i bet they're sick of that by now

musicalfangirla113  asked:

❤❤❤ Hope the evening gets better, hon. So basically I'm convinced that Reddie would be the couple that no one knows is a couple until Richie or Eddie realize it's the case and then they just fLAUNT IT. Like kisses in the hallway (make out sessions, you mean, have you SEEN them???) And they're totally THAT couple now and everyone but them and Ben are sick of it (hopeless romantic lol) and people tell them but do they care? Fuck naw. They're all OVeR each other.

richie is always flirting with eddie in class by calling him petnames and saying things like “i bet my eddie got a good grade on the test cause he’s so smart, huh, sweetums?” 

when it’s lunch and they’re all sitting outside, richie is most likely lying back in eddie’s lap with eddie playing with his hair and kissing his head and cheeks, and richie looks all lovey dovey up at him and everyone is so sick of it but ben thinks it’s so romantic 

someone complains about them showing off and holding hands and richie and eddie takes it as a fucking challenge so eddie jumps on richie’s back and rides piggyback style all around the campus 

survivasm  asked:

lmao i was starting to get so sick of vegans sarcastically wanting you back and now you're back and i bet they're all mad as hell haha

Yes, they are a tricky bunch. Often, saying one thing but implying the opposite. It’ll be a cold day in hell when you ever catch me doing something that deviously evil.