i bet they slept with each other

I was watching Mac And Dennis Move To The Suburbs and it hit me that The Gang has a really weird moral system. Before I thought they just didn’t have ANY. But Dennis, Mac and Dee lost the bet and they honored it. They slept (and after the first episode of this season I’m assuming still are sleeping) in the same bed with an old man. With anybody outside the group, they’d say screw it and ignore whatever consequences they’d have to deal with after losing a bet. But with each other? They honor the terms of the bet. They lost and they’re paying up.

Secret - Jacob Frye x Female Reader

A/N: A request using the quote “Tell me a secret”. I feel like this can go on even longer. If my eye wasn’t bothering me so bad I would type up another part tonight…

Seriously if I get good feedback on this, I will try my best to expand on it…

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The clouds swelled high, thick, and threatening. Nothing wispy, these clouds were more like mountains. We worked quickly to beat the thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon, installing railings high up on a roof in Lexington which overlooks an old graveyard. The sun crushed us and below, a cluster of young kid fieldtrippers wandered around the graves which emerge from the earth like crooked mossy teeth. I asked the owner if he’d ever slept up on his roof. He said he hadn’t, but that I was welcome to whenever I felt like it. I like the idea of spying on the ghosts at night, to see what sort of flirting they do. (At-night graveyards are ghost flirt-fests, I have a feeling.) I like the idea of seeing them in the moonlight, perched on their weather-worn stones. Did the kids on their fieldtrip think about ghosts? I bet maybe they don’t so much think about them as feel them, here and there, in between thoughts about lemonade and swimming and chasing each other unaware of the clouds which continued to rise and rise and swell.