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Where I can find your fanfic? And, not about Camren or fic, but do you like that people scratch your head? Touch your hair? I bet you have a long hair. 😘

on my wattpad nopresure haha.

i love when people play with my hair or when they smell it (according to them i smell really good), it’s cute btw i do have long hair, really long

Reasons to get out of bed

1) you can take a shower and ooo aaa that’ll feel so good
2) you can eat some food
3) you can change into clean fluffy socks and cute hoodies
4) you can use that bath bomb in the back of your closet
5) you can brush your teeth and then not be gag when you smell your breath
6) you can FaceTime with a friend/significant other
7) you can cook some weird Pinterest treat
8) you can play with your pet, I bet they miss you
9) you can paint your nails or even just clean them
10) c'mon Jared Padalecki just wants you to be happy

Winter with ONE PIECE

Orginally I wanted to make an Advent calendar out of this, that’s why I drew my favorite 24 One Piece characters.
But honestly I was to busy and so I couldn’t finish it in time. Because of that I show you the whole drawing at once

It’s DIN A3 size and I worked over 2 weeks on it whenever I had some time. I used colored penciles and opaque white for the highlights.

That drawing was a lot of fun to do, but also really exhausting. Now let me tell you the story behind it <3

Luffy, Ace and Sabo snitched the sweets and running as fast as they can. Luffy seems happy and didn’t noticed that his strawhat was blown away. While Ace is trying to catch the hat he realize that they were hunted by followers all the time. Especially the angry looking Marco who almost caught him. I bet Sabo is scared from getting caught by Koala, because she will definetially bashing him xD Chopper on the other side smells the sweets and want them too. So and then we have Bartolomeo xD Truth be told, he isn’t a really big help anyway. He only follows them so he can be near to his senpai <3 Nami and Robin sitting there and drinking tea, while watching the horde rushing by. Kyros is on a walk together with his daughter Rebecca I really love this shy father of hers. Sanji is giving out hot and delicious stew and handing a bowl to Bepo Also standing in the line: A shocked Law as he sees a burning Corazon or maybe he saw some bread xD who knows. The look on Corazons face saying: I have no idea how this happend! Meanwhile Santa Whitebeard Claus, Shanks and Zorro warming up themselves from the inside with a cup of sake. Cavendish sitting there and looking pretty. Look at that beauty rose before he eats it. Usopp and Brook are enchanted from the shining star Franky has put on the top of the tree. Last but not least: Penguin is after Shachi to punish him for throwing a snowball on his head.

And a big question at the end: Why are Whitebeard, Ace, Marco, Luffy and Barto doesn’t wearing warm winter clothes?

Short answer:
Whitebeard is Whitebeard, Ace is fire himself, Marco is a Phoenix (okay his flames aren’t like fire but he’s hot that counts xD)
Luffy hasn’t checked that it’s cold and Barto hasn’t time to feel cold, because he only has eyes for his senpai xD

One Piece and all the characters listed below are © Eiichiro Oda

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 05 Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Kou: Finally, we just gotta set it with this spray… …there.

Alright, it’s done!

Yeah, it really looks good! Here, look in this hand mirror.

Yui: … …Wah! I look so different!

(I don’t usually do things like getting my hair done, so it’s somewhat refreshing… …)

Kou: Look, it’s the same as mine!

Yui: … …But, I think this hairstyle suits you the most.

Kou: I’m an idol remember, so I know what hairstyles would look good on you or not!

But, you’re pretty cute too, aren’t you? It makes me want to eat you all up, heheh ♪

Yui: A-Ah you… …!!

Kou: Why don’t you show Yuma-kun your hair?

Yui: Yu, Yuma-kun!?

Kou: I’m sure that he’ll definitely compliment you! I say so because I’m confident in my masterpiece!

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Brother and I discussing DA love interests

Me: “So, who are you romancing in Inquisition?”
Brother: *pauses for an awkwardly long time* ……Josephine….
Me: “I’m tapping Cullen. His lip scar and scruff are so hot.”
Brother: *snort*
Me: “You know, he kind of reminds me of a sad kicked dog. Alistair too. Like one of those dogs who are really sweet but can’t tell if you really want to take them for a walk or not.”
Brother: “Must be a Ferelden thing.”
Me: “I bet they all smell like dogs too.”

Compliments You Should Never Ever Give Another Person

“Your feet must be so strong, to hold up your entire body like that all day.”

“I bet your armpits smell so fresh, just like, super fresh and clean. I wouldn’t mind givin’ them a lil sniff.”

“I love the way I can hear you breathing from the next room. It’s like, am I in a safari? Is that an elephant? Nope! Just Sue. Breathing heavy in the next room. Keeping things alive.”

“Oh my god, you look JUST like my friend, like exactly the same, you two are practically identical, look” (and then show them a picture of your dog).

“You have the smoothest knees I have ever seen in my entire life.”

“You must get a lot of compliments about that nose of yours. I could literally rip that thing off your face and keep it in my pocket.”

“Your ear lobes are absolutely stunning, do you wash them?”

“Ugh, I wish my femurs were as as thick as yours, then I could eat as much as I wanted and I wouldn’t have to worry about collapsing.”

“Woah, your arms are crazy strong! You look like one of those squirrels they found behind the supermarket that got into the whey protein.”

“Has anyone ever told you you look like Tom Hanks’s co-star in that one movie? Ugh, what was his name? He was like one of the main guys. Watson? Walfred? Had a round face, real bloody, sticks for hair? Wilson! His name was Wilson! You look just like that guy, wow.”

"Honestly, I admire your confidence. I could never pull off whatever the fuck you wrapped around your body today.”

"I know you probably get this all the time, but your elbows are radiant.”

Weird things BTS whispers in your ear when they hug you
  • <p> <b>Namjoon:</b> There are only four layers, or less, of cloth separating us from ecstasy.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Your hair tastes like fresh strawberries.<p/><b>Suga:</b> I can feel them pressing against my chest...they're soft...oh yeah.<p/><b>J-hope:</b> So nice. So nice. So safe. So nice.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *long sniff* Mmmmm.....you smell different when you're awake.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I bet you didn't feel me lick your ear.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Mother told me it would be like this.<p/></p>
“Neverland” - Michael Clifford (Blurb)

Request:  blurb about bff michael taking y/n to an all time low concert and confessing his feelings for her with their help ? :-)

Request here. :)

Originally posted by hemmingslip

“This is the best birthday present ever”, you cheered, drumming on your knees to the rythm of your favourite song of your favourite band. Michael has given you two concert tickets to All Time Low as a gift, knowing you always wanting to see them live, but not being able to afford it.
“I’m happy to see you happy”, he smiled, checking the side and driving mirror. “Maybe - but just maybe - I can get you backstage. Just like you’ve always dreamed of. And all because I’m a rockstar”, he grinned, you lightly shoved his shoulder.
“A man’s praise in his own mouth stinks, Mikey. And I bet the Germans smell it, too”, you contered, but Mikey stayed silent, letting you enjoy the music. Since he focussed on the traffic, you could behold him unseen. You two have been friends since forever, you knew his deepest secrets, just like he knew yours. He was there for you, when life was rough and when he couldn’t be there for you because he was on tour, he always made sure to sent you the cutest and most awesome stuff from all around the world. When you were sixteen, he sent you a vinyl of a band you haven’t known before, and the record became your second best friend.
And now you were here, on your way to a concert of your second best friends with the only guy you’ve ever trusted. You always knew Michael Gordon Clifford was the one for you, exactly since he dyed his hair for the first time and your crush developed into true love. But since he was always on tour and your best friend, you would stay silent. You would love him from afar, not holding him back from living his dream.
You loved him, and he loved the stage just as much. And if he was happy, you were, too.  
“I know I’m hot, but please stop staring at me”, he suddenly roused you from slumber. “We’re here.”
“Michael Gordon Clifford! You never told me they’d be so nice”, you fancied after meeting the members of All Time Low. “Have you seen Alex’ smile? He’s so cute!”
Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Stop drooling, Y/N. You’re almost flooding the stage”, he mumbled, not looking you in the eye. You tilted your head.
“What’s wrong, Mikey?”, you asked anxiously, hoping you haven’t said anything wrong. This was your night and you wanted to spend it screaming and cheering with your best friend.
“Nothing, I’m okay. Do you want something to drink? I can get you a beer or whatever the lady desires”, he unbent and smirked. This was your Mikey, the funny and clumsy one. The one who couldn’t stay mad at you for a long time because he had to be in a stew over a video game or his hairstylist fucking up his hair color.
“But they’ll start in a minute! And it’s my favourite song! You can’t leave”, you said, but he was already gone. You sighed, standing beside the stage with a VIP ticket around your neck. The beginning was close, and Michael was nowhere to be seen.
The band entered the stage, the fans started screaming. You could understand why Michael loved being on stage. Sharing the own music with somebody else and reaching their heart, has to be one of the most wonderful things on the entire planet. And all those girls that desperately wanted to be his girl or even just his best friend. Michael had all the girls at his feet, why would he choose you? You weren’t special, just a normal girl who loved a rockstar, not differing from the others. You simply knew him better. No more, no less.
“We usually don’t do this, but a very good friend of us asked to help him to get a girl. He said this was her favourite song of ours and we do him the favour. Please, welcome Michael Clifford”, Alex said and your red haired best friend jumped on stage with a guitar in his hands. You couldn’t believe what was happening, you just stared at him.
Michael started singing Somewhere In Neverland, and it was the most beautiful thing you could’ve ever experienced.
Y/N, we can get away. I promise if you’re with me, say the word and we’ll find a way. I can be your lost boy, your last chance. Your ‘everything better’ plan, oh, somewhere in Neverland”, he sang, glancing at you from stage and smiling, when you started crying.
“Y/N”, he started after finishing the song, “will you be my Wendy and fly to Neverland with me?”
And that’s how your happily ever after started. With you being Wendy and him being Peter, two best friends who became lovers over the years. It never mattered how much he loved the stage. There has always been someone he loved more.