i bet they all called him to congratulate him

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“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" -tsukikage

“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?”

“What- Tsukishima!! You can’t just say that and walk away!” Kageyama huffed as he ran to catch up with the taller boy, embarrassed but not willing to let him escape.

“Which is why we’re pretending I didn’t say it.”

The setter grabbed Tsukishima’s Karasuno jacket, pulling him back inside the club room. They were the only ones in here; everyone else had gone to get food when Daichi had offered it, but Kageyama and Tsukishima had stayed behind to practice their combination attack a bit more.

And now they were left in this awkward situation, Kageyama trying to understand what he’d heard and Tsukishima stubbornly avoiding his gaze.  

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Imagine Seeing Dean’s Reaction When he Finds Out You’re Having his Daughter

Reader x Dean

You are in the Impala with Dean driving to your doctor’s appointment. You and Dean are an item. You weren’t ever into hunting and you knew about it, you always would stitch them up whenever they needed medical attention.

 You drum your fingers on fingers on your belly and look to Dean.

“Thanks Dean, for driving me to my appointment. I know you really didn’t have to.” Dean shrugs and glances to you and the road.

“It’s no problem, I know that Sam wanted someone with you during your appointment, I had nothing else better to do.” he says as she parks in the space. You both get out of the Impala and go into the hospital.

Dean hasn’t seen ultrasounds or anything of the baby, he hasn’t been around, he’s been distant after he lost control with the mark. He doesn’t want to hurt you, Sam or the baby so he has been keeping his distance from you all. Drinking at bars and long drives in Baby is all he’s been doing. You just miss him, ever since he found out about the pregnancy he’s been very distant with you. You and Sam finally got him to go with you for the appointment and this is an important one too.

You both sit in the waiting room and Dean is awkward, being around pregnant ladies and unhappy husbands. You put your hand on his shoulder and giggled.

“It’ll be fine.” You say with a smile. Dean gives you a smile and looks at the fish tank in the middle of the room. A woman walks out of a room and she has blue, deep eyes and long black hair, her skin is a porcelain and her cheeks are lightly blushed.

“(Y/N), I’m ready for you.” she says with a flawless smile. Dean’s ears perk and he stiffens in your grasp.

“Dr. Moore, this is my husband, Dean.” You say sitting on the table. Dean gives her a nod and is a bit distant at mind.

“Dean, it’s nice to meet you.” she says. They go through the appointment, taking blood and hearing the baby’s heart rate. Once Dean heard the heart beat he looks at you instantly. You smile at him and then Dr. Moore sets up for the ultra sound.

“Ready?” she asks.You nod and she turns the screen on and you see the baby all curled up in your belly. Dean’s face is in awe, seeing this makes him think to himself, Wow, we made that, that is our child. “Would you like to know the gender?” she asks. You look at Dean and you both nod. 

“Do you think we should call Sam?” you ask. Dean shakes his head,

“I bet you it’s b-” Dr. Moore interrupts Dean.

“It’s a girl, congratulations!” You feel your heart sink and you are just over joyed. Dean’s face is deep in thought as he hears that he will be having a daughter. His expression is just scared. He just can’t comprehend. He get up and walks out and leans against the wall. He takes his phone out and calls Sam.

“Dean, is everything okay at the appointment.”

“Sammy, I’m, I’m having a daughter.” Dean says, his voice full of shock and fear.

“Dean, that’s great!” Sam says.

“I’m going to be a father to a girl, and no one is going to touch her.” Dean turns his head and sees you with tears in your eyes. You kneel down and hug him. Dean holds you and hangs up on Sam.

“I love you Dean,” you say in a whisper at his ear.

“I love you both, no one is ever going to hurt either of my girls.” Dean says holding you close on the hospital floor.

What Hearts Can Do (1/?)

So, uh, somebody wanted more slave Jonny, and I did some worldbuilding yesterday and this may be a thing? I burned myself on a WIP last time, but let’s see how this goes…

Jonny’s toweling off when one of the locker room attendants comes by his stall. “Office wants you.”

“Coach or trainer?” Jonny asks. He’s been taking it slow back from his knee injury, but he’d been hoping not to have any more rehab sessions.

“Aisha,” the guy says, going onto the equipment room with a pair of sticks.

Jonny freezes, arm stretched over his head. He just went through this last year. Fucking not again.

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