i bet they will try to embarrassed each other

When They Catch You Masturbating (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

JB: I feel like he has one of those kinks where you aren’t allowed to touch yourself without his permission, so I bet you’d be in for quite the punishment when he caught you. Get ready for some delicious bruising

JINYOUNG: Even though I think he’d have the same kink, he’d be too overly pleased with himself when he heard you moaning his name while touching yourself. He’d certainly jump in and join you with a smirk, but he’d never let you forget it

YOUNGJAE: I think even though you two had seen each other naked plenty of times, he’d still feel a bit embarrassed for the both of you. I think he’d try and leave you to it to finish, but he wouldn’t be able to turn you down when you invited him to join you

JACKSON: He’d immediately jump on you (scaring a bit in the process, the adorable fucker) and go out of his way to take care of it for you. He had thought of just sitting back and watching, but he just couldn’t sit still watching you roll around crying his name

MARK: It would be game over for you when this boy caught you. Not only would he force you to finish yourself, but he’d sit and watch, giving you commands the whole time. And don’t you dare disobey 

BAMBAM: He might laugh a bit, but it would certainly get him harder then a rock. This little shit might even blackmail you a bit to get you to ‘help’ him out too (but I mean, you’da done it anyway don’t lie)

YUGYEOM: I feel like he’s a bit of a voyeuristic boy, so I think he’d keep his presence unknown while he watched you bring yourself to orgasm, all the while touching himself too. He’d eventually come up to you though, and beg you to finish him (*mortal kombat voice* FINISH HIM)

She’s just saying that to try and get me to sing. It’s a total lie. We have a bet of who can get the other person to do the most embarrassing thing on camera. This is her sad attempt to try and get me to sing on camera.