i bet this is how it went down

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I'm beginning to think Robotnik gave Metal Sonic the ability to turn into a dragon while he was drunk and he ended up forgetting to remove it until after the events of Heroes.

I’d like to imagine how that went down. Maybe somewhere on a chatroom, Sonic made a bet that the doctor took.

“bet you can’t make a dragon Metal lol”

“fuckin watch me mate”

lol some guy at work went around me and got permission from my boss to work on our website, despite neither he nor my boss knowing anything about our website or how to maintain it. the guy sent out an email on friday saying he’d be working on it and mentally i was like “bet i’m gonna be getting a call about the website being down this weekend” and LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD the goddamn website is broken and the guy is asking me to fix it

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After everything that's happened, from WS coming into the pic to this wkend's(ongoing)clusterfuck, I have a serious Q & I'm not trying to be rude-though I'll admit I'm still salty-How much more is it gonna take for every1 to simply just stop giving a shit about SH?Honestly, he's made it pretty clear who his "true" fans are(if you ain't kissing his ass or forking over $$$ you're an undesirable)& HE could give less of a shit now than he did when Shat 1st went on his rampages. When's enough enough?

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Everyone is bit salty round here this morning. What the heck is going on? When is enough enough? I bet Sam is jogging down the beach this morning wondering the same fucking thing. Personally, I think the man has an issue with people pleasing and his inability to say no and set boundaries is biting him in the ass big time. 

Look to the left fans be like….

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Look to the right fans be like….

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Look behind and fans be like….

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NST be like….

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Sam be all like…

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Shippers be all….

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Is it September yet? 

I love this gif because of the story behind it.

Misha was talking about his childhood on how he was raised by a single mother, he was homeless for periods of time when he was a kid, sometimes had no food or water, and was also bullied.

We all know Jared’s the prankster and I’ve posted things on how he’ll throw pies at Misha, mess him up while filming and make dumb bets with him- silly stuff like that.

This shows Jared’s friendly and sensitive side. When Jared was shooting season 3 he had to go to his trailer and broke down after a scene. He was 25 at the time and a doctor went to him and said, “Jared, I think you’re clinically depressed.” He was so confused because he had his own TV show, lots of friends and was happy with his work, he just felt… off. Jensen and his friend Kelly helped him get through it and Misha never really had that chance.

They both have had different experiences in life, and yes, depression and being bullied are very different but you can see the sincerity in the hug which shows an embarrassed Misha that, “It’s okay. We all have or have had problems. I’m here for you.”

Wanna Bet? II (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!Reader


Warnings: SMUT…

Word Count: 2,240

Summary: After you teased Jimin, he’s looking for revenge…

As soon as you stepped foot into your apartment you went to the bathroom and took a long, cold shower. While trying to calm down you were thinking why did that affect me so much? you hate that asshole. You thought about how Jimin looked at you when you walked out in the maid outfit, how you could hear his groans from across the room when you bent over, which made you wet all over again. You exited the shower and went straight to your room, not bothering to put your pyjamas on. You got on your bed and opened your bedside drawer, looking for your favourite toy. You grabbed your phone next, setting it on silent so you couldn’t be interrupted, and put it beside you.

You lay back on your bed and started to think about Jimin. The way he pushes his hair back with his hand, the way he licks his lips when he stares at you, the way his abs trail down to that v-line… You were soon a moaning mess. Your earlier thoughts about hating the asshole long gone, and you accepted your want for him.

You didn’t see your phone light up, not when your eyes were closed, head thrown back in pleasure as you neared your high. You also didn’t see your phone shift on the bed from your movements, landing near your ass. Too caught up in your release, you didn’t notice when you accidentally answered the call, allowing the person on the other end to hear you build up to your peak.

“Y/n? Hello? Can you hear me?”, the voice said, but you were too into your pleasure to notice, “Y/n, you forgot your-”

“Jimin!” you moaned out, your release at your fingertips as you played with yourself, moans increasing in volume the closer you were. The person on the other line was now silent, listening intently to you working yourself to orgasm. As you reached your climax, you repeated Jimin’s name like a prayer, thinking about his hands bringing you to your high instead of your own.

As you came down from your high, the person on the line hung up. You sat up, grabbing your phone to come up with some excuse as to why you can’t tutor Jimin tomorrow. You saw you had a received call from him. Curious, you went to call him back and you saw that the call lasted for five minutes. Looking at the time of the call, it was only a short while ago, which could only mean…


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How did the Death Reaper Seal even come about???

Did an Uzumaki just accidentally discover it like “WHOA DUDE LOOK I JUST SUMMONED DEATH” and all the Uzumakis come running like “No way bro that’s so cool” But no one can see it so they all think this girl just went bat-shit crazy hallucinating the GOD OF DEATH.

I bet they didn’t even know what it did. It’s not like Death comes with an instruction manual lmao. She’s walking around trying to see what it’s gonna do. It does nothing. What is this bullshit jutsu 

Finally the girl seals like, a bug, and it dies instantly. She FLIPS THE FUCK OUT. She’s sealing more bugs. Everyone is losing their shit. 

Death is like “r u serious right now”

Then the girl just fucking dies.

Everyone is just like 

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And then when Minato uses it…

…he’s greeted by IMMORTAL BUGS and a really pissed off Uzumaki. He’s like, did you really die for some bugs? BTW I married a relative of yours. Uzumakis are are the shit.

What really should've been said during Draco's introduction
  • *meets Harry*
  • Draco: Hi my name is Draco Malfoy, and you seem like a kid who is completely deserving of my attention
  • Draco: our future is probably going to look like this
  • Draco: for our first year i'll tease and taunt the hell out of you because as an 11 year old that's a obviously show of affection
  • Draco: in the second year i'll probably get extremely jealous of the pact that you made Seeker and i'll want to fight you in every way possible so i'll force my dad to bribe the school to get me on the team along with new brooms to show off i'm better than you because i want your attention and acknowledgement of my existence
  • Draco: in the third year i'll piss off granger because she was talking to you and i wanted to talk to you and then you'll look at me for once. Then i'll piss off some griffin thing and get sliced up the arm. But i'll continue to wail about it whenever you're around so that damnit potter-LOOK AT ME
  • Draco: when we're fourth years I WILL DO THE MASS CHARMING OF BUTTONS THINGS TO GET PEOPLE TO WEAR THEM AROUND SCHOOL AND CONTINUE TO FLAUNT THE FACT THAT I MADE THEM SO THAT YOU'LL LOOK AT ME yes that's right potter you dickhead you're probably going to die in the tournament hahaha SHIT
  • Draco: i joined umbridge's fucking book club just so that i could stalk you and your friends places so i could get you in trouble. This will be year five.
  • Draco: During year six....you'll finally look at me potter. But you'll saw me at my weakest. Happy?
  • Draco: This last year we'll be in a war. You'll be on one side, i'll reluctantly be on the other. I'll have done all that i can and now you'll have seen me. You'll have seen the mess i'm to become. The mistakes that will forever haunt my life.
  • Draco:
  • Draco:
  • Draco:
  • Draco: but I'll still obviously fucking hate you
She's Definitely Your Daughter

Pairing: Dean x Daughter!Reader (around 6-7)

Warnings: Nope?

A/N- It’s the last one! The last week of @one-shots-supernatural’s hiatus writing challenge thingy. So enjoy.


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  • I feel like, on set, Peter Jackson had to deal with so much...
  • Aiden & Dean: I'll race you around the set, bro!
  • Orlando: I just want my knives as a souvenir, man.
  • Lee: Can I just swing this sword around all day, then take a 3 day hike 4 times this week?
  • Martin: I believe I shall gaze at my new shoes today.
  • Richard: Ok, now...what exactly is a script?
  • Peter was basically baby sitting, he wasn't directing a movie.

So, I was bored waiting for a certain someoen (not creebs this time), and I descided to figure out the age-old math equation of ‘If I throw a triangle out of the car and the car is going 20km/h and wind resistance is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul’ The most accurate figure for how much a human soul costs was from some story/song called “The devil went down to Georgia” where the lyrics have the devil offering a fiddle made of gold as an equal to a soul. so he’s betting with a fiddle made of gold, for a soul

Now, let’s assume that a fiddle weighs 450 grams, and it’s mostly made out of spruce and maple like most other fiddles. spruc'es density is 0.43 g/cm cubed and the density of maple is 0.6 g/cm cubed.  now, because I’m lazy, we’re just going to take the average of these and that’ll be the average density of the fiddle’s maetrial. So that makes it o.515 g/cm cubed. so, if the fiddle weighs 450 grams, and has a density of 0.515, that means that the volume of the wood in the fiddle is 873.8 cm cubed. this golden fiddle of soul-equality was made of gold instead of wood though.

So, 873.8 cm cubed of gold, instead of wood weighs 16.9 kilos, which is a lot. fourty pounds of gold. That’s a lot of gold, That could probably pay for all the breadsticks I could ever need.

Now, if I were to sell this golden fiddle today, I need to factor in the selling point of gold today… Which is 1215.40 USD per ounce. That gives us out value, which is 660,326.82 USD
You can buy a lot of things with that
like a missile for example
Or cupcakes
Or hip replacement in spain, a plane trip TO spain, 3 years of living in spain and a plane trip back.
Or, the ransom fee of a certain someoen in my basement, leave the money on the corner of 5th baker’s avenue

but yes, cupcakes are what we are buying. Cupcakes are a bit harder to figure out, but most cupcakes sell for 2.50 to 4.00 at a bakery (specifically the one on 5th baker’s avenue), so let’s say 3.25 USD
Now, divide the total amount by the price per cupcake and we have 203,177 cupcakes, and 1.56 USD left over

you could probably buy one or two less so you can get a doctors appointment or a therapist to check you out if you’re going to spend that much on solely cupcakes

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If he could, I could see Doflamingo seducing Carina to get her by his side and to turn on Tesoro. I certainly think she would like being his mistress, especially if it meant getting some good money.

// Theoretically yes, she could’ve worked with the Donquixote Family instead of the Strawhats to overthrow Tesoro. Though it seems like Doflamingo had no real opportunity to speak with/figure her out before the whole thing went down. I doubt Tesoro would’ve given him the chance to interact with her (or any of his subordinates), seeing how his intention was to defeat Doflamingo and not to deepen their ties. 

Also, Carina already had a plan of her own to steal the Gran Tesoro’s riches and to turn on her master. I think if she would’ve considered Doffy to be the safer bet whilst pursuing that goal, she would’ve reached out to him on her own, probably before joining Tesoro. But the risk of involving a wild card like Joker in her plot instead of someone she was sure she could trust (Nami) would’ve been very high. Don’t forget that Carina is a talented schemer herself.

“–look at you! You’re up and walking.” Arabella grinned wide, walking by their bedside as she set down the various kinds of tablets that was due in the morning for her patient. “Better than yesterday I bet? How’s your pain coming along?” She straightened out their table, seeing the breakfast tray already sitting on top and she picked off the used tissues and other scraps to put into the bin, her routine habit of cleaning up to neaten the space they temporarily occupied. “I’ve got your morning medications. Make sure to take them with your breakfast.” Her lingering grin posed right afterwards before she went about ticking off the needed checklist.

Unrequited Love Pt. 4

Nate’s P.O.V.

I sat with the guys as I told them what had went down yesterday.

“So now she just thinks she’s better than us?” Patty muttered.

The guys all glared at her while I stood up to look at her. “How is it possible that you’re here talking shit about the person who you once called a sister when you were the one that kept shit from her.”

“Oh you’re one to talk. At least our friendship wasn’t based off a bet,” I clenched my fists and moved forward but was stopped by John who held me back.

“Look, now is not the time to argue. We’re supposed to be finding a way to get her back and you guys are not helping!” John half yelled.

“Whatever” I muttered taking a seat in my previous spot.

“Look do you want her back or not?” John asked me irritated.


“Well then fucken act like it and stop blaming other people for your mistakes.” I opened my mouth to respond but was cut off by the doorbell.

I stood up and walked towards the door and opened it to find Justin with a glare on his face.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I growled out.

“What? You’re not going to invite me inside?” He smirked.

“Why are you here? I wont ask again.” By this time, all the guys were standing behind me confused.

“I just came to warn you to stay away from her.” He glared.

“To stay away from Addilyn?” I laughed shaking my head. “In your dreams.”

“I don’t see why you don’t just give up. All of you.” He looked behind me and turned his back to me “She wants nothing to do with you guys.”

I moved to step forward but the guys quickly held me back before I could something.

Justin smirked while looking at all of us. “So I suggest you guys stay away.’

I watched as he walked off towards his car with my fists clenched at my side.

I turned towards the guys with a new found determination. “We have to get her back.”

Addilyn’s P.O.V.

I walked inside Justin’s house to find him sitting on the couch watching Cupcake Wars.

“Are you really watching Cupcake Wars?” I laughed taking off my shoes at the door.

He jumped and quickly changed the channel to a basketball game. “What? No.” He coughed, attempting to make his voice sound deeper.

I let out a laugh as his cheeks tinted a light shade of pink. I walked over to the couch and set next to him, resting my head against his shoulder. “What did you do today?”

I felt him visibly tense up before coughing and leaning back into the couch. “I just stayed home and watched sports.” I laughed and hit his arm

“Just admit you were watching Cupcake Wars J.” I laughed. He playfully glared at me as he sat up and flexed. “I’m a man, how could you accuse me of watching such a…. girly show.” I let out a loud laugh, falling on the couch while clutching my stomach.

“Don’t laugh.” Justin pouted as he crossed his arms against his chest. I giggled and moved the hair out of my face as I pecked Justin’s cheek.

“Okay okay, I’ll stop.” I giggled, but quickly covered my mouth with my hand when Justin glared at me. He rolled his eyes trying to hide the smile on his face as he pulled my against his chest.

“So what did you today?” My smile dropped, and if possible I moved closer to Justin.

“I went to the cemetery.” I mumble.

Justin tensed but pulled me closer to his body, “It’s okay baby.” He kissed my forehead as my eyes watered.

“Thank you.“ I whispered against his chest.

“For what?” He asked looking down at me.

“For always being there for me.”

“I’ll always be here for you.” He kissed the top of my head and I sighed in content.

Maybe I was supposed to go through the heartbreak with Nate to end up here, in the arms of someone who actually cares for me.

A/U: Hella short part, but what did you guys think?!? It gets better trust me! ;)

How this scene should have gone

“My father and I have this bet you see. I don’t think you’re going to last ten minutes in this tournament.”

Malfoy jumped down from the tree, swaggering over to Harry with his usual posse. Harry turned to glare at him, he was so not in the mood for Malfoy and crew right now.

“I think you’re not going to last ten minutes in this tournament.” Malfoy went on. “He disagrees. He thinks you won’t last five,”

Harry opened his mouth to give an angry retort, but then he stopped. He paused, frowning slightly. Did he just imply…that he thought more of him than his father? 

“Thanks Malfoy,” he said. 

Malfoy raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Appreciate the vote of confidence,” Harry grinned.

Malfoy’s other eyebrow raised to a look of shock, an there was a moment’s silence between them. Then, finally, Malfoy gave the softest mile Harry had ever seen on anyone’s face before.

“You’re welcome,” he murmured. He kept smiling as he turned and walked away with his gob-smacked (but not exactly surprised) friends.

Harry smiled wider, chuckling to himself as he went on himself. 

“Those two…” Hermione muttered, shaking her head.

“They’re so sickenling in love.” Ron finished moodily.

Magisterium Day

Holly and I have a surprise for you today. It’s our first day of retreat and we’re celebrating  — so today is Magisterium Day and we’re just going to answer Magisterium-related questions and post Magisterium art throughout the day. Until we work up to the reveal of our surprise! (I bet you can guess what it is :P) So…


I finally got the chance to read The Iron Trial, and I finished it all within a few hours yesterday because I couldn’t put it down. It’s fascinating how you and Holly have managed to defy pretty much every single fantasy hero trope! When Aaron was revealed to be the Makar, that was the moment I had an inkling that Callum might be revealed as the Enemy, but I still can’t believe you /actually/ went there. For once, I have no idea how a series is going to play out. I can’t even come up with any theories because it’s so different from what I’d usually expect from a fantasy series. Speaking of different from what I’d expect - Jasper is pretty much a douchebag throughout most of the book, but it’s obvious he’s not all bad. My question, though, is why Tamara and Celia are friendly with him even after he constantly bullies Callum? Tamara did at one point stop being friends with Jasper and told him to apologize to Call, but that was awhile after. Why didn’t she or Celia say anything sooner? — Nycswiftie

Thank you for all the kind words about Magisterium. We definitely wanted it to be… different. 

That’s a great question. Friendships are complicated. Tamara has known Jasper for years, and Celia is in his apprentice group. Both of them have a relationship with Jasper that is different than the relationship he has with Call, but we only ever see Jasper from Call’s point of view.

Tamara has had years to get used to Jasper’s somewhat abrasive personality and Celia sees him being nice and even breaking down over his difficulties with magic. 

At the same time, Tamara does have a breaking point where Jasper crosses a line. She cuts him off until she feels he is sincerely sorry. They are all only twelve, and they’re trying to figure out this friendship and loyalty thing. We are going to see a lot more about Jasper and Call will have a lot more interaction with Jasper in The Copper Gauntlet (book 2.)