter: Do you sometimes feel like you pass to Patrick too much?
  • Artemi Panarin: Maybe... *He made a serious face* But he always tells me that I don't pass to him it at all!
  • Fan: John Barrowman was here recently at a con
  • David Tennant: I'm so sorry. Did he keep his trousers on?
  • Fan: Yes. While he was here he placed a phone call -
  • DT: I bet he did
  • Fan: To you
  • DT: Oh - oh! Yes!
  • Fan: I believe he left a shouty message to you
  • DT: Yesss. That was from here, was it?
  • Fan: It was from North Carolina yes
  • DT: Was it really? I didn't realise that. Yes, I did, and do you know, I nearly picked up. I got to the phone very late and went, 'What's John calling, what's that all about?' and then I listened back and went, 'I'm glad I didn't pick up that call!'
  • ~Late at night~
  • Yoongi: urgh I can't sleep. I feel like there's something missing... something I should have done today but didn't. I feel somehow incomplete... Maybe I'll read some fan comments to make me feel better
  • Twitter: *thousands of dying fans in tears pleading for his mixtape to be released*
  • Yoongi: hehehehe *goes back to sleep happy*
  • "Your file has been most interesting to read, ____."
  • "You tell anyone about that and I will rip every last resistor off your circuit board with my teeth."
  • "We're tight. We go way back."
  • "Oh. Wasn't worried..."
  • I don't wanna come off as a gushing fanatic but I've really enjoyed your work."
  • "Oh are you an actor!? I'm talking about how well you handle a gun, it's very impressive."
  • "I read your book when it came out."
  • "You teach diplomacy, I get called in when diplomacy fails."
  • "I just need to feel a familial connection, ya'know?"
  • "___ says I'm not really allowed to say that word anymore."
  • "Really!? What did you think?"
  • "I'd rather relive those days than drink another one."
  • "I hope you're not offended, but I'm not really familiar with your career."
  • "I hear you're also an actor."
  • "The great thing about you not knowing much about me is I can tell you bullshit like that."
  • "So all these years later has your opinion of me changed?"
  • "I'd rather not state the names if it's worth the same to you."
  • "That is a nice exterior you have."
  • "Alright, but make it quick."
  • "Permission to speak freely, ___?"
  • "I have come to a singular conclusion. You scare me..."
  • "In hindsight, do you see that as a wise decision?"
  • "I'll have you know everything we use is 100% designed and made in the U.S.A."
  • "You honestly can't believe that can you?"
  • "Yeah! Just like- Damn!"
  • "Why is that so hard to believe?"
  • "You make a very compelling point."
  • "Good, you're learning,"
  • "What? Me? No, I'm sure of thinking of somebody else."
  • "_____ and I had a long standing business arrangement."
  • "I don't believe you."
  • "I never understood why men with your natural martial talent never joined the special forces."
  • "What's it like being part if that?"
  • "Thank you for pointing that out."
  • "I can't really be there if I'm already there. You know what I mean?""
  • "Are you high?"
  • "Heard you kidnapped me or something."
  • "That was business."
  • "And what about seducing me and make me serve your every little fantasy?"
  • "Never really thought I'd be seeing you like this again."
  • "Hey, aggressive and vengeful is fun. Though I think that's the part you didn't catch on to."
  • "Uh, sometimes you have to spell it out for me."
  • "You ever take anything seriously?"
  • "I still don't believe you're real, you know."
  • "OK, now you're projecting here."
  • "Well you're a... Wait, what?"
  • "Hey, I just call it as I see it."
  • "Well, let me give you a tip. There is no even."
  • "I believe that you did that all on your own, little [GENDER]."
  • "What have you ever accomplished?"
  • "I was a big fan of yours."
  • "I learned so much from you."
  • "No, man. I learned so much about the real world. You know, the real world. With the people with no faces and messages on everything."
  • "Baby Jesus, you folks are freaks."
  • So, you got anything good on you?"
  • "I tried to kill you and you're hitting me up for ____?"
  • "Sounds perfect to me."
  • "Bet it was a good read."
  • "The list of people killed by you was the longest I'd seen in my entire career."
  • "Shit seemed so much simpler in the old days, didn't it _____?"
  • "What's so funny?"
  • "Not if you wanna keep breathing."
  • "It's like someone is intentionally trying to put us together to see what'll happen. Fucking fan-fiction."
  • "So, how many times?"
  • "I dunno fifty is pretty impressive."
  • "Despite everything I've done with my life, apparently that's what I'm known for."
  • "Well, you're in impressive company."
  • "Me? No, God no, of course not... not that I didn't consider it, once or twice."
  • "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
  • "Guess we both fucked up."
  • "Yeah, we were a pair, you and me."
  • "It is fucked up that we can talk right now."
  • "Looks like we were both too blind for our own good."
  • "Tried to blow 'em up on a boat."
  • "What? No, nothing like... ha, well I'll be damned."
  • "A-ahm. Then, how are you here?"
  • "I can't get over how much different you are from your other you."
  • "I guess you and me have a lot in common after all."
  • "How about that sport's team?"
  • "Hell, if someone wrote that in a book there isn't anyone in the world who'd read that shit."
  • "Why you gotta be a dream killer, man?"
  • "That chick told me something pretty interesting."
  • "She says a lot of crazy shit."
  • "I did mess you up pretty bad."
  • "I already won once. I don't need to do it again."
  • "How you holding up? Things getting too crazy for you?"
  • "Did I ever tell you about the time I choked a man to death with my bare hands?"
  • "I can still feel his pulse, beating against the palms of my hand, getting slower and softer, until nothing."
  • "Oh, where have you heard that?"
  • "From the last fantasy game I saw online."
  • "So, you were some big hotshot gangster?"
  • "Did it piss you off to find out she faked her death just to get out of her contract?"
  • "Hurts like a bitch when it's gonna rain."
  • "Watch yourself old man."
  • "Don't get mad at me for telling the truth."
  • "It's amazing the lives I've changed just telling my story."
  • "If I got even one kid off the street it was all worth it."
  • "This was not the downer I was looking for."
  • "Yeah, I had to give that up at some point."
  • "Cause I am totally family material."
  • "I'm not getting anywhere with this argument, am I?"
  • "Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime?"
  • "It is just that I have been alone for so long and you and I have so much in common."
  • "I gotta be honest, I don't see any real similarity."
  • "Thanks for rescuing me."
  • "It was on the way!"
  • "Why a whiny brat like him?"
  • "But he's so fucking annoying."
  • "Are you jealous that I did not approach you with the offer?"
  • "Wait, you haven't told anybody, have you?"
  • "Do you want me to tell everyone about what you kept in that locked drawer in your desk?"
  • "You set an example for a lot of men who were questioning their own fashion choices and maybe even who they were inside."
  • "Hold on. By repopulate you mean?"
  • "So, I hear you're really good with computers and stuff."
  • "I guess being taken hostage really changes you."
  • "He ended getting killed when he tattooed the number for the police department's tip hotline to the back of his hand."
  • "Why do humans see the need to permanently mark their body with ink?"
  • "Why do robots see the need to ask such stupid pointless questions?"
  • "You simply don't get it, you had no chance, ever."
  • "You heard about that psychotic witchdoctor before me?"
  • "Kind of a cliché answer."
  • "Kind of a cliché conversation."
  • "Good point. I'll be quiet now."
  • "You know, I had a best friend named ____ once."
  • "I hope for your sake that's a compliment."
  • "How are you enjoying the field work?"
  • "Mastermind is more my speed."
  • "An allure? Is it spy-code for dirt, blood, fire, nausea and the insufferable blatherings of monosyllabic enemies that all look alike?"
  • "I imagine they have already seen themself naked."
  • "What are you doing after this? Maybe see where things go?"
  • "You're not nearly the psychopathic killing machine I was led to believe."
  • "You and I share that."
  • "Oh God! You're one of those."
  • "A thug? Are you saying that I am just a thug?"
  • "You really wanna shut your mouth now, son."
  • "I admit I feel the most direct kinship with you."
  • "We're outcasts, you and I. Strangers even amongst peers."
  • "This is... probably a strange time to mention it, but you were one of the best bad guys."
  • "I even had one of your action figures."
  • "Who would have thought, eh? You and me fighting side by side."
  • "Your brawn and my brains, your sass and my good looks, we're like a buddy cop show."
  • "There's no way you could have known that information, my cover was flawless."
  • "Well, that's quite a theory you have there."
  • "You know, I was like you once, I thought I could take down ____ and carry on with business as usual."
  • "You know, that wouldn't have been a bad idea."
  • "It's nice to get to talk to you on a more personal level."
  • "On second thought, I have enough friends."
  • "You almost remind me of my former assistants."
  • "Well, they actually had a measure of intelligence"
  • "Hey, if you ever get back into the whole criminal thing again, I can totally get you the hookup for good product."
  • "You don't employ any crazy dudes with Machetes do you?"
  • "Do I make you uncomfortable? If so, I apologize."
  • "You are always backing away from me and giving sideways glances as if I am contagious."
  • "So you're the playa's right-hand man. How's that working out for you?"
  • "Sorry man, but you gotta let that shit go."
  • "Oh that's funny. Coming from the people who scarred my face."
  • "I'm not looking to make friends here."
  • "That about sums it up. Yeah."
  • "You think you've gone crazy, don't you?"
  • "You know, I'm a pretty popular singer now."
  • "I was thinking we can hang some time. I let you hear some of my tracks."
  • "I have been watching footage of your old fighting matches."
  • "Funny how two completely different worlds can create things that are so similar."
  • "I am sure it was completely coincidental. You will be hearing from my attorneys."
  • "It's nice to see a celebrity who can handle a gun, seems most of them can barely land a punch."
  • "I hear you brother, no shit."
  • "Guy who played you sounds nothing like you though."
  • "____ is more powerful than you can imagine."
  • "Are you saying I don't have personality?"
  • "Cool it, ___. I'm just fucking with you."
  • "Oh no! Don't even speak to me. You don't get that right."
  • "Open your mouth again and you'll be singing falsetto permanently."
  • "I know. Man, those were good times."
  • "I thought I listened to you die. I thought that if we'd only gone back for you we could've stopped it."
  • "I'm right here, I didn't die and besides, that wouldn't have been on you."
  • "I'd say sorry about ____, but that bitch nearly ran me over with her car."
  • "You know, we took on a whole gang of maniacal wrestlers in masks years ago."
  • "Oh, well. He's dead now."
  • "Ahh, it takes a strong soul to stand up to ____. Huh, you seem to me more than your hooker getup suggests."
  • "But you do look completely like a hooker."
  • "You are a terrible mistress and should be ashamed."
  • "Oh! Ah, terribly sorry. It's just, well, look at you."
  • "I like your shoes."
  • "Yeah, they're pretty nice, I guess."
  • "The skirt, looks good on you."
  • "Ya got anything to eat? I'm starving."
  • "I'm just saying I'm willing to forgive and forget if you are honey."
  • "You ain't getting close enough to shank me."
  • "This whole invasion thing has fucked up everything. You know?"
  • "You step out of line just once and I'll find an even bigger building to drop your ass from."
  • "Just how much of your body is tattooed?"
  • "Any chance you might be looking for a good time?"
  • "Streets are so noisy, I figure we could go some place more quiet. Maybe my place at nine. You bring the wine, I'll bring... my questions."
  • "Two glasses of that and I just can't control myself."
  • "Man, I loved you as a bad guy back in the day."
  • "Then you became a good guy and I was like what the hell."
  • "God! I don't know why the ____ calls in you people for help. I mean what the hell."
  • "Look, just because I was on the opposing side doesn't mean I'm some lesser being."
  • "I was a member of a voodoo gang. Thank you very much."
  • "So can you play music or anything useful?"
  • "Yes, I have quite a large library of music from your world."
  • "I thought you were some kind of servant robot, so come on play something."
  • "Is there any way I can get an autograph some time?"
  • "Personally I hate hippy bullshit."
  • "You, woah, this is trippy. I can't believe I'm hanging out with the guy from that Ghost Busting movie."
  • "You're like an empire god, you know all the tricks. I learned a lot. That's how I built a legion of loyal followers."
  • "You know someone who deals in tiny plastic toy ponies?"
  • "What the hell. This is bullshit, man."
  • "It's just, you know, it's a skirt. Not exactly the manliest outfit, especially for taking alien hordes in crime ridden city."
  • "Just because we're not in the ring doesn't mean I won't lay your ass out."
  • "You know what I wear under my kilt? Your girlfriend's lipstick."
  • "I gotta say ____ you're looking really good."
  • "Come on, if we're gonna work together you have to get over..."
  • "Nice. Something about power makes a woman really sexy."
  • "You know maybe after we're done here you and me should talk some more."
  • "I suppose ____ told you about the time I tried to get her take a bullet for me."
  • "Ehh. I've had guys do worse."
#47 - You Win A Contest To Go On The Date With One Of The Boys & You Actually Hit It Off
  • Louis: Being a football player yourself, you couldn't have been more happier to get to spend the day with Louis at the football stadium where he played. You two played all day, taking short breaks before playing again. You joked and played, getting along really well. So well it didn't even seem like you two were complete strangers. After a long one-on-one game, you both sat down on the bench and he handed you a cold water. You're not too bad." He jokes with a laugh before taking a long drink from his water bottle. "Thanks, you're not so bad either." You joke earning a laugh from him. "Um, I actually wanted to ask you something." He says nervously as he looks up at you. "What's that?" You ask as you re-secured your hair in a messy ponytail. "Would you um, would you like to join me here at a game sometime? Just to watch and then hangout afterward, maybe another one-on-one game?" You sit still for a few seconds before nodding, "Yeah...Yeah, I'd really like that." You smile. He let out a small puff of air and smiles, "Awesome. That is...Yeah, I'll hook you up before we leave today, okay?" He smiles. "Sounds great." You grin.
  • Niall: She sat on the edge of the stage with Niall, his guitar secured in your hands as he tried to walk you through a few simple steps of playing it. Your date with him had turned into an all day thing. "Your fingers...yeah, okay, now strum." He smiles. You do as he says and smile as you hear a simple chord play. "See, you can do it!" He grins, patting your back. "I wouldn't call one chord an accomplishment." You laugh, handing his guitar back. "Hey, we all have to start somewhere." He shrugs with a smile. "Very true." You smile, leaning back on your hands and watch him. "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks because I mean, I wasn't supposed to be here this long and I kind of wasted your day doing stuff with me." You say nervously. "It wasn't a waste of a day, trust me." He laughs, staring at you. "You're a lot of fun, and trust me, if I didn't like you I would have ended this at the time it was supposed to." He laughed. "You're a lot of fun...I really, really, like you (Y/N). How about you stick around for the concert backstage tonight? I'll have security hook you up with a few passes. That sound good?" He asks with a smile. "That sounds great." You smile.
  • Liam: "Don't you dare!" You shout at Liam as he rounded the corner with a huge water gun that beat the tiny little one you had. "Oh, I just might." Liam smirks, "No!" You shout as you take off running. Your "date" with Liam had consisted of having a ton of fun with him and some of the other boys around the arena where the show was that night. You ran out the back door out into the parking lot and you were bombarded by Niall and Louis who began to soak you with their water guns. Liam busted out after you and began laughing, "Oh, you guys suck!" You laugh as they stop, looking down and taking in yourself in. "You're having fun, just admit it." Liam laughed as he dropped his water gun and grabbed your hand, "Come on, let's go get you dried off and into some dry clothes." Liam laughs softly and took you into the tour bus. He grabbed a towel and handed it to you, "I'll um, I'll grab you some of my clothes." He says as you dried off. "Liam, it's okay, I can stay in these." You laugh, "Are you sure? No, you'll be uncomfortable." He says, grabbing his suitcase and retrieving a tanktop and a pair of gym shorts. "Thanks." You say as he leaves and allows you to change. Once he comes back he smiles, "You know...I like you...a lot...why don't you hang around tonight?" He asks with a smile.
  • Zayn: "Can you believe it?" You ask softly as you sat down next to Zayn, curling into our side. "Believe what, love?" He whispers tiredly as he draped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. "Next week will be our two year anniversary from the day we met." You whisper. He laughed and shook his head, "I honestly still can't believe how we met." He chuckled, running his hand through his already messy hair. "Hey, it makes a good story!" You laugh as you rubbed the back of his neck. "That's true, that's very true. I can't believe we met through a win a date contest." He says softly, rubbing small circles on your thigh with his thumb. "Do you think that we would have met at some point in our lifetime if I hadn't have won that contest?" You whisper. "I would hope I would have. I know that I want to spend our lives together and I really hope that fate would have brought us together at some point in our lives." He says softly. "It would have really, really sucked if I would have ended up with someone else and thought she was the one, because you're the one and then my life wouldn't have been complete." He says softly. You smiled at his answer and laid your head in the crook of his neck, "I love you, Z," You whisper. He smiles and presses his lips to your forehead, "I love you too, baby."
  • Harry: "Harry, ten more minutes," Management said as they ducked their head back out the door of the private venue they had rented for the 'Go on a date with a 1D boy' contest. "You know...I was kind of dreading this whole date thing, but you have...proved me wrong in every sense." Harry said with a small laugh as he shook his head. "Well, I'm glad." You smile, taking a sip of your drink. "I mean, yeah you're a fan, but you didn't freak out and go crazy. You stayed calm and sophisticated and it doesn't hurt that you're very, very beautiful." He says softly. "I bet they payed you to say that." You joke with a glint in your eye. Harry laughed and shook his head, "That's coming straight from me." He says, returning his famous smile. You felt your cheeks blush and you prayed that Harry didn't notice, "Thank you. You definitely know how to treat a lady." You say, tucking your hair behind your ear. "Look, they're going to come in here in a few minutes and rip me away and we'll probably never have contact again, and I don't want that. Give me your phone." He says softly. You stare at him for a few seconds before handing him your phone, watching him type in his number and saved it as a new contact. "Text me tonight, okay? I look forward to getting to know you more." He says quickly as management comes in and tells him it's time to leave. You stood up and hugged him, "I'm serious...text me or call me, okay?" He says before pulling away, earning a nod from you. "Yeah...I will." You smile.