i bet they held hands and all :3

First Pregnancy- Draco x Reader

Y/N Malfoy started packing up her desk at the ministry. Her maternity leave was just about to begin.She had been working in the Muggle Liaison Office for a year and a half. She loved her job in the Ministry of Magic.Y/N smiled at the picture of herself and Draco on their wedding day. A quiet ceremony between the pure blood prince and his muggle born bride. His parents refused to attend the wedding or have anything to do with Y/N for that matter. Draco worked in Wizengamot writing reports daily. “ Need some help?” Y/N looked up to see Draco in front of her desk. “ You got off early?” Y/N said smiling. “Of course, it’s an important day after all.” Taking the box of office belonging off his wife’s hands. “ You shouldn’t be lifting so much.” Draco said fretting once again over his pregnant wife. “ I’m perfectly alright you know.”

Y/N waved good bye to her co workers as she began her trip home. Draco’s parents booted them out of their safe home during the war, the old Malfoy summer home. Luckily, Draco had fallen in love with the town of Brighton. This was where his wife and him had spent their first Christmas together, gotten engaged and, now where he wanted to raise their children. It was too dangerous to apparitiate whilst you were pregnant. Draco worried himself sick every time Y/N used to Floo network. To be safe Draco insisted today, on her due date that they should take the train. To stop her husband fretting Y/N agreed to the hour train ride from London.

After the hour commute Draco smiled seeing his beautiful white house by the sea. It was smaller than he was used to but, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Draco opened the door to see a clean living room. White, emerald green and the colour he fell in love with seafoam green. A picture by the door of their first Christmas together in Y/N’s tiny seafoam green and white apartment. Draco eased off Y/N’s coat hanging it carefully on the iron hook.“ Sit down Lovely.” Draco worryingly said leading a very pregnant Y/N to the living room couch. “ Draco, I’m alright. Rarely do first time mums have their baby on their due date.” Draco sat beside her letting out a sigh. “ I know that. I can’t help but worry. Let’s get some dinner i’m starving. Take away on this special day?” Draco asked giving a cheeky smile raising a brow. “ Well of course.”

After dinner like clockwork, the owl arrived with letters from friends and from work. Draco noticed the seal of the Wizengamot on a letter directed to Y/N. Draco looked around the room to see if he could find Y/N. He heard the shower running. He quietly opened the letter.

Dear Mrs Malfoy,

We have received your supervisor report in the Muggle Liaison Office. The incident with one Mr Lucius Malfoy has been recorded in our books and is under further review. We are taking this very seriously and have banned Mr Lucius Malfoy from the Muggle Liaison Office until further notice. Please come in after your maternity leave, please come to the Wizengamot office to confirm your paperwork.


Draco could feel his blood boil. What had happened and why hadn’t anyone notified him? Y/N came humming down the stairs. Now in her comfortable clothes. Y/N name stopped in her tracks when she saw an angry Draco reading a Wizengamot letter addressed to her. “ What happened?” Said through gritted teeth. Y/N went pale and sat beside Draco at the table. “ A couple of days ago your father found me in the ministry directory under Malfoy. He was outraged that a ‘ mudblood was soiling the Malfoy name’ He…came to my office. I was shocked to see him obviously. He then noticed of course that I’m pregnant. He kind of had a fit. Smashed my name tag and called me names-” “ Why didn’t you tell me!” Draco threw the crumpled up letter across the room. “ I’m going to kill him!” “ Draco, breathe. It’s over. You know I was going to tell you but, it’s a Wizengamot case. It’s legal matter. I knew you would have done something. Don’t let him get to you.” Draco took a breath. “ He threatened my wife and my child! I’m ashamed to share a name that brings up so much hate!” Y/N grabbed Draco’s shaking hand. “ Don ‘t say that. I’m proud to be a Malfoy. I may be muggle born and our child will be half blood but, that name is a gift I got from you. It’s our family name. We’ll teach our children to not be ashamed of where they come from and be proud without being arrogant.” Draco soon calmed down. “ Thank you Lovely.” Y/N smiled. “ If I ever catch our child saying ‘ my father will hear about this’ i’m blaming you.” Draco laughed. “ Fair enough”

Draco sat in his office chair. The clock read 4:45 a.m. He looked at his paperwork. Only a few more pages left before he can finally sleep. He rested his eyes for a moment to give himself a moment’s rest. A knock came on the office door. “ Draco darling.” Draco kept his eyes close. “ yes lovely?” “ the baby’s coming.” Draco stood up knocking his legs on his desk. THUD! “ Draco?” Draco opened the door. “ Sorry fell. I’ll get the bag. Go wait downstairs.”

The trip to St Mungo’s was anxiety filled for Draco. He desperately tried in vain to remember everything he learned from the parenting books. “ Mrs Malfoy room 206.” A cheerful nurse said. Draco panicked when he saw Y/N in pain. He felt helpless seeing her without being able to do anything about it. The bed was set up. “ 3 centimetres dilated. Just getting started.” Another nurse told the couple. Draco held Y/N hand. “ How are you doing Lovely?” Y/N gave a smile. “ Just a little uncomfortable is all. It’s time for the last bets. Boy or Girl? I have a pretty good feeling about one but, I wanna hear your guess.” Draco gently felt Y/N stomach. “ Hmmm let me see. I have to go back to my Divination training” Draco began rubbing Y/N stomach like a crystal ball. “ Hmmm…I sense it’s going to be a baby! The further has spoken!”Y/N laughed and Draco soon joined.

As the contractions began to become closer and closer apart the reality hit Draco. He was going to be a dad whether he was ready or not. “ Alright we’re ready for you to push Mrs Malfoy.” Y/N nodded. She wanted this to be over as fast as possible. “Okay, push until I count to ten on the next contraction. 1,2,3.” Sadly the only thought going through Draco’s head at the moment was “ Don’t faint don’t faint she’ll never let you live It down.”

After 56 minutes of pushing it was the last push. “ You’re almost there Lovely. One more push.” Draco said holding his own breath. Then it happened. “ It’s a boy!” The nurse cheered placing the crying newborn on Y/N’s chest. Tears instantly started streaming from both parents. “ He’s perfect.” Y/N said to Draco as they took the baby to be weighted. “ He is. How does it feel to be a Mum.” Y/N gave a soft smile. “ Amazing. You’re a Dad now.”

After a long discussion on a name a compromise was made. Y/N wanted to have a traditional name because they planned to send him to muggle primary school. Draco wanted to keep his family’s tradition of astrological names. At 2:34 pm on November 15th, Leo Scorpius Malfoy was born. He bore the classic Malfoy platinum blonde hair and grey eyes. “ My son.” Draco looked down lovingly at a bundled up asleep Leo. “ I promise i’ll always be around for you.” He said above a whisper to the newborn. Y/N was in awe at her husband and son. “ We make a cute family don’t we?” Draco smiled. He had what he had always dreamed of. A family. A family who didn’t need money or bloodlines to validate themselves. All they needed was love. “ Thank you Y/N…” tears ran down his pale cheek. “ Thank you for my family.” Y/N started to cry as well. They held each other and watched the sleeping baby with nothing but happiness and joy in their hearts.

Not What You Think: Birdflash fanfic

Title:  Not What You Think

Fandom: Young Justice (the cartoon)

Pairing: Birdslash (Kid Flash-Wally/Robin-Dick)

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own the DC characters.

Word count: 545 words

Summary: Artemis is questioning  the nature of Kid Flash’s and Robin’s relationship. They give her some answers.

A/N:  Wrote this on my way home from England. It’s short and not a lot of plot, because it’s mostly educational- but I hope you enjoy! :D

Link to read on ff.net : Not What You Think


That Saturday, Artemis went in the Mountain’s entrance with a purpose. She had had enough, and she was going to get to the bottom of things.
After she zeta-beamed there, the archer marched into the living room completely determined.
Thankfully, the person she was looking for was there by himself, watching TV. The team’s speedster looked up to greet her, his fingers still pressing buttons in the remote, flipping through the channels mindlessly.

“Hi, Arty.” He said.

“Wally.” She stood in front of him, partly blocking the screen from his view. “What’s the deal with you and Robin?” She dropped the question that was on her mind for the last couple of weeks.

“Sorry?” The redhead blinked.

“I mean,” she clarified impatiently, “are you two dating?”

“Oh. Define dating. ” Wally turned off the TV and looked at his teammate properly.

“You know.” She rolled her eyes. “Are you in a romantic relationship?”

“Then no, we aren’t dating.” He replied.

Artemis looked at him suspiciously. “So, sexual relationship?” She asked the 17 year old.

Wally laughed as if her question was absolutely ridiculous. “Definitely not.”

“But-” She stopped herself when she saw Robin enter the room.

“S'up?” He sat down next to the older boy. Next to him probably wasn’t the best way of wording, since he was practically on Wally’s lap, while the redhead wrapped an arm around his waist. “What are you guys talking about?” Batman’s protégé asked.

The blonde let out a frustrated sound before pointing at the pair. “This! This is what I’m talking about!”

Robin looked at his friend questioningly only to receive a shrug in return. “What do you mean?”

“You two always act like a couple! This, now, and you’re always holding hands, and cuddling and doing couple-y stuff! Come on, there’s no way you’re not a couple.” Her collected frustration flooded her words.

Robin looked at her funnily. “Arty, we are a couple.”

“Oh?” She turned to Wally with a raised eyebrow. “Well it seems your boyfriend is not aware of this fact.”

The younger boy chuckled. “I’m pretty sure he is.” He looked up to the redhead.

“Definitely, babe.” Was his answer.

They did this thing again when they were just lost in each other, one of the things actually that got Artemis in this mess.
But, she still wasn’t satisfied. “But Kid Idiot here just said that you weren’t a couple!”

“No, I didn’t.” He finally looked back at her. “I said we weren’t dating.” Artemis was just about ready to scream.

“That’s the same thing!” She called out loud.

“Well, you defined dating as being in a romantic or sexual relationship which is not the case.” The speedster clarified.

“But-” what.

“Not all love is romantic, Artemis.” Robin said as he got up. “And not all intimacy is sexual.”
He held his hand out to his (boy?)friend. “I got a new video game, wanna play?”

Wally took his hand and jumped to his feet with joy. “You bet.” They started for the younger’s room, still holding hands.

“See ya, Arty.” The two disappeared around the corner, chatting happily with each other.

“But-” Artemis looked after them. Hm. Maybe she did get her answer after all. All she had to do now was accept it.


Yup. So we all need some aroace birdflash in our life :3
I lately realized that in my fandom, in all my fics, they’re basically in an asexual relationship, so this time I made it aromantic as well ^^

Maybe I’ll write some more actual aroace Birdflash focused fic with the actual birdflash couple-y fluff that Arty here was talking about.

There are many kinds of aroace relationships, so hopefully nobody got offended from how I described theirs.

Thanks for reading!

Virtual Woes (3)

AN: alright! Here we go!
Parings: SasuHina
Rating: T

Installment: Previous:[1][2] Next: [4]


Virtual Woes 3


Hinata sat at her computer trying not to laugh as Sasuke was telling her about the first day he met ‘The Squad.’ She adjusted her earphones. “I bet it was,” said Hinata.

“Mm, well…ever since then I couldn’t get rid of them.”

“I can feel the love.”

“Or constipation.”

She placed a hand over her mouth. “You’re making it really hard to write. My thoughts are all mixed up.”

“Oh? Talk it out.”

“You want me to ruin the plot?” She pushed her laptop away and sat back on her bed. She held her cellphone close by habit.

“Uh, yes.” He told her. “Aren’t these the perks?”

She huffed, “Of what?”

“Of…connecting with a writer. You get spoilers.”

Hinata hummed. “Then do I get the W.I.Ps from you?”

He paused, he cleared his throat.


Sasuke stared at the very tedious drawing in front of him. He had been drawing the picture she sent him for the past week. Was it weird that he’d been doodling pictures of her laughing icon? Maybe. Sasuke sat back in his desk chair and rubbed his neck, “Never mind.”

“W-what?” She laughed. “What’s wrong?”

He tapped his stylus against his forehead and continued coloring her hair. What an amazing shade of navy… “Nothing. Just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early for late night thoughts?”

“Ne, what time is it there anyway?”

Sasuke glanced at the clock. “Almost eight… I noticed we have the same area code.”

There was shuffling. He glanced at his phone and bit the inside of his cheek. He probably sounded crazy! “S-sorry, I was fixing a snack. Oh! Yes, we do.”

“Mm,” hummed Sasuke, relieved. He wondered if they lived near each other. “Not that I plan on stalking you…”

She giggled. “That’s a weird starter.”

“Yeah, it is. I live in Konoha.”

He heard a gasp. “Me too,” she replied. Sasuke stood up abruptly. He covered his mouth and walked away from the phone. He was beginning to believe his past life was a good ass citizen and he was getting the benefits in this lifetime. “S-Sasuke?”

“Huh? Shit,” he said and went back to his desk. “I thought I saw something…”

“Like what?”

Hope. Good fortunes.

Sasuke cleared his throat again. “Nothing. So what side?”


“West? I stay in the South.” He closed his eyes. That would be, at minimum, an twenty minute drive. He looked at his drawing.


“…that’s pretty close.” Hinata whispered and grabbed her laptop again. She was checking the map just in case.

“It is.”

They had been talking to each other for a bit over a month. Their collaboration was super successful and ultimately inspired Hinata to write more… And her follower count sky rocketed. She bit her lip and wondered if even the thought of truly meeting him was moving too fast. He could be crazy.

Maybe not on the phone but in real life he could be planning on kidnapping her like Neji said. Hinata closed her eyes and took several calming breathes.

“You okay?” He asked.


“Great. What do you think of vlogs?”

Hinata smiled. “Like on YouTube?”

“Yes. Think I could do it?”

“Oh, of course! You’ll have tons of followers, Sasuke!”

Hinata was glad and yet sad the subject of meeting was dropped. Sasuke hummed, seemingly amused. “Would you be a fan?”

“What? The biggest.”

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Song Imagine 3: All Of Me

This entire thing is from their POVs


Ashton: You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

I had never met anyone quite like her. I thought I was as bad as it gets when it comes to being loud and crazy for one minute and suddenly becoming serious the next but she was maybe 10 times more extreme than me. “Hey Ashton, you know what we should do this weekend?” She asked me when we were laying in bed one night. “Mm what?” I asked, turning on my side to face her, holding myself up with my hand. She turned around too and propped herself up on her elbow and said, “Road trip. We both should go on this insane road trip. We’ll leave on Friday evening okay? And we’ll just drive all night and end up in some crazy place on Saturday and sleep for a few hours somewhere and then head out again and we’ll go to some amusement park on the way and it’ll be fun. Can we please do it?” She spoke so fast. “How does your mind work like that?” I asked. “Like what?” She asked, laying on her back again while I leaned over her. “Like so fast. How did you make that entire plan up in 30 seconds?” She shrugged. “Your mind is a crazy place, Y/N and I am so happy that you let me be a part of it..” I said, kissing her. “Aww.. Thank you, Ash..” She said, kissing me back. “But you didn’t tell me if we will go on that road trip yet..” She said, raising her eyebrows. I laughed and lay on my back and said, “of course we will. How could I ever give up a chance to be with my beautiful, insane girlfriend who can go from talking about amusement parks to the world economy in 2 seconds?” pulling her closer to me. She rested her head on my chest and kissed me before finally falling asleep.

Michael: ‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

“I don’t know, Michael.. Something is not right about this..” She whined, looking into the mirror. “What do you mean? It’s perfect.” I said, getting up from the bed and walking up behind her. “The dress looks perfect, I know.. But it just… Doesn’t look right on me, you know?” She said, placing her hands on her hips. “What is wrong with you? You look beautiful in it” I said, moving closer to her. “No.. It’s just.. Look.” She said, pointing to her stomach. “There’s this stupid annoying fat layer that refuses to go away. And this” she said, pointing to the bottom of her back. “These never go away and I always look so ugly when I wear dresses because all this just.. Sticks out..” She said, throwing her hands up, exasperated. “I really don’t get what you like about me when I wear this, Michael. Honestly.” I wrapped my arms around her waist from the back and placed my chin on her shoulder. “I’ll tell you what I like.. I like your eyes and your nose and your cute little chin and your cheeks and your neck and your shoulders and this” I said, pointing to her stomach “and this” I said, moving my hands to the bottom of her back, “and your legs and your hands and you.” I said, kissing her neck. “I love every single thing there is to you, including your imperfections because I don’t know.. I just love you.. That’s all..” I said, kissing her neck again and turning her around to face me. She reached up and kissed me and said, “and I love you, Michael..”

Luke: You’re my downfall, you’re my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you

“Hey, Luke..” She said groggily walking up to me. “It’s 3 in the morning.. What are you doing up so late?” She asked. “I’m sorry.. Did I wake you up?” I asked. “Kind of.. I could hear you singing and playing your guitar and I didn’t know what was happening..” She said, yawning and sitting on the floor next to me. “I just had this song in my head and once I got to writing it, I got another and another and basically I’ve been up for the last 4 hours writing song after song..” I answered. “Can I see it?” She asked. “See what? The songs?” She nodded. “Well.. I can’t do that..” “Why not?” She asked. “I’m shy..” She laughed sleepily and said, “why are you shy?” “They’re all about you..” I murmured. “Luke.. Now I really want to see them!” She said, a little less sleepily. “Can I sing them for you?” I asked. She nodded excitedly and moved so she was now facing me. I played the 4 songs I had written for her and putting my guitar away asked her, “So. What do you think?” “How did you do that? How did you just write 4 songs in 4 hours?” She asked, moving so she was next to me again. “Well..” I said, putting my arm around her shoulder. “It’s because I can’t stop thinking about and you’re always in my head and you’re my weakness and oh my gosh. That could be another song!” I said, trying to reach for my pen. “Come to bed.. You can write tomorrow..” She said, kissing my neck. I rested my head on hers and said, “You manage to distract me so well.. Come on, then..” I stood up and held out my hands to help her get up. “I love you, Y/N” “I love you, Luke..” She said, reaching up to kiss my cheek.

Calum: Even when I lose I’m winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

I was watching the Liverpool vs Arsenal game with my girlfriend and she supported Arsenal and well, I supported Liverpool. “Arsenal will beat Liverpool 2-1” she said, sitting down next to me with our pizza. “No way. Liverpool will beat Arsenal 3-0” she raised her eyebrows and said, “So it’s a bet then?” “Of course it is. BRING IT ON” I yelled, laughing. 90 minutes passed and Arsenal had won. “Unbelievable..” I said, standing up. “Not so unbelievable, Calum.” She said, shrugging. “I cannot believe I lost this bet..” She laughed and said, “So I expect some sort of fair reward, Calum” I raised my eyebrow and asked, “And what would that be?” “The loser, that is you, must give me 90 kisses and refer to me as the Queen of football until the next game. Okay?” I shook my head and said, “I agree to one part of that” “Okay fine. You needn’t give me the 90 kisses” she said, laughing. “Oh stop it. You know which part I’m talking about!” I said. She laughed ad said, “That’s too bad because you agreed to the bet” I laughed and said, “Fine. I’ll call you Queen of Football but come here!” I said, pulling her towards me. “Let’s start off on those 90 kisses now, shall we?” I asked, kissing her once. “You make me feel like I’ve won even though I’ve lost, you know?” I said, kissing her for the second time. She nodded and said, “It’s because I love you, Calum” I kissed her for the third time. “And I love you” I said, kissing her for the fourth time. We were going to be up for a long time tonight.

PLL finale thoughts:


Originally posted by youneedpll

Aside from that… I respectfully have a few bones to pick.

  1. Sara fucking Harvey was redcoat and fucking black veil? This irrelevant ass character who was a stock photo up until season 6 was behind someone we saw in many seasons prior? Someone who we were told “You saw Black Veil without the veil in season 4″ no no no. Seeing her fucking fake ass stock photo on that missing persons website is what you meant by that shit?!
  2. What the fuck even is Sara’s motive?
  3. Was I happy that Cece was Big A? Absolutely, because I guessed it lmao. Was I happy with the way they went about it? Not really. Not at all. 
  4. The timeline doesn’t even make sense with the way they went about it. 
  5. I’m not mad that Cece was Charles with the transgender plot- that’s not what I’m getting at. But a big part of me thinks Cece was only made transgender so that Marlene could shock everyone- we go into the finale thinking Charles is a male character and she gets to surprise us with saying it’s a female character.
  6. Seriously. The fuck is Sara Harvey’s motive?
  7. Who fucking killed Jessica?
  8. What fucking importance was beach hottie and all that shit?
  9. I felt like half of that was just trying to get us to feel sorry for Charles. Like no. 
  10. Cece definitely was in the Rosewood High yearbook as prom queen. Y'all wanna explain that shit to me?
  11. She dated her fucking brother? They never once kissed or held hands or anything as a couple? Yeah fucking right. 
  12. What the fuck was all that shit with Melissa and Jenna and Mona and Sydney in season 3 or 4?!
  13. Does someone even have a twin? Is there even a reason for Aria in the mirror 500000000 times?!
  14. Ugh. If there’s still an Uber A, I’m betting it’s Wren. Actually, wait, no. Safer bet. Uber A is probably Johnny from season 5. As irrelevant as possible.

Remember… all of this is my opinion, and I’m not saying I hate the writers or anything excessive. I’m just expressing frustration, which, as a fan, I have every right to do. 
I still have so much love for this fandom. Xoxo ;-)

We'll Travel Down Memory Lane - Part 2


Matt’s POV 

“ Please, come on, please pick up the phone!,” this is my fifth time calling Y/N. I called everyone, asking if she might have passed by but they said they haven’t seen her at all. She’s been gone for almost 2 hours, i panicked, i didn’t mean to hook up with Veronica….it just happened. We were just supposed to run through lines and….things got out of hand and i didnt stop it. “ I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!,” i shouted, I punched into the wall, leaving a big dent. “ That’s it, I’m going to find her,” i grabbed my coat off the coat hanger, i was about to open the door when i recieved a phone call. I picked it up,“ Hello?" 

” Hello, is this Matthew Espinosa?“ 

” Yes, who am I speaking to,“ I asked the woman. 

” This is doctor Amber, I’m so sorry to tell you that Y/N….has been in a serious car accident…..she’s in surgery at the moment but would like you to please come to the hospital,“ my heart dropped…..I can’t lose her, i can’t, i won’t let her slip away. 

I hung up, ran out the door and into the car. I raced to the hospital in less than 30 mintues. I ran up to the reception,” I-I’m here for Mrs. Y/N Y/L/N,“ i told the lady behind the desk. She went on the computer, looking for information,” Matt?,“ i heard a familaur voice say. I turned around to face Cameron,” Cam?, w-what are you doing here?,“ I asked him. ” We heard the news….so we all rushed down here for support, Y/N’s parents are still on the way,“ he told me. ” Dude, its all my fault, she’s here because of me, i wish…I-I wish…,“ I ran my fingers through my hair with frustation, tears were rolling down and i didnt realise it. ” Matt….don’t beat yourself up, it was an accident,“ He pulled me in for a hug. ” Cameron, I messed up big,“ I whispered while we hugged. We pulled away,” Sir?,“ called the lady behind the desk, i turned around to face her,” she’s still in surgery, please go take a seat and we will inform you when she comes out,“ she expalined to me. I nodded, Cameron guided me to where everyone was sitting, the guys and the girls were here. They all embraced me in a group hug, the tears poured even more, everyone kept telling me its not my fault, it was an accident….but i knew, if i didnt cheat…if i didnt let her out that door….she could have been in my arms, in my embrace where no one could hurt her.


We were still waiting, Y/N’s parents arrived, they were waiting with us. Some of the guys went home, they needed to call it a night but I didnt want to go, until i knew that Y/N was gonna make it.

” The Y/L/N’s?,“ called the doctor, we all stood up, she made her way to us,” are you the Y/L/N’s?“ she asked. Y/N’s parents nodded their heads. ” Y/N made it out of surgery successfully, we were able to repair the most damaged parts but, unfortunately, she slipped into a coma,“ she told us, part of me was happy she made it but the other half was depressed that she still isnt here with me. ” If you would like to see her, you can,“ she told us. Y/N’s parents looked at me,” go in Matt, we’ll come after,“ said her dad,” no, you should go in first, you’re her parents,“ ” but you’re one of the most important people she cares about, you should go in,“ said her mom. I gave them a weak smile and made my way to her room, i opened the door, to see her bandaged up, cuts and bruises all over and a drip connected to her. It pained me to see her in this state, to know that i put her in this postion. I took a chair and sat next to her bed, i took her hand and held it,” baby….I’m so sorry…i never meant to hurt you..I-I wasnt thinking, and now your in a coma, i bet you can’t even hear me either…and,and,“ i was crying hard at this moment,” I can’t lose you Y/N, I can’t….“ 

3 Months Later 

I was on my way to the hospital, I always went to the hospital, to fill in Y/N what’s been happening. I arrived at the hospital, I went to her room. I added another bouquet of flowers to her collection, from friends and family all around. The doctor says she’s doing really good, she could wake up but until then, I’ll fill her in. I told her that the movie i had been working on is almost done, I went to Chicago for a function, everyone misses you terribly, espically Bernie and our little pup, Joy. The doctor told me she could proberly hear me, just not respond back. 

I kissed her on top of the head,” I love you princess,“ I started to make my way to the door. ” Hello?,“ i heard a faint voice. I turned around, my eyes widened,” Y/N?“ 

” W-where am I?“ she asked, looking around confused,” j-just wait, alright,“ i said. I ran into the hall,” Hey! Can i get some assisstance here! She’s awake! She’s awake!,“ nurses and doctors came to my assisstance. I ran back inside, I ran towards her and gave her a hug,” Baby, i missed you so much, oh my gosh, please never leave again.“ Tears of joy rolled down, i pulled away, she gave me a confused look,” I’m sorry but…..have we met before?“


ALRIGHT! Part 2 IS Done 

Part 3 will arrive Soon 

but I love ya coconut cream pies!