i bet they slept with each other

just to put some armor on ya // stozier

in which stan is certain that he has the worst soulmate ever. that opinion doesn’t change when he meets him. college students!au, pennywise doesn’t exist!au, soulmate!au

author’s note: idea credit to @shitty-water and these two posts: x x. i haven’t written anything in ages please go easy on me.

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The Morning After - Jake Peralta x Reader

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This is a sequel to A Long Time Coming. Enjoy! 

Also on AO3

You’d had worse hangovers. The sun streaming from the window had woken you up and the headache it triggered was mild compared to other times. Despite this, you had still been drunk enough to forget most of what happened last night. Temporarily. You couldn’t believe it had taken this long to notice the extra weight slumped around you nor the feeling of someone else’s legs intertwined with yours. This was new; you’d never come home from the bar with someone before. Except from Jake. Your heart rate quickened as you slowly turned onto your other side. Laid beside you was the man himself with a sleeping face so peaceful that you couldn’t help but smile. The whole situation felt surreal and became even more so when last night came flooding back to you. The first kiss then more kissing and a cab ride back to Jake’s apartment. More kissing and then – oh, God! You’d had sex! After months of secretly wishing something would happen between the two of you, it had all happened in one night. You knew you should both be getting up for work at any moment but you wanted to treasure this for a little longer. So you rolled back over and took in the sensation of being enveloped by him.

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“Guardian Angel” Part 2 (Yugyeom x Reader)

“Hi, guardian angel was sooooooo amazing. Could you please make a part 2 where she wakes up because Jinyoung calls him all worried and the boys overhear him explaining and they start teasing him? Thanks 😊”

[part one]

Name: “Guardian Angel”

Character: Kim Yugyeom (GOT7)

Genre: ??

Word Count: 1,068

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(idk how appropriate this gif is lmao)

Yugyeom’s phone violently vibrating on the bedside table agitated your rattling skull. You both simultaneously groaned, yet neither ready to answer it. “Yugyeom,” you grumbled. The blonde mop beside you reared itself from the covers. An arm followed, extending towards the phone and tapping the screen meekly to try and silence. He groaned again. “What?” you inquired, your voice muffled by your duvet. “It’s Jinyoung.” He pressed the green button. He slowly placed the phone to his ear.
“Hello?” he said groggily.

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Concrete Angel Chapter Three

Chapter Three–40 oz. to Freedom

(Two weeks later)

Frank and Mary had spent most of the day at the Williams Park Summer Market, but he still couldn’t get over Georgia’s tough remarks. Although he had been judged most of his life by his mother, he still made it a point to be easygoing and confident in himself. And maybe he was self-assured at times, but he figured that it was part of his charming nature. He just couldn’t understand why she was giving him such a hard time when all he wanted was to help her land on her feet. And then he wondered if other people saw him in the same light. But sadly his thoughts were interrupted with a blast from the past. 

“Hi Miss Stevenson!” Mary said in a singsong tone.

“Whoa! You’ve gotten tall young lady!” Bonnie responded cheerfully.

Frank ducked inside one of the tents hoping to avoid her. Even though their tryst ended a while back, it was still awkward to see each other. Bonnie was equally embarrassed since Mary had caught them together, but she ignored his nervous energy and she decided to break the ice.

“Hey Frank! Long time no see!”

“Hey…you!” he awkwardly replied right before he knocked over a random display.  

The crash startled the other customers, and he noticed a skinny hipster glaring at them with his arms crossed. Bonnie glanced over her shoulder and said that they were together, and that he was actually a music teacher at the elementary school. Then she revealed that they had just bought a house last month.

“Oh how sweet!” Frank sneered. 

Bonnie claimed that her date was grumpy that she dragged him out in the heat while he wanted to sleep in, and then she asked Frank if he was seeing anyone special.

“Nah, but I’m still keeping myself busy.”

“I bet!” she giggled and then she rolled her eyes. 

The two shared an uncomfortable silence before Mary cleared her throat, indicating that she was ready to go. Frank told her to wait by the front gate, and then he invited Bonnie out for a drink so they could catch up.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why? I thought we were buddies.”

Buddies that have seen each other naked.” She whispered.

The two shared a good laugh, and he said that it shouldn’t matter that they slept together because they were consenting adults. Still she remained apprehensive about it. 

“Well if you change your mind you know where to find me!”

“Still hitting up Ferg’s every weekend?” 

Frank said that it was sad but true, but only because he was a creature of habit. Then he gave her a sly smirk and that swayed her just enough to reconsider.

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A/N: i got the idea for this the other day and i had to write it. this is fluffy smut with a special appearance by jimin as your best friend so i hope you all enjoy!  

wc: ~3K

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I was watching Mac And Dennis Move To The Suburbs and it hit me that The Gang has a really weird moral system. Before I thought they just didn’t have ANY. But Dennis, Mac and Dee lost the bet and they honored it. They slept (and after the first episode of this season I’m assuming still are sleeping) in the same bed with an old man. With anybody outside the group, they’d say screw it and ignore whatever consequences they’d have to deal with after losing a bet. But with each other? They honor the terms of the bet. They lost and they’re paying up.

The clouds swelled high, thick, and threatening. Nothing wispy, these clouds were more like mountains. We worked quickly to beat the thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon, installing railings high up on a roof in Lexington which overlooks an old graveyard. The sun crushed us and below, a cluster of young kid fieldtrippers wandered around the graves which emerge from the earth like crooked mossy teeth. I asked the owner if he’d ever slept up on his roof. He said he hadn’t, but that I was welcome to whenever I felt like it. I like the idea of spying on the ghosts at night, to see what sort of flirting they do. (At-night graveyards are ghost flirt-fests, I have a feeling.) I like the idea of seeing them in the moonlight, perched on their weather-worn stones. Did the kids on their fieldtrip think about ghosts? I bet maybe they don’t so much think about them as feel them, here and there, in between thoughts about lemonade and swimming and chasing each other unaware of the clouds which continued to rise and rise and swell.

Reign 2x21

Fellow Lorcisse shippers,
BIG GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!
in just 1 minute 54 seconds- that is some impressive stuff writers…

I woke up thinking, I bet they won’t have a scene, I bet it will just be the usual drama of Mary, Francis and Conde, and Narcisse and Catherine sleeping with each other. So least to say I prepared myself for disappointment. 

So when I lazily checked tumblr for any spoilers this was my reaction…


Ok, so the links aren’t up yet so bare with me… I am just going to talk about the Lola and Narcisse and Catherine and Narcisse scenes (I might post about the others later).
So, erk the kissing scenes with Catherine and Narcisse were BLURGH!
But then again that horse was so beautiful I think I would have kissed Catherine hehe! Narcisse was so cute when he saw his horse! Awwwww he was so happy!! It was short-lived (literally) but anyway… he looked cute!

It may be just me but the gesture sort of reminded me of a horror movie; when the psycho wife or husband is just about to go crazy- they do a nice gesture, before the weirdness starts? 

THEN. The. Magic. Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so Narcisse sneakily comes in, very tentatively, which is so cute because he is clearly feeling as guilty as HELL still about 2x20. If anybody still hates Narcisse after this scene, for whatever he has done, I just don’t know what to say to you. How could you look at that (beautiful) sorry face and just go ‘Nope! You’re an idiot!’???
If you can do that  I admire your will-power.

So…. Lola called him Stephane! How long have we been waiting for that!? Oooooftttt!!! I bet he LOVED that! 

Thank the LORD Lola figured it all out, I am glad the writers didn’t drag that out. With only one more episode left WE DO NOT HAVE THE TIME FOR THE WRITERS’ SHITTY SLOW BUILD UP! 
I am also really glad that Lola pulled him up on the fact that he is now Catherine’s ‘lap-dog’ because Lola needed to give him a few home truths. I was prepared to still be a bit mad at Narcisse because he was so convincingly horrible to Lola in 2x20 BUT, as I said, he was clearly so sorry and of course he didn’t mean any of what he did or said. But what I liked most about what he did was the fact that whenever he confesses anything to Lola (for instance 2x09) of the bad decision he has made he doesn’t try to defend himself, he just admits it and says, I deserve that’. I supposed here we are seeing this side to Narcisse that he promised Lola would see, in 2x07 (whilst in the bath hehe), with him without defences so it’s nice that the writers have actually delivered on that. Plus it shows that he respects her too much to make up so stupid excuse to worm his way out of what he’s done; I mean that face was FULL of guilt. Eeeeek!

But then Lola says, ‘You’re better than this.’ Which is so sweet because it shows him that she still believes he is a good person; he isn’t a soulless animal’, he is just doing what he can, in the only way he knows how :’(
When Narcisse starts to (practically) confess the fact that he loves her- EEEEEKKKKK- Lola starts to roll her eyes. At first I was a bit confused and thinking, ‘Lola… 

But then I realised that it just shows the fact that she is just so scared of giving everything to this man who could hurt her so easily, and to me this fear only shows 1) how much what he does affects her and therefore 2) the extent of her feelings for him. Our biggest fear is that those who we love and trust will hurt us and so this for me just shows how much he means to her, and how scared she is of that fact. So she had to ask What are you saying?whilst visibly looking so vulnerable, her voice shaking, it was so sweet. Plus, this sort of parallels her asking him why he cares in 2x19. For the reason that he didn’t actually realise what was going on in his head, it gave her (not me I saw between the lines Narcisse- I’m with you!) a slightly disappointing answer of ‘I don’t know’. So I think it was cute of Lola to try and worm an answer out of him again - and tears were DEFINITELY in her eyes- oh Lola!

But then he kissed her! OOOFTT This kiss was just everything for many reasons…
1) He instigated it, like in 2x08 but he didn’t cut her off. He leaned just slow enough for her to realise what was happening, and she didn’t pull away but instead let him kiss her and so, for me, that was her ‘giving’ as she said she needed to, in 2x08, before he takes. 
2) She kissed him back! The hand at the back of his head was just PERFECTION! It was almost a reflex she couldn’t control and she gave into it. Unlike 2x08, she didn’t realise what they were doing doing and push him away, and nor was she too intoxicated to realise what was going on. She was completely ‘in her right mind’ :’) 
3) Also, call me crazy, but does anybody else see him give her a slightly delicate kiss to begin with but then when he starts to draw away a little she grabs his head to kiss him back :’) That is what I see anyway and I don’t want to be convinced of anything else!
4) The way the held onto each other for a few moments- I can’t even go into detail about that!
5) The look he gave her before painfully tearing himself away otherwise he probably would have just slept with her there and then- which he couldn’t do obviously. I bet Jean would have been a bit like ‘Hoe, don’t do it… oh my God’. 

But then the bloody spying bitch had to come in didn’t she? BRILLIANT just brilliant!

So then Catherine turns PSYCHO BITCH CRAZZZYYYY, and I mean absolutely MENTAL! 

The bitch killed the horse! She killed the horse and made him eat it! Kill Dianne or whoever all you want, but don’t kill the horse, bitch! 
Narcisse looked bloody TERRIFIED and hella-pissed!!
I actually had to pause the scene and laugh out of shock and fear! I literally could NOT believe what I had just seen! 
Then she says she loves him?! What?! What happened to her not ‘seeking his love, but his allegiance?’ 
Catherine absolutely, catastrophically lost her shit! Is she reading that Bible again or is she on the herbs? I was fearful of this happening because Catherine isn’t this mental, she isn’t in love with Narcisse, she is just scared to death about what will happen to her if anything happened to Francis since his death scare- and the Award for Mother of the Year goes to…

I am scared about what Catherine could do to Narcisse, because who wouldn’t be after that?! But let us try and shift some light on the situation…
Narcisse is CLEARLY sick of Catherine’s jealousy shit, in fact is she hadn’t done what she did I am certain that he would have just said, ‘Bitch I love Lola… 

So thank goodness he has seen the light in this shit-fest of a “relationship”!
So because he knows Catherine has lost it, he is on his guard more than ever, and I’m guessing his is coaxing up a plan already- come on Narcisse…

It would be ridiculous to kill him off now, I think, not just because Craig is one of the BIGGEST assets to this show (and I am in love with him), but because it would just render his who story a bit pointless. I mean if Francis would have been thrown off of his throne (that was not intentional), you could argue he was necessary, and I know he’s been involved with Catherine but was that necessary either? I don’t see what the point of his character would be? He is meant for Lola and Lola only, plus I want to see them sneaking around a bit! Lola needs a bit of excitement; they love each other and this has been the longest -slow-burner ever so it wouldn’t be short-lived and meaningless.
We know that they have at least one other scene together, so let’s just hope Lola confesses her feelings a little more and we get a good make-out scene! 
So dudes, let’s stay positive, and have faith in Narcisse’s plan (Heaven knows he needs one!) EEKK This episode was so perfect!

greensgrl423-deactivated2015123  asked:

I want to explain to my little sisters (12/13) the basics of feminism and what being a feminist is all about in ways that they can understand, I feel like I wouldn't be able to put is as eloquently as you. What could I say?


I’ve put a lot of thought into how I’m going to raise my own daughters (I don’t have younger sisters, so it’s my only comparison) and how I’m going to explain things to them.

If they haven’t gotten their periods or their sex talks yet (my period came at around 12-13 I think?) make sure you don’t give any of that a negative stigma. I read a lot about menarche parties or “red parties” (first menstruation parties) and I really want to throw them for my potential daughters.

Instead of an event that can be traumatic and weird and embarrassing for some people who don’t have someone there to show them how normal and healthy it is, you have the opportunity to turn it around and make it a celebration of womanhood and a new phase of life. (Assuming they seem to identify with their genders and aren’t questioning anything, because obviously if they’re not identifying as female a womanhood party wouldn’t be ideal.)

Around that age (maybe younger) I got a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal” explaining puberty and sexuality and I thought it was a pretty good one that helped me not feel shameful about my body or sexuality. That was the 90’s/early 2000’s so forgive me if it’s not totally PC and up to date.

Explaining and normalizing sexuality and genders are one thing, then comes the rest. I’d just sit them down and the most basic and simple way I can think of introducing them to feminism 101 would be something like this:

Now that you’re getting to an age that boys and girls have crushes on each other and will start dating and eventually going farther, you need to understand the importance of consent. If a boy (or anyone) does something that ever makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel pressured to do, NEVER feel like you have to do it. EVER.

If you don’t want to kiss someone, you do not have to and they need to respect your right to say no. If they don’t respect you saying no, you need to walk away from that person because that behavior is dangerous.
If they don’t respect you saying no, they really don’t care about you and frankly they are a bad person you do not want to be involved with. If you say you’re not sure, you have to think about it, maybe not right now, or anything besides “YES YES YES YES!!” it is not okay for them to touch you. Ever.

Never let anyone tell you you’re a “prude” for having boundaries. It’s your body and only YOU make the choices on what happens with it. That being said, I hope you wait for someone who respects you and cares about you before thinking about having sex. Virginity doesn’t change who you are as a person, and losing your virginity doesn’t make you a bad person or less pure. But regardless if you’re a virgin or you’re having sex for the millionth time, you need to be with someone who respects you and your choices and be sure that it’s something you are 100% comfortable and confident doing. If you feel the least bit unsure or uncomfortable, please speak up because it’s very unhealthy to have sex with someone without feeling sure about it.

As you get older, you’ll notice people will judge your female friends who choose to be sexually active, and no one will say bad things about the boys who choose to do so.

(This is when sexism really started to become more obvious to me.)

Boys will not get criticized for what they choose to wear, or who they choose to date or become sexually involved with the way that girls will. You must know this is NOT OKAY. Everyone has the freedom to make those choices and YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON for making your own choices.

Do not even spread rumors about a girl who has slept with someone or has sent someone naked pictures, that is vicious and wrong and never okay. Defend your girl friends. As you get older, society will tell you that other girls are competition, they’re sluts, they’re attention whores, they’re shallow, they’re fake… THIS IS NOT TRUE. Don’t believe it.

Don’t let anyone tell you girls are any ONE way. Things like “all girls are dramatic” is a stupid and harmful thing to say. When people make statements about ALL girls being bad, it encourages girls to hate each other, and themselves.

People around you will start saying more and more mean and hateful things about girls, and I want you to start looking out for it and paying attention to it. You will notice more that people will criticize and shame girls around you for their bodies or their choices, calling girls “too fat” and “too skinny” is never okay. When you hear things like “ew what is she wearing? that’s so slutty” or “that girl has slept with everyone, I bet she has like 100 STDs” or “omg that girl is so fat why doesn’t she go on a diet” or “girls are crazy, that’s why I only hang out with boys,” those are all hateful and toxic comments that encourage people to hate women.

When people say things against women like that, it’s called misogyny. When girls say that about other girls, it’s called internalized misogyny.

Both are things that are going to become more and more clear as you becoming a teenager and a young adult. As you grow up, you will see that the world is not equal for boys and girls. It’s important to do your part to try to change this. It is possible! If I catch you saying those sort of things, I’m really going to be disappointed in you, and I hope you can make me proud by doing your best to not spread this behavior.

I really want you to do your best to stand up to people who say these things about girls and tell them that it’s wrong. It’s important to defend your female friends (and even girls you’re NOT friends with!) and don’t let anyone make you believe that you and your friends are bad people because of the decisions you make, the way you look, or just for BEING GIRLS. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something because you’re a girl, or that being a girl is a bad thing.

You are strong, and smart, and a beautiful person and I am proud of who you are becoming. Please know that you can do anything that any boy can do, and being a girl is a POWERFUL and amazing thing.

Destiel: What happens with the non-shippers?

Hello!! :)

I like your question, you know. I don’t usually sit and try to see things the way non-shippers do it, but I have mentioned casual viewers a couple of times (and whenever I say “casual viewers”, I’m thinking about “non-shippers”). The only time I tried to give my opinion about it was in the mid-season finale. In this post, I analyzed the montage and pointed out the four things the show wanted the casual viewers, the normal audience (the non-shippers) to see. Three things were definitely related to information provided in previous episodes that was followed-up in the mid-season finale. But the fourth thing was Dean’s prayer to Cas and his “please, man, I need you here.” Shippers don’t need reminders. Non-shippers do. This is what I wrote in my post:

“Objectively, can you tell me why point number 4 is relevant to this season? Does it have anything to do with the angels or with the Sam/Ezekiel situation? Does the audience need to be reminded of Cas’ character? Because I think that Cas’ character was pretty much covered in point 2 along with Metatron’s. The only reasonable explanation is that the audience needs to be reminded of how important Cas is… to the story? NOPE. TO DEAN.”

And that’s it.

Non-shippers at this point know that Dean cares about Cas, and they saw in Road Trip and in First Born how much Cas cares about Dean too. Non-shippers probably thought this was still No Homo because Cas slept with April and Dean slept with Suzy. Non-shippers probably didn’t see anything of what we’ve seen. Non-shippers don’t take the time to analyze the narrative. Non-shippers probably don’t see the parallels we see (Cas/Colette, Cas/Robin for example). Non-shippers probably don’t even see the love tropes. OR MAYBE THEY DO! The fact that they don’t ship Destiel doesn’t mean they can’t do it in the future or that they have lived under a rock with no television whatsoever. But let’s be honest, when people see two guys, they don’t automatically ship them together. I didn’t. I was NEVER a shipper. No TV show had ever made me ship a female/male couple (let alone a male/male one). I began to ship Destiel when I started to identify romantic love tropes used for the relationship between Dean and Cas. Romantic love tropes that I’d seen used in other shows and in movies. I was not part of the fandom at all. I had no Twitter and no Tumblr. I didn’t even know what “shipping” was and I freaked out when I started to think these two men might have feelings for each other, so that’s how I started to go online to see if out there somewhere saw what I was seeing or if I was being delusional. Guess what? I found a HUGE community of Destiel shippers and that’s how I joined the fandom and my online experience began. I started to ship Destiel in season 5, but I never hoped for canon because the show was very far from it. I saw the beginnings of what I considered Eros love, but not the possibility of a relationship.

Then season 8 happened. The subtext somehow got heavier and many casual viewers started to SEE what we had identified a long time before. But of course, there were (and are) still A LOT of people who thought (and still think) that Dean and Cas love each other like family. I don’t think the non-shippers question the love Dean and Cas have for each other anymore. But I’m sure they see it as “brothers”, “best friends”, etc. A big NO HOMO. Even with the “what broke the connection” question. I bet casual viewers answered “YOU”, but many of them still thought that it was because Dean and Cas represent pure familial love, the best friendship ever. Therefore, they DIDN’T/DON’T SEE ANY OF THE OTHER THINGS WE SHIPPERS HAVE SEEN.


Season 9 happened. And though both Dean and Cas have slept with women, though both have spent most of the time apart, the subtext has gotten heavier. The scene in 9x06 when Dean was looking at Cas from afar? That was romantic! (But I admit the audience might have just decided to ignore that or thought that Dean simply felt guilty for kicking Cas out of the bunker). The little reminders that Dean and Cas have something special have been there throughout the whole season. (But I admit the audience might have just thought “Dean and Cas are bestest friends, that’s normal). But what has been IMO the turning point? Metatron’s line in 9x22!! “His weakness has been revealed. HE’S IN LOVE… (pause)…. With humanity.” The non-shippers are NOT stupid. Maybe they NEVER considered the possibility of Dean and Cas loving each other THAT WAY. But… that line must have caused some people to start thinking. Most of them will remember that twice in that episode it was made clear that Cas gave up everything FOR ONE GUY. Not exactly for humanity. So they will replace humanity with “DEAN” and they will have “He’s in love with Dean.” Why didn’t Metatron just say, “His weakness has been revealed. HE LOVES HUMANITY”? BECAUSE THE PURPOSE WAS TO TELL CASUAL VIEWERS, “HEY… ROMANTIC LOVE IS A POSSIBILITY, YOU KNOW?”

 I’m gonna quote something I wrote for my 9x09 review:

“When Ezekiel took over Sam and asked Dean what he was going to do about Cas (at this point we don’t know he’s not really Ezekiel), Dean tried to stand up for Cas. That entire scene may not mean much for us (shippers) because we are expecting so much more, but it means something to casual viewers. Remember point 4 in the montage? Cas is important to Dean! Some casual viewers need to have that clear. This feels like that math class where you have understood how to solve the problems and you feel the class is tedious because you are having more of the same. But the rest of the class is still lost. The teacher explains and explains and explains and you’re just sick of hearing the same explanations but you don’t really stop to think that not everybody learns as fast as you. The teacher cannot move on if you’re the only one who understands. What about the others? If the teacher goes too fast, the others in the class will blame him for the stress he’s causing them and will say that he’s mediocre for not taking the time to develop the contents the way he’s supposed to. It’s hard to be a fast learner but it’s necessary to be patient. It’s not your class anyway, and you still need the teacher to explain the rest of the contents. You’ll just have to wait.”

I think season 9 has been precisely like this. It’s not been for shippers because we expect a lot more (we have been expecting canon, for instance). It’s been for the non-shippers who are way behind us. It’s been for them to open their eyes to the “romantic love” possibility. Canon Destiel can’t happen if the whole class isn’t on the same page. Of course, for Destiel to be canon we need “something bigger”. We need something more explicit, but as I said in my post for 9x22:

“Are we going to see that “something bigger” in the season finale? “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Maybe we do, but we can’t be sure. Of course we cannot expect something good from the season finale because this is the part of the story where everything turns uglier, messier and scarier than it already is. However, even if we don’t get the “something bigger” now, we know that it’s still on the table. SOMEONE HAS BEEN LISTENING.”

This just makes me excited for what’s in store for season 10 (no matter how painful the season finale turns out to be). Did my answer to your question turn out OK? I hope so! :)

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Carter, when he's like 3-5, would totally go into his dads' room while they were still sleeping and get in between them

I’ve been in a writing block lately, but this pulled me out. Thank you.

Part 1    Part 2

Nico’s entire body tensed. After a little more than two decades, his senses were fine tuned to any form of danger. His subconscious woke him up quickly. Danger! It screamed at him. He assessed his surroundings and determined that he was, in fact, still in his bed in his house. He heard Will snoring softly next to him and felt a small, warm body pressed against his. Oh. That’s what woke him up. He looked down and found the small form curled up tightly, wedged in between Will and Nico. The curly, black hair blended in with the darkness and Nico could barely see it. Only his senses and the lite trembling coming from the body told him his son was there. 

“Carter?” He called softly, not wanting to wake his husband. The inky hair moved and Nico saw the intense blue eyes that looked like they could belong to no one but Zeus. 

“Papa.” The voice wavered, trembling with emotion. “I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’m sorry.” Nico sat up quickly, stirring Will beside him. 

“What happened?” Even though Carter frequently climbed in bed with Nico and Will in the middle of the night, he almost always crawled on top of one of them so they knew he was there. Tonight, though, Carter slid in with the shadows, coming in silently and managing not to alert either of his battle trained fathers of his presence.

“I had a bad dream.” Carter looked down, his eyes watering and his bottom lip trembling. Nico quickly picked him up, pulling him into his lap. At this point, Will was now awake, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looking at Carter in confusion. Nico mouthed bad dream over Carter’s head and Will immediately softened, scooting over closer to the two.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Will asked softly, placing his hand on Carter’s back and rubbing soothing circles on it. Carter trembled harder.

“Papa was gone.” Carter whispered. “And then those people came and took you away too, Daddy.” Carter buried his face in Nico’s shirt, his hair tickling Nico’s chin. Those people. Nico knew who the people were Carter was referring to. It was the people who came to them from Camp Half-Blood. Every time they came, they always took Nico or Will away. Carter began to dread them, their presence always led to the absence of one of his fathers for a while. And when they finally came back, they were always weary and tired, and in Nico’s case, usually injured. When they were called back to camp, it was because their skills were needed, either Will’s healing or Nico’s fighting. Nico held his son tighter.

“Baby, Daddy and I aren’t going anywhere. I promise.” He gently ran his fingers through Carter’s dark curls. “We’ll always be right here.” Will moved closer, pulling Nico sideways between his legs and wrapping his arms around the other two. 

“We love you too much to ever leave you.” Will said softly. 

“Promise?” Carter’s small voice shook slightly.

“We promise.” Nico said, kissing the top of Carter’s head. Carter relaxed and Nico was willing to bet he smiled.

“I love you.” He said quietly, yawning.

“We love you too.” Nico and Will replied at the same time. Eventually, long after Carter fell asleep and Nico and Will spoke in hushed tones, everyone fell asleep wrapped around each other. Nico protecting Carter and Will protecting Nico. They would explain to Carter what happened when they went away when he was older and would understand, but for now, they slept quietly, wrapped around each other.

The ending is kid of meh, but yeah. That comment made me smile so much.


Submitted by: thefirewildling

Description: A year after Allison has passed, Lydia decides to write her a letter to put her up to date.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Angst, Comfort

Author’s Note: Hey, so I’ve written this a while ago (before season 4 so this is not really accurate with the show, so i take this as my view on what should have happened), but I decided to make slight alterations and post it here: on the most beautiful stydia blog you can find out here on tumblr :) And since I feel like Allison has not gotten enough grief and attention, I wrote this. I hope you like it.

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leave with your little boots on (bellamy/clarke, jasper/raven)

i don’t know what happened, samthenardier gave me a million cute prompts for our mad chemist mechanic otp and it turned into an angstfest :(( also, this is the fill for anon’s “bellarke and their last night on earth (or what they think is their last night)” request. also p.s. have u accepted jasper/raven as your lord and savior yet??

leave with your little boots on


November is meant for the lonely. You know that, don’t you? Especially those fierce tropical Novembers, those dim periods of twisting meteors and flash floods, when day breaks through the clouds in a faint watery wash, tinting the sleeping world in shadowed light, and night comes down in ice-cold silver veils.

This year’s November was no different. Hearts broke all over the rolling blue city as the Leonids raced their white-hot trails across the sky. This year’s November, however vague, however glorious, was the beginning of the end.

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Anon Requested: A meaningful walk—Rucas.

A Walk to Remember

Lucas was taking a sip of his beer as he looked around the gallery, he was sick of coming to these things, but he couldn’t find a way to tell Maya. No she’d grown dependent on him showing up, pretending he liked the work of whatever new artist she discovered, when really he would much rather look at a purple cat painted with happy fingers.

Damn her, why did she always find her way into his mind?

She was thousands of miles away that had always been the biggest surprise to them all. She was the one who left for college and never came back.

Part of Lucas was sure he would recognize her the moment his eyes drifted near her if he was ever blessed with the chance to see her again, but another part of him was terrified she could be standing right next to him and he wouldn’t realize it was her.

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The dare chapter 3 (nash grier)

Part 1 Part 2    part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Kian took the snacks and went back in to the other guys who just started to watch another episode of modern family. I stood speechless in the kitchen not knowing what to do or fell. How could I be such an idiot. How could I even think for a second that Nash might actually like me. It was just a game. A stupid game. I sat down by the table just as the other boys walked in to the bus. They dropped the bags on the table and started to fill the cabinets. ” are you okay?” Shawn asked. ” Yeah I’m just really tired. I’m gonna go to bed I think” I replied, standing up and walking towards my bunk. I climb in and pulled my covers over my head trying to block everything out. After a few minutes I realised I have forgotten my phone in the back of the bus.

I climbed out of my bunk and walked in the back. ” there is my price” Kian said holding his arms out. I grabbed my phone and shoved it down my pocket. ” no, actually not. Nash beat you to your little bet” I said looking at Nash. ” what bet?” Lia said confused. ”nothing” I said walking out of the room. I stepped outside the bus for some fresh air and to clear my head. Shawn comes out of the bus ” Hey what going on?”. I walked over giving him a huge. ” I wanna go home” I cried in his shoulder.

” can I talk to you y/n?” Nash asked standing by the bus. I lift my head up and glanced over Shawns shoulder. ” are you gonna be okay?” Shawn asked stepping back. ”uhum” I said nodding my head. Shawn glanced over at me one last time before stepping inside the bus. ”look I’m really sorry” Nash said scratching his head. I didn’t know if I wanted to punch him in the face of just break down and cry. ” for what?” I said wiping my tears away. ” come on don’t  do this. Look I made the bet long before I even knew you and I wanted to tell you and I tried but I didn’t want you to get angry and stop likeing me” Nash said keeping his head down. ”if you really liked me then you would have told Kian that the bet was of. Then he wouldn’t have kissed me” I said trying to hold the tears back. ” I didn’t want you to fell like you where some kind of price” he said looking at me. ” is a little late for that now. You made me fell like this is some fucking game to you” I said and the tears streaming down my face. ” it not a game anymore and you have to believe me that I’m truly am sorry” he said hugging me.

I tried to get him of me but then I gave up and put my arms around him. ” can you forgive me?” he said putting his head on my shoulder. ” I don’t know, I just need some time to think” I said stepping back. ” okay, take all the time you need” he said putting his hood on. I walked back inside and cuddle down in my bunk.

I could hear the others saying good bye and I tried to fake snore as good as I could. Lia pulled back the curtains to my bunk to say good bye. ”she is sleeping. Goodnight y/n” Lia whispered. The bus got quiet and I could hear Cam, Hayes, Taylor and Shawn getting ready to go to bed. The bus stared to shake from the engine that was starting. Some how I slept better on the bus then in my own bed. I could fell a hand going up and down my arm ” I’m sorry I really fucked up this time” I could hear Nash whispering. I didn’t know what to do. I mean I wasn’t perfect and he made the bet before we started to get to know each other. But he should had told me.. like I should have told him about the bet that me and Cameron had.  


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A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 13

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendence record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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I’ve been a follower of Dan since 2011~2012. Same goes for Phil. So, as many of you, I saw him grow into the person he is now. It helped me grown into the person I am too.We saw him reaching his limit once and we all know how it sucked! We do NOT want this to happen again, do we? So please: STOP FORCING THE GAY!

We know Phan is super cute and their friendship is goals but is not up to us to decide if they love each other in a romantic way or if they love each other just like brothers and best friends! lately “Phan"fans are forcing them to come out so much and its getting really annoying! Every single thing they do they find a way to say "They just came out"when in fact they were just being themselves! 

I hit my personal limit today when everybody freaked out about Dan painting his nails! Don’t get me wrong, I lost it a bit too when I saw the photos, but mostly because I love the punk rock / emo look on guys so, yep! I liked it! Can you imagine if he liked the look and felt annoyed about the comments so he wouldn’t do it again just to save him from the shitsunami? I mean… when I was 13 and liked to rock ties and people called me weird or even said I had a "boyish look "I didn’t like the comments! I wasn’t into girls just because of that! I simply felt good wearing a tie! its just that simple! 

I saw so many people TRULY UPSET that on the "A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in AUSTRALIA!"video they were not staying in the same hotel room! ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU GOT MAD BECAUSE TWO FRIENDS, WHO IN YOUR MIND ARE IN A SECRET RELATIONSHIP, STAYED IN DIFFERENT HOTEL ROOMS?

People keep finding ridiculous "PROOF” that they sleep in the same bed and all the kinds of stuff, it’s just ridiculous! 1. I believe that if girls that are friends can sleep in the same bed in a non romantic way, so can boys that are friends. The fact you slept by someone’s else side doesn’t mean you had sex with the person, or even that you’re in a romantic relationship. 2. Even if they were to be in a romantic relationship and decided to keep it to them selves… have you ever imagine how annoying it is to have that many people forcing you to open up about it? imagine if it was you! would you like it? I bet the answer is NO! 

Have you ever thought that maybe they’re both straight and just really good friends that feel more like true brothers? or maybe they do like each other in a romantic kinda way but don’t feel like they should share it with the world?there’s even a possibility that one of them can be straight and the other not! Have you ever consider this? Have you ever thought that one of them can, indeed, like the other in a romantic way, but it’s not mutual, so he just has to deal with it because they are friends before it all? Can you imagine that if this is the case ( which we have no idea because they never said so and its their choice) , how bad we make them feel by pushing them so hard every single minute of every single day? 

The possibilites are endless! So please, let’s think about it as if we were them when you decide to post something and tag them on it! Would you like to read the comments if it was about you? or you would just get sick of it all? and Why would it matter if they’re gay, straight, bi or anything else? Would you stop watching them if they were just friends? or you care so much about it just because you have hopes to meet them and become their GF or something? because if that’s the case, DON’T YOU WORRY! if its meant to happen, it will happen! If you meet and they look at you and decide they want to get to know you, the universe will make it happen! 

“But even them make jokes about it!"you may say! Yes! but jokes can get old, and if it’s not fun anymore and you can clearly see that the person is annoyed ITS NOT FUN/FUNNY ANYMORE ANF YOU SHOULD STOP. So … yeah! 

Keep shipping , but most important, RESPECTING! Now let’s go back to loving these dorks we all must protect because they’re way too precious for this filthy world! 

Chapter V // Inevitable Love

“Why do you keep making me go to parties I obviously do not want to go to?” I groaned, throwing my head back against the headrest of the seat.

“Because I know you’ll spend your night eating junk food and watching movies. I’m not gonna let you waste your life away.” Alexis explained, her voice raising slightly as she spoke.

“So you’d rather me get wasted then waste my life away?” I questioned in an “are you stupid” tone. “No, but I want you to have fun!” She swatted my leg, “Besides, Jack will be there.” She singsonged.

I rolled my eyes at her, she’s been teasing me about him since last week when I went out on that date with him. We’ve kept in contact but we haven’t actually seen each other since then. I’ve been busy at home and trying to juggle work so I haven’t had any time to spare besides on the weekend where I slept all day.

“Okay, and? I still don’t wanna go.” I shrugged, leaning my head against the window. Alexis sucked her teeth at me, “Well I’m pretty sure you won’t be saying that once you see Jack. I bet he misses you.” She smirked.

We arrived to the party, tons of cars lined up along the street and music blasting from inside the house. I didn’t understand how the neighbors or how the street even put up with that and accepted it. Unless this street was filled with teenagers. We hoped out the car and made our way by the front of the house. I smoothed out my slightly cropped top with “Parental Advisory Explicit” on it in white bold letters and my ripped light denim jeans. I wiggled my feet in my black vans and ran my hair through my naturally curly hair. 

There were red solo cups all over the front porch and I expected to see a lot more throughout the night. As we made our way inside their were people grinding on each other against the wall, people socializing and laughing, people making out and a fair share of people just observing everyone else. I pursed my lips to the side as I followed behind Alexis who made her way over to the drinks. 

“Do you want anything?” She yelled over the loud music, pointing to the drinks.

I shook my head, “No I’ll be the designated driver for the night.” I dismissed her offer, my eyes looking around the room.

“Looking for Jack?” She asked with a smirk on her face as she sipped her concoction of different drinks, moving closer to me so she didn’t have to yell.

“No, I’m just looking.” I lied.

I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t wanna see him. We’ve been getting slightly closer and he was just a really nice guy to chill with. In other words, I appreciated his presence around me. Our conversations were forced and our personalities were shown, we could be ourselves around each other and that’s what I appreciated the most. 

“Oh!” Alexis took me out my trance, “There he is!” She pointed over towards the door. 

Sure enough, Jack had just walked in with a few other friends I’m guessing, all guys. He looked good; a black v-neck, khaki shorts, calf high socks and his black and white vans. It’s simple but simple is nice I guess. I didn’t wanna seem like I was looking for him so I turned around, facing the drinks. Alexis chuckled at me before patting my shoulder and muttering something before walking off. Like usual, she leaves me alone. 

“Getting started without me?” Jack breathed down my neck, his hands resting on my hips making me tense up a little and jump in shock.

I spun around to face him, “Jack, hey! I didn’t see you come in.” I lied, “and no, I’m not drinking tonight." 

"Designated driver?” He asked and I nodded, rubbing my palms on my jeans. I felt his eyes examining my body, “You look good.” He complimented me.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him and frowned a little. He rolled his eyes, “Look, you gotta get use to me complimenting you when you look the way you do.” He chuckled, moving to the other side of me and pouring himself a drink.

“And how is that?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“Sexy, beautiful, cute. The list goes on, Skylar.” He smirked, sipping his drink. I shook my head laughing, “Smooth.” I joked.

He shrugged, “Yeah, I mean it happens.” He played along. I chuckled and looked out on the dance floor once I heard  Came To Do by Chris Brown come on, automatically making me move my hips a little.

“You wanna dance?” He asked me, moving closer to me, almost closing the gap between us. I looked up at him and shrugged, “Only if you want to." 

He gulped his drink and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the center of the room. He spun me around so my back was against his chest and I began to dance to the beat, my eyes closed as I sang along. I unintentionally began to grind on him a little. I always been one to dance with my hips, body rolling, winding and just moving my ass in general. Jack held onto my hips and moved along, his breath tickling my neck every so often. 

Once the song finished, I turned around to face him with a smile. Jack looked down at me, his hands still on my hips, returning the smile. "I need some air.” I told him, fanning myself with my hand.

He grabbed my hand and nodded his head towards the back door. I nodded and followed behind him, pushing past some fairly drunk people before getting to the back door and opening it. We both stepped out and closed it behind us. I let out a loud sigh once I felt the warm air slam against my skin, cooling me off instantly. 

“You can dance.” Jack said with raised eyebrows and a grin on his face.

I opened my eyes and shrugged, “I’ve always loved to dance and music. Once I hear music I like, I can’t not dance to it." 

"I saw, ” He chuckled, “you were really feeling the music.”  I rolled my eyes and hit him on the arm playfully, “Shut up.” I chortled.

He held up his hands in defense and chuckled, “That’s not a bad thing. It was cute.” He assured me.

I looked down and bit my lip, “So, who’d you come here with?” I asked, changing the subject.

“My best friend Jack, Sam and Mike.” He told me. I nodded, “No girls?” I teased him.

He shook his head, “Nah” He smirked. “Why not?" 

"I’ve kinda got my eye on a girl right now.” He licked his lips, pulling them into his mouth subsequently. I raised my eyebrows, “Oh really?” I said in a different octave. He nodded, “Yep. Who’d you come with?" 

"Alexis of course, always dragging me to parties against my will.” I sighed, shaking my head faintly. “Against your will?” He chuckled, “She’s like so little, I’m pretty sure you could take her.”

I raised my eyebrows and sighed, “She’s stronger than you think, trust me I’ve tried.” I laughed. “Well it can’t be that bad, I mean you did meet me.” He joked, putting his hands on his chest.

I laughed, rolling my eyes playfully, ‘Yeah, okay" I raised my eyebrows.

Jack chortled and placed his hands on my waist, “No but really. Are you happy you met me?” He asked, looking into my eyes, giving me a weird feeling inside. I nodded and licked my lips, “Yeah, I am" 

 "Good, 'cause I’m happy I met you.”